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Father, we need You to protect our children and protect our rights as parents. Please help us!
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What is wrong with this picture? In Tennessee, a fifteen-year-old cannot legally vote, drive without a licensed twenty-one-year-old adult in the vehicle or purchase a lottery ticket.  However, they CAN get the COVID19 vaccination without parental consent.

Worse, it appears that there is a marketing campaign intentionally targeting and pressuring them to make that choice.

The Mature Minor Doctrine allows a child between the ages of 14-18 to receive medical treatment, including the COVID19 vaccine. Under the doctrine, doctors are not required to consult with the parents. Eighteen states have some form of this doctrine as law.


Some lawmakers, including Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield), feel the Tennessee Department of Health is trying to push children to receive the vaccine.

“It looks like the Department of Health is marketing to children and it looks like you’re advocating,” state Sen. Kerry Roberts, told Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey. “Market to parents, don’t market to children. Period.”

All across our state, there are billboards picturing children receiving their shot. The visual statement is clear.  Isn’t that peer pressure?  The Department of Health is marketing to children from these advertisements.  It would appear our children being “encouraged” to get the vaccine with or without parental consent.

Many parents in Tennessee are unhappy, to say the least, with this dilemma and are pushing back. Parents, not the government, not the health department, not the schools, should be the ones to make medical decisions for their underage children.

Sadly this was reinforced last week in Michigan after a healthy thirteen year old boy died in his sleep after taking the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. How can the medical community in good conscious promote this uncertain vaccine to our children who are unable to adequately do the research or consider the possible consequences? Even most adults are struggling with that information and decision.

Worse, according to a report first released by La Quinta Culmna and later confirmed by the University of Almera in Spain, two researchers ran tests on the Pfizer vaccine in particular. The results were that the “vaccine” was made up of 99% graphene oxide. In other words, almost pure poison.

In Orange County, one California mom learned that the school where her kids attended had bribed the students with donuts if they would take the vaccine—without their parent’s consent. Thankfully the mom was also well-spoken lawyer who called the school board on the carpet in a video which has gone viral.

As with any medication or vaccine, there are always risks involved. I would think even more so with a vaccine that was quickly developed as is the case with the COVID shot.  Furthermore, we have no idea the long-term effects of this vaccine, and we won’t know for a long time.

Knowing this, should our minor children really be encouraged to make such a potentially life-altering decision?  I don’t think so. What do you think? Please share in the comments.

Pray about this issue with writer Kim Potter. Details above.

(Author Kim Potter is a writer and the founder of A New Thing Ministries, which sends a daily teaching to thousands of people all around the world. Her articles have appeared on The Elijah List, Charisma, Spirit Fuel and iBelieve.com. Kim’s message is one of hope. She speaks to the heart of those who have grown discouraged or disappointed by the circumstances of life, imparting hope. To receive her daily inspirational writings, go to www.anewthingministries.com. Photo by Canva.)

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July 19, 2021

Dear Lord, please help us! Protect our children and protect the rights of parents. We need You and Your protection now, Lord.

July 16, 2021

This scripture comes to my mind, “trust in the Lord, with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge
Him and He will direct your path.” If we walk in fear of anything, we aren’t trusting. I have been guilty of walking in fear, but I know that’s not what we are called to do. The reason my trust is not in the medical authorities anymore is, too many of them have lied!! (Fauci is at the top of the list) We also have top medical doctors and scientists, etc. saying there are medications that have been very successfully used to treat Covid. I know this to be a fact because I have seen many with great outcomes. They are fine. On the other hand, I’ve seen side effects from the shot that are very disturbing! To withhold medications that would save a person is evil, but it is being done. I know, because I’ve seen it happen, to my son, and others! With my son, he was able to get what he needed, but if he hadn’t, it could have been a very bad outcome! The medical profession should NEVER! EVER, be political, but with Covid, they are!!
The bottom line is, no one should be forced to take any medication they do not want. No child should EVER have to take anything without their parents consent. And……if you choose to take the shot, do it, just don’t try to force or shame others, that is wrong!

    July 16, 2021

    I just heard Biden say, if your unvaccinated, you’re killing people!! Now, that’s the kind of rhetoric that is false, misleading and disgusting! This shows all of us the kind of “leadership” we now have!! This administration are fear-mongers, reckless, untrustworthy, liars, and just plain wrong!! God help us and have mercy on us! May we not be fooled by these ungodly people!

    July 20, 2021

    Are you aware that the pharmaceutical companies have NO LIABILITY for this Covid shot! They cannot be held financially responsible!! Don’t you think this is odd, and just not right. Just wanted you to know, in case you didn’t.

Rebecca Thornton
July 15, 2021

In my opinion, minor children should not be offered, coerced, and certainly not forced to take this vaccine without their parents consent!!! As far as the vaccine itself goes, I know several wonderful Christians who have not taken the vaccine and several wonderful Christians who have taken the vaccine. All of them prayed and felt that the Lord was either leading them to take it or not to take it. If there is something evil in those vaccinations, is God not big enough to protect His children and is God not big enough to protect those from Covid who have not taken the vaccine? This whole issue reminds me of the “Screwtape Letters” written by CS Lewis. The endgame of the devil is to divide and conquer Christians to get us off track so we will stop praying and focus on conflicts. Sadly, between the vaccinations and the election, the body of Christ has become divided and very sidetracked! We need to stay focused and continue to pray for repentance, revival, and a return to God in this nation. We need to be sharing the gospel and praying for the salvation of millions of people. That is what’s needed and what matters most!

    TRUST in JESUS!!
    July 16, 2021

    NO ONE should be forced to take anything into their own body they don’t want no matter their age! That is theft! I do not believe God will EVER lead someone to do something that is harmful to themselves or others as God does NOT tempt and He is HOLY and GOOD! When everyone finds out everything that is in these “vaccines” then no one will say God led them to do it. The devil is the deceiver, Jesus is truth. God is drawing a line and many think that the devil is the only one who divides but God sifts through to see who belong to Him and those who do not. He also says “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Its is time to take a side and pick Him, the only right side. Nothing God does will cause someone to get sick. We need awakening, repentance, and revival and we MUST seek truth. Remember there were MANY times in the Bible when God made a distinction between those who really want to follow Him and those who don’t and sadly many are asleep. The election was stolen and this whole thing is a farce. The truth will prevail soon and the real P will be back! And yes God can heal anything including these wretched “vaccines” but His people never should have taken them in the first place. It’s like a kid being told not to do something bad and then they do it anyway and come asking their parents to get them out of trouble. Now thank God He is merciful and I want every brother and sister who took this junk healed but there should have been common sense and discernment at play here. And where is the trust that Jesus can keep a person from getting sick in the first place, we do serve the King of kings, HEALER and PROVIDER of all our needs. I have family who took it even after I gave them all kinds of information about what is in it and they just blindly went and got it without even checking anything out. Trusting in a shot more than Jesus. This infuriates me what the devil is doing and then when the Body of Christ turns a blind eye and acts like it’s just like choosing from a buffet table, I don’t know what to do with that. These CHANGE the DNA of HUMANS!!!!!!!!!! I believe those who took it will be taught a huge lesson from this and we ALL need to draw closer to Him because I don’t want anyone to be deceived! God wants a strong ecclesia that the gates of Hell will NOT prevail against, not a fearful one who runs to a corner with a mask to get a shot from the globalists. If I sound mad, I’m mad at the devil!! So please everyone, just do your own actual research and don’t watch the fake news, they are part of the problem!! I love you all and Daddy God come save us all and heal everyone who got this wretched poison in Jesus Name!! Flood us Holy Spirit and let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Destroy this wicked agenda! In Jesus Name! Amen!!

Joni Debord
July 14, 2021

Sad and praying!

July 12, 2021

To force vaccinations or shots, on any child is beyond wrong, it is evil! Every parent or grandparent should fight this with everything they have! If the government gets by with this, I shudder to think what’s next! Remember what Jesus said “if you harm one of these little ones?”
Have you heard one word from “main stream media” about the horrendous side effects this has caused? No! Daystar Christian TV has had numerous doctors, victims etc., on their programs, Ministry Now and Joni Table Talk. They have highly credentialed doctors and lawyers and people who have lived to tell about some of these side effects. In fact, I believe they have more programs on this week! Just listen to the facts from doctors who have been totally successful in treating Covid! What we aren’t hearing is the FULL truth about these shots from this government! These Covid shots haven’t been FDA appoved, yet, but you can see that’s what Fauci and the government are pushing! This is all about control and money. We have arrogant people, with an agenda, in control! Shouldn’t people wonder what these people have to gain by perpetrating fear and control?. I can’t believe Americans have given this kind of control over to government! Government is not our friend and I sure don’t want them to give me medical advice.
We have to protect our children. If anyone wants to take, or has taken, the shot, and they’re adults, that’s there call! However statistics prove, children do not need them. The damage they could do, far outweighs the good. I pray that the parents will stop this, while we can! We are responsible for protecting our children!

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Dorothy Johnson
July 12, 2021

I am as concerned as our author about overreach into family issues, but I respectfully ask that she and IFApray readers do a little research about the graphene oxide claim. Is is not true! Pfizer Covid vaccine does not contain it.
As a Christian, I am concerned and grieved by the spread of anti-vaccine information and other outlandish conspiracy theories. It is a terrible witness to unbelievers, does not further the Gospel, and only serves to further division in our country.
In my state less than 30% of the population has taken the shots. Since the 4th of July, the number of Covid cases has risen from less than 100 a day to over a 1000 daily with more hospitalizations and deaths. Many of the cases are among younger people.
We have a fine medical school in our state and many respected physicians and hospitals, asking people to get the shots.
This issue should never have been politicized. Trump pushed for the rapid development of the vaccine. He took the shots.
Having known people who died from Covid and others who were left with long term problems, I took the shots and encourage you to do so, too.
Trust your local medical authorities. Stop being frightened by decisive conspiracy theories. Let’s concentrate on living out 1 Cor.13 and seek to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit.

    July 13, 2021

    Dear Dorothy, I urge you, also, to do a little research. Our God who IS Love, IS also Truth!

    According to the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – put in place as part of the implementation of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986) – anyway, according to VAERS data for June 25, 2021, from December 14, 2020 to June 25, 2021, there had been 6,985 deaths from one or another of the COVID vaccines, and 34,065 serious injuries. This is more deaths from vaccines that have been reported to VAERS, than in the previous 35 years combined.

    If human safety trials had actually been conducted before rollout to the public, such data would have immediately halted the COVID vaccine program months ago! So, why does it continue? Please consider who is paying for these vaccines? Who is standing to profit?

    Because VAERS data is passively collected (that is, you yourself, or your doctor, must report it), a recent Harvard study estimates that their data may represent less than 10% of actual cases.

    As someone mentioned, these vaccines are actually Experimental, with never-before-used technology on humans, so they are NOT FDA Approved, despite what some say.

    They are only FDA Authorized, under Emergency Use Authorization, allowed only because – as some said – there was no other means of dealing with COVID.

    However, hundreds, probably thousands, were successfully treated with drugs such as the inexpensive, decades-old hydroxychloroquine, and ivermectin, although information about this was seriously censored. One might ask Why? or by whom?

    One other point, since these vaccines are Experimental, by various laws, and according to the Nuremberg Code, those who are offered the vaccine MUST be given sufficient information to make an informed consent.
    Informed consent is far beyond what we can expect from a child; thus, to promote it to children without parental informed consent is plain evil, in my opinion.

    I totally agree this whole issue should never have been politicized. Again, one might ask why has there not been free discussion about various treatment protocols? About safety of the vaccines? Why/who is promoting vaccines, even for children – who have rarely been sickened by COVID (yet, many have suffered life-altering injury from the vaccines, even death)?

    I do not believe the answer is to just “listen to the experts”, when the expert voices of MANY others have been squelched, so that we have been able to learn the truth only with difficulty, and those who ask questions have been vilified. Jesus asked LOTS of questions.

    Our Almighty God has advised us that there is wisdom in many counselors.

    Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

      Dorothy Johnson
      July 14, 2021

      Dear Cynthia and Trust in Jesus,

      I assure you that I do and I will continue to pray for discernment and wisdom in the days ahead, as well as for God’s kingdom to be furthered.
      I hope you will do the same.
      I don’t have an agenda apart from seeking God’s will for my life and sharing the Gospel.

        July 17, 2021

        But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand. Ezekiel 33:6

    TRUST in JESUS!!
    July 14, 2021

    Dorothy, I would like to ask you to watch all of the vaccine information given on Ministry Now or Joni Table Talk on the Daystar Network. You can go to https://vaccines.daystar.com/ and watch and let Jesus reveal the truth to you! He NEVER lies but the enemy does!!!! Many doctors and researchers such as Dr. Sherri TennPenny, Robert Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Lee Merit, and many more, thank God, speak the TRUTH and expose it! Everything you ever thought about vaccines is wrong. They contain aborted baby tissue, animal and plant DNA as well as many toxins/poisons which is what has caused many to get sick/ill/disorders and or even death. Be open to the thought that you may have been mislead or lied to as we all were. These new “vaccines” are actually mRNA “therapy” which means DNA CHANGING agents. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and your DNA came from GOD and man has NO right to alter that AT ALL!! God is about to expose this whole shabang the enemy has been up to for decades so get ready and ask Him to prepare your heart and mind for the truth. Jesus DID NOT water down the truth so people would not be offended and neither should we! God loves you an every single person on the earth and He wants all to be saved and NOT DECEIVED! The so called conspiracy “theories” are not theories in many cases and I pray that your heart will be open to the truth for it is the truth that sets you free. God is well able to protect your body from viruses if you trust Him to do so, trust Him, not vaccines. With all the love of Christ in me I write this to you. Share what you learn with your family and save a life! There is a sinister agenda behind this whole thing. God’s about to shock your socks off so get ready!! All praise to Jesus alone who is the only King! God help us to do what You placed us to do for such a time as this and protect our children as well as the DNA of your creation and DO NOT allow the enemy to “get away” with what he has done! Let a fresh fire of the Holy Spirit fall upon us, Your people oh Lord, as YOU are our ONLY hope!! Let Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven and Your Kingdom come in the mighty, precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      July 16, 2021

      Trust in Jesus,,
      You are right! The doctors on Daystar, Ministry Now and Joni Table Talk, and I would add, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram, Tucker Carlson, are the best of the best! They have factual, proven, truth, and have treated many Covid patients, successfully! There ARE safe treatments! Find out the WHOLE truth!
      Be careful, when people use fear as their “tool” to get you to do something. We believers, have a God in heaven that we should fear and Him only. The government is NOT God!
      I “get” what families are facing, because almost all of my family has had the shot, some with side effects now, but ALL had fear as their motivation for getting Covid! God has NOT given us a spirit of fear, or confusion, but of power, love and a sound mind. Pray, and hold on to the Lord. God bless all of you.

        TRUST in JESUS!!
        July 16, 2021

        Yes Pauline, fear is ALWAYS from the enemy! If it’s fear then chuck it out and apply the Blood of Jesus. God is waking His people up. Believers ought to look up the patent numbers to all of this stuff to and one of the names of the ingredients is luciferase. They also have nanoBOTS (tiny robots) in them! Jesus said SEEK and you WILL find! The church has to stop trusting whole heartedly in doctors and start trusting FULLY in Jesus! We were conditioned to think a certain way by this ungodly world and it was NOT of the Lord and praise Him He’s tearing ALL the lies down and will expose them ALL! Thank God He is in charge!! Remember His Word says that the world is His enemy so we should pretty much be doing the opposite of what it says to do, ALWAYS align EVERYTHING with the Word of God and rightly divide. I’ve had someone try to tell me the “Christian” thing to do is go along with this stuff but they don’t know the scriptures very well then and they don’t know Jesus very well then either and I don’t mean that in judgment just that they NEED to READ and SEEK HIM, pray and learn what the truth is! My heart breaks for all of this but I KNOW He is saving humanity and our country, we just have to wait! He will come through!! Praise God He always has a remnant and a plan!! HE IS SEPARATING US, HIS PEOPLE, FROM THE WORLD SYSTEM AND WAKING US UP TO HIS KINGDOM THAT NEVER ENDS AND IS ALWAYS INCREASING! We are to partner WITH Him to get His will done on earth! We MUST become bold church like the apostles were, they did not follow when what they were told to do went against God and His plan! Blessings to every brother and sister!!

    Rosalie Skwiers
    July 14, 2021

    I am 66 years old and live in Michigan. My husband is 72. I have had two flu shots in my life. The first one back in 1976 for the Swine flu I thought it was perfectly safe. I watched President Gerald Fort get the shot on television.I was a young women in good health. I went with a friend, we both got the shot. We were both sick for nine months. He had mild side effects I was very sick. Then in 1993 my Rumatologist that I saw for Lupus talked me into getting another flu shot. I could barely dive home Again I was sick until spring. She said she had many patients experience the same thing. No one could ever talk me into another flu shot. My husband has never had a flu shot and never had the flu in his life. He taught in public schools for over 45 years. He always found it odd all his co workers got the shots and ended up with the flu. Yet he never got a shot and stayed well. We are not listening to any conspiracy theories. We just do not get flu shots.

John Yocum
July 12, 2021

What the article is ABOUT is (I think) a really valid and concerning issue: Children making important medical decisions apart from their parents.

There is, however, an incidental comment which isn’t really related to the main subject concerning graphene oxide in on of the vaccine formulations. I did a little research and this turns out not to be true. Further, a little logic says this couldn’t be true: Side effects would be immediately evident in a large portion of recipients and no such thing has happened.

THANX for allowing a minor editorial correction from a wannabe science nerd! 🙂

July 12, 2021

Father, thank You that You have given us everything we need in Christ Jesus. By the power of Holy Spirit let us take ahold of Jesus and stand. Raise up the defenders of family. Raise up defenders of children. Awaken us! The battle has come to our door and into our home. I pray not to cower but to access everything Christ Jesus has won for me on the cross and in His resurrection and ascension into heaven. The victory is Yours ! Let us not grow weary in battle. For Your glory I pray in the name of Jesus ~ Amen


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