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God, we thank You for the rich history of our nation and the brave men who founded it. Protect our history and our founders from these perverse measures.

How much of our history will be wiped away by the woke mob in the pursuit of a twisted form of racial “justice?”

From Breitbart. New York City is considering a measure that would essentially remove statues of Founding Fathers such as George Washington …

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According to a list found in New York City’s council agenda for Tuesday, September 19, officials will consider a bill that would:

…require the Public Design Commission (PDC) to publish a plan to remove works of art on City property that depict a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefitted economically from slavery, or who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity.

Under this criteria, the Father of the Nation’s depictions could get the boot, including the famous statue in Union Square Park. …

According to the bill, if the PDC opts not to remove a work of art of an individual who fits the criteria, it would be required to “include in the plan steps it will take to install an explanatory plaque next to the work of art.” …

Other items on the agenda include bills to “require the Commission on Racial Equity to establish a Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation process in connection with the City’s historic involvement in slavery” and “require the Chief Equity Officer to create an anti-racism training for employees of human services contractors.” …

What do you think of this measure? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Dave Lowe on Unsplash)

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Peg B
September 23, 2023

Heavenly Father, we so rely on our rock, Jesus Christ, our counselor Holy Spirit and Your impeccable word that will remain forever. What a mighty fortress which defends us against the evils acts of this world. Let each member at the PDC hear Your word found in Luke 6:41-42 and practice it. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, “Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye”, when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” How can the PDC call the acts of another man evil, when the doctrine of Marxism enshrined in DEI s evil and corrupt and has tortured both men and women in the past? DEI was founded on false and wicked teaching, not on God’s divine counsel. By Your divine presence LORD, let this scheduled meeting under false counsel come to no avail. Let Your Holy presence within that meeting be palpable, causing evil to quake and salvation to come. Thank You Father for hearing our prayers and answering them as only You can.! In Jesus glorious name. Amen.

Susan CC
September 22, 2023

State Considers Removing Washington Statue??????
Matthew 12:25

Dear Abba Father, You are the Ancient of Days and each and every day is Yours. I am praying each attempt to rewrite history is removed from consideration. I am praying that the deluded plans and efforts of Washington State and all other states who work in vain to erase history, will fail. History cannot be changed but hearts can be and that is my final prayer Lord. In these days of confusion and dissension, change hearts, heal hearts, and for those whose continue to remain hardened, have Your way. I am asking for unity, in the Name of Jesus Christ who tells us “every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction, no city or house divided against itself will stand.” May all of our states be united, in Christ. Amen

September 22, 2023

It is written, “It shall not stand; It shall not to pass.” Isaiah 7:7, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Anndre Dove
September 22, 2023

Who is judging who did what from the past? Is there anyone alive who knows all the actions that George Washington did and his heart? Who is without sin among us? There should be prayer and restoration and not tearing things down. It should be used for instruction. We all have sinned and fall short but there is redemption and restoration through Christ. Maybe erecting a statue to others that made a difference in the fight against slavery. Also, holding a prayer, repentance and restoration ceremony to heal our land. Christians in New York need to voice their opinion and ideas. We are doomed to repeat the past if we don’t learn from it.

September 22, 2023

I’m black and I love American history and am very glad to be American!
So, Fact: Obama overthrew Quaddaffi and now Libya is selling people as literal slaves….(look it up), so maybe since America’s slavery has been over since the Civil War and NO ONE here is selling slaves, and we have been desegregated since the 60s, we should leave George Washington and all of our statues alone! History isn’t perfect, because it is made by imperfect people FATHER!
LEAVE IT ALONE! FATHER GOD please just stop these lying crazies in our government, both local, state, and federal from making laws and declarations to change our country without all of us voting for it! Also, please remove every last one of these evil people from public office forever in JESUS NAME! Amen!


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