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Jesus, thank you for Dr. Li Wen Liang. Heal his wife and their unborn child from the coronavirus. Help the Christians in China be Your hands and feet to all those who are infected and fearful.

All across China, people are talking about Dr. Li Wen Liang. He was the doctor who discovered the novel coronavirus and in the early morning of February 7th he was promoted into glory and went home to be with our Father in heaven.

Back in December last year, he was arrested for being a whistleblower ‘spreading rumors’ about a mysterious pneumonia like virus. This morning we found out he was in fact a fellow brother in Christ. Our hearts are deeply moved by his sacrificial choice to spread awareness about the virus despite the risks he faced, especially to his reputation and to his own health.

He continued to care for patients up until he was infected himself. What a legacy to leave behind of what it means to be like Jesus to those hurting in a time of crisis.

He chose to be an example of Immanuel, ‘God with us’ to the people of Wuhan.

Can you imagine the joy he must have felt as he entered into eternity and heard the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”?

So today, please pray for his family, especially his wife who is also infected and 8 months pregnant with their second child. May God heal them supernaturally give them grace, peace, strength and comfort during this time.

Dr Li Wen Liang penned a deeply touching Chinese poem of how he would miss his family, his beloved Wuhan and quoted 2 Tim 4:7-8: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.”

Isn’t it an encouragement to find out that the doctor who first noticed coronavirus and courageously spread the word about it was a Christian? Share this story–people need to know.

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Linda Roth
February 18, 2020

Thank you for sharing this!

Philip Hartono
February 15, 2020

The story above has been viral. Is it true that Dr Li Wen Chiang is a Christian? I can’t find it in any other media even in Wikipedia. The photo in the article I doubt if it’s Dr Li Wen Chiang as it looks different from the photos of Dr Li Wen Chiang

    February 18, 2020

    I read several articles, and all the photos I’ve seen look very much like the photo in this IFA photo. He sometimes wears glasses and never an oxygen mask in the other photos, but it still looks very much like him to me. I also googled “Dr Li Wen Liang Christian” and found confusion about his Christianity. Since many Christians are persecuted in China, I doubt there would be great publication or agreement of his Christianity coming from China, but the good news is, the people of China are getting riled against the government for exactly that reason: denial of freedom of speech, censorship, lies, communism… Whether Dr Li Wen Liang was a Christian or not is now an issue between him and God, and you and I will need to put his Christianity issue in our brain’s “Maybe” or “Unknown” file. Thanks for your honest input.

      February 18, 2020

      (I meant no disrespect to IFA or the author of this article.: I don’t know what sources IFA has in writing about Dr. Li Wen Liang’s beliefs. I just acknowledge that if IFA got this information straight from a source, most likely the source would need to be protected from the Chinese government, and Philip and I may never know all the facts about it. If the source is secondhand, right or wrong, that part of the news is in God’s hands anyway. There’s much more Truth to gather from the article that is good to know. Thank you!)

        Jane Fain
        February 20, 2020

        Amen! Yes, it would be better to keep his faith in question because of the government.

      Philip Hartono
      February 20, 2020

      Please read this article for an accurate story of Dr Li – CHINACHRISTIANDAILYCOM – Relection on Different Reactions to Death of Dr Li WenLiang – Was He A ” Christian”? By CCD contributor Yan Yile

      I quote an important part of the article for Christians to think seriously:
      Can false testimonies help us “evangelize”? Like raising the bar? Absolutely not! Although these false testimonies pretend to promote the “noble purpose” of evangelism, they instead undermine the most basic and universal virtue of honesty and reduce the quality of Christianity; by extension, it vulgarizes and destroys the evangelical testimony that Christians are supposed to have, eventually turning the sacred testimony into a laughing stock.
      That is to say, the gospel will be damaged by the false testimonies! One brother said it quite well: “God never needs false testimonies to glorify Him! ‘Deception’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Confusion’ in the Christian circle are all evils that dishonor God, and every believer needs to be vigilant: neither become a rumor monger nor spread the rumor!”

        February 20, 2020

        I absolutely agree! And Yan Yile’s next line is: “As to Dr. Li Wenliang, the man has gone. To find out whether he was a Christian, in fact, is not that important.”

        Wondering about Dr. Li Wen Liang’s true beliefs will not prevent me from praying, “Jesus, thank you for Dr. Li Wen Liang. Heal his wife and their unborn child from the coronavirus. Help the Christians in China be Your hands and feet to all those who are infected and fearful,” which is the bottom-line purpose of this IFA article.

        Thank you for the info! I enjoyed visiting with you! Be blessed…

      Jane Fain
      February 20, 2020


Karen Secrest
February 15, 2020

As I lifted up the country and the people, it seemed the Lord wanted me to cry for mercy for this plague.. even as the locust is destroying life in Africa, so too the enemy has released the cancherworm over China. Since the media is limited, the Lord reminded me of all those in forced labor camps, in institutions, in prisoon of whatever kind. Those in slavery in the military or jobs not of their choice. We can know from reports of persecution there are undoubtedly mass grave and only our Creator will know their names. Mercy oh Lord Mercy..

Peggy Pryor
February 13, 2020

Lord Jesus Christ, please have mercy on all the precious Chinese people who do not know you, and are suffering with this deadly virus. Please save their lives and save their souls. Please have mercy on all who are believers also and save their lives and use them in a great and mighty way to reveal Your love and mercy on everyone in China and anywhere on the face of the earth who has been infected, or will be infected with this deadly virus. Lord, may this be the catalyst for a Great Spiritual Awakening and understanding of your Holy Word and Who You are? May billions come to know You as a result of this terrible event.

February 13, 2020

Father, we lift this family to you and place them in your tender care. We ask that you would bring healing to his wife and unborn child. We also ask for your healing mercy on all those currently infected by the virus.
We pray for all first responders and medical personnel that are putting their life on the line to help others, bring them protection and supernatural good health.
We pray that resources and funds would be available to help those in China and elsewhere that desperately need help.
We also pray that the spread of this virus would cease, and that scientific knowledge would be released to those with the ability to develop a vaccine.
Father we praise you even in hard and uncertain times, that you are good and merciful. In Jesus name we pray.

February 13, 2020

Does anyone have a copy of the entire poem he penned?

    February 13, 2020

    “The Hero Who Told The Truth”

    Here is a captivating, heart-touching Chinese poem I’ve tried to translate into English. It was written in memory of Mr Li Wenliang, a Christian doctor and whistleblower who died from the coronavirus himself after being punished for issuing the first warning about the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

    “I don’t want to be a hero.
    I still have my parents,
    And my children,
    And my pregnant wife who’s about to give birth,
    And many of my patients in the ward.
    Though my integrity cannot be exchanged for the goodness of others,
    Despite my loss and confusion,
    I should proceed anyway.
    Who let me choose this country and this family?
    How many grievances do I have?
    When this battle is over,
    I will look up to the sky,
    With tears like rain.”

    “I don’t want to be a hero.
    But as a doctor,
    I cannot just see this unknown virus
    Hurting my peers
    And so many innocent people.
    Though they are dying,
    They are always looking at me in their eyes,
    With their hope of life.”

    “Who would have ever realised that I was going to die?
    My soul is in heaven,
    Looking at the white bed,
    On which lies my own body,
    With the same familiar face.
    Where are my parents?
    And my dear wife,
    The lady I once had a hard time chasing?”

    “There is a light in the sky!
    At the end of that light is the heaven that people often talk about.
    But I’d rather not go there.
    I’d rather go back to my hometown in Wuhan.
    I have my new house there,
    For which I still have to pay off the loan every month.
    How can I give up?
    How can I give up?
    For my parents without their son,
    How sad must it be?
    For my sweetheart without her husband,
    How can she face the vicissitudes in her future?”

    “I am already gone.
    I see them taking my body,
    Putting it into a bag,
    With which lie many compatriots
    Gone like me,
    Being pushed into the fire in the hearth
    At dawn.”

    “Goodbye, my dear ones.
    Farewell, Wuhan, my hometown.
    Hopefully, after the disaster,
    You’ll remember someone once
    Tried to let you know the truth as soon as possible.
    Hopefully, after the disaster,
    You’ll learn what it means to be righteous.
    No more good people
    Should suffer from endless fear,
    And helpless sadness.”

    “I have fought the good fight.
    I have finished the race.
    I have kept the faith.
    Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness.”
    2 Timothy 4:7, Holy Bible

    February 13, 2020

    Angela, thank you so much for this, God bless you

Laurie McLean
February 13, 2020

Father, we thank you for the gift of Dr. LiWen Yang and his beautiful family. Thank you for being his savior and redeemer, for caring for him, blessing him with the skills and training needed to alert people to the spread of this new virus. Lord, we honor You and honor him, for the service to the people that he provided. We ask for healing for his wife and child and pray You do what only You can do for them. Be their protector and their safety, Lord God. Keep this precious family in your hands and cover them with Your comfort and Your mercy. Thank You that You carry them through the storm. Be glorified this day, dear Lord in the example and testimony of Dr. LiWen Yang.

February 13, 2020

Praise You, Lord, for this courageous man!!! Jesus, send healing to his wife and unborn child. Protect them from any backlash from the Chinese government too.


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