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Lord, end this conflict and dispel the darkness. Give wisdom to Israel's leaders and victory to the IDF, and bring peace to the region.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 2:18 p.m. EST:

A Lebanese reported affiliated with Hezbollah has said that a surprise attack may be on the horizon.

According to the Hananya Naphtalis Telegram channel, Hezbollah is planning a surprise attack using long-rage and surface-to-air missiles. The terrorist group is also reportedly planning to shoot down an Israeli plane.

We pray against these attacks, and we pray for the continued protection of Israel!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 9:56 a.m. EST:

Last night, Israel began the celebration of its Independence Day. According to The Times of Israel:

Israel’s annual state torch-lighting ceremony aired Monday night in a radically atypical format, as the country began marking a bleak 76th Independence Day, the first since Hamas’s October 7 terror massacre in southern Israel.

This celebration was unlike any that came before. The event was prerecorded, a first since COVID struck in 2020. This was done because of security concerns and to avoid any potential heckling of the nation’s leaders. Additionally, the Times reports that the tone of the celebration was somber, seeing as Israel is currently fighting against terrorists and contending against other nations that are aligning with the terrorists.

The Times also reported that many criticized the event, feeling that celebrations should not take place while Israeli citizens are still being held in Gaza.

Despite the criticism and somber tone, Israel’s Independence Day should still be seen as a miracle. Today marks 76 years since the modern state of Israel was established. Since 1948, many have sought to destroy this nation, but God has preserved it each and every time. We know that, not matter what happens in this current conflict, God will not abandon His chosen people!

Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 9:15 a.m. EST:

The Biden administration confirmed last night that it withheld weaponry from Israel to prevent the IDF’s invasion of Gaza.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration was “focused on the end-use of the 2,000-lb bombs and the impact they could have in dense urban settings as we have seen in other parts of Gaza.”

Biden and his administration have long opposed a ground invasion in Rafah, and the president said in March that such an invasion would be a “red line.”

Monday, May 6, 2024, 4:42 p.m. EST:

Hamas recently accepted a ceasefire deal. Israel, however, has confirmed that the deal Hamas accepted does not meet the nation’s demands.

Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz confirmed that the deal is “inconsistent with the dialogue [Israel] held with the mediators to this point and has significant gaps [from Israel’s demands],” according to The Times of Israel. The nation has vowed to continue negotiating.

Meanwhile, Israel has begun its offensive in Gaza. The Times of Israel confirmed that Israel is attacking in a “targeted manner” in eastern Rafah.

We have long heard that Rafah is where the last of Hamas hides. We pray that these attacks in Rafah will resolve this war quickly!

Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 9:41 a.m. EST:

Starting on Apr.17 at sundown, Israel will celebrate Yom Aliyah, or Aliyah Day. This day marks the historic Return of the Jewish people to their ancestral Homeland in modern times. This annual holiday is time to recall the first mass Return of the Jews to Israel when Joshua led the Hebrew children across the river Jordan which signs and wonders.

In the midst of War and the desire of some nations to eradicate the Jewish homeland, we can praise God for this return. It is an enduring sign of His covenant faithfulness – to Israel and to us who are grafted in.

“Now this is what the Lord says: ‘Sing with joy for Israel. Shout for the greatest of nations! Shout out with praise and joy: ‘Save your people, O Lord, the remnant of Israel!’ For I will bring them from the north and from the distant corners of the earth. I will not forget the blind and lame, the expectant mothers and women in labor. A great company will return! Tears of joy will stream down their faces, and I will lead them home with great care. They will walk beside quiet streams and on smooth paths where they will not stumble. For I am Israel’s father, and Ephraim is my oldest child. “Listen to this message from the Lord, you nations of the world; proclaim it in distant coastlands: The Lord, who scattered his people, will gather them and watch over them as a shepherd does his flock” (Jeremiah 31:7-10 NLT).

God has said that He who scattered them will regather them to the land He gave their forefathers. He continues to repatriate His people from all the nations even in the the midst of war. It is a remarkable demonstration of God’s faithfulness to his promises and serves as a sign to the world. He has done it and will do it! Praise Him for His covenant faithfulness!

Friday, April 12, 2024, 8:09 a.m. EST:

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is preparing to send the IDF into Rafah, according to JNS.

Netanyahu said, “It will happen; there is a date.” He has also been pulling most Israeli troops out of Gaza in preparation for an assault on Rafah.

At the same time, the IDF is beginning the “next phase” of aid in Gaza. IDF Spokesman Read Adm. Daniel Hagari said recently that the IDF is opening a crossing between Israel and northern Gaza in order “to enable more aid to flow directly to civilians in the areas that have been challenging for trucks to access.” This new crossing is expected to handle at least 50 aid trucks per day.

We pray for the IDF as its soldiers prepare to assault Rafah. We pray for all remaining hostages, even as Hamas says that less than 40 are still alive. We pray that God would end this war and bring victory to Israel.

Monday, March 25, 2024, 4:16 p.m. EST:

The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution today demanding a ceasefire in Gaza for the remainder of Ramadan.

According to JNS:

The resolution “demands an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan respected by all parties leading to a lasting ceasefire and also demands the immediate and conditional release of all hostages.”

It also demands compliance with international law in the treatment of detainees and emphasizes the urgent need to expand the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza and demands that barriers preventing that be lifted.

The United States abstained, leading to a final vote of 14-0. It is important to remember that, as one of the council’s permanent members, the U.S. could have vetoed the resolution. After learning of their failure to veto, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a high-level delegation to Washington.

Hamas has declared its approval of the vote.

Monday, March 18, 2024, 4:48 p.m. EST:

Israel has killed an important Hamas official. According to The Jerusalem Post:

During the IDF and the Shin Bet’s reinvasion of Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza on Monday, they killed Hamas’s Interior Ministry Operations Chief Faack Mabhough.

Mabhough was reportedly in charge of Hamas’ internal security forces. He was killed by the IDF while resisting arrest.

While the Lord does not delight in death, He does delight in the safety and prosperity of His people. We thank God for all he is doing through the IDF to protect Israel from Hamas!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 1:50 p.m. EST:

Ramadan started this weekend, and it will run until April 9th. One of our writers has provided this information and three prayer points for the Muslim holy month:

Ramadan is a Muslim holy month observed with daily fasting – food and water – from sunup to sundown. Historically, this month has been marked with increased terrorism and violence against Israel in particular. In addition, this year, the leaders of the Muslim world have called for increased jihad in Israel, calling for October 7th like incursions. It is a God-given opportunity to pray for salvations in the Muslim world. Even as this time of fasting stirs up unholy spiritual entities, Holy Spirit is at work calling the lost to repentance!

  1. Pray that even as the Muslim people are literally hungry and thirsty, that Holy Spirit would stir up hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt.6:33). God’s desire is that NONE would perish but all but all come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9)
  2. Pray that the voices inciting violence will be silenced like the lions in Daniel’s den. Ps. 68:1-3 and 28-35 cries out to God to arise and scatter his enemy causing those who hate him to flee from his presence, scattering the peoples who take pleasure in war and violence, and yet calling for his people to rejoice and delight in him even in the midst of the struggle.
  3. Pray for the IDF and for all of those involved in fighting and making decisions regarding the war during Ramadan. Is.28:6 says, “God will be a Spirit of justice for whoever sits as judge, and a source of strength for those repelling the enemies at the gate.”

Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 4:41 p.m. EST:

The IDF death toll for the ground offensive against Hamas has risen to 247, according to a recent report.

The Times of Israel reported earlier today that 247 soldiers have been killed in the ground offensive in Gaza. This report came shortly after the news that Staff Sgt. David Sasson, only 21 years old, was killed in southern Gaza.

Meanwhile, 12 other soldiers in Sasson’s unit were injured. Of these 12, 5 were injured seriously.

These injuries and deaths remind us that the IDF desperately needs our prayers. Let’s continue to pray that they are blessed and protected by the Lord as they fight against terror.

Friday, March 1, 2024, 4:16 p.m. EST:

Over 100 people were killed in Gaza City recently, according to The Hill.

Citizens of Gaza City were killed on Thursday near an aid convoy. While both Israeli and Gazan officials acknowledge the deaths, they offer different stories on what happened.

From The Hill:

The two sides offered different stories on what happened Thursday, with Palestinians and Gazan officials contending that Israeli troops opened fire on people seeking humanitarian aid. Israel said many were injured or killed as a result of a chaotic rush on the convoy, and that troops only fired on people who approached troops in a threatening way.

“As these vital humanitarian supplies were making their way toward Gazans in need, thousands of Gazans descended on the trucks,” said Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson. “Some began violently pushing and even trampling other Gazans to death, looting the humanitarian supplies.”

Many in congress have used this tragic event to increase calls for a ceasefire.

Monday, February 26, 2024, 10:02 a.m. EST:

America is still scrambling to negotiate a ceasefire deal, with White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan saying that such a deal is close. Netanyahu, meanwhile, remains unfazed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a recent interview that he is unsure of whether the hostage deal will actually materialize. He said that a ceasefire would first require Hamas to drop its “delusional claims,” a prospect that seems unlikely.

Netanyahu also separately expressed optimism surrounding the potential invasion into Rafah. He said in the interview that, once the IDF invades Rafah, “the fighting is weeks away from completion, not months, weeks away from completion.”

Israel has promised to invade Rafah if Hamas’ hostages are not released by the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, which begins on March 10.

Friday, February 23, 2024, 9:05 a.m. EST:

Israel may reach a ceasefire and hostage release deal, according to CNN.

Israel’s war cabinet has reportedly send a negotiating team to Paris today to discuss a hostage release deal. The negotiating team has been empowered to engage in “substantive negotiations.”

This comes as Israel has remained firm in its plans to invade Rafah is the hostages are not released by the start of Ramadan. The nation has faced international pressure to call of the invasion, but Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has refused to back down.

Should a Israel reach a ceasefire deal with Hamas, it would be the first time since November that Gaza has seen a break in combat.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 8:20 a.m. EST:

Israel may invade Rafah soon, according to NBC News.

According to Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s war Cabinet, Israel is demanding the release of all hostages by the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts on March 10. Should Hamas not release the hostages by then, the IDF will invade Rafah, a city in the southern region of the Gaza strip.

“They can surrender, release the abductees, and so the residents of Gaza can celebrate Ramadan,” Gantz said recently at a conference in Jerusalem.

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024, 11:49 a.m. EST:

Many have accused Israel of stopping aid from reaching Gaza. However, this could not be farther from the truth.

Israeli Government Spokesman Eylon Levy dashed these false claims yesterday, detailing just how much aid has been brought into Gaza since the war started.

“By all possible accounts,” he said, “Israel is exceeding its obligations to facilitate the delivery of aid into the Gaza strip. International donors who want to see more aid enter Gaza should simply send more. We’re ready to facilitate it.”

You can watch Levy’s statement below:

Monday, Feb 12, 2024, 1:44 p.m. EST:

The IDF rescued two hostages from Hamas captivity.

National Review confirmed that IDF soldiers snuck into an apartment, killing three terrorists and rescuing Fernando Marman, 61, and Louis Har, 70.

The two hostages were found to be in good condition. They were transported to the Sheba Tel Hashomer hospital for further inspection.

Praise God for this!

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024, 2:10 p.m. EST:

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu released a powerful statement last night, claiming that Israel seeks a peace that can only exist after total victory over Hamas.

You can watch this statement below:



Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024, 3:21 p.m. EST:

Dozens of hostages taken by Hamas have been confirmed to be dead, according to the IDF.

IDF Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari confirmed recently that, of the hostages taken on October 7, 29 have been killed by Hamas. The statuses of the remaining hostages are unknown.

This news comes as Hamas has refused any future hostage release deals, stating that it will only release its captives in exchange for a permanent ceasefire.

According to The Times of Israel:

Palestinian terror group Hamas has given its answer to the hostage release framework worked out in Paris last weekend, and is still demanding a permanent end to the war, the end of the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza, the reconstruction of the enclave, and the release of Palestinian security prisoners.

These terms have been non-starters for Israel, which is seeking shorter pauses in fighting for a phased hostage release.


Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024, 5:02 p.m. EST:

Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz and observer Gadi Eisenkot have suggested limiting the entry of aid into Gaza, citing reports that the aid is being stolen by Hamas.

The two cited a recent report from Shin Bet that states that up to 60 percent of the aid trucks entering Gaza are being hijacked by Hamas.

Gantz and Eisenkot believe that aid should be limited to prevent Hamas from stealing it, but also to put more pressure on the terrorist group to release the hostages.


Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024, 5:19 p.m. EST:

Some Israelis are protesting Gazan aid, gathering at border crossings to obstruct convoys.

Several protesters have sought to block humanitarian aid from entering Gaza, arguing that there is no guarantee that the aid will not be stolen by Hamas fighters. According to Breitbart:

Relatives and supporters of Israeli hostages being held by Hamas have attempted to block humanitarian aid entering Gaza over the past week, gathering at border crossings to protest and to obstruct truck convoys of supplies being sent through Israel. …

They argue that Palestinians, and Hamas, should not receive food, fuel, water, and medicine if there is no guarantee that hostages are also receiving aid. Hamas is already thought to have broken an agreement to bring medications to hostages that require them.

The Times of Israel reports that the protesters were somewhat successful, writing that they "had largely blocked humanitarian aid from passing through." According to the Times, Prime Minister Netanyahu has criticized these protests, which some other members of the government have expressed support for.

What do you think of this strategy? Are these protests justified? Share your thoughts in the comments, and continue to pray for the release of the hostages.


Friday, Jan. 26, 2024, 9:47 a.m. EST:

The International Court of Justice ruled against Israel this morning, refusing to throw out South Africa's accusations of genocide.

The ICJ issued a series of provisional measures against Israel, instructing the nation to "take all measures within its power" to prevent genocidal acts against Palestinians. The court did not, however, demand a ceasefire in Gaza as South Africa had originally requested.

According to The Times of Israel,

It says Israel must prevent the killing or injuring of Gaza’s Palestinians, must prevent conditions calculated to wholly or partly destroy Gaza’s populace, and must prevent conditions intended to prevent births among Gazans.


The court also orders Israel to take steps to prevent and punish incitement to genocide against the Palestinians, and take measures to provide “urgently needed assistance to address the adverse conditions of life in Gaza.”

This decision was supported by a 15-2 majority, including Joan Donoghue, the president of the ICJ.


Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024, 4:34 p.m. EST:

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) plans to rule on whether Israel is guilty of genocide this Friday, according to The Times of Israel.

We have previously covered these accusations, brought before the court by South Africa. The ICJ revealed in a press release that the court will hand down its ruling on January 26 at 7 a.m. EST.

When we last covered these accusations, we included four prayer points for Israel provided by one of our writers. Now, as Israel prepares for the ICJ's ruling, we have provided these same prayer points. They are just as timely, if not more so, now as they were then.

Pray the following over God's chosen nation:

  1. Pray Psalm 33:10-12, Isaiah 54:15-17, and Psalm 2:10-12.
  2. Declare that God will bring the plans of the nations to nothing, that He will foil the plans of His peoples, but His counseling plans will stand forever, to every generation!
  3. We declare to the Kings and judges of the earth to be wise, to be warned, and to serve God with fear and rejoice with trembling. We urge them to reconcile with God - kiss the Son - lest He be angry, and you perish along the way.
  4. We thank You that any Alliance that is formed against Israel will fall and no weapon that is made against Israel will prosper. We thank You that Isaiah 54 says that in the court you own Israel will refute every accusation!


Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024, 2:55 p.m. EST:

Several IDF soldiers were killed yesterday in Gaza, according to The Times of Israel.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby shares the news in a press briefing, announcing to the American people that 21 IDF soldiers were killed in Gaza on Monday.

The U.S. offered its support to the families of those who were killed. "That's an enormous amount of troops lost in one day," Kirby said, "and certainly our condolences go out to all the families and their teammates as well."

Let's continue to pray for protection for each and every Israeli soldier as they fight against a deadly evil.


Friday, Jan. 19, 2024, 3:26 p.m. EST:

The White House's support for Israel's war effort may be coming to an end.

Since the beginning of the war, the Biden administration has pushed for a Palestinian state at every opportunity. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has rejected this proposal. Now, however, the Biden administration is reportedly circumventing the prime minister to accomplish its goal.

According to NBC:

Netanyahu rejected the offer, officials said, telling Blinken that he’s not prepared to make a deal that allows for a Palestinian state. And now three senior U.S. officials say the Biden administration is looking past Netanyahu to try to achieve its goals in the region. Several senior U.S. officials told NBC News that Netanyahu “will not be there forever.”


The officials said the Biden administration is trying to lay the groundwork with other Israeli and civil society leaders in anticipation of an eventual post-Netanyahu government. In an attempt to work around Netanyahu, Blinken also met individually with members of his war Cabinet and other Israeli leaders, including opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yair Lapid, officials said.

How will this decision affect our relationship with Israel? Is America's support for Israel drying up? Help Your people in their time of need, God!


Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024, 5:05 p.m. EST:

Israel is reportedly preparing for an offensive against Lebanon, according to CBN.

Throughout this war, Israel has had to not only deal with Hamas in Gaza, but also Hezbollah to the north. CBN says that the Lebanese terror group has attacked Israel "almost daily." Now, Israel's military leaders are saying that the IDF must be prepared to cross the northern border.

"We’re more prepared for this than ever before, even for tonight, if needed, and we’ll continue and strengthen our preparations and our readiness moving forward," said Major General Ori Gordin, commanding officer of the IDF's northern command.

What will come of this? Will Israel be forced to wage war on two fronts? Let's continue to support this nation with prayer.


Friday, Jan. 12, 2024, 1:40 p.m. EST:

Let's Storm the Gates of Hell for Baby Kfir and Ariel Bibas! One month ago, Hamas issued a statement that the two youngest hostages had been killed by Israeli bombs. This is widely considered to be false. Today, in prayer, one of IFA's writers sensed the Lord tell her to "Get the warriors on the wall for him and don't relent" in prayer for baby Kfir and his young sibling, Ariel.

During a time of intercession for the youngest Israeli girls still being held and tortured by Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, the PLO and every complicit settler in Gaza and pro-Palestine American, GOD directed my attention to 1-year Kfir Bibas saying, "They want to indoctrinate, raise him as a Jewish jihadist to send him back to destroy his own people."  Needing confirmation, the LORD reminded me of Soros' tragic teenage years and gave me a spiritual picture of what is planned for Kfir, saying "It's like that of the Nazis, to produce Soros."  Then the LORD said, "Write for him. They think it, him, sport. They revel in his pain, (and) confusion.  Write for him. Get the warriors on the wall for him and don't relent. The violent take it, took him, by force. Be more violent in My Spirit.  The Enemy plays the long game. My people must break the backs of the Enemy."

Post prayers for Kfir and Ariel at the IFA Community. Click Here.

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2024, 11:18 a.m. EST:

Today, Israel faced accusations of genocide at the International Court of Justice.

South Africa brought the case before the UN's highest court, accusing the nation of Israel of violating the 1948 geocide convention with their treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.

According to Reuters:

"Israel has a genocidal intent against the Palestinians in Gaza," Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, advocate of the High Court of South Africa, told the court in the Hague. "The intent to destroy Gaza has been nurtured at the highest level of state."

South Africa asked the court for a preliminary order to demand Israel stop fighting now, while the court hears the full merits of the case in coming months.

Israel responded to these accusations of genocide by accusing South Africa of "functioning as the legal arm of the Hamas terrorist organization."

Several western countries (including the United States) have called these accusations of genocide unjustified, while some developing nations have sided with South Africa.

Israel will be given three hours tomorrow morning to respond to and refute these accusations of genocide. While the ICJ is unable to enforce and judgements, a ruling against Israel would likely have dramatic effects on how other nations view God's people.

To that end, one of our writers has provided three prayer points for Israel for this critical time:

  1. Pray Psalm 33:10-12, Isaiah 54:15-17, and Psalm 2:10-12.
  2. Declare that God will bring the plans of the nations to nothing, that He will foil the plans of His peoples, but His counseling plans will stand forever, to every generation!
  3. We declare to the Kings and judges of the earth to be wise, to be warned, and to serve God with fear and rejoice with trembling. We urge them to reconcile with God - kiss the Son - lest He be angry, and you perish along the way.
  4. We thank You that any Alliance that is formed against Israel will fall and no weapon that is made against Israel will prosper. We thank You that Isaiah 54 says that in the court you own Israel will refute every accusation!


Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, 5:10 p.m. EST:

Israel is reportedly scaling down its offensive, according to an IDF spokesman.

From The Telegraph:

The next step will involve fewer airstrikes and troops, and operations would now focus on central and southern Gaza, an IDF spokesman said.

Rear-Adml Daniel Hagari said: “The war shifted a stage.”

“But the transition will be with no ceremony...it’s not about dramatic announcements.”

This change comes as the world is placing increased pressure on Israel over its operations in Gaza. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, for example, said on Sunday that displaced Palestinians must be allowed to "return home."

Is Israel scaling back its offensive to appeal to international sensitivities? Whatever the reason, we must continue to pray that God would strengthen His people in the Middle East.


Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024, 2:30 p.m. EST:

The IDF has destroyed more Hamas tunnels, according to The Times of Israel.

Over the past week, IDF troops raises a Hamas compound, uncovering several tunnel shafts. The IDF reports that that these tunnels led to an unground network that spanned hundreds of meters.

Most notably, the troops found a weapons manufacturing plant in the tunnels, containing explosive materials and rocket fuel. This was in addition to a cache of weapons that held mortars, grenades, and RPGs.

Combat engineers have since destroyed the tunnels.


Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024, 3:38 p.m. EST:

The IDF has killed one of Hamas' key leaders.

According to Israel Today on Telegram, IDF jets struck and killed Saleh al-Arouri in the capital of Lebanon last evening.

According to Wikipedia, al-Arouri was "a senior leader of Hamas and a founding commander of its military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to eliminate Hamas' top officials, even those currently living abroad, following Hamas' initial attack in October.

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024, 11:33 a.m. EST:

Israel's Supreme Court dealt a serious blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, striking down his controversial judicial reform.

According to CBS:

Israel's Supreme Court struck down part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial judicial overhaul on Monday, a move that could exacerbate political tension in the country as it changes its footing in the war with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The judicial overhauls sparked months of protests after Netanyahu took office for a new term as prime minister a year ago.

With its ruling, Israel's highest court overturned a law passed in July that prevented Supreme Court judges from overruling government decisions by declaring them unreasonable. The law was the first major part of the controversial plan by Netanyahu's far-right coalition government to curb the judicial branch's power and give more authority to the national legislature.

The measures drew accusations from Israel's political opposition that Netanyahu was deliberately eroding the country's democratic system of checks and balances — right as he faced multiple personal legal battles over alleged corruption. The war with Hamas, sparked by the militant group's unprecedented Oct. 7 terror attack on southern Israel, united the country, but did not resolve the underlying division stoked by Netanyahu's formation of the country's most far-right government ever last year.

At the same time, the IDF removed thousands of troops from Gaza after facing increasing calls to scale back its counteroffensive. Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari did not speak on whether this drawdown signified a new phase of the war.

How will these new revelations affect the war effort? As intercessors, we continue to pray for the IDF, the people of Israel, and the hostages taken by Hamas.

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2023, 1:22 p.m. EST:

Israel's war against Hamas is progressing slowly and with many casualties.

According to The Jerusalem Post, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Herzi Halevi said that it could take several months to finish fighting Hamas. Halevi recognized that a long war would not be allowed in such a tumultuous political and diplomatic context. Israel will have to continually adjust its strategies to end the war as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This news comes as the IDF confirms that over 500 Israeli soldiers have been killed since Oct. 7, according to The Times of Israel.

Will Israel's international reputation be able to survive this long war? Will its troops? This holiday season, let's continue to pray that God would protect Israel from any and all threats.

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023, 4:59 p.m. EST:

Israel's offensive against Hamas is progressing steadily, although the same cannot be said for the rescue of the hostages.

According to The Times of Israel, the IDF is nearing the end of its ground offensive in northern Gaza. Soldiers are fighting the terrorists in new areas of Gaza, entering into the Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods.

At the same time, the Times reports that an Israeli truce offer fell through. Israel had offered Hamas a seven-day truce in exchange for the release of 40 hostages. Hamas, however, demanded that Israel halt its offensive in Gaza and release all the Palestinian prisoners before any discussions of peace.

Even as the peace talks fall through, it is important to remember that our hope is in God, not in any earthly leaders or measures. We trust that He will set the captives free.

Monday, December 18, 2023, 4:20 p.m. EST:

Turkey is trying to influence the U.S. to influence Israel to stop the war. From U.S. News & World Report:

"Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan asked his U.S. counterpart Antony Blinken in a call on Sunday for Washington to use its influence over Israel to halt Israeli attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, a Turkish diplomatic source said.

Turkey, which supports a two-state solution to the decades-old conflict, has harshly criticised Israel, calling for a full ceasefire and for Israeli leaders to be tried in international courts for war crimes, and slammed Western support for Israel. . . .

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday that the United States had a historic responsibility to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza."

IFA is praying about the U.S.' historic responsibility but it is not to achieve a ceasefire. It is to bless Israel (Gen. 12:3).

Monday, December 18, 2023, 12:20 p.m. EST:

Israel is warning Hezbollah amid recent several attacks.

Hezbollah has been carrying out frequent attacks against Israel. On Sunday, they fired an anti-tank missile at Kibbutz Sasa. This attack resulted in major damage, leading the IDF to retaliate.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was quick to threaten the terrorist group. According to The Times of Israel:

Vowing to restore security in northern Israel so that the estimated 100,000 displaced residents of border communities can return to their homes, Gallant told reservist troops on the Lebanese border: “If Hezbollah wants to go up a level, we’ll go up five.”

“And it will be up to you,” he told the soldiers. “We don’t want that, we don’t want to get into a war situation. We want to restore peace and we will do it either through an agreement, or with forceful action, with all its implications.”

“We don’t want war, but we won’t hold it off for too long,” Gallant added.

Friday, December 15, 2023, 4:12 p.m. EST:

The IDF mistakenly killed three hostages in Gaza, according to The Times of Israel.

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari announced the news mere hours ago. He said that the IDF bears full responsibility for what it is calling a "tragic incident." The incident took place "in an area where the soldiers encountered many terrorists, including suicide bombers."

Yotam Haim, Samar Fouad Talalka, and Alon Shamriz were the three hostages killed in the accident.

The IDF stressed that it would learn from this mistake and push onward. Meanwhile, family members of the hostages, both those slain and those still in captivity, called for a ceasefire in the hopes of freeing their relatives.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023, 10:18 a.m. EST:

Earlier this year, we reported that Israel was considering flooding Hamas' underground tunnels with seawater. Recently, this IDF began employing this tactic.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Israel has begun flooding Hamas' tunnels with water from the Mediterranean Sea. Little is known about this move, seeing as Israel is keeping the details classified.

The tunnels are one of Hamas' greatest assets, so it is good that the IDF is working to destroy them. However, there may be hostages still in the tunnels. We pray that Israel would be able to destroy these tunnels and rescue the hostages.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 9:15 a.m. EST:

Hamas is threatening to kill all of the hostages it currently holds, according to Breitbart.

The threat came over the weekend from Abu Obeida, a spokesperson for Hamas. In a video announcing the threat, Obeida said, "Neither the fascist enemy and its arrogant leadership … nor its supporters … can take their prisoners alive without an exchange and negotiation and meeting the demands of the resistance..."

Up until now, the hostages have been the only bargaining chip Hamas holds in negotiations. This threat may show that they are getting desperate, feeling the might of the IDF closing in.

Nevertheless, it is apparent that the hostages need prayer now more than ever. We invite all intercessors to pray for these hostages by name using our recently released resources, Faces of War in Israel. Download it for free by clicking the ad below:

Friday, December 8, 2023, 12:30 p.m. EST:

Israeli troops aren't letting the war against Hamas get in the way of their celebrations.

All throughout Gaza, Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers celebrated the first night on Hanukkah last night, lighting the first candle. It is encouraging to see that, even during this time of war, people are still celebrating!

Amir Tsarfati shared footage of paratroopers celebrating on his Telegram channel:

Thursday, December 7, 2023, 4:05 p.m. EST:

Dozens of Hamas fighters surrendered earlier today, according to the New York Post.

The terrorists were photographed and recorded both on the street and in a military vehicle, stripped down to their underwear and blindfolded.

Local Channel 12 estimates that over 100 fighters surrendered. Praise God!

We have been asking the Lord to change the hearts of Hamas fighters. That seems to be exactly what happened here. This is an answered prayer!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 9:54 EST:

Israel may flood Hamas' tunnels with seawater, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Last month, the Israel Defense Forces set up five pumps to draw water out of the Mediterranean and flood Hamas' numerous tunnels in Gaza. While they are ready to move forward, Israel is still not sure whether to implement this plan.

It is important to remember that Hamas' hostages are being kept underneath Gaza in tunnels. Should Israel flood the tunnels, they may end up harming the hostages. Additionally, since the IDF does not know the full extent of Hamas' tunnel network, they run the risk of harming the foundations of buildings if they flood the tunnels, according to the WSJ.

According to the Times of Israel, the IDF has already destroyed hundreds of kilometers of tunnels.


Friday, December 1, 2023, 10 a.m. EST:

At 7:12 a.m. this morning in Israel, Israeli leaders announced: "Hamas violated the ceasefire."

From The Times of Israel. The Israel Defense Forces resumed its military offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday after a week-long truce as the Hamas terror group broke the ceasefire, firing rockets into Israel and failing to provide a list of hostages it intended to release by 7 a.m.

In response, the IDF said it was renewing combat seven days after fighting ceased, during which time 105 civilians were released from Hamas captivity in Gaza, including 81 Israelis, 23 Thai nationals, and 1 Filipino, in exchange for 210 Palestinian prisoners, all of them women or minors. Israel also allowed an influx of humanitarian aid into the Strip.

Still held hostage by Gaza terror groups when the truce collapsed were 137 people — 115 men, 20 women and two children — government spokesperson Eylon Levy said. Ten of the hostages are 75 and older. The vast majority of the hostages, 126, are Israeli. Eleven are foreign nationals, including eight from Thailand.

Israel hostage advocate Calev Myers joins Dave Kubal on IFA's First Friday Prayer & Fasting Call/Webcast today.

Watch: IFApray.org/watch
Listen: (667) 771-7909

Thursday, November 30, 2023, 9:45 a.m. EST:

On October 7, Hamas kidnapped Shiri Bibas, and her two young children, Ariel and Kfir. Now Hamas is saying that the three have been killed.

Many have been concerned with the Bibas family, considering the fact that they are the youngest hostages stolen by the terrorists. Ariel is 4, while his brother Kfir is only 10 months old. On Sunday, Israel believed that the boys and their mother had been transferred to a different terrorist faction. Just yesterday, however, Hamas stated that the three were killed by an Israel Defense Force airstrike.

The IDF is currently investigating this report. We will let you know what they conclude regarding the fate of the Bibas family.

It is worth remembering that these reports are not always true. Hamas has been known to erroneously report the deaths of hostages before. Until we receive more information, we should continue to pray for Shiri, Ariel, and Kfir.


Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 10:25 a.m. EST:

Urgent prayer request! The most nefarious situation currently is that of the Bibas children. Hamas is saying that they are not in their care as they were handed over to another terrorist group. We cannot trust anything they say. Posters have been put up in southern Gaza by 'citizens' with the Bias's photos declaring that they are assets to the war against at Israel and should not be returned. In Acts 12:12 fashion we are striking heaven today.

"These are still 9 Israeli children being held hostage in Gaza. They are:

Kfir Bibas, 10 months

Ariel Bibas, 4

Gali Tarshansky, 13

Amit Shani, 16

Ofir Engel, 17

Maya Leimberg, 17

Aisha Zaidna, 17

Liam Or, 18

Itay Regev, 18

We know of a baby born to an abducted foreign worker while in Gaza but we have no information about the baby’s condition. Judging by what we hear from released abductees concerning the way they were kept and treated, we doubt if this baby even survived. I hope I’m wrong!" From Amir Tsarfati


Members of Netanyahu's coalition are furious that Hamas broke the ceasefire by detonating explosives against IDF soldiers, and Israel is not responding in force.

This is all part of Hamas's game.

Hamas knows how to poke and prod and sow division in Israel by forcing impossible political decisions.

From Israel Today on Telegram

Monday, November 27, 2023, 9:55 a.m. EST:

Hamas will likely release more hostages today, according to the Times of Israel.

Hamas and Israel are currently in the midst of an ongoing truce. The terrorists secured this truce by promising to release 50 hostages, and Israel is allowing them to potentially extend the truce by a day for each 10 additional hostages released. Many hostages have been freed already.

Today's hostage release, however, has been delayed. Israel has taken issue with Hamas' proposed list of people to release, claiming that the terrorist is violating the agreed upon terms by planning to release children without their mothers. Despite this, officials are optimistic that the crisis will be resolved soon.

Most recently, an Egyptian official announced mere minutes ago that 11 hostages will be released later today. This same official also said that the Israel-Hamas truce will likely be extended by two more days, seeing an additional 20 hostages released.


Monday, November 20, 2023, 3:55 p.m. EST:

Over the weekend, the Israel Defense Force revealed part of Hamas' large network of tunnels.

From The Times of Israel:

The Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet security agency release new footage showing part of Hamas’s tunnel network underneath Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, where the terror group is believed to have a main command center.


The new videos show that the tunnel shaft has a winding staircase from around three meters deep, continuing down for another seven meters until it reaches part of the tunnel network. The tunnel continues for five meters, before turning to the right and continuing for another 50 meters.

Also, God is fighting on the side of the Israelites! Miraculously, the weather itself is assisting the IDF in its fight against Hamas. Find out more in the video below:


Friday, November 17, 2023, 11:30 a.m. EST:

The war is steadily progressing. Amir Tsarfati, beloved Israeli teacher and author, shares the update for today, discussing the IDF's raids on Gaza hospitals.

Watch this update below:



Thursday, November 16, 2023, 9:24 a.m. EST:

Messianic believer and IDF Sergeant Major Chaim Malespin says that God is encouraging him on the battlefield as he fights for Israel. He shared 10 prayer points for Israel, encouraging believers across the world to intercede for God's nation.

Watch this powerful video below:


Friday, November 10, 2023, 5:00 p.m. EST:

Today at IFA's Shaping History Conference, former Congresswoman and Dean of the Regent University School of Government, the Honorable Michele Bachmann, delivered a profound prophetic exhortation to the Body that resulted in a Holy Spirit led intercession that shifted the atmosphere.

This was after she reported that a CNN/AP/Reuters photographer is connected with hostage. This suggests that many of the gruesome images were recorded by a paid journalist.

She also reported that the Biden is quietly pushing for reduction in Israel's bomb strength which will mean that Israel cannot penetrate the tunnels where Hamas is located. Bachmann told the crowd that Israel is not allowed to manufacture their own weapons due to a U.S. led international policy. They must get all their bombs from the U.S.

After this session, IFA intercessor, prayer leader, and contributing writer Lori Meed sensed this from the Lord and it was confirmed by other IFA leaders:

After Michele Bachmann's presentation today, the Holy Spirit was heavy on me.  Betsy West, IFA Pennsylvania Prayer Leader, and I  began to talk about the U.S. refusing to provide bunker bombs. And again the Spirit begin to press on me and I began to declare prophetically or anybody else to win this war. And then I began to prophesy that God is going to send an earthquake to break open the earth, exposing and freeing the hostages. We all prayed into that and everyone was feeling that this was the Lord. Let's all agree in prayer that Israel would turn from looking to anybody but the Lord and that the Lord will move in power to break open these terror tunnels, freeing the hostages and exposing all of the Hamas leadership. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 2:58 p.m. EST:

Israel recently struck down a Hamas commander, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Wael Asefa, commander of Hamas' Deir al-Balah Battalion, was killed Sunday night by an airstrike from the Israel Defense Force. His death was confirmed by the IDF and Shin Bet, Israel's intelligence agency.

Asefa was reportedly one of the commanders who ordered the infamous attack on Israel exactly one month ago.

Meanwhile, Hamas is claiming that it destroyed an Israeli tank in Gaza.

As the war continues, we will continue to pray for peace and victory for Israel.


Monday, November 6, 2023, 9:34 a.m. EST:

We just received word that Israel needs urgent prayer!

According to the update we received, Israel's troops are currently in the biggest hospital in Gaza, currently used as Hamas' headquarters. They have found hostages and are fighting the terrorists.

A rabbi is asking people to pray Psalms 120, 121, 37, 83, 124, 144, and 150. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


Friday, November 3, 2023, 6:00 p.m. EST:

In the latest news, Hezbollah vows to continue attacking U.S. troops and polls show younger voters in America are less likely to support Israel.

From Fox News. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said the terrorist group will continue its attacks on US troops in Iraq and Syria.

Nasrallah made the comment in a televised speech Friday addressing the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict.

“The US must be held accountable and pay the price for the crimes perpetrated by Israel in Gaza, hence resistance movements have attacked and will continue to attack American forces in Iraq and Syria,” the Hezbollah leader vowed.

He continued, “Israel has revealed itself to be a weak state, as fragile as a spider web, and it needs American and Western support. Otherwise, why would the U.S. Navy send an aircraft carrier shortly after the Oct. 7 attack? Why else would Biden visit Israel, alongside numerous American government secretaries, the military top brass and European leaders?”

Praising Hamas for its violent attacks and referring to Israel as "the occupiers," Nasrallah said the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks were strictly a Palestinian operation.

Nasrallah made the same assertion about Iran, claiming the deadly attacks were perpetrated without the Iranian government's knowledge.

From The Times of Israel.

A poll published Thursday by Quinnipiac demonstrated the stark age divide. Respondents were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Israel is responding to the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack?” Half approved and 35 percent disapproved overall. But only 32% of respondents aged 18-34 approved of Israel’s response, as opposed to about 58% of those aged 50 and older.

The Quinnipiac poll was conducted on October 26, reaching 1,610 voters by phone, and had a margin of error of 2.4%.

Polls taken closer to the Hamas invasion found greater support overall for Israel, but that backing still diminished rapidly as respondents dropped in age.

Thursday, November 2, 2023, 5:17 p.m. EST:

Hamas is stealing resources from Palestinians, according to the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

The IDF intercepted a phone call recently implying that Hamas is diverting fuel from Palestinian hospitals to their military activities. The IDF released this call late Wednesday evening.

From Ynet:

In the recording, a commander from Hamas's Western Jabaliya Battalion is heard speaking to a Gazan resident, with the director of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza's Beit Lahia also on the line, and the commander repeatedly alludes to Hamas taking fuel from the hospital’s stocks, “working as a government for the sake of the country.”

This revelation comes as many are accusing Israel of war crimes, refusing to help the innocent Palestinians. It would seem that most aid meant for the Palestinians ends up in the hands of Hamas.

We continue to pray for the victims of this war, both Palestinian and Israeli. We pray for a decisive victory over Hamas!


Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 2:28 p.m. EST:

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is "advancing on the road to defeating Hamas."

These comments were made in a recent press conference. Gallant claims that the IDF has delivered "severe blows" to Hamas, wiping out "thousands of terrorists." He also vows that Israeli will not waver in its effort, even as much of the world cries out to condemn the nation.

From The Times of Israel:

“The enemy has only two choices — to die or surrender unconditionally,” he says.


Asked about the delayed start of the ground offensive, a possible time limit for the war, and the pressures of global opinion, Gallant replies: “The ground offensive began when the time was ripe… This is a war of no choice. We must win the war, whatever the price, however long it takes. Even if this does not find favor with some other countries, we will continue until we defeat Hamas.”

Also, approximately one hour ago, President Biden announced that Americans trapped in Gaza will be able to leave later today. This announcement comes as around 700 Americans still reside in Gaza.


Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 9:24 a.m. EST:

A Hamas official said that the tunnels underneath Gaza exist to protect terrorists, not civilians.

These remarks come from an interview that was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

In this interview, Mousa Abu Marzouk, a Hamas official, is asked why the terrorist organization has not built bomb shelters in addition to the vast tunnel network to protect civilians from Israeli airstrikes. The Daily Wire covers Marzouk's response:

“We have built the tunnels because we have no other way of protecting ourselves from being targeted and killed,” he responded. “These tunnels are meant to protect us from the airplanes. We are fighting from inside the tunnels.”

“Everybody knows that 75% of the people in the Gaza Strip are refugees, and it is the responsibility of the United Nations to protect them,” he continued. “According to the Geneva Convention, it is the responsibility of the occupation to provide them with all the services as long as they are under occupation.”

Meanwhile, Israel is reportedly deploying a new weapon to combat Hamas with. In order to fight terrorists within the many tunnels underneath Palestine, the Israel Defense Force plans to use "sponge bombs."

From The Daily Wire:

Sponge bombs, which Israel has reportedly been using in training exercises over the last two years, are chemical bombs that when detonated rapidly expands into a foam that quickly hardens.

The sponge bombs would allow Israel to prevent Hamas from ambushing them as they move through Gaza since they will be able to seal off entire sections of tunnel.

As the battlefield changes and the war develops, we continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Saturday, October 28, 2023, 7:00 p.m. EST:

We received an urgent message from our Thursday, 10-26, Pray with America's Leaders webcast guest:

Please ask people to pray for the following groups of people here:

  1. The kidnapped to come home safely as soon as possible 2. The soldiers who are risking their lives protecting the country, fighting for it, trying to find the kidnapped.
  2. The relatives of the fallen soldiers and civilians. May God comfort them.
  3. The people who lost their homes. May God provide for them.
  4. The wounded soldiers and civilians. May God help them recover completely.
  5. The people who are trying to help in any possible way: giving blood, giving money, cooking, praying… May God bless them abundantly.

Please pray for peace. Pray that no more people are killed or wounded. Pray that God deliver the country and the people from the evil.


Friday, October 27, 3:08 p.m. EST:

Israel plans to "expand" its activity in Gaza tonight, an Israel Defense Force spokesman confirmed.

According to IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, Israel has ramped up its airstrikes in Gaza over the past few hours, and their ground forces will expand their activity tonight. He also continue to call for Palestinians to evacuate the south side of the Gaza Strip.

This news comes as Israel's ground invasion has repeatedly been delayed. Will this change tonight as the ground forces "expand" their activities?

In related news, Gaza recently lost internet and phone services as a result of Israel's attacks and bombardment. The Palestinians there are now effectively cut off from the rest of the world.

Hamas has not taken kindly to the plight of the Palestinian people, calling on the world to act. The released a statement recently asking the "international community" to restrain Israel. From The Times of Israel:

“We call on the Arab and Muslim countries and the international community to take responsibility and act immediately to stop the crimes and series of massacres against our people,” Hamas says in a statement.

As intercessors, we know that Israel's response to Hamas is justified, but we also know that death displeases the Lord (see Ezekiel 18:32). We pray for the protection of the Jewish people, but we also pray for the protection of the innocent Palestinians. Let them be spared and saved from Hamas, God!


Thursday, October 26, 10:51 a.m. EST:

The Israel Defense Force is preparing for the "next stages of combat," according to a recent statement.

Last night, the IDF sent tanks and bulldozers into Gaza, striking "numerous terrorist cells, infrastructure and anti-tank missile launch posts."

From The Daily Wire:

Thermal imaging showed roughly a dozen heavily armored vehicles, mostly Merkava tanks, following bulldozers that smashed through Israel’s fence on its border with Gaza that was built to protect Israel from Palestinian terrorists.

You can view a video of the vehicles crossing the border into Gaza and the IDF's statement below:


Wednesday, October 25, 9:18 a.m. EST:

The UN has issued a dire warning, claiming that its aid to Gaza will be halted if it is unable to get more fuel.

In response to this warning, the IDF posted this on X:

According to IDF international spokesman Jonathan Conricus, who appeared on CNN recently, there is ample fuel in Gaza. The fuel, however, like everything else, is being controlled by the terrorist group Hamas.

From The Daily Wire:

“Hamas has fuel, Hamas has quite a lot of fuel,” Conricus said. “They can decide where to use that fuel. And I find it strikingly absent from the discussion, from many discussions, what is Hamas doing with the resources that it has? It’s only about Israel, and Egypt, and UN, and international organizations.”

“What about Hamas? Why aren’t the questions posed to Hamas?” he continued. “Why don’t you use some of the fuel that you have stockpiled and hoarded in advance of this situation and use it for the civilians?”

Conricus further clarified that this is yet another instance of Hamas abusing the people it claims to fight for, allowing them to suffer for international pity:

“They are using these poor civilians, which are not our enemy and are not our target, they’re using them cynically, just in order to milk every drop of international pity and legitimacy for their horrific activities, and they’re using their own civilians to do it,” he added.

The longer this war goes on, the more the Palestinian and Israeli people will suffer. We continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the end of anti-Israeli terrorism!


Tuesday, October 24, 10:52 a.m. EST:

Mere moments ago, a massage barrage of rockets fired by Hamas hit central Israel. This is the largest number of rockets fired by the terrorists since Israel began its counteroffensive.

Thus far, 5 Israelis have been wounded. Two were hit by rocket shrapnel. The other three were injured while seeking shelter.

As rockets pound the nation and would its citizens, we continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Monday, October 23, 9:45 a.m. EST:

The IDF has been quite busy, striking several terrorist cells in Lebanon.

Minutes ago, the IDF struck a terror cell in southern Lebanon that was allegedly planning to attack Israel. A spokesman said this was one strike of many since the war began.

From The Times of Israel:

Earlier today, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said the military has carried out strikes to eliminate more than 20 Hezbollah cells in southern Lebanon since the start of the war.

Also, we invite you to check our this powerful song, performed by Israeli children looking for support in the middle of a war:



Friday, October 20, 5:55 p.m. EST:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave an update on the Americans trapped in Israel.

He shared how two American hostages were recently released from Gaza, but that 10 American citizens are still unaccounted for.

From The Times of Israel:

“We share in the relief that their families, friends and loved ones are feeling,” he says in a statement to the press. “But there are still 10 additional Americans who remain unaccounted for in this conflict. We know that some of them are being held hostage by Hamas, along with an estimated 200 other hostages held in Gaza.”

Blinken said that President Biden plans to "do everything possible to secure the release of every hostage." In the meantime, we should continue to pray over each and every person trapped by Hamas, whether they are American, Israeli, or any other ethnicity.

Meanwhile, Blinken recently came under fire on account of the United States' relationship with Qatar. While Qatar did help free the two American hostages, the also currently host Hamas' political bureau. Speaking about the rescuing of the hostages, Blinked said that he appreciated Qatar's assistance.


Thursday, October 19, 1:43 p.m. EST:

When will Israel launch a ground invasion of Gaza? Is that still the plan? Was it ever the plan?

Just a few minutes ago, Israel's security cabinet gathered. At the time of this update, they are currently meeting.

These are the people who would need to give approval for a ground invasion to come to pass.

Whether they choose to approve a ground invasion or not, we should still pray over each and every security cabinet meeting. In this time of war, the security cabinet's members have the lives of millions of Israeli Jews in their hands.


Wednesday, October 18, 3:30 p.m. EST:

New York Times bestselling author, resident of Israel, and IFA webcast guest, Joel Rosenberg posted this today about President Biden's trip to Israel:

"I don’t agree with U.S. President Joe Biden on almost any of his domestic or foreign policies.

But when he does the right thing, I’m not afraid to say so.

And Biden did the right thing today.

He became the first American president to visit Israel during a time of war.

It gave us a big boost of superpower support when we need it most.

And it gave us a big boost of bipartisan support, which we also need.

Many Evangelical Christians are furious with Biden over his policies on abortion, LGBTQ issues, transgender issues, taxes, spending, and so much more.

So am I.

But Israel needs a friend in the White House right now.

The big question – and a very serious one – is this: Will President Biden stick with us through thick and thin?"

This is how Rosenberg ended his article:

I’m not going to be a cynic, but I’m a skeptic.

I’m still furious with Biden for appeasing the Iranian regime in so many ways over so many years.

And for pulling all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

And allowing the Afghan government to collapse and be replaced by the Taliban.

And for being so hostile to the Saudi government for so long.

And for giving Israel’s prime minister the cold shoulder so publicly for so long.

To name just a few of Biden’s Middle East policies I disagree with.

But he did the right thing today.

And I’m grateful.

Never have Israelis needed bipartisan support in Washington, and from all the American people, more than we do right now.

Thank God for the U.S. President's action in support of Israel and pray that this support and conviction will continue.

You can read a full transcript of their meeting and the full Rosenberg post HERE.

Wednesday, October 18, 8:50 a.m. EST:

Mere minutes ago, President Biden wrapped up his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his war cabinet.

While we do not yet know what the President discussed with these wartime leaders, we do know that his visit to Israel has been positive thus far. Earlier this morning, Netanyahu noted that Biden is the first U.S. President to visit Israel in a time of war, referring to the gesture as, "deeply, deeply moving."

Throughout his time with Netanyahu, Biden expressed his unwavering support for Israel. He endorsed Israel's stated version of events surrounding yesterday's hospital bombing (We will cover this horrific tragedy in a separate article).

Just before meeting with the war cabinet, Biden stated that Israel was founded on freedom, justice, and peace. He said clearly, "The United States stands with you in defense of that freedom, in pursuit of that justice, and in support of that peace, today, tomorrow, and always, we promise you."


Tuesday, October 17, 9:58 a.m. EST:

Hezbollah is attacking Israel, joining Hamas' efforts to destroy the nation.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese terror group, has fired several missiles today at northern towns in Israel.  The IDF is responding by shelling the source of the missiles in southern Lebanon.

Thus far, at least three people, two reservists and one civilian, have been hurt.

Additionally, Hamas confirmed in the past hour that Ayman Nofal, a member of the group's General Military Council and the head of its military's Central Gaza Brigade, was killed. It seems that the IDF took out this key leader in an airstrike, although they have not yet confirmed or denied this fact.


Monday, October 16, 3:30 p.m. EST:

American troops may be deployed to fight for Israel.

According to Fox News:

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has put in "be ready to deploy" orders for a select number of American troops should Israel need them, an official told Fox News.

It is not yet clear when or if these troops will be deployed. Additionally, the exact number of troops has not yet been confirmed, although The Wall Street Journal reported the number as being around 2,000.

This comes as Biden's administration has moved to support Israel more and more in the past few days. In his most recent interview, the President went so far as to say that Hamas should be completely eliminated.


Monday, October 16, 9 a.m. EST:

The IDF struck dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip over the past few hours.

The post below translates as, "The IDF continues to attack in the Gaza Strip. In the last few hours, dozens of operational headquarters and mortar bomb launching positions were destroyed. In addition, the military headquarters of Ali Kachi, one of the commanders in the Najaba force of the terrorist organization Hamas, which was eliminated a few days ago, was destroyed."

These strikes continue despite the presence of civilians in Gaza. Israel has called for those civilians to be evacuated, but Hamas has refused. According to The Daily Wire:

A Gaza resident of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip told Israeli operatives that Hamas confiscated personal equipment and car keys from people in a shelter where he was staying.

“This is further evidence that the terrorist organization Hamas actively prevents its citizens from evacuating and protecting themselves,” the IDF said as it waits for more people to be evacuated to southern Gaza before it launches its operations.

The Daily Wire also reports that Hamas has put up roadblocks in an effort to keep Gaza's citizens from evacuating.

This behavior seems to be typical for Hamas. In an interview published yesterday, President Biden described the terrorist group as "cowards" who are "hiding behind the civilians."

Israel must defend its land from Hamas. It should try, however, to keep civilians out of the crossfire as much as possible. In such a messy situation, we look to the God of Israel for divine help. Save Israel, O God!


Sunday, October 15, 2023, 7:28am EST:

From NBC News:

Documents exclusively obtained by NBC News show that Hamas created detailed plans to target elementary schools and a youth center in the Israeli kibbutz of Kfar Sa'ad, to "kill as many people as possible," seize hostages and quickly move them into the Gaza Strip.

The attack plans, which are labeled "top secret" in Arabic, appear to be orders for two highly trained Hamas units to surround and infiltrate villages and target places where civilians, including children, gather. Israeli authorities are still determining the death toll in Kfar Sa'ad.

The documents were found on the bodies of Hamas terrorists by Israeli first responders and shared with NBC News. They include detailed maps and show that Hamas intended to kill or take hostage civilians and school children.

One page labeled “Top Secret” outlines a plan of attack for Kfar Sa’ad, saying “Combat unit 1” is directed to “contain the new Da’at school,” while “Combat unit 2” is to “collect hostages,” “search the Bnei Akiva youth center” and “search the old Da’at school.”

Another page labeled “Top Secret Maneuver” describes a plan for a Hamas unit to secure the east side of Kfar Sa’ad while a second unit controls the west. It says “kills as many as possible” and “capture hostages.” Other orders include surrounding a dining hall and holding hostages in it.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.
‭‭Psalm 125‬:‭2‬ ‭


Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023, 5:37 p.m. EST:

Just over 20 minutes ago, the IDF took out a cell of terrorists in Gaza.

The IDF located these terrorists emerging from a tunnel and acted immediately. They say they have struck several other key Hamas sites in the past few hours.

The post below translates as, "The IDF eliminated a squad of Hamas terrorists that was identified coming out of a tunnel shaft in Gaza; a combat helicopter located a building containing a number of terrorists - and eliminated them."

Additionally, the situation has become even more drastic for American citizens. The U.S. State Department confirmed that 29 American citizens have been killed, and that 15 are still unaccounted for.

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EST:

From the Jerusalem Post. In the wake of the unspeakably horrific events of October 7, Israelis have demonstrated a remarkable unity that speaks to the indomitable spirit of our nation.

President Isaac Herzog remarked on Wednesday that the attack had awakened a profound sense of solidarity among the Israeli people. This heartening unity is palpable across the country as citizens come together to offer unwavering support for one another. Herzog, recognizing this inspiring display of resilience, visited Sderot on Wednesday to witness these efforts firsthand and meet the brave first responders. . . .

This profound sense of unity is the beacon that makes Israel a shining light among the nations.

While the attack on October 7 was undeniably traumatic – and its horrors reverberate throughout the nation and will do so for many years to come – the immediate response from Israelis was one of compassion and support for one another. Many communities have fallen silent as citizens remain at home or are called up for military duty. Yet, in the face of this adversity, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of goods and collections for the people of the southern regions. This initial response, driven by a deep-seated tradition of rallying together in times of disaster, marks the beginning of the healing process. It is this spirit that distinguishes Israel as a society where the duty to one’s compatriots is unwavering.

In this challenging time, the very best of Israel has emerged, with individuals from all corners of the nation converging on Sderot and the border areas – driven not by orders or commands – from an ingrained habit forged over years of hardship: a commitment to first respond with unity and aid in the face of terror.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Ps. 133:1).

From Watch.org:

Luke 21:25-26: And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Eclipses are often significant signs that God uses to warn nations of coming events. Like the 2017 and 2024 total solar eclipses, this 2023 annular solar eclipse also seems to have prophetic significance for America. While there may be some different interpretations as to what the sign might mean, it very possibly ties in with the recent events of the war with Israel and Hamas and may indicate that the United States and the world in general are continuing to move toward military conflict and war which would occur in multiple places on the globe.

Because the eclipse specifically occurs over part of the United States, it seems to represent a pivot point and a forewarning of a different season the country is now coming into. And it is very possible that it is a warning that the United States could see events that are similar in nature to what Israel has recently experienced (such as terrorist attacks on the nation) which would lead to subsequent government and military actions. Notice also that the path of annularity touches all ofthe states that have land borders on the south. Could this indicate threats (like military weapons) coming across the Southern border?

Solar eclipses always occur at the time of a new moon cycle, and new moon tied to this eclipse is the indicator for the month of Cheshvan. In Judaism, Cheshvan has sometimes been called a 'bitter' month, because there are no scriptural Hebrew holidays celebrated in the month. It may represent that a time of bitterness is coming in America (in the sense of bitterness as representing grief because of painful circumstances).

God is still calling America as a nation to repent of sins. But because the country as a whole has not repented, additional consequences are about to manifest on the nation. As well as the fact that Jesus stated there would be birth pangs in the world before His return. And in the midst of all these things, God is still working to save souls.

Read more about the eclipse and the fascinating connection to President Eisenhower, who was a fierce defender of the Jewish people.

This WSJ article explains how terrorist groups fund their actions, skirting sanctions.

Friday, Oct. 13, 2023, 6:30 p.m. EST:

Thank God for what did not happen today during the "day of rage."

You who fear the Lord, praise Him!
All you descendants of Jacob, glorify Him,
And fear Him, all you offspring of Israel!
For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted;
Nor has He hidden His face from Him;
But when He cried to Him, He heard.

My praise shall be of You in the great assembly;
I will pay My vows before those who fear Him.

(Ps. 22:23-25)

Documents left behind by Hamas indicate they were instructed to kill civilians:

Friday, Oct. 13, 2023, 9:30 a.m. EST:

Israel has called for evacuation of Gaza in advance of IDF ground forces moving into the area, but some reports say Hamas has demanded that residents of northern Gaza stay in their homes.

Let's pray for a swift resolution of this war and for a minimal loss of life.

“We are fighting a terror group, not the Gazan population. We don't want to harm civilians, but we cannot live with Hamas-ISIS rule near our border. Hamas carried out one of the most horrific acts the world has ever seen, we are conducting an effort to evacuate residents to increase our freedom of movement to deepen the damage [to Hamas], to destroy it," said IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari.

The UN warned Israel about fighting on the ground in Gaza: “The United Nations strongly appeals for any such order, if confirmed, to be rescinded, avoiding what could transform what is already a tragedy into a calamitous situation.”

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan offered a stern response: “The U.N.’s response to Israel’s early warning to the residents of Gaza is a disgrace! For many years, the U.N. turned a blind eye to the arming of Hamas and its use of civilian populations and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip for murder and for stockpiling its weapons. Now, instead of standing with Israel whose citizens were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists and which still tries to minimize harm to noncombatants, it preaches specifically to Israel. It would be better for the U.N. to focus now on returning the captives, condemning Hamas and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.”

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about this as well: "Our humanity — the value that we place on human life and human dignity — that’s what makes us who we are. And we count them among our greatest strengths. That’s why it’s so important to take every possible precaution to avoid harming civilians."

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023, 5:30 p.m. EST:

This is answered prayer. Pray that the $6 billion NEVER reaches Iran.

The United States has reached a “quiet understanding” with Qatar to put a hold on the scheduled transfer of $6 billion to Iran in exchange for five Americans released from detention on Sept. 18.

The American move comes “as the U.S. and Israel scrutinize Iran’s role in funding and training Hamas,” CBS News reports.

Also, President Erdogan of Turkey calls the Israeli response to Hamas in Gaza a "massacre."  The Turkish government has offered to mediate between Hamas and Israel.

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023, 9:45 a.m. EST:

"The message that I bring to Israel is this," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, "you may be strong enough on your own to defend yourself, but as long as America exists, you will never, ever have to."

This same statement was made by Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel in an interview with Pastor Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel, in Leesburg, Virginia. Tsarfati based his statement on the Bible, that America keeps Israel from standing alone. At some point, biblical prophecy indicates that Israel will stand alone. But praise God that that's not just now.

Shortly after arriving in Israel, Secretary Blinken appeared in Tel Aviv, delivering a joint statement alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A Jew himself, Blinken shared his family's history with persecution and what the war in Israel meant to him. As a member of President Biden's cabinet, he promised that the United States would always support Israel.

You can view the whole statement below:


Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, 7:45 p.m. EST:

U.S. President Joe Biden confirmed reports that the Hamas terrorists beheaded children.

“It is important for Americans to see what is happening. I have been doing this for a long time. I never thought that I would see… have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children,” Biden said in remarks to American Jewish community leaders at a White House roundtable.

“Downplaying Hamas’s atrocities and blaming the Jewish people is unthinkable,” Biden said.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield offered these stirring remarks Wednesday at a community gathering in New York hosted by the American Jewish Committee :

“Hamas terrorists slaughtered more than a thousand innocent civilians, including at least 22 Americans. Reports estimate that more than 100 civilians were taken hostage. But these numbers – as shocking as they are – do not do justice to the depths of horrors, the depravity of the violence. They do not do justice to the victims and their loved ones. Human lives are not just numbers.

“We must tell the stories of those who were executed, who were raped, who were kidnapped. Entire families, children, babies, Holocaust survivors, grandparents in wheelchairs. And we must tell the stories of innocent civilians like Doron Asher Katz and her two young daughters, who were taken hostage while visiting their grandmother in southern Israel. Whose whereabouts, like so many others, are still unknown.

“To my diplomatic colleagues, this moment is a test of the international community. It is a test of our common humanity. We cannot draw false equivalencies between Hamas’ outrageous attacks and Israel’s inherent right of self-defense under the UN Charter, and we cannot issue weak condemnations that fail to unequivocally denounce Hamas by name.

“For far too long, Israel has been unfairly targeted in the UN system, and that needs to change. Now is the moment to stand in solidarity with Israel.” 

Reflecting on a 2021 visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Israel, Thomas-Greenfield recalled participating in a ceremony rekindling the eternal flames at the site’s Hall of Remembrance.

“That solemn ceremony … served as a poignant reminder for me that we must live up to a sacred promise: ‘Never Again.' ”

“ ‘Never Again,’ my friends, is now. The eyes of the world are on us. The eyes of history are on us. We must condemn this barbaric violence, and we must combat the scourge of antisemitism.

“And we must keep the memories of the victims of these attacks alive. Let us share their stories with the world. The families they built. The joy they spread. The Mitzvahs they performed. May their memories be a blessing. May we shun evil and do good. And may we seek peace. Am Yisrael Chai.”

From The Times of Israel

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, 3:15 p.m. EST:

Horrors from Kibbutz Be'eri

As Israeli search-and-rescue teams go through the rubble at Kibbutz Be'eri, they're finding evidence of this unimaginable massacre of 100 people. The body parts of children have been found, and only DNA tests will match them with their parents. Special Forces entered a home where 40 people were being held by 20 terrorists. Six Special Forces members lost their lives there.

The Lord is a God who avenges.
    O God who avenges, shine forth.
 Rise up, Judge of the earth;
    pay back to the proud what they deserve.
How long, Lord, will the wicked,
    how long will the wicked be jubilant?

They pour out arrogant words;
    all the evildoers are full of boasting.
They crush your people, Lord;
    they oppress your inheritance.
 They slay the widow and the foreigner;

    they murder the fatherless.
 They say, “The Lord does not see;
    the God of Jacob takes no notice.”

Take notice, you senseless ones among the people;
    you fools, when will you become wise?
Does he who fashioned the ear not hear?
    Does he who formed the eye not see?
Does he who disciplines nations not punish?
    Does he who teaches mankind lack knowledge?
 The Lord knows all human plans;
    he knows that they are futile.

Blessed is the one you discipline, Lord,
    the one you teach from your law;
you grant them relief from days of trouble,
    till a pit is dug for the wicked.
For the Lord will not reject his people;
    he will never forsake his inheritance.
 Judgment will again be founded on righteousness,
    and all the upright in heart will follow it.

 Who will rise up for me against the wicked?
    Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?
 Unless the Lord had given me help,
    I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death.
 When I said, “My foot is slipping,”
    your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.
 When anxiety was great within me,
    your consolation brought me joy.

Psalm 94:1–19

American citizens in Israel

From The Times of Israel: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says 17 American citizens remain unaccounted for, possibly because they are being held hostage in Gaza.

This is the first time the White House has provided a number regarding the unaccounted-for Americans.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirms that Americans are being held by Hamas.

Israel’s Channel 12 quotes Al-Arabiya in reporting that Egypt has received an assurance from Hamas that it will not harm hostages with foreign or dual citizenship.

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, 1:45 p.m. EST:

Avner Boskey of David's Tent messaged IFA:

"It turns out that there was either a cyber attack or software malfunction or human error — and the perception of a Lebanese incursion was mistaken. I have never seen this happen before.

"The Israel Home Front Command app sent a false alarm nationwide.

"This war is different in so many ways. Fear is sometimes called "false evidence appearing real." Hamas and its "allies" create fear/terror in many ways: barbaric acts of violence; committing atrocities on the elderly and the young; bombs; bullets; and fake attacks."


Father, we ask You to help the people of Israel defend from every kind of attack. May they cry out to You and experience Your love and care. 

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, 12:45 p.m. EST:

Northern residents of Israel have been urged to take shelter. Reports are coming in that Hezbollah is invading from the north. Rockets target Tel Aviv as well.

From The Times of Israel:

The Israel Defense Forces says it has not identified any impacts and there are no reports of injuries following drone infiltration alerts that sounded across northern Israel.

“IDF forces are scanning the area from the ground and from the air,” the military says, adding that it will provide further details soon.

On sirens that sounded in the Carmel region, south of Haifa, the IDF says a long-range rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip, which landed in an open area, causing no damage.

A Home Front Command officials notes that those in northern Israel being told to shelter do not need to sit in bomb shelters, but rather must simply lock themselves in their homes, recommending they also dim lights.

As the attacks ramp up, so must our prayers.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?

When the wicked advance against me
    to devour me,
it is my enemies and my foes
    who will stumble and fall.
Though an army besiege me,
    my heart will not fear;
though war break out against me,
    even then I will be confident.

Psalm 27:1–3

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, 9:10 a.m. EST: “It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre. You see the babies, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms, and how the terrorists killed them,” Maj. Gen. Itai Veruv of the IDF said.

Casualties continue to rise in Israel's brutal war against Hamas. As of late last night, the death toll had risen to 1,200, and some 3,000 more have been injured. Fourteen of those who have died were American citizens. Additionally, the terrorists have murdered at least 40 infants in southern Israel.

Meanwhile, Gaza is suffering under Israel's assault. The region's only power plant recently ran out of fuel, forcing the inhabitants to rely on generators.

Also, the Israeli school system has announced its intention to switch to remote learning this Sunday, a move that will probably remind many of the 2020 lockdowns.

The situation is still far from over for Israel, and the Jewish people's enemies only grow more bloodthirsty with each passing day. Hashem Salhab, a Hezbollah official, recently said: "The Zionist soldier and the Zionist settler must begin the countdown of the remaining days of their existence."

We pray that this will not come to pass. We pray that God will protect His people from extinction, just as He has many times before. We pray that He will use this war to guide them to Christ and leave them stronger than ever before. We pray for a swift and decisive victory for Israel.

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023, 3:30 p.m. EST:

Hamas in biblical Hebrew means “violence," "injustice," "cruelty," and "wrong.” Jewish rabbis often teach the law of first mention, which means the first time a word appears in scripture, particularly Torah, we must take very careful consideration, as it is far more meaningful. The first time we find this word is in Genesis 6:11. Adonai is grieved to see all of mankind was replete with hamas, so He considers using the flood to wipe out the insatiable evil.  

Fox News reports that IDF found more than 40 babies killed by Hamas in one community. Some of the babies were beheaded.

Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian terrorists near the southern city of Sderot and the nearby Kibbutz Mefalsim, close to the Gaza border. The Israel Defense Forces report that 15 rockets were launched from Lebanon at northern Israel earlier today. The IDF says four projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system, while the rest landed in open areas, causing no damage or injuries.

Israeli airstrikes on Tuesday reduced parts of Gaza to rubble as the military massed troops on the border in response to the incursion by Hamas. Israel reports finding the bodies of over 1,500 Hamas terrorists.

Hamas called on young people in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, which is partly governed by the Palestinian Authority, to confront Israeli soldiers. That opens the door to protests and possible clashes as the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip seeks to broaden the conflict. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations are happening worldwide, including in New York City's Times Square; in London at the Israel Embassy; and in Sydney, Australia.

These attacks were funded in part through crypto currency. Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and their Lebanese ally Hezbollah received nearly $100 million in this manner.

Also today, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and called this an intifada, saying the Palestinians were “demanding an end to violations of their rights.” Putin blames the U.S. for the attacks.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on Monday pressured Chinese President Xi Jinping to strengthen China's statement on the attacks. Afterward, China condemned “all violence and attacks on civilians” and said “the most urgent task now is to reach a ceasefire and restore peace.”

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023, 6:44 a.m. EST: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced five goals, which intercessors can pray about:

  1. to purge the enemy from Israeli towns and communities and repel the entry of additional enemy combatants, a battle he said is still being waged;
  2. to carry out a massive attack on Hamas of “unprecedented intensity”;
  3. to fortify the other fronts, including on the northern border against Hezbollah, in Judea and Samaria, and within Israel;
  4. to continue to strengthen international support “in order to preserve our field of action against our enemies”;
  5. and to establish unity among the people.


Monday, Oct. 9, 2023, 5:30 p.m. EST: President Biden confirmed that at least 11 Americans have been killed in the attacks on Israel, and the number of kidnapped Americans is still unknown.

The president said in a statement:

"It’s heart wrenching. These families have been torn apart by inexcusable hatred and violence. We also know that American citizens still remain unaccounted for, and we are working with Israeli officials to obtain more information as to their whereabouts. My heart goes out to every family impacted by the horrible events of the past few days. The pain these families have endured, the enormity of their loss, and the agony of those still awaiting information is unfathomable.

"The safety of American citizens — whether at home or abroad — is my top priority as president. …

“This is not some distant tragedy. The ties between Israel and the United States run deep. It is personal for so many American families who are feeling the pain of this attack, as well as the scars inflicted through millennia of antisemitism and persecution of Jewish people.”

The Biden administration also warned Hezbollah to stay out of this war.

Sources indicate that this war may have an impact on negotiations within the Israeli government between political factions.

Monday, Oct. 9, 2023, 4:30 p.m. EST: Rabbi Schneider of Discovering the Jewish Jesus is currently in Israel with his wife. We received this email from him:

Shalom my beloved friends and partners. I just wanted to reach out to you. Some of you may know that Cynthia and I are in Israel. We’ve been in Jerusalem for about two and a half weeks, and you also know by now, most of you, that yesterday morning Israel was attacked from the Gaza Strip by land, air, and sea. It’s a very serious situation. I know that we hear on the news of skirmishes that Israel is having all the time with Hamas and Hezbollah, but this is different. In fact, there’s not been an attack like this in the last 50 years. It happened exactly 50 years after they were attacked on Yom Kippur in 1973.

Cynthia and I were awoken yesterday morning by the sirens going off. Fortunately, we have a bomb shelter very close to where we’re at, and we were able to get over to the bomb shelter. We were going back and forth from the bomb shelter to our apartment here. We could hear some of the bombs going off, and on a few of them the ground was literally shaking. Israel has a system, a defense system, called the Iron Dome which protects and intercepts the missiles before they hit the ground. We could hear the missiles exploding overhead.

From talking to people who have been here in the land, who have grown up here in the land, this is different than anything they have experienced before. They are shaken by it. I’m just keeping my eyes on the Lord right now. Yeshua said, in Luke 21, that when these things happen, in other words, He described the events that would be happening on planet Earth before His return, He described nation rising against nation, and just a lot of the chaos we’ve been experiencing in the world over the last several years. He said when these things happen, look up, “for your redemption draweth nigh.” So, I’m looking up, my beloved friends, I’m trusting in God’s promises that He is with us even to the end; that regardless of what happens, God is with me. We’re strong in the Lord right now.

We do appreciate your prayers for God’s glory, for His Kingdom to come, for His will to be done. Here in the land, on Earth, even as it is in heaven. We lift up both Israel, the Israeli soldiers, the IDF, and we lift up all people as well. We lift up the Palestinians. And so, we say, “Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.” Come back, we pray, Lord Jesus, and establish peace on Earth. Yeshua, You say You are “coming quickly and soon.” We say, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Love and Shalom,
Rabbi & Cynthia

Monday, Oct. 9, 2023, 11:30 a.m. EST: Iran is involved in Hamas' attack on Israel, according to The Wall Street Journal:

"Iranian security officials helped plan Hamas’s Saturday surprise attack on Israel and gave the green light for the assault at a meeting in Beirut last Monday, according to senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah, another Iran-backed militant group.

"Officers of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had worked with Hamas since August to devise the air, land and sea incursions — the most significant breach of Israel’s borders since the 1973 Yom Kippur War — those people said."

Iran clearly favors the Palestinians in this conflict, although Iran denies any participation in the attack. The U.S., meanwhile, seems to be withholding judgment. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said: "We have not yet seen evidence that Iran directed or was behind this particular attack, but there is certainly a long relationship."

Meanwhile, there seems to be disagreement over Iran's involvement even among Hamas itself. While some Hamas officials claim Iran helped plan Saturday's deadly attack, others, such as senior official Mahmoud Mirdawi, claim that the Palestinians and Hamas planned the attack by themselves.

If Iran is found to be directly responsible for this attack, though, the war is likely only to grow, in scale and in the numbers of casualties. Israel has promised to attack Iran's leadership if Tehran is proved to be responsible.

Given that there's so much disagreement and confusion over Iran's role, let's pray earnestly for divine clarity. Pray that God would expose the truth about this attack so that all who were involved may face justice.

And of course, pray for peace in Israel.

Monday, Oct. 9, 2023: The death toll is now above 700 in the Hamas attack on Israel.

Pray for the preservation of life and for life eternal among the people of the region. May God miraculously use this tragedy to open blind eyes to the Messiah — Yeshua — and to His work of salvation that is available to all.

The Israeli air force continues its air strikes in Gaza, in the hope of disabling the Hamas attack capabilities.  The Times of Israel reports:

"Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs tweets: 'The First Gaza War is planned to be the last one as well!'

"(Though there have been numerous brutal conflicts between Israel and the Strip, Fuchs appears to be signaling a different scale of battle, as Israel never before officially declared a state of war against Gaza as it has now.)

"Fuchs relates his meeting with his late grandfather after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, in which the latter told him 'If al-Qaeda managed to carry out such an attack, they’ll take over the world.'

“ 'I calmed him and told him it was a wake-up call and that such terror would be defeated.' ”

Pray for the defeat of terror with a minimal loss of innocent life.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken is working to confirm reports of American citizens kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists. From The Times of Israel: 

"… Blinken told several US news outlets Sunday that the administration had information about a yet-unknown number of Americans killed or missing in Saturday’s unprecedented Hamas assault on southern Israel, which has resulted in over 600 people confirmed dead, over 2,100 injured and over 100 abducted into the Gaza Strip.

"Speaking on CNN’s 'State of the Union,' Blinken said: 'We have reports that several Americans were killed. We are working overtime to verify that. There are reports of missing Americans.'

"Speaking later to NBC’s 'Meet the Press,' the US top diplomat said that 'we have reports' that several Americans are among the dead and kidnapped, but would not confirm. He added: 'We are very actively working to verify those reports.' ”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that the U.S. would move a carrier strike group closer to Israel and also deploy more fighter jets to the region. On X, Austin tweeted that Israel has the "ironclad" support of the U.S. Meanwhile, President Biden did speak to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu again on Sunday.

Let's intercede for Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin, the Joint Chiefs, all their staff members, and the heads of every U.S. military branch. Pray fervently that God would direct and give them divine wisdom in every decision. Ask the Lord to give us His specific prayers from the Holy Spirit for the U.S. leadership at this critical time.

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, evening: The death toll has exceeded 600. Israel National News is reporting that Defense Minister Benny Gantz has warned about the future of the nation of Israel, revealing that threats were received through WhatsApp last week. In light of the threats, the invasion, and the attacks, Gantz warns that Israel may be reduced to the geographic area in the center of the nation.

The threatening messages included this:

"Continue to curse, you have no chance against Allah. Slowly slowly we are eating away at your country. We have land in the Negev that is the size of Gush Dan (central Israel -ed.), which is filled with tin shacks with little Bedouin children. What are you going to do? This is Palestinian land, essentially, and the moment a single tractor comes - we will use the leftist organizations such as 'Peace Now' and 'B'tselem,' which will turn to the real ruler of the country (the Supreme Court) to issue a cease and desist order. We will send children and youths to throw stones and barricade themselves at the scene until you run like mice from the area. …

"The Galilee, with Allah's help, will also be ours soon. We are buying a dunam for 50,000 shekel from the Administration, while the Jews pay 1,150,000 shekel. Already today we are 85% of the Galilee's population, and we are taking over at a fast pace, building homes in every corner without permits. Why, who will bother us? The Jews who live in the Galilee - they are all running to the center of the country. Why? They suffer from harassment, violence on the roads, extortion, shootings, thefts, and bribery."

These messages remind us of the story in 2 Kings 18, in which Sennacherib sends threatening messages to King Hezekiah. We learn how that king responded in 2 Kings 19:1: When King Hezekiah heard this, he tore his clothes and put on sackcloth and went into the temple of the Lord. Let's pray that the leaders of Israel will go straight to God for help and guidance.

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023: The UN Security Council will meet today to discuss the war in Israel. Major airlines have canceled all flights in Israel. You can read details about the chaos and horror of the invasion here. If you would like a deep dive explanation of what Hamas is, go here.

We must continue to pray for the release of the hostages, and that they would cry out to God in their time of need.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised: "We will take mighty vengeance for this dark day." Let's pray for him to lead like King David at his best, looking to God for guidance and direction as well as understanding this truth from the Torah: "Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly" (Deuteronomy 32:35).

Please post your insights and prayers in the comments section.

Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023: In the wake of the Hamas attack, Prime Minister Netanyahu made the following statement this afternoon at a Security Cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv:

"Since this morning, the State of Israel has been at war. Our first objective is to clear out the hostile forces that infiltrated our territory and restore the security and quiet to the communities that have been attacked.

"The second objective, at the same time, is to exact an immense price from the enemy, within the Gaza Strip as well. The third objective is to reinforce other fronts so that nobody should mistakenly join this war.

"We are at war. In war, one needs to be level-headed. I call on all citizens of Israel to unite in order to achieve our highest goal — victory in the war."

IFA brings you the following report from David's Tent about the attack on Israel that has led that nation to declare war. Intercessors will want to know that this is the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War (and also the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin). Post your prayers below for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122).

From David's Tent. At approximately 06:30 am Israeli time, on a quiet Shabbat morning, we were awakened by the repeating wailing of air raid sirens. For the past four hours the Islamist terror group Hamas has been firing rockets across southern Israel (Beersheva, Arad, Dimona, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, etc.) and also at the Greater Tel Aviv area and at the outlying suburbs of Jerusalem.

Though the Iron Dome anti-rocket defenses have managed to stop most of the rockets, some of landed. A 60 year old woman was murdered by a direct hit; some are moderately wounded.

Simultaneously, at least ten white pickup trucks driven by Hamas suicide squad jihadis crossed into Israel (as well as some on ultra-light single-place powered parachutists) and attacked approximately 21 sites, including kibbutzim and moshavim (farms), small towns (including police stations). They have been slaughtering civilians, including mothers and children, breaking into houses and indiscriminately killing the inhabitants. We have friends who have terrorists in their house as I write.

At least five IDF soldiers have been kidnapped and spirited away to Gaza. A Hummer armored vehicle most likely belonging to them has been paraded in the streets of Gaza — shades of 2 Samuel 1:20: “Tell it not in Gath, Proclaim it not in the streets of Ashkelon, Or the daughters of the Philistines will rejoice, The daughters of the uncircumcised will celebrate.” There are sketchy details of at least 35 others kidnapped. Scores of IDF soldiers have been murdered. Over 80 casualties have been brought to Beersheva’s Soroka hospital, and other figures quote 150 wounded. The situation of the ground is quite fluid.

At the moment of this writing, there are still many active sites of military confrontation between terrorist gangs and Israeli citizens/the IDF — 21 sites was the figure Israel’s Chief of Police mentioned thirty minutes ago. Islamic Jihad has joined in the hostilities against Israel in the last hour.

(From David’s Tent reports.)

Here is a video from Tikkun Global:


A brief summary of this video:

1. Hamas is on a suicidal mission based on its apocalyptic views of the future: The terrorist organization believes there must be chaos and war so that the Mahdi (a messianic "guided one") can come to earth and bring peace.

2. The aftermath of this war could bring disunity within the Israeli government — accusations and counteraccusations over who is at fault and why the country was caught unprepared.

3. The taking of Israeli hostages could force Israel to do a ground operation into Gaza, which could cause widespread psychological pressures among many.

4. Some say this happened because recent divisions in Israel have led enemies to believe that Israel is weak, making this a good time to attack.

5. The attack could also have been intended to disrupt recent moves toward a peace treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Such a treaty would help Saudi Arabia resist Iran and its jihadist government, which is funding Palestinian terrorists.

6. Many also see Iran’s hand in all this, because they view the attack as too big a move for Hamas to handle on its own. The Hamas terrorists are submitted to and receive funding from Tehran.

7. Above all, this crisis is spiritual: Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Tikkun Global, the video's producer, denies being primarily political — pro-Jewish and anti-Arab. This is a spiritual battle, the ministry insists, saying:

  • We pray for victory, which is more followers of Yeshua. He is not just the sacrificial lamb, but he is also the commander-in-chief of the armies of Heaven.
  • Pray that the outcome of the war will be good.
  • Pray correctly and strongly for good results, whether it’s people repenting, Arabs and Jews uniting, humbling ourselves. Maybe this will result in revival. Ultimate victory is not military, but people receiving life in Yeshua, both Arabs and Jews.
  • Lift our Messianic Jews and our Arab Christian brothers and sisters up in prayer.

There are probably more people praying for Israel now than at any other time in its history. Let’s believe God for a good outcome.

IFA received the following from a believing friend in Israel:

Shalom, dear ones! A war has broken out in Israel. Unfortunately… From 6.30 there was shelling and terrorists entered Israeli territory. Many cities have been shelled, there have been hits, fires... Explosions, fighting in several cities: Sderot, Netivot, Ashkelon... in many small settlements... Hostages were taken, 5 military, and civilians. Civilians shot... More than 1,000 missiles have been fired since the morning. This is the official message. It is recommended that no one go outside. Because it is not known how far the terrorists could have penetrated. There are real battles in the south of Israel. My friend’s niece lives in Sderot. She sits with her 12 year old daughter in a fortified room with a knife in her hand. He hears explosions and machine gun fire... This is a believing family. Also in the same city is our friend Pastor Mikhail. I wrote to him, our pastor called him... right in front of their house, terrorists shot a family of 6 people (women and children).

We pray... There has not been such a full-scale invasion of Israel since at least the Yom Kippur War. By the way, this is the anniversary... And by the way, it's Putin's birthday. And Russia funds the Palestinian Authority... one can draw conclusions... We pray...

Our friends in Beersheva ask us to please pray as the Psalmist did: Arise, LORD, confront him, make him bow down; Save my soul from the wicked with Your sword (Psalm 17:13 NASB).
Intercessors, let's pray for the defeat of the terrorists invading Israel; entreat the Lord to rescue the Israelis who are under siege and those who've been kidnapped; pray for the wounded and for the families of the slain; ask our God to give divine wisdom to all of Israel’s leaders; pray that IDF commanders might devise effective strategies; and implore the Lord to empower and shield the Israeli troops and to grant them victory.

HOW ARE YOU PRAYING FOR ISRAEL TODAY? Share below your scriptures and prayer strategies.

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Darlene Estlow
May 14, 2024

Bless Israel as they celebrate their Independence Day. It should happen even as the war goes on. May it remind the people during this crisis that God made them a nation.

Sharon W
May 8, 2024

We ask You , O LORD, to be Israel’s defense and shield as You have always been. Bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse your people and nation.
As in the days of Haman, so let it be done to the enemies of your people.
In Jesus Name,

May 6, 2024

USA just stabbed Israel in the back again
No peace deal agreement from Hamas
4 dead IDF, 10 injured loading relief trunks into GAZA by Hamas rockets
USA will receive more storms floods fires damage from lying about ISRAEL Netanyahu IDF

Jessica Renshaw
April 17, 2024

When I told our Iranian doctor I am praying for the civilians in his country to be safe and their property to be protected, he said the governments of America, Iran, and the “Zionist’ government of Israel conspired to have Iran send 300+ unarmed missiles (with no warheads) to bomb Israel, presumably to save Iran’s face. What lengths people go to when they are determined to deny the truth!

April 17, 2024

Our most precious, heavenly father, our creator and our salvation, I humbly kneel at the foot of the Cross today and bring my prayers to you; father in heaven, your nation, Israel, and your people are being attacked again today, in the old testament Lord, you did away with those nations and groups that attacked your people, And so I asked Lord for the blood of Christ surround the nation of Israel, each man, woman and child can be protected by the blood of Christ, who was shead for our salvation as well as theirs.
Father, I pray for all prayer warriors to pray daily for the needs of Israel and its people . Dear Lord, may the United States and its people see right from wrong, I pray for our president, I pray for our speaker, Johnson, and each one of those men and women that are in a leader ship position that the Holy Spirit will touch them, and open their eyes and open their hearts to do your will for Israel . My Lord, we must return to the faith of our fathers; may our eyes be open and pray for Israel daily; I ask all these things in Christ Jesus name amen

Mary Knapp
April 17, 2024

Lord I ask that you bless and protect Isreal and it’s people from any evil. Let there be peace in the middle east. Protect your people all over the world.

March 28, 2024

Have they not heard, “God will favor and bless those who favor Israel, and curse those who are against Israel.” Wake up ppl!

March 25, 2024

Oh Lord,

Strengthen those in Israel to stand firm and not be moved by the opinions of other nations which are but dust (Behold, the nations are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales. Is 40:15). Let those be silenced and cut to the heart who conspire against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Lord, we repent for the actions of our government leaders who have abandoned and betrayed Israel. In wrath, remember mercy Oh Lord! Nothing is impossible with You Lord – would you fill the godly in our government with divine wisdom and boldness to act now to bring about a shift in our government in such a way that repents of this betrayal?

Psalm 83:1-5
1 Do not keep silent, O God!
Do not hold Your peace,
And do not be still, O God!
2 For behold, Your enemies make a tumult;
And those who hate You have lifted up their head.
3 They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,
And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.
4 They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,
That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”
5 For they have consulted together with one consent;
They form a confederacy against You:

Susan S.
March 25, 2024

I know that based on Genesis 12:3 and Numbers 24:9 that you will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. You have given the land of Israel to the descendants of Israel by divine right forever. Many people in the US don’t support the decision of the Biden Administration to throw Israel under the bus to get Moslem American votes. We support the release of the hostages but Israel must be allowed to defeat Hamas. When you strike the US for our sin of abandoning and cursing Israel, please passover your people who love and support Israel. If the hamas supporting people see their opponents being punished, they will rejoice and have no reason to repent. In your just judgement, remember mercy and spare your people who love Israel.

March 25, 2024

SOO many lies;

Hamas is NOT hungry,
They STEAL relief aid!!!
They eat when DARK,

Who does NOT put out all
of the fire and then leaves
1/4 of FIRE ABLAZE!!!
Hamas broke the Oct7 CEASEFIRE!!!

Are you marked for being
Pro-Hamas over STANDING with Israel?

“IDF is saving the world”
Believe when enemy say…
“To kidnap and murder”
1st Jew, then the Christian…

Persecuted Christians in
China, North Korea, India, Eritrea(Ethiopia), Nigeria, Iran(Persia), Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar(Burma), etc…

Psalms 2,
FATHER we call for the nations…
a Christian State in Gaza for all
Above Refugees:
Governed by The Bible of
Profess Christ & Nicea Creed

March 12, 2024

Thank you Lord for being a protection over Israel . Free Israel Lord. Free the Middle East, Open up the nations to salvation. Let us not be weak to be conquered accepting failed peace plans. Let the Prince of Peace build and establish hope.

Peg B
March 7, 2024

Heavenly Father, let the IDF soldiers be strong in You and in Your mighty power. May they put on Your full armor God that they can stand against the devils schemes. Grant them discernment and unity within each unit. Confound and confuse the enemy. Provide and direct their families during this time of being apart. Securely place their feet on paths established by You. May Your name be exalted and let worship to You go before each day of service. We thank You LORD that we can call upon Your name, rely upon Your wise counsel and place our hope and trust in You. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

March 6, 2024

I did not completely repeat the opening prayer of today’s report for this article..as ending the conflict would depend on whether or not victory has been achieved.
Lord I pray that you would reinforce the IDF in their mission to eradicate hamas, and that you would stop any more people from being harmed in the process-, especially protecting Israeli soldiers, and that the death of Sasson would not be in vain, and that of the 12 more that were injured..that you would heal them- and that the five were seriously injured would be healed first.
I pray that you would continue in the blessing the idea of with great wisdom as you already have and favor in eradicating Hamas from the earth Lord as it is the only choice.
In Jesus mighty name, Amen

March 2, 2024

Papa, re-introduce Israel to their peace, their source of life, their source of prosperity, their wisdom. Open their eyes so they see there are more for them than against them. Instruct them in the way they should choose and teach them in the way they should go. Be their help and their shield putting out every fiery dart of the evil one. Be their refuge and fortress, their God in whom they trust. I command the armor of God to fit them perfectly in order to stand in the face of all evil; prevailing over every scheme and every lie. Come Lord Jesus, come Kingdom of God, and come will of God. We trust you with our brother, Israel. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

March 1, 2024

Psalm 81:11-14 “But My people would not heed My voice, and Israel would have none of Me. So I gave them over to their own stubborn heart, to walk in their own counsels.
Oh, that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries.”

Dear Lord, in Your mercy, please – once again – let Your Chosen People hear and understand, see and also perceive, open their eyes and ears so that they can both see with their eyes and hear with their ears, understand with their heart, and return and be healed, so that there may be the peace in Jerusalem, for which You have commanded us to pray – that Your people may indeed be a light to the nations, and we may all have rest on every side. We know this is according to your will, and You will do it, in Your perfect time. Thank You, Father – and we ask these things in the all-powerful name of Your Son Jesus, in Whom we know You are well pleased. Amen

February 20, 2024

I noticed that your article started with quoting that NBC let out information that Israel was planning to attack Rafa soon. May I suggest that I find lot of news concerning Israel and what’s going on over there through the CBN network. Christian broadcasting network. I trust that, more than I would trust NBC news. They have a war correspondent over there whose name is Chris Mitchell. He is really good and well balanced and so is all the reporting of Christian broadcasting network CBN.

Darlene Estlow
February 20, 2024

Father, protect Israel. Defend them. Bring back the hostages. Give them favor in this war. Thank you Jesus.

February 20, 2024

🙏🏼🇮🇱Psalm91 Victory Provision Protection Wisdom 🇮🇱🙏🏼

Apostle Tarrance Darmon Austin Sr(TerryAustin) & Joslyn Burke-Austin
February 12, 2024

I confess Psalms 91: 1-2 over Israel in Jesus Name. Amen !

Jeane Whiteside
February 10, 2024

Gaza should be completely taken back as part of Israel land. May Benjamin Netanyahu recognize that there is no peaceful solution with Palestinians and if the nations around want them to have a land give them some in your nation for peace. You have a lot more land than Israel and a lot more in common with Palestinians. America. America. Shake yourself into righteousness. Stand by Israel alone. Quit giving money and aid to the enemies. As in Ukraine. Americas worst enemies are our very own present administration and they are Israel’s enemy as well. Oh lord I cry out to You for Justice for Israel and the USA. How can we get rid of evil in our land called America when most leadership are evil. May they turn away from unrighteous
behavior e-bike they still can.

February 9, 2024

Protection Provision Peace Favor Wisdom in Yeshua name

Darlene Estlow
February 7, 2024

Father, protect Israel. Give them favor in this war. Weaken the resolve of Hamas and may their leader be found. Bring many to you through this, not just in Israel but in Gaza.

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l m fryman
January 30, 2024

Please, Please! Stop sending these messages to my account. You are messing up my equipment. Be assured I will still for all these issues. I thank you.

Pamela Derrer
January 28, 2024

Actually isn’t the land of Gaza, was given to them by Israel. Wasn’t Gaza part of Israel, isn’t Jerusalem in that area, where Jesus was born . And didn’t the Palestinians vote for the terrorists to give control of their government? So Actually the Palestinians should give Isreal their land back.The Other people have more land surrounding Israel . Plenty of places to move. The terrorists started this war, and they are accusing Israel for all the deaths. I disagree. It is the terrorists fault. Give the land back to Israel. May God JUDGE both, NOW. Amen

    February 23, 2024

    Refugees and scams who were expelled after WW2 own nothing not one inch of the land of Palestine 👉💩
    I suggest you take your European scums out of Palestine and stop this nonsense.

      March 1, 2024

      Dear Nis,
      I gently encourage you to take every thought captive to the WORD of GOD for Jesus said, “I tell you that men will have to give account on the Day of Judgment for EVERY EMPTY WORD they have spoken.”(Matthew 12:36) “Do NOT be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever one sows, that will he reap. “(Galatians 6:7)”The Land shall not be sold permanently because the Land is MINE and you reside in MY LAND as foreigners and residents with ME.”(Lev 25:23:25) THE LAND IS MESSIAH’s INHERITANCE.

      The ABRAHAMIC COVENANT is an EVERLASTING COVENANT and it is UNILATERAL. In these later days, He needs a place to REGATHER them so they can HEAR the GOSPEL and come to SALVATION in YESHUA their Messiah so they will cry out, “Baruch
      Habba B’Shem Adonai!”(Blessed is HE Who comes in the Name of The LORD”. YHWH confirmed them having the Land, over and over again; He does not stutter and neither does He lie. (Numbers 23) Review these verses: Gen. 12:1-3, Gen 15:18, Gen. 17:7, Gen. 17:21, Gen 35:10-12, Joshua 21:43-45, 1 Chron. 16:15-18, Amos 9:14, Acts 15:14-17, Romans Chapters 9-11, Hebrews 11:8-10, Revelation 7:4-8. The GIFTS and the CALLINGS of God are IRREVOCABLE (Romans 11:29) He is not asking your opinion for “the earth is YHWH’s and the FULLNESS thereof!”(Psalm 24:1) ALL HIS PLANS are GOOD and RIGHTEOUS and FAIR.

      He graciously made provisions for Lot, Esau and Moab. He saw Hagar’s plight and and decreed that Ishmael would be the father of 12 princes: Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel. Mibsan, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Haydad, Teema, Jeetur, Naaphish amd Kedaymah (Genesis 25:12-16). He loves the Arabic peoples–are they are leaving the darkness of Islam and coming into the KINGDOM of LIGHT. EVERYONE-every TRIBE and every TONGUE has a chance to GRACIOUSLY GRAFTED INTO THE NEW COVENANT and ACCEPT SALVATION in Messiah. But…YHWH has a use for the Land to gather them back and by doing so…they will encounter Messiah.

      “He who appoints the sun to shine by day,
      Who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night,
      who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar— YHWH TZVA’OT, LORD of ARMIES is His Aame:
      Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,” declares YHWH,
      “will Israel ever cease being a nation before Me.” (Jeremiah 31:35-36)

      Blessed be HIS HOLY NAME!

Hall Hunt
January 26, 2024

Heavenly Father praise You that You are Israel’s vindication and protector…and Deliverer. We ask that You would shield and protect Your People from these ungodly accusations and recriminations. We know ultimately where they come from: the Accuser and his realm of demonic forces! Send forth Your warrior angels to silence this utter foolishness–these lies from the mouths of the ignorant and misled. We ask Your protection and sustaining courage, strength and great wisdom for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Issac Herzog. Manifest Your power in this that You may be glorified. We pray this in Jesus’ precious Name! Amen.

Rose Rocha
January 26, 2024

Lord, your says if we stay strong and not get weary, I am referencing Netanyahu in this prayer, he will reap the good of the Land and for the people of Israel. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

January 26, 2024


Who are these mere men who dare to believe themselves capable of passing a right judgment? We look not for agreement from the courts of men; let Israel look to the Lord in fear and trembling and know that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will not be mocked! We look for the release of divine mercy, judgment, and intervention from the court of heaven, from the One True God, our lawgiver and the Just Judge who is from everlasting to everlasting.

1 Sam 17:36 – For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?

Darlene Estlow
January 24, 2024

May your people know that you are standing with them. Draw them to you, Father, and give them salvation.

Sheila Neuburger
January 24, 2024

JOHN 1.1-18
PSALMS 121-123

Jessica Renshaw
January 24, 2024

Neither side wants a “2-state solution.” The PLO wants control of the whole area God gave Abraham from the river to the sea, all the land granted the Jews as a refuge from the Holocaust in 1948. “Not control with us,” as Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel points out, “but instead of us. They want us Jews completely wiped out. They want to replace us.” No one can live peacefully next door to neighbors whose sole intent and purpose, written into their charter, is to exterminate them.

Rafi Weinstein on X has a better solution: “I believe in the 23 State solution. The Arabs get 22 states. The Jews get one.”

    Jeane Whiteside
    February 10, 2024

    Actually the entire Middle East is probably the land given to Jewish people originally. God bless and keep Israel. God convict and turn America away from unrighteousness and double mindedness. Lying and sowing division. Thank you that You Father love the people of the nations and are going to have the last word over evil leaders who have infiltrated governments. Wrecking havoc and bringing chaos. Thank You that Your peace will prevail over all. We decree victory and justice for righteousness to fly her flag over Your nations.

January 23, 2024


In the eyes of many, this seems like an un-winnable war for Israel given the circumstances. Yet Lord, this battle belongs to You so we humbly ask: Is anything too hard for you??? Arise Oh Lord and show Yourself strong on behalf of Your people, and do great and mighty things in their midst!!

The heart of the king is in Your hands O Lord – for the sake of the hostages, move upon the hearts of their captors so that they will refrain from harming them and will actually be moved to release them. For those who will not be convinced, strike them with blindness and deafness such that the hostages will walk out of captivity safely.

Send angels to minister comfort to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and release to him the wisdom of God. We ask that those in Israel would be of one accord, and resolved to allow no compromise to the opinion of man and cause them to know that You contend for them.

We as that You raise up and empower those in our government to act at such a time as this to shift the direction of our government so that our nation will continue to stand with and for Israel. Pour out the fear of the Lord on those in our government who know not that “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Heb 10:31).

January 19, 2024

LORD JESUS, YOU are our right to live, love, and pray. Please accept our apology for failing to spread YOUR GOSPEL to everyone that YOU have pointed out to us to 🙏 and speak on YOUR behalf

Judy Ross
January 19, 2024

This is God’s war, NOT Biden’s or Blinken’s.

Karen Secrest
January 19, 2024

Lord God give our leaders insight into what is needed for your lands..Israel and America. That the enemy be defeated as Truth emerge s according to Isaiah 5.
We will praise your Goodness and Mercy forever and ever

January 17, 2024

Father God, Isreal is the heritage of your chosen people the Jewish People. Please protect and provide for their needs during this terrible war. May your healing be upon them and may your will and protection for your people prevail against all to bring righteousness for Israel. Amen

Sheila Neuburger
January 17, 2024

JOHN 1.1-18

Karen Stavrinakis
January 12, 2024

Holy Father, May people see truth, and not believe the lies against Israel.

The arrogant cannot stand in Your presence, You hate all who do wrong; You destroy those who tell lies. The bloodthirsty and deceitful You, Lord, detest. Psalm 5:5-6

January 11, 2024

Father we pray for endurance and strength for the people of Isreal. Let your will and power prevail lord .give leaders wisdom, knowledge and discernment in Jesus name father I pray

Karen Stavrinakis
January 10, 2024

Dear Father, please give the leaders of Israel Your divine guidance as it pertains to scaling down attacks…You alone know the best approach.

The Lord remembers us and will bless us; He will bless His people Israel, He will bless the house of Aaron, He will bless those who fear the Lord-small and great alike. Psalm 115:12-13

January 9, 2024

We ask that You give the people of Israel the strength the endure and not lose heart, and that You strengthen the leaders in Israel to make the hard decisions that are needed regardless of public/world opinion. As we read that Israel is scaling back its offensive, we pray that You frustrate and foil any attempts of the enemy to leverage and benefit from this time.

Karen Secrest
January 9, 2024

It is known Hamas is gearing up to hit West Bank and adjoining cities. May they be totally defeated.
Hezbolla is applying knowledge to breach the cisterns that access the Temple Mount and Western Wall. May they encounter the Resurrected Savior
Stand for the two remaining

Peg B
January 9, 2024

Heavenly Father, Israel has endured so much, I ask for Your continued favor and protection upon them. May Your Spirit continue to counsel them. Let Your voice be the One they recognize and follow, as they trust and obey. Give continued wisdom to the leadership, discernment, courage and strength to the IDF, help and hope for the captives and unity among the nation. Let no other nation intervene against Your will. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. May they come to know and receive Jesus as their true Messiah. Lifting them up to You, LORD. Amen.

Karen Stavrinakis
January 7, 2024

God of light! Thank You for exposing these tunnels…expel all evil with Your glorious light of truth.

Then you will live in the land I gave your ancestors; you will be My people, and I will be your God. Ezekiel 36:28


Linda “Sue”
January 5, 2024

Psalm 91
Psalm 122:6
Genesis 12:3
Deuteronomy 28:8

Linda “Sue”
January 5, 2024

I and our prayer team stands in with prayers weekly for God’s chosen Israel.

January 4, 2024

Dear Lord
Dispel darkness in this nightmare , please stop the killing of innocent people. Please wrap your loving arms around the Israeli hostages and 5he families suffering tonight without their loved ones. Please God bring hope in this darkness
In your precious name Amen

December 28, 2023

Oh Lord,
We pray for those in Israel who are making decisions affecting their nation, and especially the hostages held captive by Hamas. We pray for them and the people of Israel, for the strength to persevere until You give the victory. We pray for courage to fill the hearts of those in leadership to make the hard decisions that need to be made, that they would know the price of leadership demands decisions that do not always find agreement among all that are under their leadership, but that You would unite all hearts to fear You.
We speak blessing over Israel, that the people within its borders would wholeheartedly embrace the call and unique destiny over them and as a holy nation, to be a praise on the earth.
Comfort those in Israel Lord, for they have endured much in recent months; release a supernational wave of rest, healing, and strengthening so that they would go forth in the might of the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Karen Stavrinakis
December 27, 2023

Heavenly, Almighty God, may Your light shine on Israel today. Protect them and draw them close to You.

But Israel will be saved by the Lord with an everlasting salvation; you will never be put to shame or disgraced, to ages everlasting. Isaiah 45:17


    T Mc
    December 29, 2023

    Are you confusing Ancient Israel with a modern secular, democratic, country in the middle East? Ancient, biblical, Israel was not to be secular or democratic.

Karen Stavrinakis
December 21, 2023

God of peace, we pray for Israel’s leaders to know the times and what Israel needs to do. As in Chronicles 12:32, “men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do-“ Amen.

Karen Stavrinakis
December 19, 2023

God of Israel, as Your Word says in Joel 3:16,
The Lord will roar from Zion
and thunder from Jerusalem;
the earth and the heavens will tremble.
But the Lord will be a refuge for his people,
a stronghold for the people of Israel
Praise You that You are a refuge for Israel. Protect her and draw her people close to You. Amen.

December 12, 2023

they probably have already killed all the hostages they took but want to make people think they have not. 🙁

Karen Stavrinakis
December 8, 2023

The Lord will lay bare His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God. Isaiah 52:10

Karen Secrest
December 7, 2023

We’re the hostages taken today to account for the 100 Jewish man Hamas has decapitated. When the stench leads the IDF to the killing ground will there be a backlash? Will we hear your weeping as the harps are once again hung on the trees

Karen Secrest
December 7, 2023

This action needs all the Discernment we are capable of.
Hamas is Not noted for truth. They are very clever about manipulating circumstances to hoodwinked Guillaume non believers.

Jonathan Farris
December 7, 2023

news article & photo – Dec. 7, 2023
“Dozens of Hamas Fighters Lined Up Half-Naked in Gaza Street After Being Captured by Israeli Forces” (December 7, 2023 – The Messenger)


Peg B
December 5, 2023

Heavenly Father, we continue to lift up the nation of Israel. As we raise our prayers and praise before You, we ask that You would continue to guide and direct the people of this nation. Give the IDF visions and dreams on specific strategies and steps to take. Lead them by Your Holy Spirit. Draw the hostages nearer to You, give them strength and protection, hide them in the covering of Your wing. Send Your ministering angels to speak hope, assurance, peace and healing into their hearts and minds. You are the God who directs the pathway of lightning, tells the wind which direction to blow and lights the darkest night with Your stars, therefore Father, light their path, place Your wind behind them and bring them safely home! You are THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, we give You all our praise and put our trust fully in You. Thank You for answered prayer. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Please watch ” A miracle in Gaza! Your Psalms saved his life! – Jeremy Gimpel on You Tube. See how faithful God continues to be!

December 1, 2023

But you Israel, My servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, descendant of Abraham, My friend. I have chosen you and not rejected you. Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. Those who contend with you will be as nothing and will perish. You will seek those who quarrel with you, but will not find them, those who war with you will be as nothing, and non-existent. For I am the LORD your GOD who upholds your right hand, who says to you, “Do not fear, I will help you. Do not fear, I will help you, declares the LORD, and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.
Isaiah 41: 10-14

Robin Nagasako
December 1, 2023

Lord, we come before you today on bended knee crying out for our dear brothers and sisters in the land of Israel. We pray for your hedge of protection and your peace in the midst of chaos. We pray for strength and wisdom for the IDF, for the leadership and all those on the Frontline. We pray for the hostages to be released to their families. We pray for your victory and power to prevail in the mighty name of Jesus. Your word says, “No weapon formed against them shall prosper.” May your people keep their eyes on you as they fight the good fight of faith. We pray for eyes to be open and many will come to salvation and see the goodness of the Lord. In Jesus Name.

December 1, 2023

Of course they violated the cease fire!!

Peg B
November 29, 2023

Heavenly Father, we turn to Your word Psalm 127:3-4 Behold children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. These children are a heritage to Israel from You alone. We thank You for this promise. By Your authority at the utterance of Your word, call these children back to their families. Unite them as only You can. We speak “life” and “hope” over each of the children and young people, peace over their hearts and minds, comfort for each day. We yearn to have them returned to their families even today. Hear this fervent prayer and answer us O LORD. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Susan CC
November 28, 2023

Hebrews 10:30-31 For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,” and again, “The Lord will judge His people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

O’ Lord and God Almighty, nothing is too difficult for You. Please release these children, their family members and all others being held hostage. Please bring swift and fierce judgement to everyone involved in the carnage of October 7th. As for those who continue to call for death to Israel, they are in Your hands, The Living God. As You judge, I pray the wicked are struck in fear and consumed in Godly sorrow. I ask this and so much more in the Name of Jesus, The Messiah.
Kfir Bibas, 10 months
Ariel Bibas, 4
Gali Tarshansky, 13
Amit Shani, 16
Ofir Engel, 17
Maya Leimberg, 17
Aisha Zaidna, 17
Liam Or, 18
Itay Regev, 18
the baby born in captivity
…and for these who may have seen the abuse or death of family, restoration of mind and spirit.

Richard Kent
November 20, 2023

We humbly ask that You, God, fight on behalf of Israel Your people! The Apple of Your eye. May You always be victorious!

Kinard Brown
November 20, 2023

I pray Psalm 91 over Israel including other Christians. When I pray this Psalm hood builds a high wall around these people or families, businesses.
I also pray Psalm 133.

The reason that I haven’t joined a group is I am lead to see who needs praying for. I also declare and decree His Word, for it is written He said to me.
Lord Sabaoth., is now bringing His angel armies to destroy the devil forces in the spirit realm and partnering with His true church that will not bow down. They are partnering with His Churches on this earth.
This country is His He said. He also said,” this is His creation, not the devil nor his demonic forces.
Every intercessor needs to push into this and listen for Holy Spirit guidance.
We need to follow His prompting. Stay strong, fear not. Your prayers are being answered.

George Leaf
November 19, 2023

Lord, end this conflict with clear and decisive victory. Dispel the lies and deceptions of the world’s goverments in this area and among the nations so terribly entangled by outsiders manipulations.. Drive out the darkness. Give wisdom to Israel’s leaders and victory to the IDF, and bring peace to the entire region.. In Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Toni Kushner
November 16, 2023

Thank you for this detailed news report, helping to know how we need to PRAY. God is our HOPE. Isaiah tells us we do not understand the Ways of God or His Thoughts, but His Word goes forth to accomplish His purposes. I find His Word is encouraging and we know HE IS IN CONTROL The LORD told me after the election to “fix my eyes on Jesus” and to “fear not”. As I walk in that manner a part of preparation is seek the Lord, pray with understanding, read and study the Word, thus keeping a clean heart before God. The prayer I pray for many to come into the Kingdom of God, coming into the Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. father, You are the LORD GOD SABAOTH!! Help us Your people to line up with your plans. Let us be instruments of YOUR LOVE for such a time as this.

Peg B
November 7, 2023

Heavenly Father, we praise You even during this difficult time for Israel. You are the one who saves and redeems. Proverbs 14:26 In the fear of the LORD one has strong confidence and His children will have a refuge. Thank You LORD that You are our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1 He makes wars cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow, and shatters the spear, he burns the chariots with fire! Psalms 46:9 We put our hope and trust in You LORD as we call upon Your name for the nation of Israel and her peoples. Thank You that You are the one true God for answered prayer. Please bring peace to Jerusalem and to all of Israel. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

November 6, 2023

Total victory for Israel prayer; favor grace and mercy of God.

Lisa Adrienne Sicilia
November 6, 2023

I pray for Israel to win this war and Israel will be in total Victory with God’s wonderful grace and favor, in Jesus name I pray continually for Victory over the hummus!

Linda Wells
November 6, 2023

Prayers for Israel

Tom Cooper
November 4, 2023


My name is Tom and my wife Shelley and I hold dual citizenship with Israel and the U.S. We made Aliyah with our children Sean and Erin in 1998 and lived in Israel for ten years before returning to the US to take care of our elderly mothers.

Our son returned to Israel to complete his service and was part of an elite special forces unit. After his service he returned to the US and built a career in construction. When October 7th happened, he knew immediately he had to return to Israel and fight. Friends who are still in the army were also contacting him to return as they needed people with his skills. After much prayer, he left his job, gave his wife all the money he had been saving, bought a one way ticket to Israel and is there now fighting on the Lebanese border.

Because of the massive call up of reserves, Israel is woefully short on equipment. Sean’s unit of about 100 men are without bulletproof vests, and they have no winter gear. Snow and freezing temperatures are about to engulf the northern border.

I have put up a Give Send Go page to raise funds to purchase the equipment needed. I used Give Send Go because they are Christians and will not freeze the funds as other “Woke” companies will.


I am asking that you share this page with as many Israel loving people and congregations as possible, and to donate generously and most importantly, Pray. This is an URGENT need. ALL DONATIONS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE MANUFACTURERS / SUPPLIERS OF the EQUIPMENT PURCHASED.

Thank You and God Bless,
Tom Cooper


Karen Secrest
November 3, 2023

With EU backing “humanitarian” relief trucks going in 100 at a time, who could possibly be naive enough to think an incredibly sophisticated enemy like Hamas is NOT being supplied of necessary goods.
This enemy has a 1000 years of sophisticated warfare to back up their strategy and should never underestimated r their intelligent use of it All. How convent that bidens EU cooperates..

November 3, 2023

Thank you for keeping us informed, you will NEVER hear the truth on main stream media!!

Darlene Estlow
November 2, 2023

Praying for Israel. May God bring physical peace, but spiritual peace.

D. L
October 31, 2023

I absolutely do not intend to be critical, but is it wise to publish information on Israel’s strategies such as the “sponge bombs” ?

Wendy Weinstein
October 31, 2023

I so appreciated this immediate update on Israel’s invasion by Hamas. It was excellent especially the video and his prayer list. What a gift. Thanks so much for passing it on.

Mona Williams
October 31, 2023

Dear Father God, we cry out hurting as we come together in corporate prayer taking authority in Jesus name rebuking the enemy of destruction, murder & hate against the Jews, Christians, Israel your Holy Land, America and around the world 🌎 we pray for your Heavenly Protection Psalm 91 over your army fighting with & for Israel & Peace in the Mighty name of Jesus amen.

Darlene Estlow
October 28, 2023

We look to you Father to minister to the suffering and to end the warfare.

Kristy McTaggart
October 26, 2023

My heart hurts for the hostages. While praying for them, and the seemingly impossible situation they represent, I remembered how Paul and Silas were freed from shackles in prison by an earthquake, and Peter was delivered from prison by an angel in Acts 12. I felt prompted to pray that a deep sleep would fall on their Hamas guards, and someone familiar with the tunnels would lead them out, to be found by IDF soldiers and brought to safety. Please pray Ps. 142:6-7 with me, and then Ps.12:8 for the heartless invaders that murdered on Oct 7: “Your hand [O God] will find out all Your enemies; Your right hand will find out those who hate You.”

October 25, 2023

We as believers must continue to stand firm for Israel and keep praying! Wonderful video of Jim Staley on dismantling the false narrative that is being launched against Israel during this time. We stand with you brethren. Abba Father, our Elohim… give us Your eyes to see and ears to hear. Protect and guard us and help us not to sit in the seat of scoffers or make ourselves into accusers. You alone have that seat reserved for YOU and YOUR judgements. I pray for wisdom on those throughout the world who are being deceived.. and are tempted to be hasty in pointing fingers at Your people Israel during this time of war and duress, oh Abba. Help, send Your Ruach to dispell the darkness, to guide us to take every thought captive and to be slow to speak. In Yeshua’s Name please bring wisdom…for “she is more precious than rubies”….and we need her desperately. Amein!

Please watch this video. Every believer needs to see this. Every person even considering to agree with the media narrative needs to see it as well. Shalom.


October 25, 2023

YAH, The LORD God of Israel, we stand on Your word for Your Nation:

Psalm 18:31-50

31 For who is God, except the Lord?
And who is a rock, except our God?
32 It is God who arms me with strength,
And makes my way perfect.
33 He makes my feet like the feet of deer,
And sets me on my high places.
34 He teaches my hands to make war,
So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

35 You have also given me the shield of Your salvation;
Your right hand has held me up,
Your gentleness has made me great.
36 You enlarged my path under me,
So my feet did not slip.

37 I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them;
Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed.
38 I have wounded them,
So that they could not rise;
They have fallen under my feet.
39 For You have armed me with strength for the battle;
You have subdued under me those who rose up against me.
40 You have also given me the necks of my enemies,
So that I destroyed those who hated me.
41 They cried out, but there was none to save;
Even to the Lord, but He did not answer them.
42 Then I beat them as fine as the dust before the wind;
I cast them out like dirt in the streets.

43 You have delivered me from the strivings of the people;
You have made me the head of the nations;
A people I have not known shall serve me.
44 As soon as they hear of me they obey me;
The foreigners submit to me.
45 The foreigners fade away,
And come frightened from their hideouts.

46 The Lord lives!
Blessed be my Rock!
Let the God of my salvation be exalted.
47 It is God who avenges me,
And subdues the peoples under me;
48 He delivers me from my enemies.
You also lift me up above those who rise against me;
You have delivered me from the violent man.
49 Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the Gentiles,
And sing praises to Your name.

50 Great deliverance He gives to His king,
And shows mercy to His anointed,
To David and his descendants forevermore.
AMEN! So be it.

October 24, 2023

What is IDF

    Nathan Tabler
    October 24, 2023

    IDF stands for Israel Defense Forces. The IDF is the national military of Israel.

      October 27, 2023

      🪖In addition, the IDF or Israel Defense Forces is a conscription military unlike America’s volunteer forces. Conscription reveals the limited number of military to establish a volunteer system. Israel has been forced to operate like this since 1948 given the threat level. Every male and female must serve with exceptions of health or Orthodox who fulfill their service through their prayers. Israel is only 5 hours to travel from North to South and has never known peace since it’s re-establishment as the country of Israel in 1948. It is a modern miracle of historic proportions! Academically, all historians should be celebrating such an isolated historic fact!
      🙏🏻Yah, You are too wonderful to reveal Your miraculous power in Your re-establishment of Your Israel and Your Hebrew language after 2,000+ years. The holiness of Your Mount Zion and the hearts of Your IDF to protect Israel from the surrounding 360 degrees of the Islamic death cult is humbling and miraculous! May Your protection as described by the Apple of Your eye, David, be upon today’s Israeli Warriors as it was upon the Israelite Warriors for centuries before the judgment of Israel. Our eyes are upon Your Israel and we thank You for the awesomeness You are going to reveal to ALL MANKIND. In the name and power of the Blood of our merciful Savior Jesus Christ, Thy will be done always in all things, Amen.

Carmen London
October 23, 2023

Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift up Israel to you, the home of descendants. Send your protective shield to prevent the evil forces from furthering their perverted plans. The plans of Satan has been canceled in the name of Jesus. Lord, your blood is greater than any two-edged sword. Send Israel revelation upon revelation and knowledge upon knowledge for them to submit to the commands of the Father on winning the battle. I cry to you Abba Father for your uncompromising peace between the disturbed nations in Jesus name. Amen.

ann tubbs
October 23, 2023

Father, I pray for healing between the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac. Lord, you said that you came to break down dividing walls. Let this be a time of unprecedented healing.h between these two blood lines. Reveal yourself to both ethno groups! May your name be praised and lifted up, Jesus!

Priscilla Meyenburg
October 22, 2023

God’s word “does”; God’s word “ accomplishes “; God’s word “ performs”. (KCM) Jeremiah 1-12

Joseph Clements
October 21, 2023

Psalm 33:8-12 Proclaims;

8 Let all the earth fear the Lord;
let all the people of the world revere him.
9 For he spoke, and it came to be;
he commanded, and it stood firm.

10 The Lord foils the plans of the nations;
he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.
11 But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
the purposes of his heart through all generations.

12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people he chose for his inheritance.

Let us turn back and seek your face Lord, and heal our land too after Israel, Lord. America is in desperate need of remembering who You are and who is really in control God. Forgive us for turning away and serving self agendas and leading the flock astray with estranged laws and policy. Help us Lord, don’t abandon us, discipline us. For a people who lack divine discipline are not Your children. Empower us with wisdom God, and the knowledge of the living King, King Jesus, Lord of lords, King of Kings, Faithful and True. All glory, honor and praise belong to You! Thank you Lord!


Joseph Clements
October 21, 2023

Proclamation: with praise and thanksgiving be to God, the same God that did it before, will do it again.

Psalm 125:3 says;

“For the scepter of wickedness(Islam – Allah/Mohammad) shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous(Israel – God’s People), Lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity.”


Psalm 129:1-6 Declares;

1 They have greatly oppressed me from my youth,”
let Israel say;
2 “they have greatly oppressed me from my youth,
but they have not gained the victory over me.
3 Plowmen have plowed my back
and made their furrows long.
4 But the Lord is righteous;
he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.”

5 May all who hate Zion
be turned back in shame.
6 May they be like grass on the roof,
which withers before it can grow;
Judgement, justice and purification are never pretty.

May the God of angel armies sort through the wheat tares.

Matthew 13:36

He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; the field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; the enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

October 20, 2023

No to Biden’s package deal of 100+ billion. Yes to specific emergency aid to Israel now. No to piggy backing other countries on Biden’s emergency aid package to Congress. Israel is priority.

Aid to orher countries can wait when we have a Speaker of the House.

All evil and wicked plans and hatred against Israel stop in Jesus name!

No aid to Gaza unless the president certifies and accounts for it.


October 18, 2023

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October 18, 2023

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October 18, 2023

O peoples, stand together on
Psalm 83: 1-7
O my God, make them like whirling dust, like chaff before the wind. As fire consumes the forest, as the flame sets the mountains ablaze, so may you pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your hurricane! Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek your name, O LORD.
& 13-18
Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever; let them perish in disgrace, that they may know that you alone, whose name is the LORD, are the Most High over all the earth.

Mary Davis
October 18, 2023

Lord, We declare Your Eternal Word over Israel.
Isaiah 60:10. Violence (Hamas) will no longer be heard in your land,
Neither wasting nor destruction within your borders; But you shall call your walls Salvation,
And your gates Praise!

Mari Williams
October 17, 2023

Our Father in Heaven, in Jesus Name and for HIS sake, do it again please GOD –

Kings 19:35
“And when people arose early in the morning, behold, these were all dead bodies. \\
That night the angel of the LORD went out to the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers.”

Mari Williams
October 16, 2023

We pray to You, Our Heavenly Father, Almighty, All Knowing GOD, All Powerful GOD, and ask You in the Name above all Names that as you watch from Heaven, please remove all the evil pieces of this terrible war, this eternal chess game of human beings and devilish entities, and call “Check-Mate!”. Declare a new game, Lord GOD, one played by Your Holy Angels removing evil and bringing a revival of the true faith to all true Believers in Jesus Name. Amen.

Susan S.
October 16, 2023

Many of the churches in Jerusalem are calling for a day of prayer, fasting and abstinence for Tuesday October 17th. If you choose to join, I am sure that would be appreciated.

October 16, 2023

We continue to pray regarding the situation in the Middle East. We ask for a quick end to this violence. We bind the prince of Persia’s/Iran’s efforts to steal, kill, and destroy. We break the power of this stronghold off the region, and loose the breath of God to the region. We declare the victory of Calvary over it. We declare that God has freed the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael from darkness and deception through the power of the blood of Jesus. Arise in that region, Lord, scatter Your enemies. Let Your light come and Your glory rise upon the people. We ask for angels to help bring the fruit of this.
All of this we decree and ask in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

October 16, 2023

Lord, as a citizen of the United States, I repent for any actions by the U.S. to finance and otherwise aid and abet the enemies of Israel. We ask that as the cries of all the believers in this nation reach your ears, You act in mercy to protect the U.S. so that we may be strong as a nation to stand with and for Israel. Unite our hearts to fear You Lord, and help the people of this nation elect leaders who tremble at Your Word and stand unwaveringly for You.
We ask that You call to account those in the high places of our nation who have partnered with the enemies of Israel for Israel’s destruction and cause them to tremble at the presence of a Holy God; act swiftly Oh Lord to give them the opportunity to repent while there is time and if they shall not repent, cause them to be no more. Let their days be few and let another who fears the Lord take his or her office, in every sphere of society.

October 16, 2023

Lord, vain is the help of man. We look to You Lord for the wisdom and divine strategy. In light of the plight of the defenseless and vulnerable and the demonic rage fueling the hearts of those set on Israel’s destruction, the complexities of this war are beyond man’s understanding.

We look to You Lord to turn the hearts of the decision makers in all the lands so that Your will prevails in this war (Prov 21:1 – A king’s heart is like a stream of water in the hand of Adonai; he directs it wherever He wants.).

We look to You Lord to scatter the enemies of Israel by confusion, frustration, dissention within their ranks, and torment until they are driven to panic, and You dismantle their organization at every level, in every place where they have gathered to scheme treachery. Give them no rest until they know that they have provoked the Holy One of Israel and are brought swiftly to repentance, or they are no more, according to Your sovereign knowledge and wisdom. Arise O God and let the entire world see that You reign supreme.

1 Sam 14:6 “For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few.”
1 Sam 14:15 “Then panic struck the whole Philistine army. It struck those who were in the camp and those in the field. It struck those who were at the edge of the camp. It also struck those who were in the groups that had been sent out to attack Israel. The ground shook. It was a panic that God had sent.”

October 15, 2023

A word from a friend. Please pray into this.
From my friend Carolyn Hyde in Israel, take heed~

A word

I sensed Adonai say that it’s still too early for the full scale northern attack.

There was a putrid odor and sickly green light in the air. Suddenly I saw an ancient, distorted entity skillfully configuring marionette strings. Very few can see him for who he is.

When he manifests in Israel, he’ll be received by many leaders with fear and reverence. Even some believers who are walking wounded will be subject to deep fear at his presence.

This is unlike any enemy we’ve ever experienced before —he delights to drink blo0d, devour raw meat and thrives on chaos. And while he himself doesn’t rape his captives, he allows his followers to.

I’m asking יהוה how to prepare in every way for what’s coming.

George Leaf
October 15, 2023

Father as the sun rose yesterday I heard a new song being sung by the children of those who attack Israel…. “Father my father why do you go to die as Israels God is fighting for them. Father why oh why do you die in this war when Israel’s God fights for them…….
Father father why must a man try to fight against the God that defends Israel…..

So be it, amen amen.

David Collins
October 14, 2023

On October 16, there will be a vote in the UN Security Council on Russia’s proposed resolution on a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians. An American veto is expected.

Russia/Putin signaled early in the year, he was looking for anyway possible to find an excuse to threaten Israel.

He’s already in bed with Iran.

Biden just recently freed up released $6Billion to Iran that was held back by sanctions against Iran.

Biden ‘literally’ can be blamed for the entire mess.

Dear God, we thank you that You have Israel in the palm of Your Hand safe and secure, and we’re believing You to fight for Israel against all the troops, technologies, places and political ways where evil men and the demonic are perpetrating evil and seeking to perpetrate evil against her.

We thank You Father God for immediate victory for Israel and the Glory of Your Name Lord Jesus to be shared in all the earth to save every soul Jew and gentile alike from/through all this.

In Jesus Name we pray.

October 14, 2023

Please Father, soften the eyes and hearts of those reading this prayer, for Your Name sake, not mine or any other name. You are the Potter and the Master Planter. Plant seeds Abba and grow them. Tear down the toxic fruit, uproot it! Let only Your words come through and let only Your Name be seen in this…in Yeshua Messiah’s name.
Abba Father forgive us, America and believers in You and Your son, as a nation, for turning from You and Your ways, from Your commands. It is not just the Jews, the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, whose eyes needs to be opened. We have been blinded as well. There is a plank in our eye. We have not given You the true reverence You deserve. Transgenderism, pedophilia, adultery, etc. All of these things are abominable to You, but we have been deceived as a nation..not realizing that the abominations go even further and are more deeply rooted than we realize. I rebuke the enemy for causing ultimate deception in this way, dressing as an angel of light. He knows the scriptures and we should recognize that he uses them against us. I pray for our minds to be protected, and that we take every thought captive. He will pay heavily for this. His days are numbered. Forgive us for being tricked into celebrating and defending days that are built on a foundation that is riddled with pagan origins that celebrate the enemy….instead of Your Qodesh days. Even though Messiah has redeemed us to be able to come back and to be grafted into Your covenant (not mans), we have traded The Pesach (Passover), Matzot (Unleavened Bread), First Fruits, Shavuot, Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets), Yom Kippor(Day of Atonement), Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), and Your weekly Sabbaths… for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day, etc. We have traded beauty for dross. There is overwhelming evidence that these days are not only filled with ceremonies that honor the gods of this world (who cannot see, cannot speak, cannot talk…Deuteronomy 4, Psalm 115 and 135, Daniel 5, Revelation 9, etc.) and keep the memory of child sacrifice and other forms of impure rituals alive in a veiled manner…but ultimately, these days dishonor You. They remind You of how Your people turned away again and again in the Promised Land (Ezekiel 20, Deuteronomy 12, Deuteronomy 18, Exodus 34, Judges 2, etc). Forgive us for so much grief that we have brought upon You in choosing these days and also by putting Your name on them, doing exactly what You have commanded Your people NOT to do in Your word, adopting these practices in worship of other gods and not destroying the altars and traditions. Help us to break down these pillars and traditions of men and to turn from them (Deuteronomy 7, 2nd Kings 11:18, and 2nd Kings chapters 18 and 23). Forgive us for overlooking Your weekly Shabbat, which is spoken of and repeated many times in scripture (Genesis 2, Exodus 16, 20,23,31,34 and 35, Leviticus 23, Numbers 15, Deuteronomy 5). Apart from honoring You daily, there is abounding evidence in scripture of what days You desire us to spend with You and how to spend them, and evidence of Yeshua Himself taking part in them(Luke 22:7-8 and 14-16, John 7:1-10, Mark 1:21 and 6:2). Why would He come to rid the world of such beautiful appointed times that were meant to enrich us and strengthen us in You, that were purposed to build our relationship with You?! It doesn’t make sense. You are not a wishy-washy Elohim Who goes this way and then that way, and suddenly changes His mind. You created these days to UNITE Your people and look… we are divided. Yeshua said that He came not to abolish the law (Matthew 5), but to fill it up, to complete it. This is not the same as doing away with. It is to build upon what is already there, the foundation of Your instructions. He did come to pay our adulterous debt that was owed in blood and perfect sacrifice, but He did not come to do away with Your ways. We have it all wrong. These days are not just made for the Jews. These are YOUR days, for YOUR kavod (glory)! You created them so that You and Your people — the native and the sojourner alike (Exodus 12:19, 37-39 and 47-40, Numbers 9:14, Numbers 15:14-16 Leviticus 19:34, Leviticus 18:26-28, Leviticus 24:22,) — could have time together with You and be united under Your covering. Why would we consider these days so burdensome? Forgive us for being deceived..oh Father forgive us. In YOUR WORD, The Word, which is to be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, and which we have fallen away from…there is evidence all throughout of You proclaiming and commanding us to take these appointed days and write them on the doorposts of our hearts. Why wouldn’t we want to take these set apart times throughout the year to spend with You, and to allow You to refresh us with Your presence and the presence of Your fellow children?? Oh forgive us Father, and open the eyes of Your children who have been deceived for far too long. We need to turn from our wicked ways and repent, so that You forgive our sins and heal our land. Help those who are still reading this prayer to be driven to search the scriptures with fresh eyes, unveiled. Help them to seek out the origins of the days that we have painted Your name onto…the days that witches and warlocks and the occult ALSO CELEBRATE. If we are to be in the world, but not of the world, we need to turn back to declaring and doing the things that You say make us different. Then the people will know by the way we live that You are Elohim, and they will know MESSIAH, whose blood has reconnected us to You and given us the blessings of being able to enter back into covenant with You. You’ve given us the instruction manual. Help us to read it, and please give understanding. Open our hearts and make them as limestone so You can re write Your loving instructions on them. They are not too burdensome or too far off from us. We have been tricked into thinking they are. It is true that we cannot be a part of Your covenant without Yeshua, but like a parent who has rules for their child, You also have instructions for us once we live in Your house! Help us to abide and obey, because if we are all to be one people, we are to act as one, not each one going in the way of their own mighty ones. In Yeshua’s name we proclaim, Amein!!

    October 19, 2023

    Dear Sarah, Thank you dear sister for speaking the TRUTH and the FULL COUNSEL of the LORD. Yes, the FEASTS of the LORD are a part of our inheritance and are extremely PROPHETIC, I find. They are a glorious way to grow in intimacy. I celebrate them strictly in the Biblical sense with no cultural influences added. Unfortunately, the majority of Christians want comfort, and to be spoon-fed “what to think”…not wanting to do the work of being “A Good Berean” and searching for the treasures embedded in Scripture. There is also a lot of Anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology, still remaining in the American Church–not so in many other areas of the world, and certainly not in the Persecuted Church–they “get it” and understand the COMING ONE NEW MAN KINGDOM, which is seldom taught in churches. Due to the pagan influences added back by Constantine, most people just cannot accept God’s WORD right in front of them. PRAY DAILY for a BREAKING off of Replacement Theology! You have found the Hidden Manna! You opened your mouth “to the finest wheat and honey from the rock of your salvation!” (Psalm 81) REJOICE! You have chosen “The Good Part” and it will not be taken from you, for by deeply studying His Word the DOOR has been opened to you and you walked through it. You have “come up higher” just like John. KEEP STANDING by PROXY repenting for our nation and begging for eyes to be opened, for the majority have no idea of how pagan America has become (and sadly it does not alarm them).
    JUDGMENT is coming to many who are apathetic and sleepy–it GRIEVES my heart they cannot seem to wake up! Plead the BLOOD over your home, E,S, W and N. Ask for a DAILY GOSHEN COVERING of PEACE for the intensity of the STORM which is upon us. Because You are a Wise Virgin and you understand the TIMES, favor will rest upon you. Be blessed, dear sister!

Beverly Steckler
October 14, 2023

Heavenly Father, Yaweh, my heart is especially heavy for all the students on the college and University campuses who are Jewish and are facing terrible persecution and antisemitism. Please protect them and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior. Bring someone across their path to help lead them to You! I’m believing, by faith that this is already happening as we pray and ask in the mighty Name and Blood of Jesus. Hallelujah, Amen

Erin Niedergall
October 14, 2023

He who scattered Israel will gather them and keep them as a shepherd keeps His flock. Father continue to draw Your people according to Your Sovereign plan! Let them all be confounded and turned back those who hate Zion: Let them be as grass on the housetops with withers before it grows up! Lord deal swiftly and justly with Your enemies! Amen and Amen!

October 14, 2023

Standing in the gap for the peace of Israel. Give wisdom and decisive strategy to Israeli leaders. We declare absolute defeat to terrorism and to kingdom of darkness, In Jesus name

October 14, 2023

For love of G-D and His Eretz Yisrael – Eva

Their tears shed are as drops of blood.
Brave sons of Jerusalem dying,
While the desert brings forth her new bud.
There are roses blooming in the desert,
And a stillness envelopes all around –
A burst of new hope for my people,
While death claims another brave son
To the ground.
Hush, listen, oh daughter of Zion,
To the faint sound of distant drum.
Your wilderness journey awaits you;
Come to Jerusalem, come!
Be still, oh daughter of Zion,
Hear My Voice, take hold of My hand.
Soon you’ll be crossing that great river,
Home towards the Promised Land …

Olubunmi Sobo
October 14, 2023

Amen 🙏. Thank you Jesus Christ, God of all peace 🙏

Karen Secrest
October 13, 2023

We ask also that someone is watching the northern border and west bank/Golan heights.

I believe day of hate will come
Today was a warning and a divided action to cause letting down our guard with a sigh of relief instead of ramping up..
Pray for the ungodly u.n. as they try to align again wit h all those opposing Israrl
We are reminded t j I d gro I p are descendants of assyria..
Our God r r igns

Look to the north as it shatters California and Obama Chicago and best target NYC and the wh..

G. Alexander
October 13, 2023

Father God in Jesus name, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, the God-of-Angel-Armies, we pray for divine wisdom and revelation for Israel’s leadership, that they would NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE (including America’s current leadership), BUT THAT THEY WOULD HEAR YOU FATHER AND YOUR CHURCH (THE EKKLESIA). LORD GOD, be an enemy to Israel’s and America’s enemies and an adversary to our adversaries. LET GOD ARISE AND LET HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!

October 13, 2023

Heavenly Father I pray for the protection of Your People and for the peace of Jerusalem! Please send Your angel armies to thwart the enemy in this attack against Israel. We thank You that You tell us to come boldly before Your throne of Grace as Your children and so we do! We are grateful that You have given us authority over serpents and scorpions so we come against all efforts of the enemy to hurt Your people! We ask You, the Lord God Almighty, to shut the mouths of the lions, like You did for Daniel in the lions den! Thank You that no weapon formed against us can prevail. Wee thank You that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Z
October 13, 2023

The bible tells us that Israel is not unjustly victimized by their enemies but that when attacked it is the result of God’s righteous judgements for idolatry. I wont post them all but here are two:
Judges 2:14
And the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them, and he sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies.
JUDGES 5:8 When new gods were chosen, then war was in the gates. Was shield or spear to be seen among forty thousand in Israel?

God gave Israel blessings and cursings when he gave them the law. Blessings for obedience cursing for disobedience, the bible could not make that any more clear to any true student of the word. I feel like prayer for Israel needs to focus on asking God to help Israel as a nation to repent and realize this, specifically leaders such as Benjamine Netanyahu. The bible also teaches that Israel can not rely on their weapons or allies, but must rely on God alone. Israel has such a rich spiritual heritage and history yet it seems to me that modern Israel has forgotten these and began to rely on their political leaders, intelligence, iron dome, military vigilance, etc., . Father in the name of Jesus i humbly admit that i am unable to pray for Israel effectively without the help of your Holy Spirit, so I ask you for that assistance. First and foremost, my request for Israel Oh God, is that you use this surprise attack to remind them of their spiritual heritage and history and your law which was by your own hand, carved in stone and given to their fore fathers exclusively as a nation in ancient days. Tge law contained blessings and curses whic are still active in our current day. Father move on Israel’s current and future leadership to recognize this, to remember You alone are their deliverer, to remember that the creator of the entire universe covenanted with their ancient forefathers and gave them the assurance of blessings for obedience and cursings for disobedience and instructed them to CHOOSE OBEDIENCE. These are not random attacks this is the curse unfolding. Your word is clear and unchanging. Please convict and convince modern day Israel they they are every bit accountable to you their God, and your law and the blessings and curses as their ancient forefathers were. Father, convict them of all idolatry, and bring them to full and complete repentance as a nation and as individual families and citizens, from the oldrst to the youngest, the brilliant and rich to the poverty stricken simple poor. Father bring amazing and undeniable Holy Spirit conviction to Benjamine Netanyahu and other modern day leaders of Israel, drive them to their knees in awe of You, your word, their history and your mercy, promises, and faithfulness which are unfailing. Father bring true and lasting revival to Israel. Help them to realize although they have great war equipment and allies, their Great God is so much better. In Jesus bame I thank you for hearing our prayers and answering them.

    Mo Pacheim
    October 13, 2023

    We are witnessing horrors of the enemy death. All must realize our days may end as such when this evil goes unchecked. Life is ever threatened by death. Jesus didnt fear death as he shows us these bodies are hosts of the Lord. Dear Father be life dond according to your will to end death for eternal holy kingdom.

Miryam Montgomery
October 13, 2023

How could Turkey intervene for Israel as Turkey being a hidden enemy of Israel? Obamas Fast and Furius weapons stolen in the Mexican borders then went through Turkey and then to ISIS in Afganiztan that killed the Navy Seals with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Pray that people will know who the enemy is.

October 12, 2023

Lord, I pray that you absolutely and utterly dry up any and all of the finances that fuel evil. Cause the funds to be lost in transaction or otherwise redirected away from them.

To the One who is able to call things that are not as though they were (Rom 4:17), I pray that the financial accounts backing wickedness of Hamas and Hezbollah be drained and no more.

In the matchless name of Jesus Christ I humbly pray.

Joseph Clements
October 12, 2023

Israel chant –

“And you will never see me again until you say, ‘Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!’”

War was usually led with praise and music, chanting and roaring, worship and song.

Let the scriptures be fulfilled by the chosen one Father, bring glory to Your holy name. You are completely sovereign God, none are like You. Thank You Father for the Holy Scriptures and Jesus, Your living Word, the Lamb, the first, last and only payment for sin for He who believes. Thank You for setting us free Jesus. Let Your will be done, over my precious free-will choice You give us. Call Your children Lord. Let them ask, seek, knock. Let them hear, see, and find.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20

Joseph Clements
October 12, 2023

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early’ (KJV)
“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.” (ESV)
“God dwells in that city; it cannot be destroyed. From the very break of day, God will protect it.” (NLT)
“God is in that city, and it will never be destroyed; at early dawn he will come to its aid.” (GNT)

Psalm 46:5 may not explicitly mention Jerusalem, it is often associated with the broader theme of God’s protection and support for His people, which includes the city of Jerusalem.

Jesus, brother.

How long will You look on Lord? A holy war is about to break out globally, Jihad? I want to say thank You Lord for who You are and how Your grace and mercy are beyond measure. Pour Your Spirit out Jesus, Jesus, pour Your Spirit out. We trust in You.


Holy War;

Christianity: In Christianity, the concept of holy war has been present in history, with the most well-known example being the Crusades. These were a series of military campaigns in the medieval period during which European Christians sought to regain control of the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from Muslim rule. The idea was that these wars were waged in the name of Christianity. However, the Crusades have been widely criticized for the violence and atrocities committed in their name.

Islam: As mentioned earlier, the term “jihad” in Islam can be associated with both personal struggle (greater jihad) and armed conflict (lesser jihad). Some individuals and groups have used the concept of jihad to justify acts of violence and terrorism, believing that they are waging a holy war in defense of their faith. However, the majority of Muslims reject such interpretations and emphasize that jihad primarily refers to personal and spiritual struggle.

Other Religions: Other religions have also seen instances of holy wars or religiously motivated conflicts. For example, the ancient Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) contains accounts of wars that were believed to be commanded by God. In Hinduism, there have been historical conflicts with religious undertones, and in Buddhism, there have been cases of violence carried out in the name of religion.

T Adeimy
October 12, 2023

This is an inside job just as it was on 9/11 to blame Muslims and unbelievers for Pharasee murder just like they had an unbeliever kill Jesus. Same spirit of murder, mother of war. We break the spirit of Ishtar war and killing off of this world as a whole and shifting blame to gentiles for murdering their own people.

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    October 13, 2023

    So the people murdering were not all hamas yet the true hamas terrorists just let them kill along side them? Ridiculous!

    Beverly Steckler
    October 14, 2023

    That’s wierd

Marsha Bashor
October 12, 2023

Oh God help Israel

Jessica Renshaw
October 12, 2023

As I read, horrified, about Hamas murdering and beheading babies, I remember that in our own country women hire abortionists to murder and behead (late-term) babies EVERY SINGLE DAY. “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The LORD was sorry that he had made man on the earth and He was grieved in his heart. The LORD said, ‘I will blot out man whom I have created…for I am sorry that I have made them. ..'” Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence (lit. HAMAS). God looked upon the earth and behold, it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth. ” (Genesis 6) Only one righteous person in that entire generation deserved to be spared: Noah. God have mercy on us, on this generation. We are all ripe for judgment. and if it weren’t for the substitutionary blood of the Lord Jesus Christ for our sins, none of us would be spared.

    December 28, 2023

    The only thing Israel needs is her Messiah! Is this the time she will recognize the one she has pierced and mourn for Him?

    Jesus is Israel’s Salvation and no one can be saved without Christ including Israel!
    Jesus Christ alone is Israel’s Peace and we must pray it in!

October 12, 2023

On YouTube the organization .
One for Israel has an ad – they give history lessons,
Last year at least they reported that there is a mass Revival happening a mass turning to Jesus by the Jewish people-, and it had been coming for a while.. building momentum.
people are buying New Testaments and asking for New Testaments which is unheard of in Israel.
I believe this is one more weapon or Ploy or attack by the enemy to stop that from happening.
my heart is so grieved beyond words at the thought of these innocent children being harmed. brutally .
So all I can think of is that the Lord’s perfect will is that we trust him ..and continue to pray no matter how hard things get.
I will confess I’m having a hard time with the trust -but I am not making a statement of judgment I am just so heartbroken
Lord I pray that as we continue to learn to trust you that your prophecy about Israel being the apple of your eye and your protection of them will be ongoing and we will not try to figure out why this is happening- except that as it is written..it is coming to pass ..we are in the end times..but just continue to search the scriptures and pray continually for the Peace of Jerusalem.
In Jesusname, Amen

Mari Williams
October 11, 2023

Our Father in Heaven,
Thank YOU LORD that you never slumber nor sleep and YOU are very aware of the atrocities that are happening in Israel. Father GOD, I ask You to please send Your mighty angels to help Your children to defeat their evil enemy. In the Bible we read that the earth opened up and swallowed those who opposed Moses, so we thank YOU our FATHER that you have ways to help which far exceed man’s strength or ability. Therefore, Lord, we magnify You as our Redeemer and Friend in time of need and expect to see Your mighty hand come upon this situation and resolve it once and for all. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Joseph Clements
October 11, 2023

And forgiveness for killing all the prophets.

Joseph Clements
October 11, 2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to open his mouth and fulfill the scriptures and say;
‘Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!’

    Keith and Megan
    October 12, 2023

    Netanyahu once held a Bible Study in his home a few years ago. We are unsure whether he still does or whether he just studied the Old Testament. However, he once had knowledge from the Lord’s Word so we pray that knowledge transformed him into repentance and Salvation by the grace of his Lord Jesus Christ.

Joseph Clements
October 11, 2023

30 And note this: Some who seem least important now will be the greatest then, and some who are the greatest now will be least important then.”

Jesus Grieves over Jerusalem:

31 At that time some Pharisees said to him, “Get away from here if you want to live! Herod Antipas wants to kill you!”

32 Jesus replied, “Go tell that fox that I will keep on casting out demons and healing people today and tomorrow; and the third day I will accomplish my purpose. 33 Yes, today, tomorrow, and the next day I must proceed on my way. For it wouldn’t do for a prophet of God to be killed except in Jerusalem!

34 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones God’s messengers! How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn’t let me. 35 And now, look, your house is abandoned. And you will never see me again until you say, ‘Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!’

Luke 13:30-35

Joseph Clements
October 11, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Says; “The enemy will pay a price it has never know.”

Romans 12:19 says;
Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Anyone else SEE the issue here?

Matthew 5:35-41 Christ commands;
35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.
36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.
37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.
38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.
41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Help Lord, You have already spoken and the law is perfect, and Your Word is flawless, Your freedom You give, Your grace is 1 of a kind. Bring glory to Your name Jesus. Amen.

    October 13, 2023

    So murderers kill innocent babies and children after beheading them and raping women? And Netanyahu is supposed to say vengence is the LORD’S and then what? Sit down while all of the people ge is responsible for are murdered? Sometimes before we JUDGE and OPEN OUR MOUTHS perhaps we should fast and pray and hear clearly from GOD!

October 11, 2023

Abba, Father, Papa, Lord of All Creation
Hear our cries! Help us! Save us!
In Jesus’ Holy Name

October 11, 2023

Heavenly Father, draw those who don’t know You, to Yourself.
Open eyes to see Your Son has paid for their salvation with His blood and love. Save and protect Your people. Make Your enemy Your footstool.
Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Susan S.
October 11, 2023

Khaled Mashal, a former hamas leader is calling for a day of jihad this Friday 13 in Middle Eastern countries hoping for mass suicide bombers and mass casualties. Let us intercede so that this can be thwarted and innocent lives can be saved.

Susan S.
October 11, 2023

Please send someone like you sent Elisha to the king of Israel that is found in your word in 2 Kings 6 8-12. May Israel shout for joy at your deliverance.

Jerusalem DeSion
October 11, 2023

Please continue to pray. I had a dream that I was asleep. A man came and stood by my bed and said, “Excuse me.” I woke up. I was reminded of Paul’s version of the Macedonian, Help us!”

Whatever you’re doing cooking, house work, driving, multitask by praying continuously

In Yeshua’s name


Repentance, salvation, deliverance, healing, restoration, protection, victory, and expansion for Israel.

October 11, 2023

Dear Father in heaven:
May all the leaders in IDF with BB Netanyahu at the helm be successful to root out and destroy Hammas. Bring calm and peace to Israel like they’ve never known before. Comfort Ye thy people. May the peace of God rule their hearts. Praying like never before for them, America and all to live in peace eternally. In Jeshua’s Name, Amen.

Vicky Payton
October 11, 2023

For the last month or so I have been seeing in the spirit Israel w/ a beautiful forcefield covering it.
This morning God showed it to me again & asked me, “What is the first thing that u want to do for Israel?” I said, “Weep.”
Then He showed me Jesus, sitting close to Israel w/ His legs straddling her & He was laid down over her w/ His hands caressing her. Then God told me to pray for His Son Jesus — because the human side of Jesus needs us to pray for Him because He so wants His chosen people to come to Him & accept Him as Messiah. He’s grieving over Israel that again it’s gonna take something really hard to draw them to Him. So, I saw myself (& other intercessors) gathered around Jesus & laying our hands on Him & praying for Him. And I just keep seeing that scene. 😢

    Miryam Montgomery
    October 13, 2023

    We should pray that we the Jewish people should be awakened by God, for it was God Who Said that for theor sins He would put them to sleep.. Figuritively, not physically. If the Holocaust with Hitler wasn’t enough, what makes you think ths will wake them up. It is written in the book of Romans 11: God Made the Jews prisoners of their disobedience, so that God might Show Mercy to them all. The Gentiles were Saved for to make the jews jealous. So God Will Choose when He Will awake them up. Maybe that why you saw Jeasus laying down on them to Wake them up? I pray pray that God Show Mercy on the readon why the Gentiles are Saved

October 11, 2023

“Abba” Father, we humbly come before You with Praise and Adoration. Thank You that Your All-consuming Love and Covenant endures forever & ever for Your Chosen people, Israel, Our hearts are breaking for the shed blood of the innocent and for the hatred & Anti-Semitism that is on display for the world to see. “But let all who take refuge in You rejoice, let them ever sing for joy; and spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may exult in You. For You bless the righteous, O Lord, You cover him with with favor as with a shield.” Praying for Your supernatural healing ,comfort & peace for those in Israel who are suffering the loss of loved ones & for the children who must be consumed with fear, please replace the fear with Your shalom peace. Praying for PM Netanyahu & all government military officials to seek You Lord, for wisdom & guidance & to hear Your Voice and choose Your will in their decisions. Prayers for the protection of their families and special prayers of protection & discernment for the IDF. Thank you Yeshua, that You are with them always, please comfort & strengthen them. May we begin to hear about Your miracles from the battlefield, angelic interventions, In Your Victorious Name Jehovah-Sabaoth (the Lord of Hosts) I pray. Amen

Ezra W Hodgson
October 11, 2023

Glory to God in the Highest! And on earth, Peace and Good Will toward men!
Bring comfort and healing to those suffering from the vicious ravagings of evil in Israel and the United States of America, as You strengthen our resolve to establish and defend Your glorious Kingdom in this world.
Even so, even now,
Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

October 11, 2023

@”Hashem Salhab, a Hezbollah official, recently said: ‘The Zionist soldier and the Zionist settler must begin the countdown of the remaining days of their existence.’ ”

I counsel Mr. Salhab to begin counting down the remaining days of his own existence — and post haste — and to consider well the eternal outcome of his present choices. Because the truth is, where he is going, his “Prophet” will not help him. His “Prophet” is right now dealing with his own issues in that very place.

Sarah Lock
October 11, 2023

Praying that Netanyahu and all members of Parliament press DEEPLY into Psalm 2 at this time for wisdom and guidance. Praying unity between Judah and his brother Yoseph, that Judah’s eyes are opened to his brother and to Yeshua Himself! Yeshua open the eyes of the people, of the hostages, the terrorists, the governments, the IDF, all those who do and do not believe, to see Your angel armies, Your generals, angel soldiers, chariots of fire and display before their eyes just how much You are present in this! Overwhelm each one according to Your will, whether it be for comfort, encouragement, motivation, fear, strength, whatever each person is needing to experience according to Your will in Yeshua’s Name! We praise You mighty Abba for You are a mighty lion and You will devour all those who seek to divide, kill and destroy. Only You Abba. Only YOU above all others!! Amein! (Shofar blow)

Gregorio Calvo
October 11, 2023

From the Island of Guam, in the Western Pacific, a Territory of the United States of America:

We pray for and stand with the Nation of Israel the very first hour we learn of the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. We lift up Prime Minister Benjamin Natanayu and all the Israel leaders, the members of the Israeli Defense Force as they fight for the survival of Israel, to retake the invaded towns, enter the Gaza Strip to rescue the hostages, and to restore safety, peace, and restoration. In Jesus Christ Mighty Name! Amen

October 11, 2023

The following letter still applies today. “Let G-D arise and His enemies be scattered!”

by Bernard J. Shapiro


Tonight, I plan to discuss the Right of the Jewish People to Eretz Yisrael including Judea, Samaria and Gaza — Yesha for short. I also will discuss the strategic importance of Yesha and how the Jewish communities there contribute to Israel’s security, prevent the establishment of a Palestinian terrorist state next door and fulfill Biblical commandments.

And it came to pass, That day the L-RD made a covenant with Abraham saying: ‘UNTO THY SEED HAVE I GIVEN THIS LAND IN PERPETUITY.”
DAVID BEN GURION, had this to say about territorial concessions: “No Jew has the right to relinquish the right of the Jewish people over the whole Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such authority, not even the whole Jewish people has the authority to waive the right (to the Land of Israel) for future generations for all time.” [Zionist Conference, Basle, Switzerland, 1937].

THE JEWISH RIGHT TO ERETZ YISRAEL was expressed in a letter from the Jewish leader Simon, the only survivor of the five Maccabee brothers to king Antiochus, whom they had just defeated. Antiochus demanded the return of the ‘occupied territories’ — that is territories the Maccabees liberated during their recent war.

Simon writes: “We have neither taken foreign land nor seized foreign property, but only the inheritance of our fathers, which at one time had been unjustly taken by our enemies. Now that we have the opportunity, we are firmly holding the inheritance of our fathers.”
Benjamin Netanyahu in his book A PLACE AMONG THE NATIONS writes the following when told that Judea and Samaria are foreign “occupied” lands: “This land, where every swing of a spade unearths remnants of the Jewish past and where every village carries the barely altered Hebrew names of old; this land, in which the Jews became a nation and over which they shed more tears than have been shed by any other people in history; this land, the loss of which resulted in an exile of the Jews such as has been suffered by no other people and the spilling of a sea of blood such as has been spilled by no other nation — this is the “foreign land” that world leaders now demand be barred to Jews and that Israel should unilaterally forsake.” The answer to such absurd demands must be a resounding NO!
The modern Jewish return to Eretz Yisrael began in 1882. Between 1882 and 1914 there were dozens of Jewish “settlements” (I prefer the term Jewish communities both then and now). Some of the more important ones were Tel Aviv, Hadera, and Ris-chon Letzion, Rosh Pina, Metula, Kfar Saba and Petah Tikva. Between 1921 and 1925 Jews settled throughout the Jezereel Valley. In fact, the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael was the raison d’etre of the Zionist Movement and a commandment to Jews every-where to return to Zion. This process continues today 120 years after it began.
The Left-wing in Israel believes in a common humanity of shared values with the Arabs. In the face of all empirical evidence to the contrary they believe peace is possible. In the book Self Portrait Of A Hero: The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu, fallen hero of Entebbe and brother of Benjamin, said it best: “I see with sorrow and great anger how a part of the people still clings to hopes of reaching a peaceful settlement with the Arabs. Common sense tells them, too, that the Arabs haven’t abandoned their basic aim of destroying the State; but the self-delusion and self-deception that have always plagued the Jews are at work again. It’s our great misfortune. They want to believe, so they believe. They want to not see, so they shut their eyes. They want not to learn from thousands of years of history, so they distort it.”
In 1967 I traveled to Israel a few days after the Western Wall fell into Israeli hands. As I placed my hands on this magnificent relic of our forefathers, I felt a surge of light and energy the likes of which I had never known. In what had to have been but the flash of a second, I felt as one with Jews from all periods of history. At the Passover Seder we are told to thank G-D for delivering us from Egypt as though we ourselves had been brought out of bondage. At that moment in Jerusalem, this Seder message was very real for me.

In an instant I saw the continuity of Jewish history and its unbreakable connection with Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel). I understood how modern Israel is the beginning of the Third Temple Period and the spiritual heir to Joshua, Saul, David, Solomon, the Maccabees and Bar Kokhba. I frequently write about the security reasons for incorporating Judea, Samaria, and Gaza into the body of Israel. There is another side to this issue and that is the spiritual-religious side. The truth, which many find inconvenient, is that the Land of Israel was promised by G-D to Abraham and to his seed in perpetuity. The Land of Israel is not speculative real estate to be bartered away for some high sounding (but false) promises of peace. The hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria contain the collective memory of the Jewish people. It was here that the Israelites first entered the Holy Land. And it was here they fought the battles, built the towns, elected their kings and were preached to by their prophets and judges. And it was on this soil that they wrote the Holy Scriptures we call our Bible.

In my blinding flash of insight at the Wall, I also understood that Israel on its own soil was more powerful than the sum of its weapons and men. Jews who had wandered the earth powerless for two millenniums attained great power when re-united with the soil of Israel. Anyone who has followed the Arab-Israeli conflict must be aware of the rising cost paid for Jewish blood. Before Israel was established, nations of the world took Jewish lives with impunity. Today, Arabs have discovered that the iron fist of Zahal (Israel Defense Forces) exacts a high price for even one Jewish life. Unfortunately, following the signing of the Oslo Agreements, Jewish blood has become cheaper.

Yisrael Medad writes in a recent article from the Jewish community of Shiloh. So-called “settlers” should properly be termed “revenants” or people who have returned to a place after a long absence”. Their commitment and their determination, are intangibles that some Diaspora Jews still find difficult to grasp. To some Diaspora Jews, especially those who have traditionally championed a more liberal or leftwing approach to Zionism, the Oslo process is still strong after nine years of abject failure. For them, it seems, my community is an impedient to fulfillment of the Oslo vision of two states, one Jewish, the other devoid of Jewish communities.

To those who still champion the Oslo process, peace requires that Jews be banned from the heart of the Jewish people’s historic homeland, Judea and Samaria, as they were for 19 years after Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. To them, the quarter-million Jews who reside there are always “the settlers.” Their communities constitute “human rights violations,” they are an “illegal occupation” and must be dismantled for their vision of peace to be fulfilled.

My home in Shiloh was never occupied, to use a phrase too liberally applied, by Arabs, though there are Arab villages nearby. Calling Shiloh a “settlement” implies something foreign, intrusive and temporary, something that is purposefully and maliciously imposed. To us, however, “settling” is the most natural thing for a Jew to do: to reside where his forefathers dwelled, where his kings ruled and his prophets spoke.

No, we are not violators of justice and international law. If there is any substance to the charges of ethnic cleansing and human rights violations so frequently tossed about, it relates to what the Arab leadership and its supporters have done and continue to do. We have done our best to avoid hindering Arabs as they continue to live here and in Israel, and have founded our communities almost exclusively on unused and unpopulated hilltops. Arab terrorists and their supporters justify killing our children and women just because we live here.”
As I appear before you tonight, I must emphatically declare that the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Yesha is NO different from ethnic cleansing anywhere in the world.

The Arabs who wish to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors are welcome. THOSE, HOWEVER, WHO WISH TO TAKE UP THEIR BOMBS, GUNS AND KNIVES TO KILL JEWS OR THROW ROCKS TO CRUSH JEWISH SKULLS, MUST BE DESTROYED. Rabbinical authorities have long-recognized the ultimate religious priority of saving Jewish lives.
Too many Jews are obsessed with what will satisfy the Arabs. I doubt if there is a single Palestinian or Moslem anywhere that worries about what is good for Israel or the Jewish People. We must remember the words of Hillel when he said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am for myself alone, what am I?” Hillel’s message is clear: First take care of yourself, your family and your people and then try to help others.
It may take the Arabs a while to accept us — maybe decades or even hundreds of years — but we have no choice but to be patient. The fact that we want peace badly does not mean that it is attainable. To strip Israel of strategic territory like Czechoslovakia before WWII in the pursuit of a phantom illusory peace will only lead to disaster.
The glorious Hebrew Warriors who defeated the five Arab armies in 1948, three in 1967, and two in 1973 must not surrender their Jewish homeland to an evil terrorist, who delights in killing Jewish babies. The Brave Heroes of Zion must not pursue fruitless negotiations. At this time of great trial and apocalyptic threat, the safeguarding of the future of the Jewish people’s right to Eretz Yisrael must take precedence.

(1) The most frequent flaw is the renunciation of Jewish claims to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.
(2) Yasir Arafat’s PLO is incapable of providing Israelis with the cessation of violence they so dearly crave.
(3) Without the presence of Israel’s internal security force (Shin Bet) inside Yesha, it will be impossible to halt terrorism or even keep it within present levels. The Israel Defense Forces maintain tremendous power but are of little importance in stopping day-to-day terrorism, unless they are able to project their power into Yesha as Sharon has done.
(4) Arafat’s signature on the agreement and the PLO acceptance is of no consequence as…
(5) All of Israel’s military and civilian communications could be easily monitored from the hills of Judea and Samaria. The quick mobilization of the IDF could be rendered impossible by Palestinian attacks.
(6) Israel would lose control of the Judean-Samarian mountain ridge which protects it from attack from the east. The steep slope from the Jordan River to the crest of the ridge is difficult to travelers and can be blocked by a relatively small force of IDF. Should a Palestine State arise the Arab population will force the Israelis out.
(7) Loss of control of Yesha would result in the loss to Israel of 30% of its water supply and it is already utilizing 99% of all available water.
(8) Some 70% of Israel’s population and industry is concentrated in a small strip of coast and greater Tel Aviv. That population well could be threatened by morters and Kaytusha rockets.
(9) The air and seaports planned for Gaza will facilitate the entry of weapons and terrorists, threatening the security of Israel. The air space above Israel including Ben Gurion Airport would easily be threatened. A Palestinian State could NOT be demilitarized. Look at the PA today.
“Hitler, Goebbels and Goering were pathological and pragmatic liars. Arafat also lied at Oslo as he fully intended to carry out his staged plan of 1974. Under this plan he would accept any part of Palestine until he could conquer the remainder.

The only reason that Arabs have not yet done to Israeli Jews what Hitler did to their forefathers in Europe is that they have thus far lacked the military means and weapons of mass destruction which were at Hitler’s disposal, to do so.

May Israel be wiser in relation to this death wish of her neighbors, than the Jews in Europe were. They belittled the writings and speeches of Hitler and the Nazis and were massacred as a result. May it not happen again with Arafat!
I am sorry that I can not offer you more encouraging words. What I present is: A HARSH REALITY
We all want peace. We pray for peace in our Sabbath services every Friday night. After thousands of years, being victims of persecution, expulsion, extermination, and discrimination, it is natural that we yearn for peace with every ounce of our bodies and souls.

It is because our hunger for peace is so strong that we must be doubly cautious not to fall for a psuedo-peace that is really the wolf of war wrapped in sheep’s clothing. Today none of us believe Chamberlain really negotiated “peace in our time” with Hitler. Why do some Jews believe that Peres and Rabin really negotiated PEACE with Arafat, one of today’s Hitlers?

Israelis my age have fought in four wars and I understand their desire to be free of constant conflict. Unfortunately there is no magic cure. I wish I could write more optimistic words. Beyond the neighboring states that Israel is negotiating with now lies another ring of unmitigated hostility led by Islamic fundamentalists like those in Iran.

As Jews we are all involved in this historic struggle to survive. It is not our fate or that of the Israelis that we should retire from this struggle. The only peace the Arabs are prepared to give us is the peace of the grave.

In blood and fire was Israel born and on a hot anvil was she forged. The brave young soldiers of Israel must take a quick glance back to the crematoria of Auschwitz and then go forth to face the enemy knowing that there is still no alternative (ein briera).


    Mary Beth
    October 11, 2023

    I agree! Therefore, when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem – it is not necessarily the absence of conflict we envision, although that would be wonderful. We envision a mighty move of Holy Spirit throughout Jerusalem, the land, and the surrounding nations that will usher in multitudes into the Kingdom of YHVH. That peace is everlasting, and cannot be taken away by earthly conflict if we place our trust in the Prince of Peace.

Norma Ramey
October 11, 2023

Joel 3:16. “The Lord will also ROAR from ZION ; and utter His voice from JERUSALEM; The heavens and earth will shake, But the Lord will be a shelter for His people. And the strength of the children of Israel!”

October 10, 2023

Before 8:30 PM mountain standard time, we had a time of great spiritual warfare on the prayer line. It was tremendous.

We had some demons come on the line. But since they were breathing, they had to praise the Lord. 😂

October 10, 2023

Paula white! Red fkag!

Kathy Emahiser
October 10, 2023

Father, I thank you for interceding in this war and bringing it to a quick end with Israel being the victors. Drive back the forces of darkness and shield the Israelites from the attackers. I thank you in Jesus name, Amen.

Grant Windholz
October 10, 2023

Israel is not alone fighting against these sub-human, barbaric terrorists! American, German, French, and British armed forces need to unite together with Israel and take care of business once and for all, against Iran!! No negotiations. The Iran government can’t ever be negotiated with. All they see and worship is Allah: SATAN!!

October 10, 2023




    Carol R
    October 10, 2023

    I totally agree!

    Anne-Marie Brummer
    October 10, 2023

    They will and have in the past.
    Isreal, a little country but carries a very big stick.

Susan CC
October 10, 2023

“392 U.S. House Members Sponsor Resolution Backing Israel Against ‘Barbaric’ Hamas Attacks”
“The widespread support, with only 43 members of the House missing as initial co-sponsors, reflects the nearly unprecedented bipartisan support for Israel at a time when Washington has perhaps never been riddled with such political gridlock”

minus these:

AOC, Carson, Presley, Bush, Ramirez, Omar, Bowman, Tlaib, Lee, McCollum voted present🙄

Please Lord and God, remove and replace these people. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask this and so much more. Amen

October 10, 2023

May the Lord enable the Israeli Defense Forces to find and to free the American and Israeli hostages Hamas has taken and are hiding in the Gaza strip. May He make the IDF like King David’s army of 400, which freed the hostages that the Amalekites took from the town of Ziklag, including David’s two wives and his children. All the hostages and stolen plunder were returned to David and his men, safe and sound. Oh Lord Jesus, this is what we pray for today’s hostages! 1 Samuel 30. And we proclaim that nothing is too difficult for You, O LORD. Amen

October 10, 2023

Lord, I pray for all the people of Israel. Comfort them in their sadness and act quickly to destroy their enemies.

October 10, 2023

Praying for the wisdom/understanding of the times of the Tribe of Issachar to rest on every leader, man, woman, and child. The story of the 25 year old woman who rallied her community to fight the enemy because she understood what was happening is the perfect example of this prayer. Open the eyes, oh Lord, of both Israel and all Arab nations & terrorists to see you as you really are! We declare your kingdom come and your will be done over Hamas/and other terrorists and over Israel, who is the apple of your eye. I pray all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh.

October 10, 2023

The donate button did not work for me on the live event. Is there a link that can be posted on the website or in an email to donate directly to support Israel ?

October 10, 2023

I pray that Israel would change it’s guns laws and arm it’s citizens. Every Israeli needs to know how to use a weapon appropriate for them. Many were slaughtered like sheep by these brutal, demonic, animals! Never give up your guns Americans! God help Israel in every way!

    October 10, 2023

    Long with America
    After DNC RINO Borders
    Drug Cartels DO
    Terrorist crossed border NOT: Caught, on watch list, etc..
    Convicts, Insane released…
    World aliens FROM:
    CCP, Aphganistan, Iran, Iraq, etc…
    And BLM Antifa Jane’s-renege etc…

October 10, 2023

Nothing Gets past the most advanced militaries in the world (Israel).
Nothing gets past the best intelligence in the world.
Nothing gets past the most secure borders in the world.
Noting happens unless they wanted it to. Not adding up.
Yes, I will pray for Israel as scriptures says. But i will not take sides because it causes division. I will pray for both sides.

October 10, 2023

If we truly understand history, scripture, our current affairs, and most importantly our evolving relationship with God Almighty, and absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt, no mystery that God Almighty, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is alive and well and in control, then one should come to the following conclusion: There is absolutely NOTHING, NO EVENTS in this world, on this Planet Earth, in this Solar System, in this Galaxy, in all the Galaxies, and ALL of this Universe that God Almighty does now about or allow to happen. ALL things happen or are allowed to happen based on God Almighty’s plan and THAT plan, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY is to a more just, moral, righteous, and ethical Universe! There is NO DOUBT about this. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more powerful in this Universe than God Almighty! Yes, we have seen hardship, wars, earthquakes etc. and personal tragedies, and wars and strife, and unfortunately the absolutely biblically HORRIFIC attacks in Israel, that have killed and injured literally 10s of millions of people. The only thing we can say here is that God Almighty, while absolutely DID NOT want these examples of strife, “ALLOWED” them to take place to wake humanity up, (NOT ultimately destroy the WHOLE Earth) to all the evil and to change course. God Almighty has an extremely clear history of allowing our little planet called Earth to get pretty darn ugly before “righting the ship”, then it repeats and repeats and repeats, over generations. We are all living proof that God Almighty is allowing this planet to continue and to overall learn and overall get better, while hitting potholes (some very big) along the way. Aside from some “minor instances” the Universe s in Order, the planets revolve in Order, the stars, constellations etc..etc..etc..etc.. are all there. No Planets and Stars colliding on a grand scale, no Solar Systems colliding on a grand scale, no Galaxies colliding on a grand scale etc. etc. Basically NOTHING has changed on a GRAND scale and this Universe WILL, under God Almighty’s hand, move toward a more ethical, righteous, loving, caring, moral, good direction. ABSOLUTELY NONE of us can change or alter God Almighty’s ongoing and good plan for this Universe. Period! Just as”most” human beings get wiser and better as they become old and get closer day by day/approach the ultimate end their time on this planet and judgment by God. It would seem to violate God Almighty’s rules, visions, plans, and past history for this Earth, and all of the vast Universe, to have him “ALLOW” the destruction of this whole planet with the vast majority of the 8+ Billion people being much more good than evil, by a few evil, demonic souls either by nuclear war or man made viruses etc..etc..etc..A good moral, ethical, and righteous God Almighty has always been and will always be in total control and management of this Earth and the vast, beautiful Universe. What a blessed truth!!!! May God Almighty bless us all!!!

Barbara Suess
October 10, 2023

There was a prisoner exchange 6 Iranians for 6 Americans.
The Biden Administration also agreed to give Iran 6 Billion Dollars with this trade. Lord we need you to intervene and stop the transfer of this money. Because this money supports Iran radical groups who are these radical attacking Isreal.

Mary Ann Amundson
October 10, 2023

All the reports I listen to blame Iran as backing this attack. Why isn’t Russia considered in this. After all, they had the knowledge of how to overwhelm the Iron Dome. And then consider Russia and China have an alliance; why not China also because both have ties to Iran! I’m praying expose, expose, expose all involved in this attack!!!

Donna Reeves
October 10, 2023

Israel and the people of God have my prayers!

sue mccall
October 10, 2023

ps83 In Jesus name we ask and pray

October 10, 2023

Psa91 over Israel IDF Bibi Netanyahu Jerusalem missionaries pastors …
Father, send Your Holy Angels to minister protection provision peace presence of YeHoVaH IN YESHUA’S HOLY NAME AMEN AMEN

Gloria Robles
October 10, 2023

I’m thankful for these prayer points. LORD we lift up PM Netanyahu to you and we pray for wisdom, wise council, and protection over him and the military. Lord we pray for every hostage and pray Psalm 91 over the land, but I also pray Psalm
121. We lift our eyes to where our help comes from. Our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. You are the Lord who keeps watch over Israel who never slumbers or sleeps.
I had just finished reading 2 Kings whenever this war broke out. In the chapters when God gave His people victory, He acted in supernatural ways. In 2 Kings 7:6,7 The Lord caused the Syrians to hear the sound of chariots, horses, and an army and they fled in fear. My prayers are specifically that God would cause the invading armies of Hezbollah and Hamas to hear the sound of the Lord’s armies and flee. Lord would you do it again. I pray that the enemies strategies would be foiled before they are carried out. When they Syrians were at war with Israel the Lord was telling Elisha the plans of the enemy and Elisha would let the king know and the plans were foiled. Lord confuse and frustrate the plans of the enemy and thwart every scheme according to your word in Psalm 33:10. We bring to remembrance the prayers of your watchman on the wall who have prayed for Jerusalem to be a praise in the Earth. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and bless her in the name of the Lord. In the midst
of cursing, we bless. All eyes are on Israel, but Lord our eyes on you. Have mercy once again in Jesus name.

Sara C Smith
October 10, 2023

Lord, my God, mighty one of Isreal!! Glorious one of Angel armies., creator, and lover of your children., cause this painful present exsistance of turmoil and war and fear to cease in Jesus name. You, who are not willing that any should perish.. stretch forth your very good hand and cover your people with protection and shalom and cause the land of their possession to be a great rest unto them. Pursue them that know you not.. persist and pusuade the proud heart and the evil doing.
Move, most mighty, for you are mighty to save!! I know you hear my hearts deepest moans and utter cries and triumphant decrees and I know you move the heavens and the earth to accomplish that word that has been issued forth from your beautiful mouth of holiness, truth and justice… See your creative heart accomplished in this, your people, you hear the prayer of the righteous! And how could righteousness be attained except at the beautiful and complete work of your son at the cross!? He, pressed for our iniquities! Bruised for our transgressions!! The chastisement for our peace, laid upon him!! This your son! My Lord Jesus! How delighted you must be to respond to the prayers and Praises of your people!! Yes, for you said, “before they call, I will answer! While they are still speaking I will hear!!!! You hear and you answer and you move because you ARE faithful who promised and you DO certainly abide with your people and your glory shall be seen in them and their homes and their families!!! And any and all existence of lies and falsified truths and bravado and evidences of things contrary to your heart and your firm word for Isreal, and for Jersulam and for all your beloved people.. I command it broken down and crushed beneath the very soles of the feet of those whom have been hurt by it in the name of Jesus!! It is written and I declare, You who have established them.. YOU are also Faithful to GUARD and KEEP them from the evil one, Lord! You have spoken it and it is written and it is done! And I judge you faithful who has promised just as Sarah did. We being sons of Abraham and daughters of Sarah.. how much more are we able to count on and persist and live and move and abide in the pleasantries of your word, having been bought and redeemed and saved by Jesus blood!
You have purchased for us your very good land for us!! And this is our inheritance to even ask the heathen for our inheritance.. so I ask., for those who do not know you as Lord.. Those esp in Isreal right now and of their families and loved ones and Ministries, unto all outreaches of those families… Lord call them out and convince them.. show them the beauty and loveliness of your son.. and reach in and save them all alike Lord.. save your beloved bride from the fowler and from the noisome pestilence., for you have said that No evil shall befall them and neither shall any plague come near their dwelling, for you shall give your angels charge over them to KEEP THEM in all their ways! Protect their children and their youth and their mothers and fathers and the grandparents and aunt and uncles and cousins, husband’s and wives., the widow and the fatherless.. the motherless also. Seize them by your mighty gentle hand and sweep them up quickly and abroad and shelter them in the bosom of your beating heart. I ask for comfort for the ones suffering loss and that you would cause their hearts not to be troubled, and not to be afraid., for it is written, “I will not be afraid of evil tidings, my heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. My heart is established and I shall not be afraid until I see my desire upon my enemies.” And, cause them to experience, as it is written.. in the multitude of my thoughts within me, YOUR comforts delight my soul., and why so downcast oh my soul! Put your hope in God! For I will YET praise him, my hope and my God! And also, Lift up your eyes to the hilss, from when cometh your help!!! My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth! Cause the song to spring up in them.. when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock, that is higher than I! For you, oh Lord, are for them! Who or what can be against them!!? You DO, and who can LET it!!? Who!!? No one can exist in your presence without being transformed by the beauty of your son! You!, oh father!! You hold the worlds in your hands!! You created the sun and the moon and the stars and the very life beating and breath flowing within us! You are certainly with your people., Your beloved and I know your heart longs and yearns for them!! Do great and mighty exploits on their behalf Lord, even right now!!! You who answers and moves before we call! You who puts in us to do and even to will of your good pleasure.. you put in your people, each and every one in the right place at the right time, Lord!! Cause many Kyros moments to happen among them.. bringing swift deliverance and great spoils and abundance and rest to them. Restore to them Lord! And as for those that foolishly set their faces against your people on a Moed, shall surely have their own visitation.. visit them Lord to the justice of your heart and for the love of your people whom you paid the price of redemption for through your son and by whom we can declare, ALL promises are YES and IN HIM AMEN! I decree as it is written in your word, that the Lord preserves and delivers them from violence and from the violent man. Also, you preserve them from all evil! You preserve their souls, you preserve their going out and their coming in from this time forth and even forevermore!! I decree it so even as your mighty arm rushes to save and deliver Lord, your precious ones!! Gather your children as a mother hen gathers her chicks.. cause your people to know that you are very genuinely among them.. mighty to save and gentle to heal and hold and comfort and wipe every tear. Stop the atrocities against them. Surely YOU yourself will deliver them! For the battle is not theirs, but yours, oh Lord! You surely fight this battle and they shall stand and see the great salvation and deliverance of the Lord that is WITH them, in Jesus name!! Surely they will see your work and know your heart and witness you walking among them as a bright light in Goshen where lights were in there dwellings and you set a difference between your people and their people and that the plagues of Egypt did not touch the place of the Isrealites. Even so.. you Lord you, who did these mighty works, can and Will do mightier things for your people now! You, who does exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think!! And by whom we can do ALL things and by whom, all things are possible!! For he who is in us, is greater than he who is in this world! And as Jesus is, so are we in this world! For how much more can you preserve and care for, supply, protect and keep your people now.. NOW that we can enter boldly, NOW that we, the redeemed can SAY SO, NOW, the day of salvation and the day of favor.. today when you say “I declare to you today, I shall restore DOUBLE unto you!”, create and bring a special restoration and deliverence Kyros Moed for your people Lord God.. Let it be a rest and a great restoration for them., a great peace. For I declare as it is written, they shall no more hear of violence in their land.. wasting nor destruction within their borders! For Lord you said, They that swallowed thee up, shall be far away..and “Thy children shall make haste; thy destroyers and they that made thee waste, shall go forth away from thee!! Lift up thine eyes round about! And Behold!! All these gather themselves together, and come to thee. As I live, saith the Lord, thou shalt surely clothe thee with them all, as with an ornament, and bind them on thee, as a bride doeth! And “Refrain thy voice from weeping and thine eyes from tears! For thy work shall be rewarded says the Lord, thy children shall come again from the land of the enemy! And there is HOPE in thine end, that thy children shall return again unto thine own borders!! For the Lord says, ” Shall the prey be taken from the mighty!? Or the lawful captive delivered!!? But thus saith the LORD, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away! And the prey of the terrible SHALL BE DELIVERED!!! For I will contend with him that contends with thee and I shall SAVE THY CHILDREN!!!” In Jesus name I decree it so.. just as it is written and I rest in you Lord who has promised.. for you ARE faithful. Bring great stories of triumph and glory from this in ways that only you can Lord, as it is written., ALL things work together for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose! And Your grace is sufficient, For your strength is made PERFECT in our weakness!! You, the father of heroes and the helpless and weaver of inheritance and confidence, instruct, equip, keep and save.. create of your own good pleasure in the presence of your people as you walk among them gathering them and holding them in the most real and personal way bringing true and deep encounters within your people Lord., being a witness in them and through them and for them to your glory alone. Bring deliverers even among those who walk with them that lay waste and make desolate.. call out the moldable heart and persuade them, so that you may use them for the deliverance of those held captive. Send, dispatch angels now Lord and do not rest until you see your beautiful heart accomplished among and for your people. I declare that all the earth shall see and acknowledge that this is the seed whom the Lord has blessed! And all the earth shall fear and tremble at all the goodness and prosperity that you procure unto your people.. your children, Lord. Your own children. I plead the blood of Jesus over all your people, now, and a hedge of protection about them., a shield Lord.. as you said, You bless the righteous, with favor you surround them as with a shield. And you Lord bless the dwelling place of the righteous! You said and it is written that our children shall be mighty in the land! The generation of the upright shall be blessed! Wealth and riches shall be in their house and their righteousness endures forever! And you also said, all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the SHALOM peace of your children! In righteousness they shall be established! They shall be FAR from oppression, for they shall NOT fear, and from terror, for it shall NOT come near them! And I believe Lord as it was with Hezekiah as he and the people rejoiced because you had prepared them.. for the thing was done SUDDENLY! And Lord you even harkened to his prayer that the GOOD Lord, pardon all whos hearts were set to seek you.. you not only pardoned them, but also healed the people!! So I come to you knowing you are GOOD! You are are so very good and your mercy endures forever.. pour out your love and your grace and mercy upon your people, and their land and heal and protect and preserve and restore. Give great gifts in discernment and wisdom and discretion and understanding and a hearing heart and ears to hear and eyes to see what the spirit is saying and doing among them and in your church. I love you father and thankyou for these things in the mighty name of your son, Jesus Christ, confident that you hear and quickly move on behalf of your people! Thankyou for these things, and all you want to add, thats in your heart to do!! Amen 🙂

Donna Patty
October 10, 2023

Read Psalms 94 and Psalms 88. I am praying for the people of Israel, for Yeshua to rescue and deliver His people from these terrorist. I pray for the leadership wisdom to make wise decisions how to move forward and deliver Israel.

Liberty Coffey
October 10, 2023

Lord We thank you 4 You are God! We come repentant of any foundational sins that need forgiveness In & over Israel and it’s people; Draw them into Salvation and Fullest of Wisdom Understanding and Application of Your Wise Strategy ;and Truth and Reconciliation Save hostages and bring UpRight Compassion in place with Justice Restored. Righteous living and spies removed As in Joshua’s days Heal repentant and SAVE your Nation Father ; the Godly Esteem You Alone are For Them perfectly that none other can boast Pour Out Your Spiritwithin Whom you Truly Are in their Area and Favor Healing with neighbors and in your Holy presence deliver All of Israel; Restoration of PEACE to Jerusalem and save the Nation’s and people that Honor Her because She is Yours. Peace Lord to PM and Families in grief and Wholeness Upon Faithful Givers Neighborhoods that provide for one Another multiple resources expand and anoint water food artillery whatsoever they may need. And Heal America as a nation likewise for The Glory you gave her too spread the Gospel too come heal her wounds likewise. Transfer the power of Christ blood and Saving Mercy Grace into a Living Church of People willing too obey You and Follow you in a doing Faith; removed from naive and gullible yet healed in soul and Spirit that on eternally being United we maybe found complete in You Father. Fully Restored and cleansed from all Sin and downfallen ways of the world that satan has deceived an perverted in which we were born into. We need you Father Son and HolySpirit. Come help us by All the fortifications of Heavens Kingdom that may be required we humble ourselves unto you Alone too Guide and Lift us Up unto accurate Faithful leadership and Guidance as the Victory is Yours Lord an we wish too abide in you. Our Victorious King. Amen

Brian Lynch
October 10, 2023

The Israelites are God’s chosen people. I believe that He will protect them, as He always has. Lord Jesus, we thank You in advance for the shield of protection that You do supernaturally place around Jerusalem, and Israel. We pray for their peace and safety of the people of Jerusalem, and Israel. We pray that one of the outcomes of this war will be the salvation of many people in the Middle East.

October 10, 2023

Father give them wisdom to the people in Israel, defend them with your angels as always you have done it with them.
I ask you Lord for wisdom to the United States not to be funding these terrorists with billions of dollars as Iran, Palestine etc. knowing they hate us and Israel.
They will never spend anything on the people in their countries to better their style of living .
They will use it to destroy us.
This is a spiritual battle , the reality is that Satan hates the seed of Jesus., therefore he wants to destroy the Jews and anyone who stands for JesusChrist.
Lord we pray that the hearts of these fanatics will be open to your Word. In Jesus Name.

Ruth H. Leech
October 10, 2023

Dear Lord, today may we your children be still and know that you are God. Send awakening around our world, this is an attack against all of us who love God, Christians and Jews. May we remember Jesus words: “Love your enemies.” Help us Jesus. Remind us through your Word.
Be the Father of Light to those in Israel and others. Teach us to pray. and listen for your voice. May we take heart and wait before you. Amen

October 10, 2023

full discovery of every evil work, full logistics to overcome we speak and agree

    R M
    October 10, 2023

    Never forget the 1979 Iran hostage situation and the complete failure of the wimp President Carter to force the release of American hostages then. There would be less trouble now had Pres. Carter in 1979 unleashed American military fury on Iran, sent in the Corps of Engineers to pump out all of Iran’s oil and get it to the United States, and leave Iran a desert with no resources to cause world trouble today. The demented wimp in the WH today has no leadership or cares about Isreal! Leave Isreal alone and let the Prime Minister lead the country to complete victory and annihilation of its enemies including destruction of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The Prime Minister has chutzpah, let him show it and the UN had better leave hands off this time!

October 10, 2023

As we are praying, I ask for prayers for an Anerican Jewish family, that I happened to meet yesterday, while in a small PA town, on vacation. They had just received news of nephews they have, called into the war. Tbese young men were 18 and 20! They had not served yet, and even as Americans, they are Jewish first, and called to serve Israel. So, we had an interesting conversation, and I let them know Christians are praying for them, and in all of this, that God will watch over and protect them, and His purpose be seen, and His will be done. They were very appreciative✝️🛐🛐🛐
May everyone be safe, vigilant, and family members everywhere, Jewish, Christian, and even Muslim, who also will be losing many of their loved too, even if they do not agree in their hearts that this evil should be upon any. Many, many innocent people losing their lives, and not even knowing Jesus Christ, is the saddest of all that is happening.
OH dear Father, help us to understand That part, and to get busy learning how to teach others The Truth more effectiveily, and every single day, every single opportunity you give us.
In Jesus Name ,
Acts 2:14-47. Tg
The First public sermon by Peter about salvation, and God’s Word has not changed! Satan has confounded this nessage, has maligned our true understanding, making generations believe sakvation is just a simple prayer, please pray for Truth and Light to open your eyes if you had not seen it before…read what Peter said, its then repeated many tines, after, throughout the New Testament, including Romans 6, before the explanation of ” confession of belief” in Romans 10. And, Rom.10 was a discusion of Israel rejecting Jesus Christ, and refusing to obey The Gospel, His Word, It was not about just anyone saying some prayer for salvation. Read with open eyes, and heart and mind…God Speaks The Same Truth, And through, “Jesus Christ His Son, is the same, yesterday, today, and forever .” Heb. 13: 1-9. Reading Heb. Chapters 10- 13. Is so helpful in understanding the walk of Faith, and and many other principles of obedience.
May GOD bless each one on their journey with Him.

October 10, 2023

The US is partly responsible for the attacks as well. We released $6 billion of frozen Iranian assets. We provided armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority in May of this year. Even now, the anti-Semitic factions of the Christian community are unsympathetic to Israel’s plight.

I pray that the eyes of our leaders would be opened to the evil represented by Hamas, and that Christians would remember God’s love for the Jewish people and would show them the love of Christ, that the blinders would be removed to Yeshua: their Messiah and ours.

    R M
    October 10, 2023

    Christian, what does one expect with a heathen in the White House?

October 10, 2023

Praying Psalm 35 over Israel that the Lord Himself will contend with those who contend against Israel; He will fight against those who fight against them.He will take hold of buckler and shield,And rise up for their help.Continue praying full Psalm. Also praying Proverbs 11:21 Assuredly the evil man will not go unpunished, But the descendants (seed) of the righteous shall be delivered.

October 10, 2023


1) Keep not Thou silence, O G-D: Hold not Thy peace and be not still, O’ G-D.
2) For, lo, Thine enemies make a tumult: And they that hate Thee have lifted up the head.
3) They have taken crafty counsel against Thy people, and consulted against Thy hidden ones.
4) They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
5) For they have consulted together with one consent: They are confederate against Thee:
6) The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
7) Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;
8) Assur also is joined with them: They have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.
9) Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the Brook of Kison:
10) Which perished at En-dor: They became as dung for the earth.
11) Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: Yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna:
12) Who said, let us take to ourselves the Houses of G-D in possession.
13) O’ my G-D, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.
14) As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire;
15) So persecute them with Thy temptest, and make them afraid with Thy storm.
16) Fill their faces with shame; that they make seek Thy Name, O’ L-RD.
17) Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; Yea, let them be put to shame, and perish:
18) That men may know that Thou, Whose Name alone is JEHOVAH, art the Most High over all the earth.

Apostle Tarrance Darmon Austin Sr(TerryAustin) & Joslyn Burke-Austin
October 9, 2023

I pray for the protection of Israel.I confess Psalms 91 over the entire country. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Betty Brown
October 9, 2023

Be Strong and Courageous;
Don’t be afraid or discouraged or disappointed,
For the Lord, Your God, is with you
Wherever You Go; ~ Joshua 1:9

Patricia O\'Connor
October 9, 2023

Abba, Father God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I pray for the protection of all of Israel and her people. I pray for protection of the IDF soldiers as they try to save Israel from this attack. And I pray that the leaders of the country and the military will turn to You for wisdom and direction so that Your will be done. I pray these things in the name of Yeshua, our Savior and Redeemer. Amen and amen!

Freda Farmer
October 9, 2023

Father, I pray the IDF prayer today.
God of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, may You bless the fighters of the Israel Defense Force who stand guard over our land and the cities of our God, from the border of Lebanon to the desert of Egypt, and from the great sea to the approach of the Arabah, on the land, in the air, and on the sea. May Hashem cause the enemies who rise up against our fighters to be struck down before them. May the Holy One, blessed is He, preserve and protect our fighting men and women from every trouble and distress and from every plague and illness, may He lead our enemies under their sway, may He grant them salvation, and may the Scripture be fulfilled for them that says “For it is Hashem your God Who goes with you to battle your enemies for you to save you. Now let us respond Amen!

Joseph Clements
October 9, 2023

21 “Turn thou us unto thee, O LORD, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.”
21 “Restore us, O LORD, and bring us back to you again! Give us back the joys we once had!”
21 “Bring us back to you, God – we’re ready to come back”

Lamentations 5:21 3 Separate translations for a dynamic understanding. Israel needs to turn around. This is not about what is going on, on earth. Israel is in direct disobedience with the Father in heaven. They, the Jewish people, precious to God, have rejected His son. They are facing judgement from a LAW they keep, that they cannot uphold without the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. You don’t receive the Holy Spirit with a re-birth from God without accepting Christ. They are at what seems to be a judgement. This is a pivotal point in history undocumented yet. There has been nations in the Bible that have been saved, intercession was made by the grace of God, when the people turned from their ways. I pray Father, for You to bring glory to Your holy name. Your will be done, If I have any intercession power in the mighty name of Christ Jesus, I ask Father You give them mercy. Protect the innocent, give wisdom and knowledge of You to the ignorant, supply them with discernment to see it is You, was You, and always will be You that is in control. People are dying, Lord Jesus, this is a mess of epic proportions we are not able to sort out or solve. We need Your help God. So much hurt, hate and fear is manifesting. There will be no forgiveness without Your Spirit God. Please forgive us, don’t destroy and abandon us. Lord Jesus Christ come quickly!


October 9, 2023

Thank you, I appreciate your prayers and concerns for Israel. I pray that all of Israel that they will “Seek Your Face… Psm 27:8,” and have eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to understand the ways of God and find Jesus, the Lover of their souls and chose Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be Rapture Ready…. In Jesus Name, AMEN

October 9, 2023

Brothers & Sisters it is looking very bleak for the hostages in Gaza. The Lord brought the story of 1 Samuel Chapters 4-7 to mind. The Philistines captured the Ark. The Lord struck the Philistines with tumors & pestilence. I’m asking that all intercessors start praying these chapters over the population of Gaza. That the Lord will bring this upon ALL inhabitants of Gaza so pressure will mount within the country for them to know they are being judged by the Almighty, and it’ll make the hostages loathesome in their eyes, just as the Israelites were to the Egyptians, and it caused the Egyptians to release the children of Israel after the judgments on Egypt. These are miraculous days we live in and anything is possible. Am Israel Chai!

October 9, 2023


October 9, 2023

Yeshua we ask for your intervention in this attack against You. Give us strategies as we work under Your mighty hand. Victory already belongs to You. Awaken Your people to know their need for you as you have before

Sharon Hessler
October 9, 2023

Lord God I pray for Israel’s leaders that They may pray and ask you for guidance on how to attack the enemy that has come into
their country killing and destroying anything in front of them. With your help they can overcome the evil that came into Israel. I pray
for supporters to support them in this time of trouble. They are your people God so place your hand over them, that their leaders will work together to overcome this enemy.

Susan S.
October 9, 2023

After hearing and reading about the atrocities, I became distressed. How could humans behave this way? Normal people not even animals behave this way. The spirit of Amalek came to mind. Read Exodus 17 8-16 and Deuteronomy 25 17-19. Amalek did not fear God and attacked the people of Israel after they left Egypt. They attacked the rear where the old, the young and the tired were.

October 9, 2023

Lord, I pray You harass the enemy on all sides and cause the wheels of their chariots to fall off as You cause the waters of holy opposition to come against the enemies of Your people and overwhelm and overcome them. Cause the waters of Your vengeance to close in on, and completely over them and cause them to be no more. Lord, we pray the leaders of Israel trust not in their horses or chariots but upon the mercies and faithfulness of God, for He will protect the Apple of His eye.

Julia R Martin
October 9, 2023

I pray the Lord heal, shield, protect rescue and restore what is rightly belonging to the nation of Israel. I acknowledge the truth of GOD’s Word and pray for His people to yield to HIs authority in the Name of JESUS CHRIST.

October 9, 2023

Let God arise and his enemies scattered and those who hate him flee from before thy face!

Zoe Ella
October 9, 2023

Let this not turn into another proxy war of US and allies vs Russia, Iran and allies. The people deserve better – to not be killed over issues linked to the interests of other powers.
The local issue is not a one way issue. Violence will not solve it. Israel has been pushing Palestinians off the land that has been theirs for generations, often forcibly, to gain more territory for Israelis, and punishing the Palestinians – often with atrocities, killings and holding of children in prisons – when the Palestinians object. Hamas has engaged in atrocities against Israel, violent atrocities. There cannot be a solution while the violence on both sides continues.
These are modern times, not times in history before the birth of Jesus. The Palestinians are not Canaanites, and the land does not automatically belong to Israelis the way they would want. Both have the right to exist without violence being perpetrated upon them.
We have a violent Hamas being encouraged by Iran and its ally Russia, and a violent Israel being encouraged by the USA. The USA and Iran are avowed enemies but do not wish to engage in conflict themselves. The people of Israel and Palestine deserve better than to be pawns in the situation, encouraged to fight each other.
There is a similar situation in Ukraine.
We need to pray for an end to violence and a just bi-sided solution that takes into account the just needs of both parties.

Cristina Lipp
October 9, 2023

As I read the articles of the attack, I pray for the Lord to give clarity to the Israel military on how to prepare for this war. May they seek the Lord in prayer first before proceeding as king Jehoshaphat did before going to war with a great multitude. 2 chron. 20:9, 12, 17.
There are many promises in the Bible concerning blessings the Lord will and has bestowed on Israel. One of those promises is to protect Israel, Zechariah 9:16..”and the Lord their God shall save them in that day as the flock of His people: for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon His land”.
Heavenly Father, we pray for your Devine intervention in this unwarranted attack on Israel. Go before them into this battleground, and lead them to victory. We ask this in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

Walter S Craft JR
October 9, 2023

God is and always has been in control. Those that made the ultimate sacrifice are with God and his Angels. One of those beautiful Angels is Ruth my wife of 59 and 1/2 years graduated to heaven 4 and one half years ago. Ruth is my eternal wife and with her knowledge of Gods word brought me to understand the need for salvation and so John 3:16 is my salvation verse. My dearest Ruth in heaven our love is eternal.

October 9, 2023

Lord God, I bring Israel, her people and Netanyahu before you. I ask the Israeli people and Netanyahu to humble themselves and call out to You Lord God. I pray they acknowledge who You are and ask for Your favor and help. I pray Lord God, Highest Name above all Names and all powerful God to intercede for Your Israeli people. Save, help, protect and rescue them and those that have been kidnapped and those who are fighting.
Lord, if it’s Your will, I pray You will also use America to help Your people.

October 9, 2023

‭1 Samuel‬ ‭17:26‬ ‭NLT‬
Who is this pagan Philistine anyway, that he is allowed to defy the armies of the living God?”

Ronald Bayless
October 9, 2023

Prophetic insight the Holy Spirit, gave me regarding the war in Israel.

This war in Israel. There is always a parallel in the spirit and what happens in the natural. This sneak attack by Hamas on Israel exposed their barbarity. Men, women and children slaughtered. Satan’s nature is parallel. It has been revealed, and this is what he has done spiritually in America. He is against God’s truth from Genesis, from the beginning,- – 1 Male and female I created them; 2 be fruitful and multiply; 3 that man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh.

This attack happened exactly 50 years from the date of the Yom Kipper war. The 50th year is God’s year of jubilee where deliverance comes to captives and debts are set free. Believers will understand in a new way that Christ has taken captivities captive. Jesus has defeated the powers of evil and taken them captive.

The battle will only be won by warriors in the kingdom of God. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” 2 Cor 10:4-5 It is time for the church to battle with prayers and intercession, put on the armor of God and wield the sword of the spirit and praying with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit for all saints.

“Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain.. Joel 2:1

October 9, 2023

Heavenly Father, Abba, Yahweh, hear the cries of Your people, both in Israel and around the world. Oh God Almighty, send Your angel armies to fight alongside the Israelis. Let Your strong right arm demonstrate the power of God to stop the enemy. Silence their threats. Push back their forces. Intercept every missile that is set on the destruction of Israel. Protect the Israeli and Gaza people who are in harm’s way. Give supernatural wisdom and strategies to the IDF and Israel government leaders, and to all those engaging in the fight. Give precision to the Israelis in targeting the destruction of Hamas. Fight with and for Israel and bring Your victory. May the name of Yeshua be spoken and called upon by many. May Yeshua Hamashiach, the true Messiah of Israel, the Prince of Shalom, be revealed and found by Jews and Palestinians throughout Israel and Gaza. Oh Father, have mercy in the midst of this war, and may Israel be saved and many be won to You. In the powerful holy name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

    Susan CC
    October 9, 2023

    I pray in agreement Tirzah….Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Holy is the Lord, God of Hosts. In the powerful HOLY Name of Jesus we pray. Amen

October 9, 2023

“The daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee.” — Isaiah 37:22
“Reassured by the Word of the Lord, the poor trembling citizens of Zion grew bold, and shook their heads at Sennacherib’s boastful threats. Strong faith enables the servants of God to look with calm contempt upon their most haughty foes. We know that our enemies are attempting impossibilities. They seek to destroy the eternal life, which cannot die while Jesus lives; to overthrow the citadel, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. They kick against the pricks to their own wounding, and rush upon the bosses of Jehovah’s buckler to their own hurt.
We know their weakness. What are they but men? And what is man but a worm? They roar and swell like waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame. When the Lord ariseth, they shall fly as chaff before the wind, and be consumed as crackling thorns. Their utter powerlessness to do damage to the cause of God and His truth, may make the weakest soldiers in Zion’s ranks laugh them to scorn.
Above all, we know that the Most High is with us, and when He dresses Himself in arms, where are His enemies? If He cometh forth from His place, the potsherds of the earth will not long contend with their Maker. His rod of iron shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel, and their very remembrance shall perish from the earth. Away, then, all fears, the kingdom is safe in the King’s hands. Let us shout for joy, for the Lord reigneth, and His foes shall be as straw for the dunghill.”
(Taken from Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotions)

October 9, 2023

We are declaring that God is going to show Himself strong on behalf of His people!❤️

Peg B
October 9, 2023

Heavenly Father, we thank You that we can come immediately to You and petition on behalf of the nation of Israel and her people. Calling into remembrance Amos 9:15 “I will plant them upon their land, and they shall never again be plucked up out of the land which I have given them” says the LORD your God. You are the faithful one who does not change and always keeps Your word, so we take our stand in it. Matthew 8:23-27 reminds us that Jesus is who we call on in the midst of a great storm. “why are you afraid, O men of little faith?” He is with the people of Israel and He is with us even now. He rebukes the winds and the waves and brings a great calm. Lord as only You can do, rebuke the evil and the wicked. By Your word, redeem the captives, heal the sick, bind up the broken hearted, raise the dead and take the victory over every word and every deed. Grant wisdom to the leaders of Israel, keep them unified. Divide and conquer their adversaries. We speak LIFE over the people of Israel, in the precious blood of Jesus. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

October 9, 2023

Praying according to 2 Chronicles 14:11-12: King Asa cried out to the Lord his God, “O Lord, no one but you can help the powerless against the mighty! help us, O Lord our God, for we trust in you alone. It is in your name that we have come against this vast horde. O lord, you are our God. do not let mere men prevail against you”! So the Lord defeated the Ethiopians in the presence of Asa and the army of Judah, and the enemy fled. ……They were destroyed by the Lord and His army, and the army of Judah carried off a vast amount of plunder.”
May God cover those innocent victims and rescue the children, the helpless. May He surround every soldier in the IDF at every point of conflict. May God’s Angel Armies take up the defense of Israel and defeat the evil one and all his demonic plans. We stand in faith believing the power of God’s Word…..in this day of trouble. Amen