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Lord, we pray that this legislation would pass and be signed into law in South Dakota.

Editorial Note:  This article is longer than our usual posts, but we felt that so much of it was important that we are using it in its entirety. This bill is so important, being the first of its kind to protect children from these horrific treatments, that the stakes are high and the transgender lobby knows it.  They are in all-out warfare against those who are in favor of these protections in the South Dakota legislature.  Pray for them.  They are carrying the weight of this fight for the nation. 

Will you commit to pray for South Dakota as they lead the nation in protecting children? Leave a comment.

When I testified this January, 2020, in favor of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCPA) to a South Dakota House committee, a bill sponsored by Rep. Fred Deutsch and 46 of his colleagues in the State House, the blackmail had started before the hearing was over. [See an example below of the violent tweet at the bill’s sponsor Rep. Fred Deutsch.]

Representatives of three different state business associations — the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, and the South Dakota Retail Association — testified that they were worried about the potential economic consequences of passing the VCPA. They also specifically cited concerns about being able to get NCAA events, having large events come to the state, and the national boycott threats against North Carolina over that state’s attempt to preserve single-sex public accommodations. [Do you hear that?  The economic impact is far more important to these business groups than the protection of minor children from the untested processes of permanent body alteration.]

It’s not clear why endorsing the sterilization of healthy children should be so good for business in the first place, such that companies like Starbucks loudly publicize their support for it, nor why opposing it should be so dire.

The VCPA names no class of person besides minors, 15 and younger, but it bars the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or cosmetic genital surgeries, on minors who dislike their bodies based on gender identity claims. While gender dysphoria is a condition recognized by psychiatrists, modern gender identity laws and court cases advanced by organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU, or popularized on Twitter by people like ACLU staffer, Chase Strangio, make no reference to any medical or psychiatric condition as a test or qualification for their sweeping demands for gender self-identification.

The medical profession previously tried to use, chemical castration, the removal of sex organs, and cross-sex hormones to treat mental health problems or change unwanted behavior, at the start of the eugenics era. It didn’t work, and careful clinicians had already seen that it didn’t work more than a century ago. In 1976, after decades of sterilization abuses, mainly against girls and women, the federal government banned funding for the sterilization of anyone under 21, or judged mentally incompetent.

As reported by many adults who wish to be permanently sterilized — because they simply don’t wish to have children, or don’t want any more children — doctors in most circumstances will refuse even to consider sterilization for a person without children who is in their 20s.

Now some doctors are back to telling young people that cross-sex hormones are an appropriate psychiatric treatment. Sydney Wright is a young woman who worked with the non-partisan organization Kelsey Coalition to present testimony to legislators in South Dakota in favor of the VCPA. As she explains, she expected her doctors to be experts in mental health treatment, “[b]ut telling an 18-year-old girl that mega-doses of testosterone would fix her mental health problems? They didn’t even talk to me about other treatment options! No doctor or therapist suggested I give myself time to grow up, or wait and see what happens with counseling sessions – no doctor or therapist told most young people outgrow their feelings of wanting to be the opposite sex. The only advice I got was to take mega-doses of testosterone.”

Increasing numbers of young people are now stepping forward to say that they very much regret the hormonal and surgical gender transitions about which they were once so certain would solve their problems. Yet the media and politicians in the US will barely talk about them because of the aggressive, sometimes criminal, harassment that follows anyone who dissents from the baffling idea that there are human beings who have somehow ended up in the “wrong body.”

Since you can’t be considered alive without a body, saying that one’s body is “wrong” sounds curiously close to making a wrongful-life claim. Is this a belief of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, about children in their state, that they’re willing to stake their reputation on?

“Puberty blockers” involve the use of a chemical cocktail on children that slowly, steadily, closes the one and only window for healthy pubertal development that any person ever gets, in some cases putting 14-year-old girls into menopause.  Why is it so good for business to boldly assert that one supports their use, except for the doctors and drug companies directly profiting from it? Why is it good for business, except for the hospitals and clinics getting paid for the procedures, to cut off a healthy girl’s breasts, or flay a healthy boy’s testicles and invert his penis?

Moreover, why should the state leave a door open for doctors to do these things to children based on what seem to be suicide threats? As expected, opponents of the VCPA found a child to come suggest to legislators that they would not have survived a teenage mental health crisis without the drugs under consideration, and parents willing to come in and issue oblique suicide threats on behalf of their children.

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder, and no mentally healthy person has ever suggested that we treat this all-consuming death wish by mandating that doctors assist patients with further weight loss and starvation. Other patients with mental health conditions that lead to suicidal ideation are not treated by doctors simply doing whatever they want, nor is there any mandate in policy or custom for doctors and parents to agree with them at all times. People who wish to harm themselves often want things that won’t make them any better, and indeed, the data from the public Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in the UK indicates that girls treated with cross-sex hormones for gender identity disorders reported an increase in self-harm attempts to their doctors.

Why is it so good for business to be led around by people making suicide threats? By definition, someone making a suicide threat has a distorted view of the world, their relationships with others, and the value of human life. We’re going to let people threatening self-harm run the government and economy, now?

It’s good for business to support these appalling human rights violations, and to support a mental health protocol that breaks with all ordinary precedent for dealing with people in crisis, because if you don’t, the ACLU will say terrible things about you, and maybe sue you.

The NCAA, an organization that rakes in vast profits on the backs of unpaid young athletes, mostly from low-income families and ethnically marginalized backgrounds, will snub you. . .

It took until 2014 for North Carolina’s role in sterilization abuses that ended in the 1970s to catch up with them, including the reported sterilization of one woman who, “wears men’s clothing all [the]time.” It’s unlikely that states will have to wait decades on this account.

Is the Chamber of Commerce going to help with the legal costs when masses of young women who hated their developing bodies and the way they were treated as girls — like one who stood up next to me in a DC library to tell her story last January — become old enough to start asking why they were allowed to cut off their breasts or permanently sterilize themselves as teens? When these young people become old enough to understand how immature they were when they were making these decisions, will Twitter and Facebook, who notoriously crackdown on gender-critical speech, be the parties on the hook for recriminations?

It’s the state governments and medical institutions who are going to be presented with this bill. “But Twitter said it was hate speech to say you can’t change sex, and the Chamber of Commerce said that not sterilizing kids is bad for business,” isn’t going to cut it in court, not when the mainstream media finally stops being scared to report on the scale of child medical experimentation that’s going on in the nation’s dozens of pediatric gender clinics. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2016 guidelines, which were written by a young gender activist named Gabe Murchison, who is not a doctor, aren’t going to look like a very good defense, either.

The facts are out there. The drug regimens and surgical procedures now being given to and performed on children to prevent and foreclose puberty, or to remove or stunt the development of healthy body parts, have had their risks publicly aired. The responsible parties have been very directly told what’s going on. There’s no plausible deniability.

When future courts ask state governments and medical institutions why they were willing to sterilize so many children who were known to be psychologically troubled, they’re going to have to hope they have a better answer than that they were afraid people would say mean things about them on social media. When the medical associations and doctors are asked why they learned nothing from the sterilization abuses of the past, what will they say for themselves?

(Excerpt from Uncommon Ground.  Article by Natasha Chart.)

761 People Prayed
7550 People have read this article

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  1. Lord God, give us your courage to face and defeat wickedness where ever it shows itself. We are at war, and many have died, their threats are not empty. We ask your protection on the 46 congressmen and women who stand with this bill to protect the children. We continue to pray that all wickedness on the Hill be rooted out and that our laws are upheld, that unborn babe and children would be protected by those laws. Give great courage to our leaders, have the ones already compromised step down and bring in a new batch of military to further live for the good of their country in Congress and then Senate. We continue to seek you for revival, and may it start with us. In Jesus name, Amen

  2. Lord God, we the Church need the help of the Holy Spirit guiding us as we read and see that which this nation is facing at an ever increasing and alarming level, we ask, What do we do? How do we respond? In my spirit it is mandatory that we pray intercessory prayers on a daily basis for our children in this nation; for those who are perpetrating this filth in the world; for our President and leaders at every level of Government who are attempting to curtail this kind of filth. Above all, Father we are fighting a force that is for above our ability to curtail unless You help us, so we say to you, “Come Lord God our Father and Creator of all mankind and send a Great Awakening to our Nation and World, opening the eyes of your people who are lukewarm and far from You and Your Ways. Forgive us of our sins and create a new heart within your people. These things I ask in Your Name, Amen!

  3. Dear Father in Heaven, I ask that you help guide those who are against this legislation to succeed in their goals; I also pray for those who also believe that children should not only be allowed to have their sex changed to other than what they were born as or to be sterilized, to feel the presence of the Lord and to turn from their wicked ideas. As it says in the Bible, “He created them, Male and Female”, and not any other combination but those two. I pray for this legislation in South Dakota be passed without any problems. I also pray for other states to do the same, to protect our innocent children from those who would try and change their current physical form or gender, or to make them sterile and never able to have children. God is the creator of the World and only He has the right to prevent people from having children, it is not up to anyone else. I pray this prayer in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach!

  4. Father God,
    Please protect children in the USA from these evil ideas and practices. Cause America’s children to grow up healthy and whole in body, soul and spirit.

    Than You for these legislators in South Dakota who are trying to protect the children in their state. Bless their efforts and grant them success.
    Give them courage and don’t let them cave in to the fear of man. Send Your angels to protect them, their families and their staffs. Grant them favor with their colleagues and their constituents.
    Please cause this legislation to pass and be signed into law by the governor. Cause the other 49 states to follow in this path to protect children.
    I ask all this in the Name of Jesus who loves children and told us that their angels continually see the face of His Father. Matthew 18:10 Amen.

  5. God created Man and Woman
    just as He planned and designated for each body to function. Not as “MAN” claims for each sex to or not to function. Nether is it up to “MAN” to take away inalienable rights given by our constitution.
    All you abusive, demeaning and hateful souls in South Dakota who were born with and have all their body parts, what right do you have to say that those who have no say over their bodies to have their bodies altered because of some mentally deranged idea to help line the medical professions pockets. How dare they.
    As Jesus said, “let he who has no sin cast the first stone,”
    Now, Let he who wants to cut up a child be the first to have his body cut up. We will see who gets in line first. Come one, come all, LGBTQ’s put your body where your mouth is along with those who wrote this cockamamie idea.

  6. This is a little off topic, and may seem farfetched, but…

    Let’s all comment to praying daily, for two weeks, for the LGBTQ+ population. Let’s ask the LORD to give them a week of spiritual reprieve beginning Sunday, Feb 16. Week 1: pray to that the enemy’s influence be silenced during the following week. Week 2: Offer more intersession, praise, and worship. Let blind eyes be opened and the shackles fall.

    -That there be no demonic influences on them from Sunday the 16th through Sunday the 23rd
    -That they would find godly, trustworthy influences
    -The Holy Spirit and holy angels would speak God’s word, and beautiful affirmations to them during this time
    -That the chains of the enemy would fall away
    -That they would be free, and each would serve the LORD with their whole heart and lead multitudes to Him.

    Please share this with others. It’s time for God’s glory to shine in America!
    … I prayed for a “silent time” for myself recently. I had two wonderful days without enemy distractions.

  7. Thank You LORD for hearing and for answering our prayers ~~~ and for doing above and beyond all that we can ever ask, think, or imagine, according to YOUR plans and purposes for each of us. In Jesus Name, amen and amen!

  8. Father, only you know the way to halt the invasion of your creations, the human being. Only you know the true depth of devastation that has been advancing into the realm of your plan for humanity. Father, we need your guidance and leading for wisdom and action. We beseech you, to open our eyes that we may see and our minds that we may comprehend the action you would have us to take and grant us the courage to stand and to STOP the evil and destruction of your perfect plan for mankind.

  9. As a former South Dakotan, I have prayed and will continue to pray that this legislation be passed and signed. Dear Heavenly Father, help us to know how to pray and how stand for Your creation of two genders, male and female. I pray that You will give courage and protection to the legislators in SD to stand for what is right and good in Your sight. In Your Holy name Jesus,I pray. Amen

  10. From Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
    The far-Left wants to rip apart:

    The rights of parents to determine what, when, and how their children are taught about sex, marriage, and other values issues;
    The rights of women and girls to safety and privacy — and to not be forced to share their bathrooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms with biological males;
    The rights of faith-based businesses and organizations to operate according to orthodox biblical values;
    The rights of pro-life Americans to not have their tax dollars pay for abortions or fund abortion providers;
    The rights of believers to live out their faith in every aspect of their lives, including the workplace;
    And much, much more.
    In effect, there are many on the Left who want to tear apart the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the authority of God’s Word.

    But Family Research Council will never back down.

    1. The sons and daughters of Satan are in full attack mode to overturn God’s perfectly ordained creation. It’s part of the the apostasy written
      “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”- 2 Thessalonians 2:3. We need to keep pushing back their attempts until Jesus Christ comes for us.

  11. The Lord promises to deal with this evil.

    “Hear this, O ye that swallow up the needy, even to make the poor of the land to fail, Saying, When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn? and the sabbath, that we may set forth wheat, making the ephah small, and the shekel great, and falsifying the balances by deceit? That we may buy the poor for silver, and the needy for a pair of shoes; yea, and sell the refuse of the wheat? The Lord hath sworn by the excellency of Jacob, Surely I will never forget any of their works. Shall not the land tremble for this, and every one mourn that dwelleth therein? and it shall rise up wholly as a flood; and it shall be cast out and drowned, as by the flood of Egypt.” – Amos 8:4-8

    1. I pray that this madness will stop and the whole world will wake up to see this it is wrong to have a sex change ..that it is wrong to think there is more than two genders..I pray that at God will wake everyone up to see how crazy and insane this is and I pray that God would bother everyone in this sin and Grant repentance and provide a pathway out if this insanity..I pray that careful love and patience will be attached to this process..but I pray for a global awakening to the fact that there are only two genders make and female and I pray for a huge push back to push these ungodly ideologies that promote anything but two genders out of societal thought. God help us see how insane this all is Fatter God help us wake us up and heal us from all of this gender hysteria. Please pass this bill in South Dakota and many more like it. Protect the children. Help us God we can’t do it on our own we need you to step in and intervene. Rend the heavens and come show your self strong on behalf of your people your creation us preserve us you created us make and female let the reality of this Co e back to mainstream thought around the globe and let any thought that thinks there is more than two genders make and female be considered insane mental disorders Please help us God in Jesus name please help us?

  12. Lord please help. We need You to be a part of this issue. You have created two genders. Parents, doctors, drug companies,businesses, the ACLU and others who go for this unnatural nonsense must be stopped. Lord please push back upon those who oppose Your plans. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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