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Father God, protect us. Reveal what is hidden. Help those who are trying to uncover deceit and dissembling at high levels in our government.
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Deleted. An NIH webpage on the efficacy of a smallpox vaccine on monkeypox, including comments by Dr. Fauci and mentions of bioterrorism. As we connect the dots on Covid, vaccines, bioterrorism, gain of function, we must pay attention to what is hidden as well as what we know.

From National Pulse. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) deleted a webpage from 2004 detailing research into vaccine efficacy against the monkeypox virus which included Anthony Fauci praising the findings as “important” and referencing a potential “bioterror threat involving smallpox.”

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The webpage can be accessed through an archived version of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, which reveals a press release from March 10th, 2004: “Effectiveness of Safer Smallpox Vaccine Demonstrated Against Monkeypox.”

When accessed, the link currently prompts users with the message “the page you’re looking for isn’t available.”

The unearthed webpage comes amidst an ongoing global outbreak of monkeypox cases, already causing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to recommend masks during travel.

The deleted webpage detailed a study on a “mild, experimental smallpox vaccine known as modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA)” and how it is “nearly as effective as the standard smallpox vaccine in protecting monkeys against monkeypox.” Monkeypox was the pathogen of choice for the study “because of its similarity to the smallpox virus,” explained the NIH press release. . . .

The deleted study follows The National Pulse unearthing the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s recent research assembling strains of the monkeypox virus to be able to conduct PCR tests. It also comes amidst the NIAID administering a $10 million grant to fund research into additional cures for monkeypox shortly before the current outbreak began.

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Excerpt from National Pulse. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Rose Rocha
July 15, 2022

Father God, I humbly ask that you help us now more than ever before. The devil is using people as willing participants for the love of money and power. But God you are greater than all the lies of the devil. To you Father God goes all the glory and praise. In Jesus name.

Judith Becker
June 13, 2022

The PCR tests were debunked right out of the gate, but I can see the left has not stopped pushing its lies on the population. No matter what truth comes out, they continue to buckle down on the lie. The population is reaching a point where they will never again believe one word from the mouth of the left, I know I won’t, and that’s a good thing.

Not only have the democrats been lying since day one of this “manufactured” virus, they have also been lying for the last 60 years since they had their own candidate murdered.


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