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3001 People Prayed
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Lord, we pray for the Church to pursue a mighty movement that encourages Judeo-Christian values in the civil arena of our American culture.

Did you have a chance to watch President Trump’s address to CPAC on Sunday evening? He addressed a crowd of faithful conservatives attending the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Orlando, Florida. The speech was over an hour long, ranging from policy topics to critiquing his opponents to addressing the important philosophical underpinnings of our nation.

The Movement

As I listened to the speech a couple of themes became clear. The first is that he describes the people who support him as being a part of a “movement.” In fact, he mentioned the word movement nine different times, qualifying the movement as “our” movement. A movement can be defined as a group of people committed to a series of acts working toward a desired end and reform.

It was this hope of reform that resonated with so many Americans. To many this reform meant a less intrusive government that truly sought justice and did not protect wrongdoers. This large group of people – Christian or not – seemed connected with Romans 13:4, which describes the government as “agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.” Many feel this desire for justice was unfulfilled. But the real victory of the past four years is the obvious exposure of the corruption and injustice in our government.

The question is will “our” movement see this justice carried out to completion? In hindsight, I now believe it was naïve of us to think a Washington outsider could have fixed all of the corruption in just four years.

One thing has become crystal clear: government corruption cannot be rooted out by one person. From my perspective, which is almost solely based upon looking at the Church, the time for us as believers in Christ to fight for godly values has never been more important. In the past few years there has certainly been an energized core, but we MUST take a stand today.

Why the urgency now? We have watched Executive Order after Executive Order come from the White House that offend, delegitimize, and threaten Christian beliefs. The House of Representatives has passed a demonic bill, HR 5, that attempts to redefine God’s created order. Further, this issue must be settled before the next election. At the very least, state legislators must put into place ironclad legislation to prevent fraud in the future.

Believers in Christ have to recognize that God did create government and we MUST be involved in praying for and encouraging godly government so “we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.  This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” (2 Tm 2:2-4) Our ability to lead peaceful lives is directly connected to our ability to share the Gospel!

Core Values

The second theme of his speech revolved around the concept of “values” or “convictions” that define the characteristics of this movement (and the Republican party). He specifically addressed these values in his speech by saying, “We are committed to defending innocent life and upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers…free thought. We stand up to political correctness…and cancel culture. We know the rule of law is the ultimate safeguard. And we affirm that the Constitution means exactly what it says…”

Protection of the unborn. The values of the Bible. Freedom to express our beliefs. The rule of law. The Constitution as it was written.

These are the values that President Trump describes as core elements of this movement.

Now this is where I get in trouble with those on the left side of the political spectrum. I get in trouble when people read into articles like this that I am endorsing a candidate (or a future candidate). The truth is that I am endorsing the values of the Bible and I am supporting ANY elected official – current or future – who upholds these values.

God is neither a Republican or Democrat. God is God and He is above all party politics. He calls His Church to be engaged in culture today—sharing the Gospel, caring for the poor, AND being engaged in the political arena.

We pray for all politicians – current and future – to embrace the God of the Bible and seek to secure the freedom of the Church to follow Christ.

Dear Intercessor, don’t be dismayed by what has occurred over the past months. Let’s pray for the Church to pursue a mighty movement that encourages Judeo-Christian values in the civil arena of our American culture. Will you join me?

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

3001 People Prayed
17394 People have read this article

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  1. We ask that you would not take away the freedom to carry a gun. We pray for our government leaders and we ask for God’s will; and, that they will listen for God’s will; not man’s will

  2. The movement that Trump started must be carried forth. It should have never been missing to begin with. I support any candidate who will lead our country in a constitutional path to the future.

    Amen! 4
  3. I appreciate the thoughts of Trump. He is right on. I praise the Lord for him and his beliefs. I pray that the Lord will continue to use him for His honor and glory. I was not able to hear all of his speech but heard bits of it. Ruth Boender

    Amen! 2
      1. And you know this how? And please don’t say, “Four years ago, Donald Trump said…” If God judged you by your entire past, I am sure we wouldn’t see you in Heaven. Salvation is available to ALL, not just those you deem worthy.

        Praying for you!

        Amen! 1
  4. Why are you so afraid of “endorsing a candidate or future candidate”? Why do you care about “getting in trouble with those on the left of the political spectrum”? The headline to your article was “ President Trump is Back”, then you backtrack and almost apologize for your opinion ! It’s not Trump worship. Forget that stupid golden statue.

    Amen! 2
  5. Why are you so afraid of “endorsing a candidate or future candidate”? Why do you care about “getting in trouble with those on the left of the political spectrum”? The headline to your article was “ President Trump is Back”, then you backtrack and almost apologize for your opinion ! It’s not Trump worship. Forget that stupid golden statue.

    Amen! 1
  6. Amen! We do not worship Trump. I will, however, vote for the man or woman who stands for life for the unborn. God help us. It is time for the church to get back to biblical principals and stop bending to culture.

    Amen! 8
  7. I am praying to our Lord for President Trump, and his family.

    But I am praying AGAINST that horrible golden statue that CPAC brought out, depicting Trump with a wand and a-pointed star. Trump is NOT our “god”. Only our Father in Heaven Elohim and His son Yeshua (Messiah) is our God. That golden idol is blasphemous.

    I am praying that Trump come out and speak against such an idol. I know Trump did not requestthis idol, but he does need to STAND AGAINST IT and SAY IT. Trump can NOT win this battle without our Heavenly Father on his side. Please Mr. President, this is serious. You need good and Godly counselors around you now, and they should be advising you about this. You MUST speak against that graven image, and surrender to our Father in Heaven. Our God will NOT be mocked. Only when you surrender will you win this battle.

    Amen! 18
    1. Agreed: No Idol. We must be sure that we are in line with God’s principles in every way if we want Him to hear our plea. As a Jewish believer myself, I support what you say about church values. However, you speak of church values as if there are not a great many Jewish people who support those same godly values. Even though you speak of Judeo-Christian issues, it is said from a Christian perspective. There are many Jews who believe as we do, but will feel alienated from this movement if it comes from a church culture. Our task is to present Jesus and His love so as to draw others, not alienate them with a title they can’t identify with. Let’s widen the parameters of this “move” to include the thousands of Jews who are sympathetic to the cause and work together. Who knows what God can accomplish with the “middle wall” taken down.

      Amen! 5
      1. Lonnie –
        I appreciate your comment, but I did not mention “Christian church” in my post. It was not about any “church” values, but Biblical values. I am not sure how you thought my comments alienated Jewish believers. In fact, I was the one who mentioned Elohim and Yeshua. (I worshipped with a Messianic Jewish congregation for 4 years.)

        ALL believers in Jesus Christ/Yeshua, as the Messiah are part of “the Bride of Christ”. I think we all agree on that. But this fact has absolutely nothing to do with my prayer, so I will stand by my comments.

        Amen! 4
  8. Father God,
    You are worthy of all praise, glory and honor. Thank you for Jesus. I humble myself before you today. I ask you to forgive me for the times I turn my back away from you, when I selfishly allow the cares of life to replace my focus and my trust in you.
    I ask that you draw our people to yourself and to your son, Jesus. Please bind the enemy who is roaming to and fro seeking whom he may devour and keep him from destroying America. Allow us to be One Nation Under You, Oh God.
    I lift President Trump to you and ask that You would bless him with spiritual wisdom and discernment. Please cause his relationship with You be fruitful in his life. Use these fruits you develop in him, toward leading the American people spiritually back to you. Allow America as it was established between You and our Founding Fathers to once again flourish.
    I pray as Jesus prayed to You Father, before His death and resurrection. In John 17, It was His prayer for Himself, His disciples and extended to all believers. Specifically His petition from you in verse :1 “Father, the time has come. Glorify Your Son, that you Son may glory You.” I ask that your believers throughout the earth and especially in Israel and America, glorify You.
    It is in the name of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior I ask with praise and thanksgiving, Amen.

    Amen! 13
  9. This is much like my sister and I pray. I also pray, covered in the Blood of Jesus, over all witchcraft occult,proclaiming over this worldwide system of evil seeking to take control of America & the nations. Let the occult shields of protection be taken away from everyone involved in corruption, fraud and theft. May their occult shields of protection no longer hide them from being exposed by the light. Let witchcraft manipulation be brought to an end in & over the Whitehouse, Congress, senate, cia supreme Court, fbi, doj, over state legislators, courts and election integrity. I proclaim this in the mighty name of Jesus our King. Look to the Word and see what Joshua & Caleb proclaimed to the Jews.

    Amen! 10
  10. I was sickened by President Trump’s loss and biden’s “win”! I pray that God will turn this nation around before it is eternally too late. All the good that President Trump and his administration accomplished during his remarkable presidency is being systematically destroyed by biden and his administration. God bless America and God help America! Amen

    Amen! 21
    1. Faith in God,Our Lord has a better plan And I pray he reveals it soon.President Trump, ProLife protecting our religious freedoms! An incredible list of accomplishments,in spite of constant bogus investigations.
      The Biden administration now heading at Warp speed.180 degrees from common sense.

      Amen! 1
  11. But here’s what the Holy Ghost — do you want to know what the Holy Ghost is saying? I’ll tell you what the Holy Ghost is saying.
    In this move,
    In this move,
    In this move that is about to come, and even you’re in the edge of it right now. It will not be altogether something new that you’ve never seen. It’ll be a combination of everything you’ve seen put together and then plus a little bit more.
    This — in this move of God that is just about to spring upon you, there will be a manifestation of casting out demons that you haven’t seen yet.
    Now some have drawn back from casting out demons. And the Spirit of God said, “I began a move along that line a few years ago and men aborted the move, they mixed some of their own thinking in on it and they tried to control it, and do it according to pattern. And according to this way that we think it ought to be done.” But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons.
    For demons are let loose upon the earth, they’re going about as never before. Because they know their time is short! And so in this multiplication, this advance of demon activity there will be the activity of the Holy Ghost. Demons that have harassed men, demons that have held ministries in check [hallelujah] will leave.
    And you have not seen yet what you will see in the area of dealing with demons, casting out demons; exercising authority over demons, and we’re about to step into it. Like you’d step through a door into another room.
    And secondly saith the Spirit of God, “You have not seen the revival of divine healing that you’re about to see.” Oh yes you saw those that I raised up. You’ve seen men and women, mightily used of My Spirit. I sent them forth as a pilot program to try to train you. But many just looked at them and lifted them up, and some of them were lifted up in pride and the anointing left them. And some became money minded and lost the anointing. But there will arise a group in this day that’s a brand new breed. They’ll not be greedy of filthy lucre. They’ll not be wanting to attract attention unto themselves. They would care less whether God uses me. They’d rather God would use you. And God’ll not just use ministers, He’ll use laymen. And there’ll be a revival of divine healing such as you have not seen in your life time, or read about, or heard about, saith the Lord!
    And a revival of the supernatural, not only the supernatural in casting out devils. Not only the supernatural in healing the sick. Not only the supernatural in speaking with other tongues. But the supernatural in the realm of the seen realm. Men will see the glory of God, a cloud will hang over certain congregations, even the church building for days at a time. And everybody that passes by, sinner and saint alike will say, “Well what in the world is that? I’ve never seen any thing like that.” Ha, ha, ha.
    And there will be in other places, there will be in other places fire of the Spirit that will actually become literal. Oh yes, in the spirit realm some of us have seen it. In the spirit realm we’ve been conscious of the fire of God. But the fire will actually come into manifestation. And there’ll be people sinners as well as saints, that will see fire all over the heads of the people.
    There’ll be people driving down the street, or down the highway and they’ll see fire on top of the buildings. And they’ll come and say, “What does all this mean?”
    But you see the Lord will use signs of His presence to bring people in the last days, into the fullness of His Spirit, and into full salvation.
    And signs, signs!
    What kinds of signs?
    Miraculous things in the realm of the spirit! And then they’ll be manifested in the realm of the physical. And the glory of God will fall. And the power of God will be in manifestation. And men will —and women too. Will even be transported like Philip was and found in another place. And great! GREAT! GREAT! Shall be the reward thereof.
    For the Lord God is the same God today as He was yesterday. His power has not diminished. And His Name is still the same. Today He can make the iron axe-head to float. Today He can divide the river just for two men to cross over on the other side. Today He can feed five thousand with a little boy’s lunch. He is the miracle working God.
    Brag on Him! Lift Him up! Draw attention unto Him! Tell about how great He is.
    Get up in faith and tell what great things He’s going to do.
    And He’ll move and keep His Word with you! And many shall be astonished. But the greatest miracle of all is that there’ll be so many fish caught in the net that the nets can’t hold them. There won’t be church houses enough to hold the people. Amen, Amen.
    For the purpose of it all is that you may be fishers of men. Hallelujah! Quit fishing, Hallelujah! Quit fishing in your bathtub. There’s not any fish in your own bathtub. Go out where the fishes are and throw out the net. Not the hook, the NET! And pull it in. hallelujah. And bring them in.
    And the glory of the Lord shall shine. And the end time shall come. And you’ll stand in the place, yes many of you that stand here including myself, will stand in the place of ministry that you’ve not stood in before. And will stand in the place that’s been ordained for you from the foundation of the earth! Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
    And if it were to be — if it could…if it could… if it could be told you. If we were able to tell you in human language that which will transpire in some of your lives, and some of our lives who are here just now. Your mind would not be able to comprehend it. As you say speaking in the human vernacular, it would almost blow your mind. But you’ll see it! You’ll rejoice in it! You’ll be glad of it! It’s just out there a little ways in front of you. Be faithful, be joyous, and rejoice in the Lord always. And He’ll bring it to pass.

    That’s what the Spirit of God is saying. That’s what the Spirit of God is saying.
    Let’s stand up everybody. Lift your right hand and close your eyes and say it in faith: I’m in agreement with you.
    I may not understand it with my mind. Even if it was told me I might not be able to comprehend it. But I believe it! I believe it! I commit myself to be one that will be used of God. I go on record tonight. I’ll pay the price. I’ll make the sacrifice. I’ll deny the flesh. I’ll walk in the spirit. I’ll be one who’ll walk in the flow of God and do the will of God. And the work of God. I will give myself to prayer. I will give myself to the Spirit of God. If He calls on me in the nighttime, I’ll be on my knees praying. If I’m never seen of man and am always just behind the scenes, I’ll be faithful. The will of God will be done. The work of God shall be accomplished.
    Many shall go and tell the story, and His great glory show. The power of God in manifestation shall be the gifts of the Spirit, the manifestation of His Spirit. Into full potential shall come the ministry gifts, the apostle and prophet, the evangelist, and pastor and teacher too. Shall flow as one, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. And we as one, one body, in one spirit, hallelujah, shall go forth to conquer and to do His deeds. And great shall be the reward thereof.

    Now put your other hand up and thank Him. Glory to God. Now let me give you a further word of wisdom and advice.
    Being conscious of a mighty move in your spirit wanting and desiring to do the will of God. But don’t try to do it yourself. Just learn to relax and to flow with the Spirit. Don’t try to figure out in your head, What does He want me to do?” Just learn to relax and flow with the Spirit, it’ll take care of itself, you don’t have to worry.
    I just wonder, I know there’s something, I know there is something He wants me to do. Fine just keep on praying. And just flow with the Spirit. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you tomorrow. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you next week. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you next month. Some will not even come into the full potential of what God has for you next year. Some will not for quite a period of time. But, as you’re faithful, and as you’re trained, and as you learn to yield, you’ll move eventually into that place, hallelujah, that He had for you all along.

    Glory to God. Glory to God. Did you hear me? Did you hear me? Praise His holy Name. But you see moving into that place of ministry or whatever it is, whether it’s full time ministry, or pulpit ministry, or personal ministry, or whatever your place is in the Body of Christ.

    Moving into that place is fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit and ignited with his glory. Hallelujah to Jesus. Glory to God. I said, “Glory to God.” Glory to God. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, praise God.
    But you see if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to ignite. Notice the Spirit said [I never thought of that, it came out of the inside of me] fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. You have to stop and analyze that, there’s a different between firing, igniting — yes.
    You see it’s like the furnace, you see? There’s a pilot light there that fires the thing. And then when the whole thing has become ignited then the heat flows out. Ha, ha, ha, can you see what He’s saying? Fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. Hallelujah. I never thought of that. I mean it just flowed up out of my spirit. But you see if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to fire. If there’s no fuel, there’s nothing to fire. Fueled by prayer, hallelujah, hallelujah.
    Kenneth Copeland

    Amen! 10
  12. I know in the beginning of COVID-19, last year, he was trying very hard to introduce Hydroxychloriquin, (excuse the misspelling) but was shot down by Fauci and all of the Democrats.. .saying it wasn’t approved by the FDA, etc.. when it actually has been successful in treating COVID. Then Trump was accused of not doing enough for COVID-19.. even up to December 2020. He probably believes that vaccines may help anyway, so he erred on the side of promoting the vaccines.. especially after having been accused of indifference.

    Amen! 14
  13. Have you noticed how the mainstream media has willfully ignored ALL the great accomplishments that President Trump spearheaded and achieved in four short years? And that against all odds with the legacy media, the entertainment industry, much of the Wall Street bank cartel, Ivory Towers of education, and the political sphere [on both sides of the aisle] lambasting him continually. The Russia hoax alone cost American Taypayers $40 million and lasted nearly three years with NOTHING wrong done by our President finally proven- complete exoneration.

    If you want to know what he has achieved, check out these two sites, both of which have their own method of detailing ’45’s stunning achievements ALL in favor of the American people… which is why he is so loved!

    Fully realize that “Many are called, but few are chosen”, although that is about to change:

    Amen! 4
  14. What a welcome sight!

    Have a president now who doesn’t even know what day it is, and turned his office over to some “EVIL PEOPLE.”

    President Trump didn’t laugh and joke much and is very focused on his next moves.

    Keep Pres. DJT in your prayers as the fight for America’s soul is just beginning!

    Amen! 29

    Amen! 26
  16. It is imperative for us to take actions. Call your state representative and Senator and encourage (demand) they pass legislation to strengthen and return state rights back to your state. South Dakota is taking very aggressive action which would give their Attorney General authority to review executive orders and potentially nullify any order deemed unconstitutional. It addresses any pandemic or other health emergency, the regulation of natural resources, the regulation of the agricultural industry, the regulation of land use, the regulation of the financial sector through the imposition of environmental, social or governance standards, the regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I do not live in SD but I have contacted elected officials in my state and made my views known weekly. We have to get states to act. The time to stand is NOW.

    Amen! 39
    1. AMEN and AMEN!!!
      The states need to take back the authority and responsibilities given to them by our Constitution.
      The federal government’s power needs to be reduced and limited to the boundaries set by the Constitution.
      Education in this country has gone downhill since establishing a federal Department of Education.
      Each state used to take pride in the education of their children and there was more involvement by parents and citizens when there was local control.

      Amen! 27
  17. Truly Amazing. Outstandingly Awesome. Donald Trump proved once again why he is the best president in U.S. history with his speech at CPAC. This lifted our nation at a time we all so desperately needed it.

    No other president in our nation’s history has done more for the American people than Donald J Trump.

    He is the first president ever to make promises and keep them. He did more for our economy by creating jobs that gave the U.S. record employment than at any other time in recorded history.

    He did more to make our borders safe by building a border wall and enforcing immigration laws than anyone else has. Plenty of presidents talked about doing something to help our illegal immigration policies, but Donald Trump was the only one with courage to do it.

    He got tough on our enemies at home and abroad, making Americans safer.

    He stood up for and defended our great Constitution, fighting hard for our freedoms. He honored and respected our country and our flag.

    He brought peace to the middle east.

    He delivered a life saving COVID-19 vaccine in record time, by removing stifling government regulation that would have prevented the world from receiving this great humanitarian help.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg of Donald Trump’s many presidential achievements.

    Compare that to Joe Biden, who in a month single handedly signed executive orders to reverse many of these amazing achievements. How will the rest of Joe Biden’s presidential policies negatively impact our nation. He is just getting started. What a failure.

    The comparison between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is as different as darkness is to light. Donald Trump brought light. Joe Biden’s policies have brought darkness.

    Americans will vote Donald Trump in for a third consecutive win as president of the United States, in 2024. Can’t wait.

    Amen! 37
  18. If 10123 people have read this, but only 2,240 have prayed, that isn’t even 50 %. What is wrong with this nation that believers can’t even pray, assuming that all 10,123 people are believers in God!

    We must tap into the power of the Believers together praying the heart of the Father. That means, the principles set out in the Constitution and in the Word of God. That is our Hope and our Destiny. Praise God, He has never lost a battle! His timing however may not always suit our desires,so since He is Creator, it would be a really good idea to bow before Him and trust Him as He knows the perfect time to act.

    Amen! 35
    1. 13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7

      Amen! 25
  19. Just would like to leave a comment regarding ordering books (on the prayer call thank you) or other things from Amazon. It’s in my spirit that if at all possible we christians ought to look for other options to make our purchases whenever possible. I know this is very hard as Amazon has such good deals and is a monopoly (used to be illegal) Remember who they are and what they stand for!
    It is still my prayer that Christians (spirit filled and born again) can take back this business mountain for His Kingdom and that He give entrepreneurs the ability to do so. We ask this and thank You Lord for this in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Amen! 39
      1. When the Amazon building in downtown Seattle was being built the construction super intendant , for some reason, put an art piece out that is intended to go up over the construction site. It was of a globe with dragons on it. One sat above North America and a smaller one was in the ocean. This rang alarm bells in my spirit when I saw it. There is an article in the Seattle Times titled “Here Be Dragons: Creature lands at Seattle building site” written by Andie Waterman and published 8/24/2015. The artist who created the dragon globe piece is an artist named Marcus Devine. He calls the piece “Global Presence”. ” a female dragon sitting on steel globe and a baby dragon is in the Pacific Ocean. So a beast in the sea and a beast hovering over the earth? Perhaps Beast system symbology? Our economy is being crashed so that we are to become reliant on places like Amazon and Walmart. Vaccines with travel passports attached and places like Israel and England telling people that without a vaccine they can’t shop and so on. EAN, I think you’re close. I think that Amazon is part of the beast/dragon system.

        Amen! 1
  20. I truly believe that the Church, the Body of Christ, must first clean up its own act before it can have any impact on the world’s culture.
    Our Lord has laid out a very simple 4-step plan for us to follow, yet I rarely have seen it followed in today’s Churches. Membership, which equals tithing, seems more of a priority. This ought not be.
    God’s simple instructions:
    MT. 18:
    1) 15 “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.
    2) 16 But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’
    3) 17 And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church.
    4) But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.

    18 “Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

    My prayer is that the Body of Christ simply obeys God and submits to His instruction. In doing so, everything else will be taken care of according to God’s Will.

    Amen! 15
  21. “It is we who profess the faith who must repent and return to the truth of God’s words. If we believe God, we should all be in agreement and not divided. Maybe the nation is divided because the church has turned to the teachings of men rather than to the Scriptures themselves.”
    I agree, the Church has to be united in one accord in order to have be change makers in society.

    Amen! 27
  22. I read through many of the comments and skimmed through the rest until the end. I found then interesting, educational, encouraging, inspiring, and hopeful. We know that this spiritual battle has already been won but there are still souls to be saved. The harvest is rip, and as many have said we need to talk less, pray more, be in the Word daily, become unified, and go into action. As Todd Beamer said, “Let’s Roll.” Jesus prepared his disciples by teaching them and then they were sent out to teach others. Some of us can teach, others go, and others provide financial, hospitality, and other needs. Intercessors For America is a great help to accomplish this. Thank you Dave and Staff and all you prayer Warriors.

    Amen! 33
  23. This Comment was read on the Tuesday, March 2, 2021 prayer call and webcast: To me one of the most powerful prayers we can pray at this time is that God would bring confusion to His enemies. He did this to the enemies of Israel quite often. He confused them so that they destroyed each other. Search confusion in a concordance and you can see this. My prayer daily is “O God, bring confusion to all the groups arrayed against your work. Cause them to fight and destroy each other so that they can accomplish nothing legislatively. They appear to have all the power now but You are the source of all power so destroy their ability to succeed in their wicked efforts.”

    Amen! 58
  24. The LORD ALMIGHTY is our banner and buckler and shield against the enemies within and outside of this nation: Jesus YESHUA had me up praying, reading the word and sending emails to our senators about the Bill of rights being attacked by the communist socialists movement under the democracy embrace. Oh as I laid down to sleep again: I heard the voice of the people of our nation praying and a song written and song in HEAVEN. All I could do was thanking GOD OF HEAVEN for HIS MERCY.

    Amen! 16
  25. Abba Father, I pray that You will forgive the USA for our many egregious sins, especially for the murder of millions of unborn babies created in Your image. I ask that You will have mercy on us, purify this land, purge the dross, and heal this land that we may once again honor You, our Lord and Savior, at every level of our government, in our churches, and in our homes. Amen

    Amen! 42
  26. Amen. What we see now is a direct reflection of not calling ungodly people out for what they were doing during or before holding office. Much of that is on the body of Christ for a lack of prayer with follow up action on their part in previous decades. One person cannot undo what has been done for years and years. It’s a nice thought but not realistic. DC is like a fortress of corruption and to many who live, work and exist there… corruption is nothing more than a way of life. Many will sell their souls for a plug nickel to remain in power – we see and listen to them swimming comfortably in their own vomit daily. The reason the decision was made to keep DC fortified presently has ZERO to do with what they say. Corrupt politicians are trying to use military presence because those same politicians are living in fear BECAUSE they make daily decisions that are trying to force their ungodly choices upon millions of Americans – against our will.
    Let’s remind ourselves that DC, much of the various forms of media and multiple corporations are nothing more than modern day Jericho’s. The Jericho Marches that recently took place must be remembered. We believe that God heard and saw those actions. Let us remind Him of it so that His name can be honored each time a “wall” falls. There are multiple walls that WILL fall and we must continue to pray / act. The fortress of corruption throughout our nation sadly leads back to legislators that operate at state and federal levels. It is on our shoulders to “relentlessly pray” and take uncompromising action with pressure to rid our nation of those individuals, departments, organizations and corporations who insist on operating / conducting their business with no moral compass and who refuse to listen to the people of this nation.

    Amen! 31
  27. Yes, we are in the end times. Our country is being judged for the vast evil which is spreading among us and our children. We believers must be prepared to stand for God’s word regardless of what the culture may push upon us AND PREPARE OUR CHILDREN WHO ARE BEING ASSAULTED ON EVERY SIDE BY LIES. There will be persecution and maybe martyrs ahead if there is not a great revival and turning to Him. It’s not too late to pray and prepare. People around the world are suffering and dying for Jesus sake. Maybe our turn is coming.

    Amen! 22
  28. Thank you for the encouraging and timely remarks. I know God is in control and I believe that we will see change as we participate in praying and interceding for our nation. God wants the best for us and as we join our hearts as a believing remnant of faith, God will move and His glory will be seen and felt. Let us not grow weary in lifting up each other and our nation. I love the words from the song, This is my Father’s World, and may we ne’er forget, that the though the wrong seems oft so strong, He is the Ruler yet.

    Amen! 30
    1. In full agreement with your timely, succinct words. This is our Father’s creation, and He is still on the throne. He alone is our solution. Not unlike the Apostles, we fell asleep on the job. We must be Prayer Warriors like we’ve never known to be. Father God, make us into your Prayer Warriors without ceasing. In Jesus Name, we ask. Amen

      Amen! 3
  29. So many excellent and thought provoking comments pertaining to our Lord Jesus, God and Trump. Many thoughts present an either/or approach that is debilitating as to our ability to stand and cause change in this nation. It’s not about the man OR God but the man AND God. We are not living in a totalitarian regime where we have no voice in the land. What we have is rotted and corrupt because we were not aware that the people that were elected by us (or perhaps not and our responsibility to be involved was absolved by the church and state separation deception) has left us with the force of evil dragging us off to have its way. We have been asleep at the wheel and oblivious as to what has been happening on our watch, in our nation and in our churches.

    That said, being in the last days does not absolve us from standing in His rightiousness and demanding elected officials to represent us legally and rightiously. Do we believe God has had no hand in a leader to support the spreading of the Gospel (free speech) and protection (laws) to name a couple of things. When did leadership and fighting (legally) become distastful or to be shunned while the enemy ravages us?

    Biblically, Moses depended on God to free the Isrealites from slavery, it was God who chose Moses but Moses had to act for Pharoh to hear. That was a TOUGH/ROUGH experience. It didn’t end there. He leads them out and they are backed up to the Red Sea and Moses said, “stand and watch the hand of God deliver us”. God said “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Isrealites to move on.” Exodus 14:13-16. God had provided a leader but the people needed to walk it out! How was the promised land obtained? The Isrealites were called to move in battle, not prayer alone.

    To think that we are outside of God’s power and intention to stand in our duties as American citizens befuddles me. Yes, I believe God has blessed us in this nation that was given governance through a set of laws that I believe He was a part of forming for us. We are the light of the world as we reflect His glory and call for rightiousness in the land. Have we been complacent? Please consider this may take action and not prayer alone.

    Amen! 15
    1. I wholly agree with the heart of your comments. I know you were referring to the deliverance of the Jews from Egypt, but it wasn’t Moses who returned the Jews to their land; it was Cyrus, an unlikely deliverer. My point is, God can use anyone. As I see history, we’ve had a few great Presidents who have also made some apparently bad mistakes, but God is Sovereign and judges nations by what we would call “bad decisions.” Normally, however, He judges His people first. Judgement begins at the house of God, according to 1 Peter 4:17. It is we who profess the faith who must repent and return to the truth of God’s words. If we believe God, we should all be in agreement and not divided. Maybe the nation is divided because the church has turned to the teachings of men rather than to the Scriptures themselves.

      Amen! 15
  30. I can only weep, rejoicing that we still have hope, that the Constitution means exactly what it says, and that we must pursue in Prayer that our Nation will as we are called to do, ‘Act justly, Love mercy, and Walk humbly with our GOD. This pleases Him. We can do it!

    Amen! 28
  31. I pray through our Lord Jesus for a “great awakening” of our brothers and sisters who called themselves Christians but agree with things that go against God’s word. Many of us are making God in our image and not being made in HIS. Calling good evil and evil good. Compromising with this world. How can we go together unless we agree? Yet, we can’t agree when doctrine is not centered in the word of God. Nothing added and nothing taken away. We are in trouble. I thank God for the 4 years reprieve He allowed us with President Trump; yet we still didn’t turn to HIM with all our hearts and minds. I believe God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. President Trump isn’t perfect nor are we; but as he rallies for righteousness we should also rally with him. The bible says, faith without works is dead. All praise for any good we do belongs to our Father, God. I don’t know God’s plans for this nation, but we do know the end time is drawing near and their are so many still lost.

    Amen! 27
    1. I totally agree with what you say except that I think it deserves mentioning that if we believe in God we have to live like we do. We need to confess our sins and ask God for forgiveness. If we confess and turn from our wicked ways, he will forgive us our sins and heal our land. We have got to confess and stop this terrible Abortion. God does not approve of killing babies. I think we are living with this Covid 19 that is killing millions because of what we have done to unborn babies. We cannot continue in sin and deliberately sin knowing that God does not approve and expect Blessing from God. God said he would never destroy us by flood again but he did not say he would not destroy us in other ways. God forgive us!

      Amen! 8
      1. I agree with you wholeheartedly This is why I’m praying for a great awakening; not just in our nation but around the world. I believe many people don’t know they are sinning against God. So many are asleep to the truth. Truth has become whatever you believe is your truth. The lie is God will love you anyway. We need to wake up to the truth so we can repent before it’s too late.

        Amen! 6
  32. I did not in any way appreciate the couple who made the golden statue of President Trump. It made me fearful.
    I watch part of the speech, but was very concerned for the artist who designed the statue. May God have Mercy on them.

    Amen! 14
  33. Yes and amen, all of us who are standing on the word of God agree heartily with what you have written here, for us to stand for what God wants, his values on us and in this land! and that’s who we vote for, his choice! every sentence resounded in me of yes and amen and it’s what we need to do individually and corporately to uphold the values that God wants us to uphold! that’s why we have been called into God’s arena! The constitution was not written by one man it was written corporately with those having the mind of Christ and that’s what we need to be standing on today and regarding God our most high God, to give us His direction. As you scroll through the comments of others Ginger outlined it very well. For does anyone truly know what it has been like for President Trump in that hot seat for the last four years of being attacked on every angle he tried to accomplish! and even though he was attacked he still kept moving for our good. That’s a leader! To me that says that’s a Christian that’s one who is selfless with perseverance for the good of the people! And have we ever felt with any other president that we wanted to get in and roll up our sleeves and be part of his movement? I don’t think so, but now you will see Trump flags flying on street corners and overpasses, that’s a movement that says this is alive! And that is because we are part of what a president did for us for four years and we want to keep it moving!

    Amen! 20
  34. I am concerned about that golden statue of Trump that was rolled around. Who is responsible for that and to what purpose is it? Secondly why is Trump promoting deadly vaccines still? I am a strong supporter of Trumps prolife pro Israel policies but these latest things disturb me. Anybody have any ideas here?

    Amen! 7
    1. From what I read this was totally the idea of the artist who made it to symbolize various things. The honest truth is, people are just so very very unwise and although this artist meant well, it was really a foolish thing to do and it is not going to help President Trump’s campaign. The best we can do is pray that this lack of wisdom will stop in the people that would like to see him reelected. It shouldn’t be a reflection on him but of course it will be. I don’t assume that it’s something he wanted to do in his aggrandizing himself as probably the media is going to paint it. Let’s just all do our best to be wiser than this.
      As far as statues go, we should be more concerned about the glass statue being made of Kamala Harris who has done absolutely nothing at this point to deserve such an honor.

      Amen! 14
      1. Yes, does anyone know if this Artist is even a born-again Christian? I am not responsible as a Christian to be accountable for a non believer’s motives. GOD knows this. Just because Christians are supporting President Trump. Many non-believers do too! That’s why I believe that GOD is not done with our country yet! Many,many people need to come to the Lord! This action proves it! Christian be ready to receive newbies in Christ. Show Jesus ‘s love and salvation for us non-prefect people! Amen 🙏🇺🇸

        Amen! 2
  35. I totally agree that no one person, no matter how gifted or called, will overturn the evil in the nation. God has called His church to address and legislate – as the ekklesia – His will. We have that opportunity now! Let’s roll!

    Amen! 18
  36. Thank you for your encouraging words to see the good that evil is being exposed. May God show us how to be light and salt and warriors for Him. May many come to Christ and May His children awaken and engage our culture and May we humble ourselves, seek His face, turn away from own sin, and see what He can do Amen

    Amen! 16
  37. I pray that the golden statue of former President Trump does not reflect that he is our idol. I pray that conservatism is not the Evangelicals new trumpet to sound. I love America! I love my freedom, but I put God first. Brethren, let’s remember our purpose is what Jesus said, to seek and save that which is lost. My freedom’s purpose is for preaching the good news inspite of whether or not who presides over the government. We should be prepared for more persecution because of our stance for God. The firey furnaces are being prepared by the enemy of our souls. Let’s remember we fight against principalities, and not people. Let us live our enemies and pray for them.

    Amen! 19
    1. Your stance is what I hear from many Christians and of course those of us who love God do put Him first and in so doing we follow politics and learn who to vote for and get involved through prayer and action. We can not just sit back and do nothing with government. Yes more souls need to be saved and yes we need to live in His authority and power but for us to love President Trump and want him as President again is loving what God loves because God annointed this man to be in office for a blessing to Christians and the whole world so we need to fight on our knees and in our actions. This does not make him or any other Godly leader an idol unless you trust them above God and or worship them.

      Amen! 22
  38. I appreciate IFA…I do not think you are endorsing a specific candidate, though others falsely accuse just to sound off… STAY STRONG…BE OF GOOD COURAGE!

    Amen! 24
  39. The most important reason for the Church to get involved, for your organization to remain deeply involved is, the return to Judeo-Christian values, the reiteration of a fervor-filled invitation to the Lord to RESIDE in our nation [2 Corinthians 3:17], the most absolute rejection of Lawlessness [Psalm 45 4-7] and the protection of life born and unborn. Pastors need to lead their flocks into recognizing and upholding Godly values and making sure that those we vote for will make these values reverberate in every hall of Congress!

    Amen! 27
  40. CPAC message was a breath of fresh air. The God Most High wants the best for His church. America wake up don’t be complacent we can’t sit back anymore. Contact state representatives make phone calls. Let our voices be heard.

    Amen! 29
  41. This was a wonderful article and I agree with it 100%.

    I would only add that we are living in the last days and God’s End Times plans according to Daniel, Revelation and other scriptures are coming into
    focus. The righteousness of Our Great, Holy, Loving Father and Savior Jesus Christ demands justice.

    America’s sins as a nation are too great, from abortion, to child sex trafficking to corruption, greed, lying, homosexuality, climate change, gender reassignment (impossible) and more. Directly opposing God on every hand, this cannot stand with a Holy God.

    I believe the Church Age, the Times of the Gentiles is coming to an end. We see the nations of the Middle East, and the epicenter, Israel, forming into the last days nations according to the Word of God.

    As Habakkuk had to realize that God was going to judge Judah even though they were His chosen people, we must be aligned with God’s plans, and as much as we love America and would love to see it return to it’s original values, we must understand what God is doing and be in alignment with His plans.

    Revival in salvation and people being born again will continue even more as we see the day of Jesus return approaching, but I believe our nation is no longer under God’s protective hedge. Not His people, but the nation.

    That being said we must still be salt and light and stand up for what is right and pray for our country and those in authority.

    Thank you for what you do. Praying for souls to be saved and glory be brought to God in the church! In Jesus Name, the Name Above Every Name! Amen!

    Amen! 51
    1. Nancy, well stated. Affirmation for me to what I know and believe as well!

      I have listened to friends pushing the prophetic side of there will be a great harvest, great revival, Trump is still our President. ( I believe the next great revival will be during the tribulation)
      Honestly, there are a lot of bizarre things going on, like Biden not addressing the nation, the satanists that surround him, AI, Space Force, areas going dark, tunnels being exposed, etc. Regardless to all of this, I believe even if good news among the evil corruption, could be a distraction for us to not to focus on the consistent WORDS of our God. Christ, Paul, Peter, John they all said pay attention to the times. Sons of Issachar- great example. I support your well stated prayer! I am in agreement. Share the gospel, point the lost to Truth…time is short! Lord give us the ability the opportunities and the strength to stand, share in love YOUR faithfulness of Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. AMen

      Amen! 8
      1. I believe that GOD is exposing all to us to see the truth! And that he alone can correct our situation with the corruption in our government. GOD loves us and will not let us down. America has been blessed on all the good we have done in the pass. This is a spiritual battle, we need to put all our trust in him. He will do what he wants, he is GOD. Amen 🙏

        Amen! 5
  42. I believe Trump never left, and is still President. On March 4th, He will be crowned King and our beautiful country will never have to endure the possibility of liberals rigging elections. He will banish the radical left who hate America.
    He will rule in God’s name, and restore Judeo Christian values to our continent. Praise be to God, Praise be to Trump!

    Amen! 10
    1. Trump is a man who was a great president. He might still legitimately be that, but he is not a king. We need to be careful about worshiping a man and putting our faith in him as a savior. Only Jesus is our King. We are to worship Him and Him alone. Only He can save us. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who is in the White House because Jesus remains on His throne.

      Amen! 40
    2. In total agreement with you Dolores! Praise GOD. GOD loves us and he is not finish yet. This is a spiritual battle. He’s got this, he is exposing to his sheep (us)! How evil things have become. President Trump is the one GOD chose to stand up for the Christian/American values! GOD is not done! He wants our faithfulness our trust in him. In his timing in his power he is never late! 🙏🇺🇸

      Amen! 7
    3. Wow. You are definitely off base. Jesus Christ is KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS. Donald Trump is NOT going to be KING!! I love DJT but he isn’t going to be “crowned king” When March 4 comes in two days please consider that there is only ONE King! And stop listening to whoever you are listening to!

      Amen! 9
      1. I disagree, I firmly believe that the Bible points us to the coming of a great Man, Donald Trump. He will cast out the evil liberals, rid the world of abortion, and reign as King of America for many years. His children will continue his legacy as rulers. I believe the golden statue of Trump at CPAC was a sign, He is truly God the Father made man and will be our Holiest King. March 4th is Coronation Day!

        Amen! 1
  43. Yes I did and I loved for the most part what He said. I however don’t like the appearance of pride. I would like to see more of God in this whole thing. My eyes are on God. I pray every day and try not to consume to much of the news. I am resting in the fact that God hears my prayers and sees my heart. I want my religious freedom and I display my beliefs when I go out, by wearing T-shirts such as, Jesus is essential yesterday, today and forever and Not today Satan, and many others I have. I also give scripture cards to people in stores, restaurants and other places with messages I write on the back. I trust my God to carry us through. My focus is not on the news. They lie and twist things. IFA has been a life saver for me. I connect with other people in prayer hear and that I love. My church is on line with a Pastor I sat under for years in Rhode Island. She is a word teaching pastor. Very involved and teaches us well. Bless you Lord for all you have done and all you will do. I trust in you and rest in the secret place. I pray you Lord shut the mouths of the unbelievers in politics and close the doors to the illegal and corrupt doings of these people. I pray a hedge of protection around us that are believers that they will be able to pass the things we need them to pass. I pray the hearts of the unbelievers in political offices would be changed by the people of God and by the Holy Spirit. The battle belongs to you Lord and I will do my part in it.

    Amen! 18
    1. I think we need to be careful not to judge confidence as pride. Donald Trump has been a strong businessman all of his life. He has had to push through all kinds of nonsense to get the smart things he wanted to get done done. Also the media has been rife with any possible slander they could level at him at an unprecedented rate. Don’t assume you and I have not been affected by it because we probably have

      Amen! 5
  44. Until Americans accept that fact that our enemies are literally at war with us, we will NOT be able to stop their efforts to implement their satanic tyranny. We cannot just rely on prayer alone but we must also ACT for we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this physical realm while we pray for His mercy and protection. Failure to take powerful actions will result in the final destruction of America, which honestly I cannot say we do not deserve given our silence in the face of decades of pure evil, most especially the evil of abortion that has murdered over 65 MILLION of God’s precious unborn children just in the US.

    The martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer said it best before he was executed by other tyrants saying “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

    Amen! 50
  45. This was such an Awesome report by DAVE KUBAL, PRESIDENT/CEO OF IFA, on President Trump’s speech on Sunday night; if you missed it you are probably not a Trumper. Dave is so right on this; you see a lot of people voted for Barack Obama because he was a black man and this resonated with black Americans all over the world but we in the church never voted the bible at all and there we have our problem in the church. We Christians voted for the person and not the God of the Universe. How could we vote for Obama for 8 years and he was totally against the word of God and Christians and the Jewish people. The bible tells us to pray for those in charge of us but it did not tell us we had to follow wrong principals. So instead of voting for the God of the universe this time we voted because we did not like who God sent to straighten us out, we didn’t like the way he talked, we didn’t like his approach to things but he talked about God all the time…so now look at the difference of what we have now.
    God Bless you all

    Amen! 24
    1. Amen to that, but as many of us Christians did vote for President Trump. If there is corruption in our voting system, we are not responsible for the outcome. GOD sees this, he knows all! We need to put all our trust in him. He is a fair and just GOD. He is not done with us as a country. Many, many need to hear the message. We need to pray for a great revival. Many need to come to the Lord yet. Not just in America but in the world. Amen 🙏🇺🇸

      Amen! 9
      1. And amen to that. check this out did you know God never did a great work on earth without the involvement of man/woman. We all keep wanting God to do the work but Jesus said that we have the same power he had on earth and then he said greater works will we do…. so in Genesis 3 God gave man dominion over the whole earth. I don’t why we as Christians keep missing this or maybe we just don’t understand kingdom living.

        Amen! 5
  46. I think it is time for the church to grow up and learn to rule from a righteous point and quit keeping their head stuck in the sand. If we think we are going to heaven and float around on clouds for eternity one better go back to square one. This is a day of your schooling. Grow up and take your place!

    Amen! 27
  47. Yes, I heard President Trump’s speech. Once again, he hit a home run, as far as I am concerned. Lord, we know that, regardless of what we see in the natural, You are on the move. Our trust is in You, Lord. We cannot put our trust in another mortal man, or his plan. I pray, Lord, that our current leadership in Washington would each have the Damascus road experience that they need. Convict them of their sin, and their evil ways. We so desperately need revival in our country. By Your grace, let it happen, and let it begin in D.C. In Jesus’ name we pray.

    Amen! 48
    1. I am a Christian who voted for Donald Trump. I am not a Trumper. I see through his less than gentlemanly demeanor to his heart. He wants good and is working for good. However if you read Stephen Covey‘s, seven Habits of highly effective people or Dr. clouds, boundaries, PDT, clearly has some growing up to do. Even my teenage son has written an essay about how the mud slinging has gotten out of hand. We are to return good for evil. The speech hardly did that and it’s continual every time he speaks. Lots of us are getting tired of it. Time to pass the torch as I stated earlier.

      1. No, the man is not without his flaws- we all know that he has a huge ego, and is no respecter of boundaries politically. I guess that’s what you get when you have a non-politician businessman as President. That being said, look at how our nation was truly making ground in undoing the train wreck that Obama created. Now, we have this old, senile shell of a career politician with a socialistic agenda. American freedoms and values will go out the window if these misguided people have their way. You call that passing the torch? I think not!

        Amen! 1
    1. Stephanie, you are 1,000% correct. The challenge I see is so many American Christians want to sit back and wait for God to act when it is OUR responsibility and duty to act on His behalf. Sadly, many Americans actually believe there will be honest elections again which is, IMHO, completely naive after we all saw the marxists literally stole the election. How can anyone believe voting will do any good after what we saw? Do people know Ireland recently banned ALL electronic voting machines because they KNOW the fraud in the US was real and it would happen there if they did not act to prevent it.

      Amen! 8
      1. I didn’t realize Ireland had banned all electronic voting machines, (good for them!) thank you for pointing this out, Voco Veritas! I will share this with family and friends.

        It’s sad that other countries recognize that our Presidential election was stolen and fraudulent, but Americans can’t even speak it out loud without being censored by Big Tech and a vindictive Democrat Party.

        Thank you for your important post. Speak truth, indeed. God bless!

        Amen! 3
  48. During the election, I found it extremely easy to get my eyes off of Jesus and focused on someone as a leader -rather than Christ as my true leader. Not only did I find myself doing that, it did effect how I prayed. I am thankful that the Lord during this period reminded me of a message He gave me in 1990 in the following poem, which I have written into a song. I will share the words here. They certainly describe what we went through and still are in – still in a storm.

    Here are the words to the Poem I title: ‘Just Keep your Eyes on Jesus’

    1. Just keep your eyes on Jesus –
    Every single day.
    Just keep your eyes on Jesus,
    Each step of the way.
    Tho satan’s darts are hurled.
    Just keep your eyes on Him (Jesus).
    And He will guide you
    each step of the way.

    2. Just keep your eyes on Jesus
    As Peter learned to do.
    When he walked that stormy sea
    Of Galilee.
    Tho satan’s darts are hurled.
    Just keep your eyes on Him (Jesus).
    And He will guide you
    each step of the way.

    3. Just keep your eyes on Jesus,
    And don’t forget to pray.
    Just keep your eyes on Jesus,
    Let Him lead the way.
    Tho satan’s darts are hurled.
    Just keep your eyes on Him (Jesus).
    And He will guide you
    each step of the way.

    Our only hope is Jesus, and we need to pray that our leaders will follow Jesus.

    Note: This song is copyrighted. Permission is granted to use if credit is given to the writer who is myself: Lewis Turner

    Amen! 28
    1. Do you have a YouTube channel with your Just Keep Your Eyes On Jesus song? Or a recording elsewhere? Or sheet music/guitar chords? It is a great song and I would like to know the tune.

      Amen! 1
      1. Marcia,
        I do have sheet music in pdf and in Musz score format. (which is a music program that is free). In the interest of not giving out my email address here–there is another way to contact me. Go to Pray.Network. That is all you have to enter–just Pray.Network. You can find me in searching its members–I am not sure if you have to join to make that search–but this is a wonderful prayer site worth joining and participating in. If for some reason, you cannot find me on it, the currator, Pastor Phil Miglioratti, knows me personally and will help you make contact with me. I feel much safer giving my personal contact through that network. I am GLAD to help you.

        Amen! 1
  49. Lord I continue to pray for Mr. Trump and his family. Thank You Lord that former Pres. Trump was NOT acquitted in his trial. I thank You that You are almighty and powerful. I pray for the Church to pursue a mighty movement that encourages Christian values in the civil area of America. May God continue to bless Donald Trump. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Amen! 7
    1. I do agree. I am grateful for president Trump and all he has sacrificed but we must not make him our God. My prayer is to keep us humble and follow Gods will. No more gray just black and white. I pray for all the people that have been lied to and hope for them to see the light. We must fight for the truth but be the loving light for anyone that needs our help.

      Amen! 5
        1. And your post made a good point about the Church advocating for Christian values in civil areas, Vickie. You’re right about that. Someone else posted about a new MAGA movement – Make America GODLY Again – and I just love that!

          God bless, all!

          Amen! 1
    2. Vickie, you mean, perhaps, that President Trump was not convicted, that he was acquitted? I agree that our Lord was protecting him, his anointed President to lead America.

      It’s sad that all this election corruption and the vile schemes of the Left had to be exposed like this, but President Trump has valiantly persevered, despite a multitude of vicious attacks by those who would destroy our country.

      And like you, I too, thank our Lord that President Trump was not convicted at that phony trial. It’s the first time I felt we were hearing from God since that awful, stolen Presidential election.

      It’s so wonderful our President Trump is back! And like you, I do continue to pray for him and his family.

      God bless!

      Amen! 11
      1. Agree totally, we had two choices to vote for President. I can not understand the thinking about voting for a three choice as a Christian. (Vote for Jesus) President Trump is not Jesus! I DO NOT think he is, like it has been implied by some. I know the difference. King David, King Solomon we’re men! Just like Donald Trump is a man. But GOD choice them to be in charge. Just like he did in this election. If it wasn’t for the corruption of theelection by Satan.

        Amen! 3
  50. I like you support and stand fir our Heavenly Father’s rule of law-righteousness and holiness. I have supported President Trump because he is fighting for constitutional values and the wellbeing of the American people. I bless him in the name of our Messiah Yeshua Jesus. Thank YOU ABBA for all President Trump has stood for. I ask for safety and healing from all that has been inflicted upon him in Yeshua’s name.

    Amen! 28
  51. I agree wholeheartedly! We Christians have power in the Holy Spirit! How can we so easily give in to the thoughts of the enemy and give up on our glorious Sovereign God? He wants us to speak up, and make our voices heard! And we can do that without disrespecting others. We have not because we ask not! Ask for opportunities to serve in the truth, and our God will surely give them to us. And do not waste time in being angry. Pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Amen! 25
  52. Our hope is in God Almighty.
    He has power to convict,destroy the work of the enemy and heal our great nation! He has power to heal where it is even stronger than before. Presently He is exposing and UPROOTING the evil, giving people a chance to bow to His name. The bible teaches us in the end times evil will be more evil , and the good news is that their will also be a massive revival and we will enjoy watching God deliver people, some really evil people will come to know Jesus and He will soften their hearts. He will purify His bride and we will be powerful vessels in helping
    to build His kingdom. There will be miracles and signs and wonders being resurrected out of the ashes, and people will see He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
    True it is sad what is happening in our nation, I feel it too!How ever this is not a time to give up hope…but a time of focusing on increasing prayer & worship with declaring He is King, our defender and our deliverer! Focus on who He is and how he can perform daily miracles.
    Your prayers could change the direction of this nation.
    Every one has an opinion, feel free to express your opinion, however let me have the freedom to express mine, too! The election was stolen, therefore we have an illegal president who should not be in office, it does not belong to him. I prefer to call president Trump, “President Trump”, because He earned the right to be a President,he worked very hard to earn this presidency. I pray for Biden’s soul and the office he is destroying, but I don’t honor his evil position, even God cannot honor this evil, enemy. We can respect Biden, because He deserves to be loved, but his position was not given to him by God,, it was handed to him by the enemy, the evil one. I can not honor what the enemy has done.

    Amen! 42
  53. It must be a mighty revival, not just a movement. It must be of repenting and returning to God alone and His Bible that instructs and enables us. This is beyond a vague word like ‘values’….our Bible tells us His high calling, His ways, His Kingship. We serve a King and His Kingdom, not values. Not a religion that grew out up in the world no matter what label we give it. Judeo-Christian is supposed to stand for a foundation for the USA but our foundation rotted at the core. Repentance has always been the message of the Kingdom as its starting point. Good words from a man who helped us see the utter corruption of our nation won’t provide the staying power in difficult times. Only God. Only by His Spirit. He disciplines His own. Don’t fight against the discipline He is causing with the new yet old yet same government that has been put in place. We fight for our God and His Word not for a better government per se. Fixing the world is not our job. Prayer and living for Him is our job. We are between people and God when we intercede. Be careful to keep your eyes open and do not rebel against God who still lifts up and takes down. It is not in a man, no matter how much we respect and are roused to patriotism.

    Amen! 28
  54. It was also clear that President Trump has not been transformed by the renewing of his mind: mudslinging and self defense. Had to stop listening. Exactly why I voted for Senator Marco Rubio in the primary, 2013-2014! President Trump needs to spend time in God’s word and out of the limelight (his idol?).
    Time to seek God for a new candidate with gracious speech, intellect over worldliness, and skills to lead a country.
    I love what President Trump accomplished but not his means. Time to pass the torch and serve quietly and faithfully behind the scene!

    Amen! 8
    1. Clearly you never supported him to begin with , he did more for religious liberty than any other president in History , also stopped world wide funding of abortion . you are nothing more than a hypocrite .

      Amen! 11
      1. I agree with Alvin. President Trump stood for the protection of our Judeo-Christian values and was adamant about getting rid of the swamp creators who have ruined our government. Listening to him after these past several weeks was like getting a long cool drink of water in the middle of the desert. Praying for him and us as we fight against that which is evil and oppressive in Washington.

        Amen! 16
      2. I am sorry to say that it is unkind and unworthy of you Alvin to attack a fellow Christian by calling them a hypocrite. If we create divisions amongst ourselves we are playing into the enemy’s hands and a house divided cannot stand.

        And for Elizabeth; we are not to judge others. I know that by His word that you shall know them by their fruits and I believe that underneath what we see externally that he has a tender heart in many ways. I do not admire, and often cringe at, some of the things President Trump says but he has given his all and withstood much vilification for the four years in office and long before that to protect Godly Christian values.

        Amen! 3
    2. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Pardon, and you will be pardoned.”
      ‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:37‬ ‭TLV‬‬

      We did not elect a religious leader to be POTUS…we elected an experienced business man, with an outsider perspective of the government. President Trump has accomplished more good for this country and citizens in his 4 years, than his predecessors. He has proven himself to be an exceptional leader, despite his faults.

      We as a country are in the horrific trouble we are in because of the following…

      “new candidate with gracious speech, intellect over worldliness, and skills to lead a country.”

      If I wanted a pastor for a president, I would’ve voted for Franklin Graham.

      Amen! 14
      1. I am not judging Trump
        for past sins. I am discerning his lack of effectiveness to address problems and offer solutions versus putting down the leaders like Saul, blinded know not what they do. I’m shocked to be called a hypocrite from someone who doesn’t know me- how far I have come by His grace and how I serve Him daily by His grace alone. I absolutely love President Trump and I believe he did a lot of good. Yes, I know that he helped free a pastor from Turkey and set some prisoners free and signed legislation for religious freedom and addressed the UN. Still, you make excuses for his sin. Whoa- calling me a hypocrite; I repent each day (hour?) of my sin and in God’s grace! voted for Trump both times. I have prayed as much for him in the last three years as I have my own children. However, sin is sin. If I stood up and criticized the educators in our school system in our mayor the way President Trump criticizes others I would be run out of town. His speech is not seasoned as we are commanded. Period. Favoritism versus hypocrisy? I see a lot of blind guides.

        1. You so called phone Christian’s that voted for Biden ,are going to be in for areal shock ! apparently our beloved president Trump hasn’t reached sinless perfection as you have ! as to his lack of effectiveness ? he marshaled industry to make equipment and vaccines on a scale of world war two ,made us energy independent , peace treaties all over the middle east ,stood up to communistic China ,built the best economy in the world for whites , blacks , Latino’s . funded historically black collages for ten years ,and on and on and on But of course you would have done better !

          Amen! 1
    3. This thought ” I love what President Trump accomplished but not his means. Time to pass the torch and serve quietly and faithfully behind the scene” is at the core of Never-Trumpers. Read what Antonia Silva wrote. We did not vote for a Pastor.
      Let me tell you people, Christian people, many of you are deluded. Understand one thing once and for all: Donald Trump was called by God at 2015, at this appointed time. The man then underwent scrutiny by our Intel cutting to the bone. NOTHING was found. These bloodhounds wanted to hang him badly. And then to hear some of you criticize him??? You and we all couldn’t find a fiercer, more courageous and brilliant of mind President than he. He subjected himself to humiliations by the radical Left every single day. We knew his agenda every day because he told us: He chose to be accountable to us. And some of you are nitpicking and criticizing him? It stems from your own small minds. Excuse me, but it takes stepping back several steps and understanding the Miracles God undertook for us to have this President in the first place. God called him and it is GOD who is not finished with DJT yet, and HE is not finished with America yet. The job DJT really was chosen for is to expose and end the deep-seated debauchery and crimes (sins) committed by this nation who is HIS. Child-trafficking, child-sex-abuse, murder and greed is crying out to God. This should not even been named in America, God in His Mercy sent us a Lion to fight against the darkest, satanic elements in the underground of this Nation of which we have not seen the worst yet. Be grateful for his courage, his determination, yes, his righteous thinking, his love for the American people and USA. Let’s live up together with him the call of God to let Israel’s protector be once for all in these End Times the Big Brother of Israel, the lamp, the blessing to all the world, and the city on a hill of hope and blessing for all mankind. This One Nation under God will in the Awakening bring many of all tribes and color to Christ.
      PS The President is one of the most humble men. Do not misread his stance, his strength, his fierceness as pride.

      Amen! 7
    4. I do not think one has any idea of how President Trump has been “transformed” He lived most of his life in the world so knows first hand the corruption. He is the man for these times I believe. He has ways that are not my ways but he is true to his word and has fought hard for Christian values. He has done much more than many who talk of God and call themselves Christian. Just look at the ones who are in charge now. Have they been “transformed” into new life in Jesus? It took me a life time to be abiding in Jesus and His Word before I was aware of being in need of complete surrender to HIS ways and into His holiness.

      Amen! 7
    5. I am sorry to say that it is unkind and unworthy of you Alvin to attack a fellow Christian by calling them a hypocrite. If we create divisions amongst ourselves we are playing into the enemy’s hands and a house divided cannot stand.

      And for Elizabeth; we are not to judge others. I know that by His word that you shall know them by their fruits and I believe that underneath what we see externally that he has a tender heart in many ways. I do not admire, and often cringe at, some of the things President Trump says but he has given his all and withstood much vilification for the four years in office and long before that to protect Godly Christian values.

      Amen! 4
    6. Hi,
      I think it is good for each of us to go back to the Bible and look at the very imperfect people God used for His purposes. If King David were in office today he would be severely criticized by the Church (tell him to move aside and let someone else lead), and yet God called him a man after His own heart.
      David had failures: morally/adultery, criminally/ murder, relationally/sons who rebelled against him, governing/ commanded a census which brought a literal plague on the people.
      When we read the list of heroes of the faith in Hebrews, we realize the Bible also reveals their weaknesses and yet God commends them.

      The great good God accomplished through Donald Trump’s leadership for our nation and for people in other nations is not to be minimized.
      Most people don’t know that he brought back EVERY American who was being held in prison in other countries. The negotiations were done mostly behind the scenes except for Pastor Brunson.

      Peace in the Middle East has been attempted for decades and President Trump’s administration is the first to make treaties between Arab countries and Israel a reality.

      Angel moms (those whose children have been murdered by illegal aliens who are criminals) can tell you the border wall and a highly functioning Homeland Security and Border Patrol are very important.

      The jobs created, businesses started in Opportunity Zones, financial improvement for minorities are all testaments to God guiding President Trump and using the skills and knowledge He had built into him over years of business.

      President Trump stood solidly and consistently for the pro-life cause.

      Christians in Nigeria love President Trump for the strong work he was doing to urge other countries to stop persecuting religious minorities.

      I admire his leadership for all these reasons, but also the fact that he kept his campaign promises. He told the truth! What a concept!
      We need to quit demanding perfection of each other and work in unity to advance God’s Kingdom.

      Amen! 5
  55. Temos de manter a honestidade e a firmeza de filhos de Deus, na nossa vida pessoal e pública. Estou com Donald Trump, na defesa da América e do Ocidente Cristão.

    Amen! 8
    1. Thank you for your prayer!
      We must maintain the honesty and firmness of God’s children in our personal and public lives. I’m with Donald Trump, defending America and the Christian West.

      Amen! 13
  56. being dismayed is exactly what i’ve been feeling, discouraged even, defeated! this current sdministration is destroying us all over again, the orders Biden is signing are wreckless and even insulting, and what’s hurtful and distressful, is he is getting away with it.!!! it seems like God is on hiatus! it’s eating me up

    Amen! 5
    1. God is in complete control. Read how God judged Israel when they turned to other gods. Should he not judge us? We must repent and seek His face, turn from our wicked ways. Then He will hear our prayer and heal our land. Throughout the Bible God’s people faced testing. God brought them through.

      Amen! 21
    2. This is where persistent prayer come into play. Please don’t quit now. Now is the time to fight on our knees. God is still on the throne. Psalm 20:8. Enemies fall, we stand. Keep standing strong through persistent biblically informed prayer.

      Amen! 13
    3. Dan, I do understand your discouragement, but remember this, God never sleeps or takes a hiatus none of this has caught him by surprise! He’s in complete control and His will will be done! I don’t like what I see with this new administration either and I’ll admit it’s scary to see what’s happening, but I always go back to who God is and I trust Him completely for all things. I’ve prayed for you this morning.

      Amen! 2
  57. This single topic is at the top of my prayer list. I was never an intercessor in the past. But over the past couple months, the Lord has birthed a passion for intercession for our nation and engaging in spiritual warfare for America and our government like I have never felt before. I have seen many administrations go by since the 1960s. Never has there been a time where the church needs to arise and pray for the heart of this nation like today. As we pray for God to arise in our government, we need to pray for the church to arise and take their place as sin and daughters to affect change in prayer and in future leaders.

    Amen! 46
    1. Christians must get involved in the political arena and run for offices so we can be the ones passing laws procedures etc according to God’s laws. I God send Your Holy Spirit across the USA like has never been done before! It’s time for Christians to arise! May God direct each one of us in the path He wants us to take! Satan get behind us.. you do not have access to us in these days of 2021! In Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen! Amen! Amen! Help us God to do Your WILL!

      Amen! 7
  58. Yes I will join you. I have indeed been dismayed & disappointed by the corruption & misinformation and disloyalty I’ve seen. This yours is a strong encouraging message that I fully support & very much appreciate. God BLESS AMERICA & all those caring & fighting to ensure American remains FREE ~ Guided by & “Under God”.

    Amen! 45
  59. I am in total agreement w/this article. We, God’s people need to stand strong in our personal and public life by being submitted to God’s word and counsel.

    Only through repentance and a deeper study of His word will we hear from His Holy Spirit …
    We MUST be strong. Amen?

    Amen! 44
  60. We continue to pray against the demonic cancel culture which in a hitleristic way tried to shut the mouths of not only our President but conservatives and in effect was responsible for people not hearing the truth. Pray for the election fraud cases to be heard and for your will to be done. Protect us from the onslaught of horrific executive actions coming out each day, In Jesus name. Amen.

    Amen! 67
  61. Lord God Almighty we lift up our country to you and ask that you help us. Help us to turn from our sins and humble ourselves before you! We cry mercy Lord Mercy ! We ask that you not leave us nor forsake us!
    Deliver us Lord from all evil and cover us with your blood and your hedge of protection !
    We stand on all your promises and stand on these words:

    One Nation under God !!

    The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

    Amen! 65
  62. Yes, it was exciting for people to hear Mr. Trump’s speech.

    The point, though, of this post does not rest on his speech or the content of Mr. Kubal’s article, but on calling Mr. Trump, President Trump.

    Whether or not people approved/liked the way our past presidential election went, Mr. Biden is the President; and, in my opinion, labeling Mr. Trump as “President” Trump, can inadvertently fuel divisiveness in our country where people are already too quick to blame one and, sadly, fight for political causes

    I wholehearted agree with Mr. Kubal’s statement that “God is God and He is above all party politics”, and that we need to “pray for the Church to pursue a mighty movement that encourages Judeo-Christian values in the civil arena of our American culture.”

    But such prudent calls to action need to be with the recognition that our current administration is led by President Biden (1 Timothy 2:1-2, Romans 13:1)

    Amen! 7
    1. Once an American holds office they commonly continue to be addressed utilizing their Former Titles such as President Bush President Carter Secretary Pompeo. I’m sure no disrespect is intended on either side but not sure everyone knows this…🙏🇺🇸🥰

      Amen! 40
      1. I, too, don’t think that Mr. Kubal, meant to disrespect anyone. Thank you, Vickie, for pointing out that former titles such as president are continued to be honored.

        Amen! 19
    2. Well Michael, I am sorry to have to tell you — but you are wrong in your attitude towards President Trump.

      “Titles” come from ages old terms of Royalty. In Royalty and earned titles; the highest title you are granted to, is yours for life. Some titles are temporary, but many are still carried thru your lifetime. My husband was a medical doctor, and his title was a lifetime title, and to call him “MR” was an insult.

      In the case of President of a country, it is yours for life, and sometimes a word may be added to separate one President from another in referring to them. BUT to call a former president of a country, Mister, is an extremely rude insult.
      I am sure that was not your intention, so this note was just informative for you, and others here, not meant to be rude in anyway. Right now, President Trump needs our prayers, as he was chosen by the Lord for this tremendous task. I believe this part of his task, cleaning the swamp, is about to be the hardest part of his work. Amen.

      Amen! 32
      1. That he even wants to be a part of this nasty political mess is in its self a miracle. He is driven by a greater force then the evil he has endured. He has not folded in any way. He had a heart for his savior and although he may not be a lily he is a man of great action and fortitude. May the lord continue in the molding of president Donald Trump. Lord Jesus help us help him.

        Amen! 16
      2. Thank you for your reply, Daylynne. Yes, you are correct that it is not my intent to disrepect our former President. My intention was to address the polarization that is occurring. I really do marvel that he is still relentless in continuing to take the hits in order to make his points!

        So, I have been corrected.

        Amen! 2
    3. Not my President. He is the Resident of the White House! Trump won the election and was God and the people’s choice. Beijing Biden stole the election and was put in place by Satan, but he won’t be there long, God willing! God will move when He is ready!

      Amen! 7
      1. Hi Alvin. Good point you are making.

        I have been thinking a lot about God’s sovereignty lately and, for some reason, God has allowed this outcome. While we know that some do not like the outcome of Biden being president, I want to know how I can pray for Biden and his administration so that God is glorified.

        While some are upset with the outcome, I am doing my best to press into the reality my God is God, regardless of who is president, and in that I am comforted and confident.

        Amen! 1
        1. Hi Michael , I believe you are sincere , frankly I don’t know what to pray, except your will be done on earth as it is in heaven .and we can ask GOD to grant them repentance and salvation . But I can tell you this we are going down the sewer fast .and yes our LORD is firmly in control.

          Amen! 1
          1. Alvin, I do agree with your assessment.

            As a country, our leadership is trying to strip the Christian of his/her rights, and I think that praying for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven is a great place to start, a great place to stay,and a great place to end. I believe that praying like this will provide us with His backdrop of how we then pray for the many particular concerns we have

            The safest place to be from both a defensive and offensive position is in the center of God’s will.

            Lastly, your ‘not knowing what to pray’ might be a good place to be if it helps you/us to press into crying out to God (Psalm 119:145) for His justice and mercy and grace to prevail:

            Romans 8:26-27 In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.

            God bless you, Alvin.

            Amen! 1
        2. Michael , Thank you for you’re kind word’s .when GOD abandons a natation by John MacArthur not fun to hear but truth , it has been inevitable every society ever form has corrupted it’s self. the Bible has made clear it is not up to man to rule his own foot step. But those of us who believe know in the end we win . I pray The LORD bless you richly until then . Alvin

          1. Alvin, I am not sure what you meant by what you said. Could you explain this. Thank you

        3. Michael , I am simply saying if you want the reality of our situation click on the link and watch , if you want to just hold on to a preconceived notion about how things are going to be then don’t ( and i am as guilty as any one for not wanting to face reality ) Just watch the video plain and simple ! kind regards Alvin

  63. God is God!!! God your justice is in the earth!! Show your love power and might! Show mankind who you are!! Mighty warrior and King!! The Lord Sabioth!! You have the last say!!

    Amen! 48

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