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Father, we pray against this revision. We pray that You would move in the hearts of Biden and those in his administration. Stop them from attacking our religious freedom, God.

The Biden administration is once again attempting to force health care professionals to perform abortions and transgender surgeries. We must pray against this attack on religious freedom.

From The Daily Wire. Nonprofit Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is sounding the alarm on a newly revised Biden rule that the group says would compel health care professionals to perform transgender surgeries and abortions against their medical judgment and religious conscience, under the threat of severe financial penalties.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.

The nonprofit is facing off against the Biden administration on Thursday at the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals….

Luke Goodrich, vice president and senior counsel for Becket, warned this week that the rule, dubbed the transgender mandate, could be used to compel hospitals and doctors receiving federal funds to conduct controversial transgender procedures and abortions, according to the National Catholic Register….

Such a mandate has already been blocked multiple times before, the expert noted. Goodrich argued that the administration is still going forward with the revised rule, even if the court again rejects it, so “that others might just be cowed into submission [out of] fear of massive penalties.”

“It seems like HHS is willing to treat these court losses in the injunctions as the price to pay for trying to change the norms in the medical profession,” the expert said, adding, “What they’re really trying to do is change the norms in the medical profession to include gender transition and abortion….”

What do you think of this revised rule? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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March 24, 2023

Lord- as our sister Priscilla noted in this column.. this is just the same repetitive strategy.. which is what I noticed.. to wear us out-,so it seems that our Focus must be not on the minutiae of details-, of each of these horrendously evil bills,..monologues of evil.. but to only briefly gather the information offered-,and continue to stay in prayer.. where we come before you.. asking that you gird our loins with courage, & let our hearts be filled with encouragement as well-, and our spines be strengthened Lord-, that our minds would be protected under the helmet of salvation, that our minds would be clear..and full of your peace and love- to go forward Lord, standing against the discouragement.. we pray You would speak through us-,and give us words to speak- as the evil of these attacks on us are exposed- and more and more pushback is generated, from patriots,The Godly legislators-,and from the intercessors Lord. We know that you will never leave us nor forsake us Lord ..Deuteronomy 31:6. Also.. Lord once again I come before you praying and believing that you will move in the hearts of Christians to not be weak Lord and acquiesce to the demands of the communists that are being manipulated by the globalists due to their lack of understanding of scripture or they’re just generally having been so long in the fear mindset-, that they cannot face themselves, and come to the Forefront of action as they should., to be salt and light in the Civic Arena.
In the mighty name of Jesus-, Amen

Jadi Martin
August 13, 2022

Sincerely praying against coercive manipulative punitive withholding of funds for businesses that should be protected by the Constitution with moral formative guidelines. In the writing of the rhetoric of our laws may there be no schemes of the enemy that thrive. Promote good choices for elected or appointed ones in charge of legislation revision. Defeat those who ignore what is best for all people bully through their wrong revisions ignoring truth.

Janet Pederson
August 8, 2022

I agree for prayer to stop this

Priscilla Meyenburg
August 8, 2022

Food shortages: Father God I lift up prayers to the people in America. I do not believe what the empty shelves represent nor the lies of the media. Who is our source??? God is; not man! As I was reading in Exodus the Israel people started whining about being Hungary, read about what God provided through Moses prayer request. It was not fried chicken but is was food. Read and not be intimidated by what the media and Leftist is sharing with their lies. God provided Manna and water when the Israelites asked for water, Moses hit a rock, God provided. Build up your FAITH by getting in Gods word. Prophets words that are being shared is that there are warehouses full of food and will be exposed to American people. The Democrats are trying scare tactics do not believe them. Remove stress by reading Psalms-91 God has our backs and he will not let us starve. Remember to focus on Exodus’s reading your Faith will remove fears. Say: We decree that evil Carrie’s no power over or authority over us in our land and no true shortages of food . Pray for immediate exposure of the warehouse of food to be released to people who need it. 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🇺🇸🇺🇸 This is America the land of freedom and brave. Be Blessed

Priscilla Meyenburg
August 8, 2022

Father God we pray against all revisions that the Biden administration’s is trying to force on us, plus the puppeteers that are guiding him. One of the primary strategies of satan is to wear down the saints. The kingdom of darkness wants us to become so overcome with exhaustion and discouragement that we back off. He wants us to be occupied with worry and fear. He also desires for us to be so tired that we won’t pursue what God has put in our hearts. Hell’s plan is to wear us out until we throw up our hands in utter frustration and walk away in a shroud of hopelessness. Darkness fueled by wokeism and liberalism, fired by hell, is resulting in unrest, despair, fear, and worry.
“This is a clear tactic of hell in our times. The division, lies, deception, and constant turmoil in our nation can produce a feeling of hopelessness. If we are not careful, this can cause us to wonder if things will ever change.”
“Holy Spirit has not been preparing us to lose. Like Daniel, we must pray until Holy Spirit comes with angel armies and begins to dethrone princes (Daniel 10:10-21). We decree that the time of our confinement is up. It’s time for breakthrough, and for King Jesus and His everlasting Kingdom to see the powers of darkness bow to Him. Let great liberty and freedom come, in Jesus’ name. In You we live, move, and have our being. No weapon or oppression formed against us will prosper. We tap into a different realm, heaven’s realm, and put the enemy under our feet. Lord, we thank You that the enemy does not have any authority over us. enemy only fears the believer in Christ, who can identify his spiritual position of authority over him. But he is even more dreadful of the believer in Christ, who is able to use that position of authority effectively against him.
The evil one does not want you to remember, who you are in Christ Jesus. He does not want you to be able to walk, in the reality of the truth of who you really are as a child of God. As God’s child we must not allow the word or feeling of fear overwhelm us. We must use our spiritual strength God gives us. Phil-4:13 This is one main reason why it is very important for us to always stir up our spirit man. When we stir up the spirit man inside us, by praying in the spirit daily, our faith is being built up to walk in God’s blessing (Jude 20-21). And We win with God in Unity. Be Blessed

August 8, 2022

Father, I ask in Jesus’ name that the Saul’s in our government be changed into Paul’s and repent for their roles in going after our children-unborn and those we hold up to You. Father move quickly and swiftly in our nation’s capitol bringing justice and peace and sanity back into our leaders. Thy kingdom come Thy will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

Roxanne Rice
August 8, 2022

Would this rule apply to all doctors and hospitals, or only to those receiving federal funds?

    March 24, 2023

    The more they succeed in any effort-, the more emboldened they will become- to where it Will become All hospitals and doctors

Marta Gallegos
August 7, 2022

It’s purely communism Seems like no one is standing against this evil It seems like we don’t have a Constitution ONLY HOPE IS DIVINE INTERVENTION Unless some one else has a better idea CHRIST JESUS IS LORD 🛐

Rita Dempsey
August 7, 2022

This is certainly going to be interesting. We must pray for our society and the people creating these laws that are wicked. The other side of all this is that these things will cause a true separation of the “true church” and “true followers of Jesus” from the cultural norms of the society we live in. The church of Jesus Christ must be a light in the darkness and Jesus Himself said that we would be hated by society around us. Things certainly are heating up. The “church” of Jesus Christ can not take orders from the government. Society (Babylon) will not bow to the laws of God, so we have to be prepared to face the consequences of walking in the light.

Rick A
August 7, 2022

Not surprising, Satan has only the “love of money” to use to force his agenda on doctors and hospitals. Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus, I pray that these desperate acts of Satan fall impotent to the ground. Let Your Truth be restored to the law of this nation, may Your Word be the meditation of the land, and Your will break down every stronghold of evil. Let Your Light drive the darkness away.

August 7, 2022

First of all, Joe biden, nor the federal government has any money! They aren’t a business nor do they sell a product! Unless they illegally print money to use, every dime they get comes from taxes! Our rights are unalienable FROM GOD! The federal and state and local governments are elected to protect our unalienable rights, not to deny them or attempt to take them away! Trust GOD and let go of the government money which belongs to the people anyway! Get these people out of office immediately as they are not representing us, but themselves and their families! FATHER GOD we bind every demon on every elected official that is coming against YOUR people and other Americans. Remove these people from office quickly except they become born-again in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!

    March 24, 2023

    They do not abide by legislative law, nor election integrity..and so far it seems the only way get them out of office is for the Lord to intervene.. there are other ways-,but we have been counseled not to discuss those things here-, ( or at all)as it may cause inflammatory responses–but we know what they are- we know how our nation was forged…in liberty.. but basically the globalists and communist do not follow the rules.. and as of yet , the rhinos.. the real Godly legislators.. on both sides of the aisle- have not mustered enough courage-to take whatever action is necessary.. ( the bull by the horns)because everyone is afraid of the outcome..And-, what cannot be ignored is that is there a great spiritual Darkness over our land.. our governing bodies.. that is not as of yet being broken through.

Beth Weise
August 7, 2022

I don’t understand this article and what I’m to pray about

    August 7, 2022

    Pray that all medical professionals operate under the instructions of GOD and their own beliefs and their own consciences, not biden!


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