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Father, we thank You for holding Meta accountable for its blatant disregard of the law. Protect our elections, Lord, and prevent Meta from interfering with them.

Facebook has meddled with elections in the past, and now it’s parent company is refusing to follow campaign finance laws. Let’s pray.

From AP News. A Washington state judge on Wednesday fined Facebook parent company Meta nearly $25 million for repeatedly and intentionally violating campaign finance disclosure law, in what is believed to be the largest campaign finance penalty in U.S. history.

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The penalty issued by King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North was the maximum allowed for more than 800 violations of Washington’s Fair Campaign Practices Act, passed by voters in 1972 and later strengthened by the Legislature. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson argued that the maximum was appropriate considering his office previously sued Facebook in 2018 for violating the same law. …

Washington’s transparency law requires ad sellers such as Meta to keep and make public the names and addresses of those who buy political ads, the target of such ads, how the ads were paid for and the total number of views of each ad. Ad sellers must provide the information to anyone who asks for it. …

But Meta has repeatedly objected to the requirements, arguing unsuccessfully in court that the law is unconstitutional because it “unduly burdens political speech” and is “virtually impossible to fully comply with.” …

“I have one word for Facebook’s conduct in this case — arrogance,” Ferguson said in a news release. “It intentionally disregarded Washington’s election transparency laws. But that wasn’t enough. Facebook argued in court that those laws should be declared unconstitutional. That’s breathtaking. Where’s the corporate responsibility?” …

What do you think of Meta’s actions and claims? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from AP News. Photo Credit: Dima Solomin on Unsplash)

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Richard Beale
November 2, 2022

This fine is a drop in the bucket for Meta. Jail time for “contempt of court,” would be a better “process” crime. Those with billions of dollars need to spend some reflective time in more equality with those who have been jailed for “contempt” while trying to undo all the corruption caused in our “free and fair” elections. Jail time would be a great equalizer. We pray repentance comes before it is too late. “FATHER, please grant the gift of repentance to all who have brought such great harm to this Country. In JESUS precious Name we pray, thanking YOU for the gift of repentance in our own lives. Amen.”

Cindi DiFrancesco
October 30, 2022

The word META in Hebrew means DEATH.


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