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Father, we pray for Europe as many nations fear this coming winter. We also pray, Lord, that You would give our leaders wisdom. Prevent them from sending us down the same path as Europe, God.
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With a push for Green energy and exports from Russia cut off, many European nations are finding themselves without fuel for the winter. Is this a portent for the U.S.?

From The Daily Wire. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson on Monday evening highlighted the energy crisis faced by Europe ahead of the winter months.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


Energy prices in many developed countries — particularly nations in western Europe heavily dependent upon renewable sources — have risen dramatically amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with natural gas prices in Germany and France soaring to an order of magnitude higher than usual levels. As Carlson described, the price increases have driven Europeans to regress “back to the dark ages” in their pursuit of fuel to heat their homes through the winter.

“Demand for firewood in Germany has risen so fast that there is none left to buy. You can’t get it. So desperate Germans are now cutting their own wood — scouring the forests like their ancestors for sources of heat,” Carlson described. “In Poland, families are standing in line for days to buy coal….”

Various European countries have begun introducing quotas to conserve energy ahead of the winter months. Spain’s legislature recently mandated that public air conditioning can be set no lower than 27 degrees Celsius — 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit — while stores and public buildings must turn off their lights by 10:00 pm.

Carlson also highlighted a warning former President Donald Trump delivered to German diplomats about their energy future at the United Nations four years ago. After Trump predicted that Germany would be “totally dependent” on Russian energy imports “if it does not immediately change course,” the German officials snickered….

Carlson also noted that consumer spending might severely decline as Europeans grapple with paying their energy bills — a phenomenon that could impact the global economy. Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy are among the ten largest economies in the world….

How are you praying for these struggling European nations? How are you praying for America not to become like them? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Karen Secrest
September 1, 2022

A friend and i take a sweater when we go t o lunch/dinner. We find it uncomfortable in some grocery stores when accessing the cooler products.
This reminds me of all the years in this state that homes didn’t even have central heat and air but had swamp coolers.
If that sounds like regression, the Lord has indicated a hard winter is coming. We can be grateful for the Fathers direction and do out share individually as we pray for corporate policy to change.
My air was off and it was 85 in here. I was disgusted and grumpy but not harmed. Maintenance cane. Repairs made. I was appalled when they asked if i wanted the thermostat set at 65. When does common sense prevail.
I’m praying for All to Wake Up.. this isnt a short term condition. We have 3 times the homeless. People are living in campers And the Father has indicated the wealthy w9ll find tha t household water is more important than green golf courses. With no power to heat their mansions, will there be a change. Will it come clear that voting against a desalination plant was short sighted.

Our God reigns..surely we can turn our face to the wall long enough to find strategy for this enemy at the gate

Christine Rhyner
September 1, 2022

I pray that our leaders would want to have wisdom. I also pray that they would have the courage & integrity to resist powerful globalists who meet at Davos scheming ways to continue careening us down the deceptive & dangerous climate path. It’s everywhere from institutions to corporations. When I purchase something online I’m now given my ‘carbon footprint score,’ with a directive as to how I can bring it down. I pray for God’s intervention that populations would reject the notion that we are lower than the creation which we inhabit & that these companies & institutions, would also have the courage to stand up against prideful, authoritarian, foolish & deceived elites who control them, & I always pray the elites would be brought down low. Yet, I pray that if any can be saved, they have an awakening from the Holy Spirit & that happens, ‘while there is yet time’ for them. I pray the Lord would raise up righteous leaders, but a nation can only have righteous leaders if it demands them. For years, anyone paying attention has seen Europe as a blueprint for what not to do if you do not want to ruin a nation–the least of which is the heavy secularization of a country. So I pray people here would wake up from their apathy, the chasing after things of this world, & turn to the Lord for mercy, for the sakes of our children and children’s children.

September 1, 2022

Father God,
Thank You that none of this has taken You by surprise. Use these troubling times to draw millions of people into Your family where they will find Your loving care and provision, in the here and now, and an eternity in Heaven We look forward to seeing You work in miraculous ways that will confirm the truth of the gospel. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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