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Lord, protect our nation from further destruction and evil. Help our nation's leaders to seek Your face in their decisions.

Disturbing parallels can be drawn between the United States and the Soviet bloc of Eastern Europe, commentator and bestselling author Rod Dreher says.

Dreher, a senior editor at The American Conservative, received a phone call in 2015 that sent him on a journey to investigate whether America is losing its freedoms in the same way that Eastern Europe lost its liberty to the Soviet Union. What he found inspired his latest book, “Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents.

Dreher joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the book and what the future may hold if Americans do not stand against the agenda of the radical left.

Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript.

Rob Bluey: We are joined on “The Daily Signal Podcast” today by Rod Dreher, author of the new book, “Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents.” Rod, it’s great to have you. Thanks so much for joining us.

Rod Dreher: Glad to be here, Rob.

Bluey: First, congratulations on the success of the book. It’s already a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon and it’s certainly provoking some much-needed discussion about the situation that we face in America today.

I was struck by your introduction and the interviews you’ve done. You talk about embarking on this project after receiving a phone call from a complete stranger. Can you tell us what it was about that call that alarmed you and led you to write “Live Not by Lies“?

Dreher: Sure. This was back in 2015 just before the Obergefell ruling. And your listeners might remember that the state of Indiana passed a state version of the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and it caused corporate America to come down with like a ton of bricks on the state of Indiana.

In particular, there was a little evangelical pizza parlor, evangelical-owned pizza parlor, in small-town Indiana where a TV reporter went and asked the owners, “Would you cater a gay wedding?” And they said, “No, that would be against our conscience. We would serve gay customers. We wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.”

That led to this little pizza parlor receiving hatred from all over the country—death threats, threats of burning them down—and they had to shut the place down.

Well, that sort of thing prompted a phone call from a prominent physician in Minnesota. He called me and said that his elderly mother had been watching all this on TV and told him, “Son, the things I’m seeing happen here in this country now remind me of what I left behind in Czechoslovakia.”

Now, he said his mom is an immigrant to this country, that when she was a young woman, she was put in prison for six years in Czechoslovakia for her Catholic faith. And the fact that this woman in her last years in the land of the free is seeing things happen here that remind her of what she left behind was pretty chilling.

And the doctor called and said, “Look, I don’t know you, but I feel like I need to tell somebody.” Well, Rob, what I did after that was I thought, “This sounds pretty alarming, but my mother’s old too, watches a lot of cable news. Maybe the old lady is really kind of exaggerating.”

So I started checking with people I know who immigrated from or defected in one case from the Soviet bloc and asked them, “Is this Czech lady, is she seeing things as they are?” Every single one of these people, Rob, said, “Absolutely.”

They’re seeing the tyranny of woke culture and cancel culture rise in this country. And they say they can’t believe that Americans won’t pay attention to them and don’t see what’s happening.

Bluey: You said you received that call in 2015 and here we are, fast forward to 2020, five years later, did you imagine at that time and as you’ve worked on the book that we would find ourselves in the situation that we do today in America? I mean, it seems that so much has just transpired in the last five years and frankly, that warning has come true.

Dreher: Yeah, it was prescient. Look, not only the last five years, Rob, but the last five months.

When I finished the manuscript for this book and turned it into my publisher back in early March, I remember thinking, “How am I going to sell this to people? How am I going to convince my fellow Americans that what these people who survived communism are seeing happen in this country really is true?” . . .

By the time this book came out this week, I thought, “You know what? I don’t need to convince people.” All you have to do is watch TV, follow the news online, and you can see that what these anti-communist dissidents are saying really is true.

Bluey: You mentioned that in order to write the book you spoke to men and women who had once lived under communism, and we’ve had the opportunity to tell some of those similar stories right here on “The Daily Signal Podcast.” And I know that they are incredibly powerful voices. Was there a common theme that you heard from them and something that you want to share with our listeners in terms of their warning?

Dreher: Yeah. The second half of my book “Live Not by Lies” is filled with stories from people in Russia and the former Eastern bloc nations telling about what they’ve been through and giving advice to Americans.

The two most important pieces of advice that I believe they had to offer was, first of all, the importance of solidarity, small group solidarity.

I didn’t expect this before I went over there, but over and over again I heard that this kept people from going crazy. Just being around other people, even small numbers of people who could see the truth and who are not willing to suffer for the truth really kept them hopeful. . . .

Bluey: Well, I want to get to soft totalitarianism in just a moment, but to pick up on what you just said, Rod, I heard you talk about this on Tucker Carlson’s show recently and it really struck me that we have in some ways become really soft and comfortable in the United States.

I’m wondering if there are things that we should be not only preparing for, but different ways in which these other people that you spoke to talked about, how as Americans we might prepare for what’s to come and how do we not become so soft and comfortable in this situation that we find ourselves in today?

Dreher: Well, look, all of us in America, myself included, we are really soft and fat and happy because we’ve been free and prosperous for so long. Then we’ve lulled ourselves, especially among conservatives, into thinking that it couldn’t happen here in the land of the free and the brave that eventually the good people of America are going to stand up to all this.

Well, look, I hope it happens too, but we can’t count on it, especially when we look at the research on that that has come out about millennials and Generation Z, about how little they know about communism and how little they value free speech and freedom of religion.

So I think we need to prepare ourselves for the fact that it could cost us our jobs to hold onto our faith. The first thing we need to do is get red-pilled in a way and to see things as they are and see things as these refugees from communism see them, just so we won’t be surprised when this stuff hits.

And secondly, we need to start building these networks of mutual support, prayer support, as well as material support for when the day comes when our people start losing their jobs.

It’s important to get these networks in place right now, Rob, because, as Father Kolakovic said, we have to use the time when we’re free to prepare because the day’s going to come when we won’t have those freedoms.

Bluey: So, Rod, you recently wrote that “America is sleepwalking into soft totalitarianism.” You mentioned this before. You also said, “If we ignore the prophetic voices of those who survived communism, we deserve what we get.”

You’ve described this soft totalitarianism [as] something other than what we traditionally think of with totalitarianism. Can you unpack it for us and explain what you mean?

Dreher: Sure. In America, our idea of totalitarianism is conditioned by our memory of the Cold War and Soviet persecution, as well as George Orwell’s “1984.”

In the Orwellian, Soviet, Stalinist society, the state controlled people by inflicting pain and terror on them. But in the soft totalitarianism that I see coming here, the state will control people—and not only states, but even more importantly, corporations and institutions like universities will control people by manipulating their access to the economy and to status and to all the markers of middle-class life.

They won’t need the gulags to force conformity on us. We’ll do it because we can’t stand the idea of losing our jobs. And look, I don’t mean to make light of that. It’s huge to lose your job, it’s massive, but this is how it’s going to happen. We see it happening right now. . . .

Rob Bluey: Yeah, no, we have seen it firsthand. I mean, The Daily Signal has published things … just recently an article on climate change fact-checked by somebody at Science Feedback and Facebook and a video produced on some of the issues regarding transgenderism via video with a doctor, a pediatrician talking about some of the dangers associated with giving a young children puberty blockers, blocked on YouTube. So we’re seeing it firsthand ourselves.

And you write in the book that the United States could soon have its own version of China’s high-tech social credit system. I’d like you to explain more of that, but you also talked about cancel culture, the rush to condemn others’ views that might not align with your own people, losing their jobs, businesses.

This is really a frightening situation, I think, to many Americans and for those who haven’t faced it directly, certainly something that they need to be prepared for.

Dreher: Oh, sure. And one of the things that I heard over and over again from these people who lived in the communist countries is that the state would whip up mobs against people to harass them, to drive them out, to make them fear for their lives, all to uphold a totalitarian ideology.

So when this woman, this elderly Czech woman, saw this cancel culture mob coming from Memories Pizza, she knew what she was looking at, but this wasn’t something sent by the state. Again, this is something arising out of social media, arising, in some cases, out of universities and out of major companies. . . .

Bluey: And in recent months we’ve certainly seen corporations, sports teams, universities, and the media embrace things like Black Lives Matter, the 1619 Project, and critical race theory. It’s been dominating so much of our culture of late.

We’ve also seen a forceful pushback though. I mean, Black Lives Matter recently scrubbed its website of its Marxist beliefs and The New York Times quietly edited the 1619 Project. President Trump just banned critical race theory from federal government offices. But at the same time, it seems like it’s a constant battle we’re in.

Do you have any encouragement about the recent pushback we’ve seen from Americans? And what are some of the other steps and advice that you have for them and what they can personally do about it?

Dreher: Sure. Well, yeah, I’m really encouraged by what President Trump did with critical race theory and that’s thanks to the tireless efforts of Christopher Rufo to bring it to his attention and bring it to the nation’s attention. And I think these things are fantastic. . . .

Rob Bluey: Rod, I’m so glad that you brought that up. I graduated from journalism school nearly 20 years ago at a very liberal college, Ithaca College, in upstate New York. And sadly, I saw then professors guiding students in this direction.

Now I think many of them are probably in leadership positions at these media companies and we’re seeing the consequences of that—not just in the media, as you said, but across the landscape.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to help create The Daily Signal. I think it’s one of the reasons you wrote “Live Not by Lies” and why you do the type of journalism that you do.

So when it comes to the media specifically, it seems like there’s great frustration and also a lack of trust with the media. But what are some of the other things that we as conservatives or Christians should be thinking about doing and using our platforms to spread this message?

Dreher: Yes, and thank God for The Daily Signal and for Tucker Carlson and for alternative media.

Right now, we have the liberty to spread the message and we should. We should never let up on it because we have to wake our own people up. And even sympathetic liberals, Rob, who are suffering now, they never thought they would. They thought they were on the right side, but you can never stay on the right side of the woke. They’re going to come after sympathetic liberals too. . . . .

Bluey: Rod, I’d like to shift for a moment to talk about the role of faith and religion. You write in the book that we’re living in a post-Christian world. And I personally see this and the growing number of young people who don’t believe, and also in the hostility toward those who have Christian beliefs.

I think you can look no further than the attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett and what she’s facing. She awaits her confirmation hearings before the Senate. Why should this be of concern to us, these attacks on faith?

Dreher: I say the Amy Coney Barrett nomination has been what I call an apocalyptic moment. Now, the word “apocalypse” in the original Greek means an unveiling. What it has unveiled is the deep contempt, the incomprehension as well as contempt that so many in this culture have for faithful Christians.

Somebody like Amy Coney Barrett would have been completely par for the course 20 years ago in most of America. And even still in a place like where I live, Louisiana, she still lives, but not in the elite centers and not, sad to say, even among young people in red America.

So, I think that Christians are seen and will be seen as the last obstacle barring the completion of the sexual revolution. . . .

Bluey: In the book you quote Pope Benedict and you talk about this as a profoundly anti-Christian militancy. It really is shocking … and discouraging in some respects to see the poll numbers of those who don’t believe or who have walked away.

But also, I want to ask you about this because I had a personal experience just recently. I was shocked to hear a sermon from a rector promoting the concepts of critical race theory. So it’s not just the lay parishioners, but it’s also the church leaders who are promoting it.

What’s your advice to people of faith as we work within our own Christian communities to help fellow believers confront some of the lies that we’re being told on a host of these issues?

Dreher: Man, that is so depressing, but it’s true. I’m hearing this from a lot of my conservative evangelical friends, that wokeness and, [in] particular, critical race theory is cutting right through their communities. . . .

(Excerpt from The Daily Signal. Article by Rob Bluey. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

What similarities do you see?

274 People Prayed
676 People have read this article

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  1. The more we know the less deceived we will be. God is a God of TRUTH. The devil is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. Please, please, Lord God, keep revealing these terrible things. Your revelation will bring things to the light that the enemy is trying to grow in the dark. I pray that Your light will dispel the darkness, and the plans of the enemy will be stopped in the name of Jesus.
    You, o’Lord, have given us authority to take down strongholds and silence the enemy, in the name of Your Son, Jesus, may it be so.

  2. Father-God:
    Thank You for who You Are. Thank You for this scary but true article.
    Thank you for forgiving us and Thank You that you awaken the Church. Help us to carry out the duty that You have planned for America. So that the future generation of America able to enjoy as per Constitution, the FREEDOM that YOU gave. Let us the Church as individual and corporate unite and dare to stand like Daniels and able to withstand all the world attack or influence because we CHOOSE to draw close to you daily.
    Your will be done Father-God. Your perfect will for America.


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