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Lord, we thank You for this wise decision!
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Our military is in need of new recruits, but sexual perversion is not the way to draw them in. Thank You, Lord for this decision!

From The Federalist. The U.S. Navy confirmed on Tuesday it has discontinued an online recruiting initiative featuring an enlisted drag queen that was aimed at bringing new sailors into the service.

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In May, The Daily Caller revealed that the Navy brought on Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley — an active-duty drag queen who goes by the stage name Harpy Daniels and identifies as non-binary — to be a “Navy Digital Ambassador.” The Digital Ambassador Pilot Program, which ran from October 2022 to March 2023, was reportedly “designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates” for military recruitment.

In a letter sent to Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., on Tuesday, Erik Raven, the under secretary of the Navy, confirmed that the branch’s Digital Ambassador Pilot Program “will not be continued.” …

The Navy’s embrace of Daniels — which generated backlash among many military veterans — comes amid the branch’s failure to meet existing recruiting targets. On Thursday, acting Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Lisa Franchetti confirmed that the Navy is expected to miss its fiscal year 2023 recruiting goals by roughly 7,000 sailors. The revelation came days after the Air Force announced it would miss its “active-duty recruiting goals for the first time since 1999.”

The U.S. Army and Coast Guard are also expected to miss their respective fiscal year 2023 recruiting targets.

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Zachary Pearson- U.S. Navy via Getty Images)

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Joanne DeBord
September 21, 2023

Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Margaret Akin
September 21, 2023

Pray and vote and teach truth to others who can also teach to others. PRAY‼️

Priscilla Meyenburg
September 21, 2023

Jesus thank you for this smart wise directed decision on activist drag queens being stopped. This is where prayer becomes important. Through our decrees of Faith, we serve notice to the demonic operations behind such things and even though they may be creatively hidden from view. We can call upon heaven to dispose these acts of perversions that does not honor the military. We call upon heaven to expose any laws, bills that are being used by evil lawmakers. God I ask for a deep cleansing of all of the Military, which will make them strong again, like men should be. Proverbs-16-12 “AMPC”It is an abomination [to God and men] for kings to commit wickedness, for a throne is established and made secure by righteousness (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation).!’ Prayers go forth for all of the wickedness be cancelled an our Heavenly Father name. We decree that our nation should be marked by righteous laws. 🧎‍♀️

September 20, 2023

Lord, we give You all the praise and glory for this victory! Thank You for this decision which is in line with Your righteousness. And we ask for Your blessings upon Senator Tommy Tuberville. Thank You for each one who takes a stand for righteousness. Raise up others to stand alongside them and stand in the gap for our nation’s return to Your standards. In the name of Jesus, we pray.

    Darlene Estlow
    September 20, 2023

    Father, we ask for favor for Senator Tommy Tuberville. We ask that what he demands would come to pass. Thank you for this victory!

September 20, 2023


September 20, 2023

I am new to this site, however, I am greatly disappointed that unless you donate it will not allow downloads that you encourage us to read and utilize in prayer strategies??

    September 20, 2023

    Karen, that is not correct. Please call the IFA office for clarification.

    Nathan Tabler
    September 20, 2023

    Karen, all of our downloads are free! We ask for donations as a recommendation, but our prayer guides, special reports, and devotionals are all completely free to download and read.

    If there is a specific resource you are having difficulty accessing, please call or email the office and we would be happy to help.


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