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Lord, we thank You for this legislation. Keep the unborn safe, God, and bring even stronger legislation to North Carolina!

Although the governor attempted to veto the bill, North Carolina has now banned abortion after 12 weeks!

From CBS News. Both the North Carolina Senate and House voted Tuesday along party lines to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill banning abortion at 12 weeks.

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The bill now becomes law and takes effect July 1. It severely restricts abortion access in the state — one of the last which had access in the region since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year.

Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 20 on Saturday, which sent it back to the General Assembly. Cooper warned the legislation would make women jump through hoops to receive care and could lead to clinics closing. …

Senate Bill 20 — named the Care for Women, Children and Families Act — bans abortion after 12 weeks, with limited exceptions. The state currently allows abortion through 20 weeks. It passed in the House 71 to 46 earlier this month and then the Senate 29 to 20 a day later. …

State Republican House Speaker Tim Moore said in his own statement that he was “proud” that the veto was overridden, calling the new law “meaningful, mainstream legislation.”

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Anderson Clayton called it “dangerous legislation that puts politicians in the middle of deeply personal health care decisions and abandons the medical advice of doctors who urged lawmakers to stop this ban.” …

While the legislation bans abortion at 12 weeks, it also requires any abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy take place in a hospital. It also requires a physician to verify the gestational age of a fetus is under 10 weeks for a medication abortion — or 70 days — and puts additional requirements in place such as visits to a clinic and counseling. There are additional license requirements for clinics that perform abortions. …

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(Excerpt from CBS News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Herb Johnston
May 19, 2023

Lord we are thankful for representative Tim Moore, and the trend that has been building of legislators like him-, there.. standing up to evil and speaking their minds. We know that this cannot occur without the leading of your Holy Spirit. As for Democratic chair in that state Anderson Clayton and those like him that call Godly legislation dangerous and stating that doctors have warned against it.. we can only pray that they will see the error of their ways. Thank youLord-, that there are intercessors and Godly prayer warriors alike, that have intervened in these proceedings-, also faithful intercessors since 1973- that culminated in the overturn of Roe versus Wade-, which has been the tidal wave breaking the dam to bring these legislations about in reversing this heinous crime against children and Humanity. In Jesus Name, Amen

Apostle Tarrance Darmon Austin Sr(TerryAustin) & Joslyn Burke-Austin
May 19, 2023


Ken Budz
May 19, 2023

Lord please help mothers raise their children. Thank You that less will kill their children. Please help all 50 states reach some limitations on abortion. Please help the people to become wise and vote for the right leaders. Lord You are our Creator and Redeemer, our Guidance and our Light. Help us. Amen.

Becky LaBarr
May 19, 2023

Thank You LORD!!!


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