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In a recent Facebook post, I wanted to address the ongoing divide between those who support President Trump’s leadership and those who do not. Given his unorthodox style and sometimes offensive Twitter commentary, I asked how believers were dealing with this. How were they seeing God at work? I asked them to share their personal observations and what suggestions they may have in bringing the body of Christ together concerning God’s purposes in this divisive season.

There were 387 comments shared, most of them positive. Here are but a few of the comments that reveal, not only how other Christians are perceiving things, but how we can better pray for the President and the body of Christ in the coming months.

To add to the conversation, feel free to leave your comment at the end or a special prayer concerning this issue…

Karen D: I once told someone that I have to vote with Biblical values…No man is perfect, but what does he or she believe in? What do they stand for? And, do I sit back on election day, and not let my voice be heard? By doing so, I’m allowing the country to go in a direction that’s totally against what I believe in…

Karen V: Christians who enter into the debate of bad behavior slip into the flesh and lose Kingdom perspective…I appreciate the godly people around Trump who continue to engage, speak into his life, influence him.

Patti S: I find Christians and unbelievers questioning his character to be odd. Look at past world leaders…most of them were evil! This is Satan’s playground. The fact that we have a flawed leader who has stood for righteousness should intrigue us and lead us to seek God’s mind on this and pray for him and the souls of every person in our nation. God is doing something far greater than we can think or imagine. Instead of trying to figure out President Trump, we should all be seeking to know God and allowing Him to use these times to turn our hearts to Him.

Rachel F: I believe facts should speak for themselves. But we all know that has not been the case for anybody the elections the past decade or so. It’s who can attack the other’s character more. We need prayer to remove the blinders and for truth to come to light.

Ann J: I’m one who has serious concerns about Trump and I am looking for a more moderate voice. I am not pushing a liberal candidate, but I’d like to see a conservative perspective that calls for higher standards rather than championing 100% of what Trump does and says.

Sherry S: Trump is the much needed strong “D” personality trait for this time in our history. There are lawmakers in high places of government that are attempting to fracture, to bring fissures in the rule of law, & our constitution. 

Ana G: The alternative is death for babies, open borders, decimated military, socialism. Do you think God would prefer you vote for that? Not me. Let the Holy Spirit deal with the things he wants to alter in Trump. Pray for the man!

Gail S: First we are to pray for those in authority. We need to be aware of the platforms of each party to realize what is at stake! Yes, the President is God’s workmanship in progress – so are we! The President stands for Christians, Israel, life, and prayer. He has just gone through what no other President has had to endure and by God’s Grace was kept and still made progress!

Danielle F:  I get questioned as a Christian, woman of color, and an immigrant on how I can support him. Even though I don’t share their opinions, I understand the concerns. I make sure I come with humility, grace, and do my best to articulate my point of view with minimal emotions, nor come in a condescending manner. Many of the “anti-Trumpers” I know are not bad, they are blind. I refuse to be a person who denies the facts to suit my opinion. Otherwise, that makes me no different than the liberal mentality I vehemently oppose. 

Rosalyn H: The tape is sticky on both sides. If he were any of your children, I know you would sit him down and have an intervention style conversation about his motives, moral role model, slanderous remarks. Even the bible speaks to it…to love but with wrong motivation is to miss the mark. Simply view him from the perspective of being the kind of man your daughter could have brought home…then call Trump out. Words kill, steal and destroy…and God is not pleased.

Brandon S: I say call balls and strikes. Point out where he’s right, where he missed it. But also highlight the GRAVE evils the other side enthusiastically supports but is never called out on by the powers that be. While people faint over Trump’s rude antics on Twitter, the left is sterilizing children, aborting them at moment of birth… Give me a rude and clumsy man who puts forth good policies over a polite, silver-tongued professional who advocates evil ANY day of the week.

Kelita D: I say this- I didn’t vote for a pastor I voted for a man who could get this country back on track….He’s done more for faith and America than any other president. I pray for him. God says pray for our leaders.

Nkem M (Nigerian): Your President is a man of strong will and strong character, l would say, your nation is somewhat blessed to have such as he is for these times. He’s going through a lot; spiritually and physically more than human eyes can tell. He needs so much prayers and solid support. But for God and his relentlessness, the opposition would have swallowed him.

Jane V: I am coming to understand that many things we perceive as his flaws, are character traits that God is using for His purposes! President Trump is willing to be fearless, bold, brash, and politically incorrect. These are the very things that are necessary in order for things to change.

Cathy C: I believe God chose President Trump partly to reveal what is in people’s hearts. The plumb line in the Spirit has already dropped. Hebrews 4:12,13.

Shannon S: He’s been more bold culturally for what is good and true then many of the “leaders” in the church… I believe God is revealing what’s in OUR hearts more so than revealing anything about President Trump.

Mistery O:  I’m not an American citizen, but I personally believe He is God’s instrument for the USA and other assignments. The funny thing is, he may not be so “religiously” correct, but he has the zeal and fire that Christians lack. If God could take Saul and use him as Apostle Paul so be it.

Sylvia P: Words are cheap but what is needed in this hour in world history is strong leadership that advances righteousness and biblical standards, whether that leadership looks Christian or looks a little uncouth. Time for Christians to mature and ask to be able to see with God’s view of things.

Cindy L: Do we just want another President that has eloquent speech and a suave demeanor? I know that I am not impressed any longer with man’s swelling words and empty promises. I’m looking at actions. Because actions speak louder than words.

Trevor J: I am from Africa and as a believer I am shocked at how the body of Christ in America has become so numb to His voice. 50, maybe even 10 years from now we will all look back and realize Donald Trump was a man raised by God for such a time as this for the sake of God’s people, Israel ,and the church.

Rosemarie O: God has given a reprieve from the globalist agenda through the leadership of this man. It is only God who can take down the strongholds of hatred and media deception that reveal more about the character of our people than the character of our president. Lord have mercy and give us more time.

Lasia L: Perceiving things, situations, events, and people through the eyes of the Spirit of God in this era of new beginnings is critical…Mindsets of the former seasons and times must change radically when we are dealing with the destiny of the nation. 

What do you think? Weigh in by leaving a comment.

302 People Prayed
5383 People have read this article

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  1. God is Sovereign. He chooses leaders and places them in authority. It is our great privilege and responsibility to pray for our President and those in leadership positions. A prayer I have specifically prayed is that our President’s language will honor God. Please join me in that prayer.

  2. I didn’t know who president trump was until I met him in my dream, it was my first time ever voting, but God told me to vote for him and I went and voted knowing that he is chosen by God. since then, I have not seen a single thing wrong with Him. the world hate the truth, trump cannot say a thing without people judging him for every word. as far as I know, all he has been doing and saying is the truth. he is a good man and a servant of God. Now therefore there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the fresh but in the Spirit. he is the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

  3. I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing Donald J. Trump to the presidency. I am very dismayed to find Christians who oppose him…even given his rough language at times. Can’t you see the bigger picture of where the country is getting saved from all the Anti-Christ policies previous administrations have given us. God has given our President the tenacity to resist the constant demons of hell and principalities and powers that have manifested in our land. How an we compare the smooth talking of Barack Obama who did so many demonic things like putting a gay flag over the white house, turning his literal back to Netanyahoo when he came to the white house, and announce that the first thing in his agenda would be financing Planned Parenthood?? I can see his compassionate and loving heart…but I am dumbfounded why other Christians cant see it. I think that as we pray earnestly and every day God Himself will visit him and draw Him closer to His heart. Scriptures declare we must honor and pray for our leaders. How about less criticism from Christians and more thankfulness and prayer. God changes things…not our ideas of “holding him accountable!!! Since we know it is God who puts in kings and takes them down (Daniel2)…why not agree and praise His choice and pray a bit harder due to the hordes of hell unleashed against our President and the country!! Praise is a mighty weapon. Criticism just like the the children of Israel will keep us out of the Promised Land!!

      1. I agree wholeheartedly….God has shown His kindness and great mercy with giving us this President…regardless of his flaws….he has been faithful to the call of God…governing in a way for this opportunity to give freely the message of Christ!
        Let us be faithful!

    1. I agree with all that you said. President Trump need to be the way he is to stand against the Hordes of Hell that are coming against him. He cannot afford to be a smooth talking wimp that let people walk all over him. God placed him in office for his purposes. As born again believers we are required to pray for those who are in authority. I find it a joy to pray for President Trump each time I pray. God has used him to accomplish what he put him in the office of the president to do. President Trump is a blessing this nation, and He is a blessing to the nation of Israel. I believe God is smiling down on him for those reasons.

  4. Our President is quite right in recognizing that he is the ‘chosen one’ for the job of restoring this nation back to its Republican roots that those who oppose it are desperately trying to pull those roots up. This man has not been picked out of a lineup. He was groomed for this job from the foundation of the world, just like each one of us who have been chosen by our Maker to be manifesting the greatness our Creator put with in each individual to impact the world for righteousness and justice. We are fighting a spiritual war, people of God. Our President is on the front line leading us to a God-ordained victory. But war cannot be fought by one individual. We must also fight with our prayers, our financial support, our action in helping our President to get re-elected. We must be in “unity of purpose” with him and with our Creator’s plans for the hope of our future here in this nation first, then for the nations who are struggling to be godly participants in the global plan of things. The truth of this fight is that there is and has been very much evil and wickedness going on against humanity and plans for continued demise of it in so very many forms. Yes, we all were in the darkness of wickedness and evil before we saw and received the LIGHT. We understand what wicked is because we were once in it. Those who reject the LIGHT are working feverishly to rid themselves of all light. They love their wickedness and want to keep it hidden in the darkness as they have been doing for decades and longer controlling people. But, we want to see America restored to the greatness that it had and was intended to have. Our unity of purpose and trust in our Creator is why we are here in this time of history…to fulfill the Kingdom of heaven to be on earth. The higher purpose is for us individually to do the will of God so the Father can help us to rid the earth of the evil forces that are permitted by individuals. He, Father, plans to dwell with us. He has to prepare the place and we are His helpers. Let us do our part to expose the truth whatever way we know how. Expose the tragedies that others are doing to our children in abuses which are leading them to death, deceptions, seductions, outright lies and coverups. We must stand for moral ethics that are right and good for humanity. The pettiness of picking on our President for believers, opens the door to allow the enemy of our souls to wreak havoc in our lives and bring us to ineffectiveness. So, let’s join together and be the rearguard for the man who has volunteered to be obedient to his call and go forth to accomplish the exploits that we were born for such a time as this! All praise and honor belongs to our wise Creator and King.

  5. When we pray to have God’s choice for our leader, we get it. The Body of Christ has risen to pray in mighty numbers over the last 12 years. Trump was the answer to our prayers and we have no business saying the Lord did not answer. We also have no business saying that Obama was not God’s choice when we sought Him in prayer for our nation. It was time for Obama to enter. God used him to wake up a sleeping church. The issue is our misunderstanding of who God is and how He operates. We can grow in that, and we had better do so or we are going to walk in blind confusion and not know when God is doing a thing so that we can align with Him instead of oppose His plans. He is God Almighty. It is just possible that He will do things that we will need to ask Him about because it makes no sense to us. It is my sole desire to know Him more and understand His ways as much as is possible.

  6. I was having a conversation with a friend and we were discussing how we choose political officials… I told them that I base my decision on who will best govern based on the word of God…the person told me will that Church and politics are separate… I explained to them that throughout the Bible, Kings and leaders had spiritual counsel… And those that had council that come from God we’re successful and those that didn’t we’re always defeated… I also told them that if I did not vote for someone that shared my same religious beliefs, their beliefs if it were not biblical with always influence how they govern… And I did not want anyone governing over me that did not have the same judeo Christian beliefs…because if they were atheist or agnostic or whatever they were their own personal beliefs is going to influence how they govern over you… That is how we’ve gotten into the position that we are in now. And that’s why I voted for President Trump and why I’ll vote for him again.. not so much that he’s perfect because no one is perfect but he adheres to our judeo-christian beliefs and will govern accordingly.

  7. Thank God for raising up & installing a man of stalwart Christian moral values to lead our nation!! Let him who is without sin cast the first stone! Of course he is not perfect, as none of us are! Our mandate is to pray for him & all the rest of our leaders!! I Tim.2:1-3

  8. In the 1980’s, when preachers spoke from the pulpit about cultural issues and addressed sin Biblically, the general public was able to respond in ways to protect society. Everyone knew that, IF you were an evangelical Christian, you were AGAINST ABORTION, AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY, AGAINST COMMUNISM, AGAINST RACISM. Yes, there were those “social justice” people even then, but no one mistook them for Biblical followers of Jesus. Today, when the pulpit masters spew rivers of some form of distorted “grace” that Paul called immoral “license,” and the Biblical injunctions against blatant sin are rarely heard, even the evangelical community has little spiritual power. A poll that came out today said that 89% of “evangelicals” regularly sexual immorality in some form or other and fully believe that, as long as they are “under grace,” God could care less. For the sake of the sincere prayers of those who actually follow Jesus, God had to raise up a man strong enough to take on the forces of darkness head on. Though he’s a fine man, there is no way Mike Pence could do battle with the demonic forces in Washington today. Trump is what some call the “wolf king.” He was appointed for a purpose – to do battle for those who cannot do it for themselves. In the same spirit as Samson, Jephthah, and Cyrus, he is a rogue rather than a Sunday school teacher. He is a warrior, not a statesman. He is the man for the season. He is God’s will. While much of American manhood has been emasculated by the spirit of Jezebel and the distortion of the grace message, He is standing for what we all know is right, in spite of his flesh. Thank heaven that God loved us this much!

  9. I believe President Trump is the man God wanted in office. I pray for him to receive wisdom from God, for his advisors to receive God’s wisdom, for the believers in his administration and congress to become bold (like their President) to have their voices heard. I pray for God’s favor and protection on each and every Christian believer in his administration, the senate, house, AG office and Pentagon. Nothing is too big for our God not too seemingly insignificant. Praise God for Donald Trump!!

  10. Father, inundate our predident with Your affirming Father love. Open the eyes of his heart to see You smiling at him in approval just because You made him to love.

    Grant him security in the assurance of Your Father Heart for him that will give him the courage to look at the wounds in His heart that compel him to use his mouth to attempt to protect, take vengeance, prove and elevate himself with attacks, counter attacts, boasting, and demeaning name calling.

    Your blessing of superior intelligence, needed past experience and the strength of a fighting spirit are obvious in him and we praise You that You have made him to be the dynamo that is needed to turn the tide of where we were headed.

    We ask now that You bring him into the place of security in Your love where he can see which wounds are festering in his soul and threatening to undo him by oozing devisive, hurtful and prideful words and turning even his base against him.

    Grant him the inner securitry in Your love to recognize and bring these wounds to You for Your healing. Show him the damage he is doing to himself,the nation and Your reputation by his unbridled tongue and call him to repentance and the change that will enable You to finish through him what You have raised him up to do.

    We praise You for his vision and undertanding of what is wrong in our country and what can be done to right the wrongs. Lead him in the way of humility before You that trusts you with his soul and free of self seeks only to finish the course You have marked out for him to Your honor and glory and the lifting up of the Name of the Lord Jesus over our nation.

  11. Agree with Nigerian presenter who said that God is Relentless about putting someone like Trump to do a job that no other politician has been able to do and agree that this President needs our prayers and encouragement.

  12. America was founded on the ground of Righteousness, Love and Compassion for the Less Privilege, Poor, the Weak and Diversity etc. We can see this been Eroded away under Trump. Creating more enemy within and outside the country, America value and leadership crumbling.
    I prayer God’s restoration of lost America glory.

    1. America was founded by men that understood what a tyrinacal govt looked like, that wrote founding documents speaking of God given inalienable rights. We must support the one God has chosen to lead this country for today and dismiss the slanderous notion this nation was never great, always striving through prayer, grit and determination to live peaceable lives which includes the right to free speech and to worship as we please.
      We have an entire party doing all it can to destroy that way of life through the agenda and lies of the media, candidates have raised their hands in support of removing those documents which reverance God, and so as the Lord uses this time to separate the wheat from the tares may Believers in Christ Jesus come together to pray for our nation, our leaders and one another to remain committed to proclaiming the name of Jesus while we have this reprieve. May the Lord’s will be done, and may we remember He gave us the Holy Spirit to dwell among us. May we choose not to grieve the Holy Spirit in this vapor of life we are given.

  13. I think many of us (including me, I must resist more) on President Trump. John F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Maybe we (I) should ask God not what He can do for me, but what can I do for His Kingdom and for my neighbor.”

  14. Lord God… thank you for waking up the Church through President Donald Trump. Everyone’s comments here have noteworthiness in God’s eyes. Is not that ability to speak our minds of which America was founded on….FREE SPEECH! This is now trying to be squelched through the media. We would have never seen this so clearly without this President… We all have different opinions, but let us not forget we have ALL gone astray in some way or fashion from God’s purpose. Donald Trump is God’s way of showing us just how far we have gone off course as a Nation and as a Church that we once were. The veil has been taken off our eyes as to the corruption and deception in many areas of our nation. Our poor children are suffering for the sins of their forefathers. Let’s all take a hard look at what is going on in our nation morally, spiritually and socially. We need to allow God back in our Nation’s culture to change the hearts of man. Is not that which is happening with such a man of God’s own choosing. God is revealing the complete moral decay of our day through this man’s words and all that is coming against him. Donald Trump may not speak out words that we want to hear, but isn’t it exactly what we are thinking in our minds at times, but just not saying it in that way. I told someone recently, our President may not be saying things the way I would, but at least he is truthful and honest to a fault and the world hates it. For God raises up Kings and he removes Kings. He is our Abba Father after all. Thank you God for revealing your Truth through the adversity we are having to endure. May it all be for your glory to come down to earth and heal us of our iniquities to bring forth your Kingdom purpose for our nation and the world.

  15. I’m calling for all those who call themselves Christians to VOTE. Vote with Biblical values in mind — not the persons. We must vote for LIFE over death. Currently, there is one party that has denied God, the Holy Bible, and the sanctity of life. A vote for candidates from this party truly conflicts with God’s Word. And not voting denies our responsibility as both Christians & as citizens of the greatest nation on earth. I despise a lot of the rhetoric going on in the media on both sides. Get above all that and pray for godly men & women to be elected to positions of influence & power in our nation at every level of government.

  16. I would like to say as Jesus said, “ let any one who has not sinned throw the first stone!” People forget our President is a man he has sinned and will again, but so will each and every one of us! I do believe he was sent by God how else could he stand the assaults he go through minute by minute?

    1. ! agree! God has His very wise, unusual ways to get our attention! I personally thank God for His kindness in giving us this particular man as our President….we bless Your choice, Father God, for his leadership for this hour in the history of our nation!

  17. I’m a Born Again Believer and a citizen of the USA. I totally believe that God Almighty chose Donald J. Trump to be our president and raised him up to be who he is because we totally need this kind of a strong bull that WILL stand for what is right and against the bad. This man wants to do it and does it. I find he is caring and compassionate yet he is honest in what he says. He will call a snake a snake and not back down. How often do we find that kind of a man in this kind of a position doing it. Never! I pray for him daily and will continue to do so. God Bless our president and God Bless America!

  18. I read the remarks and I continue to stand on President Trump was and is the right man in office for the Times and Season spiritually we are in. We should continue to pray for him and stand with him! I am a Black Female and I don’t consider him to be prejudice in any form or manner!

  19. Dear Lord, I thank you for President Trump. Thank you for his boldness, patriotism, tireless efforts, energy, transparency, love for people/life and for carrying out your will.

    While some complain that he is a bit of a “bull in a china shop” with his tweets or words, I thank you Lord that he is not a wolf in sheep clothing like those who have lead America for decades. We have been richly blessed by your son, Donald J. Trump.

    Please continue to open President Trumps spiritual eyes and ears so that your will be done during his 8 year Presidency.

    I pray for ending of the enemies schemes and plans to confuse voters, and for my bothers and sisters to remember that the enemy’s goal is to cause chaos and confusion.

    May we all receive divine discernment and peace during these unsettled times, and be reassured that our Mighty God is in full control.

    I ask these things in the name of your precious son, Jesus. Amen.

    1. Father, I agree with my “sister” in all that she says. By Your Spirit, Lord, Open the eyes of Your children and bring us together as one, in unity, in Your purposes for the Body of Christ and for the United States of American in these days. May Your Glory be seen and Your praise be glorious. Show Yourself mighty on behalf of your people. May the loved displayed in and by the Church draw many to salvation in Jesus. Thank You for sustaining Your “chosen one,” Donald John Trump, for this time in history and carrying him today. Give him Your wisdom today!

    2. You worded that brilliantly. I too pray for our president and his administration every day. A bull in a china shop but not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Thank you for stating it so. Please God, our children are being fed illusions about Socialism and Communism and all manner of things that are now to be considered normal including infanticide.

  20. Dear Wanda Alger, These comments are the most wise, true and encouraging words I have read since the election of President Donald J Trump. Is there any way you can get all 300+ to IFA subscribers AND even the general public and churches? You would be doing this President and the USA a great service! Thank you!!

  21. I believe Trump is carrying out wonderful things in line with the constitution. And I believe the fact he got elected is a reflection of who we are as a people. If there were more stronger Christians in the country, we might have seen a different person win the primary. However, Trump is definitely unique and is getting things done, so it leads me to believe God is working through him! Praise God!

  22. God used a “lowly” shepherd youth to give hope and wisdom to a nation, Israel, that needed to wake up and seek God’s presence to overcome enemies, rather than to demand to become like all the other nations. God intervenes in His manner of choosing. God is giving us a time to return to Him and trust Him while rejecting the tempter’s scheme to be members of the One World Government. We need to pray and stand for the United States to return to the nation it was from the beginning, when it was One Nation Under God. Satan laughs at Americans, as he has deceived and begun the process that is destroying USA.

  23. The media had become aggressive and comfortable lying and manipulating the American people. With their ever growing influence, public opinion largely followed their crafty narratives. God has used a crusty Mr. Trump to break the back of that stronghold. Globalism- the un-godly effort for world control, has been decimated by a courageous Mr. Trump. Patriotism has rightfully been brought back. Our nation’s borders almost became a relentless hemorrhaging influx of illegals. Mr. Trump stood against what would have been a sinister security lapse. China has extorted money and intellectual property for decades from America, and still does from other nations. God has used the leadership and protective boldness of Mr. Trump to put a stop to their bullying, at least of our country. Mr. Trump’s personality is not politically correct… take a moment and thank God!

  24. If Donald Trump wasn’t flawed and he accomplished all God has allowed him to….we would rise up and give him all the credit. People would worship him. People would make him out to be god! Pray that people who are looking at the outside and judging would have their eyes open and see what GOD is doing through Donald Trump. Our hope is not in him, but in Christ. However, we should support who God supports. No man could endure what our president has without God’s hand upon him. Thank you Jesus for helping our nation question the direction our country was hading (we see more clearly when righteousness wants to rule). We remember the public didn’t like the way Jesus ruled, either.

  25. Heavenly Father, I confess that I lost hope in this nation, years ago, as I witnessed corruption flourish within our government and leadership. Forgive me for giving up and for not seeking You more, regarding this matter. I see, now, that You are not done yet with this nation, and I am so very grateful… so very thankful to You for raising up President Trump for such a time as this! His love for this nation is so evident that it’s contagious, and I ask, o Father, that eyes would be opened to see the good that has been happening. I pray for the fear of the Lord to come upon the people of this nation. May we return to You once again, and may we truly be a light that shines for Your glory. I thank You for Your mighty hedge of protection around President Trump and his family. May the joy of the Lord be his strength. Guide him and grant him wisdom and discernment as he seeks to lead this nation. May he know how much You love him and may he feel Your presence upon his life and be encouraged. I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen

  26. Man looks at outward appearances but God looks at the heart. I cringe at some of Pres. Trump’s outbursts, but he is willing to be prayed for so God gives him leadership. He’s volatile to be sure and attention-seeking, but God has placed him in authority over us. Will I vote for him again? I’m not sure. I’m waiting on the Lord for that answer. It depends on Pres. Trump, Congress & the Judicial system do between now & election day. In the meantime, my job is to pray for Pres. Trump, his family, those in Congress & the judicial system that God’s will is done through them. I don’t have the inside track on all policy & laws, so I just stay informed & pray for discernment. God is faithful to his people.

    1. As I read these comments I pray Americans will wake up to what’s really happening in our world,and the importance President Donald Trump fits into our future . I feel he is our hope ; our God has sent to us.

      1. Sometimes God uses what seems foolish to confound the wise! To fight the tide of evil coming against us and the President, he had to have a high opinion of himself or he would have buckled! God knows what is needed when! Don’t put Trump or God in a “religious “ box.

  27. I love this President. On a Facebook post yesterday to a young man who calls himself a Libertarian. He is looking for someone who doesn’t say such “up in your face” things on Twitter, I gave him a list of reasons why I support the President. He isn’t a career politician, he led a very messy public life in the past, he loves this country, he is patriotic and loves the military, he has kept so many of his promises, he has dealt with all the lies and accusations thrown at him and has come out on top. Dr. Ben Carson, my hero, works for him and promised to say for two terms. His kids love him. He starts his cabinet meetings with prayer, there is a Bible Study in the White House. He calls himself a Christian. He loves and supports Israel. He is no wimp. God is using him to have a renaissance in America for the economy, respect, patriotism, freedom of religion. I thank God for him and pray for four more years.

  28. The Bible instructs us to pray for those who have authority over us. Not just them but their families. I Thank God they have been kept safe by the Grace of God. We have prayed for those we could not agree with and now we have someone who loves Vhristiand, Isreal, hates abortions and human trafficking. We as Christians can agree with this. And while we may at times are distressed by some of his tweetsb then shouldn’t we pray all the more for him?
    I appreciate he is under extreme pressure, but through this, other countries are standing up to the “bully victims”.
    So brothers and sisters, if you are distressed, pray. If happy,pray. If confused, pray. If looking for someone perfect, pray even harder. But in all things PRAY.

  29. I love this President I am not offended by anything he says because I know he was the chosen one for the tuff job he has to do. I pray for Wisdom and guidance for him daily. I appreciate the Godly people he has around him.

  30. PRAISE GOD for all my brothers and sisters around this beloved country of ours and around the world, who pray for our country, our Pres. Trump and his administration! I am definitely encouraged in my faith by the righteous, positive, Godly statements I’ve read here and in other social media posts.

  31. Lord I repent for the sins of this Nation that grieves your heart. Lord forgive this Nation. Lord I ask for Thy mercy on not acting out in judgement on what we deserve but have mercy on us. I pray for Nation wide revival. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Lord empower President Trump to know Your voice, to continue to support the Jewish people and Jerusalem, That You Lord would preserve our religious freedom for the sake of Gospel spreading in America and beyond. Lord may Thy will be accomplished here in our Nation for such a time as this. Lord thank you for President Trump’s honoring our military persons and showing support towards them. Lord draw our President to desire to know You more, to hunger to know Your Word, to recognize Your voice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Protect His loved ones and his staff with the full armor is God. That no weapons formed against Him shall prosper. That Your blessing, anointing and favor be over those things he is doing according to Your will. In Jesus name. Amen

    1. Sherry C, thank you for prayer I am in agreement. In my opinion Trump ascension to power is a form of God’s judgement on America for our past sins as a nation. I too am appalled at how Christians can be so blind and deceived. In Trump we have elected Saul, I pray for God reveal our David. I was relieved to finally hear that group of Republicans with integrity are planning to run against Trump. There is nothing good or godly about this man. None of our past presidents have been perfect. But during my life-time of voting for 10 presidents, they have been better than Trump. I pray that God will protect and deliver from evil, and lead us to revival. In Jesus name, Amen.

      1. Jannus’s comments did not reflect an agreement with Sherry C.’s comments as I understand she stated. Absolutely cannot disagree more that the past 10 Presidents did more morally than President Trump for this country. He would have accomplished more if the Congress would have helped. Would like to understand what the writer considers was positive about our past presidents commitments and accomplishments on, life, religious liberty in particular Christianity, radical Islam, sexual perversion, lawlessness were ? We were blessed as a nation of Judea-Christian values and we have been progressively losing them. Daniel repented for the sins of his nation through prayer. But he remained almost all his life in captivity, however faithful to the only One who can save. He made a difference to the many leaders who were over him. President Trump has stood for many of the Judeo- Christians values that have been the foundation of this country. He has been strong on leading us back. Please do not be deceived, “Righteousness exalts a nation…” and the Word of God shows us what righteousness really is. We must pray for wisdom and understanding and read His Word.
        Also, US history has been corrupted, read “Debunking Howard Zinn”. If we truly want to know the truth we will find it as we ask, and seek.

  32. “No weapon formed against President Trump or his family shall prosper. All evil intent, words, and actions shall return to the sender void and destroy the senders camp from within.” For the Lord has said, “Touch not my anointed.” This word is for non-Christians as well as those that call themselves Christian but turn a blind eye to the things God hates. Read the Bible, God didn’t pick men that were well liked and politically correct to do his work. He picked flawed men that he knew could get the job done right. God bless President Trump. God bless America.

  33. He was not ‘perfect’ when we voted for him, and you won’t find anyone who is. One who would fit our other desires, would not be able to hold their own in a position where you sometimes have to be a bully to achieve what you are fighting for. Pres. Trump’s willingness to meet opposition head on and yet uphold major points conservatives hold so dear (such as the 2nd amendment, pro-life, borders and more), is invaluable in this day and time. I don’t agree with many of his methods or overlook the way he does and says things. I just know there’s no one more able to get the job done and that’s what we vote for!

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