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Father, we ask You to protect our children from propaganda and indoctrination into ideologies that are not of You. We ask for parents to get involved who will advocate for Your Truth in the classroom. Amen.

National File attended a school board meeting for the Haverford School District in Pennsylvania earlier this month, where parents showed up in an overwhelming display of opposition to the instituting of Critical Race Theory in their children’s schools.

“The teaching is at best propaganda and at worst indoctrination,” remarked Angela Urso, the first parent to speak about the topic…

Haverford School District adopted Critical Race Theory programs as part of their ‘Anti racist plan,’…instituted last August. As this was during summer vacation and all business was being conducted virtually at the time, this allowed the School Board to pass the plan with out any transparency towards, or oversight from, the parents of the district.

…School Board Member Kristen M. Larsen ridiculed her constituents in the room as “followers” who can’t think for themselves…

However, such poor treatment of parents by the School Board is part of what inspired Elena Wyseley to run for School Board herself…

Wyseley…showed the district is teaching topics which force students to ‘see color,’ and has even awarded students for apologizing for their whiteness. Finally, she called for the removal of all books by Kendi and other Critical Race Theorists…

Are you concerned about CRT being taught to your children? Share your comments and prayers below.

(Excerpted from National File. Article by Nathaniel Linderman. Photo Credit: Antenna/Unsplash).

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Rosalina Corser
April 30, 2023

we are to pray corporately all parents and grand parents ,pray for them in the morning and nigt , talk to them about the powerfull name of Jesus

August 6, 2021

Lord, I pray for protection for our children in our schools from this socialist agenda creeping in to their education. I ask that you would dispatch your host of angels to surround the children. I stand on your Word
that no weapon formed against them will prosper. In Jesus Name.

    Rosalina Corser
    April 30, 2023

    i come in agreement that no weapon forged against our children fro kindergarten to universities shall prosper . connect them supernaturaly to bible beliving God fearing men and women . them them spiritual ears to hear and the strength to fight for what God tell them to do. LOrd speak to their inner spirit and grant them with the strong will to say no to fentanol no to early sex no to druGs and aLCOHOL in Jesus name Amen.

Darlene Estlow
August 6, 2021

Father, strengthen the parents of school children to fight the battle. May they not just let it go but be like warriors fighting a life and death battle. Give godly people favor as they run for the school board and may many replace those who denigrate parents and God. Thank you for waking us up to the danger that lies at our doorstep.


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