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Lord, we pray that the biblical values that America was founded would prevail. We pray that you would be the center of this country. We pray for revival would flood America like never before in the name of Jesus. Would people radically encounter the one true living God!

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared confident in his party’s chances of taking back the majority in Congress during a TV interview on Sunday, as the midterm elections loom less than a year away.

‘There’s only a five-seat majority for the Democrats, the lowest it’s been in a hundred years,’ McCarthy told Fox host Maria Bartiromo.

‘That number 25 is a very big number for Democrat retirements. In 2010 when we won the majority, 17 Democrats retired. Already 25 — I expect that number to be up to over 30 Democrat retirements, because they see what the future holds, and they see the numbers.’

Democrats have held a slim majority during Biden’s first year in Congress, splitting the Senate 50-50 and the House 221 to 212. At the end of this year, 25 Democrats are retiring or running for a different office compared to just 12 Republicans doing the same.

But a number of factors including President Joe Biden’s low poll numbers, soaring inflation and the more than two dozen retiring caucus members make retaining that edge an uphill battle.

McCarthy added a pitch for voters to help them oust the existing House Speaker, telling Bartiromo: ‘We need people to join with us to be able to fire Nancy Pelosi.’

Meanwhile the California Republican also appeared on Fox News to discuss the minority party’s agenda in the 2022 legislative session, and gave a brief preview into his sweeping plan to investigate the Biden administration in the latter two years of the president’s first term.

‘It really should be a different focus about securing our border, getting small business back to work — make it easier, not harder to open a small business. Crime throughout this country. Let’s make our streets, our neighborhoods, our schools safer again. And more importantly, what the Republicans have to offer, a parents’ bill of rights. Let’s make sure our parents have a say in our kids’ education,’ when asked about the 2022 agenda.

A big battle in the coming weeks, McCarthy said, would be the fight over federal voting legislation.

He said Democrats were attempting to push through the Senate H.R. 1, or the House-passed For The People Act, to federalize voter protections amid an onslaught of GOP-controlled states imposing limitations on voting in the name of election security. . .

Senate Democrats are looking to resuscitate the Freedom to Vote Act, a compromise bill written out after moderates voiced concern over whether the For The People Act went too far.

Pelosi, who had her own Sunday news program appearance, told CBS News that Republican state legislatures’ efforts to pass election security laws were ‘a legislative continuation of what they did on Jan. 6.’

McCarthy in turn accused Democrats of ‘politicizing’ the insurrection. . . .

Some of the lines of inquiry McCarthy mentioned are looking into the surge of migrants to the southern border under Biden’s first year, the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal in August and Democrats’ plan to ramp up IRS reporting in order to crack down on tax crimes.

‘This administration with one-party rule in one year has no accountability, and we will be able to hold them accountable and get America back on the right track,’ he claimed.

He also indicated that the House will continue investigating the Capitol riot in some capacity — but would turn that probe toward Democrats instead.

McCarthy accused Pelosi of rebuffing GOP lawmakers’ requests for more information on why security preparations at the Capitol that day were so severely lacking.

‘If we are fortunate enough to change the course of history and become the majority, we will have subpoena power, and we can hold people accountable to make sure the Capitol is safe,’ he said.

Do you think that many Democrats could retire by the 2022 Midterm Elections? Let us know your thoughts and prayers in the comments below.

Excerpt from Daily Mail. Article written by Elizabeth Elkind. Photo Credit : UnSplash)

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April 11, 2022

I sure hope so. The Dems have done nothing for America or the American people. Biden could open the pipeline to bring our prices down and to sell it to Europe which is our allies and cut Russia off from all income. Germany wouldn’t have to rely on Russia for their energy. It’s time to bury Russia/Putin for the devastation and deaths that they’ve created in Ukraine. This democratic party doesn’t know how to assist anybody, even their own people, it’s time for them to go.

March 28, 2022

I hope the republicans take it all the way , and fire Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats have done nothing for us American people except to have food shortages giving money to countries they shouldn’t be giving money to and closing the pipeline , get that pipeline opened and lower the price of gas . When in history has the US been short of food and Gas spiking to almost 5.00 a gallon? Get Donald Trump back we need him!!!! and we need more republicans running for all aspects of offices.

March 1, 2022

it’s 25 dems now but more will be added by midterms

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