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Father, we come in agreement with Governor DeSantis. Protect our children, Lord, from the horrors of transgenderism.

As two states on opposite sides of the country take different approaches to transgenderism, America will have to pick one side or the other.

From Christian Post. If you did a case study of our political and cultural polarization and how radically different the Democratic and Republican parties are, look no further than each party’s poster boy — California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

Who is praying on the wall?


Earlier this week, GOP darling DeSantis held a press conference where he boldly stated the dangers of transgender medicine — particularly on children….

Thursday, DeSantis showed the world that he meant business when he suspended Florida State Attorney for refusing to enforce state law regarding the protection of minors from gender transition treatment.

Meanwhile, in Newsom’s California, a radical bill just passed out of committee Wednesday in the state assembly that would give California courts the right to take “temporary emergency” custody of out-of-state children whose parents won’t affirm their gender identity or are stopping their children from receiving gender transition treatment…

Now, rather than just submitting children who are California citizens to this dangerous medical experimentation, Newsom and the California Left are ready to export their radical gender ideology nationwide…

While California attempts to become a “sanctuary state” for young people who identify as transgender, states across the country and even the FDA are starting to wake up to the risks of gender transition treatment for minors….

On the East Coast, DeSantis is ready to go to the mat to protect children … while the Left in California are all too eager to help children ignore the care and concern of their parents for the sake of protecting their radical gender ideology.

As major figureheads for their respective political parties, Newsom and DeSantis offer the American electorate a snapshot of two very different paths the country can take. With California and Florida as the examples, Americans will have to choose, come November, if the United States is going to be a nation that protects children or one that experiments on them.

How are you praying for our children and against transgenderism? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Christian Post. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Ellen Hoffman
August 11, 2022

Oh Lord, the enemy is becoming bolder each day. He seeks again to kill, steal and destroy. How can CA even afford to bring in anyone, let alone children to their state? They cannot take care of their own house and yet stand proud their way is the right way! How arrogant! Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. So I pray for the people in the state of CA to have true wisdom that comes from above. That their veils be removed. That the stench of those who are homeless would garner true help, in You! That true caring would begin. Please Lord open their eyes to the true needs of CA citizens. Forgive those with hard hearts – they know not what they are doing! The lack of love being shown in CA is disgraceful, but not beyond You Our God. Bring a revival to the once great state of CA. Lord I know You have people in CA. Use them! Speak to them, give them visions. It doesn’t have to be this way. Cause the enemies lies to be revealed. Expose those who hold CA hostage. My heart breaks for those who are caught in the snares. Bless Californians with Your Love and Presence. Thank you for Gov. DeSantis. Strengthen him, protect him from the evil one whose joy is to kill, steal and destroy. Cause all wicked plans to be exposed and rooted out! Cause Your people to be effective and bring a great revival to the State of FL. All our hope is You! You are the only one who can make a difference. Convince Your people to obedient, to be loving (true love), and to be righteous and Holy. All the honor and glory, belong to You, our only wise king!

Angela Dubber
August 11, 2022

Father in Heaven, You are Holy. Teach us Your ways so we may walk in Your truth. Protect the children of this nation, O Lord, from this evil transgenderism movement. We do pray against this corruption in our schools; and esp. in California (because of corrupt politicians like Gavin Newsom). We say that California will not be a sanctuary state for young people who identify as transgender in the name of Jesus! These young people will learn the truth; and be led to Christian counselors who will help them be set free from this. We pray for Your will and Your way in our schools and in our nation’s governmental leaders. I decree and declare that the evil of transgenderism will be pushed back; and this agenda will fall to the ground rendered null and void never to rise again. I pray these things in the mighty name of Jesus – THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES! Amen!

August 10, 2022

God please let the parents and voters of our country wake up to You and their unique part in humanity. I come against the transgender movement. We stand against it now in Jesus Name! Let the parents who want better leave the schools and sue everyone who does this to their child. May they take their child to a good school or home school and the money follows the child! In Jesus name! Amen

August 10, 2022


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