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God is moving! Lord, we pray for all the unborn children. We pray that governmental leaders would see the value of life, and that they would encounter your love in a way that changes everything.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch has filed a brief with the Supreme Court asking it to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to protect babies from abortions.

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hold a hearing on a major abortion case that could limit Roe v. Wade and protect babies from late-term abortions.  The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a law that bans killing babies in abortions after 15 weeks.

Today, Fitch filed her brief with the Supreme Court, defending the right of the people to pass laws that protect life and women’s health and address legitimate interests of the State.

“There are those who would like to believe that Roe v. Wade settled the issue of abortion once and for all,” said Attorney General Fitch. “But all it did was establish a special-rules regime for abortion jurisprudence that has left these cases out of step with other Court decisions and neutral principles of law applied by the Court. As a result, state legislatures, and the people they represent, have lacked clarity in passing laws to protect legitimate public interests, and artificial guideposts have stunted important public debate on how we, as a society, care for the dignity of women and their children. It is time for the Court to set this right and return this political debate to the political branches of government.”

As noted in the brief, rather than settle the discord established by Roe, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey made matters worse. “Casey recognized that Roe’s disregard for state interests had to be abandoned…. Casey tried to improve upon Roe by replacing strict scrutiny with the undue-burden  standard. But that standard too defeats important state interests rather than accounts for them.”

The brief continues, “The only workable approach to accommodating the competing interests here is to return the matter to ‘legislators, not  judges.’…The national fever on abortion can break only when this Court returns abortion policy to the states – where agreement is more common, compromise is more possible, and disagreement can be resolved at the ballot box.”

“With this brief, we’re simply asking the Court to affirm the right of the people to protect their legitimate interests and to provide clarity on how they may do so,” said Fitch.

In the nearly 50 years since Roe, science and society have marched forward, she said. During this time, the viability marker has moved from 28 weeks to 22 weeks in some cases, and science will only continue to advance.

“Legislatures should be able to respond to those advances, which they cannot do in the face of flawed precedents that are anchored to decades-stale views of  life and health,” the brief reasons.

The Attorney General asks the Court to consider the policy and cultural shifts that have occurred in the 30-50 years since Roe and Casey and argues that the precedent set in these cases, “shackle states to a view of facts that is decades out of date.”

The brief counters Casey, stating, “Many laws (largely post-dating Roe) protect equal opportunity—including prohibitions on sex and pregnancy discrimination in employment, guarantees of employment leave for pregnancy and birth, and support to offset the costs of childcare for working mothers…. Casey gives no good reason to believe that decades of advances for women rest on Roe, and evidence is to the contrary.”

“A lot has changed in five decades,” continued Fitch. “In 1973, there was little support for women who wanted a full family life and a successful career. Maternity leave was rare. Paternity leave was unheard of. The gold standard for professional success was a 9-to-5 with a corner office. The flexibility of the gig economy was a fairy tale. In these last fifty years, women have carved their own way to achieving a better balance for success in their professional and personal lives. By returning the matter of abortion policy to state legislatures, we allow a stunted debate on how we support women to flourish. It is time for the Court to let go of its hold on this important debate.”

The 2018 Mississippi law prohibits abortions after 15 weeks except when there are risks to the life or physical health of the mother, or fatal fetal anomalies. Based on state health records, about 200 unborn babies between 15 and 20 weeks are aborted every year in Mississippi and the law would save their lives.

Fitch’s brief referred to the high court’s recent ruling on a Louisiana abortion regulation in June Medical Services v. Russo. She pointed out conflicting lower court rulings that cite the arguments in that case and asked the Supreme Court for clarification, the report states.

“This case remains an ideal vehicle to promptly resolve both that question and the first question presented—the contradictions in this Court’s decisions over use of ‘viability’ as a bright line for measuring pro-life legislation,” she wrote.

Mississippi’s law highlights a conflict between the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade and the court’s repeated affirmation in subsequent cases that states have a legitimate interest in limiting abortion and protecting “vulnerable and innocent life” from the moment of conception.

“Every human life is valuable, and Mississippi’s law is a commonsense step toward protecting unborn children and their mothers from the harms of late-term abortion,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Denise Harle. “The law protects the life of a baby who can already move around and kick in her mom’s womb—a child who has a heartbeat, can taste what her mom eats, and can experience pain. And the law also protects women, since late-term abortions grow increasingly dangerous to the mother’s health. Women and their children both deserve real health care; that’s why we’re glad the Supreme Court has decided to take up this matter.” . . .

In a separate case, Mississippi also is fighting in court to defend its heartbeat law, which would protect almost all unborn babies from abortions in the state.

The Supreme Court took away the states’ ability to protect unborn babies from abortion, and instead allowed abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Roe made the United States one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks.

There is more hope that the Supreme Court may consider overturning Roe, especially now that Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed.

How are you encouraged by Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch speaking up about this issue? Let us know your thoughts and prayers in the comments below!

(Excerpt from LifeNews. Article written by Steven Ertelt. Photo by Y’all Politics)

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Edison Fowler
July 24, 2021

People need to see Truth presented in contrast to Lies about what IS being carried and nurtured in the mother’s womb!

Darlene Estlow
July 24, 2021

Father, thank you for Attorney general Fitch and her well written brief. Open the eyes of the justices so they will hear and overturn Roe. Silence the voices that promote death and give favor to those who speak for life.

July 24, 2021

Praise God! You have raised up a woman of courage and valor. Goliath will fall. Keep our eyes on You, our Unstoppable God! The Supremes hold great power in our land but they serve because You allow it. Let us not guess or speculate what these mere mortals will decide but instead let us fast and pray, seeking You and asking You to invade the hearts of men and women as we go about our duty to go into the world and share the Gospel! You will not waste one little innocent’s life. All glory and honor and power belong to You. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Linda Lucas
July 24, 2021

Praise God for a courageous AG in Mississippi willing to stand and speak up for the lives of these precious, defenceless babies! Almighty God, please let this woman’s example move on the hearts of other folks in positions of power to do likewise! Perhaps then, Roe v Wade will be overturned and the curse on this country will finally be removed. Lead us, Holy Spirit, in ways to live according to our Creator’s will! In Jesus’s Name, Amen!

Karen E. Kendrick
July 24, 2021

This is total progress in this long drawn out fight for babies life.
The enemy fights tooth & nail to keep up this slaughter as his sacrifice to BAAL( himself).
Many on the right side of life have been diligently fighting to stop this slaughter of Prescious life for so very long.
Lord let this be the ” breaking” of this ” hold” over America that has caused us to reap all of the KAOS & violence in our nation as it has opened wide the door for satan’s agenda that we see happening in America.
Lion of Judah ROAR!!!!


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