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I Prayed have prayed

So many prayed, prophesied, and anticipated the Red Wave in the midterm elections. Though we did pick up some seats in the Senate and conservative gains were made in several states, the complete “take-over” of both House and Senate didn’t happen. The anticipated wave of conservatism fell short and many believers are disheartened.

What happened?  Several things come to mind…

1 – Some of those prophetic words about the Red Wave may be absolutely right in the message, but wrong in the timing. Remember Mark Taylor’s prophesy about Trump? He thought it was for 2012, but it was for 2016. Let’s not throw those words out – some of them were truly inspired. Let’s not mistake faith for presumption. This is called perseverance.

2 – A “remnant” doesn’t work in government. It takes a MAJORITY. Though there is a biblical principle in “the few” changing things in the heavens through prayer, it takes a majority in the natural to govern a nation. For those forerunners and prayer warriors who have been ready to take the land, He’s showing us the need for a greater majority in the body of Christ to steward and maintain what He truly wants to give us.

3 – We are divided as a Church! Should we be surprised that the governing structure in the land is but a reflection of the Ecclesia (the governing body of Christ)? Just look at Facebook and you’ll get a fast reality check on where we stand – and it’s not together.

4 – The election is not an event. It is one short stop on a long journey of establishing God’s Kingdom on the earth. God told the Israelites He would take out the giants “little by little” so that they wouldn’t be overwhelmed (Dt 7:22-23). I am reminded of Obama’s win in 2012 after the Church had prayed so hard. The day before the election, the Lord told me he would win – simply because the Church wasn’t ready. We weren’t desperate enough, unified enough, or mature enough. Ouch.

The challenge before us is not simply to win another election – it’s learning how to come together “as one.” Some mindsets need to change. Attitudes need to change. The Church needs to change. Don’t give up. God is on our side and His Word still stands. We may just have some work to do before seeing it come to pass.

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November 18, 2018

If you lose heart and quit praying, you won’t have a red wave. God Almighty is still capable of removing the voter fraud democrats and still creating a red wave, if we pray fervently.

and if you don’t pray fervently: Trump Vision: Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Midterm Election Update, [Nov-13-18; Vision at 6:15 Min.] Actors working in union to impeach Pres. Trump: Attorneys, Judges, Senators, Congressmen, & Governors.
Sadhu Sundar Prophecy November 11 2018 — TRUMP IS IN DANGER

November 16, 2018

tom, totally agree with your reply. “Repent”! looking to that Scripture, most importantly and never mind the what if’s, or scare tactics, nor what it appears. the total Word must be read and understood and trusted and believed. imho, there is no room for speculation! Trust or don’t? Faith or doubt? we can’t pick and choose in the Word. God is God, He’s in “Control”, and I leave it at that! why should I be disquieted in my soul, if I am not the one who can do anything about the world, which incidentally, He holds in the palm of His Hand, nor change it, nor anyone’s heart’s, for that matter! 2 Chronicles is key for salvation “first”, then the healing! That’s the Lords’ conditions. and we know the consequences of not abiding to His laws. Sin is the root, it has consequences, and the end is death (destruction). and that’s the bottom line……

Mary Ann Canfijn
November 13, 2018

We must be on God’s side. His Kingdom transcends national governments, though it surely affects them.

Jeannie Peninger
November 12, 2018

So has anybody prayed for the Democratic party to be filled with people who will follow Gods will? Who will turn their agenda away from what is against Gods word? Perhaps there are those who dislike what has happened to their party and are praying against it?

Chris H.
November 11, 2018

I have to agreed with Sister Mag. I was pretty bummed and confused but the Lord said not to worry; that He wasn’t done yet.I’m pretty sure I saw a twinkle in His eye.Gotta *love* that twinkle.

Thommy Sides
November 11, 2018

Thanks Wanda Alger for such a good word here and wise one at that. My wife had a word for this election back in late Oct after I had been fasting for over 3 days. I was really pressing in hard during that time. After a couple of days I decided to post a YouTube video sharing my wife’s vision. Trouble was…. I ended up….in the excitment of the moment…adding to what she said. She never saw a Red Wave… but did see blue dots on a map blowing up. I took this as part of a Red Wave and said so. Yes…we did have some blue dots blow up. We took at least 2 democrat senate seats and if we finally win in Fla…that will be three. We also won big in Tenn and McSally was ahead in Az, so if the dems don’t end up stealing there…we will look pretty good. We do need to keep praying.

Now, I just wanted to say to everyone, that I ask for your prayers. The last thing I want to do is to ever hurt anyones faith. I’m sorry I mis-spoke and I’ve learned one important lesson. Just report…exactly what God gives you and nothing more. When we add to it….we can end up in a place we don’t want to be.
I’ve been living now in South Africa for over 10 years. Much of it by faith and I think we you live by faith for so long.It’s easy to claim things that are not for the NOW. Yes… I’am still hoping God will give us that RED WAVE in 2020, but next time I’ll be a bit more careful not to put my foot in my mouth. I love you all….please keep my wife Judy and I in your prayers. I’ve produced a Christian Album over here called, “Stranded No More” Check it out on itunes etc. Much of the music is on the prophetic side…and I think I’m safe singing prophetically. lol….Cheers!!!

Milena Gonzalez
November 10, 2018

Honesty I been feeling very overwhelming about this elections. I am leaving in Florida and this is scary for us if the liberals getting in but I feel God is on control and yes we need to pray with out fear He is with us and we just need to trust that He knows we facing and spiritual battle against satanic forces. God Bless all of us in this battle.

Sister Mag
November 10, 2018

The liberal democrats may have taken control of the U.S house temporarily but God spoke. Let us be patient, he has a plan. Besides, CHRISTS HOUSE is called THE HOUSE OF PRAYER and that HOUSE ALWAYS HAS POWER,thank God, satan note, no votes needed and liberals or no devil can ever take control of that house…”He shall build his church and the gates of hell CANNOT prevail. THE TRUE HOUSE OF GOD HAS POWER. Let us repent, draw near to God and use it.

November 10, 2018

Wanda Alger!! WOW!! Right on target!! We all needed to hear that!
One of your Giftings is evident!!
Move forward in ALL He is calling you too in this season of your life. All things “will” come together as you move out of your comfort zone!!

November 9, 2018

Prayer and more prayer… and more trust as the days unfold according to God’s ways. Quoting from a Sept.26, ’18, prophetic word posted on The Elijah List…”I heard the Lord say, “I’m going to reposition and realign this government. I’m the only One who knows the hearts of the men and women who are serving. In this season, don’t speak against any of My children—right or left. For I will give salvation and a way out to each. They will either choose life or choose death. If they choose death, I will remove them from their position of authority.” May the shifting, realigning and Spirit of revelation lift and encourage Christ following children of the Most High God.

November 9, 2018

I was feeling down that the House was lost but I feel the Lord telling me to “Lean not on my understanding but give thanks to Him always” to remember that He will never leave us nor forsake us. I know this is a testing of my faith and I will continue to trust the Lord!

November 9, 2018

If we gained both the Senate and the House would we really seek the Lord and lean on Him wholly? I think we think were praying to get what we think we need..and we do need righteous government..but most of all we need to awaken to our need for Him..for His leadership and unity in the Body of Christ..we Are His Body..and we need to be ‘all in’ and ‘ all hands on deck’ in this hour!! Phil. 1:27-28..Only let your conduct be worthy of the Gospel..Stand fast in One spirit in One mind (His)..Striving Together for the Faith of this Gospel..NOT in Anyway terrified by your adversaries.. Which is a Sure sign to them of their impending doom..and a sure sign to you of your victory and that from God!!

Deborah Piccurelli
November 8, 2018

When I asked the Lord what happened, it seemed He was saying that this is the way our land will begin to heal. In the past two years, the Democrats would not participate in getting anything but a few things done. Now, they will be forced to work together with the Republicans if they want to have some legislature approved. We will become unified through it.

Frannie Antonucci
November 8, 2018

When I woke up WEd.. I believe the Lord spoke to me and said.
“I am not a Democrat nor Republican.. I am the I Am and I am not Dead.. Continue to stand and pray.”
Prayer will change us..I saw that many intercessors like myself were involved in more prayer than ever for this nation.. We need I believe to continue and to Stand.. for GOD is not DEAD…

November 8, 2018

If my people….

Karen Secrest
November 8, 2018

I was disappointed in the results of issues I’m concerned with. Then the Word of the Lord came to me. He said, “Persevere, the battle remains unresolved and needs your prayers for the next six weeks during this transition period. I AM

David Liles
November 8, 2018


Debbie Bernash
November 8, 2018

I agree to persevere always, never give up, the battle is not over! Even if we got everything that was prophesied, we as the church body needed to keep praying and pressing forward! It’s not time to sleep, it’s time to be awakened, alert, watchful! It’s time to be the body of Christ, He has called us to be! We have a calling to fulfill! Yay God!!!

November 8, 2018

I agree and think this is why 2 Chronicles 1st talks of people 1st
repenting before the land is healed

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