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Lord, all across the nation students, travelers, and employees are being asked to get Covid vaccines. We ask You to preserve our medical and religious freedom.

A legal team at William J. Olson, P.C. has confirmed dispatching letters to the chiefs of colleges and universities across Virginia suggesting – strongly – that they withdraw their demands for students to take the experimental COVID vaccines.

“Before your students are harmed or killed,” warns the letter, which was sent on behalf of the Center for Medical Freedom, Health Freedom Virginia, Virginia Coalition for Medical Freedom, CNU Parent Covid-19 Mandate Concerns, University Parents for Informed Consent, Students for Medical Freedom, Virginia Tech Freedom of Choice, JMU Freedom of Choice Parents, Virginia Freedom Keepers, The Virginia Project, America’s Future and Students for America.

“There are many thousands of students who have been planning to attend Virginia colleges and universities this fall, but who refuse to yield to mandates that they first participate in unmonitored experimental genetic therapy by taking the COVID-19 vaccines,” the letter explains. “You institution’s policy of putting these students, and their parents, in an untenable situation, where they must choose between accepting the significant risk of bodily injury, possible lifelong disability, or death or continue their education at your institution.”

A “statistically significant number” of those students who take the shot “will be harmed seriously, and some may die,” the letter warns. “Moreover, a policy of coercion can impose on your institution great responsibility, as well as liability.”

It advises that the federal government has refused to adopt those same “draconian” policies,  evidenced by decisions by the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention against that move.

Nor has the military demanded it.

Further, the letter notes new information, available in just the past few weeks, suggests a link between the Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis. It explains in the U.K. medical experts advised the suspension of COVID vaccinations because of the number of “adverse events” that were reported.

Limits also were recommended in Germany, and the American Academy of Pediatrics said there were 226 confirmed myocarditis or pericarditis cases in young people after a COVID-19 vaccine. . . .

The vaccines currently allowed by the Food and Drug Administration also all are allowed under “emergency use” authorizations. Except one that was delayed for “additional data” and another that was “discontinued.”

The letter goes directly to the science of the argument: “The vaccines have not been shown to be effective for their intended use, and the benefits of the vaccine have not been shown to outweigh the risks.”

America’s VAERS system, which documents complications and side effects of treatments, had gotten 326,239 event reports for “a range of adverse events,” the letter said.

Nearly 5,000 of those situations resulted in death.

Also, inoculations are unneeded due “to the availability of successful treatments,” the letter said, citing Ivermectin, which was found to obliterate 97% of the cases in a Delhi study.

“It is a violation of bio-ethics to coerce use of an experimental drug,” the letter added, citing the Nuremberg Code, which followed World War II and made clear experimentation on unwilling subjects is not allowed.

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

And the schools have no right to mandate the use of products “developed or manufactured using aborted fetal tissue,” the letter explains. “We respectfully, but in the strongest possible terms, urge you to reconsider and then revoke your policy mandating an experimental COVID-19 inoculation for students or staff.”

There’s also a website, Center for Medical Freedom, a project of the Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund, that provides documentation about vaccines, studies on them, and details about “The other side of the narrative.”

Do you think universities have the right to demand all students to get COVID vaccines? Let us know your thoughts and prayers for America in the comments below!

Click the links to read the official legal letter sent to both Public and Private Colleges

Vax Letter to All Public Colleges as sent

Vax Letter to All Private Colleges as sent

(Excerpt from WND. Article written by Bob Unruh. Photo by UnSplash)

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July 1, 2021

Listen to the program on Daystar, “Ministry Now” and you will hear truth about these vaccines from Dr. Peter McCullough, who is a cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist. Daystar has had many, many doctors, scientists, etc. on their network, to bring the information,and the truth, to all of us.

    July 1, 2021

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you Dr. McCullough was on last night, June 30th! Many others have been on since Covid began.

    July 7, 2021

    Love Dr McCullough! I am part of one of the groups working with William Olson and we are connected with Dr McCullough on this fight! So thankful for people like these doctors and lawyers who are willing to push against the narrative to declare truth! ♥️

      July 7, 2021

      I totally agree, Lori! We need more brave, truthful, doctors like Dr. McCullough! Thank you, too, for what you are doing. May God bless you abundantly!

July 1, 2021

This is appalling but I’m not surprised. No wonder Jesus said that the love of money is the root of all evil. He certainly is right. And I think, putting it in a nutshell, this is about profit, power, and control.

July 1, 2021

It is clear to see that those institutions are getting some sort of kick back or funding to promote such nonsense. Until the American people.. the world for that matter start speaking up and pushing back .. this is what we are going to be threatened with . IF those parents.. refused to accept this . and pulled their kids out. how would this college exist ? We the people have power.. use it !Blindly accepting an experimental vaccination that changes DNA is a risk and they should all be held liable .. if they continue to administer and force the issue. This is not legal nor should it be tolerated.

July 1, 2021

Yes, I do feel they have the right. If not, anyone that is not vaccinated should not be allowed to live on campus and should be required to wear a mask unless they are outdoors. Better yet, have to take classes online.

    July 1, 2021

    You are misinformed about the virus and how this all works. Sadly this leads to injury when not fully comprehending what you are doing. the vaccinated.. or those choosing vaccination protects them correct ? DO you know the inredients in these vaccinations? If not why ? Are you ok with aborted fetal tissue being injected into your body .. ?Are you ok with altering your God given DNA ? Why are people blindly accepting what others tell them to do .. fear is of the devil.. but truth is power.. You are off base in how the nature of this virus even exists. Why do you need a vaccine for something that has a 99.7 % survival rate ? Did God give you an immune system ? Those compromised need to take their own precautions .. the rest need to live life.. ridiculous that lack of knowledge has so many putting their bodies in harms way .

    Lisa Aug.
    July 5, 2021

    Just for the record, this person “Lisa” is not me.. I don’t agree with her views on this particular topic, so when i post from now on here, i will post ‘Lisa Aug” instead.

    With that being said, I continue to wear a mask while in public because i’ve read some good articles (which happen to be pro-vaccine) stating that those who do get vaccinated can still pass on COVID-19 to others regardless. Also, many who’ve gotten vaccinated were surprised to find out that they ended up getting COVID-19 later anyway. The vaccine is still in it’s experimental stages and only having been pushed out far too quickly due to it being a ‘pandemic” vaccine.

    I’ve also read that those who are vaccinated keep shedding the COVID-bacteria from their bodies, so i would still wear a mask and keep my hands washed– never putting them to my eyes, nose or mouth unless clean, regardless, just for that fact alone.

    Do I agree with the schools having a right to mandate vaccines? definitely not. I never even agreed with schools requiring the Gardasil vaccine years ago either and there were many deaths and injuries caused by that vaccine.. Some vaccines are necessary when we are children, but this one, I feel, is being pushed on everyone -even those who may not really need it for themselves, and will probably still spread COVID-19 virus microbes everywhere they go regardless if they are vaccinated or not.

    I think that vaccine requirements on the young are “overkill” as the majority of young people are not as adversely affected by COVID-19 except for the few who have serious underlying conditions. Most of the people who really suffer from COVID are the older people with the underlying conditions. My 17 year old nephew got COVID twice, and reccoverd without medicine. The last time he got it, he hadn’t even known he had it and had no symptoms. He found out after getting tests done to enter the Navy after graduation.

    I do agree with Lisa that wearing a mask around others is wise., and online classes for those who have any type of illness- We still have online services in our church for those who may be feeling “under the weather”, in case it is something they may spread to others.

July 1, 2021

Dear Lord, I pray that You would protect our medical and religious freedoms. I pray also that the vaccines will Not become mandated and persons be forced to take it against their will. There seems to be something very sinister behind the entire vaccine agenda, and I really believe a lot of information is being suppressed regarding it. The decision should be a right to choose. In Jesus Holy and Precious name, Amen.

July 1, 2021

Lord God,

Reveal the Truth. You are God and if these vaccines are not safe or are being used to control and manipulate people, please protect us. I am in the travel business and proof of vaccination of certain diseases has been a requirement for many years. If going on a mission trip to Africa or South America one must be vaccinated for malaria and other diseases. Lord, please protect those of us who have received the vaccine or will be forced for reasons such as employment, travel or getting out and about in our communities. You are greater! You are more powerful than any disease and Your Word tells us that You have already determined the lengths of our days (Job 14:5, Psalm 139:16). Nothing will happens to us outside Your sovereign hands. Lord God, grant peace to Your people. Grow our faith that we may stand firm on Your Truth without fear! You remind us 365 times in Your Word to “FEAR NOT” one for everyday! Help us to recall Your promises and Your faithfulness to us through all generations (Psalm 119:90 and Psalm 100:5). Thank You for being a God that is trustworthy, all powerful, faithful, loving and everlasting. You never change and Your Love endures forever! “Give thanks to the Lord of heaven, for His steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm 136:23-26). In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

July 1, 2021

Father God would You be a shield around the children please. Thank You for continuing to bring Truth to light. Thank You for waking up the ones leading and making decisions about vaccines at schools, colleges and universities. Please Lord would You please intervene and protect as only You can. You know all and see all. We appeal to You. In Your powerful Name Jesus

Carole Ann Neve
July 1, 2021

The universities and colleges do not have the right to mandate the experimental vaccines designated for emergency use only. The parents have a choice to make in sending their children to these colleges and universities. Is it worth taking the jab for their health and liveliness? I think there are other options to follow and lead the charge personally.


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