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Lord God, we pray that the financial and corporate leaders of our country would pursue truth, good, righteousness, and most of all You.
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The Gateway Pundit reported that a recent article in Successful Farming explained that Bill Gates is the largest private farm land owner in the United States:

In 1994, the Gateses hired the former Putnam Investments bond-fund manager to diversify the couple’s portfolio away from the Microsoft co-founder’s 45 percent stake in the technology giant while maintaining comparable or better returns. According to a 2014 profile of Larson in the Wall Street Journal, these investments include a substantial stake in AutoNation, hospitality interests such as the Charles Hotel in Cambridge and the Four Seasons in San Francisco, and “at least 100,000 acres of farmland in California, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, and other states … .” According to the Land Report 100 Research Team, that figure is currently more than twice that amount, which means Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has an alter ego: Farmer Bill, the guy who owns more farmland than anyone else in America.

Bill Gates owns more than 200,000 acres of farmland! In fact, Market Watch offered more details:

Gates’ portfolio comprises about 242,000 acres of farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across 19 states, according to The Land Report, a magazine for land investors that tracks the nation’s biggest landowners.

The biggest chunks of Gates’ holdings are in Louisiana and Arkansas, where he owns 69,071 acres and 47,927 acres, respectively, the outlet’s research found.

He also reportedly owns about 16,000 acres in his home state of Washington, including a 14,500-acre tract in the Horse Heaven Hills region that was purchased for nearly $171 million.

The Industrial Revolution led to the incredible wealth of men like Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie. The Information Age has created the immense wealth of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and others.

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Gladys Negbegble
January 20, 2021

Keep yourself from all covetousness, for a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of the things which he possesses. Luke 12: 15. fighting for wealth is what is keeping the world leaders from serving the people God has called them to rule. if we read our bible carefully, we should not be thinking who is rich and who is not. none of these earthly riches will save a soul or will the owners of them be able to take them to heaven. Trust in God and put your confidence in the Lord your God. Like the widow of Zarephath, the little that we have with a grateful heart will never dry out. Godliness with contentment is great gain. for we brought nothing into the world, and we can nothing out of it. 1 timothy 6:6-7.

January 20, 2021

It is greed.

Nancy Bryda
January 19, 2021

Lord, I am asking Heaven to shine its spotlight on Mr. Bill Gates and reveal his intensions in this issue and all other issues. I am praying for his salvation and repentance of any sin in his life. Put people in his path to bring the light to him. Open his heart to your Lord. Vengence is mine says the Lord. I decree justice as needed over Mr. Gates. The LOrd wishes none to perish. It also says righteousness and justice are the foundations of HIs throne. Every knee shall bow and every tnogue will confess that JEsus Chirist is LOrd. Mr. Gates – I speak to you that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I am hoping you will seek after the truth and I bind any truth that may be counterfeit in your life and loose the truth of God to invade your world. This is a pray over our government as well and over my life as well. Let your light shine oh holy God.

K. N. Munk
January 19, 2021

Mr. Gates,
If these farm land holdings are true and accurate, it seem there is a tremendous opportunity for educating young men and women in the agriculture industry.
There is opportunity for basic training in what is involved in producing a product with “hands-on, in the field” training and education.
Simply put; “Put our youth resources to work.”

Diana C
January 19, 2021

Our family has been supporting Customer Supported Agricultural in our area for some time. We get a box of organic, freshly picked produce from a local farm, even here in crowded California;) This is our way of “voting” with our $ and having a supply of food when the food chain fails as it did at the beginning of the pandemic.

Deborah Babbit
January 19, 2021

So it seems that he can control what information we have, what we eat, where we can farm or camp, the curricula in our schools, the contents of vaccines and how they’re to be used, to an extent our Healthcare, and expand Planned Parenthood. I am praying about this and sharing.

Mary Olson
January 19, 2021

I don’t trust a socialist billionaire owning this much of our farm land. What are his plans for it, is he cultivating it, or just sitting on it? Another worry is that China is buying up our farm and coastal properties in the US. Why are we allowing a Communist nation to buy up American land?? This is obviously a top security issue that must be immediately addressed! Are we allowed to buy property in China? Of course not! We need to wake up before its too late! Just think about it, do we want China controlling how much food we can grow? Please write your congressmen and women, and the Senators of your state regarding this very real issue.

    Thomas McClellan
    January 19, 2021

    Please, fellow Prayer Warriors, don’t limit God by what you see around you. God is in control and these aren’t just idle words. Fear is negative faith so faith and not fear.

    There was a time when a lot of California was being bought up by Japanese interests and a lot of panic occurred. Then the Japanese economy tanked and these lands were sold again, back to American interests at a loss to the Japanese because they needed ready cash to bail out their troubled economy. What if the Chinese economy tanks and they have to sell their holdings back to Americans also at a loss ? God did it once before because I prayed for that then, and I’m praying for the same thing now again.

    Finally, pray for Bill and Gloria Gates, their two boys, and their employees. Our Abba Father owns all the cattle on a thousand hills. Bill Gates owns nothing compared to ou awesome God. Can you imagine God getting a hold of Bill and Gloria Gates ? I can because my faith is based on the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1) and so is your faith, so stretch your faith and pray.

    Shalom and Amen.

    Thomas McClellan

kathy black
January 19, 2021

Of course I have my own feelings about this information but I would like to understand why you feel this is newsworthy.

Vickie Bookout
January 19, 2021

My son & his friends are looking at “permaculture” farming as a cooperative venture. The idea is to work with nature, plant many diverse varieties of each plant, integrate animals into the overall plan & use all non GMO seeds & plants. We were once an agrarian based society & peoples’ values lined up with their experiences. There are sources for heirloom seeds and plants & the permaculture experiment has been tried successfully. (See “Biggest Little Farm”.) My son & his friends would not abandon their day jobs, but each own land adjacent to each other & cooperate with land management. Perhaps this is the wave of the future for our children. The plan is to cut dependence on outside sources as much as possible & live simpler, richer lives.

J Deacon
January 19, 2021

Why does money suggest that the wealthy are so smart that the can be authorities in everything. Bill Sates may be smart, but that does NOT make him an authority on every subject.

January 19, 2021

This is disturbing- actually alarming – considering that Mr. Gates has fully bought into promoting (maybe pushing would be a better word) and investing in genetically modifying our food crops. He already has too much powerful control, working closely with Monsanto, the chemical company giant who has now been found to be responsible for killing many with their “round-up” glyphosate pesticides,invading almost our entire environment. So his vast and unfettered wealth is tied to combining chemicals that are causing sickness (cancer, and no doubt auto-immune disorders form the body trying to mitigate these chemicals), with our food that we ingest – making more and more of them infected with these chemical components; then add in these same chemical companies in bed with the pharmaceutical giants madating MORE chemicals on us through their vaccines and drugs. What a brilliant strategy for wealth – make us sick, and then provide the supposed antidote, from birth to the grave. Then participate is being sure the whole world is on board with this philosophy of the need/ dependency of these drugs, even 3rd world countries, so we are even paying for it with our own tax dollars. Oh – and be part of keeping a cement underground vault near the North Pole that protects and preserves the heirloom seeds that they’re chemically and biologically ruining of God’s perfect creation. They they then have control of our food supply. https://www.croptrust.org/our-work/svalbard-global-seed-vault/ … just do a search of Mr. Gates investing in it.

Yvonne Pendleton
January 19, 2021

Is this a surprise? Read the Matthew account of the farmer who built bigger barns.

January 19, 2021

My concern is that Bill Gates sees himself as some kind of savior for our nation but his values are not aligned with God’s. May God open Mr. Gate’s eyes to see truth as well as the futility of amassing land and wealth – particularly if at the expense of other human beings. Father God, You see, You know, You are faithful. We trust You are in control, and that Your plans are for our good.

January 19, 2021

It is very worrisome that Bill Gates owns that much property in America. What is his plan? His work with the WHO, the vaccine, his study to darken the sun and involvement with foreign countries set precedent for a self-serving plan which will not be good for America.

    Adelaida Apduhan
    January 19, 2021

    Let us focus our eyes on Christ than Mr. Bill.
    We have more wealth and power than the Bill.
    In CHRIST, we have EVERYTHING.
    The question is, how do we use our immense power and wealth in Christ to lead and bless America and the world.
    Let us focus not on others but look deeper upon ourselves as followers of Christ. We are Bill Gates’ greater concern. His wealth will disappear someday, but ours won’t.
    Let us pray he will be saved from hell and we be strong and courageous in Christ .

    Through our God , we shall do valiantly. It is He who will tread down our enemies. We will sing and shout His victory. Christ is King!

Regina Ford
January 19, 2021

May Mr Gates realize his responsibility to God and towards others. To whom much is given much is required. The wealth never leaves the earth but gets transferred into the hands of those who regard the poor, widow and orphans. What matters eternally is the souls of men and the Word of God. Psalms 49 and 73 are carillon reminders. As Jesus says where your treasures are there is your heart also

We must all examine our hearts whether we have much or little. All belongs to the Lord…your soul maybe required of you tonight and there is not enough wealth to ransom it. Only the precious Blood of Jesus answers that matter

Kathy Bahrke
January 19, 2021

How many acres of US prime farmland do foreign entities, including China own? And real estate in urban centers? That is a greater concern.

Lois Taritas
January 19, 2021

The land is God’s
Great transfer is coming! Trust God!

January 19, 2021

When he dies, none of these thousands of acres of land can safe his soul…he will leave the way he came “alone”.

Renee Duncan
January 19, 2021

Why does he need so much land? America belongs to God! Father save Bill Gates. In Jesus name

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