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Father, we pray for the people of Ein Habesor. Help them in their need, and use these faith-based groups to lead them to Yourself.

IFA is joining a coalition of groups working to support and restore Ein Habesor, known as Israel’s breadbasket.

From CBN. A coalition of faith-based organizations has announced it is adopting an Israeli community as its sister city in a bid to rescue and restore “Israel’s breadbasket” — a vital agricultural region between Gaza and the Negev Desert that accounts for over 60% of Israel’s agricultural produce.

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Known as Ein Habesor, this region is referenced in the Bible in 1 Samuel 30 as “the brook of Bezor.” …

“Right now Israel’s vital produce is just rotting on the vine, and if we don’t turn things around soon it could become economically devastating for the whole region,” Todd Lamphere, vice president of Governmental Relations for CityServe International said in a press release. …

Lamphere has just returned from a fact-finding mission to Ein Habesor on behalf of CityServe and the other three coalition partners that are adopting the remote village. The other partners include the National Faith Advisory BoardIntercessors for America, and Paula White Ministries. …

Ein Habesor is a special type of Israeli agricultural community called a “moshav,” strategically positioned just 3 miles east of Gaza. It’s home to about 320 families and over 1,100 residents, including 460 children. …

Residents Showed Their Bravery, Fighting Back Against Evil

Dozens of residents in the small community fought back against Hamas terrorists during the Oct. 7 attack with only four M16 assault rifles and a few pistols between them, The Times of Israel reported. The moshav’s civil defense unit made up of community members, put up such bold resistance during the ensuing firefight that not one terrorist entered the moshav. The defense team was able to accomplish this feat without a single loss of life for anyone in the community. …

However, just a few days later, 90% of Ein Habezor’s residents evacuated south to Eilat and are now living internally displaced in hotels throughout Israel. This means crops that would normally be harvested have been left unattended and are withering in fields, the nonprofit organization reported.

Lamphere warned unless something is done soon, food prices throughout Israel are expected to rise sharply. …

To learn more about CityServe and its plans to help Ein Habesor, visit Operation Save Israel.

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(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: Roxanne Desgagnes on Unsplash)

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December 4, 2023

Father, raise up those who can help to harvest the crops, grant them safety. Shield them from.the destruction that could come as was reported in the article. Grant them wisdom and protection to totally rely on You! Send Your host of ministering angels. In Jesus name.

Cathleen Bonavida
November 28, 2023

I so wanted a book copy. I was at the doctor when I could have sent my request. So so sorry I missed this great opportunity

I’m praying for GOD TO GO BEFORE THEM. HE will fight for them

Keith Knapp
November 28, 2023

Lord, please deliver Israel from the hands of her evil enemies.
Restore a new heart in her dear Father, which seeks after your gift in Jesus our savior. Thank you Lord for the silver lining to this very stressful time in the nation of Israel as well as all other nations. Thank you Father for raising up physical and financial support for your chosen people. Amen.

Brian Lynch
November 28, 2023

Lord Jesus, please, restore Ein Habesor completely, and please allow the residents of this area to return quickly to their homes. Please bring an end to this warquickly. In Jesus’ mighty name.

Mary Beth
November 28, 2023

What a wonderful and practical way to bless Israel! Abba, please grant wisdom and discernment to those who want to redeem the harvest for it is indeed ripe. Send laborers into the fields. Grant them Your protection, and may the yield be plentiful. As I’m writing this, I realize it is a two-fold prayer – both in the natural and the spiritual realms bring in the harvest to the glory of Your mighty Name!


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