I Prayed have prayed
Father in heaven, protect our elections from corruption, illegal activity, and violence. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Analysis. Many of us have been shaking our heads over the government’s apparent inability to stop the flood of illegal immigrants at the border. According to the latest statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, more than 7.5 million people have crossed the southern border during the Biden administration. Most of them have now spread to various regions across the nation, where they are receiving all kinds of government services and financial aid. Given the drain on our resources and the social problems all this mass migration is causing, it seems incomprehensible that our elected officials haven’t closed the border, beefed up security, and repatriated all, or even most, of these illegal crossers.

Is there, perhaps, more going on than meets the eye?

Experts like Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, seem to think so. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Krikorian said: “Illegal immigration has all kinds of effects, and among them is that it distorts the mechanics of democratic government. Illegal immigrants aren’t even supposed to be here, so their inclusion in the census count for purposes of apportionment really is outrageous.”

He is referring to the executive order that President Joe Biden signed in January 2021 requiring that the U.S. Census Bureau count “nonresidents,” including illegal aliens. This could have sweeping effects on the distribution of electoral votes and the popular vote. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, there are an estimated 16.8 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. as of June 2023. Therefore, because every House seat represents 761,168 residents on average, the total number of illegal immigrants accounts for roughly 22 seats in the House. That, in turn, influences the number of electoral votes assigned to each district.

The experts seem to corroborate a recent claim by Elon Musk that tolerating the illegal border crossings is a deliberate attempt by the Democrats to garner votes, secure their power, and turn the U.S. into a one-party state. While it’s hard to prove conspiracies that large, most would agree that ever since the suspicions surrounding the 2020 elections, underhanded tactics have become more commonplace in our election processes. Such tactics are, due to the freedoms and fragmentations that are part of our complex nation, easier to perpetrate than to prove. Is George Soros behind it all? Is China secretly stirring the pot, in cahoots with the Bidens, to weaken America? Are the members of The Squad plotting a socialist takeover? It is hard to tell what lies beneath it all and whether or not it’s all connected.

These recent warnings indicate that 2024 is shaping up to be an election like no other. Political and ideological divisions are sharper than ever. People seem to be angrier than ever. Some even fear some sort of civil war, because they think each side is likely to explode in uproar if the other wins. Others have suggested that God has removed His hand of protection and blessing from this nation because we have turned increasingly away from Him, and that He has left us to live with the consequences until we see the error of our ways and return to Him.

The great news for intercessors is that God Himself does know. He often chooses to reveal only what we need to know to enable us to stay close to Him, pray, and take the next step in accordance with His kingdom purposes. And there is more good news: His purposes stand forever, and He has chosen to work through the prayers of His people to bring those purposes to bear.

More than votes, political activism, or protests — important as all of those are — our prayers are the most powerful action. Each overwhelming crisis, each looming danger, each evil conspiracy that threatens our safety, our freedom, and our right to justice is an invitation to turn to the throne of grace. And each is an opportunity for God to move mightily in answer to the prayers of His people.

How to Pray
For that reason, I invite you to pray without ceasing over the connection between the border crisis and any attempts to underhandedly influence the outcome of the 2024 elections.

Pray that the border states will have the courage to act and that Congress will see the urgency and close the borders.

  • Pray for God’s protection over the integrity of this year’s elections.
  • Pray for peace in the land no matter what the outcome.
  • Pray for His kingdom to come into American hearts like never before, and for His will for America to be done.
  • Pray that conspiracies hidden in darkness will be exposed by the light of His truth and kept from steering our nation further away from being one nation under God.

Father in heaven, forgive us for talking the talk about being one nation under God, more than walking the walk. Return Your hand of protection against all the illegal activity at our borders. Expose hidden schemes to steer our nation to a one-party government by stealing or underhandedly influencing the elections. Bring peace to every state, and protect us against any violent reactions. May these mounting problems make many hearts hungry for You and bring revival to our nation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Do you see any connection between the borders and the elections? How are you praying?

Remco Brommet is a pastor, spiritual-growth teacher, and prayer leader with over 40 years of experience in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the U.S. He was born and raised in the Netherlands and pastored his first church in Amsterdam. He moved to the U.S. in 1986. He and his wife, Jennifer, live north of Atlanta. When not writing books, he blogs at www.deeperlifeblog.com and assists his wife as a content developer and prayer coordinator for True Identity Ministries. Jennifer and Remco are passionate about bringing people into a deeper relationship with Christ. Photo by Milo Espinoza/Getty Images.

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February 29, 2024

Lord Keep us faithful in prayer, joyful in hope, patient in affliction.
We look to you for clean honest lawful elections with only eligible voters. Ask that voter rolls be cleaned up, no mass mailing of ballots, no unattended ballot boxes, all legitimate mail in ballots accurately handled and certified.
Thwart the plans of those with deceitful, lawbreaking, plans to steal votes, kill our godly legacy and destroy our families and nation.

Nancy Krueger
February 22, 2024

It’s important that we take a stand against the enemy’s attacks on our Churches and the real President of our Nation, Having done all to stand in prayer one with another.

February 21, 2024

Thank You, Lord for every illegal immigrant You have allowed to cross our borders, I DECREE in Jesus’ name, they shall encounter Jesus Christ and be transformed into His missionaries and evangelist who will return to their native countries with the GOOD NEWS of Christ the Savior.
For those illegals with unrepentant hearts that will not yield to the move of Holy Spirit, and who will not turn away from doing evil in this nation–Your nation, Lord God–take these ones out swiftly. No more delay. We give You all Praise and Glory!

February 20, 2024

We serve a God that can bring good out of evil if we stay close to Him and live His way and pray. Romans 8:28 “ And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” I am experiencing this Bible verse in my life right now and it is amazingly true!! Ended up in the hospital and God turned this seemingly bad thing into good by reconciling me and some estranged family members that I loved and missed very much. Never quit praying and trusting God because that enabled Him to do His wonderful work in my life. Glory in the highest!!! This verse also applies to our borders, who is illegally in the country, and what should be done. Trust in the Lord always. Trust in the Lord until you see His good work appear.

Grant Windholz
February 20, 2024

Lord God, please 🙏 protect our voting system and keep out the corrupt migrants from inflicting American citizen votes. Don’t allow government officials to infringe on Americans who pay taxes and forcing citizens to live a chaotic society from migrant votes!

February 20, 2024

We also need to remember to be praying for the salvation of those who enter our borders – that if they have come onto our land with evil intent these inten be thwarted and their hearts turn to Christ

Pamela Broom
February 20, 2024

Thank You Lord Jesus for your blessings today and thank you for intercessions for America! Lord I ask that you may help the citizens of our once great country and to help prosecute and the real perpetrators of the laws of our country. Bring justice according to your good Will!
For the prosecution of innocent citizens and mostly current lawbreakers sitting idly in government. For You put all Kings in place whether good or bad according to the sins of the people. I love you Lord Jesus! May Your Will be my Will and My Love be your Love!
I n your name I pray,amen

Darlene Estlow
February 20, 2024

Father, may we pray. Help us not to be silent but to speak truth. Involve your ekklesia in each of the seven mountains that rule things so that you may govern. Give us wisdom. Foil the plans of the wicked. Continue to turn many souls to you. Help us to minister to illegal aliens that they may come to you and then return to their homelands to be missionaries! We pray that you would close our borders and protect us from our enemies, outside our borders and inside.

February 20, 2024

When there is no border enforcement, there is no sovereign America. Unless Christ returns or this nation repents and turns from the pure evil and corruption that now permeates society we are lost as a Nation. It will take a true miracle to restore us. I know God still is in the miracle business but we’ve thumbed our collective noses at Him for years and we have stood by as THE SILENT MAJORITY. Sadly now we have become the silent minority and must no longer remain silent. Ben Franklin said it best. ” It’s a Republic if you can keep it .” Unfortunately we seem to have forgotten it was up to us to keep it and to be grateful to God for it. God help us and God please help America.

February 20, 2024

I recently returned to USA through JFK. The Spirit called me to be alert as we approached the Canadian coastline. As i was waiting for customs I noted a Chinese young male and an Arab young woman wearing UN identification leading many people from my flight(Kenya Airways) either from Kenya or Somalia. They were carrying bags I O migration- immigration. I realized these people were being fast processed into my land. Most could not speak nor understand English. Two babies were screaming in terror as they tried to take their photos. Everything in my spirit protested and felt so wrong.

February 20, 2024

Dear Intercessors;

We should be concerned and praying about the magnitude of immigrants coming illegally through our (America’s) open borders that affects ALL of us (the legal citizens) and how that could affect our elections.

The four prayer bullets in this article by Remco are excellent:

• Pray for God’s protection over the integrity of this year’s elections.
• Pray for peace in the land no matter what the outcome.
• Pray for His kingdom to come into American hearts like never before, and for His will for America to be done.
• Pray that conspiracies hidden in darkness will be exposed by the light of His truth and kept from steering our nation further away from being one nation under God.

YES, Lord!

However, I think we would be missing the mark if we don’t also pray for the opportunity this border crises presents! Yes, opportunity!!

Let’s put together three prophetic words that have been given relatively recently – and numerous times:

1. Soon, there will be a great harvest of millions of souls
2. A reminder of the national call of America to the great commission to “evangelize the world”
3. What the enemy is trying to do to destroy American WILL boomerang back on him

In agreement with those three prophetic words, I would like to add a fifth prayer bullet concerning our open borders:

• Pray that the enemy’s plan to destroy America through her open borders would boomerang back on him by MILLIONS of illegal immigrants getting saved and worshipping God in our streets – turning violence and destruction into praise to God -and bringing Him glory! And the returning of those saved immigrants to their home nations to share their salvation experience (the gospel being shared around the world!) – and thus the fulfillment of God’s prophetic words of millions of people getting saved AND of America’s call to “evangelize the world!”

Concerning our elections:
Let’s do our God-given duty and vote corrupt politicians out of office! Because this election is another opportunity for God to boomerang intended evil agendas back on the enemy!

Remember Joseph in the Old Testament when God created a divine set up in order to save the people of God? Joseph made an incredibly powerful statement to his brothers when he said; What you have meant for evil, God has meant for (used, turned to) good. THAT is a boomerang!! A DIVINE boomerang!!

In closing, let’s remember that God can do this. Nothing is impossible with Him.

    Mary Beth
    February 20, 2024

    Sue – yes and amen! Any crisis can become an opportunity in God’s hands. May we respond to this opportunity in whatever way He calls us to respond – in faith!

February 20, 2024

So thankful for the ministry of IFA and all the awareness and insight into how to pray at this time.
Very concerned for my children and grandchildren to leave them a better place to be. Praying with IiFA on all these election concerns.

Carol Vigo
February 20, 2024

Oh Abba Father, hear our desperate prayers for this country we love. Do not allow us to despair of all the bad news we receive but rather turn us back to You, our refuge and help in times of need and oh, how we need You now!
Expose and thwart all those plans that evil would bring against us to harm and destroy us. Wake the sleepers, Lord, who are too busy living their worldly lives to see what is happening. Shut down the illegal border crossings and protect our election integrity. In Jesus Name. Amen


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