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Lord, heal our land. We know that You are a God of peace and we ask that you meet our country in the middle of this unrest and help us. May we faithfully call on Your name.
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In one black Portland police officer’s frontline experience, the Black Lives Matter protests in his city are not about helping black people attain better lives. What this officer sees is privileged white kids infiltrating communities that don’t belong to them to burn stuff, break things, cause trouble, incite violence, and tell black people what they should do.

This officer, Jakhary Jackson, is a nine-year veteran of the Portland Bureau of Police. After working for Nike for 10 years, Jackson joined law enforcement to “make the most out of my life by helping others.” Both sides of his family have long Portlandian roots. Jackson works where he grew up, and his love for the people of his community is evident.

During a Portland press availability, Lt. Tina Jones interviewed Jackson, simply asking him to share his experience working these protests every evening for the last few months.

“I’ll say this. I got to see folks that really do want change like the rest of us, that have been impacted by racism. And then I got to see those people get faded out by people who have no idea what racism is all about, that have never experienced racism, that don’t even know that the tactics they are using are the same tactics that were used against my people.”

Jackson tells of a young black woman asking him one evening, while he held the line with protesters, why he wouldn’t talk with her and her friends, why he wouldn’t engage them. He explains that young black people often ask him what he thinks of all the unrest. They want to know what he thinks about the injustice, about George Floyd’s death, about the pain resulting from killings of black men. . . .

Warning: May include expletives below.

Jackson explains that when “a brother or sister” approaches him, wanting his perspective on things, white protesters jump in like clockwork to tell the inquirer, “F-ck the police. Don’t talk to him.”

“That was the most bizarre thing,” Jackson says, wincing as he tells the story. “Honestly, every time I try to have a conversation with someone that looks like me, someone white comes up and blocks them and tells them not to talk.” Jackson says the very moment he was explaining this to a young black female, “this white girl pops right in front of her” and told her not to speak. . . .

When asked about what he and fellow black officers have been subjected to by protesters who are supposedly fighting for racial justice, Jackson tells of protesters regularly threatening his life. He’s taken multiple incoming explosives thrown by rioters, some very powerful with marbles and rocks taped to them, intended to inflict maximum and sustained damage. He saved a female officer from being hit in the head with a massive projectile that he said would certainly have killed her had he not been present.

But to Jackson and his black peers, the most painful thing is white protesters’ words. “It says something when you are at a Black Lives Matter protest, and you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd,” Jackson says. “And you have white people screaming at black officers, ‘You have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.’”

Jackson says he is totally “cool” with people wanting to join efforts to achieve social change. What he’s seen at the Black Lives Matter events, however, “has been very strange to watch” precisely because, as he explains, so-called anti-racism tactics have come full circle: White protesters are telling black people what is best for them. Worse, these white kids are destroying black neighborhoods while they do it. . . .

Jackson explains how strange it is for angry white youths to come to his community, claiming they want to help, but telling him to quit his job without knowing anything about him.

“Once again, you have a privileged white person telling someone of color what to do with their life. And you don’t even know what I’ve dealt with, what these white officers you’re screaming at have dealt with. You don’t know them. You don’t know anything about them.”

Jackson tells how he watches his fellow officers serve the community year after year, risking their lives each day. They do whatever it takes to care for those who have been shot, not afraid to get blood on them. He knows these officers do what they do because they care deeply about all the lives in their community, regardless of skin color. . . .

(Excerpt from The Federalist. From Glenn T. Stanton. Photo from KGW News, Screenshot.)

Share your comments about the racism black officers are facing as well from the BLM movement!

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JoAnn Jernigan
August 1, 2020

I’m thankful for Officer Jackson speaking out with truth. As an Oregonian myself, seeing the news coverage of Portland each night, it was obvious that the protests were high- jacked by a mob bent on destruction alone. What a shame it’s gone on so long. I pray the small businesses in Portland can rise again and that those filled with hate would be convicted. In Jesus’ name.

July 25, 2020

I love you Mr. Jackson! As far as humans go you are among the best! May God keep you and protect you and please do not become bitter or grow weary of doing good!

L. Layne
July 25, 2020

It is clear that these are not peaceful protesters but are being paid and instigated to “ disturb the peace” . Why are they being tolerated and allowed to continue? We are in essence protecting threats to American freedom from
The wrong side by allowing these instigated riots to continue. Enough! This sounds like early Nazi aggression and propaganda.

Linda Ball
July 25, 2020

The Officers are all races, colors, and cultures. The BLM movement has actually caused more racism and hostile feelings. Bottom line, these protestors have gotten away with murder and they have destroyed everything in their way.
Please bless all the police and move in the people’s lives so they gain respect for our police and for our President and the United States. Either people love the U.S.A. or they are welcome to leave!

July 24, 2020

Police officer Jakhary Jackson is a fine man!
I pray that he would be given a greater platform, so that he might be afforded opportunities to influence not only black youngsters but also those wayward white kids who took it upon themselves to throw missiles and mistreat him and his fellow officers.
How absolutely shocking!
GOD saw it all; and I pray that GOD would intervene and bring this situation under control.
The rioters should be conscripted to a separate branch of the armed forces for a couple of years to learn self discipline and how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner.

Janet Orman
July 24, 2020

Sad. Once again the blame is placed on “white people” making things racist. Father God, help us to see each other as you see us … especially in the Body of Christ. Heal misplaced anger and bitterness in every heart. Jesus, Help us to be one as You and and Father are one.

    Ronda Orchard
    July 24, 2020

    You know I hate the blame game as well but race baiting is no respecter of color. In this case, I wasn’t there, you weren’t there. We have to listen to the witness share the evidence of their objective experience and evaluate the evidence or let it go. We cannot continue to foment arguments for things we have not personally experienced.

    July 25, 2020

    He’s not the only witness reporting that young Caucasians are engaged in the rioting and destruction encouraged by ‘black lives matter’. This can be seen in videos of various riots as well. There are also reports of expensive cars pulling up to engage in looting. I wonder where are these kids’ parents.

    July 26, 2020

    Just received a text from a friend in Texas that young (white) people were bussed in to a small town to riot around the town hall. (BLM has garnered a $1.6 billion kitty to sponsor these events.) Thankfully, they were met by armed citizens. Again thankfully, they decided not to riot. Exercising our rights works. They asked for a police escort to drive out of town.

      Barbara Hesch
      July 27, 2020

      These young white people are Antifa. We should all know that by now. They have a twisted view of reality and we really just can’t sit around and wait for them to grow up. We have to stop them now. Who is funding them? I hope we can find that out.

        September 9, 2020

        If you want to look up Glenn Beck’s work, he has a great expose on BLM funding…and the Justice Dept is finally making a move to investigate the funding.


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