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1747 People Prayed
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Give us wisdom regarding the vaccine. If there are hidden aspects, Lord bring them to light. May we remember that You are the great Healer, and put our trust in You, not a vaccine.

Would you be willing to take the COVID vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check? This is a new proposal suggested by Democratic politician John Delaney.

I wonder how many will flock to take this monetary incentive. I also wonder if this may be a means of the government buying us off.

Let’s step back for a moment and ask some important questions:

  1. WHY are they so insistent we all get the vaccine when the COVID recovery rate is 99%?
  2. Why are inexpensive treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and budesonide downplayed, hidden, or in one or another kept from the American public?
  3. Why have some pharmacists decided they have the power to refuse to fill prescriptions that have proven effective, but which would make the vaccine unnecessary?

In a recent meeting, the Oklahoma State Commissioner of Health received information on protocols that would make the COVID vaccine unnecessary.  After hearing the important information, he became alarmed.

“How many people have you told this to?,” he questioned, explaining that the state had already invested a significant amount of money to purchase the vaccine. He didn’t want the information of preventative, inexpensive treatments getting to the public. How many other states feel the same and see the vaccine as a money maker?

Former U.S. Rep. John Delaney (D-MD) said of the stimulus incentive, “The faster we get 75% of this country vaccinated, the faster we end COVID and the sooner everything returns to normal.”

But does it? Have you ever received the flu vaccine and still come down with the flu? Even health professionals have admitted that COVID has mutated. Thus, any vaccine would only be effective on certain strains. Thus, it would not completely eliminate COVID—or allow things to return to “normal” for those who insist on America’s shutdown if people continue to test positive.

So why is THIS vaccine being pushed so hard with some hinting there may be travel restrictions for those who do not have a digital certificate proving vaccination?

Of concern is the rumor of how they plan to monitor vaccine recipients for two years after the first dose. The question is, how do you monitor such a large population? One way would be to employ biosensors that collect and send biological metrics automatically with the use of injectable or implantable technology which allows for the ability to monitor the physiology of the human body from the inside.

Is that part of the plan? It’s important to look at those in charge such as Monsef Salafi, who has been the head of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine division and is now part of Operation Warp Speed, a joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense. Salafi is a leading proponent of this type bioelectronic medicine.

Next consider vaccine coordinator for Operation Warp Speed, Matt Hepburn. A former program manager for DARPA, Hepburn oversaw the development of Profusa,1 an implantable biosensor that allows a person’s physiology to be examined at a distance via smartphone connectivity. Further research into Profusa reveals that it is backed by data mining company, Google.

Back to the original question, would you be willing to receive the vaccine in exchange for $1500?

Before we do that, shouldn’t the American people be asking questions rather than standing in line?

Remember Gates, a proponent of depopulation, stated in a 2010 Ted Talk (which has since been removed), “a successful vaccine will REDUCE the population by 20%.”

Still willing to get it? If so, you may actually be getting more than you bargained for.

Lord, we know that COVID, like any illness, is under your feet. When Jesus died on the cross, He nailed it to the tree. Lord, may the fear of COVID that has ravaged our nation be removed. We pray for complete healing for those who have been infected. And we pray for healing for the the hearts of families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. But we also pray for truth to come out with actual numbers rather than inflated statistics. Lord, shine your light.

Karen Hardin is a literary agent, author, and intercessor. Her work has appeared in USA Today, World Net Daily, Intercessors For America, Charisma,, The Elijah List, etc.To order her new book: “INFECTED: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity” click here. To join the city-by-city prayer movement to save our nation go to: additional information on her ministry, business or to sign up for her prophetic blog go to: or you can contact her at (Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

Do you plan on getting the vaccine? What do you think about paying people taxpayer funds to get the vaccine? Let us know in the comments. . .

1747 People Prayed
11386 People have read this article

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  1. What do you think about paying people taxpayer funds to get the vaccine?
    I think this is propaganda!
    The US is in debt up to our ears.
    Where will this money to pay people come from?
    STOP IT!
    US get a hold of yourself!
    Stop looking for a handout!
    Your life is at stake.
    Both physical and spiritual!
    Trust in the lord, He is the only one who will never lie or cheat you.
    He also is our healer!

  2. Gorge Sorrows (George Soros), Dr. Fraudci, the CDC, Bill Gates, and all the globalists want us to take the vaccine. I WONDER WHY??? If they are so concerned about our health, why are they and the Lie-beral DEMONocrats trying to destroy our country.? Something is not right, people. Beware.

  3. I would expect us to have to pay to get vaccinated; this would be normal. But to get paid to be vaccinated?! This is downright suspicious and sinister.

    Could the COVID-19 vaccine be the “Mark of the Beast” mentioned in the book of Revelation? Hmmm. . .

    Technology is neither good nor evil; it just is. It’s how we use it that gives an aspect of good or evil.

    Atomic power can power a city for many years or obliterate one in a fraction of a second. What was the first use of atomic energy?. . .a bomb. What will all the whiz-bang capabilities of this COVID-19 vaccine be used for, that you don’t know and they will never tell you?

  4. I call this nothing but a bribe. I place my trust in the Great Healer, not a vaccine. Something sounds sort of shady about this to me. It makes me wonder if this may have something to do with this mark that the Antichrist will be trying to force people to take after his (I refuse to capitalize his name) arrival? Notice how this could have something to do with being digital or having a digital certificate. Something fishy about this.

  5. I will definitely NOT be taking the vaccine for any reason. No amount of money they offer me can persuade me that this so called pandemic (which actually is not one) and the vaccine are not right from our arch enemy satan. Why are so many doctors speaking out against this vaccine and being censored from media and big tech, so the public is kept fearful and uninformed on the dangers of this vaccine. I say avoid the vaccine at all costs!

  6. We at home stand on the word of Lord JESUS YESHUA: remembering HIS stripes we are healed: aniont them with oil and sick will recover: we take the comunion in JESUS YESHUA NAME and read psalms 91 : thus we fear no evil: to die in JESUS YESHUA is gain.

  7. There is NO WAY I would get the vaccine. Besides all the reasons stated above, it also contains fetal tissue from aborted babies—as many vaccines do. Read the inserts if you don’t believe me, it’s not a secret. And our tax dollars should NOT be funding what amounts to a vaccine trial for Big Pharma. Please Lord, deliver us from this evil.

  8. My husband and I are not getting the vaccine. The points made here in this article are very valid and should be considered seriously before a person would take a vaccine.

  9. I would never take the covid vaccine. I saw how dangerous adjuvants in the flu shots caused serious issues in my joints and severe knee pain. When I stopped taking the flu shots my knee pain went away. The pharmaceutical companies have never created a medicine that cures or prevents ANYTHING, all medicines from the pharmaceutical companies add to disease because they are synthetic not natural. Pharmaceutical companies have silenced doctors and scientists that have cured disease for decades. They demand that TV stations never air any cures in TV commercials for several decades. There is no way the pharmaceutical companies want to help us. They only want population reduction. They only want people to become sicker so they can control them.

  10. I think it is very wise to share our feelings and discernment regarding taking a vaccine. Most seem against it. And I don’t believe I will take one either. Too many unknown components.

  11. Neither my husband or I will be getting the vaccine & had made this decision before learning more about it. We are by no means rich but God has been good to us financially so a stimulus bribe is not needed it wanted. Praying the complete truth about the vaccine content will be revealed.

  12. My mother, now deceased, accepted a flu vaccine about thirty years ago.. Almost immediately afterwards we all came down with the flu. That was as well as my mother, myself and my younger sister, who did not receive the flu shot. It was awful. Worse than the actual flu. We were incapacitated for longer than if it had been the normal flu. My mother never had another flu shot after that. I only found out recently that the flu could still be spread by the flu shot.

  13. I plan on getting the vaccine. My son is a micro cell biologist. He said that the vaccine is completely safe. I find it most disconcerting that this website is pushing incorrect data about the vaccine. Hospitals are over crowded and health care people are exhausted. Shame on you for pushing fake news.

    1. There is a host of evidence (science) to the contrary. Do your research.
      If injecting aborted fetal baby parts is not enough for you to say no to it, how about the fact that these vaccines change your DNA? If you choose to do that, you are changing what God has programmed for you to be you. And there’s no telling what the end result might be.
      It is given in sucessive doses and each dose causes you to be sicker than with the first dose. It also causes more severe illness if actually exposed to the real virus. There are numerous side effects and can lead to death.
      All of that and much more… is enough for me to say, “No, Thank you!”

    2. There is nothing fake about this Information. I’ve spent six years researching vaccines after my daughter had an adverse reaction. The CDC has even admitted that they haven’t even isolated an actual virus. Getting any vaccine is against my sincerely held religious beliefs. For me to get a vaccine that has aborted fetal tissue in it is to participate at the table of demons, child sacrifice and cannibalism are both forbidden by God.

    3. Covid has a 99% recovery rate.
      If the vaccine is so safe, why are “they” willing to pay YOU to take it?
      The flu vaccine actually GAVE people flu and their whole family ended up very sick.
      Use common sense. If 99.8% of people recover, why all the uproar????
      I tested positive for Covid but never was sick. I know of some local nurses who sent in 12 swabs for testing that were never used
      And all 12 of them came back positive for Covid. Something very fishy is going on here. Do your research.

  14. Thank you for posting this article. I am appalled that governors like ours in Washington state are extorting us this way, requiring vaccination to receive our stimulus check. I read widely and knew that Dr. Facuci skipped a vitally important step in developing the vaccine: animal testing to find out any dangers before human testing. Now we all become guinea pigs for Big Pharma. I pray for integrity, truth, and transparency in our health and pharmaceutical organizations, the CDC which is compromised by owning patents on vaccines and reaping wealth from ownership of vaccines. I pray for the light of truth to penetrate where minds of governors and legislators are closed to truth. I pray for integrity to do what is right for all elected and appointed officials. I also pray for an end to abuse of power. Amen.

    1. I am from the state of Washington too and no matter how hard we try we cannot get anything but leftist leadership here and although I have been greatly concerned about voter fraud (as when we had Gregoir in who cheated )as they are now my republican representative assures me that our Sec of State Kim Wyman( republican) is watching very carefully.

  15. I will not get a vaccine – I got the flu vaccine once – and it was the only year I got the flu! The promises of Psalm 91 are true and reliable. I will not put the Lord to the test (I wear a mask as mandated), but I also will not live in fear in any of its subtle forms as much as it is in my power to do so! I’m 74, healthy with only minor aches, etc., and plan on living a fruitful life for at least another 20 years, Lord not calling me home before then.

  16. I’ve said that when the vaccine is available, I would be one of the first in line to get it. However, the more I read, the less sure I feel about taking the vaccine. Prayer, accurate information and reporting are our best tools to help us make the wisest decision.

  17. I CANNOT take the vaccine because I am immune deficient and always get the flu when I get the vaccine. My body is not able to make the antibodies it needs to fight off the disease that they inject for that very reason. It is sad that they tie money that is needed out here to something not everyone can take. I WILL NOT TAKE THE VACCINE no matter what! This is just another way to control the masses. Praying that God will always provide as He always has for all of us who follow His Way and not the way of the world.

  18. This is a health issue, but holding $1500.00 in front of you is like a bribe. This is not right,
    as there are some people that will not be able to take the vaccine because of some issue and
    that is our tax money which we would not get a benefit from.

    Also the vaccine is 99% good, what about the 1% which may have a death sentence for some people.
    None of this is good. We need to pray fervently for the Lord to lead us in this situation.

    Thank you.

  19. Absolutely not! It may be at the cost of my husband’s job and the ability to do much of anything, but my family is NOT taking it. When you have a 99% chance of surviving, why would you inject these toxins that are also cultured on aborted fetal tissue and will alter your DNA makeup, all for a small sum of money? This is satanic and no doubt conditioning for what is to come! Study Revelation and Bible prophecy…the good news is Jesus is coming soon!

  20. Thank you for confirming my suspicion of the vaccine. The only vaccine we need is communion. Remembering Jesus’s broken body and His blood that was shed upon the cross for us.

  21. Will definitely not be getting vaccine. You do know that Fauci and Gates are hooked at the hip and stand to profit a great deal from their vested interests in the vaccine though some developed now were from other sources. Therefore, we feel thee first ones out will “not be good enough” and we will have to try theirs at some point. Gates is into depopulation and Kamala Harris has interests in companies dealing with body part harvesting from aborted babies. Some End Times people are calling a traceable implant the Mark of the Beast. Have never gotten flu vaccine and have not had flu since it has been out and I am near 70.

    1. Hi,

      Your points are well taken and I agree with you that Fauci and Gates stand to make a big
      profit from this.

      I also have not taken the flue vaccine since the first one many years ago. I got so sick
      that that was it for me. I have not had any problems and work out in the public so God
      is taking care of me. I am 84 years old.

    2. Bonnie, I’m with you. My mom (now home with Jesus) and I took a flu shot maybe 20 yrs ago and both got deathly ill. I WILL NOT BE TAKING VACCINE. I don’t trust any of them. I prayed the whole time I was forced to inoculate my new baby. I had worked at a local hospital and watched a doctor on staff and his wife take their 3-yr old home with brain damage following her follow up inoculations. My pediatrician thought I would feel better by telling me that “well, it is only 1% that is injured.” Really! That’s not good enough. I just turned 77yrs and expect to have a healthy life until my Father brings me home.

  22. No I won’t get vacine and I am over 80 years old but I trust in the Lord who has me covered in the precious Blood of Christ. Our believing God is the mos powerful tool we can have and it’s time we rise up in our faith and stand like solders of Christ we are called to be. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor begging for breads. We walk by faith not by site. Encouage one another in the Lord and stand against the plot and plans of the wicked. No it won’t be easy but we have our mighty God on our side. He will not fail us.

  23. I had read about the implantation thingie to exercise control but I also read that the fetal tissue used in the vaccine can cause biological changes in our DNA! Anyone looking into that aspect?

  24. President Trump is the reason so many are dying. I don’t put my trust in no man. I even don’t believe what you’re team is saying. I don’t trust pastors or priests either. Did y’all get the polio vaccine? Did you get vaccinated when you entered this country? What are chicken pops and measles’s? All of you guys from republicans to democrats are a bunch of lying rich pharisees!

    1. Why are you on this site if you are not a believer. Your heart is so full of hate. Even so, God still loves you and will continue to extend His everlasting arms to you until He takes His breath from you. Choose life.

    2. This is 2020 and the ingredients in the polio vaccine and the covid vaccine are completely different. Covid vaccines use mRNA which has never been tried before. If you want it tried out in you, go ahead and take it.

      1. Praying that God can penetrate your heart Bruno and you turn towards God to claim your healing and freedom from and by the blood of Jesus. He loves you so much Bruno so much He died so you could live❤️Praying blessings over your life and your family of joy , peace, healing , and all the promises of God.
        He is faithful when the world leaves us lonely, searching, and abandoned. God is always extending His hand to us, we just need to grab hold and don’t let go!

    3. Jesus said to Nicodemus the Pharisee, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever believes in HIM (Jesus) shall have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).This is GOD’S WORD TO YOU, NONYA.

  25. No! Our family and many friends have had covid, why would we need the vaccine? The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of sound mind. Many others I know will refuse to take the vaccine.

  26. Father expose it all. We know the mens vaxxx will alter the DNA of people, further creating issues with infertility, by design from the eugenicist. Father we ask for exposure of the truth, we pray the vaxxx will be destroyed and you will also destroy the tools of abortion. May the truth of the cures allowed to be revealed for Your glory and may Your truth be spoken from the pulpit, for we are not to fear man nor a virus, but to fear You alone, caring for Your bride the church and yet so many are okay with her doors being closed as they receive $$$ tied to the govt to do so. Awaken Your true church and may the dry bones of Your people come alive. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen

  27. This is totally a demonic diabolical plan set up by the enemy. To cause small businesses and economy to shut down and make people desperate for money then buy them out by setting up bate to take this unnatural destructive vaccine. The beginnings of the mark of the beast. Saints of God guard up!!! Pray pray pray!!!

  28. Dear Heavenly Father, there seems to be so much at stake with this vaccine and the attempts made to force this vaccine on us, on a global scale.
    Lord, You know what this article in Breitbart means:
    Please Lord if it be Your Will, stop the implementation and enforcing of this vaccine in whatever way it must be stopped, we beg of You? Psalm 10 says that the wicked man hunts down the weak who are caught in the schemes he devises. Please Lord deliver us from those schemes? How many innocent people throughtout the world will not take this vaccine, not knowing the implications of taking it and trusting those administering it? Lord You know what is in those vaccines and the intentions of those behind the Covid-19 global vaccination programme.

    Lord, Your Word says that nothing is impossible with You so we come to You and ask You please to stop the rollout of the vaccination programme and show us what part we need to play to stop it? The mainstream media is pushing the vaccine but we know that You are far more powerful than all the media plans so we ask You please Lord to break the arms of the wicked and evil men and call them to account for their wickedness that would not be found out (Psalm 10:15.)
    Lord, we do not know the lateness of the hour so if this vaccine is part of the end times prophesied then we pray that people will know not to take the vaccine if it will make them susceptible to the plans and schemes of satan. Lord we pray that You will have mercy on us and please deliver us from this evil?
    In Jesus Name I ask this, Amen and thank You.


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