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Father, we pray for true justice, not persecution of the opposition. Give us fair, unbiased government, and restore justice in our nation!
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Elon Musk has faced a slew of investigations from the DOJ ever since purchasing Twitter. Is the Biden administration targeting him?

From The Wall Street Journal. Does the Biden Administration have it in for Elon Musk? … [The] volume of government investigations into his businesses makes us wonder if the Biden Administration is targeting him for regulatory harassment.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.

Once a hero of the left for his electric-car advances, Mr. Musk has become something of a pariah since he bought Twitter, which he has renamed X. …

Now, suddenly, comes the legal deluge. This week news broke that the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is investigating personal benefits that Tesla might have provided Mr. Musk, as well as transactions between his businesses. …

The Journal also recently reported that the Justice Department is probing whether Mr. Musk used Tesla resources for a mooted secret house, which the CEO says isn’t “built, under construction or planned.” …

A shareholder lawsuit against Mr. Musk alleging that Tesla overpaid for his solar-rooftop business SolarCity in 2016 was rejected by the Delaware Supreme Court this spring. …

Why is DOJ investigating now? … Are the government’s investigations a wise use of prosecutorial resources?

Complaints about misuse of company resources or business conflicts can usually be addressed internally. Shareholders can also bring lawsuits, as they did in the SolarCity case. …

There’s also the dubious Justice complaint last month against SpaceX for allegedly discriminating against asylum claimants. DOJ says SpaceX executives repeatedly claimed in supposed error that national-security laws permit only U.S. citizens and green-card holders to work at the company. …

If SpaceX misinterpreted the law, DOJ could have simply told the company. It didn’t need to take legal action. …

Opening an investigation may sometimes be pro forma when federal agencies receive a complaint. But the collection of probes into Mr. Musk’s ventures are unusual enough to suggest what the Justice Department likes to call a “pattern or practice.” We doubt any order from on high has been sent, but it doesn’t need to be when a figure becomes Progressive Enemy No. 1.

Do you think Elon Musk is being targeted? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments.

(Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: Christian Marquardt – Pool/Getty Images)

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October 3, 2023

Mr. Musk is a good man!
And Our Creator Father GOD has blessed him with a brilliant mind.
I am sick to death of petty people attacking men to whom they cannot hold a candle.
Their conceit has blinded them to the fine qualities that have earned Mr. Musk the admiration and gratitude of multitudes of people in this world.
Juvenile behavior is only a reflection of juvenile minds.
They are bullies, no longer in the school yard, but on the world’s stage!
Put your nose to the grindstone, mind your own business, and get on with the work for which GOD created you to do and spend some time working on your own faults, failings and weaknesses and try to overcome whatever weakness is in your character that gives rise to your negative reactions to Mr. Musk which is likely the plain old green-eyed monster of jealousy .

October 2, 2023

Yes, the Biden Admin is targeting him because he contains power like Trump for a Voice that will not align with corruption of the constitution. Elon appears to be a good guy (right now)

Martha Newkirk
October 2, 2023

We pray for Mr Musk for we know that it is difficult for a wealthy and powerful man to submit to the Lordship of King Jesus. But we pray for his personal salvation.
Then too, we know that God uses whom he will in the arena of national affairs, and we pray that Righteousness will be done and that even Mr Musk will be used to the will and glory of the Almighty God to bring about a change in our government.


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