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Lord, redeem the culture of our nation. Lead us to repentance. Purge our land of evil, and bring us a sweeping revival!

A recent Pew Research Center survey reveals a deeply troubling trend: A staggering 80% of Americans believe religion’s influence in public life is shrinking. This erosion of faith, particularly within the Judeo-Christian tradition that has long been the bedrock of American society, should serve as a stark wake-up call.

Have you taken your place on the wall?

Nearly half of the respondents view this decline as a negative development, while, 8% say religion is gaining influence in society and that this is a good thing. When those two numbers are taken together, it suggests that over half of the respondents have a positive view of the impact of religion on public life.

A Wall Street Journal survey also exposes a worrying generational gap. Only 31% of younger respondents consider religion very important, compared to a much higher 55% of seniors. This 24 percentage-point gap suggests a potential crisis in transmitting the torch of faith. Have we, the stewards of this tradition, failed to communicate the enduring message of Christianity — love, forgiveness, and hope — in a way that resonates with a changing world?

A flicker of hope remains, however. While the overall importance of religion has decreased (down from 62% in 1998), a significant portion (39%) still hold it dear. This dedicated core represents the foundation upon which a renewed commitment to faith can be built.

America stands at a crossroads. Can we bridge this generational gap and revitalize our faith communities? Can we recommit ourselves to the timeless truths of Christianity and the values that have shaped our nation? The future of faith in America depends on our answer. As the Lord’s intercessors, faithful watchmen and watchwomen, let us rise to the challenge and ensure that the truths of Scripture continue to resonate for generations to come.

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Angela D.
March 21, 2024

Praying and believing for the Lord to give this generation humble and repentant hearts that are receptive and responsive to His leadings.
I am standing on the authority of God’s word for this generation: Psalm 51:10 “Create in (them) clean hearts, O God, and renew steadfast spirits within them.” Thank You, Father, for working on the hearts of the young people; and on the hearts of all of those who influence them. Let them know what You, O God, require of us (Micah 6:8). “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what the Lord requires of you: But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God.”

Holly Timbers
March 20, 2024

When reproductive rights are stripped away by religious zealouts in the Supreme Court, and the MAGA cult of personality now worships a criminal…it’s no wonder folks are sickened by this “version of so called CHRISTIANITY.” Mostly because it goes AGAINST everything Jesus said!

    March 21, 2024

    I’m sorry, Holly, but using the term “reproductive rights” is a strong indicator that you share the secular world’s conception of sex as existing purely for personal pleasure and not as a holy, sacred union designed to spring out of true love and fidelity. Women and men’s outcomes/results from the sex act will never be equal, and ending an unborn baby’s life in the effort to create some sense of false equivalency is the height of humans deceiving themselves. It’s exactly analogous to people in previous generations finding a right to own black people as slaves/property because they didn’t consider them to be equal human beings to whites. It’s a sham, and in the eyes of God, an inexcusable argument to make. The term “reproductive rights” is a deliberate effort to deceive people into believing something that is morally wrong (abortion) is actually good. Please think about this and ask God to show you the truth in this matter.

      Sharon Miller
      March 22, 2024

      They call it reproductive rights to terminate an unborn child. How does that even fit in the same sentence together it’s an oxymoron and makes no sense!!! Wake up America!!!

    March 22, 2024

    Sharon Miller
    March 22, 2024
    They call it reproductive rights to terminate an unborn child. How does that even fit in the same sentence together it’s an oxymoron and makes no sense!!! Wake up America!!!

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