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Lord God, we need leaders who are strong, steadfast, and undeterred from doing right. We pray about all of the jockeying that will be going on for the election. May your purposes for our nation come to pass!

Redistricting is one political strategy to squeeze an elected official out of an office. Also called gerrymandering,  it is the slicing and dicing of a state district map to gain the best opportunity for maximizing seats for the party who is proposing the redistricting. There is a lot at stake in the upcoming 2022 elections, and redistricting is one way the parties are jockeying for better position in elections. Some redistricting can eliminate a stronghold, as is the case in Ohio.

Representative Jim Jordan, a conservative leader in Congress is getting the squeeze – from his own party in Ohio.

Fox News reports, “Allies of Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan are furious with the state Senate GOP for potentially putting the prominent House Republican’s seat on the line in a proposed redistricting map, Fox News has learned.

The Buckeye State’s Senate Republican Party proposed a redistricting map last week that turned heads and drew ire from Jordan’s allies.

According to the proposed map, Jordan could be billed up against Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio for the 4th Congressional District’s seat. Kevin Eichinger, a spokesperson for the Jordan campaign, suggested the proposed map was an attempt to draw the congressman out of his seat.

‘John Boehner tried to draw Mr. Jordan out 10 years ago. It didn’t work then. It won’t work now,” Eichinger said. “Mr. Jordan is running for reelection.'”

There is currently a redistricting battle in Arizona as well, and likely there will be moves in other states as the 2022 election nears as well.

Share how you are praying about the coming 2020 elections. Plans are being made even now as we are less than a year from our next nationwide election day.

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Mary Damon
June 8, 2022

Lord we need elected officials who are strong, wise , committed to You Lord, and committed to working for the people of the state….. and for you Lord. I pray the re districting will protect Jim Jordan’s race

Jennifer Batchelor
November 11, 2021

Rep. Jordan, trust in the Lord, He will give you direction, strength and peace as you serve your state and our nation. God bless you. We are praying for you.

Vaughn Cassidy
November 11, 2021

They always shoot the hero. Just ask Jesus.

Tanya Williams
November 10, 2021

I have always followed national politics much more closely. After all the Lord has exposed to the light in the last 5 yrs, I now know he has me planted where I am to bear witness, and bring NJ back in line with His purposes, for His glory. Praying for God’s will over Rep Jordan’s life. The Lord may be moving Jim to his next assignment!


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