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Father God, please block this horrible bill. We pray for true equality in Christ in America, as Paul described in Galatians 3:28.

The Equality Act sounds positive.

But behind that deceiving name is a bill (HB5) being pushed through the House and Senate. This bill could impact basic religious freedoms in our nation like nothing else. Here are just some of the concerns:

-Forcing young girls to share bathrooms and locker rooms with those who “identify” as female.

-Making it illegal “hate speech” to talk about biblical identity as it refers to homosexuality and gender.

-Strip the rights of  Christians to exercise their conscience as it refers to hiring and even paying for abortions.

This bill is moving through the House fast, and soon it will be in the Senate, where the left now holds a majority. We are deeply concerned that this bill will be used to get rid of the filibuster and that this (and other bad bills) will then be passed by a simple majority–unleashing tragic consequences. 

We need you to PRAY AND ACT NOW.  

Send your immediate message to your elected officials. Share with friends. And pray.



Click here to download this insightful Special Report about HB5 (The Equality Act) so you can pray with greater insight.  Pray with us about this effort to intimidate against biblical values on one of our TWO live prayer webcasts this week:

Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15 pm ET.
Visit  or dial (712) 775-7430 to participate with us! Invite a friend.


3827 People Prayed
39396 People have read this article

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  1. It’s hard to grasp the words for this diabolical bill. Every Christian & patriot & even non Christian should be against this is for no other reason it goes against every level of common sense. I’m from Bend, Oregon & just phoned both senators from this state & left message in Ron’s vm & left a message with Katy, Jeff Merkleys assistant.

    The Capitol’s phone # for contacting the senators from your state is: [202] 224-3121. They will put you through to your state senators.

  2. Gracious, merciful Father, forgive us for our sins in this land and restore us to Your righteousness, thru Christ Jesus. Truly, I ask what is going on in the minds and heart’s of some of our leaders? I ask You to open the eyes of their heart’s and that they may see truth. Bind up the evil one, who works day and night to bring down all that gives honor and glory to the One, true God. We thank You the victory is won and the evil one’s days are short. He knows his doom. I do pray for repentance of many, many soul’s today, while there is time. I ask the Holy Spirit to send down a most significant revival in these days. Give hope and encouragement to Your people, Oh God. Help us to not give up nor quit, but to lean into You for the strength and courage to keep on, keeping on. Cause us to be in align with You. Glorify Your Name in all the earth, dear Lord. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!! Come quickly, Lord. The days are evil.

  3. Lord I believe and trust that only you are our King, our God and Father and our only Savior in Jesus name .

    I ask that you forgive our sinful ways and take us on the right path of obedience and love to you.
    Please Lord and Father clean Our minds and hearts doe one that can faithfully stand doe the trust and to Honor you .
    Please Lord don’t let this HB 5 to be approved for the sake of you children and the glory of you Holy name 🙏🙏

  4. Dear Jesus I pray to you for your intervention. Please stop this bill from passing. It will hurt badly Christians and people of faith. I come against this equality act Bill in the name of Jesus Christ. And rebuke Satan and his evil cohorts in Jesus Holy Amen Jesus we trust in you Amen

  5. I am praying that more people will understand that the Equality Act is a lie it all for people that want to take over peoples lives; ruin their homes; no babies , no normal family happy lives.
    I will do what I can to get the Word out and talking to our Creator to stop that evil Act.

  6. Please vote against this. This bill is going to give men the opportunity to rape young girls. Would you want to put your daughters and granddaughters in the same bathroom.? If you have a penis you belong in the men’s bathroom.

  7. Please do not pass the bill hb5. It will open up a can of worms. Father’s think about every time you’re daughter goes to a public restroom that a male will legally be able to go into the restroom at the same time. Remember teenagers and hormones. Remember what sick men there is out there. As a father I don’t want my daughter to be put in that situation just because she has to use a restroom. I beg you don’t pass the bill.

  8. Senators of the United States of America,
    Please DO NOT PASS BILL HB5. FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN. Would you approve of your daughters and granddaughters having to use the same public bathroom with boys and men? It’s difficult enough to protect our children on the streets to keep them safe. YOU ALL are putting them in harm’s way and making it EASIER for the predators to Hurt and traumatize our children, girls, and women by voting for this bill. Are you as Senators, here to harm the majority of the people instead of help us? Do what is RIGHT for our WHOLE NATION. There must be another solution. Please help our nation be one of righteousness in this upside down world. In God we trust.

  9. Senator Portman and others,

    Whether you believe in God or not, WE all will have to answer to Him on Judgement day. People choose how they want to live and that being said, why do you feel that this has to be forced on us. We urge you, not to allow this bill to pass.

  10. Senators, please use common sense as a Father, Mother, grandparents or a brother or sister. Would you want anyone in your family subject to anyone coming in to your private space as a bathroom or locker room. The women shelters serve a very important part in some women’s lives they don’t need this at all. America was built with a moral compass and a constitution for all and we have destroyed enough of both. STOP AND PLEASE VOTE AGAINST HB5 FOR AMERICA. THIS BILL IS EVIL AND WHO WROTE IT NEEDS US TO PRAY FOR THEM.


  12. So tell me, FOR the sake of our grand daughter’s PROTECTION AND COMFORT:

    Does my husband go into the girls restroom to accompany our grand daughter?
    Does our granddaughter go into the men’s rooms with her grandfather?
    Do we send our daughters (and young sons) unaccompanied into restrooms at parks, playgrounds, gyms, schools, restaurants and HOPE they are safe?

    WHO will be held accountable for ASSISTING perpetrators endanger our children ?

    I have no problem with the LGBTQ community, but the comfort of a few should not ENDANGER our children.


  13. Please Do Not pass House Bill 5. Save our Nation, save our children,
    Save our babies, save our schools, save our churches! As a Believer,
    Say No and encourage your colleagues to vote No!

  14. To the Congressional leaders in the US Senate. I pray you will vote AGAINST HB5, EQUALITY ACT BILL.It is NOT a bill of equality. Please stand with wisdom and courage to protect all people of the United States of America. This is a bill that violates our human rights and our freedoms.

  15. TO ALL Senators, PLEASE DO NOT PASS THIS BILL! I pray that you will vote against HB5. It is not a bill of Equality. This is a bill that violates our human rights and our freedom. Freedom that people fought to keep and Blessings that God has given. The Government cannot demand us to talk, believe and\or force us to do what this bill is demanding us to do! If you have any compassion for humanity, please read this bill in it’s entirety and pray over it. Let God guide you! Think about your wife, your daughters, your granddaughters because they are going to be the ones most affect by this. Do you want them to be so fearful that they will not be able to live life as they have known? God would not want this for His people! I pray that you will please stand with courage and wisdom to protect all the people of the United States of America. Please be a part of God’s people and do not be fearful of those who are against God! Stand for what our Country stands for and what our Military fought for not what they want to change it to. I pray that God and Holy Spirit will be so present that this will not go forth! May God and Holy Spirit be with you!

  16. To the Congressional leaders in the US Senate: I pray you will vote against HB5. It is not a bill of equality. Please stand with wisdom and courage to protect the all the people of the United States of America. Our family has already been the victoms of abuse and I have great concern the passing of this bill will empower more abusers.

    I am asking all Senators to review this bill carefully and do all you can to stop this nonsense.
    If you allow this bill to pass, can you imagine all the bills the left will put forth to take away our Constitutional and God given rights. We are praying that God will assist you to block this bill.
    If you feel you are a Christian then the Bible is your guide. FOLLOW IT!!!!

  18. Please so not let this bill pass!! As a parent, this goes against our freedom. How can something that strips the freedom that
    We have known, and were fought for by our forefathers, be a good thing.

    1. Please do not pass this bill.

      We can all agree the America is changing. We ( Men, Women, Young, Old, Straight, Gay…etc) also have the power to make an impact, as we already have been.

      We’re at a pinnacle point in modern history. We have the power to change the world, advancing towards a certain utopia, also having the power to set the world on fire.

      This bill gaining momentum symbolizes the gasoline that is being poured all over America and passing the “Equality Act” would be the lighting of the match.

      In short, we need more fire fighters.

  19. I strongly oppose and ask that you vote against HB5. It is a dangerous act and I hope you will oppose it. I pray our representatives have the wisdom and the courage to vote No on HB5. NO from We the People.

  20. The HB5 is against everything that God has planned for our country and is spreading evil throughout the land into our homes, schools, churches and businesses. We have to stop this from passing in the Senate. God bless America.

  21. Bill HB5 has nothing to do with equality. It only strips away more rights from every American citizen! If you care about our country and you care about our children you must not vote for this bill!



  24. I strongly ask that you vote against HB5. It is a dangerous act and I hope you will oppose it. I pray our representatives have the wisdom and the courage to vote No on HB5.

  25. We serve a mighty God and I trust that He will hear our voices. He does not give us a spirit of fear but, of power, love, and a sound mind. 2nd Timothy 1:7 In Jesus name I trust our Maker! He is still on the throne and He will never leave us, nor forsake us…I am praying for our great country. We ser ve a might y God who is just! I choose to trust Him

  26. To our Congressional leaders in the Senate:I pray that you have the wisdom and courage to vote against HB5. This is evil and will destroy America!! You were elected to protect the citizens of America. Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? I pray that there are men and women who will boldly and courageously oppose this bill!!

  27. Fam, it’s soo unfortunate that with ALL we have been thru as a nation, this matter is heavy to process!!! And YES I agree with majority about our children, us as adults and even our elderly or handicap could pose a severe problem of bathroom usage. Just as God had the ability to turn kings hearts, so shall He do the same of those in the House, favoring this bill. With our fervent effectual prayers being rendered up, link with other believers of strong deeply rooted FAITH to bombard Heaven of this concern AND watch Almighty God respond. He will do, b/c He IS Faithful and just, He expects us to be Faithful, too!

  28. I don’t want this kind of lifestyle for my grandson. I want him to make his own choices in life but by God’s standards not the government. We need to back to our original constitution for our country. Please vote the HB5 bill down. God is in control. Amen

  29. To our Congressional leaders in the House & Senate: We pray that you have the wisdom to vote against this evil that will destroy our great country!!! It will bring horrendous harm to people. You were elected to protect our country & citizens. Is that what you want for your family members??? We are looking for men & women who will have the strength to oppose this evil that they’re trying to force on us.

  30. Lord,please do not allow this HB5 bill to pass. Having been a victim of child molestation I do not want for me and my children to come under subjection of having to share facilities that would render me or them vulnerable to any possibility of abuse or harassment.

  31. Thank you senator Jim Banks for standing strong for the Americans you represent. I know you will vote NO to HB5. My prayers are lifted daily for you and your family’s protection as you represent us.

  32. As a Woman this is very troubling to me that I can go into a public restroom and a Man using the excuse that he is a transgender can be in the rest room dressed like a Woman and he can rape a young girl, middle aged woman, or a elderly woman, Then what are the leaders in Washington DC going to do!? This is a very dangerous issue and it can cause a lot of PROBLEMS for Females!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. One last comment from me Kay Penfold, each member of Senate, look at your children and grandbabies,now put them in a public restroom or their school restroom, especially your female children,OK are you really even considering to pass this so call equality bill

  34. Weather you want to remember and admit this, our once great nation was founded by God fearing, Loving men, you’ve aloud to much of the constitution to be reworded, taken out of true context and meaning, please stop now, do something great SPEAK UP,and stand up for your country, instead of following the wrong doers because you don’t want to be shunned, worry about God shunning you on judgment day,I will pray for you

  35. Thank you. Thank you more than you can know for standing up for the American people and TN residents with this Equality Act that never should have gotten through the House to be sent to the senate. Thank you.
    I ask only one thing from you, Please tell all of the Senate to listen to their constituents on this evil bill. No one who knows what is in it would ever vote for it and still hope to see God one day. I am unable to contact any of you unless I am in their district. I do nto think it to you either but I am praying for each of you. We can only win if we stand with you and not behind you in this battle.

    God bless you and keep you on the right track for the people in Tennessee and the nation.

    Suzette Neal

  36. This is a Horrific Bill For Any Human being. It takes our rights away. To be Americans. I do not approve of this Bill and you shouldn’t either. All be best to everyone in the political Scene. I’m asking that you fought for an American freedom m.

  37. Follow the science, DO NOT pass this social engineering legislation! NO ONE thinks “The Equality Act,” is about equality! As the mother of girls, I am horrified that this immorality might become law!

  38. Father Lord please let it not be passed. Please spare all our innocent children being affected and brainwashed by all of this immorality that is being pushed on our children and our lives. In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen.

  39. We do not need this bill passed nor do I agree with this bill!! I am asking my State Rep to Say no to the equality act! Vote according to your constituents requests please! That is why you were voted in to office. TY

  40. All the members of my family are against this bill. We live in several different states and do Not want this bill passed. Nay God in Heaven guide you to do what is right concerning this bill.

  41. My family prays that all senators will see the real truth about this bill. It takes away the freedom of the majority and is direct contradiction to what our country was founded on. Dear God, please give our senators wisdom as they vote and strengthen to stand for God’s truth.

  42. My husband and I, from North Carolina oppose this bill. This bill (HB5 The Equality Bill) has nothing to do with real equality nor inline with God’s law! Please protect the rights of the majority. I am asking my/all senators to vote “NO”. I pray to our Heavenly Father they make the right decision. This HB5 is Not of God!!!

  43. This is an assault against our constitution, against freedom of conscience, against our religious rights and an immediate threat to all our children. This is the worst Bill I have ever seen. I strongly oppose HB5 and recommend that all our senators reject this attempt to turn our nation away from God, our creator. This Bill will bring havoc to The United States of America and ultimately cause our nation to fall.

  44. Young people today are faced with enough change in our world that affects their everyday decisions! Now, for the HB5 bill to come along to add more stress to their and their families lives is unconscionable!! Hasn’t the suicide rate gone high enough these days already? I find it disturbing that our government would be so quick to take something as horrendous as this bill to focus such attention on in the midst of pandemics and rumors of wars and people’s lack of jobs as well as our borders being opened up to the masses and making America less safe not to mention further job loss on top of it all! We could NEVER have enough counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, or whatever other professionals needed to deal with the results of such a baseless proposal! Why don’t you isolate a few that carry this opinion and see what comes of the society it creates first before passing laws on the future outcomes that cannot be determined without watching it play out? Who are the people that are responsible for this bill? Where is the science behind such a heinous proposal? Senate, DO NOT PASS this travesty and leave the rest of us to our Creator given lives that we are so thankful for and try to live accordingly without infringing on others, therefore promoting peace instead of disunity!!! Why is creating another species suddenly a priority???? I hope our government asks that question!

    1. Deborah, I sent in my wishes also but I want to say one thing if I may. You spoke about questioning how this bill came to be. Because Evil has taken over our beautiful Country. If we want the United States to continue, we must stand together in this war. I’m praying that the Senate will listen to the American people and not the demonic that is using mind control around the world to finish us and get their one global govt. Did you know we have millions and millions of people praying for us all around the world? What happens in America happens to the entire world. God bless us and have mercy on us when we need Him the most.

  45. I have been reading about “Miracles in American History”. Amazing stories of the founding of this great country. I think every government leader should revisit our TRUE history. PLEASE VOTE NO ON THE HB-5 BILL

  46. Please vote against HR5. This is not of God. This would infringe on the rights of many classes and races of citizens. We are a Godly nation. The judgment of GOD will come to our great nation if America does not their hearts back to GOD.

  47. Sexual identification and gender identity language supports and validates LGBTQ lifestyle and forces the overwhelming majority of the nation to treat this as a “preferred and protected” class elevating it beyond equal treatment to a “civil right” overriding any and all who do not share their views and forcing them to comply restricting their constitutional freedoms in order to achieve a “pro-LGBTQ society”
    Do not vote for HB5. It strips the majority of Americans of their rights in order to elevate and promote a lifestyle of choice to that of a civil right.

  48. My husband and I vehemently oppose this atrocious law which is an abomination against our belief in God and all that He stands for. It is also a blatant effort to ignore precious rights guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution!

  49. This Act is in reality against equality and is endorsing the beliefs of a very small group of people forcing the majority to accept and live against their faith. It is literally restricting freedoms of the American life to achieve a pro LGBTO styled country. In truth it usurps the civil right achievements in America.

  50. Please do NOT pass HB5, which is an abomination cloaked in “equality”. This will ruin this nation, along with current and future generations. It is evil personified. God made them “male and female”,which is His divine plan. With this bill, if passed, you legislators are playing God,which is an affront to Him. God does not make mistakes! We cannot legislate the sexual orientation of people. Please pray before you vote and DO NOT PASS THIS BILL!

  51. My husband and myself strongly OPPOSE the passing of HB5! The Equality Act will devaste America.It will violate our Religious Freedom,the rights of our children,grandchildren,women and medical professionals.

    1. Vote NO on HB5, this is not about equality for our nation, this bill would violate our constitutional freedoms! This is a most deceitful and dangerous bill that will destroy our America! God hear us as we pray for discernment and strength for our government leaders to stand up for “We the People” as we appeal to heaven and vote “No” on HB5

  52. The so-called Equality Act is nothing but a liberal way to sneak things into our government that are very dangerous to our future and the future generations. Let’s see if you Republicans can get it right this time and vote what your voters want instead of your personal agenda (Marsha Blackburn). Vote NO! We sternly recommend it Thank you. Remember you probably will come up for election again and we will remember how you voted.

  53. The possibility that HB5 would be passed into law is extremely dangerous to the nation. We are not simply looking at moral “equal” rights, we are looking at Changing a whole way of life that God put into action when this nation began. There IS a need for ALL people to embrace the truth of being equal to one another but Not in the sense of changing and eradicating Gods inherent laws! Children are a gift. A parent cherishes this ‘gift’ and has the Right to influence, mold, direct and yes chastise this ‘young creation’. To take that away from a parent and have the Government interfere and mandate that only the Child has rights is indicative of the abhorrent quality of this entire Bill. No young child can make a decision that is valid, to change their sexual orientation. And no loving parent would ever Allow their child to be put into a situation where this was the norm!
    God created ‘man and woman’ Period! We need not look down or condemn adults who have a different viewpoint.. we can pray… but they in return, need not try and Force a Christian to embrace a lifestyle that is totally against their beliefs. One thing that no one seems to be addressing is that this HB5 would instill a Huge ‘fear factor’ and sense of Confusion in ALL young children. The pressure to ‘know who you are’ at ages too young to even comprehend what this truly means would be overwhelming and crushing! I am completely against this Bill and pray that it NOT be passed into Law.

  54. I am earnestly praying for this bill to NOT pass in the senate as it has already passed in congress.It is unbelievable that a bill like this could possibly be even considered in this country. Please, people of God–pray.

  55. I sternly OPPOSE passage of HB5 ! The so-called “Equality Act will devastate America by invading and corroding every facet of morality and the norms spelled out in the first amendment to the constitution. This HB5 is nothing less than “immoral quicksand”. It will be an unrestrained assault on all of humanity and all that GOD has mandated.

  56. The “Equality Act” HB5 is NOT about equality at all! It will not only violate our constitutional rights, but especially our Religious Freedom, for which our nation was founded. This is not right to ask us who choose not to bask in these despicable acts of sin.VOTE NO on Bill HB5.

  57. We ask for you to vote against this bill. In no way is this unconstitutional bill about Equality, but it is about infringing the rights of some upon our children, grandchildren,women, churches,and medical professionals.

  58. BarbaraTerrell says:
    February 26, 2021 at 9:29AM

    Vote no to HB5. This is an extremely dangerous bill that will affect every area of society for generations to come. This bill has nothing to do with equality, but it is a destructive blow to this nation.

  59. The “Equality Act” HB5 is NOT about equality at all! It violates our constitutional rights for women, children and yes even for men! It also violates Religious Freedom, for which this nation was founded. Please VOTE NO on Bill HB5 to protect our first amendment rights! Thank you.

  60. Please vote NO on bill HB5. This is not a bill about equality and violates our constitutional rights.
    I stand in the name of Jesus and for my religious rights and freedom. I also stand for the children and family.

  61. Please vote no on bill HB5. This is not about equality and violates our constitutional rights.

    Thank you. VOTE NO ON BILL HB5 I stand in the name of Jesus and ask that you protect our Christian rights.

  62. Our rights as citizens are protected by laws already in place …while gender and sexual preferance should not be punished. Neither should it infringe on the rights of others ..this bill HB5 can be used to elimenate and cancel the protection of our rights for freedom of choice ..there has to be change but not by this attempt to legislate behavioral change. .. Vote no and work for better compromise..HB5 will bringmore division and harm any progress that has been made .

  63. Requesting that the Senate will not pass the Equality Act. This will take away Americans rights. It is a terrible bill. As government officials I respectfully ask that you do not pass this bill. Vote No for HB5. Thank you

  64. Please DO NOT pass HB5. This has nothing to do with equality. Please represent the overwhelming majority of your constituents and not a small lobby of activists. VOTE NO for HB5.

  65. Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell you must vote NO on HB5. It will make our country even more divisive than it already is. It strips parents of their rights to raise there children following Gods doctrine not this countries made up issues. In addition to that it threatens our constitutional rights that this great country was founded on. Re read the Constitution before you 2 vote and you will have your answer and be convicted to vote NO!!!

  66. I Pray This Bill Will Not Be Pass. Destruction Will Have A Open Door. To Go Full Force On America. Calling Good Evil And Evil Good.I Pray To God The Blinders Be Taken Off That TheyWill See What Lies If This Happens. Great Judgment Will Hit The Land, We Are One Nation Under God, And It Will Not Go Unpunished,God Will Get The Glory.

  67. HB5 is a danger and threat to our country.What seems to be “making things fair” to certain parts of the American people, is completely unfair and detrimental to the rest.

  68. I agree with the Word of God and Give Him 15. The Body of Christ need to wake up. Stand and Fight against this bill. We are many members but one body and Christ Jesus is the head. I will call my Senate and pass the information. This is Bill is evil that want a right to destroy our rights for generations and shut our voices but not so in Jesus Christ name.

    1. Please protect our Christian rights. Don’t let this bill pass and bring the wrath of our Heavenly Father on our land. Gods love and mercy be upon this great land and forgive those who choose to destroy it.

  69. Thank you for being there to fight this battle an bringing it to light so we can have better understanding of the battle we are in ..I pray daily many times and know the Lord hears and I know he is in control and his will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I also pray for those who are on the front lines of the battle for protection and sound mind. Let’s expose the head of the devil and crush him, we are Gods people and I’m in it to win it. GOD bless America

  70. This bill threatens Constitutional rights that religious freedom shall not be infringed, forcing Christians to endorse views and practices that overtly contradict our faith. Further, it unacceptably removes parental authority and responsibility for the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our children. This bill is calling for the promotion and legal enforcement of immorality. The HB5 bill must not be passed.

  71. I do not want the Senate to pass this vile bill. It’s real intent is hidden in language that appears to be standing up for a very small group of individuals. We do not want our beliefs dismissed and trampled upon. We are tired of always having to take a back seat. We pray that the Spirit of truth and prophecy will work in our leaders where they start to speak by your Spirit and their will is turned for good and they become another person. Visit the Senate with fire!

  72. This has nothing to do with equality. I lived a lot of my life in the LGBTQ community and disliked how others cannot force their beliefs down their throats but now they can? This is ridiculous and wrong, stop making it sound good and just label it correctly. Our sexual propaganda bill.

  73. Please call your Senators and tell them not to vote for this evil bill which would destroy religious freedom plus do great harm to women and our children. The Senate number is 202 224 3121. Call them today.

  74. God made us man and woman he did not create us a man or a woman to change our sex later on in life it’s very wrong. I stand with my God Jesus Holy Spirit and my country and voting against this HB5 bill.


  76. I stand against the HB5 bill ~ this would strip American’s of their basic liberties as far as basic privacies are concerned to our First Amendment rights ~ this goes against all that America was founded on and “We the People” should and do have a say ~ do not pass this act ~

  77. I am asking you to check your conscience and pray about this Bill HB5. Is it what you want your children, grandchildren, to be exposed to. I respectfully ask that this bill be voted against.

  78. America! Come together right now for the true reasons this country was founded!!!

    We lean on You, Lord, right now as we stand together in unity praying for our rights to not be taken. YOU have the victory, and we praise Your Mighty Name for that! HALLELUJAH, IT IS DONE!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💝

  79. Do NOT pass this bill.
    The Church – all denominations- stand up!
    Church leaders… speak out from your pulpits.
    Dear Lord, hear our cries. Send your legions of angels to
    end the mockery of your Holy Name
    and the total disregard of your holy laws.

  80. This is another bill just like many others passed for a minority to satisfy their flesh without the real consequences talked thru and considering the life long effects on our nation and everyone. God created Male and Female and we are that creation. We need to stand up for Godly principles against satan our enemy who is trying to steal our children and grandchildren
    Ps 91 prayer

  81. Please do not pass this horrific bill! It goes against our constitutional rights and it in no way represents any Christian. God forgive this nation and have mercy on our souls.

  82. You were elected to serve all the people you represent, not look for a career in politics because you cannot function because no one will listen to you or give you enough power or money or status. Only our God can give you what is missing in our lives. I and I pray you. Seek his still small voice in this matter.

  83. Father, we humbly submit to You, our Judge, Lawgiver, and King! We present this HB5, the Equality Act before You. It is wicked legislation proposed by humankind that do not fear You! It is a devisive pandora’s box to bring death and bandage if passed. Your precious freedom You provided through the holy Blood of Your Son will be taken away from this nation You founded for a good destiny, with assignments still incomplete. We know that so many have been put in leadership illegally to rule over us, many who’s consciences are seared and sold out to darkness. But, Father, You can direct other’s hearts like a water course. Im asking You for mercy, that You remove stony hearts of sin and replace them with pliable hearts of flesh, with the fear of the Lord and still having a conscience. Turn the tables on the enemy! Protect those who courageously take a stand for righteousness and justice, who will not vote for this wicked bill’s passage! Protect them and their families, in Jesus name! Convict the senators who will be voting on it and cause them to fear YOU, not man! Do not allow its passage in the senate! Give them all an encounter with You that will set their hearts on fire for You! Do not let the righteous be destroyed with the wicked! Far be it from You! Help Your children to stand strong in the battle, for Your Will to be done in America! Wake up Your great army to be proactive each doing our part! Justice and liberty for all the world, starting with the USA! TEAR DOWN THE WORLD SYSTEMS, O MIGHTY ONE! YOUR Kingdom come! YOUR Will be done in the nations!

  84. As my heart fills with tears of fear for my grandchildren I ask God first to take away the evil that is being pushed upon us in a rapid speed. Then I ask that the evil people drop to their knees and repent and get the hell out of office. They do not represent the people who choose a moral lifestyle for their families. I bind Satan away from all Gods people!

  85. America is about freedom and this bill takes away the rights of parents for their children, business rights, religious rights, invading girls privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms and so much more. I pray and ask this HB5 not pass and you vote NO!
    Thank you!

  86. Please do Not pass the Equality Act. I have read this Bill and does Not represent Equality for all people, rather places the rights of gender related groups above others. This opposes our Constitution.

  87. This insidious plan to indoctrinate and remove our children from their parents care and guidance, to forever change our society to conform to their twisted belief system must not pass. I will pray and contact my senators.

  88. It does no good to voice opinions to senators or congressmen. They do not care or listen. Otherwise we would not have to plead with God that this horrific bill does not pass.

  89. This Bill, HB5, is Unconstitutional and overreaches our religious rights and freedoms, parental rights and women’s rights as well. Please, I urge the Senate not to pass this dangerous and offensive bill.

  90. I am totally against this bill. America is all about freedom of choice and this leaves all religious people of all faiths without a choice should this be passed. Please do not pass this bill!!

    1. I am absolutely against this bill
      I am asking my Senator’s to notpass this bill.
      It will do major harm to our county and the American people.
      Put woman and young girls in great danger also

      1. Religious Freedom and Freedom of choice will be no more with the passing of HB5. Lord I seek your power and will in stopping this bill toward the destruction and removal of our beliefs and freedoms. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen

  91. I am deeply opposed to the HB5 bill and urge the Senate to decline this bill. HB5 bill is a reset bill which will change America in a bad way. Our freedom will be lost.

  92. FatherGod,
    Now this is what you have called us to do. To pray against what is contradicting to your word, which is the only way,truth and life.If the House and the Senators pass HB5 known as the
    Equality Act, this week bring Death.
    Death to more unborn children, to Women who will be harassed and abused, and suicide will be on the uprise. Mighty God, nothing passes that you do not see or hear. We repent as your people, all churches, all
    believers for allowing it to have gone this far. We took things in this life for granted, ignoring what was ahead. Seeing small changes and didn’t think it would escalate to this! But we your people are humbling ourselves, and seeking your face, and repenting for our failures, repenting for our churche Pastors, that are not uniting as one against the darts of the enemy. We have turned and looked away, when the White House was with rainbow colors. That was a sign. We looked away when they tried having men in women’s bathroom, we looked away when Planned Parenthood became a legalized program for Abortions,we looked away when DragQueens started reading to our very own children. We hear now that they will take away parental rights from parents with children who want to change their genders. Forgive us God please, we want your ways over this land,America. I understand that We ALL must repent, so that you can heal this land! I prady and ask Forgive Lord Forgive. In Jesus name, Amen.

    1. Please God, we need you to stop this deceitful HB5 Bill dead in its tracks!

      Put the Fear of God in the hearts of these people pushing it! Let them to NOT be able to lay their heads on their pillows at night in peace knowing the evil they are doing! May they cry out to you in repentance for the Judgement coming!!!

  93. Insanity! Have the supporters of this bill no common sense? We must stand strong against all ludicrous effort to defy reason and decency that is targeted to destroy our culture, and corrupt our family values.
    Fight them.

  94. Lord help us! We have a man in the White House of the U.S. who is not fit to be our president. He is letting the evil lead this country at this time. Vote “No” on this Equality Bill (HB5) that will take away the freedoms of Christians, Women, and the Bible etc.

    Amendment One of the Constitution of this country states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

    Lord it seems to me that this amendment is being ignored in a number of instances, not only in the HB5 Bill. I ask for a ‘moral trainer’ in our government. Help us to confront this evil that is taking place in our government and diminishing the greatness of this country. Not my will but Your will, Lord.

    Vote “No” on HB5 Bill.

  95. Jesus answered, “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’. . . Matthew 19: 4 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Amendment I of the US Constitution. The Judeo-Christian foundation of this nation allows freedom and protection for all religions; of women and children in sports, locker rooms and restrooms. Your oath to carry out the Constitution includes The Preamble of the Constitution that states you are to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” This deceptively named Act instead allows a dangerous precedence to harm women and children and deprive women in sports from fair competition. Vote against HB5.

  96. I never have been put in jail, but if this bill passes I may end up preaching through the bars. For 55 years I have proclaimed the Word of God without favor to man or fear of man. As Peter and the Apostles said in Acts 5:29, “…We ought to obey God rather than men.”

  97. OH Lord God this must be stopped I decree and declare healing for our nation I know your Glory is covering us rise up men and women in Congress to vote no and not be afraid. Catch those that are making threats to their families and trying to hold them back. Cover the yes votes in the Blood of Jesus. God your are our Strength
    cover us and keep your nation free from this evil darkness that’s trying to over take us. We need men and women to return to the constitution now. FOLLISHNISH MUST BOW TO THE NAME OF Jesus.

  98. They can’t regulate morality, they have tried for two centuries with other amendments and numerous bills making small groups more equal than others, and it doesn’t work. The one thing that changes sinful behavior is Jesus Christ, so now the fix is to destroy the Church and
    criminalize an entire group Christians. Therefore their fix is Socialism, and totalitarian laws. Shame on the Christians in Congress, if there are any true Christians left. We cannot compromise our Christian ( Jewish or Muslims, either) beliefs in order to appease yet another group.
    The one thing I learned in the organizing of a Diversity Conference was that our Country had it’s faults, but we were free and that was why so many people fought and saved to immigrate here so they could have freedom, and give their children opportunities that the countries they left had neither of. Turning into one of those countries is not an answer, and it never will be.

  99. Dear Lord , please do what needs to be done to cancel this HB5 bill, the Equality Act is wicked, it is construed from the evil side of our world . Let’s draw a line in the sand right here and now to put a stop to this wicked evil way of thinking . Give us your grace and mercy in this matter today I pray Father. Help us to bring Godliness. and God given principles back into our country . Protect our children from this sickness.
    In Jesus.Name. Amen.

  100. God, The U.S. is in a horrible mess. We desperately need Your divine guidance and direction. I pray that this bill WILL NOT PASS because it goes against everything Biblical. God, please intercede on behalf of the remnant of those of us who still believe Your Word and Your truth!


  101. Sanctify us in the truth, Lord, your word is truth. LORD we cry out to you that you would prevent the muzzling of truth by the government. LORD, whether this bill passes or not, your word is unchained and we will not serve the forces of evil that seek to keep people imprisoned and in fear. In your mercy, let us speak the truth in love, and let the good news be preached to all nations. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty name!

  102. God my prayer is that we walk in love with EVERYONE!! We are all made in the image of God…love covers all Jesus spoke to the samaritan woman. Jesus ate with the tax collectors can we just be like Jesus!! He told the Pharisees what they were doing was wrong most of the church is doing the same thing

    1. I agree that we absolutely must walk in love for everyone, but it is unjust to force girls and women to share the same locker rooms and bathrooms as men. I have been in this situation twice and it was absolutely horrifying. I can’t even imagine what that would be like for a little girl.

      There are also several reports of male sexual predators pretending to be transgender in order to go into girls and woman’s restrooms to sexually assault them.

      The walking with love has to go both ways. We can’t let girls and women be hurt in order to appease another group.

      This bill could also end up condemning the Bible having hate speech, which opens up a very dark never ending path. Perhaps I mistook your comment and if so, forgive me. God Bless you and your household.

  103. This only proves that the evil minded representatives in Congress want to get rid of “FREEDOM OF RELIGION,” because of the fear of Christianity overpowering the government with righteousness! We need God in our lives more than anything. Biden, pelosi and shoumar claim to be religious BUT have a different version of practicing religion to their benefit! All their religion is the money they put in their pockets and that of others! WE the real Americans NEED to fight, period!

    1. Heavenly Father save us from this evil that is being thrust upon our nation by Democrat leaders who care little for your laws, guidance and truth. Our founding principles honor you and we need your arm of correction to assist us in stopping this harmful bill, in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen

  104. Father, You alone can bring sanity into the bills that are before us in the Congress. May truth rise up that the legislature would open their eyes to what has evil potential. We come to a place were a sense of helplessness wants to creep in. You are The Lord, Sabaoth, the Captain of our armies and we need you to lead and council the direction and the hearts of those in leadership. Our nation is dependant on You, Your mercy and Your Grace. Show us Your Glory,Lord as You fight for Your people and this nation, as we call upon the Name of the Lord.

  105. You mean like having women be equal to speak up in church? You mean like wives being equal to have a say in marriage, not subject to him “in everything”? The world learned this so-called ‘equality’ from the church …from His people. And as we all know, the goal is not equality; that is a smoke-screen for the goal of supremacy.

    His people, return to the Word of God …and be a righteous example to the world.

    1. David, we mean, by giving men the right to say no to the abortion of their children. We mean, by adhering to the Biblical definition of marriage which is between a man and a woman only. To be fruitful and multiply and not control the population through the evil ways of the enemy. The true Church, His people, do not do what you are accusing them of doing through supremacy. It is the devil Satan , who oppresses.

  106. Lord in Jesus name I bind and rebuke the devil and all his schemes to push secularism into our country! We will not back down and we will not give in to the plan of the enemy. I push back and block this bill in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! WE THE PEOPLE stand and BELIEVE in the power of prayer and we have faith and trust that you Lord Jesus are in control! We have peace knowing this. In your name, AMEN.

  107. Heavenly Father, We are witnessing minds and souls that are in total rebellion to Your Will. Lord accept our prayers for a miracle to happen whereby this bill will not be passed. Convict hearts and minds of those who are in the assemblies that might still be on the fence to change their interpretation of the bill and recognize its immoral effects on Your creation. May our prayers and cries be heard by You and bring your justice down to earth for what is being proposed and put into law. God, help us all to thwart what the enemy meant for evil, You can intend it for good. In prayerful watchfulness and waiting, we ask this in Jesus name, Amen!

  108. This bill overreaches our constitutional rights to freedom of religion. Please remember the principals on which this country was founded. I pray that you would the right thing.

  109. To the Members of the Senate! Please reject this “Equality Act” with its’ false name. It is unconstitutional and will affect our religious freedom and our freedom of speech. It also ignores our personal beliefs, especially those of Christians! Thanks for your making a decision based on our Constitution and NOT on political bias!

  110. Lord, please block this terrible bill. I pray for TRUE equality in Christ Jesus in America. I deeply pray that this horror will Not be unleashed. It would be disastrous for our children, Churches, Schools, and everywhere else. In Jesus name, Amen.

  111. Dear Heavenly Father I pray against this horribly misguided and deceitful legislation, and I pray you may touch enough of the hearts of the men and women in Congress to stop it. However, I recognize that there may be more than enough people in Congress who have committed to serve the cause of the enemy that this evil legislation will go through, and for that reason I pray that you will protect those of us in this nation who choose to stand on Your side of the line in this struggle. More importantly Lord, protect our children from the evil indoctrination they are being subjected to. Give us the wisdom and clarity to help them through these darkening days. Confound the wicked plans of our enemies, both mortal and spiritual, and lead us to Your victory, no matter what these evil people do to this nation. In Jesus precious name I pray, O’ Lord, Amen.

  112. We do not need another law to amend a law. Enough is enough! There is nothing equal in this insane law! What are our elected law makers thinking? NOT! We must spend more time praying God’s heart in this matter. We spend at least an hour reading this info, although good. Instead of reading it, pray as we read. I am an older pray warrior so time is important. Prayer time& time period must matter. Father, have mercy in this tough time. Keep us on your kingdom plan.

  113. Father,
    You are All-Powerful and All-knowing. We honor You.

    In Genesis, You gave us the decree and ability to go forth and multiply-
    something that continues to frustrate the enemy because he cannot do the same.
    Abortion, war, disease are all intended to kill us and stop our multiplying. And now these laws concerning homosexuality, silencing Your truth about family, are more ways intended to stop our multiplying.
    The number of his fallen angels is stagnant, but man made in YOUR image has gone from 2 people in the Garden to over 7 billion today! So the ratio of man to enemy demons continues to increase. Let us walk fearlessly in that truth.

    Jesus came with TRUTH AND LOVE. For too long we “ loved” the homosexual community without truth. Was that really “ love”? Not in Your eyes, Lord. Now it is time for GOD’s TRUTH to stand and eliminate this false “Equality Act”,
    with love.

    We pray Your people AWAKE and RISE UP to these schemes of the enemy. Show us how to take dominion over this earth, in truth and love, to walk in the victory Jesus gave us. For He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.
    We pray in Jesus’ Holy Name.

  114. Lord open the Heavens over our Congress and Senate and we pray release your Holy Spirit to invade the consciences of every voting member. Bind every demonic force behind this ungodly Equality Act.We pray this will stop in the name of Jesus

  115. God you know how you Created Us and Whom you Destined Us to be! Beautiful & Wonderful & with a Good Plan & A Future and Hope! For the sake of Jesus Lord Enable Conscious & conviction of every one attempting @ Stealing Killing & Destroying How you Designed Individuals to be Soften hearts ; Bring Truth to receive healing from you where ever necessary.
    Lovingly Rebuke Correct and Re Establish Truth in our Nation on whom needs NOW
    Let it BE so the Rightful leaders are in rightful positions & render null & void Anything gained by anyone in our justice system or new laws by false positions or theft or wrongful motivated decisions ~ dissolved ~unrootable ~void ~dust ~unsustainable & its Effects like water off a ducks back too your own.
    AFFECT more powerful prayers preaching lifestyle fruit in our lives so that in Jesus Name Because of Everything He Did for Gain in humanity & global Can be made manifest. HEAL Americans. HELP those in positions over majority have Aligned in error against us and We need You to Correct things. Show your Own a Doer Faith. Clear naive gullible lazy non doing faith off our lives. Father that the World might Know Him Jesus Function In our Faith Now Come empower Us in our time of need and deliver Us a God fearing Honoring Nation Re established publicly on your Word By your Spirit In Your Love By your methods means decrees render null n void the plans schemes intents of the enemy seeking too mal align us from it & Let it be So that and so Jesus will be King Here ever more & others may Know Him and have more opportunities to learn of Him Whom only eternal Salvation comes!

    Smash the plans of the enemy Off America & civil liberties that aren’t in line with you and are fraudulently gained or manuvered in. Restore Peace. Reatore Righteousness. Restore your own and uproot remove dislodge and destroy the plans and positioning of the unjust compromised unrepentant that are theives of justice legality and changing mocking out to destroy correct interpretation of the plans for America God had / has and will have for This Nation.
    We agree with You Father!
    We agree with Your judgement s not Judgeless judges and theives in illegally gained or deceptive gained positions
    God Help. God open eyes and Render Decrees in line with Your perfect will acceptable and all others against your True children void irreparable and utterly dissolved ~ All Glory2GOD it is and has Always been Yours! In Jesus name above all names. We decree it so. Help unbelief to flee your own. Justice flow like a River Again in America. Come Kingdom of Heaven on the USA. No one can boost for All God has done is doing and Will do! Welcome Holy Spirit come back too the United States and form fashion correct repair the Nation at the deepest level. Annoint Appoint Raise Up tear down until its down. Amen.

  116. Lord, open the Heavens over our Congress and Senate and release Holy Spirit to invade the consciences of every voting member. Bind every demonic force behind this evil ungodly Equality Act. We appeal to Your to stop Satan from destroying the moral fiber of our nation. Dismantle and demolish every scheme and plan. We declare that You govern our country. We say You alone are Lord and King. Our Hope is in Your and we stand on the truth of Your Word. To Your alone be the glory. In the name of Jesus.

  117. Lord give Your children the strength to stand in the days we live in knowing that for such a time as this we have been called and also knowing that the troubles must come through which we must persevere with patience.
    Let us not be looking to man, his government, his science for hope but to always be looking to the Hope of the world.

  118. I sent a message to my representatives, but failed to share the link for others to do the same. Now I can get that link back. Can anyone provide it?

    FYI: it appears that if I resend my message I would, again, come to the share page, but I think that doubling up on emails is not wise.


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