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God, we pray against the spiritual component and the attack on God coming from the Left. Protect us and out kids from cultural Marxism!

As the Left continues its relentless attack on God, Senator Ted Cruz is encouraging pastors to stand for truth, no matter the cost.

From The Christian Post. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, urged Christian pastors to push back against the “spiritual component” of the modern Left, which he claimed is rooted in Marxist thought and fundamentally opposed to God.

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During a Monday interview with BlazeTV host James Poulos, Cruz said America “desperately needs” revival but claimed many pastors are too afraid to take a stand on crucial issues.

“So many pastors are afraid of offending anyone in their congregation, and they end up, from the pulpit, just preaching milquetoast truisms that offend no one,” said Cruz, who noted his father, Rafael Cruz, is a pastor who encourages other pastors to be engaged in public affairs.

“And, look, I gotta say, if you’re a pastor, and what you said on Sunday morning offends nobody, you’re doing it wrong,” Cruz continued. “That’s not how Jesus did it. When He was flipping over the tables of the moneychangers in the temple, He offended a lot of people, because the truth is intolerable to those who are spreading lies.”

“And we live in a world that is surrounded by lies,” he added.

Cruz, who recently wrote Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America, went on to pinpoint what he sees as the fundamentally “spiritual component” of Marxism, which he claimed finds its modern iteration in the “woke” Left.

“Today’s Left is very much a religion,” he said, adding that young people especially are susceptible to it because they want to live for something greater than themselves.

“I think that is a fundamental human desire,” he said. “And for much of human history, it was filled by faith, it was filled by God and in a relationship with God. Today, for much of the modern Left, in their mind they’ve killed God. There is no faith.”

Recounting stories members of his family told him about growing up in communist Cuba, Cruz compared the tactics of the modern woke Left to the communists in that country, both of whom he said desire to seize the hearts of children in service of their ideology.

He remembered a story his grandmother, who was a sixth-grade teacher in Cuba, told him about how Fidel Castro would send members of his army into elementary schools to actively deceive and demoralize the youngest children about the existence of God.

“That’s Marxism, that’s who they are,” Cruz said. “They always, always, always start with the kids; they start with indoctrination. And at the heart of it is destroying any loyalty you might have to anything else — to God, to family, anything other than the all-powerful state, because Marxism fundamentally is about power, and an excuse for the rulers to have total power and total devotion over you.”

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(Used with permission. By Jon Brown from The Christian Post. Photo Credit: Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

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December 5, 2023

Thank you, IFA and Senator Cruz. I totally agree! I remember “fire & brimstone” sermons every Sunday at Mass. Miss the Latin Mass, I went to Catholic school & we learned Latin; making it easy for us to follow along with the Priest. The Rosary is always soothing and a rewarding connection. I pray more Americans wake up and listen to our Lord and those who represent Him on earth.

Priscilla Meyenburg
December 3, 2023

God we thank You! We praise You for what You represent to all of Your Children. God we decree the power and activity of witchcraft and the occult that is working against this nation is bound and rendered powerless in the name of Jesus. As we pray to touch The Hem of Jesus garment, we ask every spell, curse and incantation be brought useless by the workers of divination. We declare that All words uttered- using Gods words against our beliefs will cease to have any effect on us the people. We bind the release of demons authorized by occultism practices and rituals. God I cannot believe what I see and hear, are they the left /Dems party so demonized with hate, wanting more power, and greed sits as a fake god. I declare that this satanic worship will be broken, No More hold on America and other nations. Father we ask Jesus to loose angelic activity to war against demons in the heavenlies to bring forth an outpouring of Gods Goodness and cover this land with Gods precious Spirit. We sometimes forget and need to remind our selves of what goes on in the unseen spiritual world that we can’t physically see. As a believer, the Bible is clear we have Authority against the devil. What we bind on earth is bound in heaven. Jesus there has been too much religion, lies, too much of one side -ness in our government that does not believe in You. This is all wrong, Father Gods son Jesus paid it all. The name of Jesus shall be exalt-by the now president, vice president and the president’s cabinet. This is not so during this government, it’s been all about removals of any thing to do with God’s Name. Gods words -Matthew-16-19 says” And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.“ God has given us the keys of the kingdom of Heaven. It’s Time to get on board with Gods words given to us, that gives us wisdom, gives us power to defeat all evil spirits. God says be still and know I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. God is in control, we need to pour out our hearts, His words expecting and standing on the intent to worship God without restrictions. No pushing back, no back ups, no Shame, no fear. We cannot allow it, that is why prayer is most important for our nation. I pray for the ones who say Jesus is not our Savior. In the name of Jesus our Lord will be honored and revered and every knee will bow down and confess Jesus is Lord. This nation was built upon Christian values, nor should we allow critics who who want to erase the heritage and history. Jesus name is glorified. Amen I declare turn around is happening!!! 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🇺🇸🇮🇱

T Mc
December 3, 2023

But how would the Pastor fare if he, or she, spoke the truth about ex-President Trump? That he lost the election fair and square, never won the popular vote. And is a crude talking, abusive, thrice married, philanderer, revenge obsessed, a slow to pay debts businessman, who seduced white evangelicals into following him without question. The truth may cost the Pastor his job.

    Kathie Russo
    December 4, 2023

    I believe that we should be praying for the leaders that the Lord would have over our nation. Some believers would probably have rejected Saul nka Paul in the NT. But we see that he wrote much of the NT by the Spirit. We cannot judge a man’s heart, only God can do so. Perhaps those evangelicals were guiding him according to the direction of Holy Spirit purposes. Let’s also pray for true prophetic words and our ability to hear Holy Spirit for ourselves. Pastors must stand for truth, compromise is not God’s way nor His Word.

Neil Sogge
December 3, 2023

Lord, I agree with Senator Ted Cruz that the spiritual darkness has infiltrated, dominated, and direction the direction of the left. We pray for your staying hand to keep the situation from deteriorating to the level seen in communist countries. We pray that we would be able to take back the lives of our children. We pray for courage among Bible-believing pastors to preach the truth and offend many; protect them also from the encroachment of the dark forces of left that would try to silence them. Finally, Lord, we pray for the empty hearts on the left leadership to realize their lack of peace and direction, to realize the evil they have perpetrated, and to turn their hearts to God in repentance. We pray for revival across the land, throughout the government leaders, throughout the faculty and students at universities, throughout the common streets, and, yea, even throughout the churches. God be praised as this happens. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    December 3, 2023

    Thank you Neil – well-put! We definitely need to pray, especially for our pastors to have courage to speak the truth and for revival in our nation.

December 3, 2023

LORD GOD thankfull that we have a pastor open to speaking the truth about our social issues, and stepping on our toes

December 3, 2023

Father God, forgive us for our lukewarm faith. Stir our pastors to stand up. Help them to stand up for Your truth, not the watered down version that makes people feel good. Help them to offend sinners and call us to repentance and holy living. Remind them that they’re called to a higher standard and as shepherds they are responsible for the flock. Set our churches on fire for You!


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