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Lord, expose all ties between the U.N. and any terror organization, and we pray for the reform or the removal of the U.N.

What does this discovery mean? Was UNRWA aware of this compound’s existence?

From The Wall Street Journal. Hidden deep below the headquarters of the United Nations’ aid agency for Palestinians here is a Hamas complex with rows of computer servers that Israel’s armed forces say served as an important communications center and intelligence hub for the Islamist militant group. …

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A Wall Street Journal reporter and journalists from other news organizations visited the site this past week in a trip organized by Israel’s military. A tunnel also appeared to pass beneath a U.N.-run school near the headquarters.

The location of a Hamas military installation under important U.N. facilities is evidence, Israeli officials say, of Hamas’s widespread use of sensitive civilian infrastructure as shields to protect its militant activities. …

Israel’s discovery of the Hamas operations below Unrwa offices is likely to put further pressure on the agency, which is facing international scrutiny after Israeli allegations that at least 12 of its employees had links to Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel, which authorities say killed 1,200 people. …

Unrwa said in a statement that reports of tunnels under its Gaza headquarters “merit an independent inquiry,” and said that it “does not have the military and security expertise nor the capacity to undertake military inspections of what is or might be under its premises.”

The agency, which evacuated from the Gaza City compound on Oct. 12, said Israel hadn’t officially informed it of any Hamas complex under its offices. It said that whenever a suspicious cavity has been discovered near an Unrwa facility, it has filed protest letters to authorities in Gaza as well as the Israeli government. …

Unrwa under pressure from donors

Unrwa provides housing, schooling, healthcare and other services to nearly six million Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The organization’s main donors, including the U.S., have frozen funding pending the outcome of an investigation into the allegations.

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres has pleaded with donor nations not to suspend aid for the alleged criminal acts of individual employees because Unrwa is playing the leading role in delivering aid to Gaza. …

Israeli military officials say they have known about the complex under Unrwa’s headquarters for a few years but say they decided they couldn’t use airstrikes to target it because of the U.N. presence above.

Israel has long alleged that Hamas has penetrated Unrwa and radicalized the organization, particularly in Gaza, where Hamas came to power via a coup in 2007. …

Underground lair

Journalists who accompanied the Israeli military to Gaza City’s heavily damaged al-Rimal neighborhood in northern Gaza were shown the Hamas tunnel network, which snaked for about a half-mile beneath U.N. and other buildings in the area. …

The officer, a commander of the 401st Brigade, described the base as an intelligence hub that directed local military operations, and said that by placing it under the Unrwa headquarters, Hamas was clearly determined to keep Israel from finding it or bombing it.

Next to the room with computer servers, which was air-conditioned, was an electricity-supply room fitted with massive batteries, apparently to serve as a backup if power was disrupted.

The electricity room and server room were beneath the Unrwa compound’s own electrical supply room, the officer said. He said wires snaked down into the underground base from the Unrwa compound, allowing Hamas to steal electricity from the U.N. agency to power its underground facility. …

To get to the server hub, the group of journalists first traveled to a location about half a mile from the U.N. headquarters, where the Israeli military had dug through a parking lot to access the tunnel network leading to the underground base. The parking lot was next to a bombed-out Unrwa school. Israel’s military said the underground network passed beneath the Unrwa school.

The group walked for some 10 minutes through the tunnel, whose ceilings were low enough that everyone had to hunch over while walking, before arriving at the heart of the underground compound. Along the way, there were several air-conditioning units. The Journal reporter hadn’t seen such units in other Hamas tunnels, which are normally hot, dusty and humid.

The compound consisted of a long, wide hall with a variety of rooms, all of which had white tiles on the floor and walls. Another room had a cluster of comfortable office chairs. An Israeli officer said that room was used as a command and control site.

Nearby, a few other rooms appeared to have been largely emptied. One room had a safe, which was closed, as well as an empty server rack. There had also been several computers in the room, said the officer, that had been taken away to be studied by the military. …

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(Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: Fayek Ramzy/Getty Images via Canva Pro)

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February 13, 2024

Can anyone still believe that the UN still “Acts in good faith” ? This despicable organization is now proven and exposed as a Terrorist Facilitator – at least – as itself a Terrorist Organization – probably !
The level of conspiracy – at least – is so undeniable that the whole world should immediately STOP all funding of this deceitful islamist-supporting taqqyia-practicing abominable anti-civilization deplorable group !
Gaza is Hamas and Hamas is Gaza – there is no separating the two – for they are ONE !
Palestine is a myth ! Show me even ONE neighbouring Arab State willing to accept and assist entry into their country of ANY so-called “Palestinians” – History proves how these people demonstrate their “Thanks” – by armed coups, insurrections and open mayhem !

Grant Windholz
February 13, 2024

Lord God Almighty, expose the evil evidence of the U.N. and Hamas evil plans! You see everything Lord!!!

Grant Windholz
February 13, 2024

Lord God Almighty 🙏, please reveal the hidden secrets and evil the U.N. and Hamas have been working with in attempting to use against Israel! Show the truth like never before, against this massive spiritual warfare!!

February 13, 2024

Human trafficking victims,
HOSTAGES were held by
UN workers, families, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc…
1,200 identified !!!

Muslim countries in UN
fully support Hamas-violence,
But do NOT want Palestinians
in their countries …

Stop all funding now

February 13, 2024

Almighty God, let the truth be displayed throughout the world and the demons operating in all these camps be bound in Jesus name.

Karen Secrest
February 13, 2024

Thank you Fathet the saboteur within has been identified and we are now released to Pursue..
Thank you Jesus. May Hof Arise and His Glory rain down this day. Glory..

February 13, 2024

Lord I thank you that wickedness in high places is being exposed. I ask you to continue to open the eyes and hearts of the international community so that they realize that the UN and all that it is pushing on the global community is Luciferian. I asked that you release your mighty angels to do battle on behalf of your people who are suffering in diverse places. I plead the blood of Jesus over those who are being persecuted for your name. In the mighty name of Yeshua amen.

Brenda Dodd
February 13, 2024

This info seems to confirm that the UN was aware that Hamas had tunnels underneath its facilities.. Can’t imagine how Hamas could build tunnels throughout Gaza without “citizens”being aware also. If this is true they are complicit and not all innocent as the media portrays them.

Jeane Whiteside
February 13, 2024

Gaza should be placed in the land of Israel as Israel’s and the neighboring nations who want Palestine to have a nation give their land for peace to the Palestinians. That Gaza should never have been given to the Palestinians. I repent for USA pushing that through. It’s just made things worse. May the Lord intervene on behalf of Israel and unfiltrate what’s been infiltrated by the UN. Do we need that organization?

Brian lynch
February 13, 2024

Also, Lord, please expose and convict the wrongdoing of the U.N. in providing space and energy to Hamas.

Brian lynch
February 13, 2024

Lord Jesus, please, expose any connection between Hamas and Hamas. Please let anything that perpetuates darkness and deception be exposed to your marvelous light. I bind the evil spirit of terrorism, and all of the atrocities committed by Hamas. Free these misguided members of Hamas, and all misguided terror groups, from the misdeeds of their actions. Lord, let what the enemy means for evil and harm, be used by You for good. Thank you, Jesus.

Leland Hauenstein
February 13, 2024

Of course the UN knew that Hamas had their base under the UN Facility. They were supplying the electricity and the internet for the Hamas Base. That us why the UN is always censoring Israel.


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