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Father, forgive our nation for the corruption we are seeing running wild in our nation. Please protect our freedom of speech we experience in our nation.
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Iowa State officials worked with Big Tech last year to censor posts related to the 2020 election, government watchdog group Judicial Watch announced on May 3.

Judicial Watch’s claim is based on the 624 pages of records it received from the office of the Secretary of State of Iowa as a result of a June 2020 open records lawsuit. Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit (pdf) because the Secretary of State’s office failed to provide records and communications relating to the state’s voter registration rolls as requested by Judicial Watch. . . .

Judicial Watch released records on April 27 showing that the California secretary of state, the Biden campaign, and Big Tech coordinated to censor some social media posts about the 2020 election. . . .

“These records further show that Big Tech censorship is a government scandal: Iowa government officials worked with Facebook to remove posts they didn’t like, and Facebook bowed to this political pressure immediately. It should be disturbing to all Americans that government officials are working to censor speech they disagree with and that these behemoth companies often seem willing to roll over and censor free speech,” Fitton said.

Kevin Hall, communications director for the Iowa secretary of state, emailed Facebook official Rachel Holland on Feb. 3, 2020, asking for help with a Judicial Watch post they deemed false, according to the records (pdf) released by Judicial Watch.

Holland responded within an hour that Facebook had “applied a filter over the content warning users before they click to see that the content has been rated false by independent fact-checkers.”

A couple of hours later, Hall contacted Holland again, saying, “They [Judicial Watch] have new posts up, doubling down on the false claims.”

Holland responded that Facebook had “a full team with eyes on this now and are applying the false filter to similar articles as well.”

Hall also filed a report with Twitter to try to censor the same post. . . .

Kane declined the request again, saying the post “is not in violation of our election integrity policy as it does not suppress voter turnout or mislead people about when, where, or how to vote.”

Benson then emailed Brian Scully, an official at the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), asking him to report the issue to Twitter.

Scully promised to contact Twitter. “Sorry … been out of pocket a bit. Will reach out to Twitter. Let me know if you get something.” . . .

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and Judicial Watch sparred over the claim at the time.

Pate, a Republican, said in a statement that Judicial Watch’s claim was “deeply flawed” and “patently false,” and the Iowa population was greatly underestimated, based on data reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Judicial Watch responded the next day, saying “it is shameful” that Pate is misleading Americans and state residents about the accuracy of Iowa’s registration rolls. Fitton told The Epoch Times at the time that “the EAC data is the gold standard,” and Judicial Watch had successfully used analyses of EAC data in several lawsuits in other states. . . .

Share your thoughts on these officials working with Big Tech to help censor election posts in the comments below!

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Article by Li Hai. Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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Jean Johnson
May 6, 2021

Lord, I pray that governments (federal, state, local), media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.), social media (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), organizations (World Economic Forum, the UN, UCLA, BLM, etc.), and individuals (Biden, Harris, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Waters, George Soros, Bill Gates, etc.) will NOT BE ABLE TO HIDE the massive corruption in this country and around the world. I know it takes a lot of money and effort to suppress information. I pray that they will NOT BE ABLE TO and that all monies, effort, etc. that are used to undermine the American citizens, the economy, schools, churches, businesses and the country, will go to waste. That all will burn up and blow away like chaff in the wind. Do not let their efforts prosper. Show the enemy Your power, Your strength, Your might. Show them to their faces that You are the One true God and that they are defeated! It is in the matchless name of Jesus, I pray! May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

May 6, 2021

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

We have naively trusted our government to do the right thing when all the while, government has been the enemy. They are the ones who wish to destroy our country, our Constitution, our freedom to live our lives and worship our Creator. They are the ones who are denying permits and banning free speech – The CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security, Unions, the left run media, Zuckerberg, many in Congress, BLM, Antifa – well you get the picture.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. – Winston Churchill.

Carole Ann Neve
May 6, 2021

I don’t know who the Benson is here: Benson then emailed Brian Scully, an official at the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), asking him to report the issue to Twitter.” I think the Judicial Watch Team is on the trail finding many nefarious things. I hope they are correct in their findings. Judicial Watch even found fault with Iowa’s census being underestimated according to an article link, whatever that had meant. It seems that dog eat dog paraphrase situations are going on at the state government levels versus the truth finding tell all’s. I hope the real truth will prevail.


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