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Father above, we thank You for the rescue of these 4 hostages whom You love and adore. We ask You to guide Israel as it seeks to save those still in captivity.
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The Israel Defense Forces saved 4 hostages over the weekend, and Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to free the remaining captives.

This operation, following weeks of planning, is a huge answer to our prayers! It also reveals who is complicit in Hamas’ actions. The hostages were kept by civilians, not Hamas themselves, and Nao Argamani was held by an Al Jazeera journalist, according to Amir Tsarfati.

“Doctors at Sheba Medical Center [in Tel Aviv] found that the four rescued hostages are in worse physical and psychological condition than initially believed. They are all malnourished and have spoken about awful experiences they were subjected to in captivity.”

From NTD. The Israeli military has rescued four hostages in a “high-risk” operation deep inside the Gaza Strip, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

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In a video posted on the social media platform X, IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari identified the rescued individuals as Noa Argamani, 25, Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andrey Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 40.

All four captives are in good medical condition and have been taken to Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Center in Tel Aviv for further examination, he said. …

The military spokesman noted that all four had been “brutally kidnapped” from the Nova Musical Festival …


Israeli forces relied on “precise intelligence” to carry out the rescue operation conducted in daylight at about 11 a.m. local time in two separate buildings, he said. …

Netanyahu Meets With Hostage Survivors

In a video posted on X, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was seen meeting the rescued captives at Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Center.

“Noa, Shlomi, Almog, and Andrey—welcome back home. With God’s help and thanks to our fighters, we will return all our abductees,” Mr. Netanyahu wrote in the caption of the post. …

In another video posted on Mr. Netanyahu’s X account, an elated Ms. Argamani told the Israeli leader by phone that she was “very excited,” saying she hadn’t heard Hebrew in so long. …

IDF Committed to Bringing Back Remaining Hostages

“Israel does not surrender to terrorism and acts with creativity and boldness that knows no bounds to bring home our abductees,” Mr. Netanyahu said in a statement.

Hamas took some 250 hostages during the Oct. 7, 2023, attack that killed more than 1,200 people.

Israel believes that about 120 of them are still being held in the Palestinian enclave, while at least 43 have been pronounced dead by authorities. …

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(Excerpt from NTD. Photo Credit: shavnya.com on Unsplash)

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Don Johnson
June 12, 2024

Recent communications made by Sinwar, the rancid leader of Hamas, reveal that dead Palestinians are seen by him as a good thing because it plays to western gullibility. It is why Hamas employs the war crime of using civilian shields. Take a moment and let this sink in . With this out in the open, any westerner who supports Hamas or the false Palestinian “cause” is either a sociopath or a fool…or both. Yes…do the research.

June 11, 2024


Here is the other side of the story.

Innocent people getting massacred.

Research the Balfour Declaration. There are fake Jews and true Jews. The fake want to obliterate the true.
Do your own research.

I find the true stories very disturbing.

Ann Anonymous
June 11, 2024

Thank you, Jesus, for this rescue. Right now there are people being drugged and held in “homes” against their will. When will they be rescued? This is happening in the U.S.A. Pray my husband is rescued immediately to come to his home with me. Thanks and Prayers for All. Ann Anonymous

June 11, 2024

thank You Heavenly Father, for this brave rescue! Revealer of Truth and all things hidden. Please restore these four young individuals. You’re Jehovah Roi, the God who sees; and you still see those who desperately need rescuing. I thank you Holy Spirit for the determination and protection of PM Netanyahu and the IDF. May they be constantly surrounded and guided by your mighty angelic hosts, who is helping them every moment! In Jesus mighty name…Amen.

Don Johnson
June 11, 2024

There is no remedy for violence until the Lord returns. He has written what will be; salvation, as Jesus said, is of the Jews. Hatred of Jews is hatred of God and the land was promised to Abraham through the line of Isaac. That cannot and will not be undone regardless of the violence of those who oppose it. The so-called Palestinians have written their own epitaph because of their relentless hatred of the descendants of Isaac..
Vengeance dominates their thinking and as the Chinese proverb says, “if you want vengeance dig two graves”.
Anti-semitism is a virulent spiritual disease and all who succumb to it will eventually suffer eternity away from God. Which is what they wanted all along. Their Allah is not God but rather either satan himself or a powerful fallen angel serving the evil one directly. No one should be asked to submit to that vile creature.

David E fritz
June 11, 2024

Baruch Hashem Adonai!

Zoe Ella
June 11, 2024

I am glad the innocent hostages were rescued and returned to their families. Of course, God loves them. Question – does God play favorites with innocents? Does God love the innocents of Gaza (including newborns, babies, children, the elderly, the disabled) less? Let’s look at the hearts of people, including ourselves, without blaming others – what is in the hearts of humans that encourages them to think it is OK to kill others who are different, just because they may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, to take what they want from others, and to harm those who they find to be in their way? Have we not all – most of us, at least – found ourselves confronted by this in our own lives. This is what needs to be addressed to find a remedy for violence, not taking sides to say who is OK about killing others. Let’s take the log out of our own eyes.

Don Johnson
June 11, 2024

This was great. The Arabs have brought this on themselves and are in a war they cannot win in the end.

Joseph Blanton
June 11, 2024

It is a shame that you did not mention the name of the Israeli soldier killed in the rescue mission. It is a cruel fate that the family must mourn the death of their father/husband while everyone around them celebrates. May the Lord’s richest comforts and blessings be with that family in a personal way.🙏

    June 11, 2024

    See Rich Swingle’s post below.

    Commander Zamora.

    LORD Jesus, Lamb of God, Lion of Judah: You paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Cross, You battled all the forces of hell and overcame. You have conquered death allowing us eternal life in Heaven. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

    LORD, Commander Arnon Zamora also sacrificed his life for his fellow country men and women – hostages held by the enemy. You know.

    I ask that while his family, friends and fellow soldiers celebrate his life and grieve the loss of his natural man, that the Revelation of You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit be so strong and powerful that their sorrow turns to peace, that his sacrifice turns to honor and his dedication, courage and tenacity multiplies throughout all the IDF.

    LORD, I pray this for all families of loved ones who have fallen during this war.

    In Your Name, Jesus … Amen

Darlene Estlow
June 11, 2024

Father, thank you for the rescue of the hostages! We praise you for giving the IDF the ability to find them. Guide them to the others. Give Israel favor in the eyes of the world rather than condemnation. Draw each Israeli and others in Israel to the knowledge that Jesus is the Messiah.

Rich Swingle
June 11, 2024

Praise the Lord!!!

Here’s the blow by blow from Jewish Breaking News:

“The Diamonds Are in Our Hands” Minute by Minute in “Operation Arnon”

In the heart of the Nuseirat refugee camp, after eight months and a day in captivity in Gaza, one of the most daring operations since the beginning of the war took place. Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Shlomi Ziv, and Andrei Kozlov, who were kidnapped from the Nova party, were rescued in “Operation Arnon,” named after YAMAM fighter Arnon Zamora, who was killed during the operation. This is how the action unfolded, minute by minute.

**Thursday, 6:30 PM**: After meticulous planning, drills, models, and advanced intelligence tracking that lasted for many weeks, the political echelon approves the operation initially dubbed “Summer Seeds.” The approval was made in a classified discussion, under heavy compartmentalization and waiting for the right moment.

**Saturday, 10:00 AM**: Two main spearhead teams, disguised, leap from several directions towards the Nuseirat refugee camp near the coast. The forces move stealthily in broad daylight towards the two buildings where the hostages were held, passing through thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of local Hamas fighters who did not notice them. According to the Palestinians, the forces entered using a humanitarian aid truck – and Al Jazeera even published footage of it with IDF vehicles, apparently from moments after the operation. The IDF denied this and also denied using the American pier later on.

**10:45 AM**: Special ground observations and technological tracking means from Air Force aircraft identify that the area is clear and there is no suspicious movement in the two buildings, each 3-4 stories high. In one of them, Noa Argamani was held, and in the other, the three other hostages, along with Gaza families and armed guards.

**10:50 AM**: The information and live footage of the alleys, hundreds of meters long, separating the two targets are transmitted to screens in the two command centers from where the operation was commanded: the Shin Bet center in central Israel, attended by the head of service Ronen Bar and the Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi, and the Southern Command in Be’er Sheva, from where the Southern Command general managed the surrounding and rescue forces.

**11:00 AM**: The two ground teams receive the “go” command, personally approved in real-time by the head of the Shin Bet and the Chief of Staff. They storm the buildings simultaneously and in full coordination, at the same second, to prevent the terrorists at the second target from discovering it – which would endanger the hostages.

**11:10 AM**: While the elimination of the terrorists guarding Argamani and her rescue went relatively smoothly, the operation in the second building was much more complicated. Commander Zamora’s team reports that he was hit in the crossfire. The fighters who eliminated the terrorists at that target are treating their commander and trying to save him while exiting the building, under increasing fire.

**11:15 AM**: The message everyone was waiting for is reported on the radio: “The diamonds are in our hands” – meaning the hostages are with us.

**11:20 AM**: Under the cover of the delay, dozens of terrorists gather around the building where the three hostages were held, and hundreds of armed men approach from all directions with RPG launchers, PK machine guns, and Kalashnikov rifles. They run through the narrow alleys and the nearby market, crowded with thousands of Gazans.

**11:22 AM**: The forces attempt to escape in the rescue vehicle, but it is hit by heavy fire and starts to malfunction. Southern Command General Yaron Finkelman activates the pre-prepared rescue plan.

**11:25 AM**: Air Force fighter jets and helicopters launch dozens of munitions towards the terrorists to isolate the area. Hundreds of soldiers from the 7th Brigade, paratroopers, Givati, and Kfir, positioned as reinforcements, are mobilized on foot and also in tanks and Namer APCs into the refugee camp, with navy ships providing cover from the west.

**11:30 AM**: The reinforcement forces and the Air Force manage to isolate the main combat zone, thus providing a safe escape route for the main force with the three hostages. The Southern Command exceptionally approves Air Force Yasur helicopters to land for evacuation deep inside the Gaza Strip, under fire cover from fighter jets. The aerial fire hits the terrorists, tens of meters from the soldiers.

**11:50 AM**: The last special forces soldiers board the helicopters that take off to hospitals in Israel. Attempts to resuscitate Commander Zamora continue in the air, but at the hospital, they are forced to declare his death. Reinforcement forces from the IDF brigades continue to engage the terrorists in the operation’s perimeter – eliminating dozens more of them until the operation ends.

**1:33 PM**: The IDF, Shin Bet, and police officially announce the rescue of the four hostages, and spontaneous celebrations begin – both in Israel and among Israelis abroad. (Via YNet, translated)

TELEGRAM* 🔗 https://t.me/JewishBreakingNewsTelegram

    Darlene Estlow
    June 11, 2024

    Thank you Rich for this detailed report. Praise the Lord. I pray for the family of Commander Zamora for comfort in the knowledge of his bravery.

Mary Beth
June 11, 2024

Abba, thank You so much for bringing rescue to these four hostages, and we ask that all be returned to Israel. We ask for their salvation to the uttermost – including healing, restoration, deliverance. Thank You for working, even when we cannot see it – You are always working!! Because many are unfamiliar with the Hebrew calendar, you may not know, intercessors, that today at sundown begins the appointed time of Shavuot, or Pentecost. So according to Your promise in Joel, we ask that You pour out Your Spirit on all flesh – especially on the Hebrew people – but throughout the earth.

June 11, 2024

God is at work in Israel. Jews are flocking to Messianic Jewish websites seeking help and answers from the Bible. Keep praying Beloved. Lord draw your Jewish people to Yourself and secure them in the Land.

Susan Davis
June 11, 2024

Thank You Lord Jesus for these rescues and I pray that the remaining hostages will be brought back home safely!
“The righteous cry out and The Lord hears and delivers them out of all of their troubles ” Psalm 37:17

Brian Lynch
June 11, 2024

Praise God! I pray that Israel is able to defeat Hamas, and bring them to total elimination. Trying to negotiate with terrorists is an exercise in futility. They need to be destroyed. Lord Jesus, may Your will be done in this war.

Christine Shoffner
June 11, 2024

God appears to have been on a roll of causing truth to be revealed in all aspects of life for several years now. More and more normally “un-political” folk are finally waking up to the depths of wickedness being promoted by our self-appointed, God hating sociopathic masters.

I think many peoples worldwide are going to be receptive to the Holy Spirit leading them to Jesus

June 11, 2024

Father we praise and thank you for your hand in this rescue and guiding Israel’s leaders. We also all unite in intercession for the release of all the hostages.
But there is something even bigger in store for Israel. Father we pray and intercede for a nationwide sweeping revival of the truth of JESUS CHRIST!!! We , as in Ezekiel 22, REBUILD the WALL and STAND in the GAP for the nation of ISRAEL at this time !!!! Alone we each are as a speck of dust. But as an army of believers, fully arrayed in the ARMOR of GOD and standing shoulder to shoulder we make this STAND and declare and decree that SATAN WILL BE DEFEATED and his stronghold on ISRAEL is erased by the blood of OURS and THEIR JESUS !!

June 11, 2024

Thank you My Lord and Savior for their deliverance. I pray that all of the others will be found alive and rescued very soon. I know that many have already died at the hands of these terrorists or their followers and I pray they are all now with you and tucked safely in your comforting bosom and will enjoy eternal life with you. I pray those that remain in captivity will keep their minds focused on you. I pray they have come to a complete knowledge of you as their messiah. That they know your word and that as the scriptures have for me many times, they will be able to recall your word and promises, and it will sustain them through the trials they are facing. You are a magnificent and mighty God and I stand with these my brothers and sisters from Israel and pray for their soon release.

Michael and Ellie Briney
June 11, 2024

Father God, thank for the rescue of the hostages from Israel. May our nation realize the truth concerning Hamas and the Muslim civilians in Gaza, that many of the civilians are just a guilty as the Hamas terrorists in this matter. May we realize that many in our government who support a two state solution have no interest in Israel being the nation that God created them to be. May we also realize that main stream media has little interest in reporting the truth but rather are interested in supporting a left wing agenda that is void of much of the truth. May the Christian people in our nation wake up and support God’s plan for our nation and for Israel. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Ted Bjorem
June 11, 2024

Oh praising You Lord always praising You
…and praises over this rescue

May many more follow

June 10, 2024

FATHER, Thank You for the release of these captives!
Noa was held by an Al jazeera Hamas journalist as a house slave. Noa was rescued on her mother’s birthday and was able to visit her mother in her hospital bed, while she was under treatment of brain cancer.
Thank You for answering prayers IN YESHUA’S HOLY NAME AMEN AMEN

Barbara Gray
June 10, 2024

Praise God for His faithfulness to bring these hostages home.
Lord we ask that You will give divine wisdom and sovereign ability to the IDF to rescue all the hostages. We pray that they will be alive and well. We also pray for the return of the remains of the hostages who are listed as deceased so that their families will have peace.

June 10, 2024

I prayed in Jesus name Amen

June 10, 2024

Father, Thank You for blessing the efforts of PM Netanyahu and the IDF throughout the assault on Israel. Continue to direct their operations, give them victories above and beyond their capabilities, deliver the remaining hostages to their homeland in health and return Your people to Your place that You gave to them.

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work in us, to Him be Glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

And Amen. In Jesus Name.


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