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Father, fill us with your Spirit of discernment and help us not grow weary, but renew our strength.

Three prophetic dreams given to and shared by a pastor named Dana Coverstone have been viewed over two million times on Facebook, with over 200,000 views on YouTube. I have had several friends send me the video and ask me to watch it for my thoughts. To be perfectly honest, I did not watch it until recently. I didn’t want to watch it because there was much division over the dream, and the division grieved my heart. But when the Lord prompted me to watch the video, I obeyed.

I see three different kinds of opinions emerging in response to this video. One opinion is that America is doomed. A second opinion is that the pastor is disbelieved and the dreams disregarded. The third opinion is calling out for America to repent. I make my statement not as an expert by any means, just as a woman of the faith, a woman who dreams frequently, and as an intercessor who longs to share the heart and mind of God with his people.

As I watched the video, I listened objectively to Pastor Coverstone describe his dreams.

He shared two dreams from the end of 2019 that he did not share with anyone but a few members of his church. He says he saw people wearing masks, rioting, and cities burning. We can confirm this has happened. I believe he had no reason to make this up or lie. I saw and heard no political affiliation. When I heard him speak, he very much sounded like a pastor. Pastors are shepherds. Their job is to protect God’s flock. I believe he did what he feels God told him to do. I commend him for having the bravery to do so.

The third dream the pastor shared is about the future. The dream showed more violence and destruction to come. He leaves his message telling the people to prepare. God does give dreams in this manner; many Christians seem to be having vivid dreams concerning current events. Joel 2:28 talks about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh. The result would be dreams and visions. The fulfillment of that was in Acts 2. I do not believe that this will be the last time we hear a dream in this manner. This type of dream that the pastor shared would fall under the type of dream that I and many call “warning dreams.”

For God speaks one way and in two, though man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men. He opens the ears of men and terrifies them with warnings that he may turn aside from his deed and conceal pride from man. (Job 33:14,15 ESV)

To warn means to notify in advance of “possible danger.” The key word here is possible, NOT probable, or certain.

If you warn someone in advance, there’s a chance they may heed the warning and crisis may be averted.  Look at this biblical example in Matthew 2:13—Joseph is warned in a dream to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt after Herod began to murder all the boys.

IF the third dream from the pastor is true, it was set to take place before the election. Besides being a warning, this is a foretelling prophetic dream, because it concerns the future, something that has not happened yet. With anything prophetic, we as Christians have a choice. We can choose to accept the word as the Lord’s; if we accept it that means we are in agreement with what has been spoken. Or, we can choose to reject the word or dream if we believe it is not of God.

We must use discernment now more than ever when we hear things like this.

Our heart is our filter and what we believe in hearts will show up in our words, and even in our dreams. I am in no way speaking against the pastor. I mentioned before that there were three kinds of Christian opinions on this video— ones who agree America is done, ones who reject this dream, and ones who are calling out for repentance.

IF this third dream is a true warning, I believe God is NOT done with America just yet. I believe that warning people through dreams is an act of love. As a parent, when you warn your children of consequences, you warn because you love them and do not want to see them get hurt. How much greater is the love of God for his people and this nation!

I believe that this dream is a wake up call for repentance, and a rallying cry for the intercessors. The main job of an intercessor is to stand in the gap.  Ezekiel 22:30 says, “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land, so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.” Intercessors literally stand in the gap pleading on behalf of those who do not know the Lord.

Time and time again in the Bible we see intercessors standing in the gap so God would not pass judgment.  In Exodus 32:14, Jeremiah 26:19, Ezekiel 33:13-15 the same phrase is repeated: “And the Lord changed his mind.” In these verses, God responds to the prayers of his people. And in Jonah, the Lord changes his mind because Ninevah not only prayed, but repented and fasted.

Yes, God warns. And the warning is a demonstration of His mercy. Yes, God disciplines, and His discipline is an act of love. Yes, God responds to intercession and repentance.  I believe God is awakening and stirring up His intercessors who’ve been weary from the battle. He is telling us to keep standing in the gap for our nation. To the watchmen His message is to take your place on the wall again. I believe He is extending an invitation to intercession like never before, to fasting and praying like never before, and to obedience like never before. Intercessors are God’s history makers, their prayers change the course of history.

If you have been battle weary, will you recommit to the place of prayer? Will you say yes to standing in the gap? Will you be a history maker?

I love this quote from Walter Wink, “History belongs to the intercessors- those who believe and pray the future into being.”

(Author Gloria Robles is a passionate intercessor with a prophetic voice for today. Photo from Erindor Press. By Nat Russo.)

2723 People Prayed
40185 People have read this article

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  1. One day before I saw this video, the Holy Spirit spoke the word September and then followed with the word November. I felt He probably was giving me direction to a personal decision. But He always confirms what words He has spoken to me. Within days I was scanning some videos and when I saw this video I instantly felt the Spirit prompting me to watch it. It confirmed September and November to be months to brace for, prepare for, and pray for. But when I receive a word that seems negative, the Holy Spirit gives me a surge of His presence with “Don’t worry I’ve got this”. So I had a dream last week that was vivid and I almost could hear the rejoicing from the people I saw filling the streets with rejoicing and raising of hands and with an overwhelming trust and faith in our Lord. They were packed without room between them. They were crying “Jesus!” as though He was right there in their midst. I could see the image of a background of hostile enforcers that were overwhelmed and could not stop them or even knew how. They sensed the presence of the Lord’s power. I sensed this was happening in Europe, perhaps Italy, and I thought how could revival break out where Christianity is almost dead. It could have been America, it was just a sense of Europe in my interpretation. I receive a balance of what the future holds and my place is to trust God’s holiness and love to do what is best for what is going on in our lives and in our nation and the world as I am led in scriptures daily to reveal the mind of our Lord. Don’t be moved back and forth for we don’t get what we pray for by fear and doubt of God’s righteousness and goodness. God bless the Body of Christ everywhere. I knew the dream was an answer to being called to pray for an Awakening. YES! It is coming!

  2. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is what God is telling us to do. He has warned us.

    We prayer warriors will determine the future. Repentance of Christians is the answer. God tells us what to do.

    Skeet Workman

  3. I have to say this must not continue, the church has to wake up and now, repent for destruction of great magnitude will come over America and the rest of this world, the REturn is nearer than you think. After the day of great distress the sixth seal will open and the Antichrist will be revealed.
    When Jesus was talking about tribulation, He was talking about a period of great distress that will come over the whole world such as has never been before, Guess what, these are those days and if the church is not ready for the Antichrist then you who are left will suffer beheading and death at a alaming rate. NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT AND BATTLE> REPENT OR ELSE.

  4. I speak not against the pastor; but, rather let God’s Word speak as it should. Simply to say we are to “test” the spirits. I.E. caution We are to let the Holy Spirit bare witness with our spirit as to interpretation. Amen.

    Acts 17:11

    “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

    1 John 4:1 – Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Philippians 1:9-10 – And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and [in] all judgment; (Read More…)

    Hebrews 5:14 – But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, [even] those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

  5. It’s up to the body of Christ; we’ve slumbered too long. We can’t play church any longer we have to be the church. His dreams speak to my spirit, but regardless we, the body, need to humble ourselves, repent and tell others about Jesus.
    Plead with God like Abraham did over Lot’s – S&G.

  6. I will definitely ask the Lord for discernment about this. In the meantime, I will pray that the Lord would have mercy on our nation. Not that we deserve His incredible mercy, but because He is a merciful God. The Lord tells us to be wise. It is always wisdom to be prepared. So while I await answers from the Lord, I will begin to seek His face as to what actions should be taken to prepare.

    As intercessors we must take this seriously until such time as the Lord would show us otherwise.

    We must never lose faith that we are His children, and no matter what happens, He is our source, our foundation, and our protection in any and all storms.

    Thank you that you are a good good Father, Abba.

  7. Thank you, Pastor, for sharing this
    I know people who are saying the exact same thing…..PREPARE.
    We are praying 🙏. Many years ago, Pastor David Wilkerson saw fires all over the country.
    Yes, God is warning America.
    PRAYING 🙏!
    I totally understand, agree, and believe you.
    I’m praying!
    God bless you 🙏.

  8. This warning bears witness within me and is most definitely a call for repentance. I suspect we must be greatly shakened still if we are to be greatly awakened if at all. Watch, fast and pray…now more than ever.

  9. I had the most vivid dream on January 26. It changed something inside me forever. It was a rapture dream and I got to see satan defeated. In my heart I believe God gave it as something to hold on to for what was about to happen. I also believe He was alerting me to be watching and anticipating.

  10. What I listened to has left me to ponder it, meaning I can not dismiss it. What I listened to also, has me wondering how to take heed. The mention of nowpreparing by way of have food in storage, in stock, had me think power protein drinks, protein bars, etc. kept stored in my cupboard. Alternative currency cannot do, etc. I do believe in Christ Jesus that I can not dismiss what I just listened to. Dear God, Heavenly Father, for these months ahead keep our faith anchored in the rock of Jesus, hope strong totally uncompromising to man and our trust set at “only” you; hearing your guidance, instruction, and counsel, in Jesus Name. Bless this Man of God as only You can for he spoke up~ to be Your vessel (mouthpiece/voice) of blessings many. We need You God, You are the answer for every worldwide and life problem. I love you and thank you for allowing me to hear this, in Jesus Name. Amen and amen.
    Saturday, 25July2020- JLG

  11. Dreams are meant for awakening the Christians to pray against the plans of the enemy.
    Why God revealed this to pastor is for his Church of God to cancel those plans of enemy by prayers and fasting.God plan is in Jer.29.11 thats why he is revealing enemies agenda for his children to stop it by praying and fasting.Queen Esther prayed with the Jews and enemy was defeated.Christian should stop the plans of the enemy and wake up and pray in Jesus Name.
    I cancel the plans of the enemy over America’s Election in Jesus Christ Name

  12. I’m gene, live in nm ..
    all of your testimony being explained, is very true… I deny none at all.. I don’t get in the word enough, it enough what you have stated God has his chosen word delivered. his love is so focused on us, yes sir.. all I have witnessed. his timing is here
    grace, grace, grace.
    Thank you in
    Christ Jesus. amen.

  13. One of the most powerful consequences of rediscovering the Order of Melchizedek lies in the spiritual revolution it will bring to the global Church. When masses of believers sitting in church pews discover that serving God in the marketplace is just as spiritual as serving God in His temple, there will be an incredible spiritual revival like we have never seen before in the marketplace. Imagine telling a medical doctor that God will show up in the operating room in the same way He will show up during a church service. Imagine telling a sports star that God desires to manifest Himself through them in the world of sports. Imagine telling a business person that God will show up in the boardroom while he is negotiating a lucrative business deal. Imagine telling the masses of born-again believers who have secular vocations that they can prophesy, cast out devils, and heal the sick while they are fulfilling their kingdom assignments in the marketplace. The possibilities are endless. AND WHATSOEVER YE DO IN WORD OR DEED, DO ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS, GIVING THANKS TO GOD AND THE FATHER BY HIM….COL.3:17

    If you can imagine these scenarios happening on a daily basis, then you are beginning to understand just how powerful and influential Christ’s Order of Melchizedek priesthood really is. God’s covenant people on the earth is the marketplace. This is why the Kingdom battle lines have shifted significantly from inside the four walls of the church to the boardrooms and offices of the marketplaces.


    God wants to expand the reach of His glorious Kingdom. The prophet Daniel tells us in his apocalyptic vision that the Stone (Christ) cut without the help of human hands in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is the Kingdom of God and of His Christ. Daniel tells us that this Kingdom will crush and replace every other spiritual and human kingdom. Daniel tells us that Christ’s Kingdom will cover and fill the whole earth-there will be no sphere of human endeavor where Christ’s Kingdom influence will not be left. But Daniel’s prophetic decree is only plausible if we agree that God’s plan of conquest includes every sphere Of human enterprise with His glory.


    God has a very powerful and unchanging divine agenda to bring entire nations into complete alignment with His divine Kingdom order. Making the kingdoms (systems) of this world into Kingdom (systems)of God and His Christ is God’s primary agenda. God is determined to see the spiritual, social, and economic structures of nations line up with His divine will and purpose. The scripture from Revelation shows us that there is an angelic agency within the Kingdom of God whose primary assignment in the Kingdom is to help the children of the Kingdom shift the course of nations into divine alignment with God’s prophetic purposes.

    The phrase “the kingdoms of the world” in Rev. 11:15 alludes to the seven spiritual systems that control the internal and external affairs of nations. These seven spiritual systems represent the seven spiritual kingdoms that control the future and daily activities of nations through demonic Babylonian technology. The seven spiritual systems are the seven spiritual mountains of Revelation 17:9 on which the spiritual demonic kingdom (Babylon the Great ) sits.

    The angel who shouted with a loud voice that the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of God and of His Christ, reveals that the seven spiritual systems have been set for conquest. The spiritual and physical infrastructure which is Babylon the Great has built for herself around these seven spiritual systems shall be brought into complete subjection to God’s order.

    Imagine a world where the systems of finance, business, law, media, sports/celebration, family, and church have been brought into complete divine alignment with God’s Kingdom agenda. For the most part, these seven systems have been in subjection to demonic powers making it quite difficult for God’s people to effectively advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. This is why church leaders cannot remain ignorant as to what God has made available for the members of their church under Christ’s Order of Melchizedek priesthood. There is a raging war between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God, and the frontlines of this prophetic war are found in the marketplace.


  14. I too believe that it is Time to Repent as we come before our Lord to ask for help. Part of our forgiveness may very well be the life we live as to be “part of the idolatry” like celebrating pagan days, halloweeen, christmas day, as we know that for Christmas He was not born in Dec., and for the other day mentioned we change it so our children will not be “left out” so we have them dress as angels or some bible character….what are we doing? I believe that his dreams were real, and we ought to be prepared…but we need to look at how we are living our Christian life. Repentance what a Word for us to digest, really look inward before we go to the Lord with some junk attached to us. God is Faithful, we Trust in Him, and come boldly to His Throne Room, seeking forgiveness individually and stand in the gap for our country that He shed His Grace on us. this is my opinion

    1. Yes, have Evil Traditions be removed along with Evil Government, Evil Jobs, Evil Businesses, Evil Systems, Evil Unity, Evil Relations, Ungodly Home-Life, uprooted and destroyed by his Heaven’s Armies through the LORD’S PRAYER! God has been dealing with this as to why stuff is going out of business Praise God through Jesus and HALLELUJAH!

      1. Also I forgot is Evil Ideology through the Governmental Education Systems as well as to why the schools shut down to stop teaching the Children and Young Adults the ANTI-CHRIST Tree of Knowledge of good and evil and have it be UPROOTED and destroyed as well in Jesus Name! I’m willing to lose a lot for this Earth to be like it is in Heaven!

      2. hi Angie, yes this world does belong to God it’s Creator, but the system of the world its governments are of satan. One day it will be as it was Originally planned by God. All is corrupt all to remove God from our mouths, remove the Bible and remove us true Christians.
        My thoughts were that we have fallen into the trap that satan wants us to believe it is okay to celebrate pagan days eg halloween for ex….and let our kids “enjoy” the time dressed as Biblical persons of the Bible….we cant hold on to a double standard…one side of our mouths Praise God, and the other side says “it’s okay to do this and that” when HE states come out of that//I am just wondering how our examination of ourselves should be before prayer….

  15. Gloria Robles,
    Thank you for your article and your wisdom. It reflects my own prayerful understanding that these dreams are a warning and the revealed end can be avoided. But we cannot ignore them or react in fear to them. The Lord, in His love and mercy, sent them to wake us up so that we would return to our assignment in this spiritual war. Let us be faithful to return to duty and press in “until” the battle is won and America is saved. God birthed this nation for His purposes and she has a destiny yet to be fulfilled in these last days. That is why the enemy wants to destroy her! Let us return to duty as Watchmen on the wall.
    God bless you.



    1. Hi Angie,

      What an awesome idea. I agree with what you heard about President Trump holding a repentance event in September to coincide with the Feast of Trumpets/Day of Atonement.

      You know Dutch Sheets (Give Him 15-An Appeal to Heaven prayer movement)on July 23,2020 related a dream someone sent to him about President Trump releasing decrees himself, stating that America “will complete her course and finish well.” Then the President went on to say, “God is not finished with America-not even close-nor is he finished with President Trump.” These decrees would be very appropriate at the end of the repentance event.

      Do you know how to contact anyone that would present this idea to the President? I just thought that possibly Paula White Conn may be a person to try to approach since she is President Trump’s spiritual advisor.


        1. Hi Angie, Just let me know what you would like me to do. In the meantime, we’ll contact a large ministry in TX and one in NC and share your idea. If we are able to get whole ministries involved to contact those on your list and the President, he will see the support for this idea. We’ll pray for doors to open so this is a success. Blessings to you and yours.

      2. According to scripture it was the prophets’ job to approach the head of the nation in times of need for National Repentance.
        Angie, have you presented this information from God to your pastor? I’m thinking of the chain of command needed to go through to finally get to our president so that he could schedule a period of time whenever it would be appropriate. Although I do agree that
        September sounds good.

        1. Hi Jane, Yes you are correct. When I replied today to Angie I let her know that we are going to contact a large ministry in TX. This ministry is led by a well known prophet in the Body. Thank you for your reply. Blessings to you and yours.

  17. I believe the Battle between good and evil will escalate up until the election and possibly after. We pray daily for our President. He needs courage, stamina and a the heart and mind of God to deal with so much tyranny and adversity. Our Congress is an embarrassment. The Democrats are spewing hate, devision like never before–or since the Civil War. They are so guilty of murder of the unborn, encouraging trangender and non holy life styles it is so shameful.. This evil has been building over the years while the Pastors and God’s people were silent all the while.
    Schools are a disgrace–improper attire, lack of discipline and morality, indoctrination of socialism, and a lack of a quality education. Will God save this nation? I pray so, but all Christians must become very involved to save it.

  18. In April, in the early midst of the Corona-19 virus lockdown, people began protesting for business/store openings and for work to resume as before. As I pressed into God – in my quite time, this is what He spoke to me:
    God says, “why do we keep striving to keep our normal? We are fighting to keep things the way they were. The world is struggling to hold onto the systems of this world. He is shaking us to bring us back to our first love – Jesus, and what is normal for us. As long as we spend energy to keep our lives they way they were, we will not repent. Without repentance, our focus remains on ourselves and not on God (or what He is doing in these end times). In addition, His shaking for us will continue until we are broken for Him.

    God is speaking and warning us – get ready!!! Are you ready? Thank you God that you speak to us and warn us – your Word is a promise to those you’ve chosen. Pray for our nation and leaders, but don’t forget to pray for your loved ones.

  19. In the Bible we see God tell Moses to step aside so He can destroy the Israelites and raise up a nation from Moses. And in Moses’ reply we see why he was a friend of God. God’s friends are on the side of mercy– not judgement. Will we be His friends? Jesus said He had overcome the world. Be of good cheer. The beloved apostle wrote that our faith overcomes the world. We must not just pray, we must pray in faith, believing that we will overcome the wicked one. Peace to all.

  20. Peter said….Prophecy in the bible is made more SURE

    Meaning… it is going to happen EXACTLY…how it is written.

    There is NO EVIDENCE God plans a deviation from what is written.

    After all Jesus said 3x….IT IS WRITTEN

  21. Abraham told the begger asking for water in the holding place in hade’s

    NOT to worry about going back to warn his brothers and sisters about HE’LL

    Because they HAVE the law, prophet….meaning the scriptures.

    God is NOT going to reveal or doing anything outside the bible. Jess said the words in the bible is SPIRIT. That is the SPIRIT we need to hear from the MOST.

  22. The devil is fighting me now as I try to type this prayer. Father God! Don’t abandon your children, please. You know that evil, conniving devil only wants to rule everything, and take as many with him to hell when the time comes. I know people can change. Look at me. We all lose our way at times, but I believe having been created in your image has instilled a part of You within us that can’t be erased. It just has to be drawn back out, like a little mustard seed, and it will grow and spread, and all will be good again. Please don’t give up on us. Let’s finish your plan. Thank you for the warning. We will get it together. There’s too many of us that love and glorify You. Forgive us for being so self-serving. Help us to see the errors of our ways and the pain we have caused. Please have mercy on us, and continue loving us. In Jesus name. Amen

  23. Father, thank you for Your Word in Amos 3:7 “For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.” As we hear prophecies, give us Your great discernment to know if it’s from You or not. We have seen in Your Word that You gave warnings and you even told the prophets what would happen if Your word was not heeded. When Abraham received Your word what You were going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah the first thing Abraham said in Gen 18:23 “Would You also destroy the righteous with the wicked? As we read this story in verse 32, Abraham finally asked, “Then he said, “Let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak but once more: Suppose ten (righteous) should be found there?” And He said, “I will not destroy it for the sake of ten.” You would not have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah if there were 10 righteous people. There are thousands of people praying and calling out to you, Father God in our nation. There are numerous prayer groups that have formed praying 2Chron 7:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Father may we the church repent from turning from You and doing our own thing. May we the church that have left our first love, Jesus, be restored, as You are the lover of our soul. May we come to You in Spirit and in truth and serve You will all our hearts. Thank you that You have a good plan for our nation that will give us a future and a hope. I thank you that You will save America with Your righteous right hand and heal our land, heal our nation, for You are the mighty healer. Your kingdom is come! Your will is done! in the mighty and all powerful name of Jesus.

  24. Years ago I asked God why He would allow me to dream things before things happened, especially when it was negative. His answer was that He was warning me ahead of time about Satan’s plans and I was to pray against it…NOT accept it. I do think this Pastor is hearing from God. However, his response should be to unite God’s people in prayer to pray AGAINST the plans of the enemy, NOT get in agreement with it.

  25. I totally agree w/what you’ve written here. I am so thankful for the beautiful, loving, truthful, succinct way you put it. It’s just the answer I need to send to a friend. Yes, though I have been a battle-weary intercessor, the Lord has recently, graciously revitalized me and called me afresh w/a new level of obedience, commitment and love to do Ezek. 22:30 again!

    Appreciate you totally! Thank you.

  26. YeHoVAh, Elohim of Abraham Issac and Jacob. Creator of Heaven and Earth. Who is higher than YOU. No one. By your very words the heaven were created and all their host by the breath of your mouth. In your loving kindness you created man. In your loving kindness you have been long suffering with man. In your loving kindness you shed your own blood payment for mans redemption. In your loving kindness you have aloud those that are evil to even still exist. Their life is but a vapor but those who trust in you lives go on for eternity. Let all the earth fear YeHoVah. Let all the earth stand in Awe of YOU. Father evil men plan evil against your people, against innocent people who may not even know YOU yet. Their hearts are conceiving evil plots even as I pray they plot against us and our nation that you gave to us. FOIL THEIR PLANS FATHER. FOR YOU CAN SPEAK AND IT WILL BE. Thwart the plans of the enemy. Let the plans of ADONAI stand firm. You observes all humanity. You who fashion the heart, knows all. No one is saved by the hand of a King or President. Even a horse in battle is false hope for victory. Your eye is on those that fear you. We give you reverence GREAT AND MIGHTY ELOHIM. This is your world and we are your people. We trust in you and YOUR angelic host to fight for us. We do not put our hope in any one person. Be our help and our shield. Let your loving kindness be our hope and shield in these coming days. Help Father as we cry out to you and trust in your mercy. We ask this in the name of the coming King of Kings Yeshua Messiah.

  27. i will pray and fast for our nation to repent and turn back to God, i have not problem accepting the dream from this pastor the first dream has come to past and i feel in my spirit the Lord has to deal with our nation’s sin.

  28. My first time I ever replied….there is an African American Apostle Charles Turner 111 that I saw on YouTube June 30 2020 that literally saw the same China n Russia ….I was very surprised…you can start on 12min before that they have other prophetic words…

  29. ABBA Father, I lift up your people, saints of the kingdom and ask you remind us each day “if my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways , then I will hear from heaven and heal their land”. Put a fire in the hearts of your people and burn that Luke warm ness we have been living in. Reveal to the people of this nation the stark contrast between righteousness and unrighteousness, between justice and injustice, between godly love and its absence, between truth and lies . And Lord, we know you can multi task… as you are putting the fire of your powerful love within your people, I pray you pour out your amazing love to those who do not yet know you, that love that melts the hate that blinds the people. And turn this nation back to you as you inspired our founders 244 years ago. In Jesus name and for Jesus glory I pray.

  30. Lord, thank You for the reminder that You work through the prayers of Your people. Things can seem entirely bleak, but then You seem to change Your mind as people pray. You tell us to pray persistently. Would you grant me fervency, faith, and deep love for You and for others? I do desire to be used to further Your kingdom. May I be faithful to listen to Your still, small voice and obey. Rid my heart of all self-pity. Cleanse me thoroughly. May I be a person who runs to You with all things that concern me. In Jesus Name, Amen

  31. Acts 2:28 says”AND IT SHALL BE IN THE LAST DAYS,”Gods says,”THAT I WILL POUR FORTH OF MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH…” That did not happen at Pentecost. Not nearly All! Pentecost was a prototype of the last great outpouring which will be on ALL flesh. The “manufacturing” version will eclipse Pentecost and all previous awakenings combined. Why? 1) It will be poured out on All flesh (however not all will respond).
    2) ! Thes 5:3 “When people are saying, “Every thing is peaceful and secure, ” (HUH?? never happened..why here?) then sudden disaster will fall on THEM..” NLT

    Revival always effects society in noticeable ways, but it has never happened to ALL flesh simultaneously. God says it will in the last days. Pentecost was in the first of the last days, but we are in the last of the last days. But it will not happen without prayer. Some of us have been praying for over 5 decades for that to occur. God is telling us through prophets to step it up and also BELIEVE, based on His promise to do what He said He would do! God is a covenant keeping God and 2 Chr 7:14 still works and when all the forces of the Kingdom of Heaven begin moving, WATCH OUT!! Google the Hebrides revival for a peek preview of The Spirits speed and power.

    BTW Donald Trump had 2 old great aunts who were early intercessors for this awakening and a cousin was the young 17 year old Donald Smith who was known for his powerful public intercession.

    I do not carry the title of prophet, but I believe I heard Gods heart in 2016, “God is up to something!” More recently it was “God is up to something BIG!” I believe it and see evidence of it in the Prophecy of the Word and what is currently happening. Take heart and pray believing! The latter rain storm clouds are already forming.

  32. I agree with you that it is a warning dream. So sorry to hear of a division because we are to hold one another up. I’ve heard a couple of ” probable” explanations of the dream but neither discounted that it was from the LORD. One person recounted the Biblical story of David who was given an answer to the question if the men of the city would hand him over to Saul, the LORD plainly said yes. Did David linger in that city?? No, he fled and when Saul heard this he didn’t go to that city. Did that mean it was in error? No. We are to partner with what God is doing and act, not stand still and let the enemy overtake us. I for one am stepping up my prayers even though I have had to go through warfare at times so that my prayers are powerful, carried by His authority.

  33. However any of us interpret this, one thing is for sure:
    The Lord is making clear here the URGENCY for us to “PRAY, with groanings too deep for words” for what is happening now and to be spiritually alert and listening for any and all things that the Lord will have us to do daily from here on out. He is a speaking God to each of His children and will show each one of us the part He would have us play. He is not a God of confusion but of clarity and each one of his own will have clarity as to what to do or not to do. We must pay attention and listen as God’s plan unfolds for each of us. He will not leave us in the dark but will equip us…

  34. Yes. Very well spoken. I do believe this is a warning dream from a loving Father. We must watch and pray. We can change the heart of God and divert his judgement. Thank You

  35. I don’t know if I am considered an intercessor, but I know I love to communicate with God a lot, and I believe it is the duty of every true child of God to reach up and take hold of the prophetic promises and call them in so that God’s perfect will is fulfilled, and that which is a warning to us, we should fall on our knees and pray for the forgiveness of anything that we have done or our nation so that he can turn and heal our land, so I will definitely be praying for God’s perfect will to be done and will continue to do so until the day he returns, or til he calls me home.So I guess you can count me in.

    1. You sure sound like an intercessor to me. I love what you said, about taking hold of the prophetic promise. That is one of the many aspects of intercession. Reminding God of his promises.
      Thank you Beverly

      1. Thank you, Gloria for your comment. I have come to realize that if God gives us a word about something and our spirit bares witness to it,then we need to reach up to Heaven and take hold of it and tell God that we believe and we receive it, or it can pass right over us and we will miss out on what God wants to do in our lives and in our nation. I don’t want to miss out on anything that he has promised us,or that he can do. I believe he likes to show up and show us what a mighty God he is.

  36. I have felt like a few other seasoned prophets that his first dreams were from God but the lat one was a glimpse into the second heaven, satan’s domain, and as such requires us to see what Abba says instead of what the enemy is proposing. It is like in Lord of the Rings when various characters looked into the palantirc stones. What they saw was the enemy’s future not God’s. He warns – God definitely warns – but His future is not sure and without hope. I suggest we bless this man, this dreamer, and revive his revelation as partial.

  37. I have felt like a few other seasoned prophets that his first dreams were from God but the lat one was a glimpse into the second heaven, satan’s domain, and as such requires us to see what Abba says instead of what the enemy is proposing. It is like in Lord of the Rings when various characters looked into the palantirc stones. What they saw was the enemy’s future not God’s. He warns – God definitely warns – but His future is not sure and without hope. I suggest we bless this man, this dreamer, and revive his revelation as partial.

  38. This is just a warning dream and not destruction on America! Yes, we’ve sinned against the Lord, and have done worse than Sodom and Gomorrah! But God is faithful and merciful, and hears our prayers, especially of those He’s called to intercede so He’d not destroy us. And we’re interceding and pleading for the land and because of His faithfulness, He’d send revival rather than doom. Repent America, and expect the Lord to send revival!!

  39. I do believe that God can warn us about these things for us to pray against the wicked plans of the enemy so that these horrific incidences don’t have to come to past. He wants us to awaken us to prayer and He is blowing a trumpet in Zion and sounding the alarm!

  40. The first thing I did was confirm these messages were from Father Yhovah. They are!
    In scriptural numerics 3 represents DIVINE COMPLETION. We are at the end of the age and end of Fathers patience. The fist of God slamming November is about the DAY OF WRATH.

    Brace yourself, the Elect without spots on their robe of righteousness will be caught up to safety and then all the evil and chaos left behind will be destroyed. Get the rest of prophetic warnings for the Congregation, found in the God-breathed correct interpretation of the Revelation prophecy, The Journey Through Tribulation. You must learn about the 3 woes.

  41. This is absolutely a warning dream. We have to repent for turning from God, for allowing abortions to kill so many innocents, for allowing our country to fall to such a state of moral degredation. And we must beg God for mercy. He is a merciful God. He gave the dream so that we would repent and pray and He could show mercy. Pray for those in the body of Christ who do not see this. Pray for those who are “rooting for the rapture” instead of falling on their knees! Pray for those who believe America is doomed. He has given us the honor and opportunity to change the future!

  42. I have found Isaiah 28 an encouragement in these times.
    Isaiah 28 is about a coming judgment to Ephraim. God is right and just in allowing this to come, but verses 5 and 6 bring hope in the midst of a series of destructive events. For the past several months, I have kept these words in my purse as a reminder that in a war between righteousness and evil, victory will come from His strength, not ours, even when it looks like all is about to be lost: “In that day the Lord Almighty will be. . . a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” The scoffers in verses 14-15 boast of their hiding place, but the Precious Cornerstone will bring justice and righteousness, as hail sweeps away their refuge, the lie. Then good seeds will be planted and good crops will be harvested according to God’s wonderful counsel and magnificent wisdom.

    1. It is time for all of us to humble ourselves and pray and fast for America. The time is growing short! Stand out against abortions, moral deprivation, against violence, against faith filled people, against the media lies being shared as truth. Ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit in voting wisely this Fall choosing those that stand for righteousness, those that stand for God, for faith, for freedom and for a government that supports the people rather than forcing control over them! We can do this with God’s help. Watch out America the Christians are coming with a force supported by God! Defend us in battle!

  43. Thank you for this. I listened. This is more of the same type of warnings given by other prophetic people of faith. God gives dreams and words of warning to His people throughout history. Often times, most times, God’s people hated the prophets…Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah and others. Other times, the people listened, prepared, turned and repented… Jonah, Moses, David, Even Joseph w Pharoah. Gods character does not change ,but He hears, considers and He does relent. I’m praying that His people, His Bride, His nation will cry out, repent and turn and He will relent from judgement at this time. 2Chronicles 7:14
    We are marching straight for the one world global dictator in Revelation. It is apparent that America and her ‘ In God We Trust’ freedoms and this President is standing in the big fat way of a one world global Marxist godless, humanist government and religion. Oh Lord, pardon, I pray, according to the greatness of Your grace, please forgive. Numbers 14:19
    Psalm 80:15-20
    19….Then we won’t turn away from You, if You revive us, we will call on Your Name. ADONAI, God of armies, restore us. Make Your face shine and will will be saved.

  44. When we use discernment and wisdom, we can see clearly what God has to say when a people are disobedient to His Word. We have brought all of this on ourselves by replacing Jesus with man, mammon, and pride. Yes, there is a way: admit that we have sinned and repent. Simple enough. “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds;” (Hebrews 1:1-2). “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34). God has spoken. His Word is clear enough. ” He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelation 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6,13,22).

  45. This video reminds me of a book,”The Vision” by David Wilkerson and in published in 1974.
    I pray that this is a warning of what will happen if we do not repent.
    I hope and pray that it will NOT happen, because things are bad enough already to send anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see to seek The LORD with all their hearts.

    Dear Heavenly Father, please send a revival that your children and all for whom Your Son gave His life would turn to You with all our hearts and repent of all that which is so dishonoring and displeasing to YOU.

    Father GOD, please draw us close to Your heart where we can hear You more clearly. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  46. No matter what our final conclusion is about the dreams, the fact of the matter is and always will be is that OUR GOD IS IN CONTROL”. We are to be ready, repent, pray, and above all fulfill the mission that our Lord gave us ALL, in the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. It doesn’t matter that most will not listen, we MUST REACH AS MANY AS WE CAN, END OF STORY!!!!!

  47. Much repentance with my eyes set on Christ is needed to avoid the soul sickness that Satan spreads to the Godless. Some know that which is the work of Satan, but others do not know that they are willing servants and slaves to that chief of liars. The opening of the seven biblical seals has begun and the wicked of the world is locked into murdering of the innocent. The peace of Christ is always open to those who love him, and I pray every day that I am not overly tempted to make bloody war upon the retched that would harm my family. I pray even more that I might be uplifted by God and spared the need of having to kill human beings in order to protect my own.

  48. Lord I thank you that you are a righteous judge and a loving father. Lord I thank you that you have called your intercessors deeper in prayer. Lord I thank you for the strength that you give us when we get weary. Lord I thank you that you have called us to stand as watchmen on the wall to watch and pray. Lord I ask for a greater strength in this season. Father may your people cry out in repentance. This nation needs you but I know you are calling your own children to repent. Father I stand on behalf of the body of Christ and repent for the division in the church. I repent for rebelliousness. I repent for pride and greed. Lord I repent for operating in the spirit of religion and not humbling myself before you, listening for your voice and obeying your commands. Lord I stand in the gap and repent on behalf of your people for not worshipping YOU for who you are, but for worshipping you because I think I may get something from you. Lord I ask for your forgiveness.
    Father I stand in the gap for this nation and repent for the murder of babies. I repent for the abuse of children, women and men. Sexual abuse, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. Lord hear our cries. Father I repent for the perversion that has been made so normal in this society. Father I repent for blaspheming your name. Father I repent for rejecting your son Jesus. Father I repent for walking in hate and unforgiveness. Lord I repent for all of these things for our nation and I ask that you have mercy on us. Lord I ask that you grant repentant hearts to both your peopleand the lost. Lord may your church come together in unity and stand firmly on your word.
    I love you Jesus and I pray all these things in your name


  50. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the dreams, Gloria. When I watched Pastor Coverstone share his third dream on Youtube, my thought was not one of doomsday certainty but rather that God was warning the Church what would happen if we didn’t pray. This was confirmed when Pastor Coverstone shared his most recent dream with his congregation on July 5(he said that he has learned to be careful with sharing dreams on Facebook because those postings can take on a life of their own). In the most recent dream, he is shown the month of September and the words “Solemn” and “Assembly” placed on either side of the month “September” on the calendar (i.e. ‘Solemn September Assembly’). Then Pastor Coverstone hears, “Arise My Bride, rise My bride, arise My Bride. Prepare to pray.” and then ” Arise My Bride, rise My bride, arise My Bride. prepare for battle” and finally, “Arise My Bride, rise My bride, arise My Bride. Prepare to see My face.” In the dream, he is also calling for others to help in praying and people from every ethnic group and denomination join in praying for America. As America repents there is a great harvest(he mentions Ezra 9:7,8 when sharing this last dream with Cindy and Mike Jacobs).
    This last dream has resonated in my spirit as what God is calling us as a church to do; 1. Prepare our hearts to pray by repenting for our sins of omission and commission, 2. Prepare to battle spiritual forces for the soul of our nation and 3. to prepare to see God shine his Face toward America and bring His blessing once more.

  51. For decades, I have been in the habit of seeking the lord at the end of each year regarding the new year approaching. This past 12/19, I was shown that 2020 would be a year of judgement (through the love of the Lord & His Mercy)upon the world. Judgement always begins with the House of the Lord (1 Pet. 4:17) which we experienced over the past 12 yrs. With some exceptions, God does tell is in advance (Amos 3:7). He showed me that His people would be ‘affected but protected’. By March, He led us to anoint all the doorways of our residence with oil and prayer as the Israelis had done with blood when the plagues passed through the streets of Egypt (not too late to do). God desires that all be saved (1 Time 2:4). He has recently directed me to begin praying for the leaders of this ‘movement’ of violence and destruction. It only takes one to turn this around. We may lose battles, but we win the war! I read the end of the Book. 🙂

  52. I pray that this is yet another warning, but I have a fear that we have ignored so many warnings that this is the real thing. We continue to abort babies at a frightful rate. Even Christians rationalize this through contorted logic. Many pastors exhort their flock not to be “judgmental” regarding this issue. I don’t think that sits well with the Lord of the Universe…He has had enough, and will stop it.

    The Tribulation may be starting before our eyes. Dear God, please have mercy on your faithful! Let us take heart from Luke 21:28:
    “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Let us join You in the air before these terrible events come to pass. We ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

    1. And by the way. Don’t stop there. God is not pleased when we have changed the meaning of marriage from what God ordained it to be ‘in the beginning’. Male and female.

  53. Thank you for sharing those dreams. Incredible!
    That’s exactly how God speaks to His people.
    Such a blessing, you’ve been so obedient to step out and let His people know.
    God bless you

  54. I have actually had repeated dreams of “version” three – repentance, a calling to return to be a watchman on the wall, to speak truth, to encourage, to “wake up” folks (i have the virus the “wu-virus” since its onset for “wake up”). So, reading this and praying for discernment resonates as we seek to trust and obey the Lord.

  55. In January 2020, I had a word come to me while waking up “doom”. I prayed and asked if it was my life that was to be, but no. A week later the Covid 19 virus started in our country. I realized what the word “doom” meant. death destruction or some other fate or condemned to certain destruction or death.

    I do believe that in these past few months as I tell people to pray, that there is a certain doom around us, that perhaps as this world pulls away from God and into a more sinful and without God attitude, there is that doom present. People laughed at me and then as the numbers rose and deaths occur and life as we know it changed, I said that is doom. We need to address the state our country is in and pray for a leader who believes in God, not what the media or the people want. But to do what God has told us, as in the 10commandments and the Our Father prayer.

      1. E, we do have a leader who believes in God. The systems of America are under judgment and yes we do need to repent as a nation. Our president is a new Christian but it appears he is growing fast. Whoever heard of Bible study every week in the White House and Melania would not move into it(White House) until every room had been cleansed of idols and anointed with oil and I believe covered with the blood of Jesus.
        I believe that as time has gone by that our president now knows just how deep and extensive the “Deep State” corruption really. It Is Massive and Worldwide. Hence the need for prayer. Yes, and I will be praying.

  56. Discernment. It is provided to us, upon asking for it from the Father in Jesus’ name. If one is truly Born Again of the Spirit, then the Holy Spirit is IN you and your discernment will be holy. But remember, we are still under Temptation from the Devil. He also can enter your mind and give FAKE discernment. So, when listening to people who claim prophecy, you must listen with an eye of skepticism until it is proven that the words are true. Prayer is always the answer, as turning to the Father will bring the answers. I sense a lot of fear and anxiety, which you shouldn’t have. We are to turn over all fears and worries, and to TRUST that Jesus will take care of it. Whenever the rapture comes, if we are living a simple live and have faith that the hard questions are being handled by our Master, then we are fine. Personally, I am ready at a seconds notice for whatever may come. I don’t require any more than that. Why should I? Trust in the Lord, Trust in the Father and his living Son, Jesus. Let what may come….come.

  57. Dear Gloria,

    Thank you for your commentary. I believe your thinking hadhelped. Moreover, you have offered some additional clarity of thinking, which is very helpful to the Body of Christ or Church, whichever is the preferred word.
    Just a quick comment about “repentance”. Repentance is usually applied and valid when it refers to Jews who atone for (sin) violation under specific requirements specified in “the law and the prophets”.
    The Age of Grace applies to the Body of Christ or Church who’s sins (past, present, and future) are all forgiven. Christians believe and accept Jesus as our Savior. He is both God and Man born of the Virgin Mary. He lived, was killed and died on the cross for our sins. He was buried and rose again ascending into heaven where He now sits at the right hand of God. Our faith, our trust in the Saving Grace through the cleansing blood of Christ‘s willing sacrifice means we no longer need repentance—we are already forgiven….now and forever. This is what Paul, the only Apostle assigned to the Gentiles by Jesus, reports in his epistles.
    Gloria, I believe you know this so I wrote what I did only to clarify my thinking, which your commentary has inspired. Thank you.
    Kindest Personal Regards
    Your Brother In Christ

  58. Two things are warranted. The first is submitting these dreams to seasoned, well-attested prophets who have a track record of hearing from God accurately. (That means they have been proven to be correct repeatedly.)

    Second, perspective is important. Are these dreams saying what is going to happen or what could happen? (Remember Jonah’s prophecy to Ninevah gave NO HOPE to those people and yet God relented when they turned from their sin, so even though the prophecy seemed unalterable, we know from hindsight that it was not.) Also, the fist pounding on the calendar is suspicious to me. Is the dream saying God is going to smash America, or that this is really Satan’s plan? Perspective/Interpretation is critical.

    Let us keep praying for the redemption of America.

  59. We can ALL agree that the Lord is calling the body of Christ to serious intercession for our nation regardless of our opinions of Dana Coverstone’s dreams! It is possible to have dreams from God and misinterpret those dreams and/or fail to discern the divine purpose for giving those dreams. Lance Wallnau has a gracious, detailed, and insightful evaluation of Cornerstone’s dreams and his interpretation/application of them on YouTube @“ Lance Discusses Pastor Dana Cornerstone’s Prophecy|Lance Wallnau.” It behooves us to allow seasoned and proven prophets of many years of public prophecies such as Wallnau, Hank Kunneman, Jeremiah Johnson among many others to evaluate the prophecies/dreams and application/interpretation of “newcomers”.Cornerstone says in his video he does not claim to be a prophet. 1 Corinthians 14:29 addresses this issue: “Let 2 or 3 prophets speak, and let the others pass judgment.”

  60. The situation with the change has come to pass too. In many stores there are signs about the change shortage. A worker at the store said the bank teller told her that they are not getting change delivered to them. We need to heed. God will take care of us. His mercy and grace has warned us to prepare to be preserved. It is up to us to heed or reject. We lose nothing by preparing, potentially everything by ignoring it. May the Lord lead us.

  61. The only comment is that there is no FEAR with God. Warning yes, but if there is a spirit of fear, then it may be flesh inter-mixed with the message? As true born again disciples of Chirst, he is our Hope destination, dwelling place and though we might meet sorrow & suffering, because Love is patient, love is kind, love is long suffering with anything, this is our call. Counter-intuitive with society? Yes indeed because our land is not the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is within us. Preparation? Yes, prepare with 100% PURE FAITH OF THE MIRACLE AND IMPOSSIBILITY OF GOD FOR PROVISION, PROTECTION AND PEACE!

  62. I tend to agree with the author of this article and here is why. I had a prophetic dream 30 yrs. ago that preceded a spiritual battle of epic proportions in my personal life. When God speaks to me in dreams, they are short and to the point versus most dreams I have that are what I call “nonsensical”, consisting of random adventures with with no real message. When He inspires a dream, I know immediately its from Him. I won’t go into the details of what transpired 30 yrs ago, but having walked through the ordeal, I think it’s interesting that the prophetic dream given to me gave me hope. I hung on to that dream believing God had given it to me to strengthen me for the battle ahead. There were many casualties in the battle, and many losses personally. What was interesting was the subject of the prophetic dream was not what I would lose, but that the thing most dear to my heart would be saved not lost. Two years after the dream, it came to pass, exactly as the dream had predicted, literally down to the exact words spoken.. if I had known how difficult the battle was going to be, I may have given up. God hid that from me. During the time before the dream came true, I was involved in the most intense spiritual battle I have ever known. God taught me so much how the enemy works. Little did I know He was preparing me for some much, much bigger battle to come 25 yrs later.
    Five years ago, before the election of 2016, I began to focus on a burden developing in my spirit concerning our country. I knew we were going down hill fast and understood the lawlessness of the Obama administration was setting us up on a path of no return. I looked to the prophets to see if God was speaking through them. I got online and searched and found Kim Clement and listened to the prophecies he spoke over the last 10 yrs or so. His words concerning Trump resonated with me. Could this be a chance for a turn around for our country? I chose to believe it was. In Nov. , 2016, I believe A miracle happened. Against all odds Trump won the election.
    So began my journey into the spirit world concerning the forces of darkness that had gotten control over so much of our country. As I began interceding at times I was overwhelmed at the depths evil that had gained a foothold on so much of our society. I came across the 7 mountains concept and realized the enemy had pretty much gotten control of every one of them. As I began to confront the enemy in the spirit, I was able to use many of the tactics I learned yrs ago. It’s the same enemy, it’s just on a much larger scale.
    So, concerning the last dream of all the chaos that he predicted, I want to make this comment. If we have lost the war, why did God put such a burden on my heart 5 yrs ago, lead me through the hours and hours of spiritual warfare, to know tell me it’s to late. You lost battle? That does not resonate with me. I do think things will get worse more than they are now, but I do not think the battle is lost. We will receive many casualties as even the victors do in war, but I still believe God has a plan for us and, yes the time is crucial for us to continue praying and recruit others into this fray. For me personally, the Word of God came true at the height of the battle. Let’s hope and pray that His Spirit will move on this great nation and that we will say only by God’s grace, mercy, and love have we been delivered.

      1. Thank you Gloria for your thoughts on this subject. I listened to the tape awhile ago and have been ruminating on it. Your article gave me inspiration to respond.

    1. Amen. Praise God for your comments Michael. He never said that all was lost. What he saw does mean it was the end. He merely shared the part God has shown him. From the Lord I learned that he gives many of us a portion. The portions are needed to complete the picture. You have a portion. He has one. As do many others. Let us not think that either of our portions are all. We know in part, we prophecy in part. The Father is the one with all knowledge and wisdom that he gives us a “word” of. Be encouraged and strengthened on your journey. In Jesus’ name. Agape.

      1. Maybe so Dawn. I just didnt get much hope out of his message. I personally dont think its “the end”. It think its just the beginning. Much has been revealed about all the corruption in Government, but the enemy has kept it hidden. I believe the truth will be revealed and the truth shall set us free as a nation. Just my opinion. Time will tell wont it?

  63. I listened to his video. My concern is that he was not presenting a warning but events that are sure to happen. He never gave a spiritual recourse. His only advise was to prep with food and supplies. I thought it was without hope.

    1. I agree Barbara. This is why we must use spiritual discernment concerning anything prophetic be it dreams, visions, or prophetic word. I think there needs to be more teaching on this. Most people do not understand that prophetic is many times conditional. There’s often requirements. However in this case, biblically when a warning is given, there should always be a redemptive stance attached because that is the nature of who our God is. People should know that even in the face of warning/judgement there is still hope otherwise people will be paralyzed by fear and hopeless.

      1. That is so untrue. We have been taught that but the Bible shows it is untrue. God did not give everyone an opportunity. God said Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns would be destroyed and they were. They do not exist today. There was no redemption. God speaks and does what he has spoken. He does not have to grant redemption ever, especially if he has given centuries to repent, as he did with the Canaanites. It is imperative we study God’s word for ourselves. His word never says that redemption is always offered. Redemption is offered through grace. The extension of his grace may end. Even in Israel’s history, they had to endure through the time of oppression and bondage. There was no redemption until God said it would come.

          1. Absolutely. Still that does not speak for the other instances of destruction. Truly Barbara, God gives us the freedom to choose or reject his word. Two things he dreamed have come to pass. Guess we shall see. It costs nothing to heed. Perhaps also God is looking for you to be Abraham and ask him to spare for the sake of five maybe? Just a thought. Agape.

        1. I partly agree with this. In Isaiah 26:9 it says that people learn righteousness when God’s judgement comes. So in even God’s judgement is merciful and we learn righteousness. As far as sodom & Gomorrah Abraham interceded on behalf of the nations and God allowed it. I do agree God warns and judgement comes as a refusal to heed the warnings. In the Old Testament we were under the law. In the New Testament we are under grace, so yes I do believe in redemptive words. We are under a new and better covenant. In the new covenant mercy triumphs over judgement. James 2:13.
          This is my belief.

          1. When I heard Dana’s prophetic dream, I was filled with total fear and anxiety, which is very unlike me. So I discerned that it was not a word from the Lord, at least the way it was given. It left me with a feeling of complete doom with no hope. When God has spoken a word of correction or conviction to me in the past, I have always felt thankful,cared about, and a peace that it was from the Lord. Not fear,hopelessness and panic. Isn’t that a test of something coming from the Lord or not?!

          2. In the Old Testament, when someone transgressed against the Law of God, it brought judgement. They had to bring sacrifices. Blood had to be shed for sin. Now, we are saved by grace through the death, burial, and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus. He shed His blood and was separated from God because He had the sins of the whole world on Him. God hates sin. “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?”
            (Romans 6:1-2) Grace did not come cheap.

          3. Michael, thank you for your comments especially the last one. Mark Taylor has said the same thing about after the 2020 election there could possibly be rioting. He also said that our prayers could make them minimal.

          4. Rita, I agree with you. That’s how I just something heard or read. If it troubles my spirit, I believe its the devil’s plan to produce panic and paralyze us. If it produces a plan of action(prayer) to avert evil it is from God so that the devil’s plan(s) will not succeed. Isn’t our God wonderful!?! 🙂

    2. I also heard him say that he was told to “brace yourself,” and in his comments he stresses prayer and repentance. He is convinced persecution is coming to the church. The main message, in my opinion, was repentance and spiritual preparation. The other physical preparation, was secondary. Jonah didn’t give hope in his message to Nineveh but when they repented, God changed his mind.

      1. I listened again to the video I have in my YouTube history. Never once did i hear him say prayer and repentance. Perhaps he needs to stop reading 40 news papers a day and rest his mind for a bit. That in itself can give you dreams.
        I whole heartedly agree we need to continue to pray and repent but I didn’t hear that from him, which was my original concern.

        And to Dawn Andrews, we all need to be Abrahams and do just that.

        1. The bible also says, pray for all men everywhere… to pray well, it seems needful to know what to pray specifically about. I’ve read criticisms of Pastor Dana reading many news sources. It is most likely that he reads in order to pray for the needs. My wife and I search the news hours a day, to pray too. Just my thoughts. Peace to you!

  64. I agree we must repent, fast, and pray. I also believe that we should wisely prepare at the same time. What if Joseph of the old testament had not prepared as God showed him? We must fast and pray; we must trust in the Lord wisdom. We don’t know for sure if we have already had our last warning, but we shall never give up seeking the mercy of the Lord.

  65. Thank you for this article and perspective. I wholly agree. I’ve been grieved at those who have preached doom and gloom. God is a loving God who does not want anyone to perish. He wants all to come into loving relationship with Him. Warning dreams/visions are as written here an act of love and an opportunity to prepare/repent or do what is necessary to avoid the potential. Again,Thank you.

  66. I am making a simple comment and not attacking anyone or saying anything is false or wrong. HOWEVER, in the book of Amos there is insight regarding things prophesied and or foretold. Look it up: KJV Surely the Lord God does NOTHING except He FIRST show His servants the prophets. In the book of ephesians Paul told us ” the lord set some in The Church, Apostles, PROPHETS, evangelists, pastors and teachers. I see and hear of many pastors speaking of dreams, ” WORDS ” from the Lord etc. Apostles and Prophets listed first, pastors fourth, and I am just setting forth the info/instructions given to us in God’s worth. Dreams visions yes, but in order with the word ? Just passing this along, The Lord keeps putting these things before me and I am finally expressing them.

    1. Is it all possible that he is a prophet and has not realized it yet? Amos was a sheep herder. Just because he does not identify himself as a prophet does not mean that he is not one. The measure of a prophet is if what he says comes to pass. Two have. One thing is certain: we will know if our “opinions” stand or not in November. For me I went into intercession after I heard this. God is also there that we can pray and ask, “Father is this true.” Lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge God and he will direct your paths – this is true for all of us. The Spirit of God bears witness to truth. Agape.

      1. Of course its possible, I did not challenge that, its just in my perspective I put dreams visions prophecies etc last in line when they are from Pastors most of the time. Let me give you a example. A few years back I visited a Perry Stone ( evangelist ) conference in St Louis Missouri. Perry commented on the election of the most recent Prez before Mr Trump. He had had discussions with two pastors who said they heard from the Lord about that Prez’s time he would be in the White house. Perry said to close all recordings, no note taking etc when he began to tell of the discussions he had with the pastors separately, as soon as that session ended I zipped into the men’s room and wrote out everything as told by Perry of those discussions. As time went on, not ONE of the things of those two pastors came to pass ! Not one. So that and other such events have brought me to sincerly examine pastors and others in the context of the two scriptural references I used in my reply. As for the coin shortage, on the doors at my bank in Oakley CA there are notices telling of likely coin shortages since april. The mints layed off many, many employees in the coinage production facilities over the chines virus issue.

  67. Blessings from our most High Father God, in the mighty name of Jesus. It is very obvious that Pastor Dana Loves our Lord & Savior Jesus. Here is the issue I have with this, QUOTE: “I’m very interested the news or the world I read 40 newspapers a day from all around the world I keep up with news and other parts of the nation’s”
    This is what he is feeding his spirit everyday.
    We Thank you Father for your grace & blessings you cover us with every day, in the Mighty name of Jesus, We bind up ALL the spirits of deception cut the silver cord & no other will return in it’s place. We Praise you Father & Glorify your name, We Bless you Jesus & repent for every way we have fallen short for there is no other like you, Holy Spirit we Praise you for guiding us through the mines the enemy has placed that we cannot see, In the name of Jesus we decree & declare that ALL of your people, your children, every living being, all of your NATIONS are covered by the Blood of Jesus, any & ALL the plans of the enemy, everything that is hidden in the dark are revealed, ALL POWER is drained to ZERO & ALL schemes, plans, plots & the like are thwarted & no other can be formed in their place, We Glorify you Father God, We Bless you Jesus, We Praise you Holy Spirit in the mighty name of our Lord & Savoir Jesus Christ, AMEN & AMEN

  68. God is always working for redemption.
    When He told Jonah to go to Nineveh He was going to destroy them
    “for their sin was great”. When Jonah went and preached God’s word
    to them they repented and God did not destroy them.
    I believe America is marked for destruction if we do not repent.
    But God’s desire is redemption, thus the warning.
    Church, we must pray!

  69. I would like to share another aspect of being asleep, which I pray will encourage you all.
    First let me say, As an ICU nurse, I can tell you that if you have a brain injury and are “awake”, we put you to sleep, by giving you a medically induced “coma” to allow the brain to heal from inflammation.
    While the spiritual battle against the spirits of fear, division, greed (to name a few) have taken a great deal of energy, has attacked every major organ in the body (for we, the church are the body), God is in control!
    While the winds of distraction and the consequences of sin have inflamed and confused our minds and has caused weariness, God is in control!
    Perhaps this “time out” during this time of history, might be just the that, a Grace-filled medically induced coma. While God heals the souls of His beloved children,while He calls each of us to repentance. While he removes the cataracts from our eyes. While He searches the hearts of His warriors , While we take every thought captive that sets itself up against the knowledge of God to make it obedient to Christ.
    While we wait and abide in His presence. While we do what He has called us to do each day (love God, love and serve others, share the Gospel).
    While we wait as He, the great Physician, prepares to wake us up. God is sanctifying and giving us Grace to become resilient (capable of withstanding onslaught, shock)
    so that we can take our place on that wall. So we may be ready to fight in the spiritual realm, for those whom God has called us to fight for.
    There is nothing new under the sun, I stand with you my brothers and sisters. I believe God is not done with us yet. There is nothing to fear. Our calling is to stand, on that wall, in the gap for God’s will to be done in His timing. Be strong, be brave and be well! Our God is in control.
    God bless you all!

    1. I agree we must repent, fast, and pray. I also believe that we should wisely prepare at the same time. What if Joseph of the old testament had not prepared as God showed him? We must fast and pray; we must trust in the Lord wisdom. We don’t know for sure if we have already had our last warning, but we shall never give up seeking the mercy of the Lord.

    2. Great word from your Nursing experience, encouraging .Thank you.. GOD IS A REDEMPTIVE GOD He already made a way for us…. the Lord says”no one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life, as I was with Moses so I will be with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you…Joshua1:5

  70. Pastor Dana had one dream not two, in December of 2019. Then he had two back to back, two nights in June. Several corollaries can be made with Pharaoh’s prophetic dreams: they were confirmed in that they were experienced in two nights, and one corresponded to the other. They also had food storage as a main preparatory theme. Money, in Mr. Dana’s dream would hyper-inflate, as violent events become recognized as a tipping point for the country. His dreams had a reiterated feature- “brace yourself” which suggests an inevitable outcome- as- this WILL happen. The much repeated warning in each of the three dreams was given him over 7 months, beginning in December prior to those dream details coming true. I have to disagree that repenting, fasting and praying will change the larger, overall course of his dreamed events, since his dreamed prior warnings have come true, showing us a pattern of inevitability. We have seen brace-yourself-worthy events already, why should we not take the future warnings equally to heart? The admonition is straightforward: “brace yourself”, not repent, etc. With that said, food is MUCH more important than toilet paper- which could be replaced with cut up old clothing. We walk by faith not by sight.
    “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Christians must avoid the mark of the beast at any cost, OR they cease to be Christian, Revelation 14:9-13. Life changes will need to be considered, ‘how do I shift attention from living “my best life now”, to preparing for ‘my best heroism… or my best martyrdom now’?
    We must be objective, walk by the spirit, and live sinless. Are we inquiring deeper- below biased media presentations. God is constantly on the move among us. For a moment consider, does the random nature of the riots and the pulling down of no less than freed-black celebrated memorials, have a calculated more sinister intent? Is the news media being stress tested for deception compliance? Are Americans responses to the riots an experiment, being observed and considered for foreign interference? Clearly, only criminals and foreign actors want defunded weakened police forces. Are we being prepped for an invasion? Again, God commands us to watch; (not the TV with popcorn) he means for us to diligently observe, question, study and pray…
    In surprising correlation with the above scenario, consider this: Israel became a nation in May of 1948. Jesus said in Mt. 24, “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation (the one that sees Israel re-emerge) will by no means pass away till all these things take place.” Seventy years is one generation period the scriptures use. So, by applying 1948 plus 70, is May of 2018. Is this the start of the first half of the seven years of tribulation? If so, in the fall of 2021 the world would enter the great tribulation. Are you and I witnessing the actual beginning of the end?
    Trusting You, Heavenly Father, we pray that you protect America, keep us strong and free to share your gospel! Give every one of your leaders the responsiveness, prudence and wisdom to lead his family and church in this very strange era, In Jesus’ glorious name, Amen

    1. Sir, this is the best and most reasonable analysis I have seen so far. (Doesn’t mean that there are not other I have not read yet!) Brace yourself and “Life changes will need to be considered.”

      Folks, were not going back to 2019! We and our country have done violence to His law. The Torah lays out the behavioral expectations of the Covenant between the people of God and God. But we have expected God to orbit around our lives rather than us orbiting around HIM. We need to order our ways according to HIS! “Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” Rev 14:12. For a while, I thought that if we heeded Jeremiah’s warning at the end of Chapter 17, to keep the Sabbath day holy,(and thus center our lives around Him again, in a very practical way- using that day to be refreshed and evangelize) that destruction could be averted. But I think we are beyond that now.

      Right now as I type this, comet Neowise looks like a drip out of the big dipper tipped just enough to let the first drop slip over the edge and run down the side and fall off the bottom corner of the pot. This comet has NEVER been seen by man before, as it orbits every 6800 years, and was not even discovered by man, but rather by a machine. This is a marker from the Lord for this time! No man saw it coming! No man knows the day or hour, but He expects us to know the season of His return!

      Brace yourself! Time to get oil in flasks!

    2. Continuing, I believe Pastor Dana saw the things he has described. Some have challenged his ideas, but even those who do, agree that he saw what he said… Which begs the question, did God give him that first dream, and then confirm it over four months with details- to make him believable, only to give him the other two dreams to mislead people? No, that doesn’t make sense. That’s not the God I serve. The dreams are meant for a warning, for people to prepare. It is certainly the mercy of God to allow you and I to know about these massive changes BEFORE they come upon everyone. I also believe, each person who calls himself a Christian should consider sharing what we are seeing and hearing, even though it’s all still somewhat vague and hard to accept, it just seems merciful- doesn’t it? Ask yourself, am I better for knowing these things or to enter the national collapse with no clue what’s happening… share with people.
      I have pondered and prayed about all this and have developed some observations. Of course, these are my personal ideas, but maybe they can provide someone else simple guidance.
      Note: The lull we are having now between “part 1 and part 2”, was also in Mr. Dana’s dream. Keep in mind, we’ve NEVER been at this point in human history before, it’s all new… These are uncharted waters, so all creativity and preparatory ideas are on the table. All bold loving acts of faith can please God!
      1. Preparing can be done early while food prices are what normally see daily, this seems smart.
      2. If a person waits to see clear signs, everyone will likely also recognize the need for food at the same time, and prices will rocket up, maybe even with violence. Think about a large hurricane and how people empty out store shelves- but this will be worse, nationwide and with no end in sight, and be many times worse.
      3. A lot of people don’t have extra money or any savings, and are barely making ends meet now. Pray, ask the Lord, would God have you invest in food rather than having up to date mortgage/rent payments made? Is a loan possible, what can you sell that you won’t need? Who do you know who will NOT be storing food but then would welcome you with your stockpile, to feed them? I’m simply being practical, creativity in light of wild circumstances.
      4. Leadership is important. People may want to get together as a group and approach their pastor. Watch the video with him. Keep in mind our culture is Grace-soaked, it’s difficult conceive of the massive change just weeks from now. Don’t expect an immediate embrace when you share the huge changes that we may be facing. Never forget, you are responsible before God, for your family. A proud leader can tear people even families apart, we must be humble, give people a little time and a second conversation. Have a planned outcome: “If the pastor watches the video responds like A, we will respond like B… if he scoffs and responds like C, we will go this way on our own… you get the idea. Don’t let anyone tear apart your nuclear family, we are Christ-like, so we always walk in Love. An obvious question facing everyone is what roll will their church play as events unfold. People who lead with excellence in the age of Grace, may or may not be a good leader in the Judgement era.
      Who can you contact and educate about this season: local police, local political leaders, family members, friends, relatives. It is merciful to widely share this information- Pastor Dana’s video. You are not taking responsibility for people, just informing them. Everyone will respond and live with what they decide. Again, it’s kind to inform… I went through all my phone contacts, to many people I haven’t talked with in years, and sent the video with this comment: A prophecy, consider sharing too… and the link. The comments though few back were all grateful and reflective. I have peace that people do care to know this. May our loving Father me with you and yours as we embark and this new adventure, in Jesus’ name, AMEN!
      My parting shot, don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed. I challenge you right now, take a can of tuna or some FOOD and set it on a shelf, then vocalize, “I will be prepared, notify others, and God will lead me in this new season.” PRAISE THE LORD!

  71. I truly believe in my heart that this is a warning that is directly tied to the so call Peace plan that the White House has proposed with Israel that Dave wrote about yesterday. God is therefore giving His people the opportunity to turn this around, “If my people who are called by My Name, ….” Therefore we should be in earnest prayer, writing to those we know in the White House to cancel this plan. Israel is also experiencing a wave of disasters. Let’s get at the root of the problem instead of the various symptoms and truly get delivered

  72. God’s Final Revelation is written in the Book of Revelation for all the members of Christ’s Holy Church. It is a global revelation for all people living and who have entered Eternal Life. Sadly, we Bible believing Christians only think that God’s Spirit is only active in the USA. God’s Chosen nation and people are Bible believing/living members in Christendom both Eastern and Western churches, who profess is the Jesus the Christ as their Lord and Savior and confess their faith in the Triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, we have theological issues from an American cleric claiming “dreams” only about his own nation and it’s people. However, we all Christendom we pray: “Come Lord Jesus! Come soon!” (Revelation 22:20) Sola Deo Gloria!

  73. Intercessors and prayer warriors.I believe America has been warned.After reading Pastor Dana’s message and the various responses. The Holy Spirit put a burden (burden bearer)on me for the Pastor. He was grieved that some people were poopoing the message he brought because he is unknown.God doesn’t want this to happen however if we don’t pay attention to this call to increased prayer and repentance The Lord will allow it to happen.2chronicles16:11-14 King Asa’s was afflicted with a disease in his feet it was a serious did and though he was a good king and knew The LORD he didn’t ask The LORD instead he relied on Physician’s only as a result he died. Likewise America’s walk before The Lord is badly diseased. We need ti seek The Lord harder than ever before. He wants to heal us but we have to do what it takes for us to be healed.The battle is fierce. This is what I heard,” it’s time for sack cloth and ashes” Like Nineveh everbody who claims to be a believer must NOW put on sack clothe and pour ashes on your head in repentance. The Lord will show you how to apply sack cloth and ashes in this morden day.
    Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before.

  74. I receive Pastor Coverstone’s dream as a type of warning, but know that the 3rd dream is not set in stone. The message of the dream is not to get our guns prepared, but to prepare in prayer and intercession for our nation. God has REVIVAL for our nation, but we will need to pray in a persevering way to see the GREAT REVIVAL, and to see our nation saved from anarchists who wish to overthrow our government. Oh, yes – before Trump is re-elected!

    1. Very well said Grace. I tried my best to convey, this message. The third dream is not set in stone. God has showed me dreams of things to come that I have not seen yet, but I prayerfully believe that I will. God showed Pastor Coverstone what could happen,but I believe if the church needs the call we could see a different outcome. God has shown many dreams of awakening and revival. Is it not the same Holy Spirit giving two different kinds of dreams? One sees destruction, one sees awakening,but both have heard/seen from God? God reveals these things for the purpose of intercession/ and action on our part. The action being standing for justice and righteousness, fasting and praying, doing what we must do on our part.
      Thank you for sharing.

      1. Actually Gloria both can be true. Destruction and chaos can produce awakening and revival. We know and prophecy in part. God gave you the part you have. God gave him the part he has. They are not mutually exclusive. A country can have war one year, peace the next; famine one month, plenty two months later. We cannot take any word as an exclusive word, it is merely a part of God revealing his plans or the path that we are on. Would it not be better that we pray and ask God if this message is from him? For sure, November will tell! Agape

  75. God says this morning,” how long must you be fed with milk and honey so your wailings cease. You have your instructions. Get up from your comfortable places and be at the forefront of this battle. There are millions who don’t know the power of the cross and the shed blood of Jesus Christ. ARISE, I SAY ARISE AND DEFEAT THAT WHICH DEFEATS YOUR MIND. My Spirit is right within you to win..ARISE.”

  76. I have been listening to various prophets, and totally agree that the Lord is trying to wake up His Church…Yet, I have not heard very much about “the Blessed Hope”, the Rapture of the Church!

    Yes, I believe that He desires for Us to preach the Word, warn others, and stand in the Gap…but, at some point, the Promise of God is to rescue His Church BEFORE the Wrath to come! If we continue to think that we can change God’s mind, even when our whole country is guilty of its Sins, then we have not read the entire Word of God. The Book of Revelation tells us about the 7th Church in the history of Christianity, and the Lord sends out His Message about what the Church of Laodica will look like just before the Rapture! I believe that this is speaking of US!!


    1. I do believe in the Rapture, and it looks like it may be the end times approaching, however, I think the American church has been very guilty of assuming WE would never be allowed to really suffer, that WE will be raptured before anything bad happens. Christians the world over have had to suffer terribly ever since the ancient Romans, thought the Middle Ages, muslim invasions, NAZIs and communists. We aren’t exempt. So we need to pray, fast, share the gospel, obey Christ, but not assume that we will never have to be persecuted. I hope we don’t ! I hope we are raptured before, but I’ve just talk to too many Americans who have said this and I’m afraid their faith will be shaken if they end up being persecuted. Praying for God’s mercy on our wicked nation, praying for repentance and revival, but also praying for courage if the country doesn’t repent and God’s wrath comes.

      1. Thank you for your message. God is the lover and keeper of our souls. Why wouldn’t our faith be tested here in America? I fear, too, if we are so sure the rapture will occur before much tribulation or persecution should occur and that doesn’t happen; is this the “great falling away”? Physically people are suffering all over the world because of their faith in our Lord Jesus. I pray the Lord will give us trust and faith as we draw close to His heart for the coming days. May we repent individually and as a nation; grieving over the Godless decisions our nation has made in years past. I thank Him for His grace and mercy over us and His patience and love for many years. I love my country; I weep for her and pray God finds enough of us faithful to hear our cries on her behalf. Thank you IFA, in all you are doing to unify the body of Christ for the glory of our awesome God.

  77. My heart is torn, both for my country and for the world. These dreams are difficult to hear, yet if we fail to seek the Lord, fail to pray and stand in the gap, I fear these dreams will be our reality. As with Israel, who failed to heed God’s continued warnings and ended up in captivity for 70 years, we are in danger if we fail to heed His warnings to us now. My conviction is that it’s time for battle. We must put on our armor (Eph. 6:10-17), pray, and stand with Jesus against the evil one and his plans. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

  78. I,too, struggled with this word. Maybe because I tend to look for the positive and have been seeking Ephesians 3:18-21 as a desire this year. Yesterday I found myself looking up scriptures concerning “battle” . 2nd Chronicles 20:15…Be not afraid or discouraged because of the vast number for the battle is not yours but God’s…You do not have to fight the battle ..position yourselves , stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. was repeated …do not be afraid or discouraged Go out to face them for the Lord is with you…1st Samuel 17:45….I come against you in the name of the Lord of armies for the battle is the Lord’s . Ephesians 6:10-12.Reminding us we are not fighting against flesh and blood but powers and principalities of darkness..One last thought ..We all have a position to take ..I belong to a group of women who meet to pray for this nation. He gave us a while back ,out of 2nd Chronicles 20 …To be those praise warriors who took their position at the front of the army….most sincerely,Linda Dieter

  79. He also had another dream on July 10 I believe. Its about the church praying in rhe month of September. The Redemptive aspect.
    I have watched all of his dreams the videos about his dreams I have listened to other well-known vetted men and women of God who have a prophetic voice.
    In the process of crying out to God myself He spoke to me 2nd Chronicles 7:14. As intercessors we all know this verse very well and I know that is the heart of our Father to heal our land but if my people if my people.
    We have a promise from God and I myself personally am crying out show me show me anything anything in me that is not pleasing to You.
    We have a promise from our Father who does not lie.
    Thank you for this post the clarity it brings.
    I’m on the wall with you. Humbling myself seeking His face turning from my Wicked Ways….. if we His people will obey. We have a promise from Almighty God He will heal our land

  80. Thank You, Lord, for Your Holy Spirit interceding for us with groaning too deep for words. Have mercy on us and our nation. Deliver us from evil. Thy Kingdom come, Lord. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    In Jesus’ Name,

  81. Lets not forget a few weeks after his video came out, his dream of the banks not giving out change came to pass. Head the warning that this is to happen with dollars soon too. Prepare now!

  82. We are called to repentance,to plead for sinners,stand firm,seek His face,be watchman on the wall,not pray to get us out of this craziness. This a out Kingdom business. We can not return to yesterday’s mercy. Today is the day of Salvation! Hear the still small voice of our Mighty God!

  83. I agree with what you have shared and thank you for you analysis of this dream as I too only reviewed it yesterday. One principle that I also add to your discernment is to look for a second witness. I pray for many in the church to become aware of the great need for our country to repent. Thank God for intercessors.


  85. Greetings,
    I wanted to say first how much I appreciate everyone of the team members for IFA!
    All the resources have been so helpful!
    There is a Pastor in Australia from Open Heaven Church who also has posted 3 dreams. His name is Pastor John Hemans. There are parts to his dreams that are similar to Pastor Dana’s.

    Has anyone on the team seen these? I would really appreciate your prospective on his dreams.

    Again I really appreciate the IFA!

  86. There have been other prophets not mentioned who have given the same warnings for the United States. God is speaking to America, will she listen??? I’m referring to “the church”!

  87. Thank you for your article. Like you said, unknown people are having the dreams and it seems that people are not listening because they don’t recognize the “name” of the dreamer. I have heard this mans dreams and others and am shaken inside. Father help us to once again take our positions on the wall. In Jesus name.

  88. Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I was so amazed when I received and read this article, because I had just posted in my facebook page – Sol Coelho – a spiritual perception that I had yesterday – 20th July 2020, which made me cry and feel anguish, for apparently “no reason”. I was perfectly well before the urge to kneel and pray to GOD and ask him what He wanted me to know and to pray about!. And to my surprise, I read this article you posted today 21st. July 2020!. Our Holy Father is really asking to all of us for prayers, in Jesus’ Christ name! Amen!

    I copy past my text:








    My prayers will go to you and your family, too!


    Link to my facebook page:

    GOD´s Mercy be with us!

  89. I think there are a few factual mistakes in this article. Pastor Coverstone had ONE dream in late 2019 and TWO dreams more recently (June 2020). Also, it’s not clear to me that what he saw would all happen BEFORE the election. The time frames involved were “September” and “November.” It seems likely that some of the events could have been as a result of the election (Nov. 3).

    Having said that, I agree that it is a warning dream and that means that God is not finished with America yet.

  90. Dear Lord Jesus,
    I praise you for the voices in the Wilderness. I praise you for who you are Oh God. You are Mighty and Greatly to be Praised. May the Angels of the Lord encamp around your people and extinguish the fiery darts of the enemy. In Jesus name.
    As we stand on the wall and pray we praise you Jesus for your blood and your body that was given for a price. Thank you that when we praise you inhabit our praises. Now I ask for forgiveness for pride, for idolatry, for sexual perversion, for sleeping, for breaking your heart, for trusting in man. Lord you said cursed is the man that trust in man Jeremiah 17:5-8. Father we trust in you with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding, in all our ways we acknowledge you for you direct our paths. Proverbs 3:5-6.
    Please heal our land and please bring one more revival. Not for the saved but for the lost to be found.
    Thank you Jesus,

  91. Thank you, Gloria, for an objective review of Pastor Dana’s dreams.

    Through discussions, I find many Americans are waiting for a return to ‘normal’, unaware of the signs of the times and dismissing the complexity of issues facing our divided nation from within (pandemic, economy, socialism, racial inequity, shedding of innocent blood, lawlessness, etc.) and without (Russia, China, globalization/one-world order). A spiritual perfect storm is upon us, yet the church at large is lukewarm at best.

    I believe the warning is for the church who slumbers not the remnant of born-again believers, the ecclesia, who have oil in their lamps and are anticipating and preparing for His return. When birth pangs come upon us in increased frequency and depth, the ecclesia will be ready and the great, billion soul harvest of souls will be fulfilled…Judgment is two-sided; positively, it draws attention to righteousness which leads to salvation. Likewise, persecution is a forerunner of revival.

    Let’s stop looking over our shoulder or praying to return to normal, acknowledge the signs of the times, and prepare for the days ahead. To paraphrase Pastor Dana in his interview with Cindi Jacobs, “Arise my bride, prepare to pray, prepare for battle (hard situations are coming down the pike), prepare to see my face.” (

  92. Most of us who have seen this video and heard other prophetic words are already much in prayer. Sadly, most will not see or hear any of the prophetic words. I wonder how many in Israel knew of the words of the biblical prophets. I don’t even know how they would have been disseminated.

    1. Thankfully, the Word of the Lord goes forth with power and might as witnessed in the viral circulation of an obscure, humble, small-church pastor’s post. Unlike many, he was not seeking an audience but pastoring his flock.

      May many listen, test & judge, pray into it, and seek divine personal application.

  93. I have had 2 dreams in my life that have come true. I dreamt about the plane that crashed into the Potomac, saw the chaos, the aftermath. I dreamt about the Skyway bridge collapse. Both were the night before they happened and couldn’t figure out why I had them if I couldn’t change or stop them from happening. But, I feel God was preparing me to except when the time comes He will send me signs through dreams and to trust it’s origin is from Him. I have felt the need to store food and have guns and ammo, and have done so, all before these current events started. I trust God is directing me and implore all to heed His warnings.

  94. I do believe God is warning us. It is also interesting that I have received a call to share about Repentance, on Sep 26, 2020, at the Mall in Washington, DC. A number of major Christian leaders will be there. They too recognize the need for our Nation to get on its knees. I grieve over what I heard in that video as I listened to those three dreams. It is a warning, and we are in a battle, the likes of which we have never seen. The people of our Nation need to get on their knees, repent, and pray in accordance with II Chronicles 7:14.

    I am a retired military officer and have been trained to recognize the importance of intelligence. It is very possible that the Lord is warning us through these dreams, and we need to ask Him–our King, who is King of Kings, Jesus, to direct us in our response and action.

    Rather than fear, I will be joining with those calling for repentance, and whether or not I am physically able to be at the Mall on Sep 26, I will be joining in prayer with them where I am at.

  95. I believe the Lord has impressed me with this warning: “Faith without works is dead.” I believe there are Christians all over this nation personally repenting and praying like crazy for this nation to turn back to God. But what are they doing to back up their prayers? If Christians don’t take to the streets with banners of righteousness, American flags, placards, and crosses held high, and rally for God in opposition to what the devil is doing with his “protests” (i.e. burning, looting, and destroying America), we will not see the change we are so desperately praying for. Where is the presence of the Church?? Hunkering down behind the walls or beside our beds is not going to change anything. The world has to see we are passionate and serious enough to actually go out of our way to DO something. And if we wait until the election, it will be too late.

  96. This is a sincere question from my heart- would God merely say “Brace yourself”? What about exhorting us to pray? Do we trust the words from this man and busy ourselves with preparation or do we pray with confident expectation that God will hear us and turn this around? All through scripture intense, impossible battles were won- not by man but through faith, prayers and praise to the Almighty God!
    Pastor Coverstone says we’ll know in December if what he’s saying is true. I’d rather he ask us to pray so his dream won’t come true.
    I’ve been taught that New Testament Prophesy is for our encouragement. I mean no disrespect to this pastor- but after listening to this I am sick with fear and greatly in need of encouragement.

    1. I too feel sick to my stomach, never thought I’d see America fall in my lifetime. But, the bible has prophesied this to happen. God does tell us to be prepared, as Joseph was told to tell pharoah his dream meant 7 years of food shortages were coming so they were given 7 years to store up. We all need to be praying incessantly for God’s divine intervention to hear our cries to save our land, but in the Lord’s prayer we ask for His kingdom to come, and His will, to be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. If it’s His time to end mankinds rule, we better expect it to be a war like has never been waged. God bless you and yours.

    2. My thoughts on his dream were more of a warning to pray AND prepare. Just the evening before this dream came out as I was sitting at my computer, I felt the Lord impress me to call my daughter and tell her that “This is a safe place. When you feel the need to leave Houston, get your family and get here.” I thought “now why did You share that with me Lord”. He then reminded me of how we held fire drills when the kids were little so that we all knew what to do and where to meet up. I felt impressed to tell her this also. I do know the Lord’s voice and I do believe it is a warning. I do not know this pastor and he may not have “given” the prophecy is the best language and format but he is a pastor and he said he hasn’t ever done this type of thing before. All I can do is hold the words given up before the Father and seek for our country and trust that His will be done. I have no fear as He will care for His own.

    3. Cathy, I could not agree with you more. So many love the doom and gloom prophecies and run around as though God is not in charge! We must continue to pray the Word of God over our Nation and the enemies plan! It is amazing to me that people will run after a “prophecy” from someone they know nothing about. Those who would speak as a prophet have very strict guidelines from the Word yet the church seems to disregard that today, even after Jesus says that false prophets would abound in the last days. I mean no disrespect to that Pastor either but when everyone jumps on the bandwagon coming down the street immediately that is always a sign to me to avoid the bandwagon. The prayers of the Righteous have great power! Do not fear and don’t give up! God will arise and scatter His enemies at exactly the precise moment in history!

    4. Dear Cathy, Lord Jesus taught that we ought not to worry. And, Apostle Paul also taught us to cast our cares onto the Lord because He cares for us. And throughout the OT and the NT the Lord tells us NOT TO FEAR many, many times because He is with us!! You may want to look up Scriptures on worry and fear; write them down and meditate on them and let them sink into your spirit! He told us that He will never leave us nor forsake us!! Hold onto this powerful promise and be encouraged, my Sister! In Jesus’ Mighty Name!

      1. Thank-you for sharing this! Very hard to swallow! I too have been asking God to show me how to pray! It’s so overwhelming! My heart grieves most for the lukewarmness of the church! I usually use my walking time to pray and intercede in the Spirit! One day walking I had a deep (almost visible) impression of a valley of “dry bones”! I came back and read about them again in Ezekiel 37. My impression was that this is the lukewarm church who needs the breathe of God’s Spirit to breathe on them to rise up to become the great army of God! Also when reading Paul’s exhortation the church of Ephesus, my heart was burden for how far some believes & churches have moved away making the knowledge of God’s Word a priority. My heart was stirred with “unto the measure of the fullness of God” Ephesians 4:13 (I’ve been praying that over the lukewarm believers-and myself)
        God has quickened my heart and is showing me where I have become complacent (Oh, Lord forgive me, forgive all of us).
        As I was listening to these warnings, I too felt fear! But I also realized that it corrected my thinking/longing for “things going back to normal”. I’m so glad that God wants more than “normal”! He wants us! All of our devotion! And although I worry, “well Lord, what if your people don’t heed your call????” He reminds me that many are rising up! I get so encouraged when reading all the responses on the IFA articles, cause it reminds me that there is a remnant obeying the call! The battle is the Lord’s”. He is calling us into position! I get weary and just want to breathe! But in a physical battle, you are in constant preparedness mode! It’s encouraging to reflected on the passages where the prayers of Intercessors resulted in “And the Lord changed his mind.” God strengthen us and hear our prayers, our hearts! We want You to be our first love!

    5. There is comfort and encouragement that comes with the warnings of God. Receive them both and trust that He is working all things for good to those who love him and are called according to His purposes. But intercede for those who refuse Him now and who are therefore living without hope. May their hearts be turned aright to look upon the One who saves before they are as the dust shaken from the very footstool of God almighty.

      Hebrews 12:22But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,
      23To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,
      24And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.
      25See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven:
      26Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.
      27And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.
      28Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:
      29For our God is a consuming fire.

  97. I listened to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s prophecy a few weeks ago and I believe it is a warning from God.
    It is a Father warning his children of things to come. ‘We don’t have to breathe in fear but walk out in our faith’. That is a quote from a musician friend Matthew Fiock in Texas who I believe spoke that as an encouragement to stay in the faith we have in Jesus Christ and to pray.
    The virus has many living in fear, breathing in an atmosphere of fear.
    Pastor Coverstone’s prophecy is a call to action; to repentance. We need to heed that call of the Lord.

    1. As an intercessor , I have to say . I have been battle weary! God is healing me and in the midst of everything I hold on to faith!
      15 years ago He gave me a dream about all of this. I’ve been praying for years for God to heal the hearer ! We have to fight this in the Spirit! I have had several dreams and visions of this happening . I have been putting it out there for years and no one would heed to the warning! We have been lulled to sleep and it takes a shaking to wake up the church ! Are we awake now ? Are we listening now ?
      Iam because when He shows us things. we sometimes doubt it because it is so severe . In the outcome of my dream , President Trump does a second term and we prosper like never before ! It is the last hour to preach the gospel like never before ! To see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit !
      We must not grow hopeless but remain hopeful for such a time as this The gospel will be preached in spite of all of this! Now this is happening I ask my friends , ( people I have shared with for years ) now do you believe me ?
      Last year I asked God when this was going to happen and He gave me Habikuk 2:1-4 . I understand what He says now it will tarry even though it will not . I have shared this with pastors and they said , that this would never happen. God is shaking our faith to believe Him and to believe for more ! The good things ! It is a time of sorrow, but there is still the good of God in the land of the living ! The birds are chirping and they are chirping , ” Persevere !” His promises are not slack! He is fighting the slack in the body of Christ and it’s time to stand as the body of Christ , to put on love and to plow in hope ! Hope does not disappoint! We put our armour on and stand !

  98. I think this is an excellent response! It is so important that all believers exercise discernment, especially as the end days are enfolding before us. As we discern the myriad of words both spiritual and secular that are spoken every day, we must keep in mind that the end times will be great and terrible. Warning words will come, but if they cause fear and hopelessness and don’t also contain redemption, then we should at least question the validity of that word, because our God is a God of hope and we are told in scripture over 350 times, not to fear. Prophetic dreams and words should be spoken and discerned, however the understanding of what was seen and experienced is also a matter of individual interpretation, which at times can lead to misinterpretation. As God shakes everything that can be shaken, there is no doubt that we will all experience the shaking, however be careful what you embrace and agree with in your spirit as it will determine your course.

  99. When I saw the video I was devastated.. then someone sent me another a video Curt Landry posted in regards to it .. Rabbi Curt Landry is a Christian and the pastor of House of David ministries. He interprets dreams .. He sent it to a trusted friend to also interpret it and without discussion they both prayed and then compared notes .. both drew the same conclusion. Yes it is a warning for American and that it is the plan the enemy has for America!
    This post here is in agreement with what pastor Landry said and I recommend that all watch his video.. the warnings area a serious call to prayer and yes standing on the wall and in gap for this nation !
    God Bless America and our president DJT

  100. It reminded me what Chuck Pierce saw when God spoke to him about “tightening your belt.” I believe we may see these things but I also see bc of it a people rising up & taking their place, I see both happening. I don’t believe God is finished w America

  101. I have not tried to explore dreams or ask for prophetic visions, because of genetics I am predisposed to visions and some precognition. I am also unfortunately a physical empath and its just a natural trait I have had for all my life. These inborn abilities are burdensome most of the time. I don’t share my visions or empathic knowledge because normal people laugh and Christians tell me I’m wicked when I do. Its sad that I cannot seek help from most Christians, those of us with natural abilities face frequent attacks or just visits by dark entities. Please pray for protection of those like me who have inborn abilities, we face frequent spiritual battles.
    It does worry me that the Pastor explored dreams and visions from God. Opening oneself to the spirit realm can open yourself to the Good, Bad and indifferent – its like making yourself a Ouji board. You don’t know who you will connect with when you open yourself up to spirits and visions. Pray for Pastor Dana and those in his flock also exploring dreams to be protected from dark entities or tricksters and only receive messages from God or his agents.
    Pastor Dana’s prophetic dream has helped make me calmer. It aligns with the messages I’ve been getting.

  102. Just noticed another part of this man’s dreams has come to pass. It happened after his dream was posted. “Coin Shortages” Has anyone else seem these signs at the store and/or drive thru? I have. A call to repentance is needed. Weepers, warriors and watchmen must come to the wall.

    1. I see it a little different, our President has pretty much gotten rid of the Federal Reserve & is currently working on reestablishing the gold & silver standard (now is a good time to buy it) I believe we will see the wealth of the wicked given to the righteous. But we need mature righteous people that know it’s for the ministry that we are given it, not to misuse it

      1. I know days are definitely getting tough and will continue to get tougher. In fact a preacher spoke just this past Sunday about getting prepared as well. So, I am following the 13 steps he provided and trusting God, standing upon Him, the Solid Rock, Fortress, High Tower, etc.

        How does one convert cash to gold or silver? I’ve been thinking about doing the same but just haven’t followed through. But now I believe I will.

  103. I saw this video as well, and I interpreted it as a warning, a call to wise preparation, and diligent prayer and repentance! Not just personally, but for/as a nation. God impressed me to plead for Him to spare America for the sake of even 10 righteous!

    I later dreamed that the ‘back’ of ‘chaos’ had been broken, that God heard the cries of His people, and would ‘stay’ His Hand of judgement and destruction. I am grateful, at peace, and continuing to pray.

  104. One important thing missing in these warnings is the call to pray and intercede. I believe 2 Chronicles 7:12-14
    This message only invokes fear without hope and there is a smugness in it’s delivery. I believe what the Lord’s Word says, and not in dreams. He has been encouraging me to pray for revival first among believers than to be empowered by His Holy Spirit to witness during this crisis, not stock up and get guns. I discern this is not of the Lord.

  105. I believe God is giving America a second chance and Christians true followers of Christ need to be bold and start speaking out and put on the Armor of Christ and the watchman s needs to blow the trumpet ( shofar) for the signal Of the enemy.

  106. This video is very sobering. I keep praying Jesus will come for His bride before things get as bad as he saw in his dreams. I keep praying that God will withhold His judgment while His children are still here – we do have more than 10 righteous people in the land… I also keep praying that my lost friends will come to Jesus before it is too late (they just roll their eyes at me when I tell them what is coming).

  107. I pray people will intentionally each day pray, repent and reach out to the lost. Pray for those who don’t know the Lord that we as believers would show them the real Jesus. Pray especially for overturning Roe v. Wade and for healing of our land. Get our eyes off all the problems and get our eyes on Jesus.

    1. Time for the Nehemiah’s to stand up and take their place on the wall. To rebuild and watch interseed for our nation.
      We are here for such a time as this , let us repent and take our nation back , heed the warnings
      Lifting JESUS higher Amen

  108. I really agree with Gloria’s & our third option & Call of the Lord to stand in the gap as Gloria suggests…some of the things God has me doing is not getting off the Wall and not growing weary by staying in His Presence & listening to Him & His also listening and paying attention to Dana Coverstone & our other prophetic intercessors voices, (Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Dave Kubal & IFA,700 Club, etc.), believing & proclaiming “changing His Mind and proclaiming His Promises Scriptures”…the other thing the Lord has been impressing & revealing, as IFA is pointing out that there is a large portion of Believers who have been “silent”, “confused”, “asleep, led astray, etc,”.we have these huge, great inspirations to direct His & our assignment to reach out to them! This is exciting! Because through all of the words from the above mentioned prophetic intercessors I can share their inspirations to all the Believers in my spere who are confused, feel hopeless, led astray & asleep or whatever….even non-believers…to help those out who are confused..! I don’t have time to get too down or discouraged, having “fun” with “assignments”…I can share stuff like IFA’s “Arise & Stand”..etc Thank you All. Love you All! AMEN!

  109. When I heard Pastor Dana’s dreams, they bore witness with my spirit and I shared it with many in my realm. I then saw where many came out with their opinions. I appreciate this article. I felt “brace yourself” meant “pay attention, prepare, & be about God’s business.” Thank you for this article and GOD bless Dana Coverstone, his family and his church. And GOD bless America.

  110. I believe it is definitely time to war and not be weary…to stand in the gap and to rally together. We all know HE can change HIS mind. But, are we deserving? So, many have made this life about themselves and forgotten our whole purpose of why we are here..I pray for repentance..i ask God to remove the blinders from HIS people before its too late. Come Holy Spirit! Calling down the fire from heaven..dry bones to come to life!

  111. Intercessors and watchman work hand in hand. God shows things to the Watchman and they cry out. If the intercessors pray God sends the troops and things can change!!!

  112. Thank you for this article my heart has been so heavy for Pator Dana…I felt there was so much negative talk about a brother who was being obedient ti share what the Lord showed him…I don t know him but listening to him I felt he spoke from his heart….I pray Lord heals all wounds in his heart due to words of mouth …Be Blessed

  113. I have seen the dreams and have sought God on them, also.
    Thank you. You have captured the meaning and purpose.


  114. Well stated, Gloria. Like you, I believe that God’s hand may be moved, and that He may yet relent. And indeed, we do seek His mercy.

    But we do not fully know His will and His purpose. If He chooses to bring this judgment upon our nation, then our attitude must reflect that of the Hebrew children, “Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king. But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.”

    In the midst of suffering, persecution and unspeakable hardship, God tells us one thing: Endure! And in fact, Pastor Coverstone has related another more recent dream with that very message.


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