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Father, we pray for better educational freedom in America. Above all else, God, preserve the rights of parents in education.
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Arizona has experienced remarkable successes in educational freedom. Let’s pray that other states follow its example.

From The Daily Signal. It’s vitally important for America that states up their game in public education, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said during an appearance on “The Kevin Roberts Show.”

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In an interview on Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts’ podcast, the two-term Republican governor began a discussion of education policy and school choice in Arizona by acknowledging the problems faced by the nation in K-12 schools. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news organization.)

To set an example, Ducey said, he aimed to put Arizona at the forefront of innovation by giving parents more choices in their children’s education.

“K-12 education, I believe, in so many places is failing. Across the country, it has been flatlined since the mid-’80s,” Ducey told Roberts. “In America, we very rarely solve a problem. We innovate out of these problems. And Arizona has tried to be on the leading edge of new ideas that not only provide choice for the parents, but also have results.”

As The Daily Signal previously reported, Heritage’s new Education Freedom Report Card ranks Arizona No. 2 among all states and the District of Columbia in overall education freedom after considering categories such as school choice, transparency, regulatory freedom, and spending.

On “The Kevin Roberts Show,” Ducey stressed the effectiveness of using government resources to empower parents to decide where is best to educate their children. He outlined the first steps he said would help improve the nation’s education system.

“This idea of public education is about educating the public,” Ducey said. “We’ve seen in Arizona, and I think … if you can start with the idea of the charter schools—the public schools with private management where [schools] can hire the teachers—and you see these education entrepreneurs that come out of these great programs … and they want to open up a school.”

Desire for parental choice in education has been on the rise, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, and Ducey expressed discontent with school choice being a partisan issue. Instead, he said, it has been driven by resilient parents who challenged the current system.

“I don’t think this is a Republican issue,” Ducey said, adding: “That choice movement, if anyone’s seen [the 2010 documentary] “Waiting for Superman,” … this was a parent movement. And some of the first and greatest successes were in the toughest minority areas.”

“The stories of Harlem in the documentary, to this day, bring a tear to your eye,” the Arizona governor said. “And when you see somebody that knows that their child’s entire future is based on a lottery … I think these are things we should reject in our country.”

Roberts and Ducey also discussed how education should be is part of cultivating good American citizens and provide a stepping stone to a better country.

“This incredible idea that you can pursue happiness in this country, in security, in safety, is still the best idea put forward,” Ducey said. “And K-12 education is a part of continuing it. And when you talk about the liberal arts …  [it] is the formation of the full citizen … those foundations and grounding that also have that participation, is where the strength of the country, and any state, is.”

In closing, Ducey reflected on his two terms as Arizona governor since 2015 and his pride in taking his state to “the gold standard of educational freedom.” (Because of Arizona’s term limit for its governor, he can’t run for a third four-year term.)

“It took all of eight years to get here,” Ducey said. “Persistence is part of it, and also a great team. I’ve really been blessed with a great staff … and on this one, we were able to get this over the finish line.”

Are you encouraged by Arizona’s strides in educational freedom? Share your prayers for schools and education in your state!

(Used with permission. From The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: iStock)

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September 28, 2022

Heavenly Father, we come before You in the Name of Jesus declaring that our children belong to You! You love children and want all of them to come to You. We know it is Your will that they are raised up in the way they should go, so they will never, ever depart from it.

For that reason, we put on the whole armor of God that we might stand against the strategies of the devil—especially those geared toward the next generation and our educational system. We stand against the root of the issue, which isn’t any man or woman, flesh and blood, but rather against spiritual forces of darkness. We take authority over principalities, powers and spirits in heavenly places, declaring that this assignment of the devil to come against our children and our schools will not prevail!

And for those leaders of ours—up to the highest office—who don’t understand the true root of what’s happening, we forgive them. We ask for Your divine wisdom for them, for all those in authority, and we receive it for ourselves, too, so that we know how to conduct ourselves and lead our school officials in Your ways. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.

N. Perrault
September 25, 2022

Father-please give us the courage to continue on as Intercessors and godly representatives for our schools, our cities, our government, and our nation. We see we are in the end of days but You said to occupy until You come. Give us, give me, strength and help us to continue the good fight! In Jesus Name amen.


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IFA President
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