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God, as the elections draw nearer, we pray that You would protect them from bad actors. We pray that You would open the people's eyes to propaganda and lies like the survey mentioned in this article.
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A left-wing group found that 10% of Americans can’t access proof of citizenship. The National Pulse found this number was greatly exaggerated.

From The National Pulse. A new survey pushed by the Brennan Center for Justice—a Democrat-aligned dark-money lawfare group—claims that nearly one in 10 Americans cannot quickly access proof of citizenship. …

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The Brennan Center for Justice—along with VoteRidersPublic Wise, and the Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement (CDCE) at the University of Maryland—partnered with the survey firm SSRS to determine what segment of the U.S. population lacks access to government-issued I.D.

However, SSRS acknowledges their survey includes “…oversamples of 18-24-year-olds, Black respondents, Hispanic respondents, Black and Hispanic 18-24-year olds, and individuals with income less than $30,000 per year.”

These demographics are most likely to lack a government-issued form of identification, meaning that even with juiced numbers, the SSRS survey could only find “nearly one in 10” U.S. citizens who lack identification. …

In actuality, access to government-issued identification has become increasingly easier for American citizens in recent years. …

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(Excerpt from The National Pulse. Photo Credit: Hill Street Studios/Getty Images)

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Darlene Estlow
June 17, 2024

Father, give us discernment about what we hear and read. May your truth lead us!


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