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Lord God, we pray for fair and just elections. We pray for attention to the rule of law and changes in election law to reflect the will of the people rather than partisan manipulation.
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H.R. 1, a law passed in the U.S. House seeking to hijack the American electoral system and nationalize our historic system of locally controlled elections, has become one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in the 117th Congress. Having passed the House, the legislation has come into significant roadblocks in the United States Senate. According to the Heritage Foundation, H.R.1 and its companion bill in the Senate, S.1 would federalize the election process, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states.  

Just recently, the Voter Integrity Project exposed the fact that H.R. 1 inspired legislation is being introduced in a variety of states. According to their research, 563 bills contained legislation with elements that resemble H.R. 1.  

Accordingly, Texas had the most with 91 measures and New York came in second with 71 measures. Here are some examples based on several states. 

Arizona which is still under a massive election audit with suspected voter fraud, has multiple bills that weaken election integrity in ways similar to the radical H.R. 1. “Highlights” include allowing felons to vote, allowing children under the age of 18 the ability to register to vote, measures that support ballot harvesting, and same day registration.   

Florida has bills in consideration which include automatic registration, allowing expanded ability for felons to vote.   

Illinois state legislature has introduced bills that are among the most aggressive in weakening voter integrity and include expanded use of curbside voting, drop boxes, online registration, allowing mail-in ballots on a permanent basis, allowing those under 18 years of age to register to vote, and allowing felons to vote.   

The North Carolina General Assembly has several bills that may be on the verge of being passed.  H839 deals with changing the voting age so that children age 16 and 17 can vote and H782 increases absentee voting. H819 addresses alternate observers at a voting place.  Please contact your state Representative here and your Senator here to share your concern. 

To help the Voter Integrity Project with the sheer scale of this work, they need additional volunteers to assist in reading and reviewing the various bills before state legislatures and Congress.  

You can assist them with this project by signing up at https://lookaheadamerica.org/volunteer/  

Be sure to visit the new Pray for America’s Leaders website to pray for your state leaders and those from all over the Nation!  

And join us live on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15 pm ET —IFApray.org/LIVE or (713) 775-7430.   

How are you praying about the 117th Congress? Please share in the comments section. 


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Toni Kushner
June 13, 2021

Father, May the eyes of their hearts be enlightened to truth and integrity according to Your Word. Stir up honesty within the hearts of all law makers. We need Your wisdom and Godly counsel. Amen

June 12, 2021

Lord, I pray that You would convict those members of the 117th Congress of the solemn responsibility that they have in this nation. I also pray that H.R. 1 would fail miserably in the Senate, and would NEVER become the law of the land in America. I pray that the states in our nation who have put similar laws on their books, would reconsider their actions and motives behind these actions. I pray for the state supreme courts to review these laws in each of the states where these pieces of legislature have become law. If we ever need Your intervention, Lord, it is now.

June 12, 2021

We just heard a powerful clip from Lt Gov. Mark Robinson and then read NC has so many bills proposed to weaken our free elections. Illinois is a sink hole of death and destruction of freedom. The battle belongs to the Lord!
Father, Strengthen us to not grow weary because there is no break here. Thanks for the reminder that the government rests on the shoulders of King Jesus. Gird up those on the front lines and May the prayers of the faithful bring them encouragement and strength that we are standing together. Don’t let us give up Lord! Let us love like Jesus and fight with His weaponsThere is a victory coming!
In the name of Jesus, Amen


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