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Our God, we plead desperately with You for justice, knowing that only at Your righteous throne will we be able to receive any.
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On April 17, in an unprecedented move, the U.S. Senate shirked its constitutional duty and dismissed charges of impeachment levied against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Earlier, on Feb. 13, the House of Representatives had voted narrowly  to impeach Mayorkas on two counts of high crimes and misdemeanors.  

The first article of impeachment accused the secretary of failure to enforce existing immigration laws on the books. The second accused him of breaching public trust by misrepresenting conditions at the U.S. southern border and impeding House investigations into his conduct there.

Never in our history has the Senate denied hearing evidence of a duly voted impeachment made by the House. Many critics believe the democratically held Senate wanted to prevent the public from seeing devastating evidence brought before this administration, particularly since the press mostly avoids honest, factual coverage of the border crisis.

Before the vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York stood before the Senate and confidently stated: “A cabinet member cannot be impeached and removed merely for carrying out the policies of the administration he serves.”

With that statement, had Schumer announced to the world that what is happening at our southern border is this administration’s policy? And if so, are we to assume that legally adopted immigration laws are now subordinate to partisan politics?

It is estimated that between 10 million and 13 million foreigners have illegally entered the U.S. during this president’s term. Unimaginably, included in these numbers are nearly 100,000 children who have crossed the border — only to then vanish completely.  

Tara Rodas is the whistleblower who uncovered the shocking plight of these minors who cross the southern border and end up in “safe houses.” With the oversight and authorized coordination of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, minors are being permitted to enter our country unaccompanied by relatives and are then transported across state lines and placed in homes where they have neither family nor friends.

Firsthand interviews reveal that these children are then trafficked for sex or labor.

I met with an undercover reporter who visited many of these so-called safe homes. With tears streaming down her face, she described how boys and girls live in deplorable conditions under shifty men who run the house. She saw no signs of any women living in any of these homes.

Young boys spoke of being forced to work to pay off the extremely high debt for their crossing into this country. Young girls spoke of being sexually abused by men whom they refused to identify.

Even to an untrained eye, this bears all the markings of a fully functioning, government-sponsored trafficking ring. The searing question is: Why is this being allowed??

President Biden signed 17 executive orders during his first week in office, three of which were aimed directly at making drastic changes to our immigration policy. Upon signing these, he said: “These orders will lead to a more fair, orderly, humane immigration system, including one that would begin the difficult process of reuniting migrant children separated from their parents after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.”  

If only we had a vigilant and honorable press that would ask the hard followup questions to such political rhetoric, particularly when it involves vulnerable children.

One of the orders immediately halted all work on any sections of border walls and empowered the president and vice president to personally reallocate funding. A second order revoked President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocol program, also known as the Remain in Mexico policy. It’s important to note that the revocation of this policy instantly unleashed a deluge of illegal border crossings before any security or system could be implemented to stem that surge. And to this day, there has not been any offsetting policy to replace the effectiveness of the Migrant Protection Protocol.

The third executive order revoked Trump’s Public Charge rule. Illegal immigrants were immediately eligible for federal government subsidies, including a housing allowance with an additional monthly stipend.

Several premier asset managers and private equity firms are currently buying scads of residential homes in anticipation of ironclad profits. For example, New York state has just declared that homeowners will be paid $125 per day for each migrant tenant. Extrapolated for a four-bedroom home, this guarantees a return of $15,000 per month, or $180,000 annually.  

The question must be asked: How is this “fair, orderly, and humane” for migrants or taxpayers?

Countless more injustices are being foisted upon We the People through this mass influx of illegal migration. These include a bloated and inaccurate census, more fallacious voter rolls than ever, and a rise in crime within major cities that is statistically undeniable — not to mention the unbridled flow of fentanyl across our border. This dangerous drug remains the leading cause of death among people between the ages of 18 and 45.

(When you read that Snopes has debunked this claim and lists “accidents” as the leading cause of death in this age range, you should note that “accidental overdose” is included in the CDC’s accidents category.)

In summation of the Senate’s failure to allow Mayorkas’ impeachment to proceed in accordance with the Constitution, a Forbes columnist unironically represents Sen. Schumer’s spurious stance well: “After four years of restrictions placed on immigrants by the Trump administration, it is refreshing to see such positive changes being made.”

Is This Really Lady Liberty’s Invitation?

The Statue of Liberty is formally named “Liberty Enlightening the World.” The statue was not originally intended to be any symbol of immigration or related hope, but rather a symbol of friendship between the United States and France. It was created as a beacon of the light of freedom that America had fought hard to secure.

Two inherent elements of the statue are what she holds in each hand. In her left is a tablet with the inscription, “July 4, 1776” — the date on which the Declaration of Independence was signed. And famously, in her raised right hand is the enlightening torch.

But where is the famous “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” you might ask? Well, it was no sentiment of the statue’s creators, but rather a phrase from a sonnet affixed to her mammoth plinth.

In 1883, to raise funds to build the pedestal upon which Lady Liberty now stands, Emma Lazarus wrote a poem titled “The New Colossus” and donated it to the cause. Once fundraising was completed, the poem was set in bronze and added onto the 89-foot base of the statue.

Of course, none of this is to deny America’s rich history of immigration. But the fact is, if you travel back far enough in history, every land has been established through migration. The more important question is: As a sovereign nation, do we have a secure, fair, and proven system to grant foreigners the distinct privilege to come and live in this great land?  Or, are we being held at political gunpoint and forced to watch a colossal stampede that ends up looking less like a melting pot and more like an invasion?  

In 2017, Douglas Murray published The Strange Death of Europe. Through exhaustive research and with unmatched eloquence, Murray boldly repudiates the purported nobility of unbridled mass immigration. Predictably, his dire warnings of the imminent demise of European culture, values, and safety have mostly come to pass.  

Commencing in 2015, Europe experienced the largest influx of migrants in its history. Some would say the United States embarked on a similar path commencing in 2021. In other words, Europe’s migration fallout today is a foreshadowing of our own tomorrow.

Murray makes many poignant observations in his book that can be easily applied to America today: 

“Europe has lost faith in its beliefs, traditions, and legitimacy. Europe is now weighed down with guilt from its past.  And there is also the problem of an existential tiredness and a feeling that perhaps for Europe, the story has run out and a new story must be allowed to begin.”

The rapid rise of anti-Westernism is strategically at work to revile our Founders, repackage our biblical formularies, and revise our history. This leads many to grow tired of the fight and bend to the idea that America probably deserves to fail. But the intercessors who take their place on the watchman’s wall know that only two nations in the history of the world were founded on the love of God.  

One is Israel, because God loved Israel. The other is America, because America loved God.

May God’s people live righteously, never be silent, and boldly release the leaven of the kingdom everywhere we go. May we see to it that the city where the Lord has placed us enjoys peace and prosperity because the Lord has promised that as it prospers, we too will prosper. And may we truly welcome the foreigner — in the purest, most lawful manner — so that blessing is bestowed to the foreigner and so that God’s favor will be increased upon our nation. Amen.

Please share your own prayers below.

Besides being an IFA contributing writer, Keith Guinta also blogs at The Wine Patch. Photo credit: Getty Images.

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Curtis Guhl
April 25, 2024

Chuck Schumer has closed his concise, his eyes to evil, much like happened in Nazi Germany. Thank you God for the House to bring these charges to the Senate for a trial. Will God’s help for the Senate be cut off because they will not listen? We pray for the members of the Senate to see their end without the help of God.

Reply Report comment moderated
April 24, 2024

Why am I not surprised? Because this non-action action is right out of the democratic playbook. Just a fact.

But God
Is faithful – 1 Cor 10:13
Who is rich in mercy – Eph 2:4
Who gives the increase – 1 Cor 3: 6 &7
Was with him- Acts 7:9
Composed the body – 1 Cor 12:24
Will redeem my soul – Psalm 49:15
Shall shoot at them with an arrow – Psalm 67:4
Will wound the head of His enemies- Psalm 68:21
Alone – Mark 2:7. Luke 5:21
Did not allow him to hurt me. Genesis 31:7
Will be with you and bring you back to the land of your fathers. Genesis 48:21
Meant it for good. Genesis 50:20
Delivered him into his hand. Exodus 21:13
Did not deliver him into his hand. 1 Sam 23:14.
….. and many more…

God’s “buts” are huge!!!

Thank You Father, for Your everlasting, ever loving and ever amazing Way. You are the Truth, the Way and the Light.
Continue to expose the Truth- both heavenly and earthly; continue to show us the Way – especially in this age and
flood us with Your Light – flood, flood, flood us with Your Holy Spirit. Permeate the walls of every house of Your praise, house/home, government office, business, bar, college, parade, event, conversation – leave no space absent with the presence of Your Holy Spirit. Greatly awaken this Nation/ world to Your Salvation.

“There are only two kinds of people in the end:
those who say to God, “Thy will be done.” and
those whom God says in the end. “Thy will be done.” All that are in hell, choose it.” The Great Divorce. CS Lewis

April 23, 2024

May God’s people live righteously, never be silent, and boldly release the leaven of the kingdom everywhere we go. May we see to it that the city where the Lord has placed us enjoys peace and prosperity because the Lord has promised that as it prospers, we too will prosper. And may we truly welcome the foreigner — in the purest, most lawful manner — so that blessing is bestowed to the foreigner and so that God’s favor will be increased upon our nation. Amen.

April 22, 2024

Congress should have immediately challenged the notion that the Pres, with a stroke of his pen, can reallocate monies formally allocated by Congress – it makes all allocations meaningless!! Lord, help these men and women to be courageous & stand up to the current tyranny in our midst! Help them to stand up to the UN who has stated that all immigration should be allowed because they are supporting a One World Gov with no strong, independent countries! Show us how to pray more effectively, how to protest effectively, how to get the accurate news out to the masses! May the eyes of all people, especially our young people, be opened to how they’re being brainwashed by the media on a daily basis! Have mercy on our corrupt nation, Lord, that we might once again embrace your righteousness!

Mari Williams
April 22, 2024

We are asking GOD for justice when what we need is His forgiveness and His mercy.
We have sinned grievous sins against GOD and we are suffering the consequences.
Repentance is what is needed most of all.
Failure to obey the clear teachings of Holy Scripture is SIN.
Taking GOD’s Name in vain is SIN.
Withholding tithes and offerings is SIN.
Murdering babies is SIN.
Violating the teachings of the Book of Romans 1 and 2 is SIN.
Failing to keep holy the Sabbath Day is SIN.
Failing to honor parents is SIN.
Choosing dishonorable people to govern is SIN.
O Father GOD, let not sin blind our eyes to Your truth any longer.
Reveal to every one of us where we have strayed from YOUR commandments.
We have failed to keep holy the Sabbath Day.
We have failed to love our neighbor as ourselves.
LORD GOD, the list goes on and on and on as so many of us have forsaken Your commandments.
GOD please grant us true and lasting repentance that this land may be restored to the faith of our Fathers. In Jesus Name, Amen.

George Leaf
April 21, 2024

Oh mighty and holy God by your spirit turn the hearts of the peoples of this nation and all nations and peoples to prayer. Help us to cry before you in our great need to reach oneness with your heart. Bring upon those who pray empowerment to deliver the true goods of your kingdom upon the earth and in earth that bring about the harvest that is ripe in these days. Let us and so many others hear the tolling of the mighty bells calling your people to prayer. Amen

Susan S.
April 20, 2024

My heart was saddened by what happened in the Senate. The democrats didn’t bother to have a trial. Mayorkas didn’t even bother to read the charges because he knew the democrats would support all his actions. Why do the democrats seem to get away with everything? I know that some democrats from red states were getting uncomfortable but they chose to acquit Mayorkas anyway without hearing any of the evidence.

Paula Moore
April 20, 2024

Abba Father, remember our Christian forerunners who claimed this land for the Gospel and for God’s Kingdom. Remember those pilgrims and founding fathers and patriots who spent and even gave their lives to share Your Kingdom & love to all those around them. Thank You for our rich American history. Forgive where we fell short of Your glory; remember our good You fore-ordained through us! May we not lose sight of the Faith, blessings and freedom You have so richly poured out upon us! Help us continue forward with You in cutting off evil, that we may witness Your Kingdom come, on earth here in America and world-wide, as it is in Heaven! In Jeshua’s Name, Amen.

Janea L. Gardner
April 20, 2024

Well said Mr. Guinta. Praying in agreement with you.

Brian Lynch
April 20, 2024

No surprise here, no thanks to Chuck Schumer. Did anyone REALLY think that he would do anything good for our nation? I can only hope and pray that this evil, terrible Biden administration gets voted out in the upcoming election. I humbly ask that this would happen, Lord Jesus, according to Your will.

April 20, 2024

Jesus please help.

April 20, 2024

LORD GOD, YOU have given us this beautiful place to live in and we have been blessed to share it with unnumerable masses, butwe have unelected bureaucratswho refuse to accept YOUR GRACE
Please help us to pray for YOUR guidance always
in JESUS NAME amen


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