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Lord, please forgive our nation of the terrible sin of children's gender clinics. May you deliver us from this evil, in Jesus' Name.

A top “gender clinic” in Texas that provided dangerous, experimental transgender drugs to children has shut down after months of pushback by conservative activists and local parents…

In a statement to media outlets, Children’s Medical Center and UT Southwestern said that they will continue to accept new patients for evaluations of gender dysphoria, but will no longer offer transgender hormone drugs. “Pediatric endocrinology, psychiatry and adolescent and young adult care coordinated through [GENECIS] are now managed and coordinated through each specialty department,” the statement added…

GENECIS, the only “gender-affirmation” program in the Southwest for children, gave irreversibly damaging hormone blockers to kids as young as 10 and claimed on its now-defunct website to have “impacted thousands of youth across the country.” The clinic also made referrals for mutilating transgender “sex change” surgeries…

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Ximena Lopez, GENECIS quickly became known as the top “transgender clinic” for children in Texas and surrounding states, made more than 20 referrals per month within a year of opening and saw around 400 kids by early 2017, according to local news. Some “patients” were just four years old.

James Younger, a nine-year-old whose legal mother is pushing to have him “transitioned” to a girl named Luna, was reportedly seen at GENECIS.

Like many activist doctors pushing experimental transgender procedures for kids, Ximena Lopez is a paid consultant of at least one company that markets hormone blockers increasingly used to halt the puberty of gender-confused children. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved puberty blockers or any other drugs for gender dysphoria, and there is no long-term, clinical data about the use of transgender drugs or surgeries in minors with gender disorders.

At the same time, puberty blockers are linked to a host of serious, permanent side effects, like “osteoporosis, mood disorders, seizures, cognitive impairment and, when combined with cross-sex hormones, sterility,” according to the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds). Up to around 100 percent of boys and 90 percent of girls with gender dysphoria come to accept their sex by adulthood, though virtually all of those started on puberty blockers later take up cross-sex hormones, which often sterilize users and typically lead to devastating transgender surgeries…

In August, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services declared that genital amputation surgery is child abuse under Texas law, following a review ordered by Gov. Greg Abbott.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also launched an investigation last week into two pharmaceutical companies accused of illegally promoting hormone blockers for gender dysphoric children.

Arkansas and Tennessee have also taken action this year to restrict hormone drugs and “sex change” surgeries for children and adolescents.

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(Excerpt from Lifesite. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Laura K
December 27, 2021

Lord I give You grateful thanks for this action and ask that there will not be another like it opened up elsewhere. Thank You that You are protecting children from this evil harm against them


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