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Father, we pray against false ideologies that appeal to Americans.
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A dangerous breed of leftist politics is on the rise not just in America, but around the world.

From Capital Research Center. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has received much richly deserved criticism since October 2023 and its reprehensible response to the Hamas-led terrorist attacks upon Israel. This has overshadowed some other interesting news about the DSA, which is that the group has been formally admitted to the Progressive International.

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A relatively new coalition, the Progressive International gathers together the radical fringes of global leftism—the ideological outskirts where authoritarian communism is praised, terrorism is justified, Israel’s legitimacy is denied, and the United States is portrayed as the malignant font giving rise to all the world’s evils.

That the DSA would join such a coalition is perhaps unsurprising, given the group’s hard left turn toward radicalism, but it is not the only American activist group affiliated the Progressive International. Notably, its membership includes several nonprofits that are funded by some of the largest and most prominent foundations and other grantmakers in the country. The Progressive International’s leadership also consists of some notable names, both in the United States and globally. This makes the group well worth close examination.

The “Left of the Left” Goes Global

As with many developments on the American far-left over the past decade, the story of the Progressive International begins with … a 501(c)(3) nonprofit think tank called the Sanders Institute. In late 2018, the Sanders Institute teamed up with a similarly new European political association called the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) to issue a joint call for all “progressives of the world to unite” in the face of what they claimed was humanity’s greatest collective threat from the ideological right since the 1930s.

From this call was born the Progressive International, which as of January 2024 counts more than 70 organizational members worldwide. …

Couched in language that borders on the apocalyptic, [Progressive International] asserts that “capitalism is the virus” that must be eradicated—alongside white supremacy, which it calls “an organizing principle of the world system.” It supports “revolution” to “transform society and reclaim the state,” while ominously warning that “winning elections is not enough to fulfill our mission.” The Progressive International wants a global “planetary mobilization” and asserts that decolonization “is not a metaphor.” It will be satisfied with nothing less than “full reparations for past crimes and the immediate restoration of land, resources, and sovereignty to all the dispossessed peoples of the world.” …

Also like the DSA, deep and abiding anti-Americanism permeates virtually everything the Progressive International does. The group describes the United States as “the lynchpin” of a malevolent system of imperial capitalism that serves only to perpetuate “psychotic, unconstrained violence” upon the rest of the world. …

On the other hand, entities whose interests are generally perceived to be at odds with those of the United States are praised by the coalition. This extends most strikingly to some of the world’s most brutal authoritarian regimes, past and present. For instance, the Progressive International maintains a collection of material on socialist construction called “Building the Future.” The collection’s introductory text lionizes the Russian Revolution of 1917 and quotes multiple prominent Soviet personalities from the era, including Lenin. …

The Progressive International dismisses the possibility of military aggression by China as an “invented narrative” and a product of “anti-China hysteria” in the United States—part of what it characterizes as a long line of fabricated enemies created solely to justify America’s “de facto military occupation of the world.” …

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(Excerpt from Capital Research Center. Photo Credit: Moises Gonzalez on Unsplash)

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jacqueline o
February 28, 2024

Amen, people perish for lack of wisdom…. Dear Lord, may the peoples eyes be opened to Your truth.

Alan Robertson
February 28, 2024

In terms of understanding progressivism I highly recommend the “Constitution 101” course from Hillsdale College.
Although it is commonly socialism/communism, the original idea is that we’d progressed passed the need for checks and balances, since the “evolved” humanity was no longer subject to corruption or ambition.

This is similar to the lie that Satan told Eve: “You will be like God”. Of course, we know that God isn’t subject to corruption or ambition, so in that sense they have always hidden behind the deception that mankind has morally evolved beyond these things. Looking around, it’s plain as day that we have not evolved past anything. We’re as reprobate as ever – but we have more tools to do it with now.

Decades ago, Billy Graham famously said “If God doesn’t judge America, he’s going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”. Although was intended as a humorous view, things are so MUCH worse than when he said it.

Don Johnson
February 28, 2024

People should read or re-read Orwell’s 1984. Anyone who wants a socialist state is either a naive fool or a cynic who figures they can land a good spot in the system. Chances are they will be liquidated right after the initial enemies are dealt with. Stalin, Mao, Hoxha, the organizers of the French Revolution…and all of their ilk always slaughtered old friends. Their goal is always POWER and old allies are suspect because they are potential threats and know too much. It’s the way of satan and very predictable.

February 28, 2024

Keep in mind that a one world government is part of God’s eventual plan.Think He may be restoring the USA temporarily so we can complete our mission as Christians to share Jesus with all nations. There is an excellent ministry called Faith Comes by Hearing that’s working to reach the people that don’t read or write in their own language or dialect. Fifty % of the world’s population is illiterate and seventy % are functionally illerate. Pray about helping with this effort in some way. They’re discussing this on the John Ankerberg Show.

February 27, 2024

I wondered why the Soviet Union existed. Why would God have permitted a malevolent power, almost equal to ours, to exist? Well, I think I’m starting to understand why.

It highlighted the evils of Marxist totalitarianism, keeping us focused on protecting our constitutional freedoms. With it now out of the way, we’ve forgotten what we were opposing for decades.

February 27, 2024
February 27, 2024

Because they curse Israel, may that be measured back to their wicked efforts. Confound and divide them O God.

    February 27, 2024

    And let us pray that our great country, the United States, does not turn its back on Israel and have our Lord turn His hand against us. Praying we turn from our wicked ways—individually and as a nation—that He “will hear from us and heal our land.”

      February 27, 2024

      The US appears to have turned it’s back on God but I think back to Job or Lot, can’t remember, where he prayed that God would not destroy Israel if just one man followed Him. Thankfully, there are millions of Christians in the US. That being the case I don’t believe God will turn His back on us.

Paul Ballenger
February 27, 2024

Grace and peace to IFA for exposing the evil that seeks to kill, steal and destroy. Therefore, nothing the devil leads is “progressive”. I know that’s the name of their movement but that’s a word game the devil plays with us. Let’s refer to them as the true Regressives they are instead of using their deceptive language. Blessings


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