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Father, You are enthroned in the heavens; may Your will be done and Your kingdom come for the Church, the state of Israel, and for the United States of America.

JUNE 27th URGENT UPDATE: The meetings held June 23-25 in the White House have concluded without a public announcement. However, Thursday evening Jared Kushner (the Trump Administration lead on the Prosperity to Peace Plan), Israeli Ambassador Freidman, and a few others flew to Israel for further discussions. These leaders are in negotiations right now.  Prayer for the sovereignty of Israel and the protection of the United States is critical at the  moment.

PLEASE NOTE: In April President Trump publicly supported Israel “annexing” areas occupied by the Palestinians in the West Bank (the press incorrectly calls this annexation, when it is really Israel taking control over their own covenantal land). We must pray the negotiations continue and the Trump Administration supports Israel’ sovereignty as a nation to possess the covenantal land. It also appears the Palestinians involvement in drawing border lines is not going to happen as mentioned in the main article below. THIS IS AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!

JUNE 23rd UPDATE: Beginning today, on June 23, President Trump’s team of senior advisors will be meeting in the White House for three days of meetings to discuss the United States’ position on Israel. (Please read the article below to further understand this issue.) These meetings could result in a reversal of the U.S. position toward supporting God’s Covenant Land.

We MUST pray that the U.S. would only support a single state solution–an undivided Israel. The insidious wave of evil constantly sweeping across this nation (COVID19, fear, racism, anger, etc.) will only cease when our public position changes. The entire nation is being impacted by our nation’s position on the apple of God’s eye: Israel. We are being disciplined; my fear is that God’s judgment could come unless our leaders change their minds.

CLICK to download this prayer guide and PRAY!

At the same time, the UN Security Council is meeting to discuss Israel’s “sovereignty bid” and the annexation of the West Bank with a July 1st start date. The Palestinian Ambassador to the UN has invited foreign ministers from many nations to attend. This article does not provide the space to go into this, but we need to keep this in mind.




I have rarely felt the importance of a moment of time like the one we are in. I enquired of the Lord to help me understand what is going on. I urge you to PLEASE read, consider, and pray about this post. May it generate intercessory intelligence to pray for our nation. Please let me know what you think in the comments below and even consider sharing it with friends.

It always comes back to Israel.

Time and time again it has been demonstrated that nations opposing God’s covenant land, the Jewish State, and the Jewish nation, will reap a punishment. Bill Koenig, a White House correspondent, has documented over 300 incidences in U.S. history where our leaders have made negative decisions toward Israel and we have suffered consequences.

That is why on January 28, 2020, when I read the Israel Peace Plan (Peace to Prosperity, released by the White House and led by Jared Kushner), I immediately called Bill. I asked his opinion of this peace plan that gives covenanted land in the Bible to Palestinians. On the surface the plan was masterful, resulting in economic prosperity for all, but it still gave away parts of Israel. Bill confirmed my suspicions and said, “Watch what happens to America.”

The next day, January 29, 2020, President Trump officially formed the Coronavirus Task Force. At the time, nobody thought too much about it, but, looking back, we now see the destruction that was put in place by the authority given to the group and the inaccurate models used by the experts in this group. What resulted? A nation’s economy knocked to its knees, historic unemployment, and irrational fear. We now know, according to the CDC, there is a survival rate of 99.76%, with an average age of those dying of 81, and an infectious rate of 2.5 people, putting it just above the typical flu.

I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. (Zech 12:3)

This baseless fear was empowered by supernatural powers, forcing most of America to go into quarantine.

Plan to give away covenantal land = fear resulting in devastation.

A component of Jared Kushner’s plan was to allow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make decisions on annexation – who could live where.

On May 13, 2020, Secretary of State Pompeo visited Israel. At this time, a shift “may have occurred in the U.S. administration’s position regarding the conditions and the timing for applying Israeli sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria, including the Jordan Valley, that is designated to be under Israeli sovereignty according to the U.S. peace plan…in the wake of the visit, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus told Israeli journalists, ‘We really think annexation should be part of a peace process where Palestinians should have a say.’”

In January, the Peace to Prosperity Plan was released, giving away covenantal land at the Prime Minister’s direction, but then in May, it was decided that the Palestinian Authority (PA) must be part of the decision-making process. The PA has been vocal about its desire to see the Jewish nation destroyed.

On May 25, George Floyd attempted to spend a counterfeit $20 and was murdered by an out of control police officer. This incident supernaturally propelled our nation into violence and looting. This destruction is being led by the disenfranchised in the city centers – many unemployed right now because of COVID19 and receiving unemployment checks.

Anyone who strikes you strikes what is most precious to me. So the Lord Almighty sent me with this message for the nations that had plundered his people: “The Lord himself will fight against you, and you will be plundered by the people who were once your servants.” When this happens, everyone will know that the Lord Almighty sent me. (Zech 2:8-9)

January 28: Peace Plan announced.
January 29: COVID19 Task Force.
Fear and economic destruction.
May 15: U.S. leaders announce shift in support of the Jewish nation.
May 25: George Floyd is murdered.
Hatred and violence supernaturally sweep our nation at surprising speed.

In another post on this site, you can read about a prophetic word from Jeremiah Johnson ( He saw three demonic waves washing over America: fear, hatred, and greed. We are months into the wave of fear, just beginning to see the wave of hatred, and may soon see a wave of greed.

Each wave is preventable, and I believe connected to our diplomacy with Israel. We can, and should, pray for the effects of COVID19, pray revival will come, and pray people will be healed. We can, and should, pray against racism and that the Church will lead the way to justice. But, we must keep our intercessory eyes open and pray about the root causes.

Dear intercessor, it is all hands on deck! A third wave of evil could be coming against our nation in the form of greed. We must stop this devastation in its tracks.

We need to pray:

  • Jared Kushner would be used by God to accomplish His plans.
  • President Trump would understand the vital importance of the biblical covenantal land.
  • Secretary Pompeo would be convicted by the Holy Spirit to support THE Jewish nation described in the Bible.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would remain strong and committed to a one-state solution.

4929 People Prayed
82631 People have read this article

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  1. Jeremiah Johnson saw three demonic waves and in January I saw three earthquakes in the spirit realm one was a shift to the left, one was a shift to the right and the other was just a quaking in the middle.It represents the shaking of our health, economy and peace. God always allows the health of a nation to send a message of judgment. 2 Chronicles 7:14 attests to that principle. Also, the three shakings represent people’s leanings to the left, some to the right and even those who are in middle and tolerant would be shaken. This was before January 14th, I saw these events. The fear and hatred have already come and the greed has started, but none of it is as rampant as it will be if we don’t repent as the church first and a nation second. There are a number of prophets that have seen a Civil War and a race war in America. Also, in terms of greed, black markets will become some rampant that law enforcement will not be able to control them. Thank you so much for publishing this information. God Bless You! I can pray more strategically.

  2. We must not as USA ..FORCE Israel to give up covenantial land. (IF they freely agree to do this on their own..thats their business.) There have been at LEAST nine people who have received revelations that if we divide Israel..God will divide America. We cannot risk such an outcome.RJH..Oregon

  3. A nation that supports Isreal is a nation that supports the aple of God’s eye. It is a nation blessed and not cursed as this nation is now. This is not an option, it is required for us to support Israel. Only then, will this nation be strong, it is only then that this nation can be prosperous.
    Stand with Israel,don’t allow any distractions to occur, fight for them, pray for them and be there when it counts. God will look favorly on the nation that has their back and not willing to back down when it really matters. It is your coice,but it is a better choice o support Israel.

  4. Father, Thank you that the “Prosperity to Peace Plan” committee with Jared Kushner, Israeli Ambassador Freidman, and others are in Israel right now in negotiations seeking wisdom. I pray for you to guide them according to your word and your divine will. I pray that they would all humble themselves before You and earnestly seek to fulfill the one state solution. Grant them divine revelation and wisdom on how to proceed with co-living arrangements with the Palestinians. I pray for the benevolence and sovereignty of Israel. I pray that Israel and America stand steadfast, strengthened by You in their resolve to obey You.

  5. Father move on the hearts of these men involved in the plan. Remind them of your word and what you said. Help them to stand on that promise so that your will be done. Thank you for all of the reminders of just how fragile our lives really are. Forgive us for forgetting just how masterful you are. What can we do? The battle is yours just tell us our part. We stand ready awaiting your instructions, searching the scriptures, speaking with you. You alone know all things, You! We will bring praise! In Jesus’ name Amen

  6. I’m praying for Israel God’s chosen people. For their protection against the enemy Satan. I’m praying for our president for Godly wisdom and protection. I’m praying for our nation,revival,healing in our land.Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Not our will Father but ur will be done down here on earth as it is in heaven Fill your people with Godly sorrow that leads to true repentance. To God be the glory for the things He has done and will continue to do in Jesus name Amen

  7. I agree with soooo many comments/prayers. I write this as the Amen buttons are not working.

    Lord your will be done in these ‘negotiations’ and let Israel have her land rightfully restored to her.

  8. I have prayed and prayed for God’s land, the country of Israel, NOT to be divided. I have prayed for our beloved President, Donald Trump to understand God’s will and what the Bible says about this issue. The Prayer Team of which I am a member has prayed over this issue many times, and we have lifted up President Trump, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, and other U.S. officials involved in the working out of the plan with P.M. Netanyahu. I sent a letter to the White House this week, explaining the reason for the one-state issue, etc. Please let us all continue to pray for our President and all involved in this process. Those who bless Israel the Lord will bless…Genesis 12:3. The areas in question ARE God’s to start with. He has already given them to Israel a long time ago.

  9. Not to be disrespectful; but 317 “replies?” Thats all you got? Even 317,000 replies would be grievous. The “mainstream” church is not interested; like the mainstream media. The mainstream church thinks its okay to “tip God” every week. The true “worshippers” are the “remnant, and they are the ones “pulling the load.” And the “intercessors” are the ones who is right behind the “worshippers.” The intercessors are the “armed men.”
    God’s president, Donald J. Trump is the “front man;’ the king. We must be interceding, and I know we are, for those who “speak into his ear.” The Donalds’ advisors, the Donalds’ “mighty men.”
    Franklin Graham, is one. Not enough! We must keep asking God to send “anointed seers” to The Donald. And to Mr. Pompeii, and brother Benjamin. We don’t have much time brothers and sisters. Three and a half years max.

    1. Dear Mr. Glowacki, There are more people than counted on IFA that pray daily for this issue and all issues that threaten our freedom of Faith in God and Jesus Christ. I am one of those who don’t always respond in comments, but I pray. I search this sight for praying scripturally for our nation, our officials and for President Donald J Trump for such a time as this we live in and the threat of the evil that has been embolden to attack him and our own beliefs and faith practices. We have sat silently for too long, by silent, I mean our prayers. And I pray for the advisors to the President to be Spirit filled men and women. Thank your for your faithfulness and helping me to see in more detail what I can and will pray for. God bless you, sir.

    2. This is it in a nutshell. Sad to say but this gentleman is correct. The number of t responses here is very alarming. Many churches aren’t even open yet. Very heartbreaking.

  10. Praying and sharing. Following Gods word and commands needs to be imminent over what seems practical. The old “give an inch, take a mile” will be the Palestinians.

    Let Isreal not be divided any more.

  11. In 1949, the UN Partisan Plan was formed. This plan calls for the dividing of Israel. Obama tried several times to enforce these 1967 border lines which is referring to this UN Partisan plan of 1949. Trumps plan was rejected by the Palestinians and accepted by Israel. In this plan because the Palestinians said NO to the plan, it still allows for Israel to get the land stated in the plan. Scripture says if Israel tries to make peace with their enemies but they refuse to make peace with Israel then they can take the land. Israel will likely agree and take the land in this deal. Since the Palestinians have NOT agreed and have said NO, they are technically not in a peace deal with them. Their is still just a one state Israel. This will work for good for Israel to have more of the land that they are supposed to get. This will bring prosperity. I am opposed to a two state solution because Palestinians are really from the country of Jordan and need to return there. Israel needs to be just all Israel with no divisions per scripture, a One state solution.

  12. Whereas the U.S.A. is 50 states and indivisable, Israel must remain undivided (“without a 2-state solution)”and govern all of the territory it “occupies.”

  13. God is Sovereign! God is Holy! God is Omnipotent! What he promised to Abraham, He meant. He will keep His Word. He is a Covenant Keeping God. Yes, America, we should fear. We do no have control over Israel; or over America, truth be told. The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein. When we mess with Israel, we mess with God. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Lest we come down from our high horses and humble ourselves. Forgive us Father for we do not understand the seriousness of the hour. In Jesus’ Name.

  14. The Lord gave me a prophecy in song in July of 2011. Who shall be able to stand? Shall the trumpet be blown in the city and the people not be afraid? Can two walk together except they be agreed.. The Lion hath roared will they they not fear. Who will be able to stand? Woe woe to them that change the boundary markers, Woe woe to them that change the boundary markers. I can hear the trumpet sounding it is far into the nite, Gross darkness blood and fire..The sun turned to darkness and the moon into blood. Who will be able to stand, who will be able to stand. Woe, woe to them that change the boundary markers. The Lord God hath spoken who can but prophecy. Seek me and you shall live. Seek me and you shall live.

  15. Lord, we pray for Israel that your perfect will be done, in Jesus name. We pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit for all those involved in the decisions that are being made, including President Trump, Jared Kushner, Secretary Pompeo, and Prime Minister Netanyahu – and any others involved who need to hear you and to know your will on this. We pray for your strong guidance, that you would lead them to accomplish your will and purpose for Israel and for our nation. I agree with the prayer requests above, and ask you to let these men be used by you to accomplish your plans, Father, in Jesus name.

  16. Please intervene here my Father. Your Beloved does not want Israel divided.We love Israel and want it to remain “Wholely” yours(ours too). We are in agreement with You, Our Father. Please honor each and every prayer prayed according to your will. Amen.

  17. We stand with ISREAL. The land BELONGS to them. God said those who BLESS ISREAL I will BLESS THEM and those who curse ISREAL I will curse them. It’s BETTER to obey GOD than man. STAND WITH GOD HIS WORD IS TRUE. WE STAND WITH GOD WORD. AMEN!

  18. Lord, thank you for your promises and we ask that much wisdom be given to President, Donald J Trump for a time such as this. The division of the Holy Land of GOD is contrary to GOD’S Holy WORD and we WILL NOT AGREE to divide your Holy Land.I decree in the name of Yeshua and through His blood that Israel will remain a Sovereign, Single State Nation, and REMAIN UNDIVIDED. Righteous Shall Stand! All these things we pray in Your Powerful Name, Jesus Christ, Amen 🙏

  19. Yes, yes, please, fellow saints!
    Pres. Trump KNOWS the role he has played as Cyrus, impacting the course of Israel, establishing Jerusalem as the proper Capital of Israel. He, like Truman, is part of the Plan restablishing the Nationhood of Israel.
    This cannot be compromised by the many counselors that do not know the position of Israel as the Apple of God’s eye !
    Dear Lord, guide our President in these tumultous days of decision. Strengthen and encourage him.

  20. I was at a pivotal meeting with Rabbis and pastors in Beverly Hills where it was determined by most to give away Gaza!
    At that time, I was serving as the Vice President of the Israel Christian Nexus under the CEO/founder, General Shimon Erem.
    I was devastated at the lack of discernment and wisdom but as we know, right after that meeting, the action was taken and judgment came quickly to Israel and America.
    I lead a National Pastors Prayer Call and tomorrow we will pray for deliverance from this devastating plan!
    I met William Koenig at last years Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem. He and his wife are wonderful!
    Shalom and mercy in the name of Yeshua, Pastor Lorraine

  21. Yes! I believe the same. I will intercede on the west coast for the Great Nation of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Great Nation of the United States, President Trump, the advisors to the President and these meetings etc.
    Please continue to keep us updated!

    I decree in the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach and through His blood that Israel will remain through out all the ages as a Sovereign, Single State Nation and Remain Undivided. I pull down the plots, ploys, plans of the enemy and of man that would come against God’s land. I plead the blood over this situation and against the plans of the enemy. Stand down satan and all your evil cohorts and bow at the name of Yeshua. Do Not Touch God’s Anointed, get your hands off. I call your plans barren, fruitless! You are a thief and you have been caught! I plead a bloodline around the Nation and around this situation that evil cannot penetrate. I decree a prayer/praise shield and the blood over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump and decree the spirit of wisdom, strength and honor over them. The United States of America and Israel will stay united physically and spiritually throughout all ages. Covenant Nations, Sovereign Nations, United Nations, with One God. The Nations belong to Yeshua and no one or nothing will divide them or touch them they are in the palm of Gods hands. Righteousness shall stand! I command Gods warring angels to encamp around these meetings and I decree a spirit of conviction and the fear of the Lord will fall on anyone that tries to divide Israel! Amen

  22. Lord, I ask that YOU give Your wisdom only to President Trump. Please let him only follow Your word. We will not agree to divide Your land Lord. This is contrary to the Word of GOD.
    WE will not agree to any peace agreement that Divides this HOLY LAND OF the LORD.
    WE will be blessed if we bless Israel and follow the WORD . WE ( our country – look back at the start of virus and the meeting that was agreeing to divide Israel – it was 40 days!!)will suffer if we attempt division.
    WAKE UP and do NOT divide the HOLY LAND.

  23. Please do not have any Peace Agreement that divides Israel. No two states. Any division will bring certain calamity on all who oppose God’s covenant to this land, Israel.

  24. Please leave Israel as God set it up after the Israelites left Egypt and the way God gave it as an inheritance to the Jews. We are blessed when we honor God and honor and protect Israel. We also are affected negatively when we go against God’s anointed Israel.

  25. Amen Lord, may the eyes of all concerned be opened and the ears of the those who listen to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. Let us not move to the right or the left but follow hard after You Oh Lord. You are the peace of all nations and we cry to you for Peace in our land and the land of Israel. May we bless your people and your church forever. Amen

    1. PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT DIVIDE ISRAEL. The land of Israel is God’s covenant land for the Jews. This is going against the Word of GOD. Are you willing to go against God’s Word. Stay true to the holy land of Israel. Do not abandon the Jewish Nation.

  26. Greg Peterson, I was reading in Numbers 13 yesterday during my devotion and I’ve read this chapter many times but this time I realized that the spies that Who Moses sent out we’re all leaders of different tribes In the wilderness or of the nation of Israel before Israel became a nation after coming back from spying out the land. Only two gave a good report Joshua and Caleb the rest the other team LEADERS gave a bad report looking at themselves as grasshoppers in the eyes of their enemies and they themselves looking like grasshoppers to themselves.we need to pray that all the men and leaders at this time involved in making decisions about Israel be bold and stand in faith and speak the truth in love and not in fear. We must pray faithfully for each leader to come back with a good report no matter what the false prophet media says. We can see how good and precious the land of Israel is just as the spise came back with nice fruit and figs large clusters of grapes that took two men to Cary On a pole. between them from the land but even that didn’t help them to give a good report. We Must stand against the spirit of fear and disbelief. Because of what the spy said after being in the land of Canaan.For 40 days and coming back to the camp of Israelites with a false report they ended up 40 years wandering in the wilderness when They could’ve had great joy in peace and victory but went through a whole generation before entering the land because of the false report. let’s pray we do not give false reports that our leaders give the truth and go in and take the land that God has given us and given his people. Israel let America stand with Israel, and all believers pray at this time earnestly taking up the full armor of God standing. against the schemes of the devil to destroy that nation and to destroy America. I believe it’s time to pray and fast for our friends in Israel and for our nation of America which was founded by Godly principles from our forefathers there’s victory in the camp praise God.

  27. I agree a strong Israel is needed in the Middle East! God is fully supporting this land and people who found rest in the historical land God assigned to their families…When this land was won and conquered by Allied Forces in WWII, and rightly returned to the exiles, from their God given, promised family lands; who had suffered the temporary discipline of the Lord in being broken up, exiled to many foreign countries, and loosing what was once theirs to so much devastation and death camps, in foreign lands…

    God clearly moved the nations to return Israel to that land, and has protected them from many enemy attacks since that time. Who are we to take back In diplomatic strategy what only God could rightfully give back to this people?

    Their Sovereign National position is critical to refuge and peace for the family of our Lord, and the plan of God at work in our world today.

    May God use Jared to the extent he obeys God’s plan and may the USA continue to be peacemakers and protectors of Israel’s right to rule it’s own land and people. I believe yielding to the Palestinian agenda would be very dangerous to those living in Israel, including many US citizens and their families.

    May the Lord supernaturally cover the decisions made regarding Israel and protect the refuge many have found in the war-torn Middle East!

    It is a strategic stronghold for free coexistence of free people in that region, and a foothold for our nation to operate as peacekeepers, when necessary in the Middle East…In Jesus Name, I believe their Beloved Deliverer and “Coming Again“ Messiah, long suffering and forgiving, for all who believe, and Lord of Lords over all! Amen, Amen, Amen

  28. I wonder about this. God is a God of Justice. The promise to Abraham was for all nations to be blessed. Yes God loves the Jews. But he also loves the Palestinians. Confiscation of property? Palestinians can’t even use the roads in the West bank. Christian Palestinians have been squeezed out. God open our eyes to your truth. In Jesus name.

    1. The Palestinian people were nomadic, Muslim, and under Arab protection, given the land they possess.

      While they possessed the land of Israel (Palestine)for a time, they were conquered…and need to accept that, so their families may have a future and hope and move on politically as a people to prosperity.

      Their political
      appeal should be to and through the Arab families of Saudi rule, who carved out their nation of Palestine.

      To covet the land of Israel is not the best approach to their improved lives. The decisions of land holdings and Sovereignty are already made, they must move on…Saudi Arabia is using them to buffer or torment Israel, but that only leads to retaliation.

      Why not rather choose peace, and work on beneficial self-government; let the Palestinian people decide how they want to exist…in their own land, where they are living, (be faithful in little so God will eventually give them more in due time), but through peaceful diplomacy with the Saudi government and Israel, not terrorism, not war…they need to kick out the governing war lords in their midst, who have devastated those lands they possess, and taken their children’s minds and hearts….only to destroy them.

      I believe, those in the settlements must peacefully negotiate and coexist without war, to gain credibility in negotiations.

  29. We bind the work of the enemy and command the powers and principalities to cease and desist that would establish evil. We declare the blood of Yeshua over Israel and the Plans of the Lord to be established over Israel and over USA!! In Yeshua’s mighty Name!!!

  30. A revealing and deep work of God As a Christian Scientist and senior I am free of fear and disease and will include the rightful negotiations for Israel’s autonomy in my prayers

  31. This is very important and we,as a nation,must pray for the Lords Devine intercession in these meetings and planning. We are to pray for Israel and uphold that chosen nation above the rest of the world,as the Lord has told us.If Israel is mistreated,we,
    America,will suffer too. It has happened to other nations/people, God never changes His word and promise. Prayers for His Presence in these meetings

  32. Please Dear God I pray for Israel and America is stand together and not let any land be a bargaining chip! Thank you Jesus for helping both leaders stand together and hold against satanic intervention! Help them make wise decisions!

  33. I pray Lord that you would touch all the people involved in making this decision to see it from a biblical perspective. And to get their pride out of the way. In Jesus name!

  34. Father,
    let their be a sweeping revival in the hearts of the Church of Jesus Christ in the USA 🇺🇸.
    Let the Holy Spirit convict and convince those who do not know you to come to you in the USA and Israel.
    Forgive us for acting like the world and then expecting you to bless us.
    Thank you for the faithfulness of those who love you. There are many. I thank you for my wonderful black brothers and sisters in you.
    Please help us to love and stand strong for You, Israel 🇮🇱 and each other. Red, yellow, black and white.
    It is not the beautiful colors of our skin Lord it is our hearts 💕 we need to dedicate to You.
    God bless America, President Trump, Jared, Mike and Bebe N.
    Thy will be done.

      1. Amen beautifully said. Just like the children’s song, red and yellow black and white we are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.

  35. Please continue to support Israel please if you want to save USA we must continue to support Israel in Jesus name amen favorite Is upon Israel now and forever. By the spirit of the Lord I have been a supporter for Israel my Jewish brothers and sister every since 1993 and the Lord Jesus Christ has been blessing me and my family. I love my Jewish people and I love all nationality because of the love that I have for God.I love him I love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength strength . I love my neighbor ask myself in Jesus Amen.

    1. Our prayer group has been praying for America to have revival and follow the laws and rules God has set up for us and the land of Israel. We pray for Israel to stay one Nation as God has given to them and that the U. S. will support Israel. Please give President Trump your wisdom and insight to stand with Israel no matter what else he is advised to do if it is not the way God instructs him.

  36. Not a comment. A prayer.
    I pray to our Precious Heavenly Father that Jared Kushner, President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and Benjamin Netanyahu be of like mind with God in making decisions about Israel, Jerusalem and all the land that He gave to His people in the covenant of God to the Jewish nation. I pray for the restoration of His Holy Land in the name of Jesus and the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary. I put this prayer/request in the miraculous hands of Jesus. Praise God that He and only He can and will bring about the victory.

  37. After reading and agreeing with many of your comments on this site, I am deeply touched and so grateful for each of you!
    And I’d like to repent as an Israeli believer for the actions of my leaders too, who desperately need to discern the heart of Adonai regarding His Land.

    At least some good news is that we’re experiencing an awakening here as the Spirit of Messiah is moving on the hearts of many Israelis with dreams and visions of Yeshua!

    Praying for you all in America too – for more revival to breakthrough in this season!

    Blessings in Yeshua’s love!

    I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. (Zech 12:3)
    I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. Genesis 12:3

  39. Thank you for standing with us Israeli followers of Yeshua:

    A strong impression came while praying into the annexation of Judea and the Samaria. I saw a pair of hands gathering soil into a test tube. Then there were other hands doing the same thing. These test tubes were part of a broader experiment and also considered trophies to be exhibited on the wall of some people’s dens.

    So I asked the L-rd what this could mean and He showed me Joshua 5:13-14: When Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua approached him and asked, “Are you for us or for our enemies? ”
    “Neither,” he replied. “I have now come as commander of the L-rd’s army.”

    And I sensed that the L-rd is not pleased with Netanyahu nor Gantz and He’s also not pleased with what the USA and other nations are doing in the background.

    The admonition from Joel 3:1-3 came to mind and I sensed Him saying, “Of course the Land belongs to Me and it will be inherited by My people but not in this way, by the political ambitions and the prideful plans of men.”

    And I felt a lamentation on how the L-rd is so grieved over how people are treating His Land…

  40. Please look up Amir Tsarfati. the middleeast update. sun 21st, 2020.

    He very clearly outlines what is meant by annexation of Judia and Samaria.
    God bless

    CEASING!!!!! IFA –
    EXODUS 3:13-14!!!!

  42. The Lord will bless America. He will. Make His face shine on it. What we see today is church being tested whether it will stand on its position with out compromising. I assure you IF the church will willingly go back to God,who (GOD) is waiting, it is just a matter of a day. Remember weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. I have a very heavy burden to pray for America as I do for Israel. May USA remember the roots and go back.

    Alice Muiruri, Kenya, Africa.

  43. Prayers and shared with my church leaders! I totally agree with this! I have been trying to get message to President Trumps Spiritual advisors that will explain this to him!! Lance Wallnau and pastor of Dallas Baptist Church, Robert Jeffries are on his team and Paula White! Do they not know this? God help them, is my prayer, to have the courage to speak to him! in Jesus name amen

  44. We ABSOLUTELY MUST BE 100 percent in support of Israel. Anyone who can not see what happens to anyone who goes against God’s chosen people, is totally blind!

  45. I have been wondering about the connection with Israel and all that is happening in the US. I’ve been recalling the book Eye for an Eye about the decisions made concerning God’s covenant land and people resulting in direct consequences. I wondered if it had to do with giving away a portion of Judea and Samaria.
    Lord, may these meetings over the next few days result in Your will for Your people and a relenting of Your corrective measures for America.

  46. Lord we repent for what are government leaders have done. Please be merciful to us. Intervene to help Israel. We ask for miracles for Israel. Father in the middle of judgment remember Mercy father. In Jesus mighty name amen. We need to always stand with Israel. And never never part their land.

  47. I believe passionately that the United States of America should stand with Israel to keep all of the covenant land that God gave them. My prayer is that the leaders hear from God and be strong in the Lord in the face of the opposition they will face spiritually and mentaly– but they can be sure that God will never leave them nor forsake them and they are sowing into the eternal plan and purpose of the one true God and the nation that gave us Him. We must always bless Israel.

  48. “GOD GAVE THE LAND TO THE JEW..NOT TO BE DIVIED IN TWO.. AS I UNDERSTAND THIS “PIECE”PROCESS ISRAEL “GETS” 30% OF THE WHICH IN GOD’S SIGHT WAS GIVEN TO THEM IN THE BEGINNING. AND THE PALESTINIANS GET 70%!!!!!PLEASE SEE: ALSO GENESIS 15:18…In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: GENESIS 17:7-8 7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.

    8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.
    ALSO EZEKIEL 37:21-22………….21 And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land:

    22 And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.

  49. They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. Lord God, most holy and righteous, we lift up the leaders of these countries. Father we felt the rattle you gave to the world today. Lord we are desperate for we can do nothing without you.
    Lord we see the enemies of Isreal, your enemies have taken over BLM, the same power play that has taken over many nations have come to our borders. Lord we need You! Jesus is Lord, and I ask in Jesus name Lord that our leaders would be immovable when it comes to standing for Isreal. Other solutions of compromise have failed, and anything outside of what Your Word declares would be a mistake.

    Thus says the Lord of hosts: In those days ten men from the nations of every tongue shall take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'”
    Zechariah 8:23 ESV

    May those that know You stand and may You be glorified. Have mercy on us o God of Heaven. Amem

  50. Comment #2
    President Trump called the nations together on January 18 announcing his own impeachment the same day Ezra called the tribes together to tell them a very serious problem. They could have impeached Ezra but instead ask for more time to think about what to do. The Dems drug our the paperwork hoping to go against our Ezra. By Rosh Chodesh Nissan 1 Binyamin and Judah had gone before their own judges resolving their foreigner problem.
    By Nissan 1 2020 people of all foreign lands were closing their gates and the world was experiencing their own Egypts. Our covid plague would pass over the young and perhaps some old. Just as the old passed away for disbelief that Adonai could take them into the land of the Giants (dragons).
    Judah and Binyamin chose to be part of the re-building of the Foundation,,,year 71 of being cast out of The Land.
    We are here in history to sever ourselves from the great Red Dragon China that holds many horns (Nations) to its esteem.
    We are here to build The Foundation Stone called Yeshua Jesus whose embodiment is The Torah.
    Not all tribes helped build the foundation stones as today’s religions fight thinking the Battle is OT against NT believers when it’s all one thing with one pattern proving the next pattern to being us to this point in history. Our Ezra will come to the point of his own weeping and crying and fasting because Ezra knew he was a mere man being used of God for that purpose in Land and Foundation Stones.
    And, to confirm The Father sending his son forth into the world again, Abraham is sent out at age 75 from his father Terahs house in Harlem.
    Israel will be 75; 1948-2033. Hmm. Yeshua was what age when leaving the earth the first time. 33-34

    And Enoch states that The Flood was in year 1333. It’s a number that fits pi.
    Noach was age 601 when getting off the ark. Producing children by 603.
    Everything is according to pattern,,,many patterns.
    The dead believers (who believed first) will rise up first and then those who remain will rise up.
    It’s always about What was, which is not but now will be. The Land was, was Not and now will be.
    China the red dragon is 5000 years old. It was, was not and now is again with The Clinton’s resurrected this beast of totalitarian. No democracy! It is only in a democracy that people have a choice of whose God to serve.

  51. We at Mt Olive First Baptist Church agree in prayer and have shown Eye To Eye video by Koenig to our congregation.
    We understand and stand in agreement DO NOT DIVIDE ISREAL.

  52. My prayer is for a Man of God, fears the Lord, Anointed with the Holy Spirit will arise Here in the USA and Lead America people in prayers of REPENTANCE of our USA Wrongs. Lord God Lose a repentance Heart. Lord Send Us a John the
    Baptist, a today’s
    Holy Spirit STIR up the Christians and Pastors in the USA.

  53. Father,
    I pray the commitment and bravery like of Esther to be over the decision makers regarding Israel. Please use the United States to be your tool in providing for your precious Israel

  54. O Lord Give President the knowledge beyond his own. Help him see that no one touches the land of Israel that has been given them by You alone. Let someone research what happens to this land when our leadership pushes dividing the land. We will answer to You and You will act swiftly if we disobey. Keep President Trump’s mind in line with Your speaking to him. Prevent him from making this mistake. Let no one yes no one take him off course. He’s Your man for the hour. Help him obey Your Word which is clear on this subject. Disobedience brings Your wrath. Give him understanding to obey. In Jesus’ name. Amen and amen.

    1. Prayers and shared with my church leaders! I totally agree with this! I have been trying to get message to President Trumps Spiritual advisors that will explain this to him!! Lance Wallnau and pastor of Dallas Baptist Church, Robert Jeffries are on his team and Paula White! Do they not know this? God help them, is my prayer, to have the courage to speak to him! in Jesus name amen

  55. Thank you for all the information. I am praying as you have directed—that Israel stands strong as the nation GOD created it to be in the Word of GOD.
    Bless Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Trump.
    Yes, GOD have mercy in Jesus’ name.

    1. Yes, dear Lord, we ask You in the mighty name of Your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, bless Israel, bless Prime Minister Netanyahu bless President Trump. We speak Your holy Word over them “no weapon formed against you (them) shall prosper and every tongue which rises against you (them), You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is from Me, says the Lord”.

  56. Isaiah 2:8-9
    For thus says the Lord of hosts: “He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the [a]apple of His eye. 9 For surely I will shake My hand against them, and they shall become [b]spoil for their servants. Then you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent Me.

    1. Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”.

      Isaiah 35:3 “Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees. v 4 say to those who are fearful-hearted, be strong, do not fear, Behold your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God, He will come and save you”.

      Dear Lord, save Israel, save the United States of America, only in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  57. The Torah portions being read right now show us the walls of Jericho falling. Three tribes want to protect the other tribes from the east. Ephraim (Gentile), Gad (good fortune) and Ruben (1st born). The returned to The Jordan Valley after taking years to establish The Land. They are the east vanguards. Binyamin joins them. Yeshua arrives from the East. This land was give first and then occupied fully last. Today it’s not first but retrieved last, just as that pattern shows us.
    The Jordan must be secured as it stops The Plague.
    David has to secure the threshing from the Jesubite. Then the plague of The Census stopped when he offered there; now Jerusalem.
    You can’t divide something that is not whole.
    We’re still at the stage of Gentiles helping protect the first borns of Abraham. All of us must be related to Son of Strength, Even as Binyamin Netanyahu fights now to secure the east border.
    If people didn’t want to follow the ways of Abraham Isaac and Jacob they moved on.
    The country of Israel is the world’s example of blessing and cursing.
    It will be respected when great miracles happen on its soil.
    This is God’s story of removing Golden Calves from our lives as we now enter Month Four known as Tammuz (a false god).
    America’s iniquity is filled up as is our world’s iniquity. Our prayers must be to strengthen The Lands borders.
    He will split open The Mount of Olive upon His return. Corpses of enemies will remain as a memorial for believers to remember that time in history when Elohim our everything under His authority.
    Let’s pray for righteousness for our earth even as one fourth may perish in plagues,famine and rumors of more wars.

  58. God bless you & God bless America & God bless Jerusalem. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and peace be within the walls & prosperity be within thy walls In Jesus Name’Amen

  59. Heavenly Father,
    I know it is your desire for all to come to the Truth. My fervent prayer is for the American Christians and Jews to come to faith in you my God, as
    you wait patiently for them in their unbelief.

    You are the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by you.
    Draw them to yourself by the power of your HolySpirit.
    In Jesus name I pray. AMEN 🙏

  60. I pray that this article has been given to Pastor Paula White. The spiritual advisors at the White House should present it, as led, to the President and appropriate officials.

  61. I have been praying about this as your article touched my spirit, and I agreed with your viewpoint.
    I was vexed in my spirit as President Trump has been such a good friend to Israel, but I have felt for many years that what God gave to Israel belonged to no other nation. Only God could change that.
    Now today, when I read in 1 Kings 23 how God directed David’s path to safety from Saul, I realized the necessity of our prayer for Donald Trump to seek God’s counsel and ask His plan of how to rectify the mistakes made by Kuschner and Pompeo, and our prayer for Trump’s wisdom to correct the wrong path of the Democratic Governors, get the country back to work, put the criminals back in jail, and as we lift his arms, God will assist him and direct him to victory and He will heal our land.

  62. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling the loss of Israel’s land. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground in Jesus name, Amen.

  63. Thank you for making this understandable to me. I felt Kushner and Trump were in agreement about Israel and because of this lack of knowledge on their part took a step of what they may feel is for the good of all. Pompeo joining made a three fold cord. May the Lord gently undo this and bring a four fold agreement in Israel’s favor so as to reap a blessing for the region and the world. May Trump and Netanyahu devise a plan that will be acceptable to the nations who want to destroy Israel. Defend us o Lord. Go before all and make Your way plain. A path of peace and prosperity.

    1. Father in the name of Jesus, I wanna thank you that President Trump will stand for the covenant land that belongs to Israel and that all involved will not bow to any separation of Israel’s covenant land. Thank you Abba Father! To God be the Glory Always!❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻

  64. It is interesting that George Floyd would be mentioned with this cycle of devastation when Israel gives away land…as Chuck Pierce and others have said the root of racism is anti-Semitism. Father, we are in danger in this nation of playing with your land and people in ways You do not desire. We have thick skulls and are sure we have the best of plans but fail to consult You, our Creator. Forgive us, again, GOD and heal this breach.

  65. So our prayer to stop the pandemic should be starting with repentance for taking Israel’s land. The PM is now on trial as well. It’s really all about Israel.
    When Condi Rice brokered a deal many years ago we had the worst tornado hit Joplin, MO & the PM had a stroke & lived in coma for several years to he past.

  66. A few months ago, when the Peace Plan was once again on the front burner, it came in my Spirit strongly that because President Trump was still a baby Christian, he may not have that “burning knowledge” of what would happen if he gave away portions of Israel. I am sure his spiritual advisors have mentioned this to him; yet, he is also receiving advice from his Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, who does not have the Christian viewpoint in mind according to the Bible. His desire is to please both Jews and Arabs in the Peace Plan. Family is hard to ignore, particularly when it concerns the man married to your daughter and who has worked hard to engineer a peace plan with Israel. How do you say to him, “but the Bible says we cannot give up any portion of Israel, and I won’t agree to it.” Very difficult to do because of his love for them. I will pray the convicting power of the Holy Spirit will come upon President Trump so strongly, that he will experience the “fear of the Lord” over this Peace Plan with Israel. I have experienced the “fear of the Lord” once in my life, and I can tell you there is no doubt afterward about what needs to be done!

  67. We love Israel and the Jewish people and pray for them. We have been to Israel and it is fabulous. We understand all the promises in the Word connected to Israel and the land. Yet, I wonder why certain ones are always calling out everything that happens in the USA as a connection to Israel. The “peace deal” that you mention (which we do not agree with) has not been put into place and never will be. So to say God is judging America for this makes no sense. There are many Nations that have gone BDS against Israel (like Ireland) and I don’t see things like this happening in their countries. I think we miss a valuable point of the what is behind those orchestrating the riots and killing. They have an agenda to destroy this country and our values. The devil would love to destroy America because that too would hurt Israel. Other prophetic people like Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce are prophesying that this a time for a great revival in our Nation. Don’t miss the opportunity to pray for that.

    1. I think the nations support BDS are not Christian nations, the lord has withdrawn from them. I cannot imagine living without God, but we are seeing it played out. The Lord BLESSES those that bless Isreal. May it be so for America, and may we be again One Nation Under God! In God we trust alone.

  68. I am a believer and I love God and his authority. Thank you for this message. I will pray with diligence for all that you mention. God bless you and your ministry.

  69. I am in daily prayers for All the issues you’ve listed and many, many more….also am in prayer that this and the other prophecies will be read And Believed by others all across Our Nation And throughout all the Nations around the World….Thank You

    Blessings & Love

  70. The peace pf the whole world depends upon the peace of Jerusalem! As I read this article I couldn’t help but also remember that President Trump and the Prime Minister are close friends and allies. The question forms in me, “Why in the world would President Trump do that to our closest friend in the Middle East?” I mean didn’t we learn with Obama and the natural disasters that happened during his presidency with hurricane Katrina? I mean just track these things. Every time that administration “messed” with Israel we saw a natural disaster happen somewhere. When President Trump declared that Israel has no greater friend than the United States I breathed a major sigh of relief! Then I remembered something. The President is still kind of new to our faith. In terms of our walk with God, He is young in the faith and very well may not be aware of such consequences. He may not have as of yet be properly educated upon these things and needs this direction. I say that because I am almost certain of His heart for his friend we refer to as “BeBe” and the nation of Israel. President Trump in the face of GREAT Opposition had the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem. So WHY would such a great friend who LOVES Israel do this to her? The ONLY answer I can come up with is that He just maybe so very young in the faith that he simply is not aware as of yet. So my prayer is that the Lord send someone in to educate the President and he is made FULLY aware of these things. After all, even the Kings of ancient Israel had the prophets that advised and educated them. For we too as Israel is ARE in a blood covenant with God Almighty. So to me, it stands to reason that the president also just as the kings of old did in inquire of the Lord. President Trump is YOUNG in the faith and I believe deserves the benefit of the doubt so to speak. A TRUE Allie and friend to Israel would NEVER do these things! Also, this president is not afraid to fire those who betray Israel in this way or betray us. Let’s pray this becomes part of what the president has promised to do in “draining the swamp!”

    1. Yes! And we pray for any false prophets that may have the Presidents ear to be exposed. May pur POTUS be given Spiritual eyes to see the dangers of a 2 state solution. Oh lord God we need a divine appointment to come upon theWhite House, that only those You have chosen would be granted access. May any art to this deal only include the LAND of Isreal to remain whole. For your Glory. Amen




  72. I wrote before, but if this nation does not repent I will be forced to send such massive destruction on this nation that would shock a normal person. Because my Father is angry at the churches for abandoning Him. Bless Israel and be blessed, but harm Israel and face my wrath. As an intercessor,prophet and as a one who hears God’s cry for His children- come back to your senses, come back to your call, don’t hurt the One who died for you anymore.
    He will not wait for you any longer if you continue on in your srlf-absorbion, if you continue then you will never see His face ever. Don’t bring destruction on yourself ever again. THis is a call of all christians to repent earnestly and go counqer the enemy. You can do it, fight and win if you are truly saved, fight the enemy and give Donald Trump support- I heard that he got saved recently and is a baby Christian. Come as one and rise to strike the enemy with the full force of the Holy Spirit.

  73. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please, do not give away the land that God gave to you Israel! I pray for our own president to not go along with this decision. Lord have mercy on us!


    Last night, I was led to your website from a comment someone posted on Mario Murillo’s post. I have never known of your site. I truly feel I was led to your site. As I read about the Peace Plan, I was so bothered by the fact that the land would be divided because I remembered a prophecy that was specifically spoken to Netanyahu. I read about it at least 4 or 5 years ago and was not sure if I could find it. I searched for it today and found it. This is VERY important and can be used to refresh the mind of Netanyahu and to give further proof to President Trump that specific orders were spoken over Netanyahu about his role and the importance he played in NEVER allowing the land of Israel to be given away. Under NO circumstances!! Please read this and pass it on to President Trump and his administration.
    I pray now, in the name of Jesus, that the urgency of this prophecy be brought to our President’s attention and that he will see and be led by the Holy Spirit to not allow any piece of land to be taken away from Israel, for the sake of Israel, in respect for our God’s will for Israel, and for the sake of the United States in obedience to the Lord. Obedience brings blessings. Remember Prime Minister Netanyahu that which was spoken over you!! Thank you!

    1. Amen
      I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please, do not give away the land that God gave to you Israel! I pray for our own president to not go along with this decision. Lord have mercy on us!

  75. We agree with this assessment, but cannot make a judgment about the severity of this action taken by the U.S. We sent this letter to President Trump last week.

    Dear President Trump,

    We appreciate your early initiatives in establishing the Embassy in Jerusalem, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, etc.

    However, we are deeply troubled by the attempt to “divide the land” between Palestinians, a mixed Arab group, many of late arrival, and the Israelis, who are the inheritors of the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as reaffirmed time and again in the Bible. It is very unsettling to see the USA proposing a plan like the two-state solution, and we remember the words in Joel 3:2, that the Lord pleaded with the nations in the Valley of Jehoshaphat who “divided (His) land.” This is something the Lord never allowed, for He said the land was His, and it could not be sold forever–He gave it to Israel as a permanent inheritance.

    Perhaps it would be wiser to avoid this issue and allow the sovereign state of Israel to make its own projections about the land that Jahweh gave to them!

    Blessings, Mrs. Dorothy Barkley, Howard County PRAY, MD

    Smotrich: It’s either settlements or a Palestinian stateArutz Sheva Staff, 12:07 AM Yamina MK explains to New York Times why the right is opposed to Trump’s peace plan despite it including sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

  76. For ten years I have spoken the word of the Lord, He wants a relationship with His people. But I have the exact opposite has happened. So God is using me to bring down the hammer of judgment on this nation. Repent, come back my people, why have you forgotten me? Do you not know, do you not understand? Why are you so far from me? says the Lord. You have brought about your own demise. Unless ther is a complete return to the Lord within the next five months you will be destroyed.
    God is not waiting anymore for you to get your act together, Change or perish.

  77. Dear God almighty,

    On behalf of your church and Israel we ask for Divine intervention where Israels covenant of land is concerned. Please restore Israel’s land according to Thy covenant and grant great wisdom to Jared Kushner, President Trump, Secretary Pompeo and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in resolving this according to Thy will.
    We ask that you would open the eyes of all government officials involved to see how important this covenant is. Please direct their thoughts and decisions Holy Spirit and stop any further issues against our land. We humbly ask for your guidance and favorable outcome in this very important matter.

    In Jesus mighty and powerful name we pray, Amen.

  78. Well done, thorough and concise!!! Hopefully if you have some online letters/petitions for those in authority we could sign and send them sometime soon?
    Jewish communities benefit by seeing us stand for Israel, also!

  79. First I want to say thank you for all that IFA does to make intercessors aware of the prayer needs in our nation. What an amazing gift IFA is to the Body!

    Regarding your prayer alert, I too believe that it always comes back to Israel. I know of Bill Koenig’s work and have heard him speak. I agree that many of the disasters in the world can be connected to a nation’s treatment of Israel.

    I’m concerned though about making a connection when it is not very clear. I too have been concerned since the Peace Plan was released about how our leaders’ decisions would affect the United States. The way the plan was presented made it sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but as you said, from a biblical perspective, we should never divide or give away God’s land (Joel 3:2).

    With all due respect, the connections you’ve made seem too ambiguous. Would these connections be obvious to our leaders, especially a 10-day gap between a decision made about shifting our support for Israel and the murder of George Floyd? Do these connections strike the fear of God in the decision makers? Are they connections that the leaders could recognize that their decisions are against God, not just the people and land of Israel? Are they such that it would cause the leaders to change their course of action? I’m not convinced these two examples will. I don’t believe there is a clear enough connection.

    I do heed your call to pray. I fear though that it will take a greater disaster in America, that is clearly connected to a negative decision our leaders have made related to Israel, for them to see that they are poking God in the eye. “For thus says the Lord of hosts, ’He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye.’” (Zech. 2:8)

    1. I am not happy with the peace plan in my spirit, but never really understood it and still don’t. As one person asked is the land leased or what? The Palestinians rejected the plan outright. Predictable. I feel that we are definitely called to pray about this whole situation and the idea to get word to Pastor White and Jeffries so they can explain to the administration is a good one. However, I question the correlations part. Again I believe we are praying the right things, but do not feel in my spirit that the virus and race situation is a direct consequence. All this has been brewing from evil doers and our enemies for a long time. Much exposure and revelation is taking place. There are so many other reasons for the virus and chaos in USA. The Lord is bringing good out of bad. Forgive me, if I am speaking out of turn. I believe the Bible and verses mentioned so believe these are necessary and right prayers and need to be prayed now more than ever. But ask you to consider that the correlation or reasoning may not be on target.

    2. This warning should be sent to every pulpit in America. Repent and call on the name of Jesus. Stop with the empty motivational man made gospel. Woe to the wolves in sheeps clothing, you will be dealt with accordingly. May conviction come over men of God, and repentance as Psalm 51 be taught

  80. I had no idea we were planning on separating Israel!! I didn’t see anything about this in the news; they’re doing things like this while the nation is focused on the fear/CoVid!!
    This is horrible; why? What happened to Trumps support? What led him to do this?? Kushner? Pompey?
    This is wrroooong; this must stop 🛑 now! This decision to separate Israel must be pulled!
    Who are WE to tell Israel what to do????

  81. Thank you, David, for sharing what you feel the Lord has revealed to you in regard to Israel. When I heard of the “peace plan” in January, my heart sunk!!! It made my heart sick!! What you have shared makes so much sense! We must get word to Pres Trump, Jared, and Pompeo, to repent and change their stance on this treaty. May their eyes be opened to the truth!

  82. Israel is all-important. How little we understand that we are linked with the apple of God’s eye, and we must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves when dealing with Israel and its enemies! We get so wrapped up with what’s happening on the earth that we forget there is a God who deals in the heavenlies, the One with whom we have to do! I pray that God rises up believable advocates for Israel so that we do not sell it or ourselves down the river!

  83. Can you contact Bill Koening and ask him to share this information with Dr Robert Jeffress. Dr Jeffress needs to inform President Trump What he has done that has caused these punishments from God. President Trump needs to repent of this terrible thing he has done.

    1. The White House prayer team that surrounds the President & Mike Pence NEED to contact Paula White or Dr Jeffers or someone who can FULLY explain Gods connection with ISRAEL & His Warnings for those who are disobedient.
      Thank you, I do know this to be TRUE, and I have emailed it to 20+ Prayer Warriors.

  84. I knew something was up! Since the Rona, my prayer time has been off. I have not been able to effectively pray. I searched the bible, but something still wasn’t right. I continued to pray in the Spirit because He knows. I continued to ask God to show me why and what am I missing! I had no idea we were NOT supporting Israel! Now it all makes sense and I know how to pray! God’s got this! They will change or be removed!

  85. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall! Thank you for the insightful direction for prayer.
    We can barely begin to fathom what is going on in the spirit realm. May we pray in the Spirit and
    with the understanding. May The Lord God’s Name be hallowed in our land once again! May His Kingdom
    expand and advance as many are ushered in! May His will be done on earth (with Israel and the nations)
    as it is in heaven, God’s throne room from where He rules!

  86. Sir I do not know who you are but the U.S. must stay out of the Isreal problem. We should give them what ever they need to protect themselves from the evil they face. Why, because we face the same evil!
    I do not understand this group, we all know who we are fighting, SATAN. When are we going to speak his name and fight his servants!
    Our general is Jesus, we need to join him and if necessary pick up a sword! Gentalmen it is time to stand up for God’s people and our selves! Prayer no longer is sufficient!

  87. I had not seen the connection to Israel & the Coronavirus but was very dismayed to learn of the Peace Plan. Pres. Trump seemed on track with Israel until that point. Lord, I pray our president’s ears would be open to your Voice Alone regarding America’s relationship with Israel. I pray that once he sees the light and reverses course, America’s blessing will return. Lord, let it be to America and Israel according to your Word. Amen

  88. Yes Father we shall repent & pay for Israel and America. Your word shows us the way
    It is commanded to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” this command also

    includes a promise “they shall prosper that love thee” (Psalm122:6)
    Gentiles will be used of God to bring His people home. (Isaiah 49:22-23)The Lord will judge all the nations who have forced or coerced Israel into dividing
    the land. The nations who have scattered His Jewish people will be judged. (Joel 3:1-17)
    God has promised to bring world revival as never seen before, if we will pray and work
    for the revival of Israel. (Romans 1:16, Romans 11:15)
    The Lord declares that He will give “a man” (Yeshua) for His people and bring them
    home from the east, and gather them from the west; I will say to the north, Give up;
    and to the south, Keep not back:; (Isaiah 43:4-6)
    Thank you Father, bring peace on Your lands.
    In Jesus precious Name, Amen

  89. There is indeed a shift and I am thankful folks are taking notice. Often it seems that so many are being deceived by the rampant deception and not considering all things and holding fast to the Truth! As a prophecy student which helps me to eagerly look forward to the return of Jesus, I see the land changes in the Peace to Prosperity plan as prophetically fulfilling Matthew 24. We know from the Bible that Israel should not give away land for peace for it is God who has given it to them! HOwever, the prophecies also show us that Israel won’t get the land promised by covenant to Abraham in Gen 15:18 until Jesus returns and makes it happen. Of course I pray for all people in the times ahead, but despite the turmoil and mistakes a part of me has joy knowing that the difficult times will prepare peoples hearts for the greatest revival we’ve ever known! And more importantly, I have joy knowing the return of our Savior is not that far away and this generation may very well be the generation to experience this most beautiful event!

  90. Thank you for these incredibly insightful words. Lord God Almighty forgive us and send people with your authority and the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of our leaders and President Trump.

  91. Dear God, I pray for heavenly wisdom for President Trump and Jared Kushner. Please give them the insight they need to formulate a plan that will please You. We have failed greatly as a nation, God – abortion, homosexuality, greed, murder – the list goes on and on. God, I ask You to forgive us, and if I have done anything to displease You, I repent. Please God, we need Your divine intervention. Please have mercy on the U.S. This I earnestly pray in the holy name of Jesus, Amen.


  93. I began seeking God on the root of the onslaught of trouble in USA a few days ago. I believe this article identifies the root. I went to prayer with it, and with Jeremiah Johnson’s article, yesterday. I really now believe that the Peace to Prosperity Plan opened the door to the demonic agenda outlined to Johnson by that demonic forerunner.

    I am standing in repentance for the sin of the nation in this and for any way my own actions or inaction participated in this. I believe, as Johnson said, that the third wave of greed, as was with the first two, is preventable. Repentance, intercession, and spiritual warfare on behalf of our nation is imperative.

    I stand for our nation’s destiny as a sheep nation in biblical alliance with Israel, especially as we approach and enter into the United States’ end time positioning as a protector of Israel.

    Today, I sought out insight from Israel for confirmation of what this article identifies. I found the following post from Breaking Israel News from February. It not only confirms but also annotates the discussion in “The Importance of the Moment”:

    Thank you for providing prayer points for both IFA articles; I am going to continue to use them in my own intercession for our nation and for our nation’s revival.

    1. The enemy of Islam is the enemy destroying our nation under the cover of racism/BLM. The funding from the elitists, enemies of God to usher in NWO. The enemy of both nations the same, the strategy for battle is the same, to stand. For just as in exodus, The lord, The lord will fight the battle. Remain calm.

      And as intercessors answer the call to pray in the Spirit for Jesus IS Lord. Amen

  94. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm trying to destroy Israel. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground in Jesus name, Amen.

  95. What Trump did on January 28th is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. I am very sad for our country but am looking up for my Blessed Hope to rescue me,because the pre tribulational Rapture is very near and I pray that it comes very soon indeed!

  96. I have recently read in three different articles that we need to include II Chronicles 7:13 with 7:14, as follows:
    13–“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people,” 14–“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
    We have had drought (and fires) in America and Australia. We have had locusts (Africa). The world has had plague (pestilence). Are we running out of time to pray and turn in order to receive healing in the land?

  97. Father,
    Expose the truth.
    Expose the rats.
    Surround Trump with good godly council. Wisdom!!
    We pray for mercy and grace.
    We for for restoration on every level. Revival!! Revival!!! Revival!!! In Jesus Name!!!

  98. “I will bless those who bless you and him who dishonors you I will curse.” Gen 12:1-3
    Our nation (we) have dishonored our great God. Have we inquired of Him? Do we know and understand Him, His heart and purposes?
    God, in your divine authority, as the God of Glory, you delighted to inter into covenant for all time with Abraham and his decedents. We have disregarded you, your covenant and have trampled sacred ground both in Israel and at home. Forgive our grave sin. May we be a nation that seeks You, inquires of you, honors and glorifies you. By your mercy would you send your chosen servant to set things right where we have trampled. All Glory to You!

  99. Thank you for this reminder. I knew this “peace treaty” was flawed because we have NO RIGHT to force Israel to give away parts of the their homeland. EACH TIME the USA has forced Israel to do something like this, we have suffered the consequences. I will be praying about this from now on.

  100. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We bless Israel and Thank the Lord for this covenantal land and people which were given the very words of God. Have mercy on us Oh Lord.

  101. You are so correct! Every believer in Jesus needs to understand this! I believe the peace plan may have been put forward with good intentions but was flawed in the most important point. God has a plan that he is very passionate about. If our plans contradict his, especially when it comes to Israel and their Covenant land you may find yourself fighting against God! Our dear President was in accord with God’s plan when he acknowledged Jerusalem as their Capitol and God blessed our nation. Our dear President was in accord with God’s plan when he acknowledged the Golan Heights as their Covenant land, and God blessed our nation.
    God is still in the process bringing the children of Israel back to His land. The peace plan is not in accord with God’s plan, it is dividing His land. May God send my dear President Trump advisors with understanding so that he will change his mind and withdraw this “Plan” quickly so the curse will be removed quickly. Then may he hit a grand slam by acknowledging that Judea and Samaria is Israel’s land without strings attached. And see how God will bless our land.

  102. Lord God – we are in great need of you to rescue us. Our nation is being ripped apart by demonic forces, by bad or compromised decisions of our leaders, by intentional and deceptive forces who are controlling much of our news feeds daily and by the out of control emotions of fear, hate and selfish greed. We need miracles in our hearts and minds and souls from you. We must repent Lord and only your pure love and justice can lead us there Lord. We are on our face before you God… save us once again that we can once again give you your rightful place as sovereign God of our nation. In your name we pray… amen.

  103. Man cannot make a deal with God concerning His Everlasting Blood Covenant which He swore by His own right hand to uphold. Whoever tries to break God’s Covenant concerning His Land and people will be cut and crushed, like the Sacrifice made upon its Threshold altar. God’s Name is dishonored in the sight of all nations by the nation that divides Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Jewish people will be isolated, ghettoized, in their 15 communities, spread out and cut off from each other and forbidden to expand. They are crying out “We are being smothered! WE CANN’T BREATHE!” We must walk away from this deal and let Israel live. Our knee now is upon her neck.

    1. What Trump did on January 28th is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. I am very sad for our country but am looking up for my Blessed Hope to rescue me,because the pre tribulational Rapture is very near and I pray that it comes very soon indeed!

  104. Reading this causes me to remember how I felt when I read the agreement made at the time concerning that Peace treaty..A sickening feeling and I said to the Lord..I’m not in agreement with this ..Father forgive President Trump..and at the time I wondered why his son-in-law was you laid this out..I can see Holy Spirit was revealing to me the grief that was looming ahead..yes we will pray in agreement with you..may mercy triumph over judgment on the United States and cover us ..🇺🇸😭💔🙏

  105. Babylon is a city, not a nation. (Rev. 17:18) The spirit of the city that was cursed has attached herself to capitals of nations through the centuries as one overcomes the next and receives her. From Babel they scattered across the earth, taking her culture with them. Today Babylon is on NYC, the capital of all the nations on the earth, and her government is the UN. All these evil things that are pervasive throughout the world are centralized in her because she came to us after Hitler lost WW2, and the Big Three (Allies) had formed a pact and a plan for the United Nations near the end of the war. (Rev. 13) I know these are true. Many details prove the Revelation true by history and properly dividing the prophetic words. It takes lots of prayer and focus. I’ve been like a scribe for over ten years, and this was not my idea. He called me to it.

  106. Under no circumstances should 1 inch of land be given by Israel. That land, every inch was given to God’s people. We need to pray that our churches understand that and pray that our leaders would truly understand that what God says, He means. Pray against the deception and lies of the devil who hates God, Israel and Christians.

  107. Jesus said that in the end times, right would wrong and wrong would be right. We are there, this is no surprise to our Lord. His plan is unfolding exactly the way He planned it from the beginning. We will put all of our trust in Him. Hallelujah! He looked to the end from the beginning, and said it is Very Good. We will stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and walk in the victory. Thank You Lord.

  108. I think Israel is the least of our problems right now please see these dreams and visions:
    VISIONS of CIVIL WAR – Coming to America -Andrew Strom.

    In 2009 we began to publish visions and warnings of Civil War (or great civil conflict) coming to America. Below are a number of these words that we have published over the years-

    Hans Petter (June 2008)-
    “I started to see a movie in the spirit. First act was that Obama was elected as president, and he was the door opener for the next thing that happened. Dark skies came over USA with thunderstorms.
    People were fighting against each other in the streets. Tires and cars were burning in the streets. People were really suffering, screaming for help and they had nothing to eat or a home. It was a hard time. The cities were burning.

    I saw a gap start to split the nation. It started in California, moved forward across the nation and ended up by the east coast north of New York. (Civil War)

    Act 2. Then people started to pray for help and ask for help from Jesus. I saw two eagles (prophets) that came flying from the east and behind came Jesus. Healing came to USA and Jesus restored the cities and peoples’ life.”

    Darren Smith (June 2009)-
    “Last night while praying before I went to bed, The Lord gave me a vision that really rattled me. In the vision I saw this land split into four parts with each one under its own flag. Each region had terrible destruction and many people were dead. As I looked over the destruction I was crying and the Lord asked me, “Why are you crying over the fall of Babylon? As a matter of fact, why have you been praying for the healing of Babylon?”

    In this vision I didn’t have an answer and the Lord opened a scroll and started reading off the indictments against our country, but before each one he clearly called the USA Babylon. The list was long and to the point, with such points as the killing of several generations of unborn children. Beside this charge He added that these babies had been sacrificed to the god of self. The list also included greed, idolatry, pride, fornication, and many others, so many I could not even read them all.

    As I looked at the list of charges I was overwhelmed and broken by the fact that we live every day in a nation that is so far removed from God and in total opposition to the Kingdom of God, yet we are comfortable here. We have become just like Lot living in Sodom, the prosperity that the nation offers us has blinded us from the evil that rules this land. We complain about how bad it is but still stay attached to it with every ounce of strength we have.

    The Lord told me to look at the nation as He sees it, not through my eyes but through His. I could not look too long before I had to agree and repent of loving Babylon. Once I repented the Lord told me to prepare for the fall as time is running out. I must preach the Gospel of The Kingdom, not the Gospel of America. America is already judged, the time of shaking is now and will increase rapidly…”

    Kenny Atnip (Jan 2013)-
    “Some time ago God showed me and some others that America would enter an internal war. You can call it civil war or revolutionary war or anything you like, but it is coming. God showed me plainly that many Christians would be tempted to be part of a war against the government and that this war would be part of his judgment on the U.S.A. and we should not get involved. The current government´s actions are because of God´s judgment so he who resists this government resists God´s ordinance.

    Global war is coming as well, and America will be attacked, and after all of these things I saw a time of peace again in the land.
    America will be humbled and once again look to God as it´s provider and defender.

    The message to Christians here in America is the same that Jeremiah told to Judah- Submit to God´s judgment and it will go well for you, resist and it will cost some their lives and others their freedom…”

    Kenny Atnip – “Civil War in U.S.” (Dec 2010)- “Last November my three-year-old son, Jeremiah, slept with Mom and Dad. He awoke at 5:30 AM yelling, “War is coming … people are dying … people are crying to God.” He has no idea what these things are. It woke me out of a dead sleep and I sat up and looked at him. He was wide awake…

    We will have 5 years of terror and turmoil beginning very soon…
    I believe the government will begin rounding up people that are on a list. If we are on that list, don´t resist or run, God sends some away to protect them. God will vindicate the righteous in his time.”

    Donald replies-
    “Kenny- that advice is the same as that given to the Israelites.
    Don´t resist when King Nebuchadnezzar comes to take you away.
    If you go willingly you will be established in a foreign land, if you resist you will die. (We may or may not actually die, but our lives could become so miserable we will wish we would die). Good advice for all of us at this unsettling time.”

    ‘Journey’ replies-
    “Yes Kenny, Good advice. It is better to serve God while in captivity than to die resisting His purpose. God is doing this to the Church because of their pride and arrogance. God is humbling His Church.”

      1. I didn’t exclude anyone from being greedy. The looting is just an obvious example of how bad it can be. No judgment involved. Materialism is a struggle for most people, I imagine, even the church.

  109. Thank you for this “heads-up”. Like so many I have felt the heavy oppression of evil and darkness. I not only pray but I will commit to encourage believers to oppose the spirit of greed with a spirit of generosity, compassion and love.

  110. Wow. I’m so glad you shared this. I was not aware of all that the peace to prosperity plan entailed. Standing with you and praying God’s land be restored to the rightful owner, the Israelites. Father hear the pleas of Your people. Help us in this hour to stand against these demonic forces that are coming against this country. Father forgive where we compromised as a nation. Lord have mercy. Unite Your bride as the mighty warrior You have called her to be, to war in the full authority and power You have given us. Holy Spirit, lead us in this battle and help us to speak forth, in prophetic decrees and declarations according to Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  111. I do not have a good feeling about this. I am no bible expert, but when I first found out about the restructuring of Israel’s land…I did not have a good feeling about it. I had a thought that said…”that will not be enough.” If they give that land, it will not be enough. I am praying. It is remarkable that just this past couple of weeks my family in our homeschooling) has been doing a unit study on Israel. We will be praying.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6
    Let Israel hope in the Lord, from henceforth and forever. Psalm 131:3
    Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. Romans 10:1

    1. As soon as I was reading the details my spirit man told me “ it will not be enough” , they will keep asking for more , more, more! So praise God we know how to pray and defeat the deception . Amen

  112. I agree 100%. This is scripture. Have you alerted Jon and Jolene Hamill about this! Rick Ridings put out a post on this several weeks ago, but no one picked up on it. Thank you for the amazing job you do in informing us! God Bless you all and keep you.

  113. Thank you David for this timely important viewpoint. I totally agree with what you shared. I didn’t think much either when I heard about the Peace2Prosperity plan. But now you have helped me connect the dots. A few days ago, I happened to watch again the movie “One Night with the King” (I don’t like many parts of the movie, but that’s not what I want to discuss here). After I read what you shared here, that movie came into my mind. We all know the famous words of Mordecai:” …. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 NIV) I’m wondering if God has placed the United States of America on earth as the present day Esther for the nation of Israel? I pray that God will help President Trump to understand more and more His heart desire for Israel and His purpose for the United States in relation to the nation of Israel. May God keep President Trump’s heart soft and keen and obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all the decisions he needs to make each and everyday, especially decisions concerning the nation of Israel. In Jesus’ name, amen 🙏

  114. I realize the primary importance of how the US deals with Israel. The “Peace Plan” has not been adopted, only proposed. Big difference. Greed is already here in the looting. Looters, for the most part are agitated by outside Antifa “anarchist” groups funded by George Soros and his constituency. Intercessory prayer is of vital importance.

    I do believe the US and Pres. Trump needs to walk very carefully here, as it relates to Israel. He has some great Godly counselors all around him. We can be keeping them in our prayers for God’s clear moment by moment instruction. Very difficult days. Lucifer is having a ball. Church ARISE.

    1. Agree. Greed came along with, not separate from the fear and hatred. Remember the hoarding of food and personal products? We still see limitations on certain food items due to the lack of consideration of some toward others. Last hours.

  115. I wrote this in my prayer journal on June 2. So happy to see it confirmed by IFA.
    June 2 Israel & the U.S.: The bottom has fallen out in the United States – Covid-19, riots, looting, chaos and mayhem. Usually something like this is related to how we’ve dealt with Israel. President Trump submitted the Israel Peace Agreement, with which Netanyahu seemed to be pleased, in January 2020. Lord, was there something in that Agreement that You were not pleased with? All of this trouble began to hit the U.S. in February, less than a month after that Agreement was submitted (signed?) I’m not sure if it was signed. Lord, show Your people, Your intercessors who stand in the breech, where we need to repent. Was it the annexation of the West Bank? I think, if I’m reading the document correctly, part of Jerusalem was stripped away and given to the Palestinians. Show us Lord. “And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it. It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” Zechariah 12:3,9

    1. There are PA settlements in various place. The plan is basically to leave people where they are – Jew and Palestinian. The plan was based upon economics and has not been ratified.

  116. Thank you for the statistics from the CDC. I have been looking for this data. Can you provide the source? I want to share the data with friends to help them overcome their fear, anxiety, etc.

    “We now know, according to the CDC, there is a survival rate of 99.76%, with an average age of those dying at 81, and an infectious rate of 2.5 people, putting it just above the typical flu.”

    1. has the survival and infection rates. The average age presented is, to my knowledge, the only one reporting the age statistic. It is from Italy found in a Bloomberg article dated 3/18.

  117. Dearest Heavenly Triune God, in the name of Jesus I admit I am not a theologian, very much an average “Jane”, but I am confused and perhaps I should speak with my Pastor on this matter. My understanding is Jesus fulfilled all the Law, and established a New Covenant of mercy and grace. Does what happens to the physical land of Israel still apply as it did in Old Testament? God’s Kingdom ultimately is an invisible Kingdom today. There is a visible and invisible Church. Some in Christian Churches are not Christian, and attend or are involved for worldly reasons. My understanding, Lord, is that Civil Law is still necessary to protect the innocent, and to be carried out by just systems of government. Lord, I know all governments are not just, and that within every governmental system there are persons who serve in Your name and for the good of all, but there are those who do not serve to glorify You, and serve their own largesse. Governments can be very evil.

    A while back Lord I read some statistics on the population of Israel in terms of groupings of different cultures and religions, and I was amazed that only 2% as I recall, Lord, were Christians. I don’t recall the percentage of Jews who practice the Jewish religion. Peoples from many different cultures and religions populate Jerusalem and land of Israel. Am I wrong, Lord, in thinking
    that the Old Testament covenant has been so broken over the centuries that only You, Lord in your omnipotence and omniscience can know exactly how You use this precious land to work Your good for all people as Your desire is that all be saved? As the New Testament instructs us, “there is neither Greek, Roman, Jew…we all are ONE in Christ Jesus(pertaining to those who acknowledge Christ as Savior).

    Lord, I know you love the whole world. You care about what happens to Your total creation and all of mankind.
    Your “eye is on the sparrow”, and Your eye is on the entire amazing Universe. Under Your Law of Mercy and Grace, Lord, I am guessing (thankful my salvation depends on Christ’s righteousness, and not on my conclusions, guesses, understandings, or misundestandings) this is so complicated which brings me to my knees to repent of my sins, and then, beg You for Your mercy and grace to fall on me, and then, to fall on ALL; healing all countries of Your awesome creation, and then, pray that all will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so that ALL will be amazed at the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven where there will be no more death, sin, sorrow, tears. Only the blessedness of what You have prepared for those who honor Your Son
    which “eye has not seen, nor ear heard” it will be so wonderful. Thank You, Heavenly Father for honoring Your Son whose glorified presence sits at your right hand, and allows me to enter your perfectly Holy presence. Amen

    1. Joan – There are definitely different opinions on this issue. Some very smart people believe the Church completely replaces the Jewish people. Some very smart people believe that the Jewish people still are the “apple of God’s eye.” I come from the later perspective. Please consult your Pastor, the Scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit what you should believe.

  118. President Trump as good of a peace accord you made with Israel and the Palestinians . Maybe you and your staff can revisit it
    God has placed blessing and cursing on country s regarding the land of Israel

  119. I believe you are right on! thank you for your insightful, prayerful thoughts.
    Have been praying all hours of day and night for this nation.
    So thankful you are there David giving us a way to learn, connect, and pray!

  120. I will pray the 4 points. I agree about Israeli land, but I did not think Israel had agreed to go on with the US presented plan? I thought it just had been presented for consideration. I did not believe Israel would go for it. Because of that I believed that no judgement from God would come, because no land exchanged hands. I need to consider that, but I will pray the 4 points in particular.

  121. I have prayed for our justices in the Supreme Court & the rioters to have their hearts softened so they may see truth & repent from their sins & for America to support a one-state solution for Israel. I prayed for all Christians to persevere to worship & endure to the end.

  122. I had said the very same thing to a friend of mine. That taking land from Israel will result in devastating events in our country. As these eventsvstatred to happen I lost track of what I thought would happen because no one else was saying this plan was a bad decision. Thank you for this article and how serious this time is for our nation. And the need for prayer.

  123. THE only way the Kingdom will come on Earth identical to heaven is when Christians follow God Almighty’s blueprint: Keeping your eyes on Jesus means taking accountability and being part of the church Jesus created, that inclcludes being led by the Spirit, and not the old Priest/Mater Pastor system Jesus replaced [that means everyone one is involved and being led by an apostle who does miracles]:
    1 Cor 12:8🕊💖🕊🌹🕊
    28 So God has appointed some in the church [for His own use]: first apostles (special messengers); second prophets (inspired preachers and expounders); third teachers; then wonder-workers; then those with ability to heal the sick; helpers; administrators; [speakers in] different (unknown) tongues. AMP
    2 Cor 12:12🕊🦅🕊🐴🕊🐃
    12 Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, by signs and wonders and mighty works. ASV
    1 Cor 14:26🕊💖🕊🦅🕊🌹🕊
    26 What is the outcome then, brethren? When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification NAS

  124. We fall very short of the will of God, if our reason for supporting Israel and the sanctity of her boundaries is so that we in America will not have disasters or uncomfortable inconveniences of our pampered lives! We can decorate it all over the place with fancy words, but His command for blessings to come is the one that says,”Lean not to your own understanding, but in all things acknowledge Me and I will direct your path.” There is too much leaning on our own understanding and a lot of vain talk about “US”!!! I always think about how the disciples felt when Jesus in response to their request for Him to teach them how to pray said those Words and for the first time probably they realized, “It is not all about us! It is all about Him!” In this time we are in, however long or short it will be, I think about how God must feel and all I want is to praise Him more. I mean, what more can He do than He already has done?!!!! Jesus’ task was to prevent His people from failing to see the true end and scope of life, which is God. Shalom!

  125. The greed has already started. People receiving unemployment along with extra stimulus money from the government are not going back to work because they are now making more money than when they were working!!!!!

    1. Sounds pretty much like most of the ‘Career Politicians’ who get paid very well to do nothing. “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (1 Timothy 6:10). Money has become America’s god. God has told us that we are to have no other gods before Him. For all have sinned. Some of the unemployed were not making much money to begin with. They are the ones who service us in so many ways. I thank God for them. There are always going to be some flaws in the system.But thank God, He has kept us out of the food lines. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BELSSINGS FLOW; PRAISE HIM ALL CREATURES HERE BELOW; PRAISE HIM ABOVE, YE HEAVENLY HOSTS. PRAISE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST!!! AMEN!!!

    2. Your comment is assuming and demeaning. People desperately need the unemployment because they CAN’T go back to work yet. The stimulus money is to help families buy extra food and other expenses incurred by not being able to work. My daughter is self employed and she is STILL WAITING on unemployment. Your inclusive judgement is sarcastic and unfounded. Did you receive a stimulus check?

  126. Listen to Frank Gaffney’s “Secure Freedom Radio” program from June 3 and the gentleman he had on his program, they are watchmen on the wall!! It all comes back to Israel.

  127. If I could, I’d like to ask for your indulgence and grace to offer an alternative viewpoint, and it’s rather long. Sorry.

    In America, we like simple solutions to major problems, especially if the solution doesn’t impact us. To explain the chaos of 2020 with some decision by the Trump administration regarding Israel conveniently allows the community of believers to avoid any responsibility for the events occurring in our country. These policy decisions toward Israel may have played a part in lighting the match, but the fuse and explosives were already in place. America has one of the highest concentrations of churches per capita of any nation on earth, yet we have very little impact on our culture, which continues to trend toward greater levels of godlessness. In the recent pandemic, most states marked churches as “non-essential”, which is just another name for irrelevant. It’s small wonder when our largest and fastest growing congregations are focused so much on personal salvation (a good thing) and strong families (another good thing) but have little to no vision for discipling nations as the Lord Jesus commanded. Our best and most engaged churches do some work feeding the needy (another very good thing) and consider our obligations met. Christians exited engagement with American culture in the 1960’s have few have returned except to support particular political candidates – and we can’t even agree which candidate.

    Try to find a church with a true kingdom vision that embraces a mission of identifying, raising up, and training ambassadors to enter education, media, science, business for the kingdom of God and you will probably be frustrated. We exert so much energy in our churches working to keep people coming and giving so we can pay the bills that our larger mission to disciple the world goes wanting.

    So I think our problems are deeper than our stance with Israel. It depends on us, on you and me, addressing the issues Jesus wants to change in our lives, and engaging in the callings He has given us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 puts all the responsibility for national healing on the people of God.

    [If] My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    You may disagree, and I respect that, but this is something to consider.

    1. AMEN. God has called His Church to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’. I fear that we have missed out on our calling. God is calling the Church to make a difference. The ‘world’ does not know the ‘TRUTH’: The Church does. It is high time for us to awake from sleep because we sure can’t depend on the government to make a difference. GOD HELP US!!!

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. Christians have disengaged from community responsibility and have either not run for political office or be placed on community boards. It reminds me of when Abraham called on God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah. God said he would nor destroy them if he could find just 10 righteous people.
      Discipleship is key in growing the true church that truly loves his neighbor by taking action through acts of kindness and good public policy making. It is acts like these that glorify God and righteousness can fill the land once more.

    3. I agree Mr. Morgan, and it is true that we, as Christians, are responsible for enacting 2 Chronicles 7:14. And yet, we cannot disregard our primary responsibility, the fulfillment of the Great Commission from Jesus. (Matthew 28:19). We are frustrated with “identifying, raising up, and training ambassadors” to enter into today’s society. Could this frustration be a result of us ignoring our primary responsibility?

    4. I agree with you, Michael. Real Christians need to be involved all over the place to make impact within all of our institutions. I’m having a difficult time with my current church to act on this notion of salty Christians everywhere!

  128. that sounds right on. Sad, but so true. It still is so comforting, however to see how true are the Scriptures. If Mankind would only believe them , it would keep us all from so much needless suffering.Thanks to you IFA for your discernment. And I pray the Lord to keep this avenue of truth from being shuttered. God Bless

  129. This is an important insight. I grew up in the Netherlands where the spiritual connection to Israel was part and parcel of our church and individual faith walks. It is important for the church in the US to awaken to its responsibility towards Israel as God’s chosen nation, and to inform itself about what’s happening there so we can pray and minister with insight. An important factor we are dealing with is also media deception. It seeks to portray Israel as the oppressors of the Palestinian people. I have friends there who always post local news stories of the good that Israel does for the Palestinian people, how Hamas opposes that and oppresses its own people. We need to connect to reliable news sources from within Israel that provide us with truthful insight for prayer, giving and ministry.

  130. Absolutely agree, and had the same response to the Peace to Prosperity Plan. Joel 3 is clear. Gods resulting judgments are merciful. Sid Roth would say that the time between our sin and the repercussions are getting shorter and shorter. It is pure pride for our nation, our leaders, to think that they can solve this Middle Eastern muddle.Only the Prince of Peace coming will solve this ultimate issue. That and the repentance that has been occurring between “Palestinian ‘ Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel. The Global Passover and Pentecost, hosted by Revive Israel and Watchmen for the Nations, were a HUGE prophetic steps in end times fulfillment. And all racism is rooted in anti-semitism. That is a Derek Prince taught truth! It always goes back to Israel.

  131. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel….just a note that recently Tucker Carlson mentioned on his program that Jared Kushner was steering Pres. Trump in many wrong directions…I pray that Pres. Trump heard what Tucker said…

    1. I heard that too and has been thinking and praying about it. President Trump is human like us. He has his Achilles heel, which I believe is his daughter and son in law. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and can cause blind spot(s), right. Pray that God will clothe President Trump with humility so as to seek God’s heart in everything like king David did and that God will let no feelings from the flesh to mislead President Trump in all his decision making processes. In Jesus name, amen 🙏

  132. Living in Lad Vegas, I saw people stampeding to reopened Casino and the BLM protest vanished from the local news in the joy of returning to drink and “earn” some money gaming, as one out of state tourist proclaimed.

    One of our young police officers remains on life support after bullet removed from his head. Praying. Solemn.

  133. David, did you send this to Paula White?? She needs to see this AND get this to prez….It’s not first time Kushner has influenced his father-in-law in the wrong way!! Someone needs to sound the alarm about him….thank you for this insight!

    1. Yes Paula White needs to alert P. Trump imneadiately. He needs to back track on his decision with Israel instantly. He needs to fire his son in law today..But, how much does Paula White know about Gods word with Israel? We need to pray without ceasing.god will hear our prayers & I pray our answers are on the way before its to late.

  134. Lord Jesus, I thank you for keeping the promises you have made to the nation of Israel and all those that put their trust in You. I pray for your divine guidance to instruct our leaders to keep your ways and honor the nation of Israel and the church you purchased with your own blood. Lord, bring an awakening to America and the world; may we seek your face, fall to our knees, repent, turn from our wickedness and align ourselves with your Word more than ever before! May what was established in the book of Acts on the Day of Pentecost in Jerusalem in 33 AD be manifested in all our churches and homes 7 times greater! Lord, send the former and latter rainsof your Spirit upon the whole earth! In Jesus Name, Amen.

  135. The scripture that came to mind as I read this is Deuteronomy 19:14 which says not to remove one’s neighbors landmark which was set when God apportioned the land to Israel and individual families. That applies to neighboring nations too.God is serious about His assigned inheritances! We repent on behalf of our leaders for ignoring Father’s Will regarding Israel’s inheritance! We ask You, Father forgive your church for their contempt for Your land. Open our eyes and that of our leaders to see your purposes for Israel and their land.

    1. Thank you Lois for sharing this Bible passage. I pray that President Trump, State Secretary, Jared and everyone involved in the Peace to Prosperity plan hear this and reconsider their plan. Father God, open their eyes to understand Your heart for the nation of Israel and grant them the desire to honor and obey Your Word above everything else. Give them the courage to correct the wrong and be determined to do what’s right in Your sight. In Jesus’ name, amen 🙏

  136. As I’m reading this, I suddenly recall while seeking the Lord just before the pandemic shut the country down, He said (out of nowhere), “They are dividing my land.” Immediately, I thought “Huh? Where’d that come from???” It had absolutely nothing to do with the points and subject matter of my prayer and wondered why He “changed the subject.” While I pondered this, I thought ‘Uh, oh…something bad is going to happen to our country as in the past EVERY TIME our leaders even TALKED about dividing Israel! I don’t recall the rest He said and I’m looking around my home to see if I wrote anything down. But I definitely remember Him saying that to me. I thought it was my imagination as I hadn’t heard a thing about it in the news.

  137. I’m stunned reading this very insightful summary of recent events. Thank you, David Kubal. I am assuredly going to take this message very seriously and pray accordingly–begging for forgiveness and that our president might gain this insight and take action!!! OH, GOD, grant it (!!!) for we know that Israel –that Land–is the apple of Your eye!

    From my own years of study and understanding, God punishes the people (Israel)as needed but will ultimately purge their evil, refining a redeemed remnant for Himself, bringing in everlasting righteousness after which Israel will be holy unto the LORD forever. ( Israel will be refined during the time the Bible calls “Jacob’s Trouble”…and which we generally call the great tribulation, those final 42 mo. in which the antichrist will be given power to reign and overcome the saints) This is in keeping with His everlasting covenant with Abraham and his descendants, including God’s covenant with David as pertains to who shall rule with Christ in Jerusalem during the time of God’s kingdom on the earth, Daniel and all the prophets’.

    Yes, we Gentiles have been grafted into the seed of Abraham, we have been born (again) into the everlasting covenant–and by God’s grace we, too, share an inheritance with the saints in light but we do not replace God’s people Israel and we do not nullify God’s promises to Abraham. Let no one be mislead about this; God has not forsaken His people and God curses those who curse Israel.

    One thing is certain from God’s Word and from history–the Land was never to be sold; and God always get mighty riled up whenever HIS Land is involved. He is the same today, yesterday, forever. While Trump demonstrated the best friendship with any president –ever?–our nation excelled on every front despite extraordinary demonic (!!!) opposition as no other president has ever had to deal with. Trump was “leaping over walls and killing giants”. A serious chink in that relationship effecting the thing most precious to God…and it’s been a downhill slide of calamity upon calamity. Co-incidence? Not according to my reckoning of facts.

  138. Lord, thank you for the leadership you have given us. I pray for wisdom in their decision making processes. I also pray for a profound awareness and awakening within the Trump family – both Jew and Gentile. Give them the wisdom of God to lay waste to the barriers dividing the brotherhood of all mankind.

    In terms of land, may our leaders be led by your hand and your direction at this time. If certain people need to be removed from positions of advisement then I pray that happens otherwise Lord I pray that you make a way to shine your light on false schemes. I rebuke the enemy whose sole purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. Bind this evil in the name of Jesus. amen

  139. Yes Dave Thankyou for your inciteful comments. Agreeing with you. We must remember we are called to be watchman on the walls of Jerusalem.
    Joel Rosenberg has written an excellent article on the subject of the peace plan
    Praying it and Bill Koenig view points will be brought to Presidents attention , vey dangerous situation for Israel and the Middle East.
    Praying for USA and the peace of Jerusalem
    Thankyou praying your prayer points. May we rise up and pray in one accord. LORD your kingdom come YOUR will be done for Israel and America
    In JESHUAs mighty name I pray. Amen

  140. I agree Dave. May Father God give us a spirit of repentance for our personal and national sins against HIM for they are many. Our independent spirit omits seeking Gods wisdom, we call evil good, and good evil, killing of Gods creation thru abortion, breaking Gods covenant with Israel regarding Israel’s boundaries. The answer is so simple we stumble over it. 11 Chronicles 7:14 humble ourselves, PRAY, turn from our wicked ways (our ways are not His ways neither are our thoughts His thoughts), seek The Face of God & not just His hand of blessing, then He hears us and will heal our land which has been defiled.
    Turn off tainted media and immerse ourselves in the Word of God, seek His face (He desires fellowship with us).

  141. Yes David I also wondered about this peace plan. I know Sam Brownback has read this book and understands the significance of dividing the land of Isreal but not sure about anyone else especially Jarrod Kushner. If this is the cause someone needs to advise the president on this.

  142. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with your post. What is Paula White’s understanding or stance with the land of Israel? Can we reach out to her to reach the President about this?

  143. Father! Give President Trump and Secretary Pompeo Your sound wisdom, Your annointing and Your favor in all they do. Surround them with people who have a sincere heart for Israel and are in one accord with Your word and heed it in all they advise them to do. Put Your words in their mouths when they speak counsel to the President and the Secretary. I plead the blood of Jesus over our leaders, our nation, the nation of Israel, our people, the upcoming election, and especially the innocent in our world who yet do not have a voice! The few people who are making decisions for all of us are in Your hands and we pray with urgency, Father, for Your will to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven. Please help us. In Jesus Name, amen.

  144. Starting in March after reading Bill Wilson’s Daily Jot, of 3-17-2020, I sensed much the same as what you are now writing about how this Nation has responded to Israel and the consequences-which have been good if we followed God’s plan, and bad if we went against God’s plan. Unfortunately, we try to figure things our–rather than fully seek the Lord.

    The following are my thoughts that I have sent via different ways–mostly through prayer notes to our President. I tried to be very respectful of him. He is our President. Still I believe what I shared was prompted by God’s Holy Spirit and now it is being echoed by your article. Here is what I shared:

    Addressed to President Trump:

    I am thankful for your leadership at this unprecedented time in our nation’s history. I want you to know I am praying for you daily as you face many decisions on behalf of the American people. Knowing prayer was important to you was inspiring and comforting – keep praying! Thank you for being willing to call the Nation to Prayer.
    There are many times when after a prayer time such as this last Sunday, that some items come to light afterwards that we may need to seek God’s wisdom on. One item is to ask, after all your hard work on a brilliant peace plan in the Middle East, we need to further ask the Lord—was this approach God’s way? Asking that, I know will be very difficult for you, but there are cases in the Bible where leaders had to reverse their steps and seek the Lord how to do that. There were some facts in the Daily Jot published on, 3-17-2020 that gave me reason to ask the question: could this Corona Virus be arrested if we after much prayer were willing to seek God’s way on following peace God’s way in the Middle East. The writer of the Daily Jot, Bill Wilson, is a close friend of Bill Koenig, a White House correspondent. Your peace plan is brilliant, but God may have another way. He will honor you if you are willing to consider this. I am writing this after much prayer. I tremble as I write this, but such action possibly could arrest the spread of this virus. Much prayer is needed, and I will be praying for wisdom.

    I am really appreciative of your working hard to keep our nation as safe as possible, our economy protected, and our families strengthened and full of hope.

    There are millions of Americans like me who are praying – take heart.

    May God give you the wisdom that you need and help you listen to Him in this crisis.
    Praying the Aaronic Blessing for you regularly.

    ——–that was what I sent–Prayer is so important–and though each of us may say a prayer like the above in their own way–I encourage us to be respectful of our President. Most important–we need to continually pray for Him.

    1. I am in agreement with this letter to the President. I also pray for wisdom in handling these very delicate matters. I also know Our Heavenly Father is in control. I know if we humbly ourselves and seek His face and repent and turn from our wicked ways our God will heal our land.
      I am praying for a healing of hearts that will heal our land. And our eyes will be opened to Truth. That whatever is hidden and evil will be brought to light. That the Love of God will shine forth in brilliance. That the light of the glorious gospel will burst forth across our land.
      That His Glory will shine forth and go into all the darkened places not only in our on lives but across our land.
      Because Light always pushes back darkness.
      God bless.
      Pastor Penny Baker

  145. I am so onboard with your thoughts and am praying for believers to take a stand for Israel-The apple of GODS eye! I’m praying for our leaders to grow strong in their faith in The GOD of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob to consider HIM and HIS will. In YESHUA’S Name. Amen and amen, amen!!!

  146. May God bless our nation and leaders,acknowledging the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One.

    Father,”El-Elyon” we pray that our leaders, might speak Your Word therefore, blessing upon us all.

    As Jeremiah spoke like flames of fire from his mouth breaking the rock in pieces. I believe so therefore our leaders must speak Words of blessing upon the
    us all in Jesus’ name Amen.

  147. Thank you for this. I’ve heard about the book that names our offenses against Israel and the resulting consequences brought on America.
    I believe what we’re experiencing has to do with Israel and abortion.
    Isaiah 26: 20-21:
    Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.
    See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed on it; the earth will conceal its slain no longer.

  148. 9-10 Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    11-12 Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    13 And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
    For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glor forever. Amen.
    Matthew 6:9-13 NKJV
    Standing specifically on verses 9, 10, and 13, in Jesus’ name. AMEN

  149. I believe what we are experiencing is God’s faithfulness to His Word. If we do not choose life. He told us this would happen. I believe God’s heart is with the children… for such is the Kingdom of God. We are murdering 4,000 a day- pulling them apart limb by limb. THIS is the stronghold. How can God bless us until the murder stops. Their blood is crying out. The killing of the unborn needs to stop.

    1. Psalm 11: 1-7
      “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

      The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord is on his heavenly throne.”

    2. Sharon – As I formulated my thoughts during the writing of this post I wondered how people would react. As I read the comments it confirms what the Holy Soirit is saying across this land. Lord, we fan the flame of this message.

  150. In agreement with all you say. Let’s pray for God to turn around the devastation based on ignorance of His Word toward Israel. In Jesus’ Name! Thank you for sharing this.

  151. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord;
    From all that I have read from the scriptures, this assessment of maintaining God’s chosen boundaries of Israel is essential to our blessings from God on our nation. Yes, I agree with this assessment and our need to unite in prayer that we would stand alongside of Israel to maintain the boundaries as set forth in the scriptures. Our very existence as a nation depends upon it.

  152. I believe you are spot on, David – thank you for this! Oh, let the Church rise up and pray to our Father in the name of His Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, that our leaders would be given wisdom to know and to do His will! I pray for our leaders concerning this peace plan – that they would know the Word of God concerning His people and the land He has given to them and that whatever plan they come up with will follow that Word. I pray for a pouring out of the Holy Spirit on our nation that the demonic forces may be stopped in their tracks and that the Lord Jesus would be glorified. May the peace that passes all understanding guard our hearts and minds. Please, Lord Jesus, fix this mess! May the world know that the Lord of Glory, Jesus, is on His throne – may His kingdom come upon the earth! Amen!

  153. Oh God forgive us for presuming we had any right to tell Israel what to do. Forgive us for our arrogance and ignorance that man’s way superceded Yours. Please have mercy on us as we repent fully of this foul sin and lean on You alone for mercy help and grace. We humble ourselves before You Mighty God and ask that You would deliver us once again and bring restoration and healing to our bleeding land. In Jesus name Amen.

  154. Knowing I am and have been praying earnestly and seeking instruction from the Holy Spirit. At this time my spirit is in 100% agreement with you. Scripture is most clear regarding Israel, and those who come against them and slight the nation of Israel in any way. There is irrefutable proof of most serious repercussions throughout the times of the Bible and ever since, up to today. As a child, I was raised in the Middle East, live in Lebanon and traveled through out the Middle East. I have such strong feelings and emotions over this region and the nation of Israel. I hope to soon post more here, as I seek the Lord’s guidance.

    John 14:26 KJV, 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, Whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

    16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need, Hebrews 4:16 KJV.

    Holy Spirit instruct us in Your wisdom and understanding. Amen

  155. Pres Obama made many more poor decisions while in office (the wicked Iran deal and endorsing same sex marriage and abortion as examples) and broke the law over and over again – along w treating Israel as the enemy! Where was the fallout then ? This has been devastating! We have already witnessed greed w trillions of dollars of debt at hand….

  156. I have read the comments! Yes I agree! Lord Jesus forgive us! Thank you for Revealing to us the root cause of these problems. Lord move by your spirit upon every believers heart and help us repent! Lord move upon the President, his staff, his the entire administration, upon the Cabinet members, and open their eyes to what has just been revealed here. Lord forgive us for what we’ve done to Israel and help us Lord God! As intercessors we lift up our voice to you Lord and ask you to forgive us, and take your shed blood, apply it to our nation and bring revival. Send a movement of your Holy Spirit to turn off hearts back to you in Jesus name amen !

  157. Thank you David! I have been aware of US dealings with Israel and our fate. We know what the enemy means for evil God uses for good. I’m praying that Israel annex Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley now! I see July 1 is the date. There’s so much more to say… Thank you all for IFA prayer network.

    1. I also saw Trump as pro Israel state, after he announced USA would acknowledge Jerusalem as Israeli captial.we moved out embassy there in a show of that support. The details like these mentioned are so important though…and missed. Praying now for God’s wisdom to be upon Trump/ Pence team. Let them see the faultiness in the peace deal! In addition to the list here. Lord we ask mercy upon our country. Our world. There is certainly more than meets the eye. Help us to see below the surface and pray specifically that people will humble themselves and call you by name. I feel in my Spirit that the attack from this virus after A standing ovation happened in NY Capital, after passing bill to allow abortion til, and after birth. NY seems to have suffered the worst in this pandemic in USA. Although I can’t say I know what God is specifically allowing and why, in my ❤️, and hearts of many Christians, I think we’ve felt heavy and felt something was coming… Lord help us to take our heavy hearts to your throne daily. Not neglecting your word, or whispers.

  158. I believe I received a word from the Lord that
    President Trump is in Palm of G-D’s hands and he is playing G-D’s hand.
    We know that Trump knows the value of land let us pray that he values
    G-D’s land According to
    G-D’s will. Let us pray that he recognizes G-D’s land is not up for sale.
    We pray in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ.

  159. Thank you David for searching beyond the visible fruit and find the root. It’s time to become more accurate in intercession. Our enemy is a master at mesmerising.

  160. Moments before, I received your email I was awakened and began to
    Pray in the spirit with great intensity!! I then checked my email and immediately read your post!! Which I never do at 3:30 in the morning!! I am crying
    uncontrollably, with sorrow for what we have done!! Oh, God forgive us, and help us to correct the harm we have caused Isreal and our nation!! We love you so much, You are our life and our breath. We are completely dependent on you. With great pain we have have made you sad!! Have mercy on us. Give us your wisdom. In Jesus most precious name we cry out to you!! Give us your super natural wisdom and knowledge, teach us Holy Spirit how to pray for Isreal and America. Our
    desire is to lift up your name and to glorify you!! How could this have
    happened? As a nation we have been fasting and praying and humbling
    ourself, How did we miss the mark? Help us to
    understand!! We are your
    people called by your name. We love you, and we trust you. You are the almighty God of the
    universe and nothing is impossible with you!! You hear our prayer and we wait with great
    anticipation according to your word that never goes void. Amen

    1. I have had trouble sleeping all night. Tossing, asking God to help me. And picked up my phone as well reading, oh Lord, please forgive us. Ws as you for the words to speak.


  161. To All – As I was praying more about this, it feels as if our lack of support of Israel has removed a protective covering the Lord provided for us as a nation. Once that covering was gone legitimate concerns -a virus, the murder of a man – were used to propel these supernatural effects of fear and hatred. We must not only pray about the symptoms, but also the cause: the removal of our covering. Its a “both/and” situation.

  162. Powerful word, and DEFINITELY in Due Season!!! Let’s PRAY, ALL of God’s people!!!! Plead the Blood of Jesus on the United States of America!!! Pray for REVIVAL and that we will NOT have a 3rd wave of evil to hit this Country!!! Pray that President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu would have Israel to go back to it’s original STATE…..NO SHARING!!!!

  163. Oh Lord God Almighty, this is heavy,the source, the reality, behind all that is happening around the world, here in our nation. What we have done to Israel, in this Peace Plan! Oh FORGIVE us Father,cause our leaders, our President to see where they have erred in the writing of this Peace Agreement in giving away land so long ago promised Your people. Open President Trump’s heart to what Your Word says, that this wrath upon our nation be stopped. Help us Lord Jesus, we have sinned. Forgive us, our leaders, that You would turn our nation back to You.In the mighty Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen

    1. II Samuel 24:24
      David said …neither will I offer burnt offerings into the Lord my God of that which did cost me nothing.
      V25 So the Lord was intreated for the land, and the plague was stayed from Israel.
      We need repentance from pride for trying to move Israel’s borders. And meddling with God’s purposes.

  164. What can we say but, “God, have mercy”? So wise, yet foolish. Complex, yet simple. Years of wasted time in tradition, but no encounters with God. No studies of Old Testament, or no studies of God’s heart for God’s chosen people. Adults have arrested spiritual development and tv evangelists are somewhat laughed about. Repentance? Unless we are given a list we may not know what we should repent from. Apple of HIS eye? That’s 6 weeks worth of sermons. My people perishing? Cause, effect. Watchmen, wailing women—keep crying! Who knows, HE may hear. Oh, but HE can’t pour out what is not put in the bowl😞


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