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Holy God, we recognize Your love for life. We know that the taking of innocent unborn life grieves You, so we ask You to stop our government from pushing for more abortion with federal funds.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe, the Biden Administration has relentlessly pushed for abortion at the federal level, using every loophole and taxpayer dollar it can. This group of Republicans is pushing back against this unprecedented attack on the unborn.

From The Daily Signal. Rep. Josh Brecheen, R-Okla., is leading Republican lawmakers in introducing two pieces of pro-life legislation challenging President Joe Biden’s efforts to increase the number of abortions.

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“Following the historic Dobbs decision, the Biden administration has deliberately ignored federal law in order to pursue its far-left, pro-abortion agenda—all without the authority of Congress,” Brecheen told The Daily Signal, referring to the June 2022 Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. “These bills are needed to fight back against the Biden administration’s war against life.”

The No Abortion Coverage for Medicaid Act addresses a move by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to allow states to access federal funds for abortion. In August 2022, shortly after the overturning of Roe, CMS sent a letter inviting states to use federal funds under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act to help promote abortions.

Brecheen argues that that’s a clear violation of congressional intent, since the Hyde Amendment bans federal funds from being used for abortions. The Oklahoma lawmaker’s legislation would amend Section 1115 of the Social Security Act to clarify that the Department of Health and Human Services can’t approve applications or extensions for Medicaid projects that provide funding for abortion or benefits that include abortion, such as travel expenses incurred while obtaining an abortion.

The congressman also introduced legislation Monday, the ‘‘No Taxpayer Abortions for Unaccompanied Minors Act,” which would prohibit the secretary of Health and Human Services from “issuing, finalizing, implementing, or enforcing any rule or guidance to facilitate abortions or access to abortions for an unaccompanied alien child.”

Both pieces of legislation are cosponsored by Republican Reps. Trent Kelly of Mississippi, Matt Rosendale of Montana, Bob Good of Virginia, Doug LaMalfa of California, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, Mary Miller of Illinois, Ashley Hinson of Iowa, John Moolenaar of Michigan, Doug Lamborn of Colorado, and Randy Weber of Texas.

The latter bill follows GOP senators’ condemnation of the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s proposed “Unaccompanied Children Program Foundational Rule.” Republican Sens. Steve Daines of Montana and James Lankford of Oklahoma led their colleagues in accusing that office of violating the Hyde Amendment as well.

“Instead of adhering to the law, responding to congressional inquiry, heeding Congress’ warning, and treating unaccompanied minors with the dignity and respect they deserve as young mothers, HHS ORR has decided to codify these flagrant violations of the Hyde Amendment through the proposed rule,” the senators wrote.

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(Used with permission. From The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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November 26, 2023

I’m so grateful for the Republican lawmakers standing up for us and for right! FATHER GOD please strengthen the men and women that are standing for righteousness and let their laws prevail to protect babies and children and us as well as our tax dollars in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Susan CC
November 25, 2023

Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) “Children are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven.”

Nelson Mandela (1918–2013) ” There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

Dr. Seuss (1904-1991) “A person is a person no matter how small.”

Dear Abba Father, You are wise and mighty, The All Powerful God of Life. So many of Your children have been praying against abortion and for so long. I believe each and every one of our prayers are just like Your Word, alive and active. Your Word says You formed our inmost being; You knit us together in our mother’s womb. I pray You will fulfill Your purpose for each of these tiny ones. O LORD, Your loving devotion endures forever–do not abandon the works of Your hands. Please shower Your favor upon these who are challenging the wickedness of this administration and I pray the very same for each effort and prayer to demolish abortion. I ask this and so much more in the Name of Jesus. Amen

Psalm 139:13, Psalm 138:8

Suzanne Gill
November 24, 2023

Under “NO” circumstances should our free nation give over sovereignty to any organization, or other entity.

November 24, 2023

Dear LORD GOD Almighty, we beg intervention on behalf of these brave legislators in stopping the flow of our tax $ to overturn just ruling from SCOTUS. Thank YOU JESUS


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