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2643 People Prayed
26284 People have read this article


Lord, we pray that the virus will die and not return a second time and we declare that the misinformation and fear-mongering regarding this virus come to a halt in Jesus Name.

A new twist in the COVID-19 narrative is a mandate some medical facilities are beginning to implement that requires all patients to be tested with the most invasive COVID-19 test before elective medical procedures will be performed.

A friend was scheduled for an elective surgical procedure in Tennessee. She received a call from her doctor’s office three days prior and was told that her procedure could not be performed unless she was first tested for the virus. Additionally, she was informed that once the vaccine is released, medical procedures would be withheld until patients receive the vaccine.

Although the medical professional said she “personally disagreed” with the new “law,” the medical facility had “no choice” but to comply, as it was coming down from the “top.” “This decision is not coming from the hospital,” my friend was told.

So where was this massive overreach actually coming from? The nurse said “the top” so that is where I started.

I immediately called my senator to verify the information and was told no law had passed in the Senate requiring COVID-19 testing before a medical procedure can be performed. I then called my congressman and was told that no bill had passed in the House requiring COVID testing prior to a medical procedure.

I did learn the CDC has made this part of their guidelines which are to be implemented on a state-by-state basis. But remember what comes from the CDC is a GUIDELINE that can either be followed or ignored based on the decision of each state. 

A call to the office of Bill Lee, Republican Governor of Tennessee, confirmed that the order requiring testing had NOT been issued from his office either.

So where was the supposed “order” coming from that made the Galen Medical Group in Tennessee refuse treatment to patients unless they first received COVID testing?

A call to Mayor Jim Coppinger’s office (Republican) revealed the order did not come from him. I was told to call the Hamilton County Health Department, who also stated that it was not their requirement either.

With just a few phone calls, we learned the mandatory testing order from “the top” definitely was not coming from the top, as far as a law. In fact, so far no one has been willing to take responsibility for this mandatory action, including the medical group requiring the testing!

It appears in this case that the Division of Health Licensure and Regulation is calling the shots and is able to threaten the doctors and facilities by removing their licenses if they don’t comply.

This should cause great concern in every city as it bypasses the laws of the state and civil rights of citizens. Some will have no choice but to comply in order to receive life-saving treatment.

What if this were you or your son or daughter? Or worse, your elderly parent bullied into the painfully invasive nose swab test?

Perhaps you feel it makes sense to require the test to protect the medical staff or public from further spread. Here’s something to consider. I have had friends in the medical community working directly with COVID-infected patients on a daily basis, none of whom have come down with the disease.

We have never done such extensive pre-testing for any other type influenza, H1N1, SARS, etc. So why now, when the numbers are going down? It doesn’t make sense.

Plus, medical experts have confirmed that COVID-19 testing is not 100% accurate. According to a report on, “While a positive result indicates an active COVID-19 infection, it does not rule out bacterial infections or co-infections with other viruses.” Additionally, there’s a chance that the test could result in a false positive, in which your test is positive, but you actually don’t have a COVID-19 infection. Nevertheless, at that point you have been labeled as having the virus.

Here’s where some of our leaders want this to take us: Once someone tests positive (real or not), their names are then added to a list in which they will be checked regularly by “contact investigators.” This is a new position that would be created by a partisan bill (HR6666) to keep track of and monitor people who test positive with the virus. The investigators could also begin to monitor any people who have been in contact with someone who tests positive. It may become very far reaching. A health director in California let it slip that investigators may recommend removal from your home if they feel you are a danger to other members of your household! These possibilities depend on state and local laws, as well as federal law.

Concerned yet? Is mandatory testing trying to protect the medical personnel, stop further spread of the virus, or is it really a means of keeping track of us?

What does testing involve? For my friend it would require a one-hour drive to the nearest facility, followed by a wait in a drive-through line (approximately two hours she was told), then the actual test, another two hour wait for the results, and then drive back an hour home. An entire day consumed to be tested for a disease for which she is experiencing no symptoms.

The question we should all be asking is why?

As we face more and more demands regarding the coronavirus, it is essential that we politely but firmly ask questions to verify any information we are told.

Hospitals and medical facilities rely heavily on elective surgical procedures to stay financially in the black. If patients begin to refuse to comply with forced testing (which may or may not become mandatory in every county or state), it will hurt them financially. THAT will get their attention.

In the instance referenced above, the medical community didn’t even know where the mandate was coming from. They were simply “following orders” and unfortunately losing some patients who refuse the invasive and painful procedure.

We cannot afford to just “follow orders.”

We need to verify where these new regulations are coming from and why. Because unfortunately much of what we are seeing attached to the coronavirus recommendations and regulations are attached to political agendas rather than protecting the health of Americans.

With so much misinformation presented each day as “news,” we can no longer take anything for granted. We must do our own research. In this case, it took about forty-five minutes of phone calls in order to ask a senator, representative, governor, mayor, health department, and a medical group to verify the information. It required simply asking the questions: Is there a new law which makes COVID-testing mandatory? And if not, why is this mandatory and who is behind this requirement?”

Again, mandatory testing is a CDC guideline only. That means it is not a requirement unless an official chooses to make it a requirement.

How do we pray?

  1. Protection of our rights and our homes. When I cry out to You, Then my enemies will turn back; This I know, because God is for me (Ps 56:9). It is past time we cry out to the Lord as never before not only for the virus to be stopped, but for our protection against invasive maneuvers to take over our rights.
  2. Declare that the misinformation and fear-mongering regarding this virus come to a halt. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it (Jn 14:13-14).
  3. Pray that the virus will die and not return a second time. What, do you conspire against the Lord? He will make an utter end of it. Affliction will not rise up a second time (Nah 1:9).
  4. Declare that the hidden things regarding the origination and any political intent with this virus will be revealed so the truth will be brought to the light. So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known (Mt 10:26).
  5. Continue to pray for President Trump for wisdom and protection. In a recent news conference, he stated, “Not everyone will want the vaccine.” He knows the political intent behind this pandemic and vaccine. Pray for his protection and insight on what action to take for the protection of American citizens and our nation.

Lord, we pray for President Trump and Vice President Pence and ask You to protect them and fill them with your wisdom. You said you would go before them and make the rough places smooth. Lord, we are in a rough place as a nation and we need your help to stop this plague, restore our economy, and heal our land. You said You would shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars and You would give us the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places in order that we would know that it is YOU, the Lord God of Israel, who calls us by Your name (Is 45:2-3).

Let those be turned back and dishonored who delight in our hurt. Let all who see You rejoice and be glad in You (Ps 40:14 & 16).


Karen Hardin is a literary agent, author, and intercessor. In addition to her writing, she also leads prayer teams to Washington, DC to pray for governmental leaders. Her work has appeared in USA Today, World Net Daily, Intercessors For America, Charisma,, The Elijah List, etc. For additional information you can contact her at,  or

2643 People Prayed
26284 People have read this article

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  1. You should be ashamed. To push this. I would like to see how you would feel working with COVID patients or unknown positive patients. Obviously life and respect of others is not something that is important to you.
    Very hippocritical
    Pray for common sense.
    No one is questioning power of prayer.
    Jesus helped the poor, helped the sick did not judge.
    Help eachother, be kind. No one is being turned away for needed surgery. Common sense is to screen people if possible. Testing necessary. Do no harm?
    Do you know what is involved with intubation or ventilation?
    Seriously call God and not your senator. Proactive: pray for common sense learn to care for others. Don’t call a senator or Congressman unless you ask for masks and protective equipment for Healthcare workers putting there life at risk directly and daily! Caring for everyone, despite some patient didn’t bother using a mask.
    When people are diagnosed with Tuberculosis guess what they are forced to be on quarantine wear a mask. I guess we shouldn’t bother enforcement of that either.
    Thanks Karen for potential causing harm.

  2. Father, we ask for Your Sovereign help to stop the bureaucrats who are “making decrees with a pen” and not from wisdom, legislation but disregard for our Constitutional form of government–whether for power, money or position or all we ask that their days in power, wealth and position be cut short like Shebna in Isaiah 22. We shut the door to this kind of fraud and open the door to righteousness that exalts a nation.

  3. Division of Health Licensure is not a real department and the job of licence in the medical field is the states health department. They cannot make laws only inforce regulations THE PEOPLE choose. We the people still control this country and it is our duty to be proactive and monitor our government.

  4. My caregiver was told this before she could have a surgical procedure, and we haven’t really seen her since then.

    I haven’t talked with my Health Department Case manager in almost six months, one call in early March to tell me that my case manager had been transferred, but even though the lady talking to me had been my case manager briefly, she had none of my case files so she didn’t bother. My new case manager, Kathy would call me soon. I never received another call since from anyone. I think this was the are you dead yet call. Now they have started Contact Tracking procedures that sound more like the Red Flag Laws they were proposing for gun owners.

    No weapon formed against us can prosper, and we just must Trust in the Lord for all. My help comes from the Lord and trying to find out anything from any of the politicians here is fruitless.

    I’m thankful for IFA and Karen’s article, I totally agree we cannot just follow orders!

  5. “For He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.” Psalm 91:3
    This is true of those “who dwell in the shelter of the Most High. vs:1 I stand on these words, dear friends in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Yes, I have been praying daily, our enemies who do not bend their knee to the Living God to repent, and acknowledge Jesus Christ is LORD ALMIGHTY. We will arise up and repent for our Nation and see through the eyes of our Lord so He can heal our land. Decreeing and declaring God’s Word will keep us in alignment. I copied your prayers and will pray to see a breakthrough. Thank you so much.

  7. Father in Heaven, Our peace comes from who You are. You are Sovereign, faithful to every generation, True to Your Word. Every promise, every prophecy was True, is True and will be True. If we seek the Truth we will find it and You will grant us the discernment we need. You will answer our prayers and help us to stand firm in these days of pressure. The pressure to compromise, to shrink back, to hide grows everyday. As the pressure grows so does our faith for You prepare those who stay close to You. We are well-supplied. Grant us the boldness, the courage and the love we need to continue to be Ambassadors of Hope. We fear no hidden agendas because nothing is hidden from You. Your will be done in our hearts, our home and our nation. Your Kingdom Come soon, Lord Jesus. To You be the Glory, the Honor, and all of the Praise. Amen.

  8. I am having a surgery tomorrow and was required to have the nasal swab COVID-19 test. It was so painful I wanted to grab the thing out of my nose. Thank you for printing this. I thought I just had to go along with it.

  9. My reply to all of this is yes this is all very scary but our God is greater and nothing happens without His consent and knowledge. In Revelation we read about what will happen in the end times, whether we are there yet no one knows for sure but one thing we know is: we cannot stop it. What we need to be doing is turning to the Lord in repentance and listening to what He is saying through all this and how we should respond. Ephesians 5:15-17 So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.

  10. The Lord is requiring us to be humbled, seeking His face. Crying out to Him and turning from our wicked ways. Then and only then will He hear from Heaven and heal our land.

  11. Dear Lord,

    Please help us as a people to be aware that satan is trying to take over our medical systems with these draconian measures. Please give us the insight and wisdom we need to oppose this kind of action and I pray that you vanquish Satan in his bid for control of us as a free people. Give our medical communities the inspiration and fortitude to fight these lockdown measures and keep us free. In your son Jesus name I pray. Amen

  12. Hey Karen,

    You wrote: “Perhaps you feel it makes sense to require the test to protect the medical staff or public from further spread. Here’s something to consider. I have had friends in the medical community working directly with COVID-infected patients on a daily basis, none of whom have come down with the disease.”

    I am so glad you have friends in the medical profession who have been spared from COVID-19. I have members in my congregation of the same profession who have not! I find this reasoning very insensitive for the many families who have lost loved ones who work in the medical profession.

    Please consider the truth and emotion in one of the great 3:16’s of the bible: 1 John 3:16 states: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.” One of the best ways we can lay down our lives for our medical professionals is to do exactly what they are requiring us to do: get tested first before surgery. I just think that’s the Christ-like response. After all, Jesus refused to demand His rights as the sovereign God of the universe according to Philippians 2. He laid down His right to be worshiped and submitted to death on the cross. It really doesn’t matter if there is an underlying agenda by the “deep state.” Getting tested to protect those who are trying to protect us is absolutely the loving thing to do. It is also Christ-like to sacrifice for others.

    The test is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst for a few seconds or minutes; however, it is a loving gesture for a lifetime!

    I could give you other biblical passages to directly support my position. As Christians, we are “other-centered people.” We are “devoted to one another in brotherly love, honoring one another above self,” according to Romans 12:10. I find it interesting that as believers we are quick to defend what we consider in “our opinion” to be “our rights,” above the command to love and let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus.

    After reading your article, I’m not convinced your premise and prayer requests align with the heart of Jesus. I would rather err on the side of loving another than protect a “right” that in the grand scheme of life and eternal life doesn’t matter! “Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8.

    1. You said, “I find it interesting that as believers we are quick to defend what we consider in “our opinion” to be “our rights,” above the command to love and let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus.” Isn’t that what you just did?

    2. Hi Pastor Phil, I appreciate your response and you are right that for those on the front lines we need to protect them and take into consideration their situations. I have tried to do that, and apologize if it did not come across that way. I have several friends, both doctors and nurses, working on the front lines in various states and have tried to keep in touch with them during this to know how they are doing, how to pray, and what they are seeing. Having said that, the concern is the “contact investigators” which they are now hiring, and who will have authority to go into people’s homes if they test positive—even a false positive. The testing isn’t just about protecting medical personnel, it is about being able to create a list of people whom they will then have the “right” to monitor. You may or may not agree with that statement, but I’m not just stating my opinion. I’m talking about what health directors have said publicly. The House has already introduced HB6666 which provides $100 billion dollars to fund these new positions. It is invasive and unnecessary—and it all begins with the mandatory testing. There is really so much more to this than being compassionate. We have to also consider what they are now doing to continue to control the narrative with this virus. Thanks for your input and for reading.

  13. The account below is loosely related to the above post. It involves the ways various bureaucracies, in this instance corporations, are manipulating institutions to the detriment of the individual.
    May 14, 2020, I had a discussion with my therapist (a psychologist) about the current state of the medical community. People with conditions that need treatment are not getting treated, and the medical community seemingly is going along with this approach. “Why,” I asked my therapist, “does the medical community not seem to care? Why does the community as a whole not stand up and say ‘Enough!’”
    My therapist said that in this area (Western Michigan), Mercy Health (Trinity Health System) is very powerful. It is profit oriented, and if doctors don’t tow the system’s line, the doctor will be out. Doctors have many expenses, including debt for tuition, and cannot afford to not have hospital privileges.
    I asked my therapist why doctors don’t band together to support each other. We agreed that a union is not the answer. However, the bottom line is that the medical community here is beginning to work more like the NHS in Great Britain, which means that more of the following (for example and occurring within the last month, April to May 2020) will occur:
    1. A man having a heart attack went to the ER. He was given medication and sent home. He had a more severe heart attack, underwent surgery, and was sent home. Now at home he is not receiving any type of therapy and is afraid to even move lest he do something that might trigger another heart attack.
    2. Cleveland Clinic has begun group appointments. For example, 12 diabetic patients will meet together. The doctor will interact with one patient, and the other 11 are to glean what they can from that interaction. (I infer these interactions are online.)
    3. Psychiatric patients are being seen the same way.
    These group appointments, apparently, are beginning now. They are a way for the hospital systems to make more money. However, both doctors and patients are being shortchanged, to say the least. Patients are not longer individuals but are reduced to a disease or a condition. Doctors are merely robots dispensing knowledge from a manual.

  14. I think you have blown this out of proportion and are then whining about it. You started with”elective procedures” and then complained about withholding “life-saving treatment.” You started with the inconveniences and ended with being “bullied into the painfully invasive nose swab test”. Its a minor inconvenience after all. Testing is helpful, not harmful. We should be finding solutions, not complaining.

    1. I don’t think the issue is whether it is painful, invasive or inconvenient. The issue is the invasion of our freedom to make medical decisions for our own body. It is what happens after the test–If you are positive, they can take you out of your home, force other people to be tested, all kinds of things may happen to you that you have no control of. It appears this virus situation is being used to take greater control of our lives in many areas. There are many effective, natural remedies that one can do at home if you have the virus. But going to the hospital at this time doesn’t give you freedom to make personal choices in many areas.

      Also, most hospitals have not been allowing even family to visit patients they have brought to the hospital. I know of a situation where a man had a massive stroke. His family took him to the hospital, but they were not allowed to be with him because of the virus. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks before he died. All that time, his family could not come to see him or talk to him. They really don’t know exactly what went on. They said he died of pneumonia. He could not talk from the stroke and had no one to advocate for him or family to care for him. Family is important when you are sick.

      “Come now, let us reason together, saith the Lord.” Is 1:18
      “God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause His face to shine upon us; That thy way may be known upon earch, thy saving health among all nations.” Ps. 67:1,2

    2. Hi Dave, When I wrote the article, I tried to use their terminology, but you are right that it needs further clarification. When they say “elective procedures” it can still be for a life-threatening issue. For example, there have been many people die waiting for heart surgery—some of which is considered “elective”–yet the patients were in a serious situation and died waiting for the surgery. The term “elective” in my opinion, does not give an accurate picture of the fact some people are in a very dangerous place without these “elective” surgeries. One such story on that is here: I’m not just talking about inconveniences at all. For a friend, when told she was required to have the mandatory testing, she had to drive to another city (1 hour), get in line for the test (2 hours), have the test (1/2 hour), Wait on results for the test (2 hours), drive home (1 hour) and for a test that is not completely accurate. It required losing pay for a day of work, for a test without accurate results, that could end up getting her and her entire family monitored for the next year. That’s not inconvenience. That’s invasive.

  15. Agreed, we must pray against this orchestrated tyranny. Thanks for discerning — I wish all were. Even something that may seem as benign as social distancing is very dangerous, including for the church. Several reasons here:

    We need leaders willing to speak from the pulpit about the deception. This false crisis is a tool of Satan to persecute the church.

  16. I am glad to see that you have finally started to suggest more than pray. I believe in prayer but it also must be backed up with actions!
    Dr. Fauchi and Bloomburg are not to be trusted! This may sound like a crazy man is talking but this may be possible. The army has always wanted a super soldiar and/or make people smarter. I think they want to change your genetic make up. Before you say I am crazy, think about this, there are man made fruit, steers are much larger, chickens, and goats that make silk like fibers in thier milk!
    THIS SMELLS LIKE SOMETHING HITLER WOULD DO! I would be very careful about taking this vaccine!

  17. I heard a recording about a month ago of Bill Clinton talking to someone about Health Tracers. He stated “We have a foundation but we need to build on it. We could promise young people money for college to get their interest.” So, this is certainly not new! Jesus said, DO NOT BE DECEIVED! The enemy will do anything to be IN CONTROL!

  18. Karen, thank you for writing this and for contacting Governor Lee and each official you researched. As a Tennessean, I opened this article expecting to find some alarming piece of news from California or the UN somewhere.

    To see this happened in Tennessee woke me up.

    As my 16-year-old son said, “Hitler was an anti-christ. Stalin, Pol Pot, every generation has antichrists because the devil doesn’t know when Jesus will come back, and somebody has to be ready.” Out of the mouths of babes!

    Nor do we know when the Father will send His Son to get His bride. But we do know the evil perpetrated by those given over to evil. Holocausts, genocides, “Great Leaps Forward” (ha!), any student of history should be wide awake right now.

    As my granny told me, “Live as though Jesus will return today, but plan like He won’t come for a thousand years.”

    If He comes today, may we have hosts to bring with us that we’ve told about Jesus. Help us, Lord, to be found faithful!

    If He tarries, may He give us wisdom and grace to be faithful through whatever comes. And may He give us mercy and preserve us a nation. May we seek the peace of each city we find ourselves, and pray unto the Lord for it, for in the peace thereof shall we have peace! God bless you.

    And Abba, please bless America!

  19. If my surgery was elective I would elect to postpone it until the virus is controlled. The consequences of having surgery while having the virus or passing it on to the health workers could be deadly. The Good Lord gave us intelligence. If the surgery is not elective then we should think of others as well as ourselves and be tested. This is a way of showing love to others.

  20. Thanks for your “heads up”.
    The CDC is a PRIVATE company. They don’t have authority to “pull someone’s license”. This is like the Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANKING organization. We see this isnt about disease at all but about those who are determined we live in a Communist police state where our every action is controlled by the Darth Vader set.

    Israel is opening up restaurants and bars, etc. Social distancing and masks required.

    Oh yeah! You can take off the mask while eating! How thoughtful
    We confuse this enemy and command he remove his hand from the people of this world in Jesus Name AMEN AND AMEN .

    1. In the article I don’t say the CDC is pulling the license. I say the CDC gave guidelines and the Medical Licensing Boards seem to be the ones making this mandatory—at least that was the case in TN. And they DO have the authority to pull a license. In this case it would be a bullying tactic.

      1. In our ‘ hood CDC said ell people do not have to wear masks. Buy that wasn’t even acknowledged. The mayor and the governor determined what protocol was followed Sorry I wasn’t clear.I still wonder why private companies like CDC and the Fed have that much power over what I see as that which is destructive.

  21. Lord we come into agreement that all replication of the virus cells,all replication of musinformation, nwo ideas, and the agenda to destroy the USA AND THE FREE WORLD halt and cease in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS

  22. It has been like this for several years in hospitals. I am a retired nurse and had to receive flu vaccine. It was mandatory to keep my job. I knew it was because of the funding that hospitals receive. The Lord told me years ago that eventually His people would have to totally rely on His healing power and not the medical system. I believe that time has come and that the unbelievers will begin to see healing and miracles from The Lord. This is His time to shine.

    1. There are also many natural remedies that cooperate with the healing systems God put in our bodies. We just need to cooperate with Him. I am a nurse who has spend most of my career helping people get well with simple remedies–not herbs/supplements (though some may be helpful) or things for sale–just lifestyle habits that kill or heal as we choose. God can work miracles in many ways, but He needs us to cooperate with Him.

  23. Has this been forwarded to Vice president Pence, yet? Is there a Briefing planned for this? Thanks for specifics, a lot to pray. And the swamp is still draining, huh?

  24. I guess “painful and invasive” is a matter of perception. My husband had the nose test for the flu and he said it was very painful. Not trying to create fear, just sharing an experience.

  25. If feel this is necessary on both parts to be done since this is new in our land. We had other viruses in our world that killed millions which was the Spanish flu, indeed I believe what we are now going through is more than what we think it is, God’s holy word is coming to pass, on His divine timeline I believe are the birthing pains/the beginning of sorrows, we are to look up because our redemption is drawing near, if we are talking about a nasal swab needing to be done before a procedure then I feel that is the right decision to make on everyone involved. We need to be prayerful indeed, and not to also cause fear among ourselves as believers, we will know the right thing thing to do individually, and collectively as God reveals His plans to His people, let’s be wise, and indeed not do something that is unfair. and that maybe forced upon us, we need to use wisdom to make it through this pandemic, LORD show us the way through this Red Sea experience, may we STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF YOU O GOD! WHAT SHALL SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF YOU, NOTHING!

  26. I think it may be wise to have the test before elective surgery.
    Certainly, the recovery from any elective surgery could be greatly negatively impacted if one had the beginnings of the virus infection before the surgery.

  27. I’m concerned about the “painful and invasive” nose swab test. I had
    This test for the flu and it was neither painful or invasive. Either I did not have the same test or this article is trying to use the same tactics of the enemy by instilling fear. I’m against all this fear and any threat to force us into taking a vaccine, but I don’t want God’s people to be guilty of the fear tactics the enemy uses.

    1. I have had nasal swabs for flu, and to me it was not pleasant, but not painful. We need to consider that pain tolerance is different in individuals, the process could be more invasive than a simple flu swab. and the person administering the test could be less than gentle. Some people have less than perfect nasal structure that create problems, also. I have heard horror stories from individuals about certain doctors not being as gentle as others. I wouldn’t want to be required to take it, if not necessary.

    2. New testing has to be developed for new viruses. There is a covid19 test that’s invasive and very uncomfortable- “goes up the nose and hangs a right.” Hoping these have been replaced by now but don’t know for sure. It’s not a fear tactic.

  28. I have sent this to all my fellow intercessors! The enemy is trying desperately to put us in bondage to “systems” in order to manipulate us into compliance. Medical witchcraft I call it!

  29. Dear Lord I pray for all the people in the world. Please take away the virus and make us all strong and please have everyone believe in you my Lord. Please give wisdom to our leader and make him speak the truth. Please take away all the orders that are coming through at this time. I beg you my Lord.

  30. Our land is being torn apart by lies and fear mongering…the trade of the enemy! Covid #’s misreported and inflated! I see people everyday walking about in fear! You cannot defeat an enemy by hiding in your home! I also see a bigger picture at work…God will NOT be mocked…Trumps 2 state plan for Israel announced in Jan 2020…Covid attack shortly thereafter…coincidence??? I think not!!! Pray for discernment for our leaders.

  31. I would ask to see the “order” or “mandate” referred to if I was told by my healthcare worker that my procedure first required that I be tested for COVID19.

  32. Thank you for sharing. We should all be aware and prayerful.
    We have freewill and make choices.
    When told we have to have a test, healthcare does not like if we ask why. Especially if we say no.
    My husband recently ran a fever. Had to drive half an hour to take a covid19 and sars tests. He was negative. Our state is doing contact tracing with the national guard. Jeshua is still our healer. The blood of Jeshua is greater than any virus.

  33. I am a conservative God fearing christian woman and nurse and we are doing nasal swab testing one day before the elective procedure and it is only for protecting our staff. Anesthesia doctors are at highest risk for getting covid if pt is positive due to airway intubation and if person is positive their surgery is cancelled until self quarantine and no longer positive. It protects me as a preop nurse and all the staff involved to care for a pt.

    1. Hi Shay, Thanks for letting us know what is happening from your professional viewpoint. My sister-in-law works for a medical facility as well and told me something similar in her state of Arizona. We all agree that medical personnel need to be protected. But in my opinion, and from talking with professionals in some of these medical facilities who are mandated to test every single patient, they do not feel it is about protecting them, but about something else. Finding the balance in this crisis is what is important. How can we keep our medical personnel as safe as possible, how to eradicate the disease, how to get our nation back open safely and how to not continue to trample on the rights of the American people. It’s a tall order and why we need to continue to pray for the President daily for wisdom. The purpose of the article is certainly not to diminish everything the medical community has done to fight back against this disease. Thank you so much for all you do. We appreciate you and will be praying for you.

  34. I actually took a voluntary COVID test and the nosecswab wasn’t painful at all. Of course, I had no symptoms. I’m a social worker and for my own peace took the test. I was found negative, which I knew by discernment. I am praying for the body of Christ to be able to arise and shine in this hour.

    1. Everyone I know who has had the nose swab has said it is excrutiatingly painful because of how far the swab has to be pushed up into the nasal cavity and how long it has to be performed. I’m glad that wasn’t your experience. But also wondering if they did yours correctly. Just a gentle swab won’t do it. Thanks for letting us know your experience.

  35. Oh Lod God enough is enough, so many Christians have been blind sided listening and even believing the lies of
    the enemy! I ask you Lord to remove the scales off their eyes and turn back to you, their 1st love!
    Arise for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

  36. This is true. Our little 5 year old grandson was forced to undergo this on BOTH sides of his nostrils/sinuses before having tubes put in his ears. It was horrific for him. 😥😡

    1. I’m so sorry! And at five that is impossible to explain so he can truly understand what is going on and why you can’t stop it. I pray he is fine now and that his procedure was successful.

  37. Father. You have called the family together for a time of war and agreement with Your word. You are Head of the family and Your word stands. You are in the midst of every prayer and decree spoken on behalf of the good of Your family. We agree with Your word that tells us the Lord has arisen in the midst of Your people and Your enemies are being scattered until there are only those who have joined forces with You and Your family. We are rebuilding Your House at Your Direction and Your word. And it will stand forever. In Jesus powerful name. Amen.

  38. I pray In the name of Jesus that those who are blocking the use of hydroxychloroquine and the use of medical ozone treatment, both inexpensive and safe as well as effective treatments of this virus, will be brought to light for their actions. Lord, please let all possible solutions be available to our doctors without fear of loosing their ability to practice medicine.

  39. Thank you for writing this; it is eye-opening and very disturbing, in the same breath. I am praying daily for the President’s guidance and wisdom and believe he was placed with us, to rid the country and world of the invisible enemy. I will admit, the current state of affairs is very alarming.

  40. I understand the concern. But as a Nurse Executive, please hear me. The testing is for the safety of the person and the team performing the procedure.
    For all procedures requiring intubation- a tube in the mouth breathing for the person while the procedure is performed, knowing the patients status is vital, especially for the anesthesiologist standing over the patient monitoring him or her.

    Because of concern for COVID-19 transmission some surgeons and anesthesiologist will not perform procedures without results.
    It is so easy for us to judge or ridicule what we don’t understand. Yes we should pray, I am with you. But understand that we, those of us taking care of COVID-19 patients have concerns and want to remain safe.

    We will never deny life saving treatment because someone is positive. It does mean we have to prepare the OR and the team has to have special preparation in order to perform the procedure. We want to remain safe as well.

    Take it easy. We are fighting on the frontline and we want the best for people everywhere. So knowing if you are positive just means you quarantine until you are negative then you have your elective procedure.

    1. Meant to tap reply, not amen. Not that I’m not hearing you. I’m a nurse also. If only it could be as simple as you believe.
      Testing in the right now is one thing- but we should be able to count on accuracy. Contact tracing, especially in light of inaccurate results, and the eventual immunization requirement for elective surgery should cause us all great concern. We cannot allow a crisis to take away our freedom to choose what goes into our body.
      Even OSHA is against employees beIng forced to have the flu shot. When I wanted to return to a hospital setting I caved to the pressure and had it once. I’ve never been sicker in my life than I was that winter. I no longer experience a common cold- it goes straight to my chest and I require inhalers and steroids to breathe. The next year I quit my job. My immune system is more important than income.
      As the article predicts, many people will choose not to have elective surgery. Doctors and hospitals will lose money. Maybe then change will come.
      There are policy makers who believe they shouldn’t waste this crisis. We as a people should be mindful and prayerful to keep the big picture in mind, not get sidetracked by a seemingly well-founded and reasonable requirement that can open the floodgates to things that are not at all reasonable. Once open, they become very hard to shut.

    2. Father I come before you now with these concerns mentioned in the article. I pray your protection be with the doctors, nurses and hospital staff. I also pray that all of the hospital staff and patients and their families seek you FIRST. That everyone who needs hospital services or works in a hospital/medical facility come prayed up when they need any type of services. I pray they bring their healing scriptures with them when they come to the hospital/medical facility.I pray that God YOU are in CONTROL. I pray against more regulation or ANY regulation of our freedoms outlined in our Constitution. I pray for the harvest of souls to come now! As a nation I pray that we replace all of the idols Americans worship (greed, money, power, stuff). God you are the ONLY one on the throne of grace. We look to you for wisdom and guidance. Deuteronomy 33:25-27 says The bolts of our gates will be iron and bronze, and our strength will equal your days. There is no one like the God of Jeshurun who rides on the heavens to help you and on the clouds in his majesty. The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out our enemy before us, saying “destroy him! “. We as a nation take OUR places of authority that has been granted to us! Father thank you for hearing our prayers in the mighty name of Jesus! AMEN!

  41. Father we have to continually cry out to you, we will defear this if we rise up and take it in prayer! We will not bow down to evil! Come on church, rise up and take authority we have in the word!
    Matt:28 18
    Then Jesus came to them and said, all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me!

  42. In this case “the top” is probably the Infection Prevention Department. Hospitals already swab all patients for bacteria because Insurance stopped paying for “hospital acquired infections.” If the hospital can show you arrived with ____ bacteria on your body, the insurance will pay if you get an infection while in the hospital. Seems logical that the same situation is in play here. Hospital Acquired Infections are a big deal that they don’t like to advertise. They work hard to prevent them but it still happens. The insider joke of IP is, “We used to be called Infection Control, but we lost control.”

    1. That is not true.
      I order for your husband, wife, sister, or brother to perform your surgery or procedure safely, shouldn’t they know if you are positive. If yes, then we perform your procedure in the appropriate room wearing the appropriate equipment. That’s all.

      How would you feel performing surgery on someone who was positive and you didn’t know?

      1. I have great compassion and gratitude for our frontline workers. And I want you safe. But there has to be a better solution than the invasion of our freedoms. This seems too extreme knowing the political agenda of some politicians and the fact that the required testing was deceptive since it by-stepped procedure of law.
        I have heartfelt questions: is a patient for elective surgeries tested for other diseases that are deemed a risk for workers? Why not have the room safe and whatever is needed to keep staff safe for all surgeries? And if cost is the concern then why not re-evaluate some of the unreasonable charges hospitals charge, like when my mother-in-law was charged hundreds for an aspirin. I am not being flippant nor sarcastic… I am just concerned for all. We can work this out together with God’s help. I pray for the safety of our healthcare workers!

        1. You make a very important, valid point. At the height of the AIDS crisis was every patient tested for that incurable disease caused by a virus ? I’m pretty sure that’s when Universal Precautions began.
          Every patient treated as though they they are infected Testing done only with consent of the patient.

    2. I have to be tested for MRSA most of the time when I enter a hospital with a high fever and/or rash because I almost died from MRSA, Sepsis and Necrotizing Fasciitis in 2002. The nose swab can be very painful depending on who does it. I can tell if they’ve done it correctly or not by how it feels. It should be somewhat uncomfortable to painful if done properly. There are other ways to test for COVID-19 besides this nasal swab such as a mouth swab. These tests need to be accurate before they decide to ruin your or your families lives.

  43. This was importantly insightful! Prayed against those in high places with influence that seek monetary/and controlling gain from epidemic. We pray their schemes fall to the ground and wither and die! Let Christ’s church arise in this hour. We pray for God’s people to be wiser than the enemy and be guided in your word of truth . . Praying God’s people only hear from you Lord in this hour. Be their shepherd Lord Jesus! Deliver them from Saten’s evil snares, forces and schemes.

  44. Wow!! Continual prayer and sacrificial attitudes and hearts are needed. Obedience to research and follow up on the things presented to us is so important. If we trust, watch, wait, and expect, He will reveal. Thank you for standing in His shadow.


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