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Father, expose the media's bias toward unrighteousness. Raise up journalists with Your heart and Your mind to cover this nation rightly.

Finally, the media is being held accountable for its bias. We must pray that the pro-life side is given equal coverage.

From Fox News. Many conservatives don’t believe mainstream media outlets treat the polarizing issue of abortion with the nuance required to give the pro-life argument a fair shake as the left puts a spotlight on Roe v. Wade ahead of the looming midterms elections.

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“Everyone knows that the so-called mainstream media is dominated by Democrat reporters, so it should come as no surprise that when these Democrat reporters cover controversial issues like abortion, they’re going to frame it in a way that fits their viewpoint,” Article III Project founder Mike Davis told Fox News Digital. …

“The pro-life people, the Catholic people who oppose abortion, these reporters make them look like they’re extreme and outside the mainstream. These reporters pretend like abortion up until the moment of birth is within the mainstream when it’s absolutely not,” Davis continued. “But any reasonable restriction on abortion, including parental consent for minors, or limiting abortion in the second and third trimester, the media pretends like these are the most extremist measures.”

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck feels the media coverage and tone towards abortion is one that refuses to understand or even see the pro-life argument. While Davis senses many reporters and pundits dismiss pro-life conservatives, Houck isn’t sure coastal elites have even interacted in a meaningful way with Americans from outside their liberal bubbles. …

“They don’t know many pro-lifers and conservatives in their families and in their friend group in Washington, D.C. and New York and Los Angeles, the three main media hubs in this country,” Houck said. “And so, because of that, a lot of stories that are important to pro-lifers, such as the attacks on pro-life centers following the Supreme Court decision and the draft leak overturning Roe v Wade, it really didn’t occur to a lot of folks in the left-wing media to cover those things and I think a lot of it, some of it at least, was not out of purposeful censorship or cynicism. I think it all it just did not occur to them that this thing could be happening.”

“They are very hell-bent with almost religious devotion to their pro-choice views, and anyone trying to stand in the way of that is somehow hateful and sexist and bigoted and so on and so forth,” he added.

Another key factor in how abortion is covered by the media is a key lack of nuance and detail when it comes to reporting on conservative views, critics argue, as well as a willful double standard on nomenclature.

“Every mainstream media outlet curiously uses the term ‘anti-abortion’ to refer to pro-lifers but doesn’t use the term ‘pro-abortion’ to refer to “pro-choicers,'” conservative radio host for WCBM Amber Athey said. …

Davis feels that Democrats “raise a significant amount of money for their candidates and causes from the abortion industry,” so their allies in the mainstream media have a clear incentive to protect the source of cash. As a result, unpopular third trimester abortions are sometimes grouped with early-term abortions.

“There is overwhelming support to severely limit abortions in the third trimester, but the media tries to lump the first, second and third trimesters together to make any restrictions on abortions up until the moment of birth look like it’s extreme and outside the mainstream,” Davis said.

Houck agrees and feels there is a “purposeful lack of nuance” in the media’s coverage of abortion.

“I think that’s very clear that there is no difference in the media’s eyes between a 30-week abortion, 38-week abortion and a three-week abortion,” Houck said.

“The media loves to challenge the GOP on abortion, and they are running for office, so it’s fair, but they don’t challenge the Democrats on what limit — if any — they would place on abortion. Talking to all candidates on abortion would be balanced. But that is not happening,” Kristi Hamrick of Students for Life told Fox News Digital.

Examples of over-the-top abortion opinions and one-sided reporting are plentiful.

CNN’s Ana Navarro controversially evoked her own family members who have special needs when attempting to justify abortion legalization. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough suggested pro-life Christians are misbelievers because there is “nothing” in the Bible that says abortion is wrong, and his colleague Joy Reid compared states determining if abortion is legal to slavery.

MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection” featured a debate in which a guest called pro-life Republicans “fascists.” New York magazine claimed the pro-life movement relies on “undemocratic tools.” “The View” co-host Whoopi Golberg told ABC viewers that God supports abortion. MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill said the GOP wants “dogs sniffing women at airports” to prevent out-of-state abortions. …

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh came alarmingly close to being the victim of an assassination attempt in June in the aftermath of the controversial Politico report of a leaked draft opinion indicating the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade, but the media largely yawned at the development after an initial wave of coverage of the breaking news. The New York Times put the story on page A20 the following day, and the threat didn’t make the front page of USA Today or the Chicago Tribune. MSNBC’s primetime shows between 8 and 11 p.m. ignored it that evening, and the Sunday talk shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN ignored it completely.

A study by Houck’s NewsBusters, a right-leaning media watchdog, found ABC, CBS and NBC’s morning shows on Thursday, the day after the incident, devoted three times more coverage to previewing that evening’s primetime Jan. 6 committee hearing than the threat to Kavanaugh’s life. …

As Americans are hit with hidden agendas, bias by omission and refusal to understand the pro-life argument, Houck feels the “pretty huge double standard” can be easily summed up simply by noting the lack-of attention given to the March for Life compared to glowing coverage the Women’s March receives from the mainstream media.

“From 2013 to 2016, there was only a combined one minute and 40 seconds on those four Marches for Life. And in 2017, because Donald Trump had taken the White House with the support of pro-lifers, the coverage had ballooned to nearly 22 minutes, but that still paled in comparison to over 75 minutes on the broadcast network morning and evening newscasts looking at the Women’s March, and things only went downhill from there,” Houck said.

What do you think of the media’s coverage of and stance on abortion? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Maria Oswalt on Unsplash)

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char byrne
September 20, 2022

I wonder if people had a tour of an abortion clinic with active surguries and abortions happening, they would change their minds.
Interview ladies who have had abortions, years later and see. how it has affected them.

Darlene Estlow
September 16, 2022

Father, we as your ekklesia come against the god of abortion. Deliver us. Deliver the media that serve Satan’s purposes of destruction of the human race. We declare deliverance from this false god and the acknowledgement of what God thinks about abortion and killing unborn children. We praise your name for the work you have already done and we wait on you. Draw hearts to you Father in salvation. Raise up those who love you in the media to speak the truth.

Rose Rocha
September 16, 2022

Thank you Father God, for the priest in the Archdiocese of Lansing Michigan that has made a public service announcement to commit to pray for the next 54 days against the Abortion proposal on Michigan’s midterm ballot.
May, other fellow believers that stand for life of the unborn join with the priest in prayer. I declare – it will be voted down. IJN

Dr. Alma
September 15, 2022

Help your children to have compassion to express your heart for life. Give us courage and fortitude to persevere in prayer and in pulling down the strongholds of death. In Jesus name. Amen

Herb Johnston
September 15, 2022

Just getting a huge percentage of the church to come out of the stupor of being controlled by political correctness.. which is based in fear.. and to somehow develop the strength to be open-minded to truth, and to have the strength to stand against evil ..is really the first step.
I believe that there is a huge trend in that direction now ..but until that strength is further developed-, we will see people really willing to hide underneath political correctness as it does not require standing against evil. Again I see a lot of Awakening going on, – mainly in following The Reawakening America Tour.. as it has gone around cities for the last almost two years bringing not only the truth of the Gospel ..but information on how to be enlightened about the evil that has permeated our culture-, and what to do about it- to a grateful and responsive public.. and has brought out that there is still a huge Christian influence in our society -that does want to stand against evil. It is a long battle.. but hopefully our Lord and savior will strengthen us and give us courage to advance in the battle beyond our own means.

Lord I come before you now ..asking you to continue to Open the Eyes of our heart and bring Clarity to our minds by the power of your Holy Spirit – to see beyond the veil -of what is really going on…as more and more corruption is exposed.. but more importantly let us not wallow in denial -thinking that” well it must not be this bad.”. let people be awake to the fact that we are in the end times.. and everyone see how deeply Marxism has been embedded into our culture.. I pray Lord you would give us strength to fight in the battle and to continue to pray against evil and to appreciate our country for all the goodness it has brought to the world.. Lord let us continue to not grow weary in well doing.. and inseeking you. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

Sue Tracy
September 15, 2022

Father thank you for the Victory this year concerning abortion thank you for saving innocent lives, may all states side with the Supreme Court ruling and end abortion forever.

Nancy Bryda
September 15, 2022

I decree and declare exposure of hearts in America and a return to free speech. I decree and declare religious freedom and bind the demonic forces operating in politics. I declare truth is and will be pushed into the limelight of America. Raise up more and more unbiased journalists not afraid to tell the truth.

Zoe Ella
September 15, 2022

The media “should” cover the pro-life stance, were it really impartial, facts only, investigative media. However, “should” is a six-letter word, relatively ineffective today. Perhaps we need our own media on the issue – if it could be aired without being censored. Media today is a propaganda tool doing the will of the powers behind the scenes that also tend to strongly influence those in political power, or try to oust them if they will not be influenced. Those controllers would like to see an acceptance of copulation on demand in any form at any time, without any consequence because of abortion at any time, any place on demand. Read “Brave New World” by Huxley, and also his “Brave New World Revisited”

September 15, 2022

Lord Jesus, I pray that the media will continue to make the mistake of believing all pro-life people are ignorant of what they are trying to do. Because this belief makes them lazy and foolish, and transparently evil in their thinking. Turn the tables on them, Holy Spirit! Use their words against them.
In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Connie Segeleon
September 15, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you in pray for the truth be told by those in the media rather than the falsities that are happening now.

September 15, 2022

Father God, the things said in this devo are accurate, that much of the media is held captive. That they do serve with religious fervor the liar and maybe don’t even know it. So, we ask in Jesus name the spirit of baal and moloch be bound across our land and You loose Your Holy Spirit in a fresh anointing that restores the weary souls of us, Your children, that opens the eyes of the blind to see You Jesus, like You did Saul/Paul years ago, that will bring strong repentance of sin in us all, to not only sing Your praises but to serve You, true Lord of Life and Light with every choice we make.
This is not too hard for You Jesus. And while we don’t deserve the second, third to infinity chance, You sooOoo deserve the worship!


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