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Father, expose the truth on this issue, particularly about how women suffer after having an abortion. Warn them, Lord, and expose the media's lies.

This is part of the untold side about the harm abortion does to women. We should pray for these women along with the unborn.

From The Federalist. While abortion proponents do their best to suppress any narrative that questions the morality, ethics, and safety of snuffing out human life in the womb, an account from North Carolina clinical therapist Adam Fadel further solidifies the reality of what many women actually experience after choosing abortion: grief and trauma.

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In a recent column for the North Carolina-based paper The Fayetteville Observer, Fadel shared the story of his anonymous patient, whom he referred to as Sarah. Sarah had previously had an unexpected teen pregnancy and subsequent abortion, but instead of feeling of empowered, as the pro-abortion camp promises, she was left with “trauma” and “complicated grief.” …

Sarah was not Fadel’s only patient who told him about her experience with abortion. “Out of all of my patients, perhaps 20 have admitted to having an abortion,” Fadel wrote. “And for each of them, the abortion was a traumatic experience on top of many traumas beforehand.” …

These post-abortive anecdotes support data Fadel cites from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute about reasons women choose to discard their preborn children. According to a 2005 study, Fadel wrote, “almost 75% of women couldn’t afford a child and 48% of women were having relationship issues.”

For women like Sarah, abortion was not the solution to a “terrible situation”; it was just the beginning of new trauma and horror — a trend that’s been well documented. In 2018, the British Journal of Psychiatry released an analysis of research on a whopping 877,181 women — 163,831 of which had experienced abortion — and concluded that post-abortive women were 81 percent more likely to struggle with mental health issues. …

In both anecdotes and data analysis, it’s clear abortion doesn’t liberate women — it traumatizes them. …

How are you praying for post-abortive women struggling with grief and trauma? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Darlene DeAngelis
November 25, 2022

Father God I pray that these women that have had abortions they talk to everyone they see about what has happened to them let the truth be exposed everywhere on everything in Jesus name I pray

Jessicas Renshaw
November 25, 2022

My novel on abortion, COMPELLING INTERESTS: A novel about abortion from the hearts of people on both sides (Amazon, 2016), against the backdrop of the history of abortion in America, draws from the true stories of women and men affected by their choices or the effects of other people’s choices. Some women who had traumatic illegal abortions were driven to fight to make abortion legal–only making illegal abortionists legal and compounding the pain they went through for millions of other women. Others were moved by compassion to do sidewalk counseling and form homes for desperate women who did not know they had other options besides abortion or that caring people would walk through their pregnancy with them. I also authored GIANNA: ABORTED AND LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT (Focus on the Family, 1995), the true story of a baby girl born alive during a late-term abortion in a Los Angeles clinic.

    Gail Beegles
    November 25, 2022

    I love that book about Gianna. Her story is powerful!

November 25, 2022

Abortion is a sin of th flesh. In this i from God. When we are separated,not only are we apart from God we are off of th spiritual battlefield that rages around us and subject to Satans torment and influences. Thankfully with JESUS s redemptive powers we can repent and return to our walk with God. Here is where abortion is different…. We have taken a human life and we will never forget that. One way we can turn this around is by actively engaging in this spiritual battle to save these unborn lives. We can actually save more than we individually lost!!!
All of the Apostle Paul’s letters expose th fact that a spiritual battle rages around us everyday. Ephesians 4. We must be protected by th armor of God as we engage in this daily conflict. Ephesians 6.. Do not relent in this fight!!
Oppose abortion and support adoption. Thirty three years ago my wife and I added to our family a baby girl who narrowly escaped abortion. She has born six beautiful grandchildren!
! Please Please Please be encouraged that You, who participated in abortion can make a positive impact in this struggle.. Only in Jesus name we pray…


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