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Father, we ask that you would bring your wisdom and your understanding into the environmental and oil debate. We need a way forward that helps the environment but doesn't crush Americans and leave us at the whims of foreign powers. Help, Lord!
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There are lawsuits on both sides of this issue, one of the most divisive topics in our country. We need divine perspective.

From CNBC. A coalition of environmental groups this week sued the Biden administration in an effort to stop more than 3,500 permit applications from energy companies to drill for oil and gas on federal lands.

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The groups argued the administration hasn’t considered the damage that climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions from drilling does to endangered species, and that permit approvals in Wyoming and New Mexico violated federal laws including the Endangered Species Act….

The lawsuit is the latest attempt by environmentalists to pressure the administration to halt new drilling permits. Earlier in his term, Biden sought to commit to his campaign promise to suspend new drilling on federal lands, but was thwarted after legal challenges from GOP-led states and the oil industry.

“Fossil fuels are driving the extinction crisis, and the Bureau of Land Management is making things worse by failing to protect these imperiled species,” Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement.

As U.S. energy prices soar, the Biden administration has encouraged companies to increase drilling, arguing they can produce more by using some of the 9,000 unused and available permits. This month, the administration is set to auction off drilling leases in states including Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Oil and gas industry representatives said that multiple rounds of environmental analysis are conducted before an oil and gas permit on public land is issued, and that environmental groups have several opportunities to file suit during various stages of planning….

How are you praying about our energy crisis and this pressing debate? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from CNBC. Photo Credit: Jared Evans on Unsplash)

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Zoe Ella
June 18, 2022

Here is a story. Many years ago, before there were people, the Earth was hot from volcanic eruptions and conditions for life were difficult. Over years, Nature (helped by God, of course) managed to secrete the excess carbon that was acidifying the seas, overwhelming the atmosphere and causing excessive heat, deep underground. Plant life, which drew the carbon from the air into itself, gradually died, taking its carbon with it, and turning into oil deposits deep beneath the surface of the planet. Life flourished on Earth. At last, humans were created. As soon as this most intelligent of all beings became aware of the wealth of oil deposits beneath ground, what did they do? As fast as we could, we exhumed this buried carbon and returned it again to the atmosphere. Most intelligent of all beings? We are now again at risk of an uninhabitable Earth.
Why do humans keep thinking that they can create better than God can? Science is a valid way of understanding, but arrogant science leads to disconnection with the Earth and with God’s laws of nature.
Drill, baby , drill, so we can become richest and most powerful of all, warring with others and trying to make everyone do what we want, instead of trying to discern what God wants? Do we really want to keep on drilling?

    June 20, 2022

    Quite the story. I’d not read that data before.?. It does fly in the face of Genesis however.

    Can’t agree with any of your words.

    Blessings ~

Brian lynch
June 18, 2022

As a nation, it is of utmost importance that we get back to being energy independent. These environmental groups are nothing but deceived troublemakers. Lord, please, let Your will be done with this, and ALL issues facing this great nation.

    June 18, 2022


    Praying in agreement, in Jesus’ Mighty Name; amen!

Barbara Janicki
June 18, 2022

The ones that want the rest of us to “go green” are the ones flying around on their private jets to all sorts of destinations, including (of all ironies) arriving at global climate meetings on their private jets, leaving huge carbon footprints. Oil and natural gas are naturally occurring sources of energy we can utilize without destroying the environment, electric car batteries are far worse for the environment and rely on fossil fuel to charge them – so might as well just use the fossil fuel to begin with to power our cars – then no horrendous batteries to dispose of “safely”? Better to use fossil fuel to power our cars than to charge the batteries for them. China is the big polluter but we continue to do business with them while not holding them to any environmental or green standard. Not using what is right at our fingertips to use in nature (fossil fuels) makes no sense and is proving a hardship on most people because of high gas prices and everything else that goes up as a result of high gas prices. We are the caretakers of this earth, but we can be good stewards of the bounty God has given us in this earth, use what He has given us and take care of the earth at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. Wind turbines are killing so much bird life – why are the environmentalists not up in arms about protecting our wildlife from these wind turbines? So called “environmentalists” don’t care about the environment, just about global control achieved under the guise of “climate change” activism. As if we humans are in charge of “climate control”? That’s Almighty God who is Sovereign over all He has created. Lord, let the truth of these ways of controlling us in the name of controlling the climate be known and help us to be good stewards of Your creation while not inflicting needless hardship on ourselves and others. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

    June 18, 2022

    I agree Barbara. Sadly, those behind shutting down drilling and the use of fossil fuels are, without any doubt, the biggest hypocrites regarding the issue. And they won’t change. Worse is that there are mountains of insider trading, reaping hidden windfalls and profits from their backdoor agreements with the “green dealers”. Almost nothing is what they’re selling us as a solution. Our air & water are cleaner now than in the 60’s & 70’s, thanks to incredible improvements in the sciences that benefit many industries. Let us continue to pray that the lies of the new green deal & their “pushers” be exposed fully.

June 18, 2022

Can any of you enviromentalist tell me if space is heating up around the world? How much are you being paid for your lip service? Why don`t you talk your scheit to China. We are selling them our clean burning coal. They have 30 years to join the clean air act. Everyone in Beijing, China wear face masks due to the poor air quality? It seems that there isn`t any. The lazy ignorant out number intelligent hard working people. They always have.


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