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Lord, we know you hold the "fate of the world" in Your hands. We are so thankful that You are sitting on Your throne in heaven and in control.

Left-wing billionaire George Soros on Thursday reportedly warned that the 2020 election will determine the “fate of the world” and lashed out at President Donald Trump during a private dinner event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

What do you think about the importance of the 2020 election? Leave a comment.

Soros, the 89-year-old founder of the progressive advocacy organization Open Society Foundations, accused the president of being a “con man” and a “narcissist” who wants the world to “revolve around him,” according to CNBC.

“When his fantasy of becoming president became a reality,” his ego swelled, Soros said, adding: “This has turned his narcissism into a malignant disease.”

Soros, who has yet to endorse a 2020 Democrat candidate, then said that this year’s election will decide the “fate of the world,” CNBC reports. In October, the billionaire argued White House contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is the “most qualified to be president,” but stopped short of formally throwing his support behind her.

This, of course, is not the first time the hedge fund manager has taken aim at President Trump at the World Economic Forum. Last year, Soros criticized the president’s negotiating style against China, which culminated in the signing of a phase one trade agreement last Wednesday.

“Regrettably, President Trump seems to be following a different course: Make concessions to China and declare victory while renewing his attacks on U.S. allies,” Soros said at the time. “This is liable to undermine the U.S. policy objective of curbing China’s abuses and excesses.”

At this year’s event, Soros also lambasted Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping for his government’s use of a totalitarian social credit scoring system on Chinese citizens. Xi is using “artificial intelligence to have total control of his people,” Soros warned. He also mused that China’s president is “trying to exploit” President Trump on trade.

These remarks follow President Trump’s speech before the World Economic Forum, in which he touted his America First economic policies as a model for global prosperity.

“A nation’s highest duty is to its own citizens,” the president told attendees. “Honoring this truth is the only way to build faith and confidence in the market system. Only when governments put their own people first will people be fully invested in their national futures.”

“A pro-worker, pro-citizen, pro-family agenda demonstrates how a nation can thrive when its communities, its companies, its government work together for the good of the whole nation,” he added.

President Trump also used the speech to reject climate alarmism, which loomed large over this year’s event, partly due to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg’s attendance.

“These alarmists always demand the same thing – absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives,” the president stated.  “We’re committed to conserving the majesty of God’s creation and the natural beauty of our world.”

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Article by Joshua Caplan.)

1912 People Prayed
13067 People have read this article

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  1. I pray for America every day! Having once been a liberal, I understand the powers of darkness undermining America. However, since my salvation, I pray according to the power of the Holy Spirit to unseat the spiritual powers holding America captive. This next election will destroy the global economy which Soros represents. He is correct about the next election determining the fate of the world. It’s not surprising he talks about the world. He is trying to destroy America so that his evil control can prosper. What Soros says about Trump is actually the perfect description of himself, an egomaniacal fiend if ever there was one!

  2. God Almighty and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please bring this arrogant man, evil George Soro’s reign to an end. He is involved in funding numerous organizations too large in number to count, and is affecting countries and lives. I pray that you remove his Power and his Childrens power, and seven generations of this families power completely. I do pray for his soul. I do not wish this man to suffer in hell. But it is ultimately up to Mr. Soros to repent. Not sure that will happen.
    I pray for your mighty hand to protect our President Donald Trump, his family and his children’s children. I pray that you would send your Angels to protect Donald Trump wherever he may be as their are endless evil entities that want him removed. It’s hard to understand everything you’re doing Father, but I know you, our loving heavenly Father and Creator know exactly what you’re doing. Please also let your spirit come upon the earth. There are many souls who need your love. I pray for your Holy Spirit to move on everyone and that they would be drawn to your you and your love for them. I don’t want anyone to go to Hell, but rather, they would choose to be in Heaven with you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  3. Praying that George Soros (Schwartz György) repents before it is too late, and in the meantime, that God blocks all funds that intend evil and dries up his coffers. Praying also for his sons who are poised to be fully in charge of carrying on his evil mission. Father intervene as only YOU can in each of their hearts, especially George Soros, before it is too late, in the name of Jesus, amen.

  4. I follow a lady on FB – she post on His Kingdom Prophecy as well- Her name is Veronika West- she is from Ireland- she has dreams and words form the Lord. She had this today 2-6-2020 – HA! I heard the Spirit say, “WHY DOES THE NAME SOROS CAUSE SUCH A STIR…WHY HAS SO MUCH POWER BEEN GIVEN TO SUCH A WORM, WATCH AS MY SPIRIT MOVES IN THE DAYS AHEAD TO MAKE A PUBLIC SPECTACLE OF THIS MERE SPECK OF DUST IN MY HAND, FOR SURELY I TELL YOU SUDDENLY AND SEVERELY I SHALL STRIKE AND THEY SHALL SAY, “HE WILL NEVER RECOVER”..! Keep Trump in your prayers and America in your prayers. There are nature attacks and spiritual attacks – Trump needs to be covered deeply in our prayers.

  5. Dear Father we thank you this demon Soros cannot stop what your will is here on earth – we thank you for President Trump who is a friend of yours and loves America as did our founders – we ask for your protection over him and this election!! We pray for Americans to return to you and to your Word! May you be honored and glorified in America! In Jesus name Amen

    Soros is an Antichrist for sure

  6. Thank You, Father for Your absolute Sovereignty over all of the Universe. As Creator of all things all of creation is under Your authority–every created being is subject to You including Satan. He was defeated the instant he rebelled against You and finally deposed at the Cross. For this we are eternally grateful. Your will that is done in Heaven be done here on Earth. We long for the day of Jesus’ return when the government truly rests upon His shoulders. Until then we pray for unity of all true disciples of Christ and for steadfast faith under pressure and persecution. We pray for discernment and understanding of the times we live in. And for boldness and courage we ask so that we can passionately pursue the hearts of all who do not know You. We do not fear the schemes of the enemy and the plans of the nations to conspire against the Lord and His annointed. We are still, longing to know You more and more,Your Name will be exalted among the nations!! For Your glory and honor we endure.

  7. If God were in control of all events, He could be blamed for all the evil acts in the world. Let’s remember that He has
    given us dominion and stewardship of the earth through Christ’s victory on the cross. We have free will!
    A sister who I respect much had a sobering dream of President. Trump not being re-elected. She was shaken and asked
    the Lord what it was about.
    His reply was “this is what will happen if my people do not pray”.
    I believe this needs to be spread through out the body of Christ to all believers we come into contact with! Let us do it!!

    1. Bill, Absolutely profound and true statements and analysis of the situation at hand. Thank you for stating it so clearly. May we keep our ears, heart and eyes open to God’s working and be ready to join what he is doing. Thanking him continuously and profoundly for his great mercies and blessings to America and to us as individuals. Praise you,oh God, for you plan and for your gift of grace through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

      1. Thanks Deborah!
        Father, I pray that you build your house of Prayer in these days by lighting a fire in all the pastors and leaders who influence your people to pray for our President as well as for the election. We ask for the deception of Church and State be exposed for what it is! May your pastors who do not educate and encourage civil responsibilities and prayer for the election have a paradigm shift in their thinking away from thinking that politics and the body of Christ do not meet. May they all encourage their people to be salt and light in all areas of our culture. We ask also that you light a fire in your people to pray fervent and effectual prayers, that you indeed will raise up your House of Prayer in these days! We call down the atmosphere of Heaven in all the caucuses in each state. May you render confusion in the ranks of your enemies! Thank you for hearing all our prayers!
        I have heard it said that 20 million believers did not vote in the 2016 and mid term elections. I believe it was primarily because of our leaders failing to do the above.

        1. Yes, Lord God and Father of all, I agree and concur with Bill’s Prayer. Raise up your leaders oh Lord. We need leaders and Pastors who will be strong and brave in your Word and provide messages of discernment, wisdom and understanding of how our government is founded on your laws and without your laws, commandments there would be no government. Yes, God, may you set blocks against and render confusion to the enemy. Raise up your prayer warriors to be strong and faithful. Thank you, Father for this Prayer Blog and forum for keeping us informed and joining us together in Prayer unto you for you greatness and power.

  8. It is certainly going to be an historical election,considering what the Democrats stand for vs. what the Republicans stand for It certainly could change the world, especially if a Democrat is elected, considering their radical stances on many of the top issues of the day. We have to remember that God is in control and He is the one that will truly determine the “fate of the world!” Neither George Soros or even President Trump has any control over what will happen in the world!!

    1. But God uses us and our prayers to change history. It’s actually more fatalistic than sound theology to believe that Trump or Soros have no control because God’s will will be done regardless. God uses believers, and when we actively pray His will, then his kingdom flourishes. Moses prayed before the Red sea parted, Samuel prayed before anointing David king, Nehemiah prayed before building the wall, Jesus prayed before going to the cross. Reese Howells prayed and Hitler got confused and delayed sacking England in WW2.
      If we fail to pray, we fail to participate in the battle in heavenly places, and we fail to receive the outcome that our prayers would have brought.
      Yes it’s true God is in control, but No, it’s not true that His will is accomplished regardless of whether or not we pray. When we pray, heaven is activated and God responds. We fail to pray and “He wonders that there was no intercessor”
      Our prayers affect outcomes!

  9. Jesus, I say “Amen” to all your people who prayed regarding this “post”. I am so thankful to you for
    building faith in all your “followers” as they put on the armor of God and head for the battlefields.
    In YOUR precious Name and in YOUR POWER I rebuke the evil spirits that deceive, twist, mislead, misguide those who do not know YOU as Lord and Savior, or who reject you as Lord and Savior giving berth to creating or following a cause that leads into paths of darkness and destruction. In YOUR NAME dispel the evil influence of Mr. Soros and open his eyes and ears to see and hear YOU. Thank you, Jesus. Amen

  10. Lord I praise You for the blessings we have in the United States of America. I repent that we are a divided Nation in so many ways. I repent for the sin that runs through this Nation that causes separation to You our Savior, our Righteous and Holy King, our Redeemer and our God. Lord please heal our land and bring in a multitude of believers that profess and accept Christ as their Savior. Lord we pray that Mr. Soros would have an Holy Spirit encounter to see the hardness of his heart, the wickedness of his choices and repent and accept Jesus as his Lord. Thy will be done in judgement and consequences of this man according to Your will and purpose. Lord prepare this Nation for Repentance and Revival during the upcoming election and may Your will be done and You be Glorified and praised. In Jesus name. Amen

  11. Let’s ask George Soros why he can not ever return to his homeland.
    He is exiled from his homeland….While President Trump is embraced
    by his homeland. I pray George Soros repents, changes his ways and
    call upon Jesus as Savior. One day he will have to answer for the way
    he used the wealth he has at his disposal. In the mean time, I ask that
    his money, no matter how much is spent to harm President Trump and our
    Nation, falls to the ground void.

    1. Fear fills the devil for what is coming. That is all I need to say.
      I pray for all those filled with fear. “Lord Lead these souls out of fear to see with eyes wide open the freedom and Joy that is free and available in Jesus Christ. Amen

      1. The con man than wants the world to revolve around him is George Soros.

        Once again you wanna know what liberals do in secret listen to their accusations.

        Claiming China wanted to exploit Trump
        On trade. Pleaazzzz…..

        The truth is China was already exploiting American citizens for a 500 billion dollar trade deficit. This is what George and his servants at the Democratic Party really want.

        But once it stopped then they turnaround and accuse Trump of doing what they were doing; of permitting China exploit America for selfish gain.

  12. I praise God that President Trump was elected President in 2016, and humbly ask that God intervene on the 2020 elections. We are in much better shape than we have been in a LONG time, and I thank God that Donald Trump is sticking to his promises, and that he is against abortion. He is the first REAL president we’ve had in years.

    Please, Heavenly Father – we desperately need Your divine intervention. Please open the eyes of Soros, so that he sees that only You know what the future holds!


  13. George Soros embraces evil and works for the enemy. He uses his billions on evil’s behalf to kill and destroy America as we know it. We must know this truth and pray against it, and bind and rebuke the enemy’s power in Jesus’ Name. claiming Christ’s Power over evil. And pray for Soro’s lost and hateful soul, just as we once were….✝️🙏✝️

      1. George Soros does not have to worry about the direction of the world after the outcome of the 2020 election. God Almighty is in control of the world He created. Soros money and greatness has blinded him to the truth of Jesus Christ. 1 John 4:4 He (Jesus) who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. I pray for George Soros to have his eyes opened to the truth of Jesus saving grace and God’s mercy. Once life on earth ends, where will he spend eternity? Our lives on earth are to bring glory to the Father.
        Dear Father, send someone to George Soros so his eternity will be with You. Amen

  14. Father, Bless, protect and guide this country and our President. YOUR cloud of Glory lead us, Your hand of judgement reform us, Your mighty will be upon us and restore us to YOUR purposes, that we may follow where You lead. Lord, we pray that those who exalt themselves and call themselves god, will be brought down and the humble and those who serve and honor You, will be brought into positions of influence and power. Let YOUR mighty will be done in us, this day, Father God! You reign. Glory in the Highest, YOU reign.

    1. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Father, raise up those who know Your NAME. May we remember every Truth of your WORD and discern every falsehood that is put forth. We pray for protection of the voting process. May those with integrity be diligent to prepare voting locations and any with nefarious motives be found out and removed. May Satan not get a foothold in our hearts or minds so that Christians can promote righteousness in the USA….being as wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves. Awaken believers who have gone to sleep. Stir your church to encourage one another to holiness….fearing You, not people and following the example of Your Son,Jesus! Equip us for this 2020 election battle! Save our country from those who would render it godless. Embolden Christians to shine your Light In all of the dark places and hold out your mercy and love for those who are exposed! All of our hope is in You, Lord! Amen

  15. George Soros needs the prayers of Christians, to help him see his need for Christ, like we once needed. The Word says, “but if our gospel be hid, it is hid to those, whose minds have been blinded, by the god of this world, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God ,should shine to them”. Mr Soros has a blinded mind at this time. And we know that it is God’s will, that none perish. None! And if we walk be faith, and not by sight, believing that Christ wants to save Mr Soros, and He knows exactly how to do just that, then we can claim his soul in the name of Jesus, for the honor and glory of Jesus. Wouldn’t that be something, Mr Soros becoming a Christian, and now living for Him. Can it happen, oh yes it can. Is there anything to hard for God?
    The bottom line is this, if we don’t pray that way for him, who will?

    1. Amen….
      16Cover their faces with shame,
      that they may seek Your name, O LORD.
      And if they refuse,
      17May they be ever ashamed and terrified;
      may they perish in disgrace.
      18May they know that You alone,
      whose name is the LORD,
      are Most High over all the earth.”

      Psalm 83:16-18

  16. Nancy

    It is God’s will that He appoint Godly men in office, so Father in your Son’s Name we ask that President Trump win the election in 2020 along with the Republicans regaining the House and the Senate. You desire good government and so we thank you in advance how you are going to win the victory for President Trump in 2020. We pray this in accordance with your will for our Nation to be accomplished in Jesus’s mighty Name.

  17. Personally I do not put much stock on what Soros has to say but I do on what the Bible says. “…….For there is no authority except from God and the authorities that exist are appointed by God”. Romans 13:1

  18. Sinesh D’souza did an expose on Soros in a documentary. Interested in his take, though not necessary for me.

    Revelations reveals all sorts of conditions upon His return at the end of all things, at the final judgement. How the world arrives only God knows, but His Glory will be seen in the whole earth especially in the Bride who lives through the tribulation, that great and terrible day of the Lord!

  19. All I know is, that I have been praying for years that Soros be brought to justice for all the evil he has orchestrated behind the scenes for years but now,openly. That God would have mercy on his soul and that the world will witness that there’s no man big enough, rich enough and powerful enough for our Almighty God! And yes, 2020 elections are crucial and the people of God must lead the way to the voting booths, if we want to see God intervene on our behalf. God is always in control. The victory is ours. Trump2020!!!

      1. Lord, You said it is Your will for nations to bless Israel. Trump is the first President to bless Israel this much therefore we know that it is Your will for Trump to be in office. Praise You Lord for Trump being the first President to openly stand up for Israel and stand up for the rights of Christians in the US. God bless Trump richly!!!

    1. Dear Lord God, help Mr Soros to have a divine revelation by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Help Mr. Soros. For our Lord God lives in a Holy Place, where Only a Holy God Dwells and Reigns!!!
      Lord Jesus, have Mercy on Mr. George Soros, please save his soul and change his heart for the Glory of God!!!!!!!
      Thank you dear Jesus for your Mercy.

  20. Lord I thank You that only You have the wisdom to discern the thoughts,and intents, the true reality of a man’s heart. I thank You that we are in a season of the sifting of God and the lines will fall, in the Name of Jesus, according to Your understanding and YOUR understanding alone. Many voices but One God, Mighty and true.

  21. “Destroy thou them, O God; let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against thee.” Psalm 5:10
    Like the psalmist David, we must pray for God to defeat them and their counsels, for otherwise they will continue to lead multitudes of others into their own transgression.
    No less than 20 of the psalms contain what are known as “imprecations”—that is, prayers to God to judge and destroy the wicked—and this verse is the first of them. As such, it sets the pattern, helping us to understand why the Lord would include such vindictive prayers in His inspired Word. At first, they seem incongruous with a God of love and mercy who has told us to love our enemies, but they help us to understand that God also must judge sin—especially the sin of rebellion. In them, we are taught to see the sin of rebellion in its true light—through the eyes of a loving Creator who has been rejected to the point of no return. There is still room for forgiveness of individual sinners, of course—even among such as these—if they come in true repentance, but most such rebels are already irrevocably hardened against God and His Word.

  22. Soros is right about the 2020 elections, if Trump is not elected it will be closer to the end of our Country and the World, Let’s continue to pray in Jesus name against the spirit of antichrist and pray that the Lord will have mercy on his soul

  23. Soros himself is the “con man” and a “narcissist” who wants the world to “revolve around him”. He is right, in one respect, that the 2020 election will determine the future of the world as we know it. Do your homework and vote as God leads.

  24. It would appear that the pride of man, Leviathan, has spoken. Father, your Word says in Proverbs that “the wealth of the wicked is laid up in store for the just.” Thank you, Father, we call forth Your Kingdom’s version of the redistribution of wealth! We will use it to help bring in the Harvest!

    1. I totally agree that God is in Charge of the world. Our Nation is at a crossroads between our God given rights and loss of our national freedoms. Soros is right, this election will send us in one direction or another as a nation. It is our RESPONSIBILITY as believers to vote but also PRAY PRAY PRAY. We must not be presumptuous toward God’s Mercy and Goodness simply because we are “Americans”. We dodged a bullet when, by God’s favor, we elected a man who believes in American values as President. However our government is riddled with those whose values are both self serving (as they claim our President to be), greedy, and who think they know better than the average American voter. Some of them are bureaucrats, never elected. Some have been in Congress so long they think they know what is best for the nation. That is why this debacle in the Congress is going on. We must remember, God gave us authority to rule over principalities and powers and unseen forces in the world; spirits that want to destroy His creation.
      We Believers must get off our duffs and onto our knees to stop this One World Government thinking. We have God given rights to rule our nation. We must not believe the lie of Socialism. It is fueled by the rich to deceive the “common” person into believing they know best. Some of them gained their wealth by “hook and by crook” -think greedy politician. We must get some “heat” and some “sorrow” about our previous presumptuousness in this matter. America was chosen by God to be a “light on a hill” to show other nations what true person freedom can provide. That can only be done by vibrant, active, prayerful followers of Jesus. God helping us, we will save the Nation God established. Imperfect as it is, because, after all, we are human. This nation is still the best example, next to Israel of the grace of God in the world. The Bible tells us to pray for leadership that will make it easier to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. God forbid that persecution comes thru our neglect of prayer! Please note, “This is not a criticism of Pastor Regina’s statement of faith.”

  25. As we see the world moving closer and closer to “the days of Noah,” Mr. Soros’ words could very well be correct. There is much evil in the world, and it seems to be getting worse by the day. But we who know and love the Lord know that God is in control, and nothing will thwart or hamper His plans. I pray that Mr. Soros will come to see the Truth of Jesus, that he will yield his heart to the One Who created him. I pray for our country, our president, and for a lost and searching world. Jesus is coming back soon, and we need to be prepared, we need to be sharing Him with others, we need to be obedient, no matter the cost. May the Lord pour out His mercy and His Holy Spirit so that many will be saved in these last days.

  26. George Soros is not even allowed to set foot in 7 countries, because he attacks their finances. He brags about “breaking the Bank of England. He is accusing Pres. Trump of what he himself has done. If he disagrees with Pres. Trump about anything, then Pres. Trump is probably doing the right thing.

    1. Greetings in the name of the Lord. Just wondering if you might have info and resources that could lead me to more about history of Soros especially interested in MACEDONIA. The HOLY SPIRIT is pressing in the area of how exactly to pray. Thanks!❤ God Bless you richly!

      1. One way to get info on the internet is to do a search at / or . These search engines say that they do not track you, save your searches or follow you after you leave their sites. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. all do. Plus they save your searches and will release the info to any “official” without your permission or your knowledge.

        Search under George Soros and ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS: Macedonia ; Hungary ; Ukraine; father ; son Alexander ; Open Society ; International ; Nazi party ; Bank of England ; currency manipulation ; contributions to US politicians ; Open Society Foundations ; currency crisis in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Russia ;

        This article will be interesting: Over 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros.” Media Research Center. Accessed December 01, 2016.

        This one has links to more information:

        You can also check OpenSecrets.Org to see who donates what $$ to which candidates and/or political causes.

      2. One way to get history of Soros info on the internet is to do a search at / or .
        These search engines say that they do not track you, save your searches or follow you after you leave their sites. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. all do. Plus they save your searches and will release the info to any “official” without your permission or your knowledge.

        Search under George Soros and ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS: Macedonia ; Hungary ; Ukraine; father ; son Alexander ; Open Society ; International ; Nazi party ; Bank of England ; currency manipulation ; contributions to US politicians ; Open Society Foundations ; currency crisis in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, or Russia

        You can also check OpenSecrets.Org to see who donates what $$ to which candidates and/or political causes.

        MODERATOR: I have tried to post this several times with no success. There are no posting rules on this site so, not sure why. Anyway, this posting has no links.

  27. Praise the Lord that our great God 🙌 holds the world in His hands. The first line from the little song now a truly powerful song says it all. Sing with me.. He’s got the whole world in His hands He’s got the whole world in His hands….

  28. Amen! Please persevere with prayer through these current impeachment proceedings

    To say we don’t need to pray because God has determined all outcomes is as ridiculous as saying we don’t need to take medicine, work for a living, or look for a spouse because God has determined all outcomes.

    Daniel 2:21
    Verse Concepts

    “It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men And knowledge to men of understanding.
    In both Scripture and our experience, God responds to prayer. Moses prayed for food and water for the Israelites (Exod. 15 and Num. 11), Hannah prayed for a child (1 Sam. 1), and Elijah prayed for drought and then rain (1 Kgs. 18–19). The events God had already determined came to pass. But God also determined that Moses, Hannah, and Elijah would pray for those events, such that the events would not have taken place if they did not pray for them. Sam Storms puts it well: “We must never presume God will grant us apart from prayer what he has ordained to grant us only by means of prayer.”

    1. The beauty of our prayers to God is that it clarifies in our own minds and gives us resolve to move ahead in what we know to be the will of God. In prayer we remind and convince ourselves of what we know is His truth, even better if we speak it, declare it!

    2. As we so often lament, we live in a time where right is wrong and wrong is right. Politicians and other influential voices in this country have arrogantly and ignorantly proclaimed that Planned Parenthood, the nations #1 abortion provider, is “doing God’s work.” It’s almost like the leaders of a particular party spit in Gods’ eye and dare Him to do anything about it!

      Yes, we seek God’s heart in order to pray the prayers that will bring about His will on earth as it is in heaven. And, loved ones, our faith without works is dead. We must also be informed of both sides of the issues, willing to gently and wisely share facts with our family, friends and neighbors, confront evil with heartfelt prayer and vote according to the revealed will of God as it appears in scripture.

      Keep this in mind: before a political issue is manifested in the physical realm (hits the media), it is shaped by thousands of decisions made by many people – most of whom we will never know about or hear their names. Political advisors, lobbyists, government employees, companies impacted by the issue, lawyers, PR and marketing people, the mainstream media, focus groups – all will have some input. The decision-making process is unseen to us but known by God. The unseen is the realm in which He lives and I believe He longs for us to join Him there in our prayers.

      God is the fly on every wall: the unseen listener of every conversation; the little bird of the air (Ecclesiastes 10:20) who tells of words spoken in private that ultimately reach the ears of the King. There is a before, during and after in every situation or event. It is important therefore, that we pray, not just for what we hear or see (the after), but for unseen events and decisions BEFORE they become what we see/hear. We have the authority to ask Him to exert His will and /or His influence on the unseen whenever and wherever He chooses at any point in the process – before, during or after. All He asks us to do is Watch and Pray.

  29. Thank you, Lord, that you hold all power to determine the fate of the world. You are Lord of all.
    Please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling attacks on righteousness. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground in Jesus name, Amen.

  30. FATHER I pray for our president and Vice President. Protect them, put the blood 🩸 of JESUS over them and a hedge around them. I pray for AMERICA, that you would have mercy on us. You are LORD over all. GOD’s will be done! In JESUS name AMEN 🙏🙏🙏🙏🩸🩸

    1. Janet, Your prayer is so simple yet powerful! I have copied it so that I can pray it every day!! I even copied the blood drop and will agree with you when I pray!
      If two agree as touching anything they ask, it shall be done!
      Maybe others will keep your prayer in their heart and pray with us!

  31. I pray that Mr. Soros, would take a long hard look at himself in the mirror — people often accuse others of the very thing of which they themselves are guilty: “Soros, the 89-year-old founder of the progressive advocacy organization Open Society Foundations, accused the president of being a “con man” and a “narcissist” who wants the world to “revolve around him.”

      1. Mr. Soros is deceived. President Trump wants, among many other good things, for the world to obey the teachings of sacred scripture to save babies lives, to support Israel, and to give first offenders a second chance. Nothing narcissistic about that, is there? Pray for Mr. Soros that GOD would enlighten him, for GOD has no wish for any to be lost.

  32. Jesus you died to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly. You flipped the tables when money was being worshipped and used to control a nation. I am asking you to flip the money exchangers again. To confuse them and turn the tables so your people will be the one to prosper. Hide identities when it’s necessary so Soros and his minions won’t be able to recognize what they are getting into. Flip the tables once again to fulfill the purpose your purposes on earth. Give Godly men strategies and creativity to deal with this Soros so he is knocked off his feet like Haman. In Jesus name

  33. Dear Lord, we looked for judgment in 2015, and You gave the Republican nomination to Donald Trump. So many of us were praying for mercy, and that’s exactly what You gave us, although we didn’t recognize it.

    Lord, You have shown us Your incomprehensible mercy to us in this president. You have done a work with someone that only You could work with. Thank You for showing Your matchless power through someone we’d never have expected, that YOU may be glorified.

    Let us fix our eyes on You for more mercy. Show us our sins. Remind us of Your abundant love and willing heart to forgive, but don’t let us turn again to folly. Give us love for those still blinded, even those who ought to know better. Turn our hearts toward home. Let us seek to advance Your purposes, and let that be what consumes us, even if it means we must humble ourselves. Teach us to humble ourselves willingly.

    Correct our many errors, even those done with good intentions.

    Will You please also do the following for America, even as You’ve promised to do it for Your chosen people Israel:

    And they shall be my people, and I will be their God:

    And I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me for ever, for the good of them, and of their children after them:

    And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from them, to do them good; but I will put my fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from me.

    Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul.

    In Jesus’ name, amen.

  34. Lord God, we humble ourselves as a nation before you. Forgive us for not standing against evil in our nation. I ask That you Lord God would remove George Soros from power and influence over our nation and the Nations of the world. May all of his unholy plans to control the world be brought to utter confusion! Lord you alone our our refuge and strength. You are the Only God and the one who established The United States of America for your purposes, and I declare your plans and purposes for us will stand! Lord, you are the one who fights for us. We turn to you our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to do this for your Glory. God, I also ask that you stir our citizens to vote for righteousness, and to support President Trump in 2020. Open our people’s eyes to see and hearts to know you Almighty God, and to hear what you are saying regarding President Trump. Lead him in righteousness for your names sake.

    1. Well said George Soros. And your fate depends upon your repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ. At your age,you don’t have much time left. It’s not God’s will that anyone is lost and thrown into the lake of fire. Hurry George,time is short.

    2. Soros is not the one to tell us about this nation.He is behind all the demonic things that we see.He does need to move from this USA.Look up his history,the places he has been and the hate that he leaves. Thanks for the heads up for his name and people will see him as bad news.God is in control and not George Soros. Thank God.

  35. If President Trump is re-elected, he might have the opportunity to appoint up to three new US Supreme Court Justices to the bench. Justice Clarence Thomas was hinting at possible retirement. Justice Stephen Breyer may retire. He’s currently 79. Justice Ruth Ginsberg is in questionable health and another four years on the bench may not be possible. Not counting anyone out, but it might be possible. More Constitutional Judges have been appointed than ever before. Another four more years would really shift the momentum of the courts toward constitutional interpretation. With the changes in the financial markets; trade deals; foreign policy, the U.S. is shifting under President Trump. He is the most PRO-LIFE President we’ve ever had. If re-elected, abortion may become illegal at the National level and among many states. President Trump has promoted conservative policies and procedures in his first four years. All indications is that he would continue to do the same. 2020 really is a watershed election that will impact our nation for the next 50+ years.

    God help our Nation; may we turn back to you; MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE concerning the person you want us to select to lead us into the future.

    1. I believe it is a very good sign the Soros is lashing out at President Trump and warning people of how important the next American election is. Soros’ plans are failing. His money is not enough to control the world. Jesus is King. We, who call ourselves by the name of Christian, are not to gloat or to fear but to humble ourselves in repentance that God may truly reign in our own lives that God may refine and use us to spread the good news that Jesus is indeed in charge. Thank you Lord God. Bring Your Kingdom here! 🙂

  36. 2 chronicles 20:15 says the battle is not ours but Gods. I bind the words of the enemy on earth thus they are bound in heaven and loose Angels on assignment to bring forth Gods agenda in earth just as it is in heaven.God is Mighty to save and victorious in all his ways. To God be all Glory and Honor for great things He is doing.

  37. I believe part of what George Soros said to be truth about this next election,but his fear and saying what business men say it’s for his good not the people,Father we pray for the scales to fall off his eyes and for him to repent and come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ,his blood and resurrection,in Jesus name

  38. God fill all those doing good for our country with your knowledge and with you spirit. We need your guidance more than ever before. The fate of America hangs in the balances. Let Good over come evil. Keep our President at the wheel in the White House. and as far as Soros, The Bible calls them Hypocrites, snakes and vipers. The swamp is full of them. But God you will prevail……..

  39. Dear Father,
    Your Word , Your Holy Spirit casts out all fear.. You hold us by our right hands and You are rescuing us from trials and we (our country) will not be shaken…
    I pray for George… I plead the blood of Jesus over him and his cohorts…May he see the Light and be changed forever.. Amen

  40. In the Name of Jesus we break the words and nullify those words that came out of George Soros mouth against President Donald Trump and our Nation. We pull down the Open Society Foundation and all of it wicked tentacles. We command those words to go back to the pit where they came from. To God be the glory and Praise!
    Thank you Jesus!

  41. Father you are the creator and sustainer of all things. I pray for our President to stand in the highest seat of our government. Use him like never before. The gates of the enemy are shaking and the plan of the enemy is crumbling under your righteousness. You are exposing the darkness, the evil and wickedness of men in this extreme left agenda to regain power to bring our nation to ruin. But it shall never happen as long as righteousness and justice rule. As for George Soros bring full exposure of his agenda and manipulation. He is just a man who also must bow to the king of kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ.

  42. IICor.10:4,5. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty though You God to the pulling down of strongholds and casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself above God and we likewise bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ! Amen

  43. Dear Lord Jesus,
    You are in control of the world, this planet, our country, our lives. We commit ourselves to following you today and ask that you would protect us, guide us, fill us with wisdom and a peace that passes our understanding. You are our mighty God, more than able to do anything. We humble ourselves before your throne of grace. We bow before you and ask for your mercy. We are a people of unclean lips. Selfish and proud. Humble us today we pray. Show us Your way today. Forgive us for all our pride and self-centeredness. Forgive us, Oh Lord. WE are an obstinate and complaining people. We need You, Lord. WE need you desperately. COme fill us with your Holy SPirit that we might be your vessels that do your good to others.
    Help us to love and encourage others to follow YOU that we may live a life that is honoring to You. Amen

    1. Amen, Heidi. I agree We are like the Pharisee in
      Luke 18:11-12. “Please forgive us, Lord, help us to truthfully see ourselves when we are acting in the flesh. Help us to be quick to repent. Thank you, Almighty God, Everlasting Fatter, Creator to the ends of the earth, always ready to forgive. I repent right now, and I thank you for your forgiveness. In Jesus’s Name.

  44. Father, we are not moved by what we see or hear we are moved by your Word and I proclaim now that no weapon formed against this nation will prosper. We know the enemy will use whomever will yield to his lies but we your church will rise up strong in the Lord and the power of his might and we will stand against these powers and principalities knowing that you watch over your Word to perform it.I pray for this man George Soros salvation Holy Spirit convict him of his need for a savior in Jesus Name. The Word says what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul.He will be eternally lost. Jesus is Lord over the USA!

  45. The sickle of the harvest is poised and the first harvest is for the unrighteous, wicked and unbelieving to be gathered together and removed from the earth. Lord Jesus, release your vengeance upon all who purport to perform and espouse evil. I stand against all that hate you, that hate life, godliness and righteous values being our nation’s highest priorities. Execute your righteous judgments O mighty King of kings and grant America its right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of godliness. Abolish by the sword 🗡 of your holy word all who preach from an Anti-Christ platform, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

    Righteous exalts a nation, but sin (in any and all forms) brings a reproach.

  46. Father, it is You we want to glorify and trust. You have the whole world in Your hands! Your plan is what will happen…not the plan of any man! Man can only tear down and accuse or trust and pray and follow You. I choose to follow You. I thank You that You placed a man in the White House who cares about Your people…and His agenda is for the good of our nation. I pray for Him…please Jesus, put Your hedge of protection around Him and direct His steps. I pray for people all over this nation to come alongside and pay for Him. I pray for revival in this country and the world…I pray that those who don’t know You will surrender their hearts to You. I ask that You will stand strong in the impeachment trials and that You will help our Senate to vote against Impeachment which will destroy the Constitution of this country. I thank You that You can do this…Bring one more national and world wide revival before You come to take us home! Oh the joy of seeing people come to know You and experience the joy and peace that comes with following You. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  47. “Fate of the world”… is determined by God and prayer (maybe some fasting). We are a rebellious and stiff necked people who care more about our kingdoms than God’s. Soros is right and if his kind of socialist get more power and win the White House, we’ll know the Lord has totally removed the hedge and said sic-’em. It’s spiritual warfare we’re engaged in. Pray that in the midst of judgement, God would have mercy.

  48. Lord you are in control and not man! You determine our fate! All the evil in the world cannot overcome You, your power or your plan for our lives! Let us always remember that even when man cast the lot into his lap, but every decision is from the Lord! So let us become like Esther and humble ourselves before the king in prayer & fasting for the sake of our people! Long live JESUS & long love the King of Kings! Amen!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  49. Some may find it Unchristian sounding , Never the less soros is the type of the Antichrist if Not the Antichrist Himself ! Christian Please pray and Plead the shed Blood of JESUS CHRIST to cover our country and our president !!!


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