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Father, we thank You that You are in control of this election. We ask that all wickedness, fraud, and sin be exposed in Your name.
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There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud. Therefore it is the duty of the Executive, Legislative, & Judicial branches to throw out the fraudulent votes & to honor their oath to protect & defend the Constitution of the USA. . . .

1/ Navarro Report: The Immaculate Deception – Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities – 12/18/20🔻
4/ Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged – 11/24/20🔻
5/ Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman’s Summary of Testimony from the December 3, 2020 Hearing – 12/17/20🔻
6/ Five States and the Election Irregularities and Issues – 12/8/20🔻
7/ Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions (Video) – 11/24/20🔻

8/ The Legitimacy and Effect of Private Funding in Federal and State Electoral Processes – 12/16/20🔻

Zuckerberg Election Meddling ExposedZuckerberg Election Meddling Exposed PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE FEED WATCH NOW


12/ Sidney Powell’s Team Binder – 12/26/20🔻
16/ r/DonaldTrump’s Report on Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic – 12/24/20🔻

20/ A Crowdsourcing Tool Aggregating Publicly Available Items of Evidence🔻

21/ Joe Cheated: Here’s Proof🔻

22/ A List of Video Evidence, Evidence Hearings, Court Cases, and Additional Resources🔻
25/ The Plot to Steal America (Video) – 12/7/20
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What do you of this collection of evidence of fraud? Share in the comments!

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January 6, 2021

Thanks for the information so well organized. Just forward it to my husband who was brainwashed by the Fake News. Pray that Truth be revealed.

January 3, 2021

I assume you already have but please Intercessors forward this information to as many people as you can.

January 2, 2021

The president knew early in the year that the seeds of fraud were already planted. He warned Americans about it but per normal, the corrupted MSM along with tech downplayed it in order to lull citizens to sleep with reassurance that it was not. We now see an all out assault on Americans by the Dems, MSM, SocMed and multiple Hollywood nobodies that think they’re somebody still trying to convince us that no fraud took place. Their intense pressure to deny fraud is just 1 more confirmation that fraud was rampant and the majority of the airwaves are controlled by the Leviathan spirit of lying.
God we humbly ask for miracles from you. The miracle of exposure of corruption, miracles of actual prosecution with justice and for our prayers to be heard and answered for our nation. We cannot do this without a miraculous intervention of your holy hand Lord.
Let the evidence be heard Lord and justly ruled upon. Oversee those decisions Lord. Let the promises of your word come true for every individual and corporations that have dealt unjustly. We ask this in your holy name amen.

January 2, 2021

We are ALL too painfully aware of the dishonest corruption, and fraudulent issues that surround the attempted coup that our November “election” turned out to be. It appalls me that, in spite of ALL the evidence that pointed this out, that nothing was done. It’s as if the judges, including the SCOTUS, are part of the problem. We need to be fervently praying for wisdom, conviction, and boldness for the Senate and House leaders, as well as V.P. Pence. The upcoming “confirmation” events need Your intervention, dear Lord. Please, send Holy Spirit to these people to give them what they need to do Your will on January 6th. In Jesus’s name we pray.

Shelley Johns
January 2, 2021

Proverbs 6:16-19
“There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”

Heavenly Father, in your great mercy, deliver us from those devising wicked plans to destroy this nation through election fraud. They deceived, disguised, stole, forged, threatened, extorted, and shed innocent blood. Lord, in your divine justice and righteous anger, we ask that you rip the stolen victory from their blood-stained hands. Turn against them the very weapons they designed to destroy the President and our democratic elections, so that “their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.” (Psalm 37:14-15) According to your Word, we ask that you break the power of the wicked and uphold the righteous. (Psalm 37:17)

Lord, your word says that a lying tongue is an abomination to you. The political and media pundits involved in this deception breathed out lies over the last 5 years. They used their gifts of language and influence to twist words and shape phrases to deceive millions. They are sharp-tongued serpents. Father, in your mercy, crush the Serpent and deliver us from these evil men and women. (Psalm 140:1-3) Bind them so they may no longer deceive the nations. (Revelation 20:1-3)

These evil men obstructed justice by censoring legitimate concerns regarding the election, while ridiculing those seeking righteousness. They smirk with their lying mouths and wink with their haughty eyes, congratulating each other for their victory. They raise a hand to declare they are “fighting for the American people” and “defending democracy”, while hiding the sharp blade of Censorship in the other hand. Disguised as virtuous defenders, they shout their false witness with indignant voices, behind masks of innocence. They are white-washed tombs. Father, because of your righteousness, break the walls and reveal the rotting flesh behind the façade. (Matthew 23:27)

Father, we humbly ask that you hear our prayers and send your legions to fight this war on our behalf. Out of your great love and grace, do not allow the wicked to prevail; rather, work in such a mighty way that the world will know your righteous hand stopped them in their tracks. May it be so obvious that you alone will receive glory and praise. Thank you for the United States and, in your mercy, preserve our democracy.

In the name of Jesus, who has overcome the world,


    Lois Taritas
    January 2, 2021

    I agree wholly to the scripture you used! Amen
    Yes lord! I pray

      January 2, 2021

      Thank you for this mighty prayer.
      I will be continually praying it. I would add this to “These evil men obstructed justice by censoring legitimate concerns regarding the election, while ridiculing (and threatening) those seeking righteousness.” We ask for divine protection for VP Pence all the righteous who are standing for truth.

January 1, 2021

I am thankful that more congressional representatives are stepping up. I am praying that Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and other senators that know better than to sit back to step up.

Nancy Bryda
January 1, 2021

Lord I would ask that you would pave a way for the evidence that is massive to be evaluated and moved on by the American people, courts, state legislative bodies. I bind all attempts of sweeping the evidence under the carpet and not evaluating it and I loose your strategies of getting the truth to the America people. LOrd put a holy boldness in a multitude of people to stand up for truth. I loose convinction and repentance over corruption and help people to come out of darkness into your light and to stand for truth. Pople that are hardened, I know you have a plan to deal with this group and trust your plans. I decree increased prayer over this country for the destiny purposes of America to be done as it relates to this election. Give Mike Pense wisdom in the process as well as President Trump and his team. Root out traitors. I decree that you will bring justice against corrupt media and tech people not willing to repent in your esachar timing. I trust your plans Lord.

January 1, 2021

Many links already censored. But many are still available, great and correct information.

President Trump will be President in 2021, The Lord Almighty has secured his Victory.
Keep thanking God and trusting Him for the victory.

    Tammy Saddler
    January 1, 2021

    Well if it gets censored? You KNOW it must be good!

January 1, 2021

Quite an impressive compilation of evidence. Thank you, IFA, for this!

January 1, 2021

We need to continue to pray against stall tactics by the Democrats. They can object to the Electoral College votes of all of the RED states on January 6th which would prompt a 2-hour debate for each state. Over 100 hours. Plus lawsuits. If there is no decision by noon on January 20th, 2021, Nancy Pelosi becomes Acting President. Do not fear; keep praying. God’s arm is not too short to save. https://ballotpedia.org/Who_is_the_president_if_election_results_are_unknown_by_January_20,_2021%3F_(2020)

    Tammy Saddler
    January 1, 2021

    I just cannot believe God doesn’t finish what he starts! His Word says everything darkness eventually comes to Light. We are seeing His Word play out! No way can anyone stop This! I am noticing this is exactly what the miracles in the Bible look like. Over and over-He shows up in the midnight hour. Of course , we must keep praying because He loves persistance- we cannot give up. Seems that is exactly when He has performed miracles in my life-just when everyone thinks it is impossible? Ha Ha Hallelujah! Luke 1:37 is proven. I am sure many have experienced similar acts in their own life? I am not sure why anyone is even worried-This all looks like the very character of God Almighty. And then comes the purpose? To bring many lost to know Him! We thought Asuzu Street was big? I believe this next awakening? Will be worldly and likely billions will want Jesus -as a result. We shall see! Exciting times -I say!

January 1, 2021

Heavenly Father, Thank you that your eyes see all. I pray that you will move with your hand of justice through the news sources in America, that you will bring exposure and conviction to those who are in leadership roles in the newspapers and tv news outlets. Rise up men and woman with a fear of you, and with integrity to turn away from false reporting and begin to print proven facts. The American people need to be confronted with the truth of what has gone on In our election, but many of them are in the dark because the news sources they go to are printing lies. Please bring down this force of evil in our country, let them be exposed and let their business fail. Bring sources that are printing truth to the ears of Americans seeking information. I know may people who are getting their news from faulty sources. I ask you Father to move your mighty hand against this source of confusion and evil in our country. Amen

    January 2, 2021

    Father make the lying reporters speak the truth like you made Balaam the false prophet bless Israel instead of curse her so shall these news reporters speak truth instead of lies.

Linda Woerman
January 1, 2021

Thank You, Dave and Staff, for opening this resource! It is my joy to fwd these links to the Prayer Group of 12 seasoned intercessors from 5 area congregations that ZOOM every Monday. Scripture Base: 2 Chronicles 7:14. For His Name’s sake: we STAND! Love always! Shalom Aleikhem, Linda
Job 42:1-2

Kathleen Palmer
January 1, 2021

I have been on a Monday-Friday prayer line since September 2016- intercession for President Trump has been continual , prayer for all aspects of our nation and the lost. We have prayed for God to execute His justice and righteousness in this present situation. I have to stand in faith for God to now move by His power and by His Holy Spirit

Glendora Johnson
January 1, 2021

We thank you, Jesus, that you are not done with America. Thank you that you have a remnant that has not, will not bow their knees to baal. Your sheep hear and know your voice, no other voice will we follow…you are honoring and will continue to honor our prayers. We are confident that every evil plot and plan that has been conceived in darkness against the President, our election, and America will be exposed. We thank you for President Trump’s love for this country and his faith in you and our Constitution. We pray for his advisors and attorneys that you will download them with wisdom and Godly council for President Trump and for every issue that comes forth. Give each uncommon discernment…give them courage and boldness to stay the course, in the name of Jesus…Amen, Amen.

January 1, 2021

Father God, thank you for exposing corruption in our elections. It is difficult for us to see the consequences of the sum of all these incidents. I pray that you help our investigators present this material in a format that citizens can absorb and understand how destructive this attack on voting is to our country. Help our citizens see that the sum of this massive guerilla warfare may be more devastating than a 9/12 or a Pearl Harbor was to our democratic republic.

I pray for this president who has been the first to publicly oppose American’s industry of 60 million abortions. Show that he has been reelected by legal votes. No matter how many illegal votes have defeated him in this election, may you expose the subterfuge to every American. Destroy the validity of these bogus schemes just like you destroyed Baal’s credibility on Mt Carmel.

Thank you for your remnant who has stood strong in America and developed this site to encourage isolated people like me. Please bless each and everyone and hear these sincere prayers. May we confess our sins in 2012 and return as a nation whole heartedly to you, God. Hear our prayers, heal our land and use us Lord. We want to do your will. Amen

January 1, 2021

I love what happens when you pray and trust in God. All of us who have prayed have caused God to expose these lies in order to reveal the evil that has been done by the left.
All us have had this feeling that something horrible has happened to our election system.
I am now praying for God to give us warriors and use us to restore our country to the greatness it used to be.
Great article.
God bless America!

Tammy Saddler
January 1, 2021

Thank you! I am so glad you are concerned and researching. Exhausting to hear scoffers saying “no evidence” exists! It is challenging to research via media-due to censorship. Keep it coming! My husband and I will never give up praying for God’s will to be done-on earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah VICTORY is already God’s. He says so that everthing darkness will come to light-and then I believe if we do not qive up the fight= comes the miracle. I have never witnessed so much corruption in my lifetime surfacing-only God could do such a thing! Unlikely, God will just start something without finishing! I believe this was all planned for the massive Great Awakening-God knew what it would take to bring the lost back-and HE IS ABOUT TO make believers out of alot more than Asuzu street ever witnessed. We are living in exciting times! We the church just had to stand up and ROAR instead of backing down as to not “rock the boat” as so many used to. What an awesome God we serve! Willing to love us regardless of our messes as long as we repent and intercede for those that have not because they have not met Christ yet! Soon many will see His Glory-I believe it is all for saving the souls! Hallelujah! God is good.

January 1, 2021

Amen! The gift of time has provided more evidence and evidence from many nonpartisan analysts using sources that even the most liberally minded cannot refute.
We know that God works all things for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28).
Glory to God for His unfailing faithfulness to truth and justice. Glory to the God who turns the hearts of kings, who speaks through donkeys and burning bushes to establish His will. God is high and lifted up, His power is above all created things. He is clothed in righteousness and holiness. He reigns supreme. He has given His Son, will He not also give us all things that pertain to the fulfillment of His will? We praise God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! And we send forth His mighty angels empowered with truth and righteousness to fulfill God’s destiny for this nation. Amen! The election is turning point, a divine reset. Thank You Lord God for Your mercy and grace upon this nation and for justice and judgement on the wicked.
We thank You that You open the hearts and minds of our leaders and strengthen them to do Your bidding. Your power and glory is irresistible!

January 1, 2021

The evidence of massive widespread voter fraud is not only overwhelming, but it is also irrefutable.

This is the most egregious act of voter fraud in U.S. history.

Make no mistake, this is a premeditated, orchestrated, deliberate attack on our nation’s elections, our Constitution and our Freedoms. America is under attack.

The evidence of voter fraud can so easily be proved well beyond any reasonable doubt, that even the worst law student who failed law school could easily get a conviction.

This is the easiest case ever for any lawyer. Peanuts, Charlie Brown could take this case and easily prove voter fraud.

Any jury, anywhere in America, that would be presented with this much evidence of voter fraud would, unanimously give a guilty verdict.

Then why with this much clear evidence of massive widespread voter fraud, does lower state Supreme Court Judges and the Supreme Court Justices fail to even consider the evidence?

Answer: They are either corrupt and part of America’s enemies, seeking to destroy America, or they are pure cowards who lack any courage or moral integrity to do the right thing. They are derelict in their Constitutional duties and have failed miserably to do their jobs. They have failed America.

God, I pray for all the Judges and Justices in both lower state courts and the Supreme Court Justices, that your conviction power of the Holy Spirit will fall great upon them. I pray that any rulings they may make will be led in truth and justice and that they will follow your guidance.

God, I pray that you will convict the hearts of all lawmakers in both houses to vote to decertify this fraudulent election and place President Donald Trump as our next president.

In Jesus name Amen.

    Barbara Hesch
    January 1, 2021

    Dear JS, when the Supreme Court rejected to hear the case, it was reported from a witness there, that he heard much discussion from outside the room and that Justice Roberts yelled something about riots if the Court voted in favor of proof of election fraud. Only 2 Justices, Alito and Thomas voted yes. That says it all. Antif and BLM and those who support them are guilty!

Jerry Cole
January 1, 2021

Thank you for this information.
May God, the One described by David as “righteous God”, “the righteous judge” shine his light of truth and justice on our government and our leaders. And May we ALL humble ourselves and seek his face.
In Ps 9:7-8: “the Lord sits enthroned forever (2021!); he has established his throne FOR JUSTICE, and he judges the world with righteousness…”
Then in verses 19 & 20: “ARISE, O Lord! Let not man prevail; let (those who are deceiving people and/or stealing votes) be judged before you! Put them in fear, O Lord! Let (them) know that they are but men!

January 1, 2021

Why is Josh Hawley the only Republican senator standing up for this country?

Laura Dominick
January 1, 2021

These traitors were so confident of their wicked plans that they got very sloppy. Praise the Lord for revealing this filth that has seeped into every part of our government, from the federal level all the way to the local level. It is disgusting to see the video of those women in Georgia running ballots through the machine multiple times! I look forward to seeing all of those who participated in this fraud charged with treason (including unjust judges!). Our Lord is exposing all of the filth and He will clean it up because He is the only One who is able. I pray that the Lord will continue to protect President Trump and all of the patriots who are working so hard for what is right. May the Lord give them supernatural strength and wisdom to combat this great evil. May the Church continue to engage in this great spiritual battle and to stand firmly in faith that the Judge of the universe has heard our plea in the court of Heaven and has ruled in our favor. Jesus is our victory! Hallelujah! All honor and power and glory be to the Name of Jesus – King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Cheryl Ann
January 1, 2021


“Father God, the evidence of fraud is overwhelming, but government officials refuse to see it. The Attorney General refuses to see and help. The FBI refuses to see and help. The Republican Senate refuses to see and help. This is willful blindness!

YOU are our only help. We rely on YOU and the PRAYERS and FAITH of Your people to keep Your anointed man in the White House.

HELP us Lord! Or is it too late for the USA? Have our government systems become so corrupted that there is no chance of reform?

We have the FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED. With that supernatural faith, we order the corruption within this government to be completely destroyed and Your Anointed Man to remain in the White House so that with Your help, we can reset this nation to righteousness. Thank You Lorf!

Glenn R. Freeman
January 1, 2021

I am overwhelmed just looking at the compilation of this data, never mind actually reading it. I will need
alot more time to look into it. I hope this post will not disappear.
Thank – you.

    Marsha T
    January 1, 2021

    Also watch Warroom.org on Voice of America network. Bannon and his team have these people on the show and they explain it for people like me that aren’t that smart to put two and two together. Bannon explains things simply and clearly and connects the dots. Warroom is where I began my search for truth. Many things he says resonates in me. Because I had no idea how to help my country and knowing that like many people I could not go to war with a weapon I prayed about a way I could help. I was waking up in the middle of the night crying for our country and asking God to save us. God then lead me to IFA and I have been praying here ever since with Christian patriots

    Father God. In Jesus Name SAVE US if it be Your Will. Keep President Trump safe and determined to fight this from now and until his last breath. Keep real patriots fighting and rising up for such a time as this. Love You so much Lord God. Father of the universe. Establisher of the United States by Divine Guidance and Inspiration of the Holy Spirit living in the Founding Fathers. Oh Lord God!!!! Give us all that faith. That love. That spirit. That fight in our soul to bring America back to the nation You ordained. Help us to be faithful and strong. In Jesus Name I pray and beg of You. Amen

January 1, 2021

Some documents censored. Nevertheless, there is corruptions. Election fraud. Yes, they cheated.

Praying that Justice shall prevail. Amen.


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