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Father, we ask for protection for our children, for action from the parents, and for godly leadership from teachers and administrators.

The president of the National Education Association (NEA) said President Donald Trump is “pushing” the nation “towards authoritarianism and despotism.”

Lily Eskelsen Garcia kicked off the nation’s largest teachers’ union’s Representative Assembly in Houston on July 4 by instructing her union members, “The moral arc of the universe needs us now to put our backs into Education Justice.”


“Because there are folks out there determined to take us back to a time when people knew their places,” she said. “When women got the coffee, when people of color sat at the back of the bus, where LGBTQ people trembled in fear in those dark classes where they didn’t bother anybody.”

Garcia said the “Red for Ed” movement, based on socialist principles, has “changed the narrative” and “is getting results.”

She continued that the United States “must have a new president” and added:

We need a new president who will respect our democracy, who serves all the people, including the ones who don’t have a membership to Mar-a-Lago. We want one who will not corrupt our institutions by giving friends and family gifts of government positions where their decisions benefit their personal and corporate wealth.

“Donald Trump is pushing our beautiful, imperfect nation towards something that would break the hearts of our Founding Fathers and mothers, towards authoritarianism, towards despotism,” Garcia said. “In the history of history, wherever authoritarian, anti-democratic despots took over, they had a common strategy. It’s about who you oppress, who you scapegoat, and the institutions you corrupt.”

The union leader said the 2020 election is “very different from any election I’ve ever seen,” because “this one is to protect our democracy.”

The NEA meeting in Houston featured a 2020 forum for Democrat presidential candidates.

“We will need more information and more member engagement than ever before,” Garcia urged her union members. “We are only at the beginning of the process to select the candidate who will face Donald Trump.”

[The NEA meeting in Houston also featured the nationwide usage of the curriculum “Creating Gender Inclusive Schools” as part of its implementation of actions of the Representative Assembly. Click HERE to view it.]

(Excerpted from Breitbart, article by Dr. Susan Berry.)

645 People Prayed
2456 People have read this article

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  1. Father in Heaven, We pray for mercy. We pray with humility and sorrow in our hearts. We repent of any agreement we have had with lust and sexual immorality. We ask for forgiveness for our complacency and disobedience, for not praying for our leaders as we always should have. We are suffering the consequences that You warned us about. The darkness and confusion, the disorder and instability that comes from sin is upon us. The age of deception is here as You said it would be. Leaders are proclaiming lies in Your Name. There are so many wolves that we are overwhelmed and being worn down as Daniel predicted. The pressure is rising as You said it would during Tribulation. Father against son and houses divided. Our hearts, our homes our institutions are being sifted. Sins that were once done in darkness are being shouted from the rooftops just as You said. People no longer know how to blush as they do what is right in the sight of their own eyes. Lord have mercy on us as we fight this spirit of deception. Help us to remain steadfast and immovable in our faith. We need each other now more than ever. Jesus prayed that we would be united in Truth and Love. Grant us now the glory He prayed for that will keep us together in You and will testify to the world that You are the Almighty Father and we are Your children. Let Your power be revealed in us as we stand together overcoming evil with good. In Jesus’ Name we ask it, Let it be so Father.

  2. I am truly shocked at the cognitive dissonance and political agenda spoused by Lily Garcia. Truly our teachers are being co-opted by Democrats and their Socialist agenda for our nation and children. This is not neutral curriculum and deserves to be thrown out as the useless trash it is. Hopefully there are teachers that will protect our kids from this Leftist propaganda.

    1. You hit it. I like to use the phrase “woefully unself-aware”.

      The Left believes the wall separating church and state only blocks in one direction.

      They believe in “positive” freedoms, which essentially give them complete control of our lives.

      They believe in upending the constitution via a nine-member, oligarchical body in the SCOTUS.

      Authoritarianism has historically come from the Left and usually starts out as a socialist movement. Ask Mussolini. Ask Adolf. Ask the Kim Jung clan. Ask Mao. Pol Pot. Lenin. Castro. Maduro.

      After pointing out her own hypocrisy, I’d then like to ask this … *bleep* … what Pres. Trump has done to lead us towards authoritarianism. Was it by nominating originalists to our courts? Or maybe it was by signing executive orders protecting religious freedom (or was it a law he signed?), not to mention free speech on college campuses? Or, is his fascism evidenced by all of his opponents who are NOT disappearing, but in fact continue in their anti-Trump and anti-conservative tirades?

      This woman is a fool, and doesn’t deserve to manage a McDonald’s, never mind the NEA.

  3. P. Rivera: in response to your first post: it was puzzling to me because you spoke about your determination to love regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status. But shortly after you began, you said our President is not for love and that he has narrow views. How do you know? Do you know him personally? God can use unorthodox and flawed (same as you and me) people for His purposes. His Word says His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts!
    You said you love Lily Eskelsen Garcia. Do you identify strongly with her stated animus against our President? Why? Can God work through President Trump? He’s the first president in my experience to actually try to accomplish what he promised. Does he recognize God in his speeches? Wasn’t it President Obama who said our nation is no longer a Christian nation? Why?
    Didn’t our founding fathers pattern our nation after Biblical principles? Do you think “Red for Ed” that Garcia proposes will do that? Many of my contemporaries and I, associate “Red” with communism. Is that what we want for our country? If you study history you surely know that Communists do not have love for God or for the things of God. As for Socialism, everyone is to be the same, with a few elites telling everyone else what they must do. How did that work out in the Bible?
    If you see no wrong in teaching innocent children LGBTQ political correctness, as Garcia seems to advocate, then I disagree with you. Were you in the schools when it was still OK to post the Ten Commandments? Were you in school when The Lord’s Prayer began the opening day? Even if a child was not taken to church or taught about Jesus, seeing the Commandments each day had to have left some impression about right vs. wrong. By the way, the Bible has a lot to say about sexuality, economic status, all the other things you mentioned.
    For a lot of us who are older, it boils down to: Is the U.S. to remain a nation (that our fathers bled and died for)? Or do we go global? I would choose freedom, which we often take for granted!

    1. If worse comes to worse and we see the rise of the beast in our time, let our nation be a horn that falls off (well, assuming that means what it seems to mean).

  4. As much as many people do not want to believe it, Jesus our Savior, our Lord, and Spirit put “President Trump” in Office. Look at the happenings at the time of the election, how else do you think President Trump would have or could have won if it were not for our Lord. He Put him, “President Trump”, in office and when it is His timing He will take him out and not before. Nor, will any man open or close the door God has opened and closed.

    It is not what can President Trump do for our country, but, what God can do through President Trump for our country.

  5. i’m really worried Lord about this. the nea have too much power / influence in our schools. i pray you can do something to stop this evil propaganda from influencing our children. in Yeshua’s Name amen. -_-

  6. Dear Heavenly Father, how sad we are that children are being indoctrinated with political agendas. We are outraged the children are being used as guinea pigs to satisfy adults who do not know the truth of Your Word. I would pray for P. Rivera to read ALL of Your Word. It is true when you say that bad will be called good and good will be called bad. This is what is happening in today’s culture. I pray the children will somehow be protected from adult points of view that do not agree with YOUR WORD. Let children be children! Your word is truth, and Your word only. We cannot pervert truth to fit our human agendas.
    God HELP us in this county.
    A retired elementary school teacher who would have stopped teaching if it required me to teach things that are against the truth of God’s Word!

    1. Nancy,
      Why are you judging me to think that I have not read ALL God’s word?
      Plus, my post is not about pushing any agenda on anyone. It’s about teaching students to love and be decent human beings. LOVE as God loves.
      And you should know as well as anyone that PUBLIC education is 100% political, no way around that. They don’t teach Creationism but Evolution. Were you still teaching during that time?
      Did you not see bullying and suicide in my post? Should we just let those things happen and be prevalent in our schools? If I have a Muslim student in my class, should I expect students to treat him/her respectfully and like a human being?

  7. I am a Christian. I am a teacher. I live in schools were students are bullied and bullying. We even had a student commit suicide AT SCHOOL in our district over this issue. I don’t believe in this lifestyle, however God says LOVE.
    Trump is not for love…love of our neighbors, love of the opposite sex, love for minorities, love for anyone or anything that is different than his narrow views. It sickens me to she my beautiful black, native American daughters to see such hate and oppression by our own president and growing up in such a Hate filled world. Degrading women, degrading races.
    Furthermore, I love Lily Eskelsen Garcia. I have been to a NEA RA. It is a democratic convention. We vote, we represent, we get our voices heard. 75% of Teachers are Republican. I am a Republican. But, I also vote for teachers and for schools. Working together to make our communities stronger. And to show students, no matter what their zip code and address, they should get a fair and equal education.
    Got off track a bit. But back to it. LOVE. I’m going to love my students. I’m going to teach them love for each other. They all won’t have families or lifestyles that I know anything about or agree with, but they will know I love them and that they should love others as God loves. I’m not going to teach them to discriminate or hate and that means teaching them to accept others no matter what and not being based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status.
    Our sin is not greater or less than the sins of others. Your sin is no different than sexual sins. I’m tired of Christians acting like sins are weighted and we are better than others because we sin differently. Hate and oppression will never help heal our hurting world and humanity. Only love. Love like Jesus. Love like that. Jesus didn’t hang out and get to know all the Christians in the world when he was here. He was with the sinners and Loved them. My favorite quotes by MLK: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”
    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    1. p. rivera, trump is not a racist. sad that your entire post is nothing but a political rant devoid of facts. i think you’re just another leftist posing as a christian. you sure have all the leftist ”talking points” nailed down, complete w/ race baiting ones. i also think you came to the wrong place.

      1. Stephanie,
        Talking about how to Love like Jesus is devoid of facts?
        You know 0 about me, my character, my walk, my faith. Just like I posted my opinion doesn’t mean you get to judge me. I respect everyone’s views and opinions and even learn from others who respectfully talk to me even though we may disagree.
        Fact 1- This article came up in my Google chrome when I opened my browser.
        Fact 2- I am and have been a teacher at some of the poorest schools in my urban school district.
        Fact 3- I am on our local teacher union an Executive Board, trying to insert an environment of working together for students and families. I have several different opinions than my Democrat colleagues and use my faith and belief to stand up for the majority of the Republican teachers in my district. There are several of us on the board for the same reason.
        Fact 4- I see the good that unions can and do bring to support schools, teachers, communities, and families first hand. I live it.
        Fact 5- I decided to put my opinion here. I have a different walk, different education, different view.
        Fact 6- my number 1 point is to show love like Jesus loves. That’s it. Not once in my post did I say that I agree with this being taught in schools. I just put the fact out there that this is what I see and why and that the greatest gift I want to show my students is to LOVE.

        1. teachers unions are pretty much communist now. i’m a mother too & i don’t use my kid to play politics like you seem to be doing. again there is nothing racist about trump or his policies. calling others racist isn’t love, just saying.

          1. I never called him racist. I said he is degrading to women and others. He isn’t a person who personifies Love towards others.
            How is my post political? I am stating personal experiences and facts. Please stop being so rude and making it something it’s not. Also, please stop putting words into my mouth and telling me what my agenda is when you aren’t inside my mind. I’m sad you are missing the point and choosing to be disrespectful.

      2. Additionally, I am a mother. I am white. My daughters are adopted. Both black & Native American. Right here in the Bible belt of America, I have seen how people treat us differently, say negative comments about race. Not everyone, but some people…Christian people. I also see how WOMEN especially are regarded by our President and treated disrespectful. The KKK still is alive here. People who HATE.
        What I said was I’m sad my girls have to grow up in a world so full of Hate and oppression.
        Have you ever experienced being treated differently due to race,ethnicity, gender?
        Not using a “race” card or baiting. Using my personal experiences with my family.

  8. Dear Lord, this Lily Eskelsen Garcia is so misdirected regarding what is good for our children. Please intervene and get her thinking on the right track. Obviously, people like her were not raised in your Word. They don’t know what they are doing to our children. You said in your Word that it will not be necessary to speak to people like this, but that you would you would write your law in their minds and their hearts. (Jer 31:33) Please do it now and get these people to thinking right. This situation is so upsetting and seems to be getting worse. But I believe your Word and you can turn this situation around. Please may we see improvement in this situation soon. Thank you Lord. Amen.

  9. We don’t need to BEG God to deal with evil, as though He wouldn’t want to. It is His desire to do so and gave us His authority to deal with it – to tread on “scorpions and snakes.” Let us fight evil with our proclamations and declarations that God has already won the battle and let’s tell the evil one that he is dust and to get back into his hell-hole. Jesus is Lord of all!

  10. Lord you told us that a time is coming when they will call evil good and good evil. We see it all around us. Strengthen every Christian educators stand that ‘your kingdom come and your will be done’ in every place you have placed them.

  11. As a teacher in the public school system, I pray for strength for my peer educators to take a stand now! There are many teachers who are believers and pray over the schools and children we care for. Lord, you placed each of us in this field to fight for your cause and YOUR children. Your timing is perfect to have us in place, arm us to fight this spiritual battle. Please Lord, help us to have the courage of Daniel. Through you, we will be the light in the midst of the darkness. We will fulfill the plan you have for us and defend the children you created. In the name of Jesus I pray!

  12. Children keep being the object of sinful thinking by those who don’t know Christ (they are mislead themselves)…if children escape abortion they are being brainwashed to die in other ways…not accept the gender that they were given and blessed with by God… in the long run a mislead child leads to a confused life…children need God’s Word to guide them…I encourage Christians to get on the front lines and reach children for Christ…God make us your bold servants for the sake of children.

    1. Thank you for having a godly world view on this topic. Yes, God is Love. Yes, teachers are to love all their children. But we are to also take a stand for righteousness. We can do both.

  13. I agree with Teresa’s prayer and the prayer of Elaine. When two or more agree about anything on earth it will be done in heaven. Thank You Heavenly Father for answering in ways that we will recognize and give you glory and honor for deliverance from evil for Jesus sake and in Jesus name!

  14. I am praying that the Christian teachers in Public schools will have wisdom and discernment as they are faced with these challenges and that they will have boldness in confronting them. Make them strong in the Spirit of the Lord.

  15. Lord, we wholeheartedly and urgently BEG YOU to cast down this evil deception that calls good evil, and evil good. We pray that homes be strengthened so that children will be protected against this warped viewpoint. We thank and praise you for being the creator, Redeemer, and mighty counselor of humanity. Oh, that we may cast our selves at your feet and beg for the protection, mercy and guidance we need to deal with what the devil throws at us! We claim the promises of scripture that the fiery darts not hit their target, that the Rock of our salvation stands firmly as our refuge in this moral wilderness of our time. Oh and for each poor child that has “politically correct” parents that are too dingbat to shield their darlings from this perverted ideology! Strenghten these kids with wisdom beyond their years, protect them and shine the light of your Holy ways upon them! Dear Lord You only can redeem! You alone are worthy of praise! We humbly come before you with our broken hearts over the sad state of public education in America today. Help each teacher be morally strong enough to stand against this. Enable families to homeschool. may textbooks not be written or purchased that promote this ungodly falsehood. Take out bad administrators and school board members! They will be done, thy kingdom come, we long for righteousness to prevail. In the name of precious Jesus we pray, amen.

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