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Lord, make us mighty in our ordinariness, and give us wisdom, strength, and courage to display Your power!

Analysis. On Pray with America’s Leaders, IFA featured retired Col. John Mills, a former Defense Department official. Mills shared inside information about why China — specifically, the CCP — is such a looming threat to the United States. He also discussed ways that citizens and patriots can take on the deep state.

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You may remember Mills: While serving our nation, he found himself in the middle of a plot to spy on candidates and former President Donald Trump. He would eventually disclose what he knew to the investigators working with John Durham.

Mills had this to say to IFA about becoming proactive in the fight against the deep state: “Citizens, patriots, and believers, if you don’t like what you see in the nation, the swamp and deep state, then we can work to remove them from their position. It’s on us to remove them.”

Now, we already know that we are being equipped to fight in prayer. But there is another way to become involved. You may think that the deep state is too big for an ordinary intercessor like you or me, but there is something we can do. The colonel laid out some practical ways of involvement.

“In 3,300 counties, there are seven common functions: There’s the election board, registrars, county council, school boards, judges, sheriffs, and prosecutors.”

Mills points out that the deep state infiltrates our nation beginning in our counties. Starting from those seven listed functions, he says, we can accomplish much. We can go to school board meetings. We can get to know school board members, sheriffs, and other local officials, and work to influence them.

“If we can dominate our counties, the nation will follow,” Mills said. “The challenge is for all believers and patriots who have in the past sat back and let someone else take care of those functions. Somebody did, and it was somebody who didn’t hold our worldviews or beliefs. It’s time to rise up and get involved. You can start by influencing your county. The foundation of deep state on a national level began in the county. It’s time to get off the couch and get in the game.”

IFA Chief Program Officer Kris Kubal noted: “We can all do something about our local area. If we all take up the issues in our own backyard, we can clean house, for the good of the nation. We can see big change come from the grassroots.”

Intercessor, your small act can have a big impact.

The China Connection

Though few are talking about the threat China poses to the U.S., Mills is blunt: “China wants to replace the United States as the preeminent nation in power. China’s policy enables detrimental issues at stake for our national elections. Our people serving overseas are using their systems.” 

Asked why our officials have such a hard time dealing with China, Mills explains: “It’s a challenge for the globalist elite. The problem is there’s always a narrative concerning China, and secular human culture has already accepted it. The future — economic growth and good return on investments — is China. But it’s all fake. The globalist elite think if we play nice with China, they’ll become like us. The truth is, they’re heartless and godless.”

Mills notes that this is not referring to the Chinese people on the whole, but rather to the Chinese Communist Party, whose members care only about their ascension. “Everyone is either a tributary or a vassal, but you can fight it on the local level by getting out and voting.”

Mills says that even the opioid crisis is being fueled by China. “The fentanyl, it’s all China but is being brought into the U.S. through our weakened southern borders.”

God Delights to Use Weak Vessels in Great Power

So, what can the common person do to stand up and remove the deep state? Mills reiterates the importance of the county. “Dominate your county. It all starts in your county. Pick one of the seven functions and get involved somehow. Everything is built up on your county. If something’s cancerous or toxic in this nation, it began in our counties.”

Though the deep state is large and seems to have infiltrated everything, we serve a God Who uses underdogs and rewrites history. My faith is in the God who used a boy named David to slay a giant. He also used an 80-year-old named Caleb to defeat the Canaanite giants and gain his promised inheritance. He used a frightened man named Gideon, who hid while his nation was being plundered, to grow strong, lead his people into battle, and emerge victorious.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Will you take a stand?

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand … (Zechariah 4:10 NLT).

To learn more about Col. Mills, visit his site and preorder his book: https://www.thenationwillfollow.com/warroom. There is also a movie that will be streaming in select theaters in November and December.

Were you surprised to hear how the deep state began its infiltration? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

IFA Contributing Writer Gloria Robles is a passionate intercessor with a prophetic voice for today. For more from Gloria, go to Spotify or Anchor to listen to her podcast, Something To Share

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Grant Windholz
November 28, 2022

I pray for Godly wisdom for all government decision making! 🙏

Melvin Westerman
November 28, 2022

I began to move toward county level involvement two years ago. I would like to encourage all who are considering this to move on your best (Holy Spirit led) instincts through whatever channels are available to you in your county. Do not expect an easy, straight channel to open before you. Keep praying and keep seeking ways to become effective. I have had a few minor successes, but now see challenges previously not in my preview. Be thankful for and encourage those of similar conviction and be cautious with new contacts. Those who hold offices and positions in organizations have their own agendas. By helping them you gain visibility. KEEP PRAYING! And, God be with you.

Priscilla Meyenburg
November 26, 2022

The Bible encourages us to persevere in our prayers. We are living in stressful times and many struggle with anxiety. The Apostle Paul taught as he wrote to the Philippians is timely; “Do not be anxious about anything, but be in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians-4:6 Turn your worries into prayer. To stop the infiltration of the deep state we as people living on this earth and in the USA must take a step of Faith and get involved. The Christian community have a presence about them if I am involved in my church that is enough. No! it is not the people we need to minister to – is OUTSIDE the church. Their group had a plan they perfected in all areas of our Counties. They were hand picked to be in the elections, school boards, churches, schools etc. Sure these are challenging times! But !!we have God and his power and ownership of America and other nations. When we “HAD” to move to Illinois (3) years ago, it did not take me long in feeling the darkness, the fear, and major complacency in the Air. When you try 5 different churches out and you do not feel the Holy Spirit in the building or in the messages something is wrong. Then The Gov. Was identified. Satan was on the move and had been for years. Most parents do not know or understand what CRT is and what is happening in the schools. Lots of professionals live in the area I landed in. My husband and I prayed then put our names in – to work in the elections. Did not think we would be invited to participate but early 2022 we got a phone call and letter asking if we would like to help out. We said yes, boy did we get a eye full. The machines are antiquated, the Dems have a superior attitude and wanted to control everything. Then where they took the votes to be counted we thought not good. But we are forging on to still stay and see what God wants us to do. No ID needed, just a signature signed on the card they used to look at in a binder of copied signatures. We were not at all comfortable how they ran the elections. We feel God has us there for a reason. We are both retired but we felt we must start getting involved somewhere. Where are the Voices to care about what is happening? Since the election, I can feel the darkness seeping in again, I found out why are the schools here and the teachers are not fighting back, the school lunches are free. They are being bought by who is in control, The Gov. Is donating money to several hospitals for the function of transgendered. Also he walked in a LB G – – parade just before election. He won of course. There are very few Reds on any board, judges, County Clerks, etc. I pray daily many times a day to decree that the Demonic spirits would fear the prayers of Gods words. Father God I’ve shared a lot and I seek your presence and ask what more do I need to do to get a cleansing machine to remove the Darkness that surrounds this state.? This Gov. Is very sly, he does things quietly passes bills at night without the Rep. not knowing to pass illegal bills. I lift up my cry to you Jesus to honor the prayers of The Watchman’s Decree and remember the Covenant we have with you to help us fight against this pit of darkness. We decree that our Government branch will start to honor God and the Constitution. I recess that we take back our God -Given freedom, that this Gov. Who got elected again is starting to push mandates and masks again, he is doing it quietly . Father God this state needs a miracle touch from your hands. I know people are praying but we need guidance on breaking the stronghold of Satan. I stand in agreement with every truthful words that God speaks and decree the Evil agendas will shatter into the pit of Hell. Father God I agree with Col. Mills and the words he shared with IFA. We pray that there will be an uprising of people in this state of IL. That will start praying and praising God to release the locks on this state. I cry out for Jesus Name to vibrate through each county and be heard loudly especially in the area of Chicago and other Counties will hear his name “ Jesus” and many will ask forgiveness before Gods throne. We need Holy Ghost/ Fire to surround this state in Jesus name. 🧎‍♀️

Marsha Bashor
November 26, 2022

Dear Lord I pray for our county , Mercer County in PA, that the godly people would rise up and exert their authority and become actively involved in these 7 areas mentioned. Please enable them to be interested enough and want to change the way things have been going. Thank you.

Jerry D.
November 26, 2022

Do not forget other New World Order demonic advances that are pending VERY SOON. The voting on a new International Health Regulations is being done in absolute secrecy. The voting is a simple majority vote of the 194 members, making this a very easy pathway down the slippery slope of losing our freedoms as Americans. We MUST NOT allow for this to be passed. This is NOT about health, by ANY means. It is a simple power grab that enables money laundering by the NWO criminal cabal.

Alternative, there is voting on a new WHO/UN treaty that will increase surveillance and monitoring. Again, it is not about health, but control. This will require a 2/3 vote to pass. Both of these actions are EVIL and we need to repent, fast, and pray to God for HIS working against this.

We must let EVERYONE you know become aware of these. Look at JamesRoguskisubstack.com for more information.

Roy S
November 26, 2022

Thank you God, that you do empower your people, even though they may be weak or elderly. Thank you that there are those who realize that it is through becoming involved at the county levels, that we can exact change in our country. It may be as simple as applying for citizen boards, committees, and councils at the county level, or running for a county office. Thank you Lord, that we have Christian news via the internet and do not have to listen to the lies of the satanic mainstream media. Thank you Lord, for the medical workers, the lawyers, the scientists that are brave enough to give us the truth, while many other ones are “following satanic orders to commit genocide”, even democide. Lord, we know that there are MANY traitors in America in high positions in medicine, politics, businesses, and some churches, that are enabling China’s influence over us. However, YOU are in charge. It is through YOU only that we can overcome these challenging obstacles.

Donald Vader
November 26, 2022

Thank you Father for your truth and revealing the plans of the evil one and thank you for your word and strengthen me Father embolden me and lead me in my county and wherever I am how I might serve you and those in my area in this fight against the evil one trying to take over America… Amen

November 26, 2022

God has placed on my heart, for quite sometime….to pray for King David type servants to come forth. But NOT necessarily that they would all become kings or out front leaders. A few will but not the majority. I sensed that God, placing that burden on my heart (and many others I assume), was for the purpose of bringing forth people who are “shepherds at heart”. Ordinary, everyday people who are not interested in the limelight but who’s heart is for their God & their nation… for their local regions, towns, etc. People who have been in the mundane task of “tending sheep”. It’s in those mundane, daily tasks that God is forming a tender, yet firm heart that can be a great example and be of great effectiveness to those around them.
Our present culture seems to have wrongly indoctrinated people that you are only effective if you’re out front, visible or grabbing headlines. That’s a lie from our enemy and we need to battle against it…by getting involved in multiple ways. If you cannot be involved physically at the local level, prayerfully consider filling out petitions, phone works, local drives, etc. All of this is needed greatly. And remember a principle that I used during my work career – the 1% principle. 1% sounds like nothing & it’s not from a worldly viewpoint. But it’s asking God to bless & multiply the 1% that makes the difference. You’re investment of 1% has the ripple effect – you cannot see where that ripple effect ends with your natural eye. You sometimes cannot see how your 1% has touched someone but it does. It’s that simple act of faith that what you’re doing (1%), having asked God to bless it… will bear fruit as promised. And I can testify that using it does bear fruit.

Brian lynch
November 26, 2022

Again, this comes as no surprise to me. In the End Times that we find ourselves living in, not a whole lot is shocking anymore. It is interesting to hear how the “Deep State” has its roots deeply entrenched in our local governing bodies. “Deep State” seems like it is but one more term that describes liberalism, tyranny, and total control of people. As a part of God’s holy remnant, we need to be crying out to Him about the injustice of the Deep State. It all boils down to one thing from Scripture- resist the devil, and he will flee from you. This is the best action that we can take. We find our power and strength in Him. This is how we overcome the world.

Elizabeth Dailey
November 26, 2022

Please Lord, have mercy on America, be our God, as we fall to our knees and repent. Please dismantle The Reset Global evil plans George Soros, Bill Gates, King Charles, The Pope, rest of the members. Please help the Christians in China, North Korea and get the evil government out of power , in Jesus Name 🙏 I pray.

November 26, 2022

Thank you for your courage to stand in this and for encouraging others to stand. About those giants…Rebecca Schaefer said the Israelites saw Goliath as too big to hit, while young David saw Goliath as too big to miss! Almighty God, Lord Sabaoth, please reveal your strategy to those Davids on the frontlines ready to take out the giants they are facing. Eph. 3:20-21

Barbara Janicki
November 26, 2022

Grateful for Col. Mills to speak out but the call is to each one of us to do what we can as well. It is easy to feel discouraged and defeated, thinking the battle against the deep state and evil is too big – but these “giants” in the land can be defeated by God’s people if we are obeying God and following Him. I write often about “the power of one” to inspire others to action with their courage. Like in Nehemiah’s day, we each have to take our place at the wall to rebuild, we each have a part to play, we can’t sit back and expect someone else to do what is given to us to do. Evil took over when good people remained silent. Time to speak up and to use the “talents” that God has entrusted to each one of us. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Marcia Benson
November 26, 2022

Praying for you all and God ‘s amazing wisdom as you make decisions.


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